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y Rev. J. Williams. With a Map. 18mo. “The style is good, and the narrative well conducted. A modern history of this famous warrior cannot fail to be interesting."-N. Y. Daily Advertiser.

“ The work is instructing, and inherits a greater share of interest from the fact, that the history of this ancient Napoleon is disintegrated from the mass of general history, and presented by itself. The style is lucid and well studied."-N. Y. Journal of Commerce.

“It is ably and eloquently written.”—B. Journal. NATURAL HISTORY OF INSECTS.

Illustrated by numerous Engravings. 18mo. “Of all studies, perhaps, there is none more captivating than that of animated nature.... The present volume is peculiarly useful and agreeable."—N. Y. Mirror.

“The subject is full of interest and satisfaction, and is adapted to all classes of readers."- Albany Evening Journal

“The information is minute, well arranged, and clearly imparted, and cannot but recommend the work to general perusal in families.”—N. Y. Standard.

" It seems to us that it will prove at once agreeable and instructive to persons of all classes, and occupy an appropriate place in the Family Library."-N. Y. Daily Advertiser. LIFE OF LORD BYRON. By John Galt,

Esq. 18mo. “ This volume has great merit, and is a valuable acquisition to literature." —N. Y. Spectator.

“The sprightly pen of the author has eommunicated uncommon interest to this work, and he appears to have done perfect justice to its inspired subject."- Albany Daily Advertiser.

“Mr. Galt is one of the most fascinating writers of the age.”—Journal of Commerce. LIFE OF MOHAMMED, Founder of the

Religion of Islam and of the Empire of the Saracens. By the Rev. George Bush, M.A. With a plate. 18mo. ** It seems to us to be a good narrative of the life of the great Arabian impostor, written in a fine style....We are not aware that any other work of the same size contains the same quantity of information relative to the matters treated or, in as agreeable a form."--Com. Advertiser.

“ Mr. Bush is a scholar of extensive acquirements, and well fitted for the task which he has undertaken in this volume.”-N. Y. Observer.

“In the collection of materials, the author appears to have neglected no source from which valuable aid was to be expected."- Philadelphia Daily Chronicle.

“ The history of the eminent impostor cannot but be a work of interest to every enlightened mind.”—Penn. Inquirer

DEMONOLOGY AND WITCHCRAFT. By Walter Scott, Bart. With a Plate. 18mo.

The work is curious, interesting, and instructive."--Inquirer.

“This volume is most interesting, and will be read with great pleasure by almost every class of readers.”—U. S. Gazette.

“ It would be difficult to select a more interesting subject for the pen of a man of genius than that of popular superstitions. To say that Scott has made more of it than any other man could have done, is only to add another tribute to his acknowledged pre-eminence."Boston Statesman.

“ The subject is most alluring, and the manner in which it is handled is magical."-Atheneum. HISTORY OF THE BIBLE. By Rev. G.

R. GLEIG. With a Map. In 2 vols. 18mo. “The style of it is surpassed by no work with which we are acquainted Historical and biographical facts are well stated; the prominent difficulties that present themselves to the mind of an intelligent or skeptical reader of the Bible are boldly exhibited and ably explained; the most plausible objections advanced by modern infidels are answered in a very philosophical, learned, and conclusive manner. The author has innbodied in it a vast deal of learning and research; has discovered supe rior ingenuity and force of intellect, and furnished, withal, a specimen of fire writing, which must secure a most favourable reception, as well among persons of taste as those who are fond of Biblical studies.”Albany Telegraph and Register. POLAR SEAS AND REGIONS. By Pro

fessors Leslie and Jameson, and Hugh Murray, Esq With Maps and Engravings. 18mo. A work from such hands on such a subject cannot fail to be botb interesting and valuable."-N. Y. Evening Post,

“The three eminent men who have produced this compilation have rendered a great service to the cause of philosophy and knowledge.”N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.

“ The writers are gentlemen of first-rate standing in the scientific world, and the subject is one to which every curious mind is attached by a sort of involuntary impulse."--N. Y. Journal of Commerce. LIFE AND TIMES OF GEORGE IV

With Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons. By the Rev GEORGE CROLY. With a Portrait. 18mo. “Mr. Croly has acquitted himself very handsomely. His subject is one of much interest, and he has treated it with unusual inpartiality. The author's style is chast., classical, and beautiful, and it may be taken as a model of fine writing. It is worthy of his genius and his ėdacation." -Mercantile Advertiser.

“Mr. Croly is not merely a fine writer, but a very powerful one. His outline is as bold and broad as his colours are glowing. He writes like man well acqnainted with his subject.”—Eclectic Review.


AFRICA. By Professor JAMESON, James Wilson, Esq., and Hugh Murray, Esq. With a Map and En. 'gravings. 18mo.

“The names of the distinguished individuals by whom the volume has been prepared, offer a sufficient pledge for the faith-ul and accomplished execution of the work; and the field of their labours is one of almost unrivalled attraction for whatever is new, strange, or mysterious in histo rical narrative, or bold and perilous in adventurous exploit.”—— The Atlas.

“ This work we believe will be interesting to every class of readers, especially to the philanthropist and Christian.”—N. Y. Evangelist. LIVES OF EMINENT PAINTERS AND

SCULPTORS. By Allan CUNNINGHAM, Esq. With Portraits. In 3 vols. 18mo. “ We advise all those of our readers who have any respect for our recommendation, to read these three volumes from beginning to end; and are confident of the thanks of such as shall be induced by our advice to procure for themselves so great an enjoyment.”-N. Y. Mirror.

