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P R E F A C E.


We have so often had occasion to

thank the public for the reception with which they have been pleased to honour our labours, that the doing of it any more may appear to arise from habit rather than any consciousness of the obligations we are under to them. We shall, therefore, just beg leave to assure them, that greater pains have been taken with this volume of the Annual Register, to render it worthy of their perusal, than with any of the former; though we are very far, at the same time, from meaning to affert, that these pains have been attended with proportionable success; and much less still, that, even in that case, we do not equally stand in need of their tenderness, since every indulgence on their side is a title to extraordinary exertions on ours. Nay, in one respect,



the lateness of its appearance, we must own something more than bare indulgence may appear necessary to absolve us from want of gratitude; but that too, we hope to obtain, when we have assured our readers, that in the delay we facrificed more to their gratification, than to our own convenience.

However interesting the topics of the year 1765 may be, we hope those of the year 1766 will prove more agreeable: we shall then, it is to be presumed; in confequence of the measures taken in the last session, be able to view the storm from port; and our fear of danger will be succeeded by the pleasing remembrance of it. Besides, there seems to have arisen a spirit of liberty in many parts of the world; and such an uncommon one in some of the Spanish dominions in America, as is not, perhaps, to be equalled in any annals, since it has engaged those whom it actuates to give up, in favour of the rights of mankind, a great deal more than they claim for themselves under the same title.


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Peaceable aspect of the great powers of Europe towards eacb other. Refusal of the

French and Spanis courts to comply with ibe demands of Great Britain, no sufficient cause io apprebend a rupture between them; may in the end prove serviceable is the latter. Emperor of Germany dies, after

seriling kis Tuscan do. minions on bis second fon; and is succeeded, as emperor of Germany, by his eldest, ele&ted in bis life-time king of the Romans. Several treaties of marriage, and their probable effects. Sweden. ortugal. Poland. Corfica. IN our last volume, we had the the sharpest and mcst general wars,

fatisfa&ion to leave the neigh- that. Europe had been for a long bouring powers so much on a ba- time afflicted with. Happily, for lance with each other, or so much the ease of mankind, this pleasing taken up with their own internal prospect ftill holds up. For, as to concerns, as to afford little or no the points which yet remain in grounds to apprehend any speedy dispute, between the three most interruption in that repose, which potent of the late belligerent has so lately succeeded, if not powers, Great Britain on the one one of the longest, at least one of fide, and France and Spain on the Vol. VIII.



other; though much it is to be it. Nor does the progress of his wished, that every thing had, if reign promite to be less peacepoffible, Iven thoroughly fettled able, ihan its beginning. The in the last creaty of peace; it is late emperor never appeared to to be lioped from all the apparent take any tare in the troubles circumtances of their presi'ne fitn- of Germany, but such as his graation, ibnt the two laster of these uitade to his confort and her famipowers will not so far perfill in ly for his elevation to the imperial defuing to comply with the jnti de- dignity, his rependance upon her mands of the foriner, as to force her, for the support of that dignity, from notives cither of bonour or and a very natural regard for his intereft, into a new war; although children, seemed to dictate; and their litigious difpofition on these which, in any other prince in the points may, probably, afford her fiume circumstances, might reajust reatons to be more circumect fonably be expected to have operaand less generons with them in fu- ted in the faine manner. And the ture dealings of the fare kind. prefent emptor, Txeir to no part of Nay, this reluctance of the Frerich his father's patrimonial dominions, and Spanish courts to do Great small and irifignificant as they were Britain justice, may, in the end, in the political world, must be turn out to her advantage, by fero fatistied to tread in his lieps, or at ving to jufiify, on there occa Jealt intirely conform to the views fions, such a firiet attention to and intentions of his mother this her own interetts, as might other empreisttowager, in whoni, as queen wise give umbrage to the neutral of Hungary and Bohemia, and to tales of Europe. They may lie vereis? of Austria and the Netherthat such a conduct is noi the eñe a lands, all the power of the ḥ uic of of arrogance and a spirit of despo. Autiria, notiviehttanding the ad. rism, but proceeds folely from the million of her ton to the co-regenmost authorised principles of fuf- cy of them, fubitantially rendes ; defence

and who is now, in all appearauce, Among the events which serve more intent upon settling ber noto ditzing with the period now un merauis itine, and improving bier der our confideration, the princi- territories, than upou adding to pal, no doubt, would have been them, or even upon recovering the death of the emperor of Ger- those which she has loti. miany, had not the troubles usual There bave, indeed, been, since on luich occafions been happily the publication of our latt volume, prevented by the previous election several intermarriages, by wbicia of a king of the Romans. Accor- the heretofore fo fanguinely rival dingly, the present emperor Jorepin houses of Aufuria and Bourbon II. who the year before had been have been drawn nearer to each Aug. 18th

choten to that dignity, other, than even by their late po

ascended the imperial pitical alliances. A little before 1765

ihrone on bis father's the late emperor's death, a mare death, with as little noile and riage was concluded between hvis bulile, as if he had beca born to second son, and an infanta of


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