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great part of whom have not a competent and accomplished his purpose'; when all the knowledge of the English language to be doors and windows of the house were found benefited by their attendance at the Elta- faft fhut ; but, upon entering a scullery bea blished Church : it has therefore becn pro- yond a back kitchen, they found a young posed by the Cymrydorion Society to apply man, stretched at full length upon a thick to the bithop for the ute of one of the board, to which he was secured by ropes churches, for performance of Divine service round his body, arms, and legs; and the in the Welsh language, until, by a fubfcrip board faftened by a chain to a copper thas tion, which is set on foot, and laudably fup- stood close by. The face of the young man ported, a church can be built for this purpose. was covered with a white woollen night-cap,

Birming hron. Sept. 9. The first fone of a through which two small holes were made, Ceneral Infirmary was laid at Sbeffield, that he might fee out of; clofe to him were amidst the acclamations of full 20,000 peo- five bottles of water and a proportionate ple. R. Swallow, Eq. deputed by Mrs. quantity of ham and bread, which were Fell (the benevolent lady who has given placed on each swe of him, so that he could soool. to the institution) to Lay the stone, reach it. A green baize and a rug were was accompanied in procession to the spot found near him. By the Master Cutler and Company, the It appears that the young man is a clerk Lodges of Freemasons, and all the clubs of in an eminent banking-house in the city, and the town, with their Aags, music, &c. and that he went to the above house to present a as soon as the stone was deposited, a suitable bill for payment. The windows of the house prayer was offered up by the Rev. Mr. Wik were then open, and it had all the apkinson, the respectable Vicar of the place. pearance of being inbabited; he knocked at A grand entertaiomeat at the Angel Inn con- the door, which was opened to him, and he cluded the business of the day. The archi- was defired to walk in; he had no sooner tect of the building is Mr. John Rawstorne." entered the passage than the ftreet door was

Sept. 27. A melancholy accident happened Thut, and several men rulhed upon him, ac Laugbran in Leicestershire. Several la- who instantly drew a cap over his face, over beuring men were employed in digging which they threw a green baize, and above gravel from a deep pit, and having impru- that a rug; they then ordered him not to dently undermined a large bed of clay, the cry out, threatening that if he made the least whole, to the amount of fifty loads, suddenly noise they would murder him. In this fruagave way, and full upon three of them, of tion they carried him into the place la which the name of Stafford ; two unhappily were he was found in so deplorable a state, where, cruihed to death, and the other had his leg after having taken from him his pocket-book, broke. It was several hours before the im- containing property to a confiderable amount, fortwiate men could be dug out, when they they fastened him down, and left him as exhibited a most shocking fpectacle.

has been described. It is unnecessary to Midbur/l, Sept. 25. This morning about adduce any reasons to prove that this excraosone o'clock, a fire broke out at Corudray, dinary robbery was a concerted plan: the seat of the Right Hon. Lord Visc. Mon

Wednesday 25. tagu, near this place, which in a hort time A Court of Commun Council afsembled deitroyed that ancient and noble structure, at Guildhall; when, being informed that the with all the capital pistings, furniture, &i. Lord Mayor had been suddenly taken fo ill a collection which no traveller of tafte ever chat he could not attend in person, but had neglected to view, or returned from ungra- appointed 'Sir W. Plomer to be his Locum Lified. The fiames were so rapid that it tenens ;-it was resolved, out of compliment was impossible to save any thing of value. to his Lordfhip, to adjourn the Court. A new lighi-house, with reflectors, has

Friday 27. been erected 09 Cumbraè iland in Scotland, A Commission palled the Great Seal, ap. which will be liglated, for the firft lime, on pointing Lord Hood, Sir Gilbert Eliott, and the ift of October. The trustees have given Major O'Hara, Commissioners for the Fort of motice, that the old lighthouse will be ciin. Toulon, tolip rintend and manage the affairs Ainued til it is known how far this experi- and concerns of those places and districts of men with the new one sucöceds.

wliich the English thall be in pofseflion; and

to treat with all persons who shall adopt the DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. Monarchical Government in that Country, Saturday, Sept.27..

and put themselves under the protection of A person passing an apparently empty the English pursuant to the Declaration made house in Hatton Garden was alarmed by the by the Toulonese, in acknowledging Louis cries of some one within, which were re XVII. as their lawful King, under the Con. peated in a most piteous strain. He knocked stirution of 1789. at the door, but could not obtain admittance,

Monday 30. yet itill heard the lamentations of a man By a gentleman arrived from oftend, we within the house, which determined hiin to learn that she Dukc of Brunswiek continues break open the door: lic obtained allistance, very successful in defeating the French.

