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8. Ac Chatham, Mr. John Acworth, tailor Oldershan, B. D. fetlow and tutor of Emaand draper, to Miss Datforne.

nuri college, to Miis Anne Cotton, tecond 10. Mr. Rob. Duckle, attorney, of Gains- daughter of Sir John Hindle C. bart. borough, to Mis Barker, of Rawery.

Mr. John Varnam, of Ullesthorpe, co. Leia Rev. Geo. Colby, lo Miss Tilloti, bo:in of ceter, to Miss 112. Cox, of Snareston. Wymondham, 'a Norfolk.

Mr. G. Wa'kiuion, of Leicefer, to Miss Mr. Rollafon, printer of the Coventry Dorrell, of Co-entry. Mercury, to Mirs Oven, daughter of the late 24 Edward Charles Howell Shepherd, esq. Mr. Q. hop planter, of Dilwyn, co. Hereford of the first regirent of life-guards, to Miss

Mr. Rob. Bigfby, attorney, of Nottingham, Eliza Pepys; anu Justas Notlidge, jun, esq. to Miss Dorothy Spencer.

of Bocking, Erlex, to Mils Emily Pepys, 11. Henry Thorold, efq. of Linco!:, 10 daugh. of Edm. Perq. of Bray-wick, Berks. Miss Skynder, call, hter of the Rev. John S. Mr. Daniel Langton, to Miss Edmonds, of rector of Laitor, co. Noribuptoni.

Wandswor), Surrey. 12. Richard Harks, efq. tirr.ber-merch, at At Radipoie, near Melcomb Regis, Dor. Bengal-wharf, Limcho le, to Mifs Gibbon, fet, las. Holman, esq. M. D. of Bath, to the daugh. of the late Cape G. of Wanpinig. edieit daugi. of J. Redwood, esq. of Devizes,

Mr Bullock, aitonnej, to Miss Huyle, Mr. Rich. Baluchin, of Cobham, to Miss both of S1: Scicl.

Anne thithurn. of Go!alming.. 14. Ai Tunbridge, iu Kent, Rich. Allnut", Richard Franklyn, elq. of Gray's-inn, to elu, o! Suri-park, to Muss frances Wood. Mifs Harriet Cartwright, of Cricklewood. gale, eldert daughter of Wm. W. elg. of Mr. Woollett, attorney, to Miss Warson, Summer lill; in the same county.

both of Rye, Sullex. Mr. Parkiri, of Sheffield, grocer, to Miss 26. Capt. Lloyd, of Seymour-place, Little Gibson, daugh. of Rev. Mr. G. of Epworth. Chelsea, to Mifs Morer, of London-street,

15. Vm. Chute, esq. of the Vine, Hanti, Fuzroy-Square, claugh:er of the lare G, M. M.P. for that county, to Miss Smith, second M. efq. keeper of the Royal Academy. daughter of Joshua S. esq. of Stoke-park, Wilts, and M.P. for Devizes.


T Stamford.

6. a continued a few Mr. Jolin Drayfon, master of the Star inn hours, Vajor Wm. Gordon, of the 4th battaliot at Dunchurch, to Mils I eritia Sutton.

of the both regiment, youngest fon of Charles 16. At Exeter, Francis Gore, esy. son of G.esq. of Abergeldie, in the county of AberCol. G. to Mit: Wentworth.

deen, North Britain, and brother to Sir Cha. 19. Mr. Charles Morrell, lo Miss Fludyer, G. lieutenant-colonel of the 41st regiment, both of Weilingford.

wio was presented, by the King of Prullia, At Westbury, near Wells, Capt. Ponlden, wii'itle military order of Merit, for his abic 10 Miss Spencer, djughter and coneiress of and spiritel con act whilft acting under the the late Tho. S cfq. of Shipton Mallet. connuend of the Duke of Brunswick, io the

19. Mr. Thomas Heatva Norris, merchant, campaign of 1787 ; a distinction the more of Manchester, to viss Lanks, daugliter of Pronourable, he being the only foreigner on Mr. B. of Lerretts, near Chippenham. whom it has ever been bestowed.To

