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divided into two tenements, and occupied by compensation for the innumerable miseries Joncthan Cook and Allen Punt, both laboure which were the too sure attenints upon a ers, which he ng a tllatch-loof, was soon in ftat- of warfare ; that the voice of Region fames and toʻaily destroyed, tagether with. Wai but little heard amid t the rear of an all ih ir furniture. Punt and his wife were non, the Thru's of conquerors, and the splenat fu per by the fire-lide at the time. The di ur of victory. In an her part of his dirball intered the house at the chimney, mel- course, he said that ieligion and philoin-hy ted such parts of the fire-:rous a tood in its fremed to have hur little weight in the coun. way, ftruck the poor man on one fide, burut cils of the rulers of the world his aun in a shocking minner, and made fe There were leveral military gentlemen in veral loles in Lis cking. His wife re- the chu: cii, wlio tronght the lemon was itA ceivedl no hure The roof (f Punt's dwelling- attack upon the Constitution of the country, house was blown ott, and filling upon and that it cutained improper retireto is Cook's set it on fire. Ihe chimney u as upon the profeffort which they belonged. much amaçed, and the house was filled Last niglie Dr. K11ox and fois family were with fulphurei'u si ke.

in one if the boxes at the theatre : there (Fortber particulars of the effe&is of this fteron Weie alfu feveral others in the loul. AT in various parts of the country in our next ) the end fthe pl y a note was handed to Di,

Ang. 7. The workmen nade preparations Knox by the tox-keeper, Ring, thic fur töking down the cross elected to the was the desire of several gentlemen then prememory of quen Eleanor 1:93, in the par shtet that he Mouid withdraw. The hote cf Cb funt, in order to remove it in'o ile bd no fignature ; and Dr. K110% touk no grounds of George Presvol, exq. lord of the notice of it. Several officers then stood up, manor, for its better preservation ; but, after and infifted on his leaving the house immeremoving the upper tier of stone, finding it diately. Evo hazardous an undert king, on account of A scene of much confufion ensued, in the decayed fate of the ornamental parts, Ilie which Dr. Krox endeavoured to address him. fcattold was removed on the 20th; and we self to the company : he laid his terminan had hear the proper measures will be taken to been misunderstood--that he did not mean repair this antient memorial of conjugal af- lo convey any reflections upon the Coiftifection. The like attention has been Liely !ution of the country, or to speak wsrespectpaioro 'hat near Northampton, by replacing fully of the army in general, or of any inusa the steps round its b fe.

viduri in particular belonging to it. The · Mancbefier. August 17, A disturbance tumult, however, itill continued; and Dr. broke out in Sulforal, which for a long time Koox w's con pelled to leave the house. seemed to portend very serious consequences, and which continued fome hours before it HISTORICAI, CHRONICLE. was quelled.

An elegant monument is erecting, at the The cause of this riot was occafioned by expence of his uidow, to the memory of fome persons hanging up the elligy of Paine, Brigadier General Hop , Lieutenant Gover. near the dwelling-boule of one of his difci- nor of Quebec, who died in 1789. It is by ples, who, not approving of seeing his master B con, at the Ninth door of Westmintterjna so exalled a filolio!), look lle ficedom of Abbey, on the left side of the screen of the cor veying the same into his house,

transept, between those of Sis Eyre Coote The persons who had afpei ded the effigy, and the benevolent Jonas Hanway, immeseeing the sliject of their fcom and deleita. dialely behind that of Lord Chatham. tion thus slaningly je poved, is filed upon On the East fide, next to Lord Chatham's, having it returned, when an altercation en is a magnificent monument by Nollekens, sued, which was ultimately the cause of which lias been erected 7 years, and now blows.

abeut to be opened, but for want of the inIn a short time a great number of people scription has been kept fron the light of the were collected, who, bearing the cause of pubiick (the donors of it), to the memory the dispute, inmedilely proceeded to demo of thoie hrobe men uho died in cente que.ce lith the windows of his advocate for anar of our glericus v. 90:e of the 12th of Apollo chy, wlich was speedily carned into elf.ct. 1782, of which budow is a copy: All is now quiet.