P. 576,

. P. 576, col. 2, dele lines 24 and 25: and widow of Major James J. in the service of read « May 29. Rev. Thomas Bedford, pre the East India Company, a daughter. bendary of St. Paul's, and rector of Hawnes Mrs. Ross, of Roffie, a daughter. and Wiltted, in Bedfordshire."

At Fouraks, co. Stafford, the Lady of P. 577, COL 2, read “ In Fenchurch. Edmund Cradock-Hartorp, esq. a daughter. buildings, Mr. Monkhouse Davidson, &c. At Swinburn-castle, the Lady of Thomas His other niece was married."

Ridden, esq. a son and heir. In the next article, for Edmontor read Tote The Lady of Robert Taylor, efq. of Em. Zenban.

ber-court, Surrey, a son and heir. P. 676. Mr. Pitts died on the 4th, not the At Kew, the Lady of Baron Von Itzen. 6th of July. A correspondent adds, "he plitz, knight of Malta, &c. &c. a fon. was truly just, honest, and charitable, and a The Lady of John Trent, esq. of Spetirfather to the diftreffed, who are truly fenfi- bury, Dorset, a son. ble of their loss, and with their tears eme At Beckenham, in Kent, Lady Auckland, balmed his remains, which were carried to a daughter. the grave by eight of his poor parishioners, At Berwick-house, the seat of her father, whom he had named in his will, and order. Thomas Jelf Powys, esą. Viscounters Fieldad hak a guinea to be paid to each. He has ing, a daughter. also left 3cil. to purchase cloaths for the most Mrs. Hunt, wife of Mr. H. wine-merch. deserving objects in his parish, at the difere- Pall-mall, a daughter. tion of the church-wardens. His valuable At his house in Berners-street, the Lady library has been fold to Messrs. White, of of Martin Whisk, esq. a daughter. Fleet-street, except a few select articles be In New Cavendish-street, the Lady of the queathed to particular friends.

Rev. Sir Wm. Clerk, hart, a son. P.772. Mrs. Groen, wf Lichfield, whose At Hanworth-park, co. Middlesex, Ladydeath fo speedily followed that of her much. viscountess Chetwind, fifter of Lady Clerk, respected husband, was his second wife. She a daughter. was Theodosia Webb, af Croxall, co. Derby : In Ely-place, the Lady of Wm. Heron, and by her Mr. G. had his only son, Tho esq. a son. mas, now lieutenant and furgeon to the At Wimbledon, the Lady of Michael Bray, Stafford militia.

esq: a son. P. 773. The juftly-celebrated Mr. Lee At Liverpool, Mrs. Lake, wife of Mr. Wm. (who died Aug. 5, after a tedious illness) had Charles L. merchant, a daughter. the honour of being promoted to the offices In Trinity-place, the Lady of Rob. John. of folicitor-general and altorney-general to fton, esq. three daughters; one since dead. the King under the administration of the Sept. 2. The Lady of William-Earl Welby, Marquis of Rockingham and the Duke of 'esq. of Crailton-house, co. Nottingham, a Portland. Of his distinguished professional daughter. abilities it is unnecessary to speak; they de 3. At Brockhampton, co. Hereford, the fervedly gained him a most extensive prac. Lady of John Barneby, ely. a daughter. rice. To an accurate and profound know, 4. The Lady of John Wingfield, efq. of ledge of the laws of his country he added a Tickencote, a daughter. fore fplendid accomplishment, an uniform 8. At his house in Charles- str. Berkeley. integrity of conduct, which peculiarly mark Square, the Lady of Geo. Pocock, esq. a fun. ed his character. Bletled with a memory 9. At his bouse in Harley-Atreet, the Lady uncommonly tenacious, lie had diligently cul- of 'Wm. Young, esq. a daughter. tivated the ornamental parts of general lite 33. At Teigh, Lady Sherard, a daughter. rature. In his manners he was mild and gentle ; in bis disposition he was open and


