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manors in Somersethire belonging to the Rev. Tho. Trevethan, Shehbenr V. wich duchy of Cornwall, vice Phili;is.

the chapel of Sheepura'h annexed, co. DeWm. Roberifiu, elrj. alvocate, apnointed von, une Puddicomte, dec. (by the Prince of Wles)ais Royal Highness's Riv. Wm. insyl, Alley R. co. Siafford. solicitor-generalfor Scotland, ziceWri hr, 1c. Roy. C'. Itopher Hue, curate of New

George Cunninghame, ela appointed in land in Cunertanil, Chipi.cn. Derhy. (necior-eneral of the customs for Scotland, Rev. Charles Juftinian Rlymford, LioB. vice Oiborn, resigned.

Alford Roo. Somei ler. Mr. James Reynall, late deputy-farvevor, Re". Rich. Kilvert, prebendary of Wor. appointed surveyor of Atamps, vice Harris,dec. cefter, Alvechurch R. co. Worceller, vice

Smitli, resigned. ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMENTS. Rev. Arthur Anneler, M.A, of TrinityEV. John Parkinson, M.... Healing R. college, Oxford, Clifford Chambers R. co. co. Lincoln.

Gloucefter: Rev, Archer Thompson, B. A. Thatcham Rev. Goldesborough, B.D. of MagV. with Greenham and Midgham chapels dalen-college, Oxf. Swiderton R. Bucks. annexed, vice Seth Thompson, resigned. Rev. Robert Poole, of Armine, Barmley

DISPENSATIONS. upon-the Marth and Laxton perpetual cura EV. John Hutchin, M.A to hold cies, co. York, vice Mallison, dec.

Fixidingworth, co. Lincoln, with HareRev. B. Dacre, Momey perpetual curacy,

fton R. c) Leiceiter: co. Lancaster, vice Birch, resigned.

Rev. Harry Wailer, LL.B. to hold Halela Rev. Martin Stafford Smyth, B.D. Flad. ton R. with Emworth chapelry annexed, bury R. near Perthore, co. Worcester, vice together with Farmington, co. Glouceiter. Fotheringham, dec.

Rev. Tho:nas Butler, M. A. rector of BentRev. John Starr, Stockley-English R. co. ham, co. York, to hold the lame with White Devon, vice Tatchell, wec.

tingion R. in Cheshire.





COVEXT-GARDEV. *1. The Chapter of Accidents-The Cbildren 1. Everyone has his Fant-The Poor Soldier.

2. The Mountaineers--Ditto. (in ihell.col. 2. Hou to Grow Rich Harlequin's Chaplete 3 All the World's a Stage The Priz--- 3. Tbie Rod to Run-Dirto. 4. Inkle and Yarico-Ditto [Dillo.


Columbus-Lie in a Cump. 5. The Bury Body-Dien.

5.- The Conícious l.overs ---The Sultan. m. The Mongineers - The First Floor.

7. Romeo and Juliet-pairs of Laurel. 8. The Deaf Loverlays and Means 8. Comudy of Errors-The School for ArThe Children in the Wood. (Ditto.

rogance. 9. All the Worlu's a Stage- The Prize 9. Hamli-Three Weeks after Marriage, 16. Inkle and Yarico-RoyalClemency; or, 10. The Belle's Stratagem-High!.00 Reel.

The De erter of Naples. (Ditto 1. The Clandestine Marriage ---The Midul. The Humourilt-- Children in the Wood

night Wanderers. 12. The Buly l'ody-Royal Clemency. 12. TheBurgar's Opera --Harlequin's Chaplet 14. The Mountaineers--The lrize.

14. Richard the Third-prigs of Lurel. 15. She S oops to Conquer-The Humourist. 15. Fontainbleau-The Irishman in London. 16. The Mounteers--Vho's the Dape: 16. Hamlet - The Prisoner at Large. 17. Ways und Mean - All the World's a 17. The Way to Keep Him--The Farmer.

Stage--- The Prize. [mask'd. i8. The Dramatit--the Deserter. 18. She Stops to Conquer- The Virgin Un 19. The Beggar's Opera-bullies of a Daya 19. The Busy Bivv-Children in the Wood. 21. Hamlet --The Invacion. 27. Othelli-Tlie Author.

