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Hood, Commander in Chief of his Majesty's was not content with sending Admiral GraThijs and vellels in the Mediterranean, to vina, but came with his whole squadron Philip Stephens, Esq. of which the following except foue, wbich he left to bring a body of

troops from the army at Rosellon, and made Viftory, in obe Ourer Road of Toulon, Aug. 29.

his appearance from the deck of the Victory

as the troops from his qu dron under my Sir, In my letter of the 25th (of which I

command were in tbe act of landing. Adherewith send a duplicate, and also of its in

miral Gravina came on board ; and, upon closares), I had the honour to acquaint you,

my explaining to him the necessity of as for the information of the Lords Commir many Spanish troops being put on more imfioners of the Admiralty, of the situation of mediately as could be {pared, he told me he things at Toulon and Marseilles; fince that,

was authorized by his Admiral to pay attenseveral mellages have patled between me and

tion to any request I should make, and me the Sections of Toulon; and, having aturan

de took to prepare 1000 at least, to be laudces that they had proclaimed Louis XVII.

ed this morning, under the protection of the King, add had sworn to acknowledge him, four thips I had ordered to anchor, and were and no longer suffer the despotism of the ty.

all in the fort before twelve o'clock. rants which at this time govern France, and

I herewith transmit a copy of Don Lanthat they would be zealous in their endea- Sara's letter, in answer to mine of the 25th. vours to restore peace to their diftracted and

The corps of Cartau has been at Marcalamitous country, I came to the resolution feilles, and committed all manner of enorof landing 15oo men, and take pollerlion of mities, and is now on its march to Toulon, the forts which command the thips in the expecting to join the army near at hand from road. St. Julien, a tuurbulent hot-headed de

Italy. The former consists of 10,000 men; mocrat (to whom the seamen had given the

the number of the latter is not ascertained; command of the feet in the room of Tio

but, he it more or less, I trust the whole goffe), had the command of the forts on the

will make no impresiion even upon the left of the harbour, and declared resistance.

town of Toulon; open the fort of Malgue, In all enterprises of war, danger, more or

I am pretty confident, they cannot do it. less, is to be expected, and must be submitted Information has just been sent me that Carto; but, impressed with the great impor

tau has planned to send away from Marseilles lance of taking policllion of Toulon, the

all the money, as well as merchandize, in great fort of Malgue, and others on the main, the town; the former is said to consist of in shortening the war, I fully relied, that, four millions of livrès; but I have planned in care my endeavour's should not succeed, I to prevent him, by having sent off to Mar. should be juftitied' in running some rifyue, feilles ewo Mips of the line, with orders not being conscious I acted, tothe belt of my judge sending two fi igates, which I could

not spare

to suffer any veffel to fail; and I am now ment, as a faithful servant to my King and counfry; therefore, at midnight on the 27111, I

before. After having taken poffeffion of made tlie niecessary arrangements for putting

Toulon and the forts, I judged it expedient the troops on thore, as near as pollible to the

to issue another Proclamation, which Capt. great fort, without their being molested by Elphinstone tells me has had a very happy Ciele batteries in the hands of St. Julien, under

etteet ; a copy of which I also inclose. The the immediate protection of the Meleager

knowl: dge of this event to the King and and Tartar, supported by the Egmont, Ro.

his Mijesty's Ministers appears to me of buft, Courageux, ani Coloffus, which were

that mignitude, that I think it expedient co all in the fort by noon on the 28th. And I

adidopt two modes of conveyance, one by the authorized Capt. Elphinstone to land and en

way of Barcelona, and the other by Genoa, ter, at the head of the troops, the fort of

Lord Hugh Conway has the charge of one Malgne, and to like upon him the charge difp.itch, and the Hon. Capt. Waldegrave the and commund as Governor'; and directed

othier'; who will be able to info::n his MaCapt. Dickior, on his anchoring, to fend a

jetty's Ministers at those places they may fag, with peremptory notice to St. Julien, päls of the Allied Powers. that such thips as did not immediately pro

