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of distinguished abilities, of which he fur- lumn of the Austriins, ander the command nished ample proofs upon this occasion. The of Gen raklarfit, ad + Cral up on Yoiy fiege was conducted with great ik ll and and Thun L'Eveque, poʻleling then lelves, science by Colonel Fromm, Chie! En ineer. with little ones!!!, of all the post up in The artillery was under the command of the right of the Scheldi.

A thud colung General Urtenburger, and a pears to have under General (llredo, marched up a been perfectly well directed, by its efrect Navrés, to be result is el co-operate with upon the enemy's u orks, and the number of either of the firml, «circumitince's might guns which were found dismounted upon the direct. His Raval Halintis put bus corpo ramaits.

agun in noon npon he moring of the 8111, Just as the army arrived upon its ground, bhaving divided in three olums, dwered a party of the enemy, coming, as it is sup- upon the villages vi Graucour , aneux, and prifed, from Bou, hain, avecked an advanced "Cantain, with the iniz'ion of attacking the part of Hanoverians. They were driven enemy upon the heigiits of tourion ; but it back, with some loss, by fix squadions of was discovered that 1!!!y ad gone off in the Hanoverian cavalry. His Royal Highness night; and, as there was reaton to believe Prince Ernest was personally engaged, and that the army hehind the Scl:elut had done distinguished liim'elf upon this occaton. the same, his Royal Higlieis took the whole

I am, &c. Ja. MURRAY, of the cavalry (two squadrons of the Greys, SIR,

and the Austrian regiment de la Tour, exBcurlen, rie.ır Cambrai, Aug. g. cepted) and went in pursuit

. He fell in with THE enemy have been driven from thecamp the rear guard at the village of Murguion, which they occupied behind the Schellt, and

wliere two pieces of cannon, the artillery obliged to fall back with precipitation upon

men belonging to them, and several other Arras, the only retreat which was left them.

pritoners, were taken by the Iith light draThe front of this cimp, which has been com

go n- and the husfars of Brco. monly called the Camp de Cefar, was covered

in their retreat fel firu to the villag", wbicha by the Schelot, its left by the Cené, both of

occafioned a confiderable delay, there being them ftrengthened by inundarions and pro

no other plage tan the bridge across the tected by works, and its riglis by the forti efs

rivulet upon woich: it ftans. This obstacle of Cambrai; behind this, l: the wod and

was at last overcome, and the enemy were heights of Bourion, which were likewise

followed to the next defile, by the village of fortified with the utmost cars. The tri:ih

Villers. A large body of cavalry, appearing tronps, seven battalions and fix squadros of Hanoverians, two battalions and five squadrons battalions of infantry, and eight pieces of

to be betw!X 3700 and 4000 mer, with some of Hellians, and four battalions and ten squa

cannon, u ere teen upon the opposite heights, drons of Austrians, marched from their re

They continued their retreat ; and as no fpective cami's the morning of the 6th, and

advantage seemed likely to accrue from fur. joined the same evening in a camp rer

ther pu suit, the troops, after halting there S.. Abort, under the con mand of his Royal some time, returned to the camp, which had Hig!iness. This body marched the following

been proposed to be taken, near Bourion, morning, in one column, by the village of Several waggons were taken upon this and St. Hilaire, Bouffiere, and Wambaix, and, the formos dy. Gen. Clairft crossed the forming after wards into two, crofled the

Schelde at day break, when he found the Scheldt at Crevelveur and Manieres. During enemy's camp entirely abandoned. Lieut. the march a body of cavalry appeared on Gen. Avníky, who commanded a smaller the right flink towards Cambru, but they

column upon the right, fell in with a post were striven back in giet confufion by the

near Hordaing, killed several of them, and appe.120ce of some cavalry destined to attack

took 30 prisoners. them, and a few hot from the Austrian lgit

The loss of the Combined Army has been arti'lery. The troops had been eleven hours

very inconadei ahie. ( inclose that of the upon their march when they reached Ma

light dragcous, the only troops under the nieres, and the heat was extreme; it was immediate command of His Royal Highness, consequently imponibletasroceedany friher,

who have fuffered at all. It is dirbcult to and a camp was taken upon the adjoining ascertain the loss of the enemy: they have herghes. In the evening just after the 13th suffered upon several occasions. There are ligo drugoon had heen waren ingeleir hor.es, about 150 prisoners, and a great many deLieuerant colonel Churchill chleivel a quae ferters, dion o French cavalry at a {mail distance ;