22 The Provok'd Husband Hartford Bridge 22. The Confeceracy - Nos Song No Surper. 23. Lovers' Quarrels -- Ditu - Harlequin's 2. The Mountaineer's Children in the Wood


[Cartier. 24. The Wonder!-thie Prize.

24. How to Grow Rich-T's Wardijk 23. The Bufs Body-hilirea in the Wood. 25. Grief A la VueDicting 26. Who'sthe!)upe?--Nosong NoSupper--D! 26. Love in a Village - The Alidnight lioir. 2. Ile Revenge--Tlie frize. (Wood. 28. Macheth--- Harlequin's Chaplet.' 29. A Bold Stroke for a Wife--Children in the 29. Notoriert ---Comis. 30. The Mountainceis-Ciuzen (Supper. 30. Hamlet - The Liicie Hunchback. 31. A Bold Stroke for a Wife-No Song No 31. Wiki --The Poor Soldier.

BILL of MORTALITY, from O&t. i to Oct. 22, 1793,
Cbrifened. 1 Buried.

2 and
5 237

50 and 6 114 Mules


5 and jo 9 60 and Fesales 745


10 and 20

45 | 70 and 80 66 Whereof hava vied vadertwo years old 648

20 and 30 I 27

Po and


30 and 40 142 | 20 ard 100 4 Peck Loaf 28.64.

40 and go 164

773}1523 Females 8763

70 U16


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Bank 3perCt. 3 per Ct. AperCt.s perCt| Long Short India India | $. Sea Old New New Exchey! 3 perCt De. 3', Mar 31||une 30 Eng. Lott Irish Lotr.
Stack. reduc. Confols. Concel Ann. Am 778-9 Stock Boods Stock. Ann. Ann

Scrip. 1793

Tickets Tickets. 745 a 1064

. 145 dit

741 a 75

| Par. 761
1 172
1741 a 757

I 2 14 9 0 5 1

3) 172 -4 a 711 1061 14



2061 24

5 12
104 2001 25

1723 731 752 237 25


5 12

10 6 1724


5 14 7. 13 Sunday

14 1913
741 a 75

I dil.

151 1714
174 a 758 100

4 10





171 1064

3 14 9 5 8 24 1678 731


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ÖF STOKS India | S. Sea Ol N,w New

OCTOBER, 1793.

Comin. Exelicq. Bills.


Days Wind. Barom. Therm State of Weather in November, 1793. 1 SW formy 29,251 56 black sky, violent rain all day, high wind WSW stormy


