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AND ITS INHABITANTS. With an authentic Account of the Mutiny of the Ship Bounty, and of the subsequent Fortunes of the Mutineers. With Engravings.

The reader may here find in faithful history events of thrilling inter est in the varied fortunes of seamen."--Souihern Religious Telegraph.

“There is hardly any reading more interesting than voyages, and the accounts in this book are among the most interesting we have ever perused."-- Boston Statesman.

“ A subject having more points of interest can scarcely be imagined, and the abilities and opportunities of the author give an assurance that they have not been overlooked."- Atlas.

“The story is exceedingly well told—it is vrue-and is embellished with particulars of which the public have not before been put in possession."-Connecticut Mirror. SACRED HISTORY OF THE WORLD,

as displayed in the Creation and subsequent events to the Deluge. By Sharon Turner. "The volume contains a vast mass of interesting facts to illustrate the different departments of the natural world. It bears marks of great re search, and is worthy of a careful perusal."-Connecticut Observer.

* We ca most heartily recommend this work as eminently worthy of a place in every library.”Churchman.

" It is a book calculated to be of great general utility; and will be found particularly convenient for bible-classes, who are studying the Mosaic History of the Creation."-Commerroz! Advertiser. MEMOIRS OF CELEBRATED FEMALE

SOVEREIGNS. By Mrs. JAMESON. “A readable book, in which good use is made of a subject not the most promising.... The authoress tells a plain siory wi", facility, and makes neat and appropriate comments with a happy freedom."-Churchman.

“Many a more ambitious history has been executed with less talent and happy candour than these moral and picturesque sketches."-Boston Daily Advocate. AN EXPEDITION TO EXPLORE THE

COURSE AND TERMINATION OF THE NIGER By Richard and John LANDER. In 2 vols. Maps, &c. “They (the Landers) tell a story of no small interest, and no few vicissitudes, with manly honesty and simplicity, and considerable life and vigour. In description of local scenery they are often eminently happy; in narrative never tiresome: in sketches of character and manners, inter esting and successful, because artloss and faithful."-Churchman.

“The incidents were many and interesting: while their discoveries have brought to our knowledge scores of savage tribes and nations. Wo know of few works of this description which have added as much to our geographical knowledge, cr depicted in such painfully interesting colours. igo ignorance and wild barbarisnı of unbaptized Africa."--N. Y. Observer

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“ It will not only feed, but form the public intellect. It cannot be disseminated too widely in a nation eager for knowledge, keen in inquiry to a proverb, and accustomed to think no matters too high for scrutiny, no authority too venerable for question.”—Churchman.

“It will be read, or rather studied with delight and prc those who wish to cultivate an acquaintance with the phenomena of the intellectual world. The anthor's illustrations are clear, and his reasoning sound." Southern Religious Telegraph. THE LIVES OF CELEBRATED TRAV

ELLERS. By James A. St. John. In 3 vols.

“The work is well edited, and will unquestionably be perused with satisfaction and profit, especially by the younger class of the community."-Baptist Repository.

“But few works have ever been published which comprise more general information in a brief form .... It is a publication which will commend itself to all.”- Albany Daily Advertiser.

“The whole is an interesting publication, and may be properly consulted both by the adult and youthful student."- Albion. LIFE OF FREDERICK THE SECOND,

KING OF PRUSSIA. By LORD Dover. In 2 vols. With a Portrait. “ Lord Dover has in these volumes, by rejecting all that is exceptionable or of slight interest, while he retained every thing essential, made up a comprehensive and very attractive book.”-N. Y. American.

“An agreeably written and highly interesting piece of biography.... The biographer's own morality is of the soundest kind; and his reflections, in handling the infidel principles and correspondence of the royal skeptic, are such as they should be. The poison is not allowed to work by being passed over without comment."--N. Y. Commercial Advertiser. SKETCHES FROM VENETIAN HIS

TORY. In 2 vols. With Maps and Engravings on Steel and Wood. * A history of the Venetian republic, accessible

to all classes and ages, prepared for popular use, has been much wanted for a long time, and ihis production is admirably calculated to supply it."— Baltimore American.

“The work is written in a style of brilliant narrative from avthentic materials, and deserves a place in every library.”-Mobile Gazette.

“The able manner in which the author has accomplished his task is above all praise.”- Boston Statesman.

“ These Sketches' are gleaned from several very rare works, and brought within the reach of every person who is desirous of acquainting himself with the history of this ancient people; and no one, after reading these little volumes, will regret his expenditure of time and money."N. E. Review.

INDIAN LIVES; or, an Historical Account

of those Individuals who have been distinguished among the North American Natives as Orátors, Warriors, Statesmen, &c. By B. B. Thatcher, Esq. In 2 vols. “The author has spared no pains in making himself acqnainted with the proper materials for a work of this character; and their arrangement reflects much credit on him.”-N. E. Christian Herald.