R. DUNDAS, Major-General. he immediately took one fquadron, which

Extract of happened to he in readiness, leaving orders

a Letter to the Right llon. Ilenry

Dundas. Duted Ypres, August 27, 1793. for the others to follow, and charged them with so mch vigour and success, that, besides Field Märthal Freytag halted last night at killing several, lie took t:vo otiicers, 44 pri- Vlacmeringhue; his advanced giard at l'oVites, an! 0 horfes. Sir Robert Lavrie peringhen. He marched this evening with adhanced with t'ie 16th regiment to the sup, the intention of paling the Yfer ac day. port of the isih. 0,on the fume day a co. brcals, and allacking the enemy's posts at



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Rexpode and Hond hotte. The former is turning from the shore, Captain Dundas faid to consist of about 800 men. The Field- hoisted signals, ordering her not to come Marshal has communicated to His Royal along side, which the obeyed, and again reHighness the dispositions which he has made turned to the shore. On the 22d, at fix for this purpose, and they offer every prose o'clock in the morning, Captain Dundas perpect of success.

ceiving the Mip to be separating, fixed the Postfeript, dated Furnes, August 29, 1793. ladies on the top of the poop with provisions,

As the army was approaching Oftend, I &c.; the rest of the passengers and people kept my letter till this day, in hopes of being took their stations in the mizen chains, &c. able to give some account of Marshal Frey when he ordered the poop to be cut away ; tag's operations. His Royal Highness has this saved their lives. At pine o'clock the just received information, that he was de thip divised into four pieces, when Captain feated the enemy at Oort Capelle, Rex. Dundas, Mr. Chamber , &c. were drowned. monde, and Hondschoot. He has taken Mr. Dale, Mr. De Souza, and the fourth eleven pieces of cannon, and 200 prisoners, mate, with four seamen, went in the yawl and killed about the same number of men. to Deful, from thence to Mosambique, where The pursuit was continued to within a small

they procured a vessel to fetch the ladies, &c. distance of Bergues.

from Madagascar to the ide of France. There are on our fide about forty killed It is expected they may be here in May. and wounded.

Winterton, lost at Madagascar Angust 20,

1792, lat. 23. 59. and afterwards we went to East INDIA INTELLIGENCE.

St. Augustin's Bay, about four days march. From tbe INDIA GAZETTE, Feb. 4, 1793.

Passengers loft.--Captain Dundas, Mr.

Chambers, ist mate, Miss M(Gowan, Miss Notwithstanding Tippoo's repeated decla. Cullen, Mifs Robinson, and 4. men included. rations that lie had no more English prisoners Passengers saved.--Mrs. Cullen, Miss Mary in bis poitention, it is now evident, that all Cullen, Miss Lyne, Miss Bily, Miss Bristow, thoie declaration have been insincere. Mr. Mrs. Billas, Mr. Dun, purser, Mr. Spens, ad Becher, who fome years ago was proceeding mate, Mr. Daie, zd małe, Miss M. Bristow, in a Pattimar hoat, with ftores for Mr. Ri fifth and fixth mates, the midshipmen, Lieut. vitt's thip at Cochin, was unsortunately dri Browarig, Mr. Hamilton writer for Bengal, ven oo fhore near Mangalore, and taken pri

writer for MXras, Messrs. Gawan, foner: alter undergoing a long and painful Gordon, and Lyn, cadets, Hon. Mr. Ramsay, imprisonment, and marching from fort to Mr' Buchannun, Mr. Collier, fiee mariner, fort, he has at last effe teil his escape from Mr. Thompson, Mr. Silk, and Dr. Lily. Seringapatam. Latterly bis confinement was