20. Rev. John Ackland, vicar of Broad- say, that M jor Gordun is sincerely lamentClift, near Exeter, to the Hon. Catharine ed by all his acqužintance, which in truth Devereux, only surviving daughter of Ed. he is, is a small tribute to his memory. ward Lord Viscount Herelor, acid filler to By this death his Majesty and the service the prefent Lori H.

have lost as valuable and brave an otticer as 21. Mr. Huxley, of the Temple, to Miss Get Britain could ever boast. It was ow, West, of Long Creni'on, Bulks.

ing to his gallint conduct, at the head of the Mr. John Croft, to Mar: Pheick, both of it rming party, composed of a small column Falmouth.

of light infantry, who dathed into the eneAt Scotfiown, near Glasgow, Alex. An- my's works, and forced the commandant 10 derfo!), tlq. of Pulpot-lane, lo Miss Chriftian fuitender al discretion, that the in and of Ofwald, dat. of Geo. (). esy. of Achincouve. Tohago was captured; for, during this ea

Wm. Goul, ely, of Hoxne, Suffolk, cap veni, Brigadier-general Cuyler, 'who comtain in the Glouceste: Thure milicia, to Miss manded the main body of the troops, had Oakes, daugh. of Jus. O. eiq. of Bury St. Ed been obliged to fall back, and knew not mund's, one of the receivers-general for Suff. that the fort was token, till avnounced by

22. AL Gillingham, in Keni, Wm. Hulme, the firing of the morning-gun, and the follit. esq. formerly a pay-clerk at Chithanı, to Mofsing of the British colours by Major Gorden. Nancy Tonkio, uf Prompton, daughter of the When the attack of the land of Martinique late Tho T.ely. captain in the royal navy. was afterwards dererm ued on, the Major

23. Wm. Sreele, eiq. of Teddington, to was appointed to the command of the light Miss Eliza Griftitis, fecond doughter of the infantry companies of all the regimends in Late Rev. jorn G. of the fime place. the Leeward Itlants; in which important

Ai Madingley, co. Cambiouge, Rev. John situation be evinced the same inwepid fpirit


to pronote the interefts of his country; and wife of the Rev. Mr. K. rector of Bulwick, at the landing of the treops on that expedi co. Northampton. She was daughter nf Paut tion, he puted forward and penetrated up Elers, efq. of Black Burton, co. Oxford. wards of fix miles into the ifad, under Her husband died nine days after fiat. every poflihle disadvantage, expofalto a very 19. At Manheim, of the wounds ne re. heavy fire írom the enemy, almost incitant ceived on the 13th, nezr the lines of Wefrains, succeeded hy a scorching fun, and fembourg, Count Achilles de Laval Montduring forty hours under arms, without a morency, second foa of the Doke de Laval. moríel to eat, or any other coveing than the Much lamented by his friends and acheavens. The Honse of Aflemib'y at Birha. quaintance, aged 82, James W..'te, ery, fadoes, on which inand Major Gordon pad ther of the corporation of Wincheiter. commanded the brillalion many months, 20. At Wifbech, in his 65th year, Mr. voted him, in June laft, an elegant (woril, as Ilearv Westwow, wine and liquv-merch. a loken of their respect, and expreflive of At Spalling, in his orth year, after a pain. their approbation of the wiform reguiarity ful illness, Mr. Jonn Th:ficton. and good conduct of his corps; and the in 21. In Townthend-strece, Dublin, George habitants in general teftified their regard to Hart, esq. one of his Majesty's counsel at him by stocking the man of war on board law, and librarian to the Hon. Society of which he embarked with every kind of le King's Inns. freihment against Martinique, where "his Ai Hillingalon, near Uxbridge, Lady Bergallantry and so dier-like conduet, in repuis- nard, danghter and coleireis of Sir Francis ing an attack of the enemy, were so pecu. Sr. Jolm, of longthorpe, cu. Nisthampton, liarly diftinguished" that the commander in relict of Sir Tohn B. and mother of the late chief returned him particular thanks in pub. Sir Robert B. buronets, of Brumpton, co. lic orders. Honourable as teie repeatel Huntingdon. testimonies are, in justice to Alajor Gordon's At huis lodgings in Bath, Edmund Proben, memory it ought allo to be recorded, be- erg. eldest son of Elmuod P. erg, of Newcaufe it is errually true, that the benevolence lands, co. Cloucester. of his disposition, and the urbanity of his At Derby, in his road from Manchester to mamers, were ro less conspicuous to every London, (n. Sharpe, esq. of Chigwell, Elsex. object who lehcited his atlistance than to all 22. Ai Canterbury, 'Thonias Piercy, efq. who had the happiness of his friendship. Captain in the royal navy. He coinmandtu