“ This is one of the best written and most instructive books of the series to which it belongs."-N. Y. American.

“The wliole narrative is of a lively and alluring kind, flowing in its language, and enriched with ceaseless anecdote."--N. Y. Atlas. HISTORY OF CHIVALRY AND THE

Engraving. 18mo.

The present volume may safely be pronounced an ornament to the literature of the day, and Mr. James be esteemed a writer of great clearness and strength."--N. Y. Standard. “The author

of this work has done the public a service, which we think will be duly appreciated.”—Christian Herald.

“Mr. James is well known as an agreeable writer; and the subjects of this volume are such as can scarcely fail to prove both amusing and interesting." —N. Y. Daily Advertiser. LIFE OF MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS.

By H. G. Bell, Esq. With a Portrait. In 2 vols. 18mo. “It is decidedly the most interesting account we have ever seen of that lovely and unfortunate being. We have always felt that Mary was innocent of the great crimes charged against her by her furious and deadly enemies; but our understanding was never before convinced. It was with a feeling of eager joy, that we, for the first time in our lives, admitted the full conviction of her innocence. The book is written with much candour."--Massachusetts Journal.

“The reader will be pleased to learn that the life of Mary has been written anew, by one who appears, both in temper and talent, extremely well qualified for the task.”-N. Y. Atlas.

With an


the Rev. M. Russell, LL.D. With a Map and Engravings. 18mo. “All that is known of Egypt is condensed into this history; and the readers of it will find themselves well repaid for their labour and money. -New-Haven Advertiser.

“The information respecting the present state of this interesting coun try will be found peculiarly valuable.”- New-York Mirror.

“The work is written in a very happy style, and presents a mass of knowledge of the most useful and instructive character, collected together by great industry and research.”-Baltimore Republican. HISTORY OF POLAND, from the earli

est Period to the present Time. By James FLETCHER, Esq.

With a Portrait of Kosciusko. 18mo. “This work recommends itself to public notice by its clear, concise, and impartial history of a country and a people for whom the feelings of every lover of freedom are deeply interested."-N. Y. Atlas.

“ of the writer's fairness and research we have a very good opinion ; and his book is just the thing that is wanted at the present moment." N. Y. American.

“No work has for a long period been published here so deserving of praise and so replete with interest."-- American Traveller. FESTIVALS, GAMES, AND AMUSE

MENTS, Ancient and Modern. By Horatio SMITH, Esq. With Additions. By Samuel Woodworth, Ess, of New-York. With Engravings. 18mo.

$" The book contains a mine of information on the subjects embraced in its title, and should be placed in every family."-N. Y. Standard.

“ We can commend the book as both attractive and useful."-N. Y. American

“The book is highly amusing and interesting, as well as instructive. -Pennsylvania Inquirer.

“The present work is characterized by great research and learning employed in illustrating a subject of much general interest."- Baltimore Republican. LIFE OF SIR ISAAC NEWTON. By

David Brewster, LL.D. F.R.S. With a Portrait and Woodcuts. 18mo. “The present publication cannot fail to prove acceptable and useful.” -N. Y. Standard.

“ The biography of the greatest astronomer that ever lived cannot be fraught with else than interest.”—N. Y. Mercantile Advertiser.

“This is the most complete and authentic biography of this illustrious man that has yet appeared."--N. Y. Evening Journal.

“An excellent biography, beautifully written, and com; rising a lary amount of useful information.”-New-Haven Chronicle.


From the earliest Period to the present Time. By the Rev. Michael RUSSELL, LL.D. With a Map and nine Engravings. 18mo.

An interesting book."-New-Haven Advertiser. “ The whole work is imbued with a sacred engrossing interest.” Connecticut Mirror.

“It is written in a very popular and attractive style."-N. Y. Evening Journal.

“ The whole volume will amply repay perusal.”—N. Y. American.

" This work is the most desirable record of Palestine we have ever Been.”- American Traveller.


PHINE. By John S. Memes, LL.D. With Portraits. “The language of the author is beautiful, and his powers of description exceedingly fine."-N. Y. Evening Journal.

“A very entertaining book."--N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.

“This is the first complete biography which has ever appeared of that much admired woman."--N. Y. Constellation.

“This work will be found to possess a beauty of language, a fascination of style, and a depth of interest which few works of this kind can claim."- Boston Traveller.


PARTE. With a Portrait of Talleyrand. “ This work is highly interesting."-U.S. Gazette.

“ The volume will be read with interest and instruction.”--Conn. Mirror.

“ The sketches are entertaining and well written, and constitute a valuable compend for reference on all the more important subjects connected with ihe career of this extraordinary dynasty."-Washington (D.C.) Globe. LIVES AND VOYAGES OF DRAKE,

CAVENDISH, AND DAMPIER ; including an introductory View of the earlier Discoveries in the South Sea, and the History of the Bucaniers. With Portraits. “ This is certainly one of the most interesting compilations which the press has sent forth for some years."-N. Y. Evening Journal.

“While in the present work the young will find delight, the aged and mature will discover matter of deep interest and useful reflection.”Baltimore Minerva.

“ These volumes will beget a love for appropriate and useful reading, and cannot but be widely beneficial to individuals and communities." Connecticut Mirror.

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