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At Chiswick, W. Smith, esq. late of the 2. At Taplow, Joseph King, esq. son in. War-office.

law to Daniel Giles, esq. deputy-governor of In St. James's-place, Mrs. Darby, reliêt the Bank. of Capt. D. and mother of Mrs. Robinson. 3. At Huntingdon, Mr. Bentley, master of

Ac Lymington, the dowager-Jady D'Oy- the coffee-house in that town, ley, relict of the Rev. Sir Hadley D'O. bart. Aged 63, Mrs. Hurit, relict of James H. and mother of Sir Joho D'O. bart, of D'Oy- esq. of Stamford. ley, Hants, M P. for Ipswich.

Aged 81, Mr. Robert Banton, of Ryhall, Louisa Montol.eu, 2d dau. of Geo. M.esq. near Stamford.

George Olbaldefon, esq. formerly of St. In the parish of Old Dalby, co. Leicester, Jolin's.college, Cambridge.

after a long fit of illuess, Mrs. Saralı Bryans. At Harwich, Mrs. Crowder, wife of Wm. At his feat at Pengethly, near Ross, co. C. esq. collector of the customs there. Hereford, after a long illness, in bis 76th

At Dublin, Mrs. Kippax, wife of Charles year, Thomas Powel Symonds, esq.; a genBerkeley K.esq.

tleman who was as deservedly esteemed and In consequence of a fall from his horse, regretted as he will be long remembered by Mr Clarke, eldest son of S. C. esq. of Salif- all who had the pleasure of his acquaintbury-square, Fleet-street.

ance. To a mind well informed were added Mr. Kenneth M'Callum, merchant, of the manners of the accomplished gentleman. Glasgow.

His benevolence, his wit, and pleasaistry, At Stonehaven, in the 82d year of his age, have often made a lasting impreflion on all and 500h of his ministry, Rev. Alex. Greig, who visited at his hospitable mansion. The presbyter of the Episcopal Church of Scotld. poor in his neighbourhond will senably feel

At Stratford, Mr. Samuel Troughton, at their loss of the belt of masters, as he inherica torney at law,

ed all those virtues that have long distinEnsign Wm. Wilson, of the 48th regi- guished his family. He was the neighbour, ment, now in the West Indies, eldest son of the friend, and copied the example, of the the late Mr. W. of Newcattle.

Man of Ross. On the 8ch inst. his remains Suddenly, in the prime of life, Mr. Benja were interred in the family-vault in Selleck min Roebuck, merchant, Sheffield.

church, near Pengethly. Mr. S. has left a In Bond-street, John Gosling, esq. lieute- widow, seven sons, and one daughter. nant in the ift reg. of foot-guards.

4. At her house in Dean-street, Soho, aged Much lamented, the Lady of John Meyer, 86, Mrs. Aduis, relict of Mr. George A. of esq. of Clapham.

Lyde's-court, co. Hereford. Mr. Noden, a musical composer of emi At his seat at Hemel Hempstead, William nence, and many years one of the principal Ginger, esq. aitorney, much respected in his instrumental performers at the Opera at Pa- profeffion. ris. He put an end to his life at an obscure Mr. Edmund Elden, an eminent merch. lodging-house in Seven Dials, by Thooting and one of the common-council of Lynn. himself through the head. He was near 80 At Waltham-on-the-Woulds, co. Leices. years of age, and had been in England about ter, Mr. Jolin Greenfiel!, farmer and gras twelve months.

zier, also a grocer of confiderable business. Augift . At Lichfield, Mrs. Green, relict

After a few days illaess, the Rev. Wm. of Mr. G. surgeon, and owner of the museum Procter, M. A. rector of Waughton, and vis there, who died on the 4th of June laft (see car of Stanwix; and formerly of Long Pres. P. 579).

ton, in Craven. At Ilington, after a short illoers, Mr. Jo 5. Al Cropers’-11 II, in Baringhall-street, seph Ellis, an eminent writing engraver. His John Edison, efq. upuards of 30 years clerk son is an engraver, and editor of the “ Cam

to that company. It is nothing more than pagna of London;" and his daughter has dif- justice to the well-known reputation of Mr. tinguished herself in the same art.