19. At Jamaica, Mr. Patrick Honyman, the Countess of Scarborough, which lip af. kecond son of P. H. efq. of Græmtay. hlied the Serapis, and shared her fate, both

stig. 6. At Dominica, whither he had gone being taken by Paul Jones, after the alespeon account of his health, Simon Fraser, jun. rate engagement recorded vol. XLIX 483. eíq. only fou of Simon F. esq. of Coleman Al his house in Mary.la-Bemve, William ftreet, London.

Seymsur, esq. Though unimproved by edue 12. On his passage from the West Indies, cation, an excellent natural understanding Lieut. Jotun Flinders, of the Hanibal. supplied the deficiency, and made him in

24. Of a decline, at St. Alben's, aged 66, butiness active, penetrating, and inteligent. Thomas Robinson, who had been 40 years He was a tender father and a warm friund. waiter at the White Hart in in that town, As a guardian and director of the poor in and, by lis attention and acquaintance with that extensive and populous parish, he was the antiquities of the place, rendered himielf uniformly the favourei of those whom age useful to all the guefts. He left two daugh or infirmity had necessitated.co apply for reters, one of whom succeeded, in a imal lief; but severe in his strictures on the idle, ihop, her mother, who died about 6 years ago. profligate, and abandoned prostitute. When,

Sept. 6. After having made this campaign upon mature reflection, any measure 1:10 with the allied armies as a volunteer, Prince gained his approbation, whether conceived Conftantine, of Saxe-Weimar, brother to the by liimself or suggested by another, he was

reigning Duke, and a major-general in the zealous and persevering in carrying it into © Saxon service.

effect. About three years ago he formed 9. At Yverdun, in Switzerland, whither the plan of the London and Middlesex Ton. be had retired many years ago, Ifaac Buur. tine, to which he continued a diligent and geois, esq. father of Sir Francis B. of the faithful agent till his decere." Royal Academy, and uncle to Col. B. of At Rochester, ageil 72, Mrs. Ouroam, reYverdun. He was a native of England, of lia of Mr. Wm. O. purser in the rogal navy. Swifs extraction.

At Laughton, near Gainsborongi. Mr. 15. Ar Copenhagen, after a very long and Wm. Berda, near forty year's an oficer of tedious illness, in his 630 year, the Aulic excise there. On the latt general removal be counsellor Theodore Holitjold, knight of the guitled the service rather than the Lowa bio order of Dannebrog, treasurer of the Queen was so much attached to. dowager, and orft diector of the General 23. Of a fever, on board an hospital-fhip, Port-ofice. He was a inan of great parts, which he was appointed to commind, on his and uncommon knou ledge.

pariage to Gibraltar, Lidur. James Wilton, of 26. da Grcat Rullel-Iurect, Alis. Ker by the goth regiment.