Cape. 16.B.lyne, Capt. w.btail, Capt. Lord Brighton, oug 21. Last Sunday the Rev. Robert Mineil, were mortaly wounded Dr. Knox (a gen'demun kon in the lise. in the course of the navid cardigement rary worked as the authorif leveral E171), unerthe command (f Admiral Sir George &c.) preached at Brighton chorch. He took Bridges Pridney, anthe ix aid xii of April, his text from St. Luke-"Glory be to God “the highest, and on earth peace and good In memory of their services, the King and " will towajus men!" In enlarging upon Parliament of Greit Britain base caufid thuis this subject, be spoke in very Itrong terms Monument to be erected." of the calanjies of a war, and riid, that the On the right and left aee a lion and feta.. miniui of mile ry parade was bui a poor lorse, with other figures, naval trophies,




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&c; anil in the center is a column, having 200l. to enable him to live like a gentleat the top of it a cherub, who with a rib

She also occafionally paid his dents, bon is intended to a port the three medal which he was by no means sparing to con: lions, yet anfixed; in the center of which is tract. To su ply, however, extra acance to be that of Lord Robert Minners, who with greater prodigalty, he i drecourse to died in his 24:n year; Capt. Bayne was 50; robbery, and was twice capit-lly convict-, Capt. Blir 41.

but hid the good chance to get the punishUnter the center window, in the North ment commuteil for transportation. On the Aile of Westminster-Abtey, is now erecting first conviction he was pe: mailted to transport a Monumert, to the memory of Governor himself, which he did, to Ireland, till part of Loton, who died '7 ..

his time was expired, and the reft reulitled; Accurate Lift of the Board of Agriculture.- he also got off the second sentence ;' and liis The Aichbith up of Carsterbury ; the Lord mother, dying about the fime time, left him Chincellor ; the Archbihop of York; Lord 10,000l. He w is now serioufly advised to President of the Counc! Lord Privy Seal ; retrieve his chiracter; and that he might First Lord of the Tiertry; First Loril of not have the temptation of w3nt, the execut. the Almiralty; the Bishop of London ; the tor of his mother'e will suffered him to draw Bihap of Dariam ; Lord Grenville, Mr. upon him at discrtion. But to indiscrimi. Dund.is, Secretaries of State ; Mister Ge nate a use did he mase of t'iis indulgence, neral of the Ordnanca; the Speaker of the that, in less than three veas, nearly all the House of Commons President of the Royal money was exhausted. He has for some time Society; the Survevor General of Woods ex fled by depredations, and was taken for and Forests; the Surveyor General of the a house robbery While in pr fin, Mrs. Crown Lands; the Duke of Grafton; the Bella.ny (see p. 571) recognized him ; and, Duke of Buccleugh; the Duke of Bedford ; at the age of 23, he sufferent for a roba the Marquis of Bath; the Earl of Winchel bery committed two years before, after sea : the Earl of Hopetoun ; Earl Filzwil- squandering a respectable fortune. Hedeliam ; the Earl of Egreinont; the Earl of meaned himseif decen:ly at the gallows; and Lonsdale : the Earl of Mora; 'he Earl of his body was taken a way in a hearle. Caryslort; Lord. Hawkc; the Buhop of

Wednesday 7. Llandaff; Lord Clive; Lord Sheffield; Rt. The Horse-guards cvok poffefsion of the Hon. W.Wyndham; ton Charles Maribam; new-erected barracks at Alhted near Biri Sir C. Morgan, Bart, William Pulteney, Eig. mingham. T. W. Cooke, Esq. Tho nas Pows, Ely.

Sunday IT.
Henry Duncombe, Esą E. Lovedden Love At Bourton on the water, Gloucestershire,
den, Esq. John S. S merville, E'q. Robert it is supposed more than 100 people were
Barclay, Eig. Robert Smith, E:9. George allembled to hear a female Enth nait, late a
Summer, Eiq. John Conyers, Eiq Chrift. Met nodilt, but now am ing the Quakers ;
Willoughby, Ery. William Geary, Esq. the neighbourhond were exceedi plyalarmed,

Sir Joho Sinclair, Bart. President ; and the people very noisy and clamorous. it
Sir John Call, Bart. Treafurer ;

is hoped the Quakers, as a refp:ctable ciety, Arthur Young, Esq. Secretary,

will prevent these popular tumules, by interThe Board is empowered to nominate an dicting the future wanderings of this ignorant infinite number of Honorary and Corre and restless innovaror. fponding Viembers, the former of whom

Friday 17. are intitled to be present at the detrberations The Gazette Exiraordinary of the 14:41 of the Board, but have not the privilege of init. having noticed a rencontre in which voting in any question agitated there. his Royal Highress Prince Emielt is said "LO

have been perfonally engaged, and to have DOMETIC OCURRENCES. diftinguished himself," it may not be unac: Monday August 5.