I have the honour to be, &c. ceed into the inner huhour, and put their

(Signed) HOOD. powder on shore, thould be treated as ene

PROCLAMATION by obe Right llox. Samuel mies. All but feven, whose crews ran off Lord Hood, Vice Admiral of the Red, and with St. Julien, rernovel in the cuurse of the Commander in Cbief of vis Britannia Majejty's day. It is impofible for me to express my

Squadron in obe Mediterranean, &c. onligition !o Don Limgarz!, adequate to my feelings of i', for the fingniar honours of their Commillioners to me, made a folemn

Whereas the Sections of Toulon have, by his implicit contience in, and good opinion declaration in favour of Monarchy, have of, me, in the prompitude h's Excellency proclaimed Louis XVII. Son of the hale Louis manifeftce to comply with the wishes conlained in my second letter ; as his Excellency acknowledge baim, and no longer suffer the

XVI. their lawful King, and have sworn to


despotism of the tyrants, which at this time From obe London Gizette of Septorber 21. govern France, but will do their utmost to

Extrudel of a Letter from obe Furl of Elgin to establith Monarchy, as accepted by their late

rbe Hon. Lord Gremilie. Sovereign in 1789, and restore peace to

St. amiant, Sept. 16. I have the honour their distracted and calamitous country:

of inclosing to your Loruthip the report of I do hereby repeat, wha! I have already

the re-cap: ure of Menin, as sent in by Gen. declared to the people of the South of France,

Benulieu to Prince Cobourg. that I take poslediwn of Toulan, and bold it in truit only for Louis XIII. until peace

Sept. 15. This morning the French, to

the number of 12 or 14.000 min, advanced 1bul be re-establithed in France, which I

from Wevelgten to Bitlerem, where they hope and truit will be soon.

attacked the advanced poits on the left of Given on board bis Britannic Majesty's

Gen. Heavleu's army. The attack was briik, Thip Vi&ory, off Toulou, the 23-n of

and ws'ud laie completely fucco: 'ed on the August, 1793• (signed) HOOD.

fide of the Frenc, if Gen. Beaulieu had not By command of the 'Admiral,

sent (p.edy and succeflive re-inforcements to (Signel) Jno, M'Arthur, Scc. the post of Bilfegern. The Fiench had then Moft Excellent Lord,

recourie to their numerous ariille! y, in order I have received your Excellency's much to lodge the Austrians from their position esteemed letter, with the intelligence there il bond Landerhers; and they would have mentioned, and inclosing a copy of your Pre been fuccessful there, if they had not u. clamation. In contequence, I cannot rehit dany found their lift tuned by a boly of taking the greatest interest in the common Austria infa:itry, headed by Capi. Mulkcause; and, considering the effects that fam, of the regiment of Beaulieu, whatmight result from my 130? t'king advantige tacked them with canoon on the left punk, of lo favourable an opportuniti, I have de and also in the rear. This movement of the termined to proceed immediately, in view Auftrius on the left flink of the French had of your squadron; and, at the some time, I such an effect upon the latter, that they dispatched an express to rhe Commander in began to give way. Gen. Beaulieu ther, Chief of the army in Rosellan, verting avuiling himself of this circumstance, changed that he would embark in frui tipp, wbich theni in frunt, and put them totally (1) fig H. I left for that purpose, two or three thoutand They retreated towards Menin. General of the best troop, to be employed 23 your Beaulieu, baving collected his cavalıy, which Excellency wishes in the operations you have had routed the French, waited for reports pointed out.

from his right, in order to he aflived tha: 1.0 May Gnd preserve you a thousand years, might pursue the enery without interrupMoft Excellent Lord,

tion. The reports arrived about one o'c'ock I kiss your Loidihip's hands,

P. M. la coníeqnence, Gen. Beaulieu, Your most obedient, and faithful humble withont a monient's hesitation, marched to. servant,

wirds Menin; the rather, as he had learnt (Signed) JUAN DE LANGARAPT HUARTE. that Gen. Ehrbirch, with four battalions, On board of the Mexicano, off the coast and eighe ipadrons, was on his march f1on of Rosellor, tle 26th of Aug. 1793.