'R. and affable, and in the relative duties of so

to Miss Obborn, only daughter of ciety truly amiable. He has left a widow Mr. O. of Adam-street, Adelphi. and a daughter to lament his loss; and leve. 3. Mr. Hen. Nantes, of Old Broad-Itreet, ral relations at Leeds in Yorkshire.

merchant, la Miss Voguell, of Battersea.

Mr. Franklin, of the theatre at Stamford, Birtus.

to Miss Forfter, daughter of the late Mr. F. T Berlin, the Duchess of Cour. attorney there. land, a princess.

5. At Bath, Rev. John Phillipps, of Ea25. At Dublin castle, her Excellency the ton, co. Hereforil, to Miss Anne Pye, daugli. Countess of Westmorland, a daughter. of Charles P. esq. of Waley, Berks.

27. At the rectory-house at Hanwell, co. 6. Capt. Sebright, of the ift regiment of Middlesex, che. Lady of the Rev. George- guards, ekleft son of Sir John S. bart, to Miss Henry Glaffe, a son.

Croftes, only daughter of the late Rich. C. 29. At his house in Great Cumberland. esq. of Harling, Norfolk. Areet, Portman-square, the Lady of James George Hammond, esq. late of Jamaica, Musgrave, esq. a daughter.

to Miss Berthon, of East-itreet, Queen-fqu. Lately, at Drumsliesh, Mrs. Johnston, 8. Mr. Charles Stabie, ironmonger, of




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High-street, near Oxford-Atreet, to Miss Miss Frances Scitt, daughter of the late Rev. Hannah Shuttlewood, of Cullum-street. John S. of that place.

Rev. John Arnold Bromfield, fellow of Capt. John Le Coutour, a jurat of the New.college, Oxford, and son of the late inand of Jersey, to Miss Dumacerq, daugh. Reb. B. e'q. M.D. to Miss Anne Gott, dau. of John D. efq. of that ifland. of Sir H.T.G. of Newland, Bucks.

Åt.Waughtou-house (the seat of the Hon. At Lamberhurst, Kent, John Auftin, esq. Charles Hope), Charles Hope, esq. advocate, of the 36th regiment, to Miss Harriet Hussey, to Lady Charlotte Hope, daughter of the late daughter of the late Thomas H, esq. of Am. and fister of the present Earl of Hopelouo. ford, in the fame couniy.

At Edinburgh, Major Dirom, of Muirerk, Mr. George Capes, attorney, of Gainsbo to Miss Paney, of Mount Annan. rough, tu Mirs Oxley, of Bawrry.

At Storrington, Alexander Mark Constant Mr. John Clarke, of Stufton, Suffolk, to de Faville, chevalier de St. Lazaré, a French Miss Charlotte Gloed, of Dickleburgh-hall, officer, to Miss Anna-Augusta Smith, second co. Norfolk

daughter of Mrs. Charlotte S. the celebrated Rev. Mr. Johnson, diffenting-minister at novelist and poeteis. Wakefield, to Miss Milnes.

At Aberdeen, Rev. Konneth Bayne, of 13. Mr. Robert Harrison, merchant, of the Gaelic chapel, Greenock, to Miss MarTydd St. Giles, co. Cambridge, to Miss Sarah

garet Hay, daugh. of the late Dr. James H. Everson, of Holbeach.

At Carpow, John Drummond, esq. of Rev. John Temple, of South Lynn, rector Gairdrum, tó Miss Paterson, daughter of the of Bagthorpe, co. Norfolk, to Miss Lilliftone, late Dr. P. of Carpow. of Beccles, co. Sutfolk.