ceptable to our re ders to koow the follows Chamberlain, the to wpad, termina ed a ing particulars, whih may be depenued on. life marked by many strange victitudes. His Royal Highner had heen ordered out "He was found guilty, at the last Cro: don with a detachment of Ha !o er an horle, aflizes, of having some time since committed whicli, meeting with a party of the Frencia, a lospad robbery, attended with many cir fell upon them (wird-in-hand. The French cumstances of cruelly, up in Cape Belamy, were soon difersel; but luis Royal Highnels, near Eplom; and was this day hung on being led on too far by the ardou of vouch Kenaingnton Common, with a coiner of and the impetuulty of the attack, found the naine of Vernou. His father, a burcher himself surrounded by tour or five Finch in Leadenhill-market, dying while he was troopers. One of th-se ame! a bow at his youns, left him to tie care of a mother, hed with a ithre, weh, being turned by imo foolhly fond o ex rcise any courroul. his heliner, did hitte milihif ihe Prince Having no inclination for business, he was thot him deal wich å pift. Mear while allowed to pass his time iudy, and his mo. another French 'rooper hid githout lof is ther gave Inm a regular annual supply of Royal Highness's belt, meaning to pull him


off his horle; but he received the Prince's lofs into the town. One piece of cannon fire in the shoulder, which disabled him; and a few prisoners were takeu. The arand this we understandio be the man whom dour of the iroops carried them further in the his Royal Highneis carried off a prisoner. pursuit than was iutender', so that they came Lieur. Col. Linfang in the mean time carne under the cannon of tho place, hy which up to the Prince's relief.

means a considerable loss has been luftained. Tuesday 27

This was likelier to happen, und more diffiExtract from diérarches this moraing re- cult to be prevented, from the nature of the ceived by the Right Hon, Hen. Dundas. country, which is covered with trees and

Camp near Dunkirk. aug. 24, 1993. Hrong enclosures. Lieut. Gen. Duilion was His Royal Higimess marches from Furnes killed with a cannon fhot towards the conon the evening of the 22d, witis the be- clusion of the attack. The loss of this excele fieging army, to attacks the camp of Glie lent officer must be severely felt. Tive coue velde, and approach the town of Dunkirk. rage and ability, which he has displayed in He advanced in three columns, the cavalry the course of many campaigns, raised him to along the fran I, a column of infantry upon the highett rank of estimation in the army the inad which leads by the canal directly in which he served. His Royal Highneis upon Ghivelde, and a third to the left. The bas likewise to lament that of Col. Eld, of advanced ports of the enemy were driven the Coldstream regiinent, and of other valu, hack, with the loss of two or three men able men. The troops behaved with their wounded ; and, night conting on, the ene•

usual courage.

The two

British bal. my halted within a short dilance of the vil talions which were engaged were come 1.1: of Ghivelde. The enemy abandoned manded by Cul. Leigh and Major Mathews, their camp in the nighe; they afterwards and the grenadier battalion of the Heshaws by quilted a redoubt in which thay left four Lieut. Col. Wurmb. His Royal Highness is iron guns, and the army took up its ground particularly sensible of the exertions of Major within a league of the town. There was a Gen. Abercrombie and Major Gen. Verneck, great deal of firing in tlie evening at the ad wlio were with the advanced guard, as like. vanced polls in the gardens and inclosures, wise of those of Lieur. Gen. Wurab. The which are in front of the camp and upon the army have taken up the ground which his Dunes, in which the regiment of Starray Royal Highness intended they thould occupy; and O'Donnel (Austrian) have had upwards The advanced post within a short distance of of so men killed and wounded; the enemy the town.

JA. MURRAY. were driven back, and this morning every P. S. In the hurry of m.king up the last thing is quiet. The army will this day ap. dispatch, the names of the two polts taken proach nearer to the town, and take up the by Field-Marshal Fre, tag, and of the bridge, ground which it is to occupy during the could not be inserted.' Those of the fariner lege. The enemy have made an opening are Warmarthe and Eckellbech, and the lat, in the dyke of the canal between Dunkirk ter Lefferiock's Hocke. and Berguss, by which means they can The return of the Austrian killed and inundate a great part of the country from wounded has not yet been received, but is the fea. The inundation made considerable supposed to be ahout 170 meni. progress yesterday, but it made little in the night, Field Marshal Fieytag has taken two The position taken by the Duke of York of the gnemy's posts, with four pieces of is the most judicious imaginable, 11d the most carnion, and 60 prisoners, with very little favourable to the befiegers. li is between loss; and he will tranimit an account of his the canal leading from Duklık to furnes operations as soon as his other important oc and the sea-shope; where approaches may be cupations will permit. It is :aid the enemy made close to the fortifications of eaith lately are lending considera'le reinforcements from throwp up on the E31 file of the lowo. Life to the camp at Caffel. J. MURRAY,

Saturday 1.
Wednofılay 28.