Rofler. In the rurfuit, Gen. Beaulieu's Amiral Lard Icod.

alvanced guaril 11:44 leveral fkirmithes, in

which it bad conttantly the advantage, res Dispatch from Col. Sir James Murray, Adju. tant-general to the Forces under the Command pulling the enemy quite to the gates of Me.

nin. of bis Royal Highnefs obe Ducks of York, arrived, wth his whole corps, under the

At four in the afternoon Gen, Hesulieu 19 the Right lion. Henry Dundas.

walls of that town, and attacked the French SIR,

Dismude, Sept. 14, 1793. with cannon; at the same time he adulted I take the opportunity of Cape. Robin fun, the ramparts near the gate of Roulle ar, when of the Britimt frigate, going to England, to the French, without any further rehstance, inform you, that the Dutch posts upon the totally :bandoned the price, and patied the Lys were forced by the enemy upon the Lis with precipitation, leaving at the bivce 12th. In consequence of this the troops of only a weak re.r-guard, which was entirely the Republic have abandoned Minin, and killed at ten by the Austrian troops, wlio have fallen back, upon Binges and Ghent. entered at the gate of Courtray. In this into His Royal Highness means to march this day terview Gen. Ehrbarch arrived with his to Tlouroute.

Curl's, and immediately patul the Lys. Two Accounts were received this morning that English squidions joined the Austrian fuso an engagement had taken place it Villers en fars in the pursuit of the French, who re. Couclée, near Quesnoy, in which the French Treated towarus Ronce. In this action we were defeated, with the loss of 3000 men loft above ico men, killed or wouded. The and 11 pieces of cannon.

lots of the Frence is between 4 or 500 men. I have the honour to be, &c. We are not able at present to compute the JA. VI UKRAY, number of prisoners. At the departure of

the messenger, who bronght this agreeable Malgue and its dependencies, marchied out, intelligence, about 150 were arrived at the at the head of 600 Iroops, and put it to the square of Menin, together witliwo pieces of rout, took four pieces of cannon, their amcannon, and eighteen ammunition-waggons munition, &c. 11'biteball, Sept. 21. The following dis

Herewith i have the honour to send you patch from Col. Sir James Murray, Auju. Governor. Elphinstone's letter ; and mot tant General to the forces under the command exceedingly lament the loss of a very excelof the duke of York, was this day received lent officer, Major Douglas, whom I had at the office of tbc Riglit. Hon. Henry Dun- appointed Fort Major, and whose zeal for das.

going out with the troops could not be reSIR,

Nemir, Sept. 12.

ftra ned. Th: bail entered his breat, and I had the honour of informing you, that,

was extracted at the shoulder blade, lle

died iatt niglit. upon the retreat of the Dutch troops from Menin, his Royal Highness intended to

Upon the troops leaving the fort, the apmarch upon Thouroute, in order to oppose pointed signal was made for a number of the further progress of the enemy, and to

seamen that were kept ready, and 400 were act in conjunction with Gen. Beaulien, who

on thore inmediately, to put the fort out of commanded a corps of Austrians near Cours danger.

Rear Admiral Good!a! has taken upor tray. This march was executed upon the 14th.

him the chaise and command of Governoc Lieut. Gen. Ehrbarch, with two battalious

of Toulot; and Rear Admiral Gravina et Auftrians, anal two of Hellian infantry, thn of Comm. ndant of the troups. and four squadrons of British cavalry, under

The signal is, this mo.nent, for the conthe command of Maj. Gen. Harcourt, was

yoy's being in fiilit, with a confiderable ordered to advance the same day to Roule

boly of S; aninh troops, from the ai my in

Ruurliun. laire. Upon the 15th the roain body of ile army advanced to Roulelaire, and Lieut.

