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13. Mr. James Booti, to Miss Eliz. Far- by whom he has left three daughters, md a row, both of Loughborough.

poit,4... US to, Janes D.D bun Jan. 14. Sir Gilhert Heathcote, bart. of Nor 14, 1793, the twenty-third generation of mint n, co. Rutlanı, to its MLA IS, dau. th's honourable family, which as been, for of the late John M. esqof Grantham. unu ards of 700 yer's past, fated at the

15. Rev. Mr. Cuillure, of Bolle ford, to nubie cattle of Dundas, in Welt Lothian, and Miss Gurn-ll, of Nurwell, co. Nordirgam. yield to none in Scorland, whether regido

16. Rev. Tho. Taylor, rector of Hiacon in point of antiq iry, or of the number of Ath, Co, Norfulk, to Mrs. Watts, relist of cintpicuous individuals its different branches John Langley W. era of Norwich.

Isve produced, especially in the pretende 13. Mr. Reeve, hul-manuteer, of Mile- cen:ury. . Of 264 pallengers, rolliers, and end, to Liis Vecklar, of Brightliclinit ne. sem-n, no lefs tan 222 go! life to lid,

19. John Lynch French, esq. fon of An. while the gallant comman er, and his art drew F. eq. of Mitchim, Surrey, to Miss mite, with a degree of inat'ention to thum. Eliza Darell, cau, if H. D. efq. of Calen:!l. selves, of which the present days furnth few

20. Al Cater, near Peterborough, Mr. example, fell r ct ms to th ir huminity. Hie, to Miss lange

Nov. 27. At Alh, near Sindwich in Kette 22. biy special licence, Hon. llenry Wilo Mrs. Elizabeth Neibii, wife of the Rev. loughny, rim of Lord Michelitton, to Miss Line Nehemiai N. Lauly, 20 dau. of the late Sir Rob. L. but.


in his 85th year, at Wellwall,

near Ashford in Kent, Mr. James Vatten, DEATHS.

farmer an I maliman. 1792. TN his 720 year, M. Ant. Louis,

1793. fnnt

. .... At Tor ola, in the left B!ay 19. I fecretary of the Academy of Indies, afer a few days 'illner, age at Surgery at Paris.

39, Mr. Charles-Augustus Weit, Creed June 7. At Buxar, in the East Indies, Mr. in that if2nd, where his memory will be Renben Burrow, a willinguished astronomer 1 mg revered. He has left th: bulk of his and mathematician, where observations have furtune to his brother and family. appeared in the “ A fiatic Researches."

26. At Ah, near Sandwich, aged 67, M15. Aug 22. George Durcas, of Dundas, esq. Rebeccah Kingsford. hommaader of the Winterton East Indiaman, Feb. 17. At Pelucola, Mr. Mac Gillivrir, unfortun.tely perished (lee p. 758) in the a Creek chief, very muci la nented by thote wreck of that veffel, near Madagascar, a who knew him b&st. There h.typendio victim to his humanity and attention to the be at that time at Penricula a numerois pallengers, not one of whom was loft, the band of Crecks, who watched his illness three ladies that died having suffered though with the mo.t marked anxiety; and who fatigue af:er setting lo la.id. Mr. D. the his deach was an ounced to them, and wnile chief of that antient and distinguished family, they followed him to the grave, it is imposonly son of James D. of D. M. P. for sine for words to describe the loud screams Linlichgowthire, hy Jane, daughter of Wile of real woe which they vent d in their un. liam, 13th Lord Forbes, was born at Thou. affccted grief. He was, hy he father's lide, louse in France, while his parents were on 2 Scotchman, of the respectable family of their travels abroad, October 16, 1752, Drumoaglass, in Invernessshire. The vigue educated at the free school of Houghton le of his mind overca ne the disadvantages of aQ Spring, co. Durham, and made several education find in the wilds of America; and Voyages to Bengal and China, as mate of an he was well acquainted with all the most Eait Iodiaman. On his last voyage home useful European sciences. In the la:ter put from India, in that capacity, the vessel was of his life he composed, with great care, the reckoned in such imminent danger, that the history of several clatles of clie original inliae stoutest and most experienced seizmen, bitants of America; and this he intended to others and all, threw themselves down on present to Profellor Rober fun, for publice the deck in despair. Mr. D. was the only tion in the next edition of buis History. The person onappalled at the approach of death; European and the American writer are mw and his example and exhortations operated no more; and the MSS of the latter, it is fo forcibly as to ruuze the men to exert feared, have perihel, for the Indians adhere themselves in fu vigorous a manner, that the to their custom of destroving whatever in: fhip was faved and brought into Plymouth, niinate objects a derd friend most delighted though in a most dilaftruus fatuation. At in. It is only since Mr. Mac Gillivrey had the general election, in 1784, Mr. D. stood influence amongst them, that they have sufcandidate for the county of Linlith ow, but fered the D.ives of a decealeal matter to live. without success; and in 1989 was appoiited 13. At Folkitorie, aged 57, Mr. Thomas 1o the command of the Winterton, with Farley, thipw.igh, and one of the jurais of which he failed for India; whence return. that corporal 10!), of which he had several ing in 1990, he again departed on bis last times beci musor. ufortunate voyage, in Apri', 1792.