53 blue sky, grey, and white clouds 3 W brisk

87 54 gloomy, no fun this day W moderate

851 57 clear sky, very fine day S gentle

981 59 dark sky, rain in the night os calmi

30,4 38 rain, clears up and pleafant 7 S calm

41 57 blue sky, and fine day 8 SSW calm

3 57 blue sky, black clouds, and fine day 9 S calm

29,991 56 gloomy, warm, pleasant day 10 SSE moderate

77 57 dark sky, no fun in the morning, fine afternoons II S moderate

691 56 blue sky, white clouds, fine day 12 SE moderate

70 57 dark sky, a little rain 13 S gentlo

79 59 dark sky, a smart shower s calm

981 57 blue sky, fine day 15 W moderate

30,35 55 rain, fair in the afternoon, no fun this day 16 W brisk

30 36 white clouds, fine day, rain in the night 17 WNW brisk

56 dark sky, fine day, heavy dew 18 WNW brisk

4 54 grey, fair, but no fun this day 19

W moderate 29,97 54 gloomy, fine day 20 W moderate

96 -55 gloomy, fine day, little rain in the night 21 W brilk

30,10 54 blue sky, wbite clouds, smart mower, fine day 22 ESE calm

9 55 foggy, small rain, fine afternoon 23 S calm

54. fogsy, clears up, and pleasant 24 SE calm

50 53 blue sky, white veil, rain P.M. 25 S moderate

151 56 small rain, showers 26 S moderate

56 overcast, rain 27 s moderate

72 54 blue and white clouds, fine day 28 W calm

281 54 white upon the blue , fine day
18 56 overcast, rain

[lightning in the night 30 W brisk

50 blue clouds, hail, heavy Thowers, thunder and 33 SW moderate

101 48 lovercast, cold piercing air, but fair Reing out upon the agricultural survey of the county, the following general observations moi suffice for the present month : -The air till the 24th lias been remarkably bland and mild; after which, rain fell abundantly: the thermometer did not, however, drop much till the latter end of the month. Wheat principally got in, and in remarkable condition; the grain has quickly vegetated. Potatoe crops almost univerfally vigorous and beavy. The verdure of the grass lands uncommonly great for the autumnal season. Woodcuck:, fieldfares, and thrushes, have appeared more early in the mouth than usual. The evaporation has been great for the season of the year ; one inch and an half more than in October of the last year.-Fall of raia this month, 2 inches 7-10ths. Evaporaciun, 3 inches sotlas. Walton, near Liverpool.

METEOROLOGICAL Table for November, 1793.
Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer, Height of Fahrenheit's Thermometer,


Barom. I

Weather in. pts.in Nov. 1793.

in. prs.in Nov. 1793.


29 S brik


D. of

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Nor'. 9.


fation with a gentleman, who informed *MADE a tour laft Ain. me, that there was a frigate of 36 guns

tumn through South upon the Rocks at Harwich, and that I

Holland and a part of several more frigates of the same size the Austrian Nether. were shortly to be built there. After

lands; and, if you think breakfast I walked to the camp, which * # my observations will af. food to the South of the town upon a

ford any amusement to dry healthy spot close to the sea, and your readers, they are as your service. confsted of three regiments of militia,

CLERICUS Leicefirienfis, the Bedfordshire, the Welt Kent, and On Friday, the 6th of September, I the Suffolk. On my return from the set out from London to Harwich. The camp I began to prepare for my voyage ; country is in general extremely pleasant, and I found that various preliminaries and well cultivated. The roads are were to be adjusted before I could em. good, and they were very much eolic bark. In the first place, I was told that vened by the encampments at Warley it would be necessary to wait upon the and Lexden. The ftage from Colchef- post-office agent to obtain a permit; ter to Manningtree is delightful. The which I accordingly did ; and, for the approach to the latter, which stands sum of twelve thillings and fix-pence upon the river Stour, is very pictu. he vouchlafed to give the captain of the resque; and, a little way beyond the packer-boat leave to take me on-board, town is Mifley-hall, the seat of the Da my return to the inn, I found a lare Mr. Rigby, which commands an culom-house officer waiting to rumextensive profpe&t of the river and of mage my portmanteau. I told him he the opposite coaft of Suffolk. I was was very welcome to take an inventory driven to the White Hart at Harwich, of my things; but, with much complai. where I passed the evening with two fo- sance, he declined giving himself that reigners who were bound for Holland: trouble; and his civility coft me half.a. one was a Dutchman, and the other a crown. I was then reminded by my Hanoverian. They both spoke Eng- host at the White Hars, that it would lilh toleratly wells and I was indebted be proper to lay in stores for the voyage. to them for much useful information. And here let me caution inexperienced I rose early in the morning to survey, travellers against placing too much con. the town of Harwich, which has the ho fidence on such occasions in inn-kecppour of fending two members to Parlia. Lee the price of every article be ment. It is a dirty ill-built place; but settled before it is ordered out of the the fituation is charming, cc.mmanding larder, otherwise they will impole in a a full view of the German ocean, and thameful manner. I recollect that, a. of the river Stour, with the oppofire mong other extravagant items in my shores of Effex and Suffolk. After bill, they charged eight shillings for a feafting my eyes with the sea and the couple of fmall neats tongues ; and I river, I ftept into a circulating library, was going to give them a le&ure upon which, I was told, had been established the subject of extortion, when I was under the patronage of the ingenious hurried away by a summons from the Mrs. Clara Reeve; and I congratulate captain, acquainting me that the packet the ladies of Harwich on having fo ex was ready to fail. I was now furround. cellent a judge as the author of the Old cd by porters and boatmen, who levied English Baron to select books for their fresh contributions upon the pallengers. instruction and entertainment. Upon And_thus, as Mr. Peckham says, in one of the piers I cntered into conser his Tour of Holland, having run the



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