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For my part, Mr. Urban, who, like over that it is impoffible to form any most other people, affect to be superior idea of the subject. The people in the to vulgar prejudices, I Mall enter upon neighbourhood say it was once a mothe Doctor's tranflation without any nastery, and the old part now remaining prepwsletion, if he can but fatisfy my was the chapel. In Saxton's map of this mind as to one point, which, I think, is county, affixed to Holland's edition of of essencial consequence in a translation Camden, this place is spele Wrightbold. of the Sacred Text, namely, that he

I also feud a ketch of a copper coin holds this text to be inspired, and that (fig. 5) of the Emperor Dioclefian, he considers Paul of Tarsus to be some found, with several more, near Rouby, thing more than a very exiraordinary by Sieaford. They were discovered man. For, I own thve the very free near the surface on a dry bank bv fome manner in which the Doctor is known Shepherd.boys at play.' It is different frequently to express himlelf on this from any noticed in Speed. C. subje&t, his repretenting the history of the creation as the mythology of the Speech before the Right Rev. Father in Hebrew people, and his profession to Gol, John, Lord Bilbop of Lichfield treat the Sacred Text with as little ce ana Coveniry, at bis Vifi alion, SepAmony as he would do the rext of Ho

tember 11, 1662, by WILLIAM mer, Virgil, Milton, or Shaklpear, na BULLOCK, Esq. and Capiain of the turally breeds in my mind a jealousy,

Trainea Fco! of Scarsdale, Co. Derby. which will not permit 'me to trust the

Jam minæ sævi excidere bello, tranflacor any farther than I can see Jam prophanatis male pulsa terris, him. Yours, &c. J. M.

Et salus et pax nitidis revisit,

Arma quadrigis." Mr. URBAN, Lincolnbire, June 23.

CASIMIR, Lyric Ode I. I

The Bishop came on four bay borses, work upon the pannels of old oak wainscot belonging formerly to a bed at A of

ND if the menaces of war be cea. Crefy-ball, and noticed by the editor of the new Britannia, vol. II. p. 241 :

their return be banished too? If peace " In this house, Katharine, mother of and piety be restored to our illand, why

should we not use our utmost endeaHenry VIII. was once entertained. The bed whereon she lay was removed to a farm

vours to bound them within it ftill, even house by the fen-fide, called Wrigbolt (ree to the clipping of their wings (as it is said plate III. fig. 1), where Dr. Stukeley saw it.

the Romans did by victory), to keep It was very old-fashioned, made of oak, with them from Aying from us, at lealt by pannels of old embost work.”

clipping the wings of those, or sending What remains of this bed is yet at them Aying out of our illand, who would Wrigholt, or Rigbolt, a farm belonge reingarboyle our peace, or ununiform ing to the Duke of Ancaster, situated in our piety. For, mot reverend Præsul, a very obscure place by the side of Gofs that are combustion, whereby these berton fen. There are thirty-six pan

three kingdoms were but one great bonbels left of it, with carved ivork upon fire, hath yet many embers left, and them nearly similar to the specimen there wants neither bellows nor fuel here sent (Kg. 2), which contains four. (neither follis nor follies); there are They are 18 inches by 9, except one, priests enough who are nothing but with the arms of France and England wind fit to blow up new lights, and quarterly. Mrs. Cape, the present te lilly, people, dry as tinder, ready to nant, remembers it when complete catch fire, in flame, and consume the (about forty years fince), and describes nation of a second cinder-heap. But it to have been very large, hut up on

let your ecclefiaftical power, my lord of all sides with wainscot, and two holes the clergy, Atop their airophyle; and, if left at the bottom end, each big enough they fall Aill be blowing and venting to admit a grown person.

wind, there will not be wanting either a The old part of the house is built of civil magistrate to tie a string about the fone, and lume of the windows have bladder's neck, or a military officer to fone mullions arched over. The walls fit the bagpipes and spoil the blatt, for. near four feet thick. Upon the walls, cing this wind another way: in the room where I saw the bed tend,

nam quis are some paintings, but so whitewaface

Tomperet a gladiis ? GENT. Mae. Odober, 1793.