E to Pay, that there are few men in this ar At Enfield-chace, Southgate, aged 23, af any country who exceeded him in the estiter a long and painful illness, fincerely la mable charreer of an able, a friendly, and mented, Mr. John Patrick, jun. attorney, of an honest iflorriey. Camden-stıeet, Ilington, only fon of Mr. P. At Ifugle, Mr. George Brownsworth, formerly matter of the King's Head at an eminent talesman in Smithfield-market. Winchmore-hill, now wide and brandy mer At Staindrop, co. Durham, in his bist chant at 11lington.

year, John Lee, esq. M. P. for HiglianAt Ockham, co. Surrey, aged 37, Mrs. Ferrer, and formerly attorney-general.-Harding.

Mr. L. (known, when at the bar, by the At Ransey, co. Huntingdon, Mr. Thomas

name of Honey Jack Lee) has left an imWhytell, an exciseman. His death was fik mense fortune, wh ch there is, we believe, den: being at the Crown in there, he no near relation to inherit. One place has complained of a pain in his ftomach, and re become vacant byl is death, that of attorneyqnetted the landlord to aslift him out of the general of the county palatine of Lancaster, kouse, and on coming out, he immediately He was appointed tolicitor general to the dropped down and cxpired.

King, first, upon Mr. Manstield's promge 4


tion, in 1782, and, secondly, upon Sir Rich. tesy of considerable property in LeicesterArden's removal, in 1983. In the latter Thire, which now defcenus to his only daughyear he was appointed attorney-general, tar, Anne, the lady of Edward Cradock-Haru, on the death of Mr. Wallace.

topp, ely. of Freathby, Brentingby, Wy6. At Enfield, aged 69, Mr. Maffingham, fordby, and Burton-Lazars, in that county. an eminent brick-maker, and formerly mai The Governor's remains were deposited with ter of the Greyhound inn in that town). His those of bus lady, in the vault belonging to fitter, Mrs. Benner, died just before him. the Hartopp family in Stoke-Newington

At the same pl Cr, aged 85, Mis. Mat- church, on the 15th. thews, lelet of Mr. Jofeph M. carpenter. Lamented by all who knew her, Mrs.

At Hampstead, ged 6c, Mr. Spitbury, Holland, wife of Mr. H. print and bookof Soho square, proprietor of the antiscor- seller, in Oxford Street. The sufferings of butic drops. He was a silver-Imith in No her husband, who is confined in Newgate hle-streer, Cheap dr, and turned quiack a for having told, in the course of iis businefs, brut 25 years ago, when he firit kept a ihop Paine's " Letter to the Addressers," agija Mount-row, Lambeth. By his second cated a mind of uncommon sensibility. till wife, who survives him, he has left a nume her feelings preyedl upou ei life. rous young family,

At Folkingham, co. Lincoln, Daniel DougAged 34, Vr. Sarah Wluttred, widow of las, ef4. from the bursting of the jugular Mr. Tho, IV.taylor and crafer, of Lynn, vein, by realin of a cancerous erofion which

7. Ai Piteran, -ir John Ha'ket, burt. had taken place; be rang bis bell at 7 in

At his house in York ftreet, Westminster, the morning, and was found almost dead aged 94, Mr. Charles Cruse; of whom it is from the lots of blood. He had las been worthy of record, that, having some years fubject to lle gut, as rather an hereditary since been affictre with the stone and gra- complaint, and about six months since a vel, he wore out the diseale hy temperance very paintul swelling ma le its appearance. and a strict adherence to die, which had been upon his neck, which baffi d the ikill of the chiefly vegetable for 40 years.

belt chirurgical affistance he could procure, Ai Chatham, aged near 80, Mrs. Lowdell, both at home and abroad, to reduce; so a widow lady.

that, for four months preeling liis dealb, At Dartford, after a long illness, Mr. Oli he could take no other fuftenance than a litver Pikken, one of the proprietors of the tle milk, and that with great difficulty and Rochester, Chathim, and Brompton post-danger of tuffocatior, all which he bure with coaches.

the greateit patience and resignation ima8. Aged 82, Mrs. Pullivant, of Benefield, ginable. He was born at the above place near Ouale.

in April, 1735, where his ancestors came At Chatham,ged 93, Jn. Croucher, gent. to reside, at the close of the last century,

