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count ill find ample satisfaction by MOST g'orious was the summer!


Sept. 26.

The spot being here mentioned where I.

F the inclosed drawing (fee plate I.) the temple was dedicated; there is conse,

meets with your approbation, I shall quen:ly the same authority for Nenia be glad to see it preserved in your valu. Britannica as Flora Britannica *. Si. able treasury of curiofisies.

Auguftin has alto prefixed the name of The vicinity of West Ham to the Nenia 10 a goddess : “Eideos claufie ad metropolis renders the fine old gateway NENIAM DEAM quæ in funeribus fe. here represented an object of some curi num cantantur." Alio Arnobius: “In onty to the inhabitants of London; and tutelâ sunt Orbonæ orbati liberis prafor their amusement, as well as that of rentes, in NENIÆ quibus extrema fint the more professed Antiquary, the pre- tempora."

J. DOUGLAS. sepi sketch is intended.

I will not, therefore, trespass on the THE CHRONICLES OF THE SEASONS. parience of your readers any farther than

SUMMER, 1793. io fay, that ihis gateway is now the only " What bounteous gifts are shower'! on thee, remnant of the famous Ciatertian abbey Oh! favour'd Britain, queen of illes ! called Stratford Langthorn, or at Bogh, Say, doth the circling year inclose in the pirith of West Ham, founded by A realm so bleft with Nature's † (miles) King Henry II. about 1256; of which

E. DREWE, who for particular


The fun again abone on man, and confulting the different authors referred

on the products of his toil. Nature beto in Tanner's Noricia Monaftica. T. P. came revivitied : she had before seemed

mouldering in obfcuration. Mr. URBAN,

Sept. 28.

The beginning of the season was maI ,

T was a remaik of Dr. Johoson, that dowy, but dry; two circumstances propreciate nor dignify by partial represen. increasing the crops, and the other aftacions, but to hold out the light of Rea fording opportunity to house them in fon, whatever it may discover; and to excellent condition. The afterma:h was promulgate the deterininations of Truibi, foon after considerably fcorched, but rewhatever the Mall di&tate. The jufined ved readily and luxuriantly upon the of this aphorilin is universally received. hili fulfiirial rain. On Friday, the gih

On the publication of the Nenia Bri- of July, in the moon's last quarter, ine tannica, as the author had spoken free. weather blazed out in as high a degree ly, though nor unbandsomely, of mo of celestial brilliancy as perhaps ever dern Antiquaries, it was natural 10 fup- emanated in this island for fo many days pole he would mees with various opini. asthirteen together, which was the terin ons, and encounter the occasional al

of it, continuing to July 17:6 inclusive. tacks of those who differed from him. The heat was of the ardenı kind, and The work became the property of the extraordinarily intemperare : the nights publick, and praise or centure the pub, uere sultiv and dewless, the nocturnal lick had a right to be flow; but, in the heat probably preventing the condeniapromulgation of critique, how far the tion of the vapour that beconies dew. di&tates of Truth have been considered, Considering this circumstance, it is the readers of this work have now an wonderful the arboraceous and herbi. opportunity of judging.

ceous decorations of the earth were not The Critical Review for August 1793 has observed, that Nenia is a funeral * These were the words of that great song, and the name of the work inept champion of virtue, the late Dr. Johnson, tu 1o the subject. Howevei dull and ma the author of this work, a short time before ligoant a Reviewer may be, he should his death. On a visit to die Doctor, at hus not he eiher ignoraut or unicarned. boule in Bolt-court, af er luis return from

The authority of Feftus will prove Derbyshire, to enquire after his health, the Nenia a goddels, to whom a temple was

author questioned the Doctor on the propridedicated; a circumftance which certain. ety of the title for his bank.

" Willy not, ly had eIcaped the Reviewei's reading. Siz lays me," Neia Britannica, as well

as Flora Britannica:” Bu, wiibout the thield 6 Næniæ deze facellom extra porcam Vimi- of this great literary characler, the above au

Nunctanum dahet ndiculam*." (nalem thority may be deemed a luliicient reply.