At Drummore, Alex. Brndie, esq M. ?. 14. Mr. Thomas Oliver, of Wilderness. for Elgin, &c. to Miss Wemyss, eldest dauglie row, Gorwell-treet, to Miss Mary-Anne of the late Hon. James W. Pearce, of Fioch-lane.

At Edinburgh, Dr. Wm. Farquharson, to 15. Rev. Charles Suttoi, fellow of St. Miss Campbell, daughter of the Rev. Wm. John's-college, Cambridge. and minister of C. minister in Lillieneaf. St. George's, Tombland, Norwich, to Mrs. At Culter, Mr. John Lockhart, minister Medows, of Barham, Suffolk.

of Cambusnethan, to Miss Eliz. Gibson, you. At Wolverhampton, Thomas Bainbrigge daughter of the late Mr. John G. one of the Herrick, esq." of Gray's-inn, to Miss Perry, ministers of St. Cuthbert's. only daughter of James P. esq. of EardNey At Coffington, co. Leicester, Mr. William park, co. Hereford.

Hyde, brother of Saville John H. esq. of 20. At Harrowgate, Mr. Wm. King, linen- Quorndon, to Miss D. Goude, daughter of draper, to Miss Eliz. Mason, both of Lond. Mr. G. an eminent grazier,

Ar Marpool, near Exmouth, Sir Henry At Duostable, Mr. Francis Goode, jun. Corby, to Miss Eliot, dau. of Sam. E. esq. of late of Cefington, co. Leicester, to Miss Antigua, and filer of Lady Le Despencer. Holland, of Loughborough.

22. Mr. Wm. Powis, of Wych-street, to At Seaton, Rev. Jame Hook, of Bere, to Miss Anne Horlick, of Great Queen-street. Miss Whitty, daughter of the late Mr. W.

Mr. J. T. Janies, of Queen-itreet, Cheap- proprietor of the a xminster carpet-manuf.. side, to Miss Owen, of Gower-street.

At Shrewsbury, Heury Scott, esq. to Miss 23. At Haverfordwest, John Grant, efq. Mary Scott, 2d daughter of Mr. Juhn S. nephew of Mr. G. banker, Old Bond-street, At Liverpool, Mr. Heneden, of Spoke, to to Miss Childs, daugliter of James C. esq. of Miss Hariman, dau. of Mr. Rd. FI. merch. Regelly, oo. Pembroke, niece lo Ld. Milford.

Rev. Mr. Wriggleswortl, B. A. of Cache. 26 Chua. Wale, esq. of Shelford, co. Cambrine hall, to Miss Appleyard, of Cambridge. to Miss Louisa Sherrard, of Huntingdon. Wm Chaplin, esq. of Nedging, to Miss

AĆ Whislendine, co. Rutland, Benj. Baker, Watfin, of Seamer-hall. esq. an officer in the 35th reg. of foot, to Miss Mr. Wm. Rohinio', jun. of Wintringham, Tathwell, only dau. of late Dr. T.of stamford. to Miss Anne Robinson, of Appleby. Mr. Smith, surgeon, of Alfreton, to Miss Mr. Richard Patrick, farmer, of 'Emnetli

, Chellyn, of Diseworth, co. Leicester. , to Miss Banksy of Lynn.

27, Edward Moore. Digby, esq. to Miss Edward Long, e q. of Worcester, to Miss Gardiner, of Sleaford, co, Lincoln.

Jaue Sockett, of Southampton row, Lond. 29. The Earl of Pomfret, to Miss Brown, j hn Roberts, efq, of Winnobank, near pf Pall-mall.

Sheffield, to Mifs Park, of Rotherham. 31. Mr. Bell, to Miss Walker, milliner, : Rev. George Maitre, prebendary of Lindanghter of the late Rev. Mr. W. of Deeping coln, and rector of Chalfont St. Giles, com St. James, co. Lincoln.

Rucks, to Miss Jackfon, only daughter of John F. H. Rawlins, esq. only son of John Wm. J.esq. of Peoryo. R.efq.of Stoke Courcy, co. Somerset, to Miss John Pinkerton, esq. of St. Pancras, near Lemaitre, daughter of the late Hon. S. C. L. London, to Mols Borrers, of Odinam, Hants. and of the present Baroness Nolkon.