A well.infol'mcd Englih gentleman, who The following di parch was this morning arrived last Sunday from America, where he scceived, by Mi. Dupdas, from Cab James has resided several yea's, and lived in habits Muuray.

ot intimany with the President and many of Lefferinck's Hoche, Aug. 26, 1793. the most distinguished members of ille Úni. His Royal Highness in! ended upon the ted States, says, that nothing is more cittan 24th to attack the enemy, who were still from their intention, or more jepugnant ca posted at fonie distance from Dunkirk, in their wishes, than a war with this couturs, order to get possession of the ground which Secure in the bosom of Peace, and happy in it was necessary to occupy previous to the their agricultural and commercial pursuits, fiege. They haftened the execution of his their delure is to live in anity with all na derien hy attacking the oue-poits be!ween the bons. They are perfectly ferable of the ru. canal of Furnes and the ies Lien. Gen. inous consequences even of a succesful war, Dalton advance with the reserve, which was and know that, in their present f nation, they encamper you that fide, !o their support, arc not in a capacity 10 cumaručuce hustili, The enemy were sepulied, and driven with cits.

Friday 30:


P. 381. Mr. Foster Powell, so celebrated lease of the house in Stratford-place, and the for the celerity with which be performed furniture of all other houses. The Hon. his pedestrian excurfions, was born at Horse- John Talbor, his Lordship’s second fun, has forth, near Leeds, in Yorkshire, in the year an annuity of 1,000l. in addition to the 1724. He came to London in 1762, and fortune provided for him by the Earl's mara antided himself to an attorney in the Tem. riage-settlement. Colonel Talbos, of the ple, with whom he served his clerkthip. In ' guards, and the Rev. Mr. Talbot, his Lord 1764 he ondertook to go so miles on the ship's brothers, have each an annuity of Bath road in seven hours, which he accom 300l. for life, and a legacy of sool. The plined in the time, having cone the firft ten Hon. Mrs. Frances Chelwynd, his Lorio miles in one hour, although encumbered ship's aunt, has a legacy of zool. Mr. with a great coat and leather breeches. We Tower, of the Weald, in Essex, and Mr. are assured that he visited several parts of Wills, of Staffordshire, the execu!ors, have Switzerland and France, where he walked 2001. each. The Earl's interest in certain 200 miles beyond Paris, and gained much estates in Stafforethire, which were charged praise there. In 1773 he travelled on foot in his marriage-sertlements with the payfrom London to York and back again (a meni of 15501. annually to the Counters, as distance of 402 miles) in 5 days and 18 part of her jointure, he leaves to his eldest hours. In 1985 he walked 190 miles on son and his heirs, with remainder to his the Bath road in 23 hours and a quarter, younger son, and so on to the heirs cf his coming in three quarters of an hour before other eftates for ever. Several of his Lord the expiration of the time agreed upon. In thip's servants have small legacies. The 5787 he went from Canterbury to London- coficil itates, that whereas his brother, Col. bridge and back again in 24 hours. The Talbot, is indebted to him in the sum of following year, 1788, he engaged to go his 2500l. and whereas the Earl was joint-fccufavourite journey from London to York and ri'y with him in a bond for bool. received back in fix days, which he executed in s for his use, it is his Lordihip’s intenţion, days and zo hours. After this he did not bat the 'bequests of the legacy and the anandertake any journey till the year 1990, nuity before mentioned shall not take place when he set off to walk from London to till the debt of 2500l. Ahall have been dir. York and back again. He was allowed 'fix charged, and the bond given up to his Lord. days to do it, and accomplithed it in 5 slays Mip's execucors, to be destroyed. and 18 hours. He performed the same jour. P. 577. For “ Mr. - Dickinson," read ney in 1792, in 5 days 15 hours and a quare « Monkhouse Davidson, esq. partner with ter; and this is supposed to have oceafioned the late Sir' Tbomas Rawlinfon, in which his death.- Powell seems to have considered house he got a great fortune." his wonderful agility as a circumstance from, P. 676. The late Dr. Nicholas Boscawen which he derived great glory. He despised marrieu Mrs. Hatton, the widow of a wealth ; and, notwithftanding his many op- linen-draper in Newgate-strect, daughter of portunities of acquiring money, forty pounds Mrs. Woodward, who long kept an emiwas the largest rum he ever made at one nent boarding house at Eton, and ofterola-, time, and then it proceeded froin the gene law to Dr. Thackeray, whom Dr. B. ferved Tority of his friends, who raised it among as curate at Haydon in Cambridge hire, where themselves by subscription.