After a short illness, in his 69th year, at in 1774; and was many years a prebendary the seat of his nephew, at Gisburn-park, in of Lincoln and Wolverhampton. He puh. Yorkshire, Nathaniel Lifter, efq. of Armi lithet!, “ A Sermon upon the general fait, tage.park, in Staffordshire. On the death of preached at the two Hemingfords, Huntinghis brother, in 1761, he was elected a repic donthire, hy the miniller of both parites, on sentative or Clitheros, and was again re Friday, 19 april, 1773, by command, and tume, in 1768, for the lame place, which in ready obedience to the powers that be in He continued to repre:ent till 1773. Por: church and state, occafiones! from declarasetting, as he did, a genero: and independent lion of juit and necellry war against our mind, a cheartal :nd attable difpofition, a unprovoked enemies, whose most horrible materni tondreis for the petite arts, with the in quities and crucities alrnt and astonith most engigng manners, the lofs his friends the whele world, more especially princ pahave quitame can only he lamenred more licies and porvers who are Christian ones. tenderly by thofe relations to whom he Allo nue upon our mitia going forth with evinced, chiough life, the kindest attachment alacrity; and another fetting find the necefand regard.

Hry of keeping holy the Sabburb dayBy C. Af Bruges, Lien. Joliny Board, of the royal D.LL.D.' For the benent of the widows regiment of horse-guards.

and children of the Huntingdon lire unforAl fiúrriem, aged 75, M. Vander Aa, fe Lente milicia. Printed at Huningdon,” 400. cretary to t'ie Society of Sciences there.

Al Aherdeen, Alex. Robertion), esy. of 24. At Plymouth dock, Cev.Banks, eíq. a Blackchambers. major in the Eatt India Company's service, 28. Mr. Dave, portrait-printer, of Johnoutlie Madnes establihment.

Street, Tottenham-contror. His death was At Edinburgh, Alexander Simpson, esq. in comfoqurce of some blows he received cathier to the bank of Aberdeen.

f:cm three itreer-robbers, who knocked him At her føn's house in Cattle-gate, Not. doun within a few yards of his own door', tingham, aged 82, Mrs. Dodd.

and robbed him of what cash he had. 25. At his seat in Dorsetsbire, Hen. Digby At Margate, Mr. John Griffin, m.in years a rth Lord Digby, Baron Sherborne in England, very respectable oil and colourman at the core and Lord Digby and Baron of Gearhill in ner of Lodgate-hill, where he had very lately Ireland. His Lordihip succeeded his brother rebuilt a very large house in a Ityle of real Edward in the Irish peera e in 1757, and and fubftantial eligance. was advanced to ile dignity of a British At his houie in Chancery-lane, Jofala pcerage in 1765. He was anpointed lord. Brown, cij. barritter ac law.' lieiten: ot and cultos ro:uloruni of the county Mr. Iverz. jur. Of Aulev-end, near Camof Darlet, ud of the town and county of bridge. He was thrown from his burle near Paol, 1771. He was twice married ; fuit, Quendon-ftreft, and killed on the fpot. in Scritember, supriz, to Elizabeth, dan, of Mrs. Barker, wifevivir. Edmunu B. grathe lion. Charles William Erl Fielding. bio zier, of Stailte'1-31 21 Cr, near New Ark. ther to Ld. Deuningli, who died in January, 29. At Bath, whither the went for the rer65, by whom he had an only 1on, who covery of her health, Mrs. Domville, wife died an infant ; fecondly, November 16, ot Wm. D. esq. of Sr. Alban's, Herts. 1770, to Mary, daughter of John Knowler, At St. Margaret's Bank, near Rochester, eq. by whom he had four sons and a daugh. after a long illness, and in his ;gth year, Mr. ter, all of whom are at present living. Ed fona Southerden, almost 40 years maiter Ward, the present lord, was born Jan. 6, 1773. joule carpenter of Chatham dock-yard.

Aliouth, co. Lincoln, aged 6u, George 30. At Exmouth, after a lingering illness, Cxid, gent. In him, genuine Chriftia inty ageu 73, much lamented, Jimes Barker, esq. produced, through life, the most exemplary Lalcly, at Vienna, Punce Gallidzin, the conduct; and, in deato, pious resignation. Ruutfiani amballador to that Court. His ef

27. Mi. Price, master of the academy in tates in Rullia, next to those of the lats the Upper fireet, Illington,

Prince Potemkin, are fupposed to be the Mrs. Peile, of Fleafint row, INington. largest allo:ted to any one of the Empreis's