Mr. jor. Jackson, of Gracechach-ftyeet, Lutely, at Port Royal, in Jamaica, Lieut. to Miss Witherby, daughter of Mr Deputy Alex. Bocher, of the Proserpine frigate, to W. of Birchin-lane.


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Benj. Henshaw, esq. of Moor-hall, Eflex, 7. Mr. Philip White, of Greek-street, to to Miss Clinton, of Sawbridgeworth, Herts. Miss Davis, of Chandos.street.

Ar-Ramsgate, Mr. Rich. Turner, of Corn Mr. Scott, oilman, to Mifs Eliz. Smith, hill, to Miss Potts, of Hackney.

both of St. Martin's-le-Grand: By special licence, Richard Green, efq. of Paul Benfield, erg. M. P. for Shaftesbury, New-inn, to Miss Burwell, of Kensington. to Miss Swinburne, of Hamsterley, Durham.

Francis J'Anson, efq. of Old Swan-lane, Mn. David Jardine, merchant, to Miss to Miss Fuller, of Shoreham.

Hilley, both of Plymouth. Mr. Swynson Jervis, merchant, of Basing 10. Mr. E. S. Godfrey, attorney, of New. lane, to Miss Anderson, of Gracechurch-str. ark, to Miss E. Bullivant, of Oakham.

At Tregony, co. Cornwall, Rev. Francis 11. Samuel Mills, esq. of Moorfields, to Hearle, vicar of Gorran, to Miss Betsy Hennah. Mifs Wilson, of Highbury-place, Idington.

Mr. Leggatt, of Guildford, to Miss Anne At Pinhoe, near Exeter, Rev. John ArunGodfrey, of Ockham, Surrey.

dell, to Miss Maria-Anne Sanders, only dau. Mr. Richard Brewin, of Blaby, to Miss of Daniel S. efq. Mary Pochin, of Wigston, co. Leicester. 12. Rev. George Dupuis, rector of Wen

At Pangbourn, Isaac Schomberg, esq. cap. dlebury, Oxf. to Miss Stevens, of Brentford. tain in the royal navy, to Miss Amelia Bro John Wood, esq. attorney, of Melton, Sufderick, of Kilkenny.

folk, to Miss Mary.Anne Baker, of Ipswich. Effex, efq. of Dover, to Miss Mary 13. Jolin Frost, esq. of Tooley-street, to Anne Andrew, of Falmouth.

Miss Jane Eliza Robinson, of Swallow-fr. Mr. James Sherwin, of the Temple, to H. C. Woolrych, esq. of the Tower, to Miss Monk, of Pentonville.

Miss Bentley, of Red-lion-Square. At Falmouth, L. Bluett, elg. to Miss Russell. 14. Mr. Alderman Stephens, of Salisbury,

Dr. Putland, of the Lying-in hospital at to Mrs. Jukes, of that city, Dublin, to Miss Ellis.

16. Ac Seamer, Sir Rob. Lawley, bart. of Wm. Casaubon Purdon, esq. of Tinerani, Canwell, co. Stafford, to Miss Maria Denison. co. Clare, to Miss Head, of Derry.

17. Rev. Jonath. Lipyeatr, rector of Wath, George Clarke, esq. of Hyde-hall, in Che ço. York, to Mifs Gibson, daughter of Rev. fhire, to Miss Rockford, of Barkham, Bucks. Edmund G. vicar of Bishop's Scortford, and

Mr. James Bury, of the Stock-exchange, chancellor of the diocese of Bristol. to Miss Mason), of Walton upon Thames. 18. James Haldane, efq. in the East India

Rev. Martin Coulcher, of Acton, to Miss Company's service, to Miss Joass, daugh. of Bedel, only daughter of the late Mr. B. clerk Alex. J. esq. fort-major of Stirling-castle. of the Vintners company:

19. Mr. Gilpin, to Miss Holland, daugh. Walter Powell, jun. esq. banker, of Lom of Mr. H. of the Strand. bard-street, to Miss Clarke, of Lambeth. 21. Ar Edinburgh, Wm. Tennent, esq. of