My Lord,

Toulon, Aug. 31. Gen. Ehrbach's corps to Ledeghem, it In consequence of the information I had the being his Royal Highuess's intention to ac

honour to send your Lordlip yesterday fore tack the enemy, and force ihem to repass noon, and the repe:itel applications which I had the Lys. Information was received it Roue received from the Commit'ee of War and Selaire, of the Prince of Cobourg's heing in

Safety, I thought proper to fend out a parole march towards Lille with a large body of towards Ollouiles, to reconnoitre the enemy, troops, which his Serene Frighness had put

and to examine their force; at the same in motion, as foou as he had learnt that Me- tiine I ordered 300 Pritish, and the fame nin war evacuated.

number of Spanish troup, to be under arms, During the march of the army, the enemy and i dirtete the Cominittee of War to surbasi attacked Gen. Beaulieu's a lvanced pofts; with a proportion of their best troops, and eight battalions were sent to his fupport; but fix pieces of cannon, with ammunition and the enemy bad bcen repulled before the

Ingols, to be in readiness.' About three the arrival.

o'clock ile parole returned with some pea. This appears to have been only in'ended to

fani's, who had been wounded by the enecover their retreat, as they had begun to my's dragoons, who informed me that cerevacuate Menin early in the morning. In the tan troops oi Carteaux were posted at course of the day they entirely abandoned Senary and l'Olloles, about five miles from thac important poft, which was taken por- hence, to the amount of 600 men, with ten Lellion of in the evening by Lient. Ger. pieces of cannou, and a few cavalıy. I in. Ehrbarch. Yefierday the army marched ftantly marched out witii the Bri-ish and again : a camp was taken near Menin, and Spaniih troops, taking the road to Ollouiles, the advanced posts marched on to Werwick, having four guivies aiong with me (belonging which the enemy had likewise abandoned, so

to that place', and liaving left directions that that by these movements Austrian Flanders the French troops, with the cannon, &c. had been protected, and this part of it re Thould instantly follow. On the road I mot covered. I have the honour to be, &c. wounded peasants, who informed me that

JA. MURRAY. the whola force was now posted in OlA Letter has this day been received from louiles. When we approached within half Vice Admiral Lord Hood, Commander in a mile of that place, I observed a party of Chief of his Majesty's fhips in the Medi- the enemy en leavouring en grin an eminence terranean, to Mr. Stepher?, datel on board on our right. I detached Capt. Haddon and the Vi&tory, in the outer road of Toulon, Wemys, of the rith regiment of font, 10 the ift inft. of which the following is an prevent this, and to advance with their pardes, extract."

keeping pofleffion of the high grounds, and Yesterday afternoon a part of Carterux's fent Lieut. Knight, with a pity of the same army, consisting of 750 men, approached regiment, on the dike service, to the left, near Toulon. Capt. Elphinitone, whom I both of which ducies were adinirably exehad appointed Governor of the great fort of cuted. I then advanced, with the Aid du


Camp, to recoónoitre the enemy's situation, tion, and hope will render him an object of and found they were posted in the village of attention. l'Ollouiles, upon the side of a frep bill, a I have the bonour to be, my Lord, deep ravine in their front, with a stone YourLordship'smoitohedientiiumble servint, bridzo over it, defended with two pieces of

G. K. ELPHINSTON L. cannon, and the windows filled with muc Righe Hon. Lord Hond, Vice Admiral quetry. Abont two bundred yards further

of the Red, 36. &c. úp the hill, at a ruinous cattle, there were two more pieces of eannon, and the walls of

SCOTLAND. the vineyards lined with muquetry It was Edinburgh, Augu;. This day came on, now half past six in the evening, without at Holyro i Houle, the election of a peer to any appearance of the French troups of the

repreleat the Scotch Peerage in Parliament. cannon from Toulon ; it became the efore

After the final preliminary business, the neceffary, either to attack immeJMtely or Earl of Lauderdale informod the Meeting, retire : I preferrel the former, and ordered that the Marquis of Tweeddale declined Itando! the Aanking party to keep up an incesant ing a candidate. His Lordship thien, in an firing upon the cannon at the bridge. I