* L. f. Hiti, in Xll.p.26, Amitel 1699. 't I hope I may be excufid bere fubftitu. Arnob. lib. 1. Aug. de Civit Dei, lib. V.9. ting Nature for Fortune. GENT, MAG. Ocobit, 1793.


more rivelled than they were.

The Silent and invisible in the coverts : we heat was something alleviated by light could only hear the languid witrering airs; but, unluckily, they were from the of the martin, and the discontented East, and brought blights that injured chirping of the sparrow. The poultry trees confiderably, although they did fouy ht for cool recreats in vain, and the not greatly affect plants. Doubtless doves lay gasping on the duft. It is there blights had done more harm had noticeable that, during this extreme not innumerabie hosts of Hirundines fervour, a pre:ty brisk but short gale employed themselves in the hours of arose on moll days at 4 P.M. On the eve in diminishing them; yet, so un 18th, the heat moderated, and, by the grateful is Man towards these friendly comparative chillness of the air, we birds, that numbers were shot to feed judged there had been a form sometame foxes with! Intolerable reflexion! where * From the large flights of swales, and The epanouissement was luxuriant, vi. house-martins, rusticks imagined in the vid, and profule, especially in the tuni: {pring that the summer would be fine, cated rooted plants. The noontide and the prognatication was verified. breezes were fccnted by the aromatic “ The pale-faced lady of the black. effluvia of the pines and ciftules, and eyed Night, and her curious train of the no&turmal zephurs with the fraspangled nymphs *" on most nights grance of limes and lilies : every corner thone beautifully clear, notwithstanding was a bower of roses, and every hedge “grey-robed vapourst" often threatened a screen of honeysuckles. But, woe troublous weather. On some days the tas me! my honeysuckles became heavens were immaculately azure. This loaded with loathsome infects in the was particulariy the case on the 7th of manner that Mr. White (Hiftory of July, whien not the smallef nubiferous Selborne, p. 300) defcribes his to have appearance was discernible in any part been in the hot summer of 1783. Anoof the day. That day, with the rath and ther observation of that gentleman's was 16th in fiant, were zhe hottest of the hot allo corroborated, viz. that it is not in thirteen. St Swithin frowned, but wept every hot summer that wasps parriche nor; his eyes gleamed fire, but the larly abound; for, in this we had not fombrosity of his brow, after some grum many, although hoiners were nume. blous' utterances, wore away. The rous. Harveft-bugs were exceeding y highest point I observed my Fahrenheit annoyant, and the number of cabbagethermometer to reach in the shade at buttei fjes caused us to become appre. this hot period was 80. To me, the hensive of being preyed on by their caheat seemed less powerful than the fic. teipillar offspring, as we were last aucity of the air; for, the maturity of the tumnt. It was ihe grandeft fight hufruits of the earth was not unusually ex mun percepeion could enjoy, tu see the pedited by it, kill the effects of Sicca- richet crops of barley, wheat, and oats, tion were amazing. My portable ther. conceivable, reflecting from the cham. mometer, when raised from out of a pain cornfields the splendour of the pond, dried in faltaneously without wi- great luminary, whilft eddies of resplenping; a book taken from a Melf would, dent ators waved in the zërial medium. in afteen minuten, become as warped as For many years we have not seen a if it had been near a fire; the chords of corn-haiveli lo abundant, le clean, and violins were to affected that they turned fo well got in. Every fort of summerthe pegs, and, when adjufied, would crop, including peas and beans, were nos produce harmony; panne sof wain- housed by the fecond week in Septemfcot, and mahrginy furnisure, cracked, ber. The pease allo were fine, but the and the papering of rooms began lepa- beans had been blighted at the time rating from the walls. All these cir. when every stem of them was a nolegay, cumliances took place in the thade. The for they blossomed profusely. To those hear, horvever, was intense notwith- persons who murmured at the scarcity tanding. Human beings were to inic of choice wall-fruit, and at the nonpatient under se, that many, ruthing in- vegetation of the cuinip feed, it would to waters with ing much eagerness, were have been very fair to quote the stage drowned, and others met death by ing words of old Hugo I: “The heart drinking cuid liquids, or by fripping at is a finalitbirg, but delire:h great mat. improper junctures. The bird's kept

* Set p. 5$. + See vol. LXII. p. 973. * Quaries.