Sept. 2. At Barrowden, co. Rutland, Mr. Poole, to Mifs Janet Dunbar, daugh. of the Giles Pope, furgeon of the royal nivy, to late Sir James D bart. of Mochrum. Miss Michael, daugh. of the late Heo. M.esq. 23. Mr. John Davis, of Brighthelmstone,

3. At Alfreton, co. Suffolk, Mr. Brewster, to Miss Bolion, of Manchester-street. of Newgate-street, to Miss Smythies, dau. of Mr. Jeremiah Norton, wholefale linenRev. Humphry S. rector of Alfreton. draper, of Lawrence-lane, Cheapside, to

By special licence, at Lady Eliz. Gavin's, Miss Anne Harris, of Maidītone. in Welbeck-street, John Earl of Breadalbane, 24. Mr. Richard Denyer, of Ether, to to Miss Gavin, eldest daughter of the laté Mifs E. Gavill, of Ockham, Surrey. David G. efq. of Langton.

26. Rev. Charles Edridge, to Miss Cadell, Rob. Brown, esq. of Norwich, late of Rót- of Great Ruffel-Street, Bloomsbury. terdam, to Miss Ives, of Bungay, only daugh. of the late Tho. I. esq. merch. of Norwich.

DEATHS. Mr. Earl, attorney, of Rugby, to Miss March T Kentish town, of pulmonary Martha Lee, of Kenilworth.

consumption, Mr. Wm. Prior, of 4. At Sunbury, Rev. Alex. Longmore, Little Ruffel-ftret, Blomsbury. LL. R. vicar of Great Bacidow, Ellex, to May In Great Mary-la-Bonne-street, Miss Skinner, of Richmond, Surrey.' Portland-place, in her 74th year, Mrs. Eliz.

Mr. James, attorney, of Henley-in-Arden, Hitch, spinster. She was the only child of to Miss Tarleton, of Bottely.

Mrs. H. who kept a lodging-house at the 5. Wm. Gosting, esq. banker, in Fleet-str. Weft end of the town, and had the good for to Miss Cunliffe, dau. of late Sir Ellis C. part. cune to please an old gentleman who was a

Osgood Gee, efq. of New Bond-street, to lodger. At his death he left her his wbole Miss Raymond, of Saffron Wilden.

fortune, the bulk of which she has left to Hon. Henry Bronley, only son of Lord the two daughters of her old friend and apoMontford, to Mifs Eliza Watts, of Illington. thecary, the late Mr. Burges.

Thomas Grabam, esq. of Fowey, a lieute June .. At Carline, Lieut. Wm. Perkins, nant in the Royal Coron all milima, to Miss of ihe royal navy. Lyne, daughter of Dr. L. of Trelevan.

19. Ai Dusseldorf, of a fever, aged 34, 6. Mr. Thomas Patrick, of Newgate-fr. William Xavier Janten, M. D. to Miss Mary Brind, of Foster-lane.

26. At

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26. At the White Hart inn, Bagshot, Sur. gallantly was the first to board and strike her rey, Mrs. Barner, of Holles-street, Caven- colours. On this occasion he recieved .. dith-Square, lately arrived from the West masket-ball through his kace; and Lord Jodies, where the had large property. She Rodney was so much pleased with his intre. was travelling, with her family of seven pidity and resolution, that he took him into children, to Southampton, in her way to the his own fhip, the Formidable, in which he Idle of Wiglit, where the intended to pass served as first lieutenant, with his usual acthe fummer. Her eldest daughter and the civity and bravery, on the memorable izth gentleman to whom Nae was on the point of of April, 1782 ; for which he was rewarded being married, attended her most affe&ion. at the time with the rank of master and com ately during her fant illness of three days. mander, and, seven days after, with that of

Fuly ... At Kingston, Jamaica, William poft-captain. He returned from the West Fortescue Harris, esq. principal clerk of the Indies with the duplicates of Lord Rodney's revenue department in the receiver-general's difpatches of that glorious day; and was very office, anul major of the Port-royal regiment active in the Eurydice (the thip he then com of foot-militia.