He 23. In his 681 vear, fohn Scott Hylton, married, Dec 24, 1784, Christian, second es z. of Lapall-hosle, near Hules Owen, co. daughter of Sir William Sterling, of Ardoch, Worceller. His remains were sucured in



Hales Owen church on the 1st of March. fate of diftinguished characters. The conMr. II. was a man much respected by all curring testimony, however, of the commerwho had the pleasure of his acquaintance. cial part of this community averted their His company was at once cntertaining and fury; and the malicious charges which were inftructive. He was fond of antiquities; had designed to overwhelma and ruin him, proved a good collection of coins, medals, and other the faithful ordeal of his innocence. The curiosities, which he thewed to his friends merchant has now to regret the diffolution and the curious with pleasure. He was an of fo valuable a frierd; and those that were occasion al correspondent of this Magazine, in office with him have to lament cheir being under different fignatures: the two latt ar. deprived of that affittance which had so long ticles, the writer of this recollects, were a and so ably conducted them through the drawing and some account of a cottin-lid greatest difficulties. Happy is it for his luce found at Hales Owen abbey, vol. LXI. p. cellor, whoever he may be, that he can be 1097; and a parody on Hamlet's soliloquy, sure of acquiring the same efteem by adopta vol. LXIl. p. 557,

ing the same line of conduct." March 29. At Garrington, in the parish of 17. At Grenada, where he landed on the Littlebourn, in Ken', Mr. Wm. Denne, sen. 10th, Col. Pringle, of the engineers. He

April... Aged 73, Caldwell, esq. lost his life by having caught the yellow fe• formerly an eminent colourman in Budge ver, which was brought to Grenada in a

He has left the bulk of his fortune to Nave-thip from Sierra Leone. His servant his partner, Mr. Brandon.

wrote the account of the Colonel's death May 9. At Barbadoes, Michael Morris, that came.co England, and died himself the esq. surgeon to the royal artillery there. very next day of the same contagious fever,

17. At Chatham, aged upwards of so, which he had caught of his master. Mrs. Jeys, widow of Mr. Tho. J. formerly 25. Mr. Henry Weedall (misprinted porter of the dock yard at that place. Weidell in our latt), apothecary, in Brewer:

22. At Sandwich, aged 69, Mrs. Mary Areet, Westminster. Nairne,

July 12. Peter Genert, esq. of Binbrook, Yune ... At St. Christopher's, General co. Lincoln. Woodley, governor of the Leewardinands. 15. Ac Ardmillan, in Ayrshire, North

15. At Preston, court, near Wingham, in Britain, Tho. Craufurd, esq. patent-searcher Kent, aged about 50, Mr. John Harrison. of the port of Bristol.