At Nottinghamn, tha Rev. Mr. Kerhy, rec subjects. General Count Romanzow, the tor of Bulwick, co. Northampton, only fon Rutlian ambastidor at the Diet of Ratisbon, of Richard K.esq. of Flower, near Daventry. is his heir; to whom he has not only left a His wife died on the 16th.

fortune of 2,000,000 forins in fpecie, but Althe retary-house, Hemingford Abhots, vait estates in Rullia, which yielded upwards co. Runtingdon, aged 73, the Rev. Charles of 200,000 roubles per annum. The pleaDickens, LL.D. He was of Trivity-hall, fulle.vili's of Galitzinberg have been left by Cambridge; took the degree of LL.B. 1745) the Ponce to the Ruliian ambafiador who LL D. 1767. In the above living, which th all tereafter be fent to Vienna, besides the is in the gift of the Bernard family, he fuc English garden, and a clcar income of ceeded, in 1746, his father, who had enjoyed 200,000 forins. The Prince left luis villa in it upwards of so years. He was instituted the Pratcr to the Counters of Hoyos. He also to the vicarage if Hemingford Grey, which left 30,000 forins to his fecretary ; 20,000 is in the gitt of Trinity-college, Cambridge, florins lo bis iteward; and 10,000 forins to

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all the inferior officers of his household. All In her 934 year, Mrs. Fish, of Manchefter. his domesticks receive their full annual At Attleborough, co. Warwick,

john wages, in ready fpecie, for life, on condition Barber, esq. formerly of Standby-house, co. that they shall not ferve any other master, Deiby; a man of niversal knowledge. Ву and Cereby injure those who wäit bread, his death the world have lost a sound philoand have no competency. The Prince has fopher, an eminent mineralogist, and a good desired to be buried in lois butanical garvien. mechanic, who expended an ample fortone He was a great admirer of Linnæus; and a in henehnung mankind. fuperb nonument will be erected to his me Suddenly, at Cleybrouk, co. Leicester, Mr. mory in that garden.

Wm. Sawbrage, fen. He had been chief At Rome, aged 69, Count Caprara, gene- constable of Guthiaxton hundred 53 years. ral in chief of the troops of bis Holineis. At efterfield, aged upwards of 8o, Nia

Ac Calders Wells, near Libor, in conse- jor Thomas Atherton Wilson. He served as quence of the rup pre of a blood-vetiel in an officer under the Duk: of Cumberland at the lungs, Rev. Wm. Sneyd, late of Lichfield. the battle of Fontenoy, fought between the

A¢ Tobago, Mr. Alex. Mackay, architect, allies of Great Britain and the French, May son of Mr. M oilman, Piccadilly.

1, 1745. In the course of the wars in Ger. At Grenada, of a violent lever, Robert manly he was promoted to the rank of CapLane Kitron, esq. ensign of the 57th regiment tain, and on his return into England (at the of foot, and eldest fon of Henry K.cf4. of conclusion of the peace of Aix-la-Chapelle), Exeter. He was a very promiling joath, to that of Major. He mai ried Catherine, and only 19 years of age.

daughter of Sir Thomas Samwell, bart. of In the Lower Maini, in France, agel 100, Upton-ball, co. Nottingham. Jean du Metz, a gardener. lle had been a At Rochford tower, near Burton, aged 79, near relation of Denis du Metz, of Laneres, Benjamin Jeffop, gent.; whole fucerity of Champagne, a foldier serving under Lou's friendship, elegance of manners, an uprightXIV. as quarter-mafier in the regiment of Defs of character, made him the object of Koyal Cravattes, till the diffolation of that friend faip and regaard. regiment, and his own dissolutiol', aged 12. At Beverley, while winding up his watch,

At Bouly, co. Galway, Ireland, Williain ages 83, Mr. Lyon. Kelly, esq.

In an advanced age, Mrs. Ernle, of BrimAi Waterford, in Ireland, aged &n, the lade; Wilts. Rev. Wm. Downs, D.D. and a dignil try of At Heckington, aged 83, Mrs. Jane Woods. the cathedral in that city.