Serjeant-major Coleon:11. Retrening from from Luedes co. York, at which place that Kamptı n, in a one-horte chaite with Senje. nt family had been long resident, anu bare for Smith, of the rit regiment of guards, they their arms, Ermine, on a chief, Azare, accidentally ran against a cort, hy which the three mu'lets, Argen“, within a berrier, chule was overturned, and Mr. Colem n Gules. For the last 30 years of his life, he unorcunately killed. He has li f' a wife and has been extremcly active in county bilia fesen children. His eldest danghter is mar ness, being one of the conmillioners for ried to Serjeani-maior Dully, who was taken putting in executiou most of the local acts prisoner by the French at the battle of Fa of parliament relating to those parts of the mrs. His remains were conveyed, on the country, which be executed in the most up12tli, in great military parade, from the right nainer, and was always the leading Horse-gueres, at it hit tall, i the burial- perfon ; although he was in the con million ground of St. foon th:e Evangelist, Welimin of the peace, he did not act as a magistrate, fer, and interie: with military henours. yet, is any dip te ar fe in his neighbour

9. Ac Dodelinglonub, Cus. Chester, L dy bood, he was generally fixed upon to dea Anne broughton. wife of Sir Tho. B. bart. cido it. From the fe determinations, and his and fitter of the E1:of Plymouth.

Iteady behavior, added to his independent 16. Ac Tregoihin, a Cornwall, aged property, he bore great sway, which opeonly 28, Lucy Viscounts Filmouth. She rated as a useful check to the weakness of was diughter of Jcha Creue, ely, late of those people who suffer their conuét to be Wowlbompton, Béks, inimle of George influenced by their prosperity. In the year Evelyn Viscount Falmouth. Being a womnan 1786, he served as iheriff of this extensive' of mott amiable manners, licr loss is fin county, and had the spirit to appear at the cerely lamented hy all ranks.

allizes C-1 fiftent with the dignity of criat Ai bis houleat ideilea, in his 70th year, hig! office. In November, 1791, le mala Joseph Hurkck, ele formerly governor of ried a lady of a good famidy in NorthampBencoolen. He marind Sirah, eldest daugh- tonshire, of the na..e of Pinkney, anjo ppily ier and one of the coheirelles of Sir John of a külpofii.on to book upon the hilters and Hartopp, the left harunet of that name, in tweets of this life with cuti indifference, rigbe of whom he became tenant by four whichi rendered her a lüliable companion in

his lamentahle situation. In January last Stuart M. of Closeburn-hall, in Scotland, he called a meeting of the town of Folking and daughter of the late Rev. Granville ham and its vicinity to enter into resolutions Wheler, of Ouerdeu-place, Kent (son and in favour of our present constitution, at heir of Sir George Wheler), prebendary of which he was vo'ed in the chair, and, by Southwell, &c. &c. by his wife, the Right his arguments, thewed himíelf a compleic Hon. Lady Catharine-Maria Hastings, dau' master of the subje-t, and plainly convinced of Theophilus Earl of Huntingdon. every one present of the neceflity of Tubor At Spalding, aged 100, Mr. John Burgh. dination amongst all mankind; and also In his 834 year, Mr. John Taylor, of Line evidently proved the impropriety of my coin, formerly a draper and grocer on the innovations, when the fruits our present High bridge, in that city. conftitution brought forth were peace, liberty', ' Aged 76, Mrs. Pretor, wife of Simon P. and plenty. He has left no illur, and was erg. banker, of Sherborne. the last of the family of the name of Doug. 16. Ac Brompton, in his 65th year, after las. It is with great probability reported a long and painful illness, Francis Silwell, he has died worth upwards of 50,0col. and, esq. ot Renishaw.hall, co. Derby. His plaby his will, to have left to two persons (for cid disposition and benevolence of mind were merly his servants) 400l. each ; to tao dif- exempliry: His liberality to the town of fant relations, of the names of Seagrave and Sheffield is upon record; and his privato Roberts, the former 400 1. the latter 800l. charities have long endeared him to a numand a considerable legacy to his friend Mr. ber of distrelled families in that and other Smith of Horbling; the rest to his wife; neighbourhoods. with reversion, after her decease, to Dr. Mr. Charles Marshall, senior commonBrown of Peterborough.

councilman of Cambridge, having been U. At Mortlake, aged 101, Mrs. Burkin, elected Aug. 24, 1756. reliet of Mr. B. formerly in partnership with At Reigate, Surrey, aged 21, Bertrand Mr. Wray, turner and floor-cloth painter in Day Lew $, esq. second son of the lite Geo. the Strand.