11. At Sandwich, aged 53, Lieut. Pearson At Hereford, in her 74th year, Mrs. The. Boys, of the royal navy.

odosia Mynars, a maiden lady, respected by a 16. At Barbadoes, in his 75th year, Zac numerous acquaintance. She was nearly rechariah Stephens, esq. formerly of Chancery. Tated to the family of Mynars, of the antient Jane, London, but late comptroller of his house of Treago, near St. Weonard's, in that Majesty's customs for the port of Bridge county, where tho was interred. town. of Mr. S, who was well known to 17. At Recford, co. Nottingham, in his the wits of London some few years hack, roth year, the Rev. Sech Ellis Stevenson *, “The Barbadoes Mercury" gives the follow- M.A. formerly of Peter-house, Cambridge, ing character : “Let not the remains of a rector of Waddingworth, co, Lincoln, 39 character so worthy of the panegyrist's pen years, and of Tuswell, co. Nuttingham, 3'. pass into the filent grave without the tribute He was also 45 years master of the royal of praise which Friendship dictates and Vir- grammar-school in East Retford, which his fue demands. The intellectual endowments father, the Rev. Henry Stevenson, vicar of which Nature had lo liberally bestowed on Elkdey, filled the preceding 38 years. His him were highly improveu by the advantages abilities as a scholar, his generity, libera. of education and a familiar intercourse with lity, and public spirit as a citizen, and his men of letters; their united influence quali- conscientious discharge of the several duties fied him for an honourable discharge of the of husband, father, friend, and divine, gave duties of an elegant though arduous profesa him ine faireft claim to the citie of gentle. suon, and made him the desirable and enter mau and the Iwpes of a Chriflian. taining companion at erery social boird. only paying linie tribute to his memory If we contemplate liim in his otiicial capa whicla Gratitinle xin fuftice demand, to add, city, his merits claimed our war mest come that the navigable canal from Chesterfield to menda: ions, fince he happily reconciled the The Tregt owes its existence, and, in a great clathing interests of the merchant and the legice, its present prosperity, to luis mauls, revenue; and whilf?, by his lenity and in laborious, and spirisca exertions. dulgence, le cuicouraged the industry of the In her roin yuar, Miis Beily Merry, former, from his information and affiduity youngest donghter of Mr. Thoms M. a. rehe loft no fsir opportunity of advancing the spectable Calesman in Air-Street, Piccadilly Jauer. But flich is the depravity of human She was pretty well, and had walked in the nature, that these thining qualifications, nor even the veneration which should ever ac. * He does not occur among iho Cam. company old age, did not shield him from bridge graduates; but one of all his name, the poisoned thafts of enry, the common B.A. 1733, at the same college.


. is

Park, in the evening of the 15th, when the and 12,005 inhabitants. In 1779 the new vilseemed to be fa:igued with the uncommon lage was erected into a burgh of barony, with het of the weather, and was restless all a market and fair, an elegant inn, and a library night. In the morning of the 16th the was for the amusement of travellers, and a bleachcovered all over with the florid symptoms of fi-ld. See his letter to the people of Laua scarlet and malignant fever, which at this rencekirk, 1780, 8vo.; memorandums cons season prevails. In spite of those efforts cerning it, at the end of Knox's Tour in which in other cases lave proved successful, the Highlands and Hebrides," p. 35; Cam. The was carried off within 24 hours of the den's “ Britannia," 111. 41?; “ Statistical appearance of the disease. She w-s, confi. Account of Scotland, V. 175-181. He eering her years, an elegant, accomplished, built also the magnificent temple at St. Berand most amiable child. It appeared too nard's well, near Edinburgh, at his own exlate to her afflicted parents that she had been pence, for the public good. His l.ordthip rather poorly for tome days, but would not published his “ Travelling Memorandunis complain, from a desire the ever showed to made in a Tour upon the Continent of Euplease and be dutiful to them.

rope, in the Years 1786, 1787, and 1708" 18. At Great Witley, in his 8cth year, (see our vol. LII. p. 742); and a second the Rev. Lucy Berkeley, M.A. rector of that part fince; also “Miscellanies in profe place, and of Actou Beauchamp, both co. and verse,” in i vol. 1200. Worcekter, ever fince 1741.

22. In his 76th year, Joshua Grundy, esą. 20. At Hereford, in his enth year, Mr. of Thornton, co. Leicester, univerfilly la Stephen Sandford, one of the senior inembers mented, and very much so by all his relaof the corporation, and a gentleman uni- tions and friends. He was in the commiso versally esteemed.

sion of the peace, and served the office of Mr. Chapman, formerly a hosier in the heriff for the county aforesaid in 1757. No Friar-lane, Leicester.

man ever discharged his various duties as a 21. Al the house of Dr. Johnston, of member of the commun:ty with greater saMan: field, on his return from Marlock, tisfaction; and he has left this transitory state wh ther he had been for the recovery of his respected and valued by all who had tle health, Francis Douglas, esq.