(Signed) F. J. HARTWELL. not fo firict as formerly, and he was fume The following intelligence has been retimes permitted to go a shooting, under the ceived by the Royal Admiral East Indiaman, gaard of a Sepoy. One day, having trolled Eflex Henry Bond, Erg. Commander, ara confiderable distance from the fort, he rived off Portsmouth:- This ship failed from turned upon the Sepoy, and threatened to Canton, in company with the Sulivan, Capt. Moot him, if he did not accompany him. Pouncy, on the 18th of March laft; arrived The Sepoy was obl ged to comply, and they at Angar Point, in the Straits of Sunda, the are now both safely arrived at Tellicherry, 14th of April following, and there fell-in Mr. Becher reports, that there are several with his Majesty's ship the Lion, the Indorprisoners at Seringa patam.

tan Ean Indiamall, and two small hrigs. On The following melancholy particulars have board the Lion were Lord Macartney and been received at the Eart-India House from bis fuite The Hindoftan and Lion arrived Captain Hart well, of his Majesty's ship Thetise in the Straits in February last, and had been An account of the unfortunate lots of the

at Batavia for ten days, but did not intend to Honourable Company's Thir, Winterton, venture on the coast of China till the monGeorge Dundas, late commander, brought to foons were set in. It is therefore fupposed St. Helena, the isth of June, hy an Ameri they would not be in China before the 15th cau brig, from the Isle of France,

or 20th of June. Lord Macartney had the Thomas de Souza, pasienger, arrived at great flisfaction to learı), from the dispatc!.es the Ifle of France, April 17, 1793.

he received in the Siraits by te China bomeThe fhip Itrack at two o'clock in the ward-bound thips, iba the Emperor of Chie morning, August 20, 1792. Al four o'zlock, na was much pleased with the idea of the having hove the guns and part of the cargo embassy, and had given instructions to all his overboard, they cut away her marts. At Mandarins at the Northern ports of China, lo day-light, being but seven miles from the keep a good look out for the fleet, to fupply main-land, the yawl was sent on fhore for them with every neceflary, and to conduct ailistance. In the night of the 2011i, the long his LordMip and suite up to Pekin. His boat, cuter, and jolly boat, were ftove to Jordihip has expressed his intention, if the pieces by the immense fua which broke re season permits, to return hy the Suuthern pe tedly over the thip. On the 21st, the pallage. This determination will nec: Marily fea continuing, and perceiving the yawl re- prolong their absence; but for this the idea

of having encircled the globe may with many in the success of this plan. Willing, there. be deemed a fufficien: compensation.

fore, co Thew how ready I was in the supBy the last accounts from the Pelew Islands, port of their cause, I ordered the 21st regi. dated January 1793, it appears that a total ment to land on the 14th at Caze Navire, change had taken place in the government. and there take post, which enabled the of The old king vied, as did the next in fuccef. ficer who commanded the royalists to colhon, and the reigning monarch is now Abba leet all his force in the neighbourhood of Thule. The throne was disputed by the St. Pierre ; he accordingly moved, and I younger branch of the family, who were landed the rest of our forces on the 16th, Strongly opposed by the elder brothers; two and joined him at a very firong post withia of the former fell in the conteft, and the re about five miles of St. Pierre. The Britisha maiping other was obliged to fly with 2!1 his troops consisted of the grenadiers, light in2dherents to the northward. Their fate can fantry, and marines from the fleet, with the be little regretted, as it was they who affafii Carolina black corps, amounting in all to nated the amiable Raa Kook. Abba Thule about 100 men; the corps of Royalists is absolutely adored by his subjects, and he was said to be about 800. This force was himself remains as strongly attached as ever thought to be perfectly adequate to the ferto the English.

vice proposed. We were retarded in our

operations by the difficulty of bringing up WEST INDIA INTELLIGENCE. the six pounders to their stations, where Extrali of a Letter from Major-General Bruce, they did not arrive illl the 17th in the af.