In luis 87th year, Marmaduke Theakiton, At Edinburgh, the Hon. Ani'rew Łoficine, esq. of St. Martin's, near Richmond, Yorkih. fourth and youngest fun of Alexander riten Al Sproxton, co. Leicester, Mr. Jc. SmalEarl of Kellie.

Tey, an eminent and wealttestirmer and graMiss Mary-Anne Adam, daughter of Dr. His death was the cornequence of a A. of Edinbugh.

mortification, which began in his hand, At Rufebank, near Edinburg!, Mr. Wm. which tid heen terribly shattere!, some little Gordon, book!eller.

time fince, by the butting of a gun. His At Chatham, Master Bent, son of Mr. B. widlow, Mrs. Anné s, is the only daughter brewer.

of Mr. Peck, the celsbraled Antiquary. Ac Macclesfield, in iier 8241 year, Mrs. At Guildfort, co. Surrey, Mr. Woulley, Warı, relict of Rev. Joropli W. vicar of coach-maker. Prestbury.

AtTopicliffe, York.2ged 56, Mr. Walhiao. At Plymouth, deservedly lamented, Mrs. Mrs. Langley, wife of Rev. Mr. L. of AmFox, wife of Mr. James F. one of the peo. bernt, co. Derby. ple called Quakers.

Aslie was returning on horsehack from In his goch year, fincerely regretted!, R. vifting a patient, Mr. john Freer, jun, a very. Edward Hall, clu; whole extcinive medi eminent surgeon of Birmingham. cal knowledge, succes ful practice, and gen Mrs. Myall, wife of Birker M. esq. of tleness of manners, rendered him 30 oma Castle Hedii gham, Eflex. ment to his profeffion, and a friend to man Mr. I homes Shipley, many years of the kind in general.

Prince of Wales's lioutehold.
At his seat at Eat Grinitend, Snex. Gibbs At her house in Doctors Commons, in her
Crawford, esq. M.P. for Queenborough, and 92d year. Mrs. Elizabeth Faciant, a maiden
clerk of the ordnince.

lady, and fifter of the late Godfiey Lee Fr. Mr. Tho. Norris, merch. of Liverpool. rant, el 4 deceased, register of the High Court

At Torbay, on board the Treniendous man of Admiralty. of war, Lieut. Stacie, only fon of Mr. S. of In Great Queen-ftr. Lincoln's-ina-fields, Covent-garden.

Lady Henley, wife of Wm. H.ety.of Gower. At Shotrefbrook, Berks, Miss Charlotte court, Marditone, Kent. Vanfittart, only daugh. of Arthur V. cfq. 087. .... At Naples, where she had lately

At Newmarket, in her gad year, Mrs. refided with Lord and Lady Cholmondeley, Burdett, a maiden lady of good family, who the Moit Noble Mary, Duche[s-clowager of formerly resided at Hiackley, co. Leicetter. Ancaster. She had been indisposed for some



years. Her Grace was the daughter of Tho. their common friend, and were fure never Panton, esq. ; and was married to the third to return empty. Of his public character as Duke of Ancaster in 1750. Her only sur a minister of the Gospel, it may be faid, that viving children are, the Baroness Willoughby he was a zealous and fasihful preacher. Ever d'Freity, Lady of Sir Peter Burel, and the intent upon the great work of reclaiming Counte's of Cholmondeley. By her death, finners, he did not “thun to declare the the appointment of mistress of the robes to whole counsel of God." He avoided with the Queen, of wlich the falary is gcol. per care every unneceflary ornament in his fans annum, and the perquisites very confiderable, guage, and accommodated his discourses to becomes vacant.

the underfandings of the most ignorant. 2. After a few days illness, Mr. Thomas The diligence and activity with which he Bishon, hofier, of Gilmorton.