pleasure , f his acqua d'ance, At Morningside, near Edinburgh, Francis 23. On Donnybrook load, Dublin, the Garden of Gardenttoun, one of the senators Hon. Robert Heller, second justice of the of the College of Justice. His Lordship, Court of Common Pleas in Ireland. 20 son of Alex C. of Troup, by Jane, At his houle in Foxhole-street, Plymouth, daughter of Sir Francis Grant of Cullen, after an illness of eight days, George Winne, S.C. J. was born at Edinburgh, June 24, esy. one of the first merchants in that town. 1721, commenced advocate 1744, and after his death was occasioned by a nervous fever, wards became his Majesty's Colicitor, July 3, which raged with such impetuofity that baf1764, he was promoted to the bench, and fled the ikill of the faculty to allay. His virhe was also one of the Lords Commulioners 'tues (for they were mioy) can be related of Justiciary, but resigned his seat there fome only by those who hare experienced his years ago, anıl, in recompence, got a peniion friendship and beneficence. He had truly a of 2col. per annum. On the death of his “ heart to pity and a hand to give ;' and his brother, Alex. G. of Troup, M. P. for Aber. name will ever be heid in the highest esteem deenthire, in 178., he succeeded to a landed by all who knew him. eftate of 3 col. a year, and an ample perso Mr. Duchet, of Rothley, co. Leicester. nal fortune, extending, as is said, !0 40,00cl. At Norton, near Scockton, in his 79th per annum.

The latter he con rived com year, Rev. John Wallis, M. A. formerly of pletely to disipate before his deat, and not Queen’s-college, Oxford. This venerable a little encumbered the former, in which, as maan, though possessed of good natural absces, he died a batchelor, he is succeeded by bis and no small share of acquired knowledge, nephew, Francis Garden, of Dalgety, cap- lived and died in an obscure station His tain of the sid reg. of fout Lord G. war, fituation in life, perhaps, thoud not be muchi in his younger days, dift.nguished for geo lamented, as his disposition was so ould, and nius, eloquence, and talte, and for an un his sense of duty lo proper, that he acquiesced, common degree of wit and humour ; bis without a murmur or a lig'', in bis bumble abilities wore knoun and acknowledged in fortune. At an early period of life he marthe Douglas cause, in which he was one of ried a ladly near Portim uth, where he at the council sent to France to enquire into , that time resided on a curacy. For 56 years the circumstances of the case. In 1762 he they enjoyed all the happiness of their mitri. purchased the eftate of Johnston, in Lau. monial connexion; an happiness fo vichie rencekirk, in the county of Kincardine, that it became almost proverbial in their where his seat is. Here, in 1765, he planned neighbourhood: and his widow now reand executed, on his own property, a cele- mans to lament his loss, and to look forward brated village; and the street, ex ending fix to their re-union in a future world. Mr.W. furlongs in length, now contains sou houses was a native of Cumberland, and, after Spende GENI. MAG. Angujt, 1793.


*ing a few years in the South of England, he ley, có. Leicester. He was nominated to became curate of Symonburn, in Nartlium. serve as high theriff of that county for 1783; berland. Here he hegan to cultivate with but aíked for, and obtained, an excuse on effect his botanic genius, and filled his account of his large family. tiedle garden with curious plants. The study 25. Aged 85, Mr. Daniel Basford, hosier, of hotàny brought with it a fondness for na

of Hinckley tural history in general. This was fucceed The youngeAt (on of Nicholas Hurri, esq. of ed by his writing the “History of Northum. Hinckley*, lord of one of the manors there. berland," which was published in two vols. Of a wound which he received in his arm, 4t0. 1969; the firit of which, contain- in a bate cegagement with a French privaing an account of plants, minerals, foilils, teel', Cupt. Chiminent, of the Achilles pri&c. indigenous to the county, is reckoned the vateer belonging to Weymouth. most valuable. His fortune, however, did 26. Al Comheiteil, Mr. John Walker, not improve with his fane, and a difpute merchant, of Kafunghi il-Alert. with his rector occası ned him to leave bois 27. Mr. M Dermot a midthipman of ilie happy retreat. Lut, al ts ! he had no other Invincible, lying at the Nure. He unfortu. to fly to; and lie and luis wise were received nately fell fouin the fore-lop-mart, and was into ilie family of a humane and bene volent dathed to pieces against an anchor, u bich clergyman, who had forinerly been his friend hung over ine bow. at college. Soon after this he became cu In Cheyne walk, Chelsea, Mrs. Coggs. rate, pro tempore, at Haughton, tiear Darling 28. In a poft-chuile, ne 's the Wheat heaf, tou, 1775, and, iinmediately after, removed

at Tuotin", Mr. Wilson, coal-merchant, on to the curacy of billingham, near Suckton, the Surrey 11 le of blackfriars-bridge. He had where he continued till increasmg infirmi. left the house only a few minutes, in com. ties obliged liim to resign at Midsummer pary with a gentleman and Jarly, and was laft. He then removed to the neighbouring going to Sireatham, to engage lodgings for village of Norton, where, in a short time, The benefit of his healih, wkich had been for with all the consciousness of a well-spent some time declining. life, without a pain he expired.--About two 29. Ar an advanced age, much and juftly years before his death a very small estate fell regretted by all who krew her, Mrs. Greatto him by the death of a brother; and it rake, wife of Mr.9. of Apfley.mill, Herts. Tould be related, to the honour of the