De Animâ

† hole.



It is not fufficient for a kile's dir. gale fell; an aweful Aillness and a ge. nier, vet the whole world is not sufficient neral gloom damped the hearts of men. for it.There is some;hing so humili. At 3 P.M. builts of thunder broke the ating, and yet so qualoily ridiculous in' filence, and ele&ric flashes dispeiled the this paftsge, that it incines one to cry darkness. A thunder-clap chat hapand laugh in the same breath. The pened at a quarter past three was partiel hear did not seem, to affect vegetation : cularly appalling; according to our perthe horticu tural crops that were in per- ceptions, it rattled through the air from feétion at the fervid time declined the East to West, and ended its aērial course fooner for it, but those expected to suc- in a tremendous burst; then it seemceed were not hurried on ; vegetation ingly rumbkd back from West to East kept on in the pace proportionate to the beneatb the furface of the caribe: the backwardoets of the fpring; the fruits houles, doors, and windows, hook, and Rowers that ulually came forward and my dinner-cloth quivered on the in July lingered immature till Auguft, table; but I could not resolve myself and those we are accustomed to have in whether the vibration arising from the Auguit reiciied not maturity til Sep counterpart of the clap was terrene or tember. Trees, even of the aquatic aërial. Two other terufring claps came forts, fhot well, and most new-planted about fix o'clock, but were remarkable ones fu ceeded; as did allo cuisings. for loudness only. The lightning vaThe leaves of all thrivelled more or lels, ried at different periods of the storm and some began falling foon; and an both in form and colour: at Gift it was alteration in the hue of diftant woods Alamc-coloured (as was the flash conwas perceptibie so early as the soth of neated with the reverberated clap), afSeptember.

terwards pale. In form, it changed

from the glearning kind to che dancing, “ Summer's lease hath all too short a Jate.”


and from the dancing to the forked.

Two fhort ceflations divided the form After the expiration of the extraordi. into three diviliuns; of thefe, the midKary hot fortnight, we faw fymptoms of dlemost was the nighte!t, and the last fummer-side declining; the mornings the most violent; yerine sub:erraneous became zain, the heat mugry, and the peal (or whatever elle the concuítionary atmosphere occasionally oblcured by ce

phænomenon was) happened in the firit. delial' (pray. On the 27th and 28th During the tirit and ltcond the rain happened a difembougation of water

was gentle, bui, in the lati, violent. from above the firmainent that lalled

The liorm was at its greatest heighth thirty-six hours. In the week following at 40 minutes past 6 P. M. when my the morns and eves became dewy, and fixed thermometer was at 62", and my a thick fog occurred. Ar mid-day, on barometer at 29.9.10.

Soon after le. Auguit the 3d, Fahrenheit's thermo

ven P. M. it was all over, and, thank meier in the shade was at 710; a small God I no harm done. This was only one, in the fun, at 93°; and a putable the second ftom we have bad rinns year. one, in a pond, at 62°. In the evening In order to connect myself of any loftia of that day, a Iturm gathered, but filed diwufoels on the fcore of Fairyolings*, off ;-the opening of the grand batteries

I immediately (the evening being tair) of heaven being delayed uilt the 7th, on the termination of this tempelt, and when came the leverest tenspesi we have for weeks after, looked docenty tor had here ince the 230 of December

new circles that might have iveth ociko 1790.

No other prognofication of it fioned by the uncoilmon trong lightwas perceprible in the morning but an

ning, but could not duícover one; neioppreflive fervour : at noon, the ky ther could I fee any traces of the old lowered, and fome lk:ks of rain fell. At

ones till September the eleventh. two P. M. a gale arole in the East, and

AC 20 innures past nine in the even. a blackness in the Welt. All Nature ing of Auguft the eth, was visbic, for indicated a tumult of the skies approach- about a ininnie, a brilliant lielos in ing. The tribe of poplar rustied, the the S. E, which, glancing bitauery Itriplings of the hedge-rows bowed, the downwards, became lost in the line of herds broulcd haftily, the (wine halten the horizon, leaving its path toi lume. ed home, the aquatic broods clapped ume jucid.