L. esq. (ho commanded the royal artillery In his moth year, Mr. Bradley, tea-dealer, at llie defence of Gibraltar. in the Strand.

17. At Wandsworth, after a few days ill. Much limented by all who knew him, ness, the Laxy of Sir James Sanderson, kni. Rev. Thomas Hugo, rector of Dunchidiock. Jord mayor of London ; eldest daughter of

At Newport Pagnel, Bucks, Mrs. Mea- John Judd, esy. of Chelmsford. Her re«' cher, wife of Mr. M. and eklest daughter of mains were interred in the body of the the late Rev. Mr. Edw. Lucy, of Barley-end. church «l St. Magnus, London-bridge, on Richard Daly, esq. mayer of Galway, in

the 24th. Ireland, and one of the representatives in 18. At Market Dolworth, co. Leicester, parliament for that town.

Miss Sarah Wood, daughter of Rev. Mr. 12. After a long illness, at the early age W. master of the free grammar schoot there. of 44, Mr. Henry Albert Schultens, pro In London, whither lie came to days befeffor of the Oriental languages and Jewish fore, for medical ailiftance, Hale Wortham, antiquities at Leyden. Eastern literature has esq. attorney, of Royston. fustained a lensible loss by the death of this Unfortunately killed in the action at the much-esteemed gentleinan. We hope fome post of Lincelles, Lieut. col. Bosville and of our correspondents will favour us with Lieut. Feyslier.—Col. B. (of the Yorkshire memoirs of him.

family of that name) married, but a fort 13. At Starburrow-castle, co. Surrey, time before his departure with the guards, Robert Burrow, ela.

a lacy the name of Willon, whom he Aged 68, Mrs. Fryer, mother of Mr. F.

has left pregnant.

His mother also surfurgen, in St. Martin's, Stamford Baron. vives him ; and Lady Sinclair is his aunt.

After a long and painful illuess, Henry He commanded the grenadier company of Myres, esq, allerman of York. He served the second regiment; and was one of the the office of lord mayor in 1781, and was tallest officers in the three regiments of again elected to that important Nation on guards, being fix feet four inches trigh. the 15th of January lait; but, on account He was shot through the mouth, the bullet of the very infirm Itate of his health, his having palled over the head of the Hona serving it was di pensed with.

Capi Fitzroy, who was standing withio a At his house in Bootham, York, after a foot of him. He bad served in the guards painful illatis, Isaac Webster, efq.

many years ; had been with them in AmeAt his feat at Killane, co. Kilkenny, Ire rica; and had risen hy te víuil course of land, Gervis Parker Buíbe, esq. a commilli service.--Lieut. de Peyitier, though of Haoner of his Majesty's revenue, and M.P, for noverian parent", was born is America, but the 'orough of Lanesborongh.

left that country, on account of his princiMr. Nithiniel Price, semor alderman of ples, during the late war: He had a remarkaOfwcítry.

ble escape at the fiege of Valenci-unes: after 14 Ac Mington, in lier 38th year, Mrs. an explosion of one of the enemy's mines, he Stuait Menteath, wife of the Rey. James was milling for more than an hour, and was,


at length, found in a hollow space of about (quare. Among the seamen of Leith she was 20 feet long, nearly in a ftate of it:pefac- very popular, for many kindneiles fhewn to tion.--Both bodies were buried, in the even their families; and there are hundreds of ing of the 19th, in the front of the line, with por perfons in Scotland who were chiefly military honours.

supported by her bounty. 19. At Annandale-house, Hailey-street, Mrs. Campion, wife of Mr.C.hofier, Derby. Carendih square, after a long illness, Eliza 21. At her apartments on the Esplanade, beth Counters of Hopetoun, daugiiter of Weymouth, Mrs. Mary Bacon, wife of John George fixth Earl of Northesk. She was Bacon, esq. of the Firit-fruits-office, and of married to James third and present Earl of Friero-house, Middlesex ; a woman polie'led Hopetoun, Aug. 16, 1766, and had itsue fix of every Chriftian virtue, and whose memo'y daughters, of whom four survive. Either on will long exist as a paltern among her nuo account of her ill-health, or for amusement, merous friends and acquaintance. the generally went to Scotland and came At Wigginton, near York, the Lady of the back in a ship, which was called her own, Rev. Wm. De::lıry, rector of t at place, and some part of the crew of which were fre filter of Samuel-Francis Barlow, efq. of quently among the household in Cavendish

PRICES OF WHEAT, from the Returns ending August 17, 1793.

d. Districts.


