The American Indians: Their History, Condition and Prospects, from Original Notes and Manuscripts

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Wanzer, Foot and Company [Buffalo, printed], 1851 - 495 страници

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Страница 228 - Within the paths of righteousness, ev'n for his own name's sake. *Yea, though I walk in death's dark vale, yet will I fear none ill: For thou art with me; and thy rod and staff me comfort still.
Страница 416 - I heard to the peculiarities of the Indian character, I did not pay all the attention which they will be found to have deserved to the entreaties and remarks of my visitor. I answered that I could not think of going to the Sault so soon as the next morning, but would follow him there after the arrival of my clerks. Finding himself unable to prevail with me he withdrew for that day; but early the next morning he came again, bringing with him his wife and a present of dried meat. At this interview,...
Страница 420 - ... and on this, exhausted as I was by the agitation of my mind, I threw myself down and fell asleep. In this state I remained till the dusk of the evening, when I was awakened by a second opening of the door. The person that now entered was M. Langlade's wife, who was much surprised at finding me...
Страница 352 - ... that Addison was first seduced to excess by the manumission which he obtained from the servile timidity of his sober hours. He that feels oppression from the presence of those to whom he knows himself superior will desire to set loose his powers of conversation ; and who that ever asked succours from Bacchus was able to preserve himself from being enslaved by his auxiliary...
Страница 416 - WHEN I reached Michilimackinac I found several other traders, who had arrived before me, from different parts of the country, and who, in general, declared the dispositions of the Indians to be hostile to the English, and even apprehended some attack. M. Laurent Ducharme distinctly informed Major Etherington that a plan was absolutely conceived for destroying him, his garrison and all the English in the upper country ; but the commandant believing this and other reports to be without foundation,...
Страница 428 - Friends and relations," he began, "what is it that I shall say? You know what I feel. You all have friends and brothers and children, whom as yourselves you love; and you — what would you experience, did you, like me, behold your dearest friend — your brother — in the condition of a slave; a slave, exposed every moment to insult, and to menaces of death? This case, as you all know, is mine.
Страница 416 - Ducharme communicated the information to the major, who was much displeased at it, "and threatened to send the next person who should bring a story of the same kind a prisoner to Detroit."?
Страница 80 - He was now sure that he had come the right path, for the aged man had told him of this. There were also shining paddles. He immediately entered the canoe, and took the paddles in his hands, when to his joy and surprise, on turning round, he beheld the object of his search in another canoe, exactly its counterpart in everything.
Страница 469 - I must be killed to end the controversy ; so when they put it to me, whose I was, I said three Indians took me, so they agreed to have all a share in me : and I had now three masters, and he was my chief master who laid hands on me first...
Страница 452 - We now exchanged farewells," says Henry, " with an emotion entirely reciprocal. I did not quit the lodge without the most grateful sense of the many acts of goodness which I had experienced in it, nor without the sincerest respect for the virtues which I had witnessed among its members. All the family accompanied me to the beach, and the canoe had no sooner put off than Wawatam commenced an address to the Kichi Manito, beseeching him to take care of me, his brother, till we should next meet. We had...