profecited his labours were remarkable. He At the Circus, Bath, in his 77th year, in placed bis whole happiness in the service of conseq lence of an apoplectic fit, Benjamin bis Matter, for whom he thought nothing Coltorne, elp. father of the Lady of Sir Mat too hard to undergo. As to his private chiathew White Ridley, bart. Conspicuous a racter, to sum it up in a few words, he was mongst this gentleman's qualities were his an affectionate hulband, an indulgent paunremitted endeavours to render extensive rent, a constant friend, and a pleasing commertical benefit to mankind, which led him panion. - It is necessary to add, that, on his to devole his attention to useful discoveries, death bed he enjoyed the utmost composure of which his mephitic alkaline water will be and serenity; and displayed, on this occafion, a lasting remembrance,

in a moft striking manner, the doctrines which Aged 54, Rev. Thomas Clarke, rector of he had enforced. During a painful fortnight Cheshim Bois, Bucks. In him the Church he censed not, as his strength permitted, lo has lott one of its brightest ornaments. He speaks to his friends in the moit atfuctionate was horn in 1719, and entered, at the usual and instructive manner. He looked upon time, at Brazen Nose college, Oxford, where life with contempt, upon death with fere. he took his degree of B. A. For the space riiy, and upon heaven with rapture! In a of half a century this great man carried on Word, he died as he had lived, full of hope, his minifterial labours with a zeal and fide and a well-grounded confidence in the me. licy of which we have very few examples. rits of his Rexleemer. He bad reljed 27 years at Chesham Bois, 3. At Chatham, in his sth year, Major and has left many in that neighbourhood Rudyard, who had been 28 years town-ma. who Jament their loss. His leaming and jor of Gibraltar. piety, his public and private character, all Aged 23, Miss Mary Wynox, daughter of claim our attention and respect. Of bis Mr. W. coal-merchant, of Lennct-freet, learning there are many living witnefles, Surrey fue of Blacktriars-bridge. who, reared by his hand, all, at this time, 5. In Queen Anne-street West, Mrs. the most respectable stations in life. He has Leigh, widow of George L. eiq. and mother Sent fort many able and excellent minifters of Col. l of the guards. into the Church, who can all teflity that his John-George Harris, esq. his Majesty's retalels were great, and bis knowledge ceiver general for the idiand of Guernsey extensive. As an author, it is true, he has 6. di bis house at Southgate, Mr. Vernor, pot left behind hin: any works to perpetuate of Birchin lame, Cornuil. his fame; but this is to be imputed to his At Walshamitow, aged 87, Mrs. Magdagreat modesty, which thone confpicurus in len Bang'i, a widow lady. She had been all his actions, and gained the enteem and early married to a gentleman whore engagelove of those who koew him. But piety was ments in the medical line in the navy obliged the prominent feature of his character. His him to quillier almost immediately after their life was a living fermou. It may be laid wedling, and he never returned, but left her with tru:h, that few, who bave had the hip a handlome fortune at her own d. (polal. piness of his acquaintance, have ever left his At Seckar's bridge, near Modbury, aged company unedified. It wis his delight to 77, Mr. Wm. Hayman, many years surveyor dwell upon and enforce the practical tiulis to the Mayor and Chamber of Exeter. of Christianity, even in the most familiar After a lingering illness, which he bore conversation; incomuch that his friend's vie with exemplary resignation, Mr. Roe, an rived, frequently, as much instruction from cmi nent apothecary, of Exeter. As in his his conversation is from bis discourses in the life he was universally respected, to in his pulpit. He was contantly favoured with a death be is generally lamentel. calm and resigncitate of mind, which led Rev. Mi. Hodson, viccrcter of Trinity. him to fubmit to every difpenfation of Pru. college, Cambridge, and vicar of Hitching viderice without a inucmur. In this respect Herts, lo which he fuccecde, 1788, on the his character was truly grear, lo him the death of Mr. Morgan, who had held it a poor had a heneluctor u bole lofs will be very considerable time, having succeeded Mr. incerely regretted. His houle was a refuge Bragge. He went out, after hrcakiait, willie to those in distrets, who flow to him as to Rev. Mr. Borlace's, in Emanuel-haine, CainGenti MAG. Oftuber, 1793.


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