manded) in the Channel, until ordered to the 20. Mrs. Tritton, mother of Mr. Tritton, Welt ludies, whither he went just al the banker, Lombard-Street, one of the daugh conclusion of the war. During the peace he ters of the late Mr. Hinton Brown, and sister served in the Pearl, in the Mediterranean ; to the wife of Mr. Collinson, his late partner. and, on the return of Admiral Peyton from

24. At Exeter, in his 56th year, Mr. that Hation, was left with the charge of James Dare, brother of the late Gideon the squadron till the arrival of the admiD. efq. of Richmond He was leized, from ral's fucceflor ; during which period he no. the exbreme heat of the weather, with fix bly fupported the houour of ihe British flag others, on the 21st instant, and were all in a dispute with one of the Spanish viceroys. carried off in a few days. He was brought Soon after the return of the Pearl from that up a hot-preffer; and when Mr. Baring station, the present war broke out ; when he M. P. of Mount Radford, near Exeter, gave was immediately appointed to the Botton, in tip holiness, his looms were bought by Mr. which ship he failed from Plymouth on the Dare, who carried on the business with 20th of April laft, for Newfoundland, haymuch fuccefs till his death,

ing under his charge a convoy of 100 fail. 27. At her house at Southgate, after a

His orders, as senior captain on this station, long illnefs, which terminated in an inflam- were, to dispose of the cruizers as he might mation in her bowels, Mrs. Jackson, fifter deem most advantageous for the protection to Mrs. Tash, and to the lae Mrs. Ha ding, of the trade, until the arrival of the admiral; of Edmontot, whose daughter is her heir. which he complied, with at llie expence of

At her house in St. Mary-Axe, Mrs. Ross, his valuable life; for, on the 24th of July, a widow lady

hearing of the enemy being on the coatt, he 30. At Canterbury, aged 84, Mrs. Mary went himself in queit of them, and, on the Hardiess, only surviving daughter and heir of rft of August, after an action of two hours Jobo H. ela. M.P. for Canterbury in the with a ship of superior force, his career of reigns of Queen Anne aud George I; a major glory was terminated by a cannon-ball palling in the army, and governor of Sandown-cal through his breast, which also killed Lieut. tle in Kent.

Butler of the marines. They were boch so Aug. J. Killed in an engagement with the much beloved by the ship's company, that l'Ambuscade French frigte, George-Wila this fatal fhot had nearly oscarioned the loss Jiam-Auguftus Courtenay, esq. captain of the of the lip; however, they recovered the Boftop English frigate. He was nephew 10 shock, and the ship was saved. The naval the Earl of B::te, and a relation to Lord Vis service has suffered an almoft irreparable loss count Courtenay; and was as much esteem. in the death of Capt. Courtenay, who was a ed for his worth in private life as for his brave seaman and a popular officer, Licut. gallantry and gard conduct in the fervice of Butler was also a promising young gentle. his country. He first distinguished himself man, and deservedly beloved by his brother in the year 1778, as midshipman of the Fox, ofcers, and the men under bis command, un leche command of the Hon. Capt. Winds who happened, upon this occasion, to he for, at which time he was only 15 years of principally raw laus from Manchester, and age; next, as lieutenant of a fire ship, under

who are reported to bave behaved most nem the command of the Hon. Capi. Seymour bly throughout the whole action, probably as Finch, at St Eustatius, when the signal was fevere a one as ever was fought. made for all boats, manned and armed, to at. 2. At Canterbury, aged 67, Mrs. Elizabeth tack a letter of marque, of 30 guns, coming Tucker, fister of the late Rev. Jolin T. feinto the road; though, on discovering the cond master of the King's school there. force of the enery, Lord Rodney (then Sir 6. At his house in Kentish-town, Mra Georze) mide ihe signal to recal the boals, Joha Clark, who, being the oldest ofii. yet be perfiled and utta kec, in a jolly-boat; cer under the magiftrates, w'as, for many uron which the other boats that were re. years, the conductor of (uow) Mr. Addingturned putked on to his ashitance, when he ton's office is Bow-Areni. Mr. C. Jied a


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