30. Mr. Wm. Helton, selv, of Westor:present Bishop of Durbam, that, when place, Pancias, tile-merchant. the circumstances and situation of Mr. Al Ruford-hell, Co. Lancaster, in her W. were represented to him, he agrece to 66th ye’r, Lidy Juxon. allow bim an annual pension after be had At Gainsbito.igh, aged upwards of so, resigned his curacy. This unexpected offer Mr. Robert Twelve, furnlerly matter of the made such an impression of gratitude upon White Hart inn there. Mr. W, that almost the last act of his life In High alrict, Mary.la-Bonne, Mys. was to pack-up an antient statue of Apollo, Calcraft. found at Carvorran, a Roman station near Aged 79, at his fun's house, BarwellGlenwelt, in the parish of Haltwhistle, co. count, Surrey, Benj Dixon, cry. Northumberland, which he intended as a Mrs. Jee, victualler, at the Rein deer, at present to the Hon. Drines Barrington, bro Hinckley. ther to the Bishop. In the e.rly part of his 35. Ac Hinckley, Mr. Joseph Robinson, life he published a volume of Letters to a the other nominal i lord of the manor. Pupil, on entering into Holy Orders; and he Attock well, age 72, Fred. Raich, ely. has left behind him a small but valuable col At Bristol Hot-wells, after a long illness, lection of books, chiefly on subjects of natu Capt. jula Radcliffe, commander of his Mae ral liftoiy.

jetty's pocket Queen Charlotte, on the Fal. 24. Miss Sophia Porker, youngest daugh. mouth nation. of John P. esq. of Muswell-hill.

At Edinburgh, aged 65, Alexander Dindas, After a long and severe illness, Mr. Wm. Esq. late lieutenant-colonel of the 8th regia Cox, many years matter of the White Hart inn at Coinbrook.

the property of Nicholas Hurst, era. The In Ireland, Lady St. Lawrence, eldest dau. other fianor, containing one-fourth of the of the Earl of Howth. Her Ladyship was lordip, has, for time immemorial, been the born in 1952, and was married to Lord St.

property of the parish; for whom it has been Lawrence, cleft son of the Earl of Howtb, regularly held in trust hy two nominal lords. in 1777. She has left four daughters,

Mr. Sansome and Mr. Robinson, the two last Suddenly, Mr. Thomas Santome, one of lords (whose deaths are here recorded) were the nominal * lords of a inanor in Hinck. also at the head of the Greater and Leffer

Feotime:at, the charities of Hinckley; and * The township of Hinckley contifs of are succeeded as nominal lords of the manor two manors; one of which, containing hy Wm. Brown, esq. Mr. Thomas Robinson, “three parts in four equaliy to be divided, and Mr. Thomas Sanfume, junior. See the was formerly Sir Rob. Cotton's, andis now

Hifiory of Hinckley, Pp. 22, 55.


ment of foot, fifth son of George D. of D. In the parish of Dalıy, in Scotland, aged M.P. for Linlithgowthire, dying a bachelor, 104, Michael M'Narian, baron officer to the bulk of his fortune devolves to the heirs Lord Galloway. of b's nephew the late George D. of D. At Beverley, in his 620 year, George Mo comnander of the Winterton East Indiaman, therby, M. D. late of Highgate, near Lond. whole unfortunate fate is recorded in the He was author of “ A New Medical DicObituary of the present month, p. 767. tionary, 1778,"fol.