animated speech, reprobated the late Relothen ordered the column, uuder cover of a Jutions in the House of Peers, allowing BriItone wall, cautiously to advance within two tish Peers, created since the Union, to vote hundred yards, and then, being open to at Elections. He said, it was a notorious inthe fire of the enemy, to rush forward, fringement of their privileges, and it was the which was executed under a very severe duty of the Lord Register's deputies to refufe fire; when the enemy inftantly abandoned their votes. The resolutions of the House of their posts on all quarters, leaving us in of Lords were not printed; they were not poffeffion of their cannon, horses, and am matter of record; they could not found an munition, two stand of colours, drums, &c. action in any of the Courts in WestminsterThey were pursuedl up a very steep hill to Hall. All their authority was newspaper the further end of the village. It was now information, which he cauiioned them noc become nearly dark, and the ammunition to cruit to ; for, he was pursuaded, nothing was expended, which induced me to order Thort of an order of the House of Peers could the troops to occupy the eminence, as we authorise them to receive the vote of any were in an unknown country, and aban noble Lord standing in that situation. His doned by the guides, who fled upon the first

Lord'hip concluded with giving in a protett fire. After halting for an hour, I led the

against the meafure, which lie inruited should troops back to Toulon, with the prisoner's be inserted in the journals and cannon taken from the enemy, and on He was answered by the Earl of Mo-ton, the road we met the French troops and the who said the proceedings of the House of cannon, wbich ought to have left Toulon

Lords were certainly matter of record ; with us, but which unfortunately had heen

they gave a title to British Peers to vote, and delayed. From the information that we le he ihould undoubtedly exercise his right. ceived in the village, and from the prisoners, Before calling the Roll, the Earl of Lauwe found that we bad heaten the Elise of feruals withei to know from Mr. Hoine Cai teaux's army, consisting of between leven whether he intended to take the votes of and eight hundred men, and some cavalry, Britill Peers; and, being answered in the which had been sent from Marseilles, for affirmative, his Lordinip laid, we would the purpose of overawing Tolour, and make the conduct of the Deputies of the that they expected to have been joined the Lord Register the subject of enquiry in anobext day by 400 men and 8 pieces of can ther place. The election then took place,

In this little affair, it becomes my and Lord Somerville was chosen by a very duty to inform your Lordship, that the con great majority, there being only figned litts duct of the troops, those of his Majesty as from the Earl of Breadalbane and the Earl of well as those of the King of Spali, was Hyndford for the Marquis of Tweeduale. highly meritorious. Cupain Moncrief, of the irth, Commandant of the British troops,

COUNTRY News. headed the column with a degi ee of intrepi (Continued from p. 762, of our lot.) dity worthy of imitation ; and Don Mon

Margate, stugon. In the evenaar, there teiro, Commandant of the Spanith troops, bippened the muit violent gale of wind ever conducted himself with equal valour. But remembered in this place. The shutters of the credit of the day was chiefly deriveil one of the Mops vear the Parade were blown from the great exertion and gallant behaviour into the middle of the firect, several people of Captain Douglas, Towo Major of Tour were thrown off their legs : the swifts of a lon; and it is with grief I add, that he was windmill near Westbrook Wire torn off; a mortally wounded, and is since dead: in ftack of hay was blown down near the firme my mind, the King's service has' sustaiced a place; one of the bathing machines that great lors. The conduct of Enlign Foriter, stood near the Rope-ground was blown over, of the oth regiment, my Aid-do-Camp, as was a wagson loaded with wbreat; the was such as to give me the fullest fatisfac- aning over one of the büthing-houses was 4



entirely torn off. It was fucceeded by tre At Nesuport, a young man, 17 years of mendous thunder, lightning, and rain. age: nephew of Mr. Prowse, was ftruck