he married the said widow. See p. 703. P. 480. His Maje!ty has been pleased to P. 677. Mr. Preiton, the lace celebrated settle a pension of 661. per annum on the brewer of Oxford-street, properly called eight children of the late Mr. Flint, the mele « the first ale-brewer of the age,” was re. lenger, who was unfortunately killed abroad gularly brought up to the brewing buliness, by the verturning of a pun-chaise ; like- from the age of 13, in the house of Stace and wise 66l. per annum on Mrs. Fluns.

Price, by his uncli, Mr. Price, Mr. Preston P. 484. The will of the late Earl Talbot did not survive all bis partner, a, Mr. Stace, is dated March 29, 1788; and tirere is a co at the age of ?5, is now living, retired from dicil dated March 18, 1790. The Counters business, at a fine houle on the edge of Sur. has all the jewels, diamonds, and personal sex, near to Lamberburst, in Kent. On the Ornaments, which were in her pullellion at death of his uncle, in 1776, Mr. Preiton, the time of his death, or in that of any other who never had any connexion with distillers, person for her use, or which were usually fucceeded to the business of the houte, which, worn by her. She has also all the huis by his own perlonal abinties, has since behold furniture, piate, and pictures (xcept Come ibe tirit in London. His success in the family-pictures), in the house at Stratford. Iranufacture of what is called AMBER, of place: 3d the privilege of refiuig there which there is to great a consumption under for one vear after his death, without paying th: name of Puri, equaled his ikill in Pent In muncy the has a legacy of iocol. hrewing that fine de wnuc'ı has long been Dy be pard out of the first sums arising the fold in the public gardens under the de.o-, cxecutirs; and an annu ty 'O life of +56. mination of BURI UN and KING WOOD; payable to herselt or her aligny, in addition and which, we understand, will continue to lo her jointure. I bu yow. Earl has the be carried on ja the name of his two elawgh


July A


teis. Mc. P. is fupp f-d to have die worth dilly, the Lady of Scrope Bernard, esq. M. 49,0ced

As only nephew and eleve of Mr. P. tor Aylesbury, a loo. D's 1.31. Philips, well kinwu as p:inter of At Hath-Id, Herts, the Marchioners of “ The dicenterle ild,' and as a bona rel- Salibur a daughter Jer, whose chities ed active ip rit, h, Ark 19. Ai Lord Frederick Camphell's, in ing out an initially new line of butices, na e Artvigton street, the Lady of Henry.Gourge routered I m particia ly conspicuous in Lohnttin, esq. a fon. Lereitrushi epide neu bibrurid: Courties. At Word foril, Ellex, Mrs. Godfrey, a son.

P.67%. The present Dy lanfax, of Leeds 19. Ac Mirwell-houle, Hants, the Lady of cofti , is thon of France the late Lord's George Duce, eq a daughter. hen, who married Ms. Martin, of Loose, 2. The Laly of ja Tayler, ero. of ald had two fons, Mir Mitin and the New Broad-street, a dougliter. Rer. I menny Martin, meniioned above. Mr. 28. At h's Lordihip's boule in Saville. Martinli che loving f Lerds in Kent, and row, Lady George-Henry Cavendith, a son. took the am:of Fail Lix fome years ago.


T Mansfield, Rev. Jn. Parsons, to 9:* A T Florence, the Ladly of Langford 22.

Miss Lindly. 3 Heland, ríq. a dzushier.

hev. Charles Coates, vicar of Preston I rly, in Eccles ftri et, Dublin, the Lady. and Ominston, wo Doriet, to Miss Kuiglat, of Cl. Cowley, a (ller.

of the Forbuy, Reading. At stepleu's.green, Dublin, Viscountess By special licence, Hon. James Caulfield Mante. fre', a fon.