52 7 Middlesex 46 10 Salop

ETex 47 0 Denbigh 55 9 Surrey 47 3 Hereford

50 o

Kent 44 68Anglerea 52



Caruarvon 54 8 Bedford

52 8
Suttoik 45

Merionethg 8 6 Huntingdon

44 4

Cambridge4l 3 Cardigan 60 - 8 Northampton 47 4 Berks


8 Pembroke 48 Rutland

o Oxford
49 S Lincoln

Carmarth. 55 6 Leicester

44 4
2 York

44 7

Glamorg 59 5

6 Nottingham

5 Durham 54 59

Glouceiter49 6 Derby 56 81.**ontgomery 55

2 Northumb 46 610

Somerset 508 Stafford

56 1
Ś Cumberl. 542

Moumout.j2 11 { Westmoil 57 ?


5+ 4 Total Average of England and Wales.

Lancashire 53 8 { Cornwall 53 10 Per quarter, 21. 105. 76. being sd. less than Cheshire 53 3., Dorfec 48 our last report, p. 679.

Hants 45 5 OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoirdupois, 21. 3s. Tod. AVERAGE PRICE, by which EXPORTAT!Oy aud BOUNTY are to be regulated. Diftricts d. Districts 1.

s. d. Diftricts 1. s. d. Districts 1. s a 4

2 13 6 10

2 10 8
6 5


4 11
3 8

2 16

6 5

52 8

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44 10 Warwick
43 7 Wilts

Norfolk 43

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48 8


SI 1o Bucks
55 3 Brecon

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54 6 Radnor


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[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small]


'15. Ditto-Diito. 1. Inkle and Yaiico-The Citizen.

16. Ditto-Roma. 2. The Pad --The London Hermit-The' 17. Dirto-Ditto. Sop in Law.

staineers. 19. D't!o - Carnarvon Calle. 3. Half an Hour after Supper--Tbe Moun 20. The Batile of Hexham-The Padlock. 5. A Quarter of an Hour hetore Dinner-Do 26. The Mountaineeis-Carnarvon Cattle. 6. Richard the Third-No Song No Supper. 22. Ditto - Rolina. 7. Piety in Pattens-- The Mountaineers, 23. Ditto— The Son-in-Law. (narron Calle, 8. A Quarter of an Hour before Dinner-Do 24. The Flirchi of Bacon-Tit for Tal--Car9. All 10 Good Humour-Ditto,

26. The Mountaineers-Polly Honeycomb, 10. A Quarter of an Hour before Dinner-Do 27. Surrender of Calais-Agreeable Surprise. 12. The London Hermit-Carnarvon Coffle ; 28 The Mountaineers- Who's the Dupe?

or, The Birth of the Prince of Wales. 29. D:110-A Mogul Tale. [Lawyer. 13. TheSurrender of Calais-Village Lawyer 30. Peeping Tom-The Prize-The Village 14. The Mountaineers-Carnarvon Caille. 31. The Mountaineers-Carnaryon Caitle.

2 and

Males 1057

70 113

BILL o MORTALITY, from July 30 to August 27, 1793.


262 50 and 60 142 Males 888

5 and 10 94

60 and 1726

10 and 20 57

80 87 20 and 30 139

So sad Whereof bave died under two years old 753

90 30

go and 100 Peck Loaf 25. 6.

40 and so 169


Females 955

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Stock. reduc. Confols. Coosol. Ann. Ann

Stock. Ann Bonts Stock Ano. Apn. | Navy Bills. | Scrips. 1793. 1793 1794 1794 176



3 178



79 *78 a

7 1781

947 8 1788


17 784 794



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1783 10 1783




776 a 7.


93 939

10 2104


94 781 | Par


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