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Who can forbear when that king.refift. Prince, who died honourable, though ing doctrine, which first conventicíed upon the ignominious scaffold, who for in corners, thus by degrees, fenim non personal strength and symmetry, for ex. sensu, afcended the pulpit, until about ternal courtesie, and innate clemency, five Ouitars ago, in aperto campo, for the just offices of a husband, father, throughout England and Scotland, dil- master, and king, to wife, children, played its colours in the Hesteyan en- servants, and subjects, for his science in figns and the Smecłymnian paper ban. the liberal arts, his practice of the moners, thus marching to Westminster did «ral virtues, for his exact observance of fit and vote in that disgraceful parlia- the laws of the land, and unparalleled ment wherein a Pim and a Kim *, more feverity of himself, that rather would Phaëton-like than Phobus, pav, against pay too little than play his conscience. the commands and demands of Phoebus, Befides, his piery towards God, both drove the chariot- wheels of Lords and frequent and servent, lived and died an Commons, till, by the Edgehill fire example so iinmutable, that, though we (nam cinis æquat omnes), we learned the have a king adorned with all the pearls leflon to unlearn all state distinctions of price fit to bedeck a throne, yet I between King, Lords, and Commons; hope to obtain his pardon while I unand for the churches hierarchy, God fold my conscience, which is, that, let being first dishonoured when his bishops him exercise all those virtues to the very were made unhonourable, next must height of Graces, he can no otherwise ensue the putting the heads of colleges be but King Charles the Second to such under deck, by which fact, I dare aver, a father. they plucked out the right eye of learn And that I am as sure as he is, ing in our nation ; then covering up the I am confident not prince ever did, or elevated hollow with a Meep-skin hypo- ever thall, come near him by many fure critical plaster of Calvin's mastick, longs; witness the A&t of Oblivion, that theam'd on by the thumbs of the mixed ftupendous bulk of indemnity, for the assembly; they wiped the face of the issuing out of which he even provoked whele academy with that dishclout of that parliament wherein there were divinity the Covenant t, which, fore many finners for no small crimes, to footh, 'must be so universally taken,' the penning their own pardon. For, that a Columella usque ad Mediaftinum, though that prodigious scene was acted for smiting the nose of the Speaker of [the murder of my sovereigu), a deed the House of Peers pro tempore, it must engendering such amazement that, begather up the foot of the whole king. yond the virtue of Medusa's head, dom, even to the kitchen-boy of a lay Thunder and Lightning! the very meelder,

ditation thereof charcoals my lappy boThus were the people cuckolded of dy into carcass, and I stand an asto. their allegiance by a ram-headed gene. nished statue. ral, and milked of their treasures by the And, although presently after his public deceit of the public faith, that Majesty appeared portrayed abroad, strapping bastard brat of the legislative clarior e tenebris, in that most illustrious whore, while the legitimate son of the book of his folitudes, where his intense king and the laws of the land must be looking for Heaven ascertains us of his found again beaten, banished, and un crown of glory there, wherein is that done, arraigned and exeeuted; and wonderful prayer of mercy, repent be that either by public aflizes or commit their impunity; when, 1 Tay, such a le. tees, or republic courts of justice, from gacy was bequeathed, and that to such whence neither the goods nor blood of enemies, could Aesh and blood imagine king and nobles (I may add, and ple that ever any men should have executed beian too) could escape the disposition the teftator's will? But, behold, admire, of the sequestring ape, or the piercing and tremble, in the admiration! Our knives of Haberdafers hall. By the most gracious sovereign, as if he had firf f and worst of these fell that ftately taken letters of adminiftration from his

father's band in heaven, harh satisfied * A Kimbolton, meaning Lord Maunde.

his father's legacy, and, over and above ville, of Kent.