Gummander in Chief of bis Majosiy's Forces ternoon, when the enemy made an attack in the West-Indies, to ibe Rigbe Hon. Hen. upor one of them, but were very soon Dundas.

driven back by the picquets of the light inAt Sex, off Martinico, fanty ; but, I am sorry to say, with the loss SIR, June 23, 1793.

of Captain Dunlop, and three men of the My ferter of the 25th of May acquainted Royal Americans. The p'an we had couyou, that I waited for the report that Col. certed was the attack of two batteries which Myers should bring from Martinico before defended St. Pierre, the taking of which I came to a final determination respecting would immediately put us in poffeffion of the expealition against that ifland. He re tlaat town. The morning of the 18th was tui ned the zift ult. and brought informa the time fixed, and we were to move for. tion that the planters had expreiled great ward in two columns, the one consisting of confidence if we would come down imme. the British troops, the other of the Royalists; diately, thougli only with a very small for this purpose the troops were put in moforce; and on the 6th of this month a De. tion before day break; but, unfortunately, putacion arrived here from the Committee fome alarm having taken place among the intermediaire, with a very earnest request Royalists, they began, in a mistake, facing on for allistance, staring, that they were then one another; and their commander being in potfeflion of some very important poris, severely wounded on the occasion, bis troopis and that our appearance, with a force even were immediately disconcerte!, would not not exceeding doo men, would encourage submit to the controul of any of the other a great number of Royalists to declare them officers, and instantly retired to the post felves, who only waited the arrival of the from which they had marched. This conEnglish for this purpose. These repre duet Itrongly proved that no dependince sentations induced me to undertake the couid he placed on them, and the attack aexpedition ; and the admiral, who has uni- gainst St. Pierre must folely have ben car. fur nly complied with every request that I ried on by British troops, to which their have made him for forwarding the service numbers were not equal; and as they lucki. in which we are engaged, had previously ly were not engaged with the veneniy, they consented to receive on board the fleet such were ordered immediately to return to their Dut of the troops as he could conveniently former port, whence they embarked on the

arry, an:I hy this means save a great ex 19th; and the 21st regiment likewise empence in transports. They embarked ac barked from their poft on the 2ott, Nie nacordingly on the roth, an« arrived off Coze vy, as usual, giving the mo? ready aliis Navire on the rith. The officer who com tance. As the Royalists would certainly fall manded the Royalılts immedlidely proposed facrifices to the implacable malignity of the an affack upin the town ot St. Pierre, which, Kepublican party as foon as we quilled the he said, we could easily make ourselves ill..nd, it became in a manner incumbent on masters of; and that the infuence of the u', in fupport of the National character, to mechan's there was such as would procule use our utmost exertions to bring the

unthe fubmiffion of the relt of the inland, Fort happy people from the shore; and, ale Bourbon alone excepted, and that there though the neceility of imprefling such verwas even a probab lvy that this place would fe's as could be found, and the purchasing very foon surrender for want of provisions. Provisions from ihe merchant vetiels atiende The Freach engineers were all confident ing the army, will incur a grcat expence, I

bave ventured upon it, trusting to the ge changed between the two parts of the town berous and humane disposition ex!.ibited by occupied by the Whites and Multtues, and the nation on all similar occasions, and being several houses fet on fire by the liter. On perfelily assured of finding in you an advo. the 22d, che conflagration incre sed, and on cate for rescuing so many unfortunate perfuns the 2 çd the whole two of the cape was on from certain death. We therefore were fire. From the place where the merchant employed in embarking these p-ople from shipping lay, the road from the country to the the 19th to the 211t. Besides Whites, there Cape is plainly seen. Along it Negroes were a number of Blacks, whose situation from th: country were continually travelhog was equally perilous; I have distributed on the 22d and 230 ; suppo ed to be coming them among the islands in the best manner in, in consequence of the proclamation, lo that the shortness of our time would admit. reinforce ihe Commiflioners party.