Browne, eldest son cf Lord Kilmaine, lo ilie ta: Holles-itieet, Dublin, the Lady ef Ro Hon. Mís Caren 'ilh, danh: r of Sir Henry bert Thorp, efq. a daughter.

C. hart. of Doveridge, co Derby. in Great George fticet, Rutland.square, 28. At Mickleliam, in Surcev, Alexanler De in, in Lad; of Arthur-Henry d'Ellerre, d'Arblay, efq. a French gentleman, to the 4.2 4'lighter

celebrated Mits Bui ney, daughter of Dr. B. la Temple.street, Dublin, the Lady of 29. Chisl.s Conftable, esq. yesingest lon Hm. Neweran, a son.

of Wm. Maxwell C. efy. of Everingham, to At Brook-hill, 'co. Mayr, in Ireland, the Mili 5. Slauley, fister of the late Sir Wm. S. Lady of Joseph Lambere, «19. a fin.

Wm. Liter, M. D. of New B: udge-sticet, At Mount Mafcal, in North Ciav, Ireland, to Mifs solis, second daughter of Ifsac S. efq. the Hon Mrs. Made ocks, a daughter. of St. Mary-Axe.

At Bulk clogli, tlic Lady of the Hon. Geo. Mr. Wm. Coare, of Newgate-strect, wine Naffey, a daughter.

and brandy merch. to 11iss Imelia Redhead, At Billychane, the Lady of Godfrey Mar 30. Sir Folward Alley, bart. to Mus. Bula fey, eig a fon.

len, of Weymomh-street. Ai Forsmouth, the Lady of Capt. Oiway, 31. Rich. Glede, esq. of Mayfield-place, of his Majesty's hip royne, a daugh er. Orpington, Kin', to Miss Martha Older

Al Tuntridge wells, the Lady of v Tho. Thaw, youngest daughter of thic late James Dyke Ackland, b.rt. of Kolleitun, a son. 0. ef4. rof Leiceftes, and an er to the lerrior

At his feat at Sulliamstead, near Reading, fellow of Emanuel-college, Cambridge, and. the Lady of Geo. Morgan, elu. a fon, to tie lady of Rev. James Douglas, F.S.A.

At his seat at Fredrika, Kent, the Lady of Aug. s. Mr. Haworth, jun. of Hull, merJoha Plumbtree, efq. a daighter.

chand, to Miss Spufforth, of Howden. At his leat at Myttele, in Kent, the Lady 3. Felix Whitmore, esq. of Lambethof the Rev. Sir Jolin F123, hart. a day; liter. marth, to Miss Rolls, of Bermondsey.

la Park Street, Gri frenor-squa. the Lady 5 Francis Burnett, efq. of Furemark, Der. of ). Prir fep, efq. a fun.

by, to Miss Sipia Couts, youngest daughAt his house in Low r Perkeler-Proet, ter of I hun as C esq. banker, in the Strand. Manchester Square, the Lady of Michael 6. At Hunongdon, Rev. Tho. Trollope, Blount,

efq. of Maple Derliam, a (on). to Miss Trollope, of the same place. The Lady of Bartholomew Rwwil, esq. of 8. At Shawbury, co). Salop, Moreton AgGower-firett, B diord-qu a fon and leir. lionhy Slan' y, efq. of Shifinal, to Miss Core

Athis bule in Lower Seymour freet, the bet, o y dugiter of the late Richard Prynce Lady of George Poyrt2 Ricketts, erg. a ton C esq. of High Hullun, and niece to Andrew

Mrs. Tierney, of Upper Harley-Itreet, C. tíq. of Shawbury park. a daughter.

10. Mr. John Latham, of Romley, Hants, Aug. 2. At Florence, the Grand Duchess to Mils Porter, of hertley, Surrey. of Tutcany, a princess.

11. Ai Chelsea, Rob Crawud, esq. eldest 9. At liis Lordship's house in Hanover Son of Sir Hew C. bart, of jordail, co mit fware, Lady Vrícountets Moun:1}uart, a fon. Mufhet, on'y daugh'er of the late Dr M. of

9. Ar hishu use in York, the Lady of the York, formerly phyfician-general to the Bri.. Rev. Robet Benson, vicar of Heckinglun, tilh forces in Germany. 10. Lin... alin.

12. Mr. Slack, of Mancheiter, to Miss 13. At his house in Bolton-ftreet, Picca. Ironmonger, of Derhy.



13. Mr.

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