The itars were th'uing their wings, St. Martin's birds (fwales, clear, and a briskith brecze bouwmg &c.) skimmed the plains, and the wild alics brayed feariuiiy, Suddsoly, the

* See vol. LXI. p. 1086.


from the Weft. Fixed thermometer, . Transcribe thy copy, thew themselves both just 62 ; barometer 29,9.10. The weather To their own promise, and thy sacred Jurt," now became ruffling till the middle of the month, when it waxed warm again,


Sept. 26. and, with the dews broue be up a few. I HAVE. Twain hooked into your ne

dexes to find when the late gallant squalls and showers caused the com. Col. Moncrief (whose death you will mencement of the na!ural leaf-fall; and have to record, and to lament, in your on the 311t, we luftained a patiering of next number*) received that only proatmospheric small hot. The fore part motion ever bestowed on the moit conof the month ensuing as partly wet, fummate skill, successfully exerted in partly dry, and, in cach, the weather defence of Savanna, in the American muzgily warm.

war. One of the daily papers (formerly No hen' chaffinches were vihble in

a most respectable one, now covertly August: the cocks Ae v fingly till the carrying on the designs of the Jacobins) end of the month, and then formed into has, in the most infamous manner,, encompanies. Moor-hens and dab chicks deavoured to infinuate a charge against were numerous, and the latter Itayed late him, which, it is hardly neccitary co in the breeding pools, About the mid- fay, no one who knew the Colonel's dle of the month, some green wood. character would give the smallest degree peckers and Iported ones lojourned here of credit so, but which sets the wicked. in company; and the 1975 day was the ness of the conductor of that paper in Jast on which I faw a reditait. Par- the strongelt light; it is, that he gave tridyes were plentiful in some places, evidence againit Col. Fraler, his supeaud tiarce in others. The clars of birds rior officer, in order to obtain rank by particularly known under the fiveet de- getting him removed ! Of the Duke of nomination of Warblers were more in Richmond's implacable prosecution of Drumber than ever was before remem that excellent officer it is not necesary bered; confequently, their matins were here to speak. Unfortunately for this more melodious and full chan common, country, he was too high-pisited to A SOUTHERN FAUNIST. bear the sigma thrown upon him. He

is no more. Mr. URBAN, Montserrat, July 26. The lots of Col. Moncrieff would As to

your useful and learned Miscella mont brilliant vi&ory. To his fkill as ny, I take the liberty of transmitting to an vificer he added the virtues of a man; you a very singular, and, I believe, the when he returned from America, he oldest inlcriprion upon a combfione in bestowed the money, which he had nobly the West Indies; by inferring which, and hardly earned, on his father and his you will oblige, WM.MCKENLY. fitters. “ Sub hoc cumulo jacuc

That it should be left to me, a ftranJOANNES DAVIES,

ger, to vindicate his memory; is hard; vir integritate, induftriâ, el benevolentià suis but it is not the only instance of his haquam alienis chariflima.

ving been neglected. In LVII.660, you Patriæ pro viribus minifter,

have given an epitaph on General P.e. nim in cintula Munterat pro multis annis volt, the commanding officer at Savana non ti0:1191 civilia sed etia. o militaria Da wheo D'Elign was obliged to raise quædam erait li officii:

the ricge, witten by his widow, in præieslim fit jaliiciariis p.cis, which the docs not even mention the qui poil long un dobrem corporis tandem

name of the in an to whose abilities and quiere et libenter mortcm Obit,

indefatigable exertions the General meure Septembris uocarenovatihominis 1686.

owed his fucceis, though the was here itu le tvuni unde exiit, retribuit,

felt present in the town. He had then et vad nii morte locuit,

the rank of captun; it was fo recently fuum (que reddere.

as the trial of Col. Frater that he ob. 6. Were thy perfections less, then miglit thy tained that of colonel; but he was de1tay [yet Sity:

A. Z. Have seen more years than c'ertion lividit, puty quarier-maller-general. Battew tle pon buil Chorinteloil for thee call;

* This let'er was received before the are For, the true w.ty to ne is first to till. Me amethis file is willivet betonient,

ticle in p. $69 was p. in'ec, Eoll. Andni kelly lile an:Ideaththeir monumci

* Sce allo LVII. 756, 761.


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