T. BRUCE. Cape François. On the 17th and 18th of

SIERRA LEONE. June several disturbances arose between the Arrived the Company's ship, Amy, with a Whites and Mulattocs, without apparent pro- cargo of African produce, contifting of camVocation on the part of the Whites. On wood, ivory, gum, pepper, hides, and bees. those days, and on the 19th, the Molittoes wax. She alto brings lome passengers. The paraded the streets in armed bodies, an in- dispatches, which are dated the 14'h of Jupe, fulced the Whites, several of whom they mention, that the rains bad sel-in several wounded with fábres and pistols. The weeks before, but that the colony continued Whites endeavoured to obtain redress, by to be in very good health. The colonists applying to the Conimillioners Southonax were all put in pofleilion of small lots of and Polverel, but in vain. On the 19th, an land; and a new town, on a more regular ofhcer belonging to the fleet in the harbour and extended scale, was begun to be built. was wounded; the Commodore applied to Between 200 and 300 Nova Scotians were the Commissioners for redre is, w!o arpeared usually at work for the Company; and a large in every case to turn a deaf ear to the com party of natives continued to work at the plaints of the Whites, and to shelter, in every plantation begun by the Company on the opinstance, the Mulatroes. The Admirals of posite side of the river, where the soil proves the feet, upon finding the want of success of extremely fruitful, and the experiments in the Commodore's application, called on the sugar, cotton, &c. appeared to be very proCommiffioners themselves, but without ob miling. The native Chiefs and people colo taining satisfaction.

tinued to be exiremely friendly; and fome of They then, on the 20th, drew up their them, on the occasion of line veiels apThips, so as to cover the town, with their pearing wbich were mistiken fr frenih broadfides to it, and springs on their cables; privateers, come down to offer their ailiththe red Aag was hoisted on board the Admin ance in protecting the colony. The Company's ral's thip, and a signal-gun fired, upon which ichovols are attended by 300 child, en, among the Captains of all the thips of war repaired whom are some children of the natives. on board the Admiral's. In consequence of the plan laid in that Council, at three o'clock

IRELAND boats from the several vessels were manned, Dublin, Anguji 16. This day the Lord and at. four about 2000 men were landed Lieutenant having desired the attendince of from the fleet at the Cape. These immedi the Commons, the Royal Allent was givení ately proceedel to the arsenal, the cannon of to 29 public and 6 privite bills; when his which tliey distributed throughout the city, Excellency was pleased to conclude the Sellion and pointed up each of the privicipal streets. with the following speech: Theynext proceeded to the Government House “ My Lords and Gentlemen, (where the Multtues bad colecred) to de The wisdom and firmnes that have difmand from the Commillioners sa isfaction. tinguished your conduct during the present The Mulattoes fired on then; the fire was Seilion, and the attention you have asforded returned and kept up till dark, with great to the many important objects of your deliwarmth and confancy.

berations, demand my licere acknowledge Before the preparation for landing, the ments, and enable me to relieve you froin merchant shipping was ordered out of the further attendance in Parliament. way of injury. At dark, after tlie firing " Gentlemen of the House of Commons, had cealed, a drum was beard, the usual « I have h's Majesty's Command to thank preliminary to publishing proclamations, and you for the liberal supplies you have voted for it was reported that the Communioners had the Public Service, and for the honorable published panun and freedv:n to the revolted support of his Majesty's Government. You negroes.

One fait may be cepended upon, may rely upon their farthful application. tbat, during the conflict, the prilons, contain “ My Lords and Gentlemen, ing about 400 of the revoited Brigands, “ The wisdom and liberality with which were openedl, who were arıned to reinforce you attended to his recommendation in favour the Mulartoes.

ef his Roman Catholic sujects are highly Qa the 21st, some cannon shot were ex, pleasug to the King. You must be fully fen