+ The Covenant, why dishclout? because both, found alleis enough of his own to any one that took it might wring it any way pay (id eft, to pardon) the injuries of he pleased, and squeeze out nothing but his own 12 years banith ment, wherein (willings.

he had exceded his being God's deputy, Court of justice.

and gone beyond divine benignity (I


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intend no blasphemy in it), he hath of tryal, hath run pure metal, received (when God's juftice will not permit ihe stamp of orthodox, and fo hall pass God's mercy to do so much) pardoned sterling to all eternity: one who hath vnrelenting finners, and is foully belied whipe Loyola into loyalty, and kept St. if not preferred them too. And now Andrew's in Holborn ( hilft you could his father rejoyceth that he enjoyed his be kept in St. Andrew's in Holborn) in wilhes, here Charles le grand is Charles ecclefiaftical obedience, and is able to k bon; why, I say, after all these mi. preach and dispute St. Andrew's in Scor. series, nay, after all these mercies too, land into conformity: one who, being a the Skew bol clergy are still employed, man after God's own heart, hath lived or rather employing themselves, Glenced to the years wherein the man after minifters usurping the pulpit, and unli. God's own heart installs perfe&tion. cenced preachers reducing whole fami.. And may you, my Lord, live on, Levi lies upon the old score too. Quis tem- like, the longest of your brethren. You peret, &c. Hence fuch blafpheming, have, my Lord, if lying Fame tell any calumniating, reviling, nay venting, truth, for these 70 years breathed the even by tumults, of our Common public air. And though Ecclefnall Prayer Book, the Public Confellion castle be pulled down, and the trees wherein (like canon and musquet-Thor) pulled up, yet the ground is left, there in two well-ordered battalias, forcing is earth. And, being a bilhop in your even Heaven's gates with violence, and own sea too, you cannot well want wa. make a battery the bigger when it What now remains, my Lord, is comes from broken hearts. Poor inno. to make you completely elemented ; cent, and therefore suffering, book, but that poor military munuscula, the which must be burnt by the Papifts for soldiers, lacrifice their Presenii tation being Schismatical, and torn by the of their 4ih. Soldiers, give fire. Schismatics for being Popith!

(Here they fired, and cried, God save Hence such belching against Episco- the king and the bilhop!) pacy, whose antiquity is coeval, hath ever run parallet with the profession of

Mr. URBAN Chrift, whose dignity ableibe foregoing I SENDA you new traufation pof that

part of the book of Job which gives confirmed, accepted of, or conformed an excellent description of an Arabian unto : yet must our fortish Scottih di war-horse (as many are not satisfied vines make it the malierpiece of their with the present English rendering as national religion to extirpate that goin the Bible), which you may insert.if vernment which first brought religion you think it deserving a place in your into our nation; nay, to abjure them useful miscellany.

D. G. as Aoti.christian who firit introduced

Joh, xxxix, 19, &c. Christianity; for, if bishops be Antichristian, then Antichrift hath ruled in «What! haft thou given strength to the God's church these 1600 years, which


And adorned his neck with a waving mane? is the gamut of Aat impiery tuned to the

What canit thou make him boundas a locuft? Ela of highest blasphemy. Yet, if the

The vehemence of his snorting is terrible. government may not be changed, what

He pawech in the valley, and exulteth with Itraining is there even to fpewing! A

vigour ; moderator, a superintendant, nay, an

And goeth forward to meet the armed men. independant, rather than a bishop; and

He laugheth at fear, and is not dismayed; truly, my Lord, chattering Fame Neither turneth he back from the edge of (which, magpie.like, underttands not

the sword. what it prattles) made our ears to glow; Against him may make the arrows, that one of that constitution, a lilping, The head of the spear t, and the javelin. mutinous Ephramite, Mould have been With agility and swiftoess he swallows the Tiphys of this sea, who, in all proba


trumpet. bility, would have proved to this dio And believeth not, that is the sound of the cere, what he hath been eisewhere, Ca.

* Here ihey prefented. lamy-ty: But, blessed be God ! and our king, expreflion in our B.bie be altered here? Oui

The bead of the spear. Why should the who have given us a shepherd whole trauflators reoder it “the GLITTERING Ihcephook is a crosier, the ore of whose sword,not without realon; the original loul was digged from the mine of Hea. verb 277) fignifies to glitter, and is applicaren, and, being smelted in the furnace ble to any bright weapon. EDIT.


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