“We like these volumes well. They are written with a perspicuity and liveliness that recommend them to all. Mr. Thatcher has ably filled up a chasm in American literature. These two volumes blend the authen. Licity of history with the thrilling excitements of forest narratives, doscriptive of the native energy and grandeur of the old free kings, who ruled the new-found America."- Badger's Weekly Messenger. HISTORICAL AND DESCRIPTIVE AC

COUNT OF BRITISH INDIA. From the most remoto period to the present time. By several popular Authors. În 3 vols. With a Map, and many Engravings on Wood. “The history of British India is uncommonly interesting ....The whole work bears the impress of impartiality, fidelity, research, and accuracy."-Baptist Repository.

“Such authentic and extensive information relating to this interesting portion of the globe has never before been so happily imbodied."-N. Y. Traveller. LETTERS ON NATURAL MAGIC. Ad

dressed to Sir Walter Scott, Bart. By Sir David BREWSTER, K.H. LL.D. “The present work inay be regarded as one of those results of modern research and study, by which society at large will be benefited; and the perusal of it would very profitably and pleasantly employ the hours now wasted upon books which leave not a single salutary impression upon the mind."-Presbyterian.

“We know of no other work or treatise whch bas compressed, within the same compass, so much useful and various matter upon the many subjects falling within the range of the investigation."-Com. Advertiset. THE HISTORY OF IRELAND. By W. C.

TAYLOR, Esq. With Additions, by William SAMPSON, Esq. In 2 vols. Plates. “This is a calm, clear, and a candid book.... A sober and dispassion ate book on this tender subject was much wanted.... Mr. Taylor has performed his melancholy task with no ungentle spirit, and written the most consistent narrative of those events that we have yet seen. ... The work abounds with pictures of warand desolation-of happiness and prosperity -of sudden elevations and sad overthrows; if there is much violence and wrong, there is also much nobleness of mind, generosity of nature, and gentleness of heart." - Tho Atheneum.


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TYRS OF THE CHURCH. 18mo. (No. I. of the Boy's and Girl's Library. Designed for Sunday Reading.)

This, as well as some of the subsequent numbers of the Boy's and Girl's Library, is especially designed for Sunday reading, and the object of the writer has been to direct the minds of youthful readers to the Bible, by exciting an interest m the lives and actions of the eminent apostles and martyrs who bore testi. mory to the truth of their missions and of the Redeemer by their preaching and their righteous death. The style is beauttfully simple, and the narrative is interspersed with comments and reflections remarkable for their devout spirit, and for the clearness with which they elucidate whatever might appear to the tender mind either contradictory or unintelligible. It is impossible for any child to read these affecting histories without becoming interested ; and the interest is so directed and improved as to implant and foster the purest principles of religion and morality. The most esteemed religious publications throughout the Union have united in cordial expressions of praise to this as well as the other Scriptural numbers of the Library, and the publishers have had the gratification of re ceiving from individuals eminent for piety, the warmest com mendations not only of the plan, but also of the manner to which it has been so for executed.


TURES OF A FATHER AND MOTHER AND FOUR SONS ON A DESERT ISLAND. In 2 vols. 18mo. [Nos. II. & III. of the Boy's and Girl's Library.]

The purpose of this pleașing story is to convey instruction in the arts and Natural History, and, at the same time, to inculcate by example principles which tend to the promotion social happiness. Every one has read or heard of Robinson Crusoe, and the unrivalled and long-continued popularity of that admi. rable narrative, proves that the tastes and feelings to which it addresses itself are among the strongest and most universal which belong to human nature. The adventures of the Swiss family are somewhat similar in character, and, of course, in in terest; zid they illustrate, in the most forcible and pleasing manner, the efficacy of piety, industry, ingenuity, and goodtemper, in smoothing difficulties and procuring, enjoyments under the most adverse circumstances. The story abounds with instruction and entertainment, and well deserves the high encomium that has been passed upon it, of being one of the best children's books ever written.

“ This little work is so much of a story, that it will seem a relaxation rather than a school-task, and at the same time it will give the juvenile reader more practical instruction in natural history, economy, and the means of contriving and helping one's self, than many books of the very best pretensions in the department of instruction."—Boston Daily Advocate.

“We do not think a parent could select a more acceptable or judicious gift."-New-Haven Religious Intelligencer.

“ The story has all that wild charm of adventure and disa covery which has made Robinson Crusoe such a wonder to every generation since it was written."-Baptist Repository.

“This work is interesting and truly valuable.”—U. S. Gazette.

“Well calculated to claim the attention of the interesting part of the community to which it is addressed."-N. Y Advocate.

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