fible of his Majesty's gracirits condescension found hy experience in Great Britain, of in committing to your judgment the applica- great re curce in public emergencies. 'His tion of the Hereditary Revenue. And I am Majeily feels, with the greatest concern, the ordered by luis M.jetty lo ligniły his appro• expence brought upon his people by domesbuion of the provisions whicli bave bien tic disturbance, added to the consequence of made for the support of his Civil Govern a Foreign Wur, into which we have been ment, and the honour aid dignity of his forced by the wanton and unprovoked age Crown ; and to express his confidence that greflion of rrince; bu: yoo will reflect that your liberal conceitions to the Roman Ca. you are contending for the prefervation of tholics, and the measures for the regulation your Projerty, and for the security of your ef the Public Expenditure, and for the limi- harpy Contti:ution. The fuccell's, with tation of offices and pensions, t') which lis which it lach p:e:fed the Divine Providence Majesty has been graciously pleased to con to bless the Aims of liis Majesty and his fent, with a view to the advantage of the Allies, afford the best prospect of a happy Public, will cement a general unna of fen- illue to this important coneit; and it is his timent among all claffes of his Majesty's fun. Mijesty's carnest hope, this a continuance jects, in support of the established Consti- of vigorous exertions will fiually ubiana tution. · His Maje!ły has seen, with real secure and lasting Pence. I lave en:ire confatisfaction, that friendly disposition which fidenc", that in your respective counties you hıs been manifested by the Parliaments of will ex rt your utmost influence in main:ain. Great Britain and Ireland, for strengthening ing the probic tranquillity, a:id in carrying the connexion of the two kingilonis by the laws into full exccution. You may be mutual acts of concession. I am authorized assured, tha: I Mail, on all occasions, take to acqnaint you, chat an act has palled the the moit speedy and effecial measures, in British Parliament, :o permit soods of Asia, the exercise of those powers with which I Africa, or America, legally imported into an inverted, for the repreili in of outrage Irelan, to be imported f om chence into and cumu!, and the protectio:1 of bis Ma. Great Britain. This is a signal proof of her jesty's faithful and loyal subjects." attention to your interests whilst the confirmation of the charter of the Eait ludia

SCOTLAND. Company, by the Parliament of Ireland, u.1 Edinburgh, July 27. Some days ago, there plays on your part a cordial zeal for the sup were furind, abur three mi'esfrom ile town port of Great Britain, and a judicisus cono of Air, in an old midden stead, a great fidera'ion of the grert and ellential interests many ounces (probably Crous 20 to 30) of the of the Empire. I am tu make my ack nowSilver coinage of Mary Queen of S uts, cone ledgments for the mary jalutary law's you fisting of the teltoons and the ha'f.leltoons have enacted to itrengthen the Executive of Mary, Francis, and M.rs, including the Government, which will materially tend to years 1555 and 1562 and a great many of defeat the designs of the enemies to the free- the Billou pieces, Yam non fun dio fed Ura dom and happiness of this kingdom. The caro, the years 1558, 1559. They were all apprehenfions of embarrassinent, which four contained in an carthen pot, which a cow a time hung aver Commercial transactions, acci'eritelly broke with her foot as she w'is were to me a fi:hject of the utmost an xitty: pailing over. Amo g lime vunce, which a and I am to retorn you my thanks for l.inc. gentleman of Glasgow has got, there is the tioning those measures which I took in rare and beautiful telluon, wit. Mary'. head, Tap port of Credit, and which I trust have 1562. They are all on the highest preserva had the happiest effect in preventing the i'l tion, and uit have been cariv de;ofileu, as Consequences of such apprehensko.s. The none of them bear, the ihitile stump, which {pirit of discontent, which prevailed amongst was impreffed on the filver com.ge ine laties fie lower clailes of the people at the begin)- part of her reign, and on some of th: cuius ning of the Seffion, his burst into acts of of James the VI. by which mea is the current Riot and losurrection; and I have heen us value was increased. Some other of the der the painful neceility of emplo ing His co'ns have the following motos-Corbum:le M vjefty's Forse, whose iteadiness and good delicie Dni -- In virrute tua libere me -Fetit conduct have on all occasions been man:feired, villaque vnum. Vicit les de tribu juda.--'fum and by whose exertions the Civil Magistrates non fint dla jed una caro.-Saluum fac Populum have been enabled in a great measure to re iuum Domine, store the general tranqu:lity. Under all the ciruumittances of the Country, I thought it

COUNTY News. proprer tu call forth a very confiderando por Infwich, Aug. ?. A few peals of thunder tivo of the Milicia ef this K ngon. I am were lieard in se this day; the li, hining was tu expreis His Majekty's approbation of a vivid and of long continuance, but at a great meafure which attores at prelent material distance. About 7 in the evening, a bill of assistance, and lays the foundation of a per: tire fell upon a house at Felexitow, nens is manent Conftitutional Force, that has been miles from lence, be onging to Mr. Chandler, GENT. MAG. Auguß, 1793.


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