Lately, at sea, ou board the Belmont East Aged 93, Mr. Edw. Parson, of Great Indiamau, foon after the left Bengal, Capt. Warford, near Koutstord, in Cheshire. He Gamage, late commander of that thip. retained his faculties to the last; was twice

Slain in the allault made previous to the married ; his first wife lived with him 60 surrender of Valenciennes, Ensign Tolle years; and at the age of 8 he married a mache, of the Coldftream regiment of foot young woman of 21, who died in child-bed guards; only son of Lady Bridget T. beira of lier third chikt, at the age of 36. At 15 apparent to the Scotch earldom of Dyfart; his life was inseited in the lease of a large ard not quite 21 years of age. His remains farm, which he held hy that tenure 78 years. were interred at Helmingh mi in Suttoik, ihe At Tichfield, John Milling, esq. barrifter feat of the Earl of Dyfart. He was active, at law, juge of the Bithop's Court at Wine diligent, and scientific in his duties; poflefied chetter, and recorder of Romley. agreeable manners; spoke the German and Rev. Mr. Morris, rector of Clayton cum French languages with great finercy; and is Keymer, co. Sullex, and formerly fellow of univerfully regretted as a young man of great Brazen-Nofe college, Oxford. promise. tie seems to bave bad a pre-senti Mr Mariner, of Woking, Surrey. ment of his faie, as a copy of verses was At Brittol, aged 110, Richard Brent, comfound in his pocket alter his death, expref. monly called "Tom Thumb,” which appelfive of the uncertairty of a soldier's life lation he acquired from selling histories of " one night in all the paraphernalia of dress,

that little hero's life and adventures. He the next in a winding-thect." Gen. Tolle was born in the paiith of St. Cuthbert, in the mache, his greit uncle, who lived in the city of Wells. reign of William Ill. and was the firat colo Aged 75, Mr. Haines, formerly a butcher nel of the ColdRream regiment of guards, hy at Stamford, and latterly the warden at St. wbon it was ra:secl, loft bis life in the fer Martin's bead-house. v ce of his country, at the attack of the port At A bheystead, in W'yersdale, aged 80, of Breft. The isrother of the General, who Mr. Thomas Richardson, 60 years master of was a captain in the navy, did also in that the free grammar-(chool (here. reign, being killed in the West Indies. The In her grth year, Mrs. Baldon, of Carlunfortunaie death of the father of the Enfign ton, near Barnsley. will be in the remembrance of all. He was Aged 83, Rev. James Nelson, upwards commander of the Scorpion fiigate at the of 5 years vicar of Sherburn, and curate of beginning of the American war, and carried Brompton. oui, among others, Lieut..col. Pennington, Mr. Thomas Chambei layn, of Marholm, of the guards. On their landing a New co. Northampton. York, they went immediately to a tavern, Aged 85, Mrs. Lilly, mother of Mr. L. to decide a difference which had occurred hofier, of Samford. during the voyage, and Capt. Tollem.che At Gainsborough, Mrs, Pashley, relict of was run through the body and killed. Tliree the Rev. Wm. P. of Barlborough, near Chefof his brothers perished at sea. - William terbell Murray, first Earl of Dylart, being a favou. A: Harringworth, co. Northampton, Miss rite of Charles I. and having 1 :: two daugh Stanger, daughter of thie late Harringworth ters, got a fresh ptent from that monarch, Doctor (see vol. LX. pp. 766, 999, 1092 ; entailing his title and honours on bis heilsa

LXI. p. 140). general. His ek'est daughter, having married In luis zist year, Rev. Joseph Richardson, Sir Lionel Tollemacie, brought the title of of Appleby, nephew of the late Rev. John Dy Cart into that family i lub bud b en let R. of Haworth. tled in Suffolk prior to tle (o quest. The Nr.1 homas Bunter, a respectable farmer, present Earl af Dy fart has no children; and of Cheddon-Fitzpain. Rcruining from his as this earldom come by a woman into the grounds, where he had been with his lafamily of Toliemachie, thus will it probably bourers, much heated, he went to his cellar, revert to the heir by the tem. le lire, Sir and drauk only one pint of cider, which Wm. Manners, hart. is representative of ll.c 1000 occafioned a violent pain in his bowels, family of Tollenache (which name, it is

of which he languished till morning. fupposed, he will allume), in light of his At Blandford, co. Doiset, John Curson, mother, ifter to the prefenil Eail.

ely. late of Ipswich. In a field near Cheltei, by discharging a At Glasgow, Captain Dugald Campbell, piftol into his mouth, Lirut, li ard, of the jun. of Dunstaffnage. 39th regiment ; supposed to have laboured A: Cirencester, co. Gloucester, aged 79, under a mental derangement.

Mr. Tho. Lediard, of Kinglland, Hackney.,


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