Harwick. The same form reached this dead in his uncle's house by the lightning i place, and the inhabitants experienced the the house was at the fame time much damost awful scene they ever witnessed. 'maged, and the windows were 'nearly all About seven o'clock, the lky co the fouth thattered to pieces. weft was covered with black clouds, and the At Portsmoutb, and in the neighbourhood, rain descended in large drups, the wind at the storm was also severely fele. Several this time being S.S.E. blowing strong. Soon wherries were overser, but providentally nn after, the rain increased, and the whole hori- lives loft. The West wall of the Jews zon appeared to open with tremeodous peals burying-ground was blowu down , an ox, of thunder and violent fathes of lightning, the property of Mr. Way, was killed; á which continual for some time ; at the close trce on the ramparts was much wamaged. of which, an electrical Auid, or ball of fire, Ac Wickbamg the house of A. Acherley, seemed to burft, which tore down, one fide Esq. was entered by the lightning; and a bed of a chimney belonging to the house of Mr. and some other articles were set fire to, and Philip Fenoings, made its passage through consumed. the roof, and passed some clorets adjoining Windfor, Aug. 16. Her Majesty, in honour to the chimney. Frovidentially no other of his Royal Highness the Duke of York's accident happened. Evcry room was filled birtlı-day, and in order to celebrate it in the with smoke of a fulphureaus imell ; 2 or 3 manger that she knew would have been moft vessels were foundered on the sands.

acceptable to the feelings of his Royal High: At Brighton, between 6 and 7, the atmos- nefs, had he himself been present, ordered an phere become suddenly and uncommonly entertainment to be prepared for the foldiers dark, aud a moft tremendous storm of thun of the regiment (a part of the Buffs) now der and lighting succeeded, accompanied doing duly in Windsor Caitle. with torteots of rain: during the torm, A range of tables was erected in the Little which lasted rather more than half an hour, Park, for the accommodation not only of the the cide, which was coming in, suddenly went soldiers, but of all their wives and children. back above 100 yards, and in a few minutes At half past one, the regiment in battalion, returned again; it ebbed and Aowed in that with colours flying, drums beating, &c. mmner rx or seven tiines in the space of marched into the park; the wives and chilhalf an hour : the oldest inhabitants declare dren of the non-commissioned officers and . they never saw any thing like it before. privates followed in procession. There, with

At Thornton, in Leicestershire, there fell the their hulbands and fathers, foon after fac most violent storm of rain and bail ever re. down to a pientiful repast. Their Majesties, membered in that neighbourhood. It rained with four of the Princetes, attended by at first for a few minutes, attended with small Lord and Lady Courtown, Lord and Lady hail; but the rain poured down like water- ; Cathcart, Lord and Lady Storford, Lady 1pvais. After ceiling for a moment, a Bulkeley, Ladies Grenville and Howe, Miss molt tremendous hail-itorm succeeded, such Egerton, Col. Garth, and Majur Price, ho* as the oldest inhabicaothad never before noured the upper end of the table with their Witnetled : it lasted about a quarter of presence, to view the festive scene. During an hour, and the stones, or rather pieces of the hearty dinner, the band played, “ God ice, were of a most extraordinary size, mea fave the King.” Alter it was over, several suring rouna frum 41 10 6 1 nches; some of loyal coasts were drunk with repeated cheers, them were quite round, as if curned with a and the whole concluded with high decorum. lathe ; some triangular, with sharp edges; At eight o'clock in the evening, their Maothers of an oblong forin. All the garuens jefties, with four of the Princellos, honoured in the place are laid watte, and the windows Lady Cou' town with their presence at ber facing the fouth and south-west are com, appriments in the Round Sower, where pletely destroyed. This dreadful form also she gave a grand entertainment in honour of dettroyed a great part of the wheat and bar his Royal Highness the Duke of York's birthley which were growing in the open field day. From the West window of the Round

called Church-field, and in the adjoining field Tower the letters D.T. were fulfpended in called the Staunton field : the hean crop has variegated lamps, an:Iché stair-case was hung Suffered nearly she i me fale, besides the with the same in feftoons. At eleven the

crops in the different inclotores. Upon a Ro; al party fat down to supper, and retired * moderale compuration, the loss to the lutfer at twelve. The whole town of Windsor

ers will he sool. anu upwards At Kirkby was brilliantly illuminated. The theatre had fome damage was also done; the form ex a transp rent painting of the Duke of York; tended it seit in breadth ahwirt three quarters the inscription, “ Longlive England's glory!" of a mile, and from Thornton took its course Liverpool. It is computed that one tenth tnwards Merry. Leys, Scauntoo, and Sheep- of the ivuabitants of this place are Welsh, end.

upposing the towu to contain 60,000, as GENT. Mao. September 1993.


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