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Seem'd with my eyes alone to see Shall cheer her banks with her own preper And glow with sensibility!

food, With correspondent actions, grace But trenching engineers channel her fields My song--and dwell upon my face! And bruise her flowrets with indented proofs

Yet, thus expert in frown and smile, Of hoftile furveys: "each new day, a gash There's no great feeling all the while ! (6 Is added to her wounds; alas, poor country; For, if in trial of the heart,

" Almost alhamed to know itself” I feign in anger to depart

These plausive schemes, models of inward Ages, unsought, I might remain,

Nor my lost friend ere find again! All of one nature, of one project bred,

Do now in strait and ill-beseeming lines

Flow all one way; or, if oppos'd athwart,

Each other cross in this inteftine contest,
Continued from p. 655.)

And furious rivalship of navigation. UID faciat? quo deinde modo fibi nubila England, to join at once all arms of sea, mentis

Her winding streams beats back with MameDiffipet, et pacem confiliumque petat ? ful dams, (Namque ignarus adhuc, nifi quæ vagus ad And wat’ry Neptune binds within deep ponds, vena narrat,

Enlarged ditches, and rotten-mounded dykes. Aut armenta fequens pastor iztaure refert)

Therefore hot Phæbus, regent of the skies, Tandem alternanti vifum eft excedere fylvis Red in his anger, scorches all the air,

Quamprimum, et varios hofpes adire loces, And, in revenge, fucking up earth's moisture, Ut spectans, oculifque fidelibus omnia luftrans, Hath every fruitful rivulet made so dry

Te referat, mentis blanda medela, quies ! That they scarce flow within their continents: Egrediens, concham imponit pro more galero, This, and worse progeny of evils, comes

Et baculi facrum dextra prehendit opus, From cu's, extensions, junctions, and canalsa,
Cujus apex mira cælatur imagine JESU, Rich. II. iHer. IV. MIDSUMMER DREAM

Muneris indicium, præsidiumque fibi,
His rite instructus, vigil observator ab antro

I had been happy if the new enclosure,
Discedit, vicos, rura, domosque petens.

Foxcovers, and all, were one grand navigation,

So they had left the sweet Wreak undisturb’d: III.

Farewel the tranquil scene, contented sport! Mane novo carpebat itu per aperta viarum

The frequent nibble, and the bite at last, Quà 131è campi planitiesque patent

That patience makes a virtue :. O farewel, Cum tamen incaluit medio Sol orbe diei

Farewel, the simple roach, the timid chubb, Obvius e contra forte viator adeit. At non ille quidem longis consumptes ab annis, The seld-thown carp, the rare and luscious

The muddy-firring eel, the shallow gudgeon, Nec feffum tardac pigra senecta redem

tench Illi purpurex splendet lux alma juventx,

“That cuts with golden oars the silver stream," Et colli favis crinibus ardet ebur.

Farewel the dainty perch: all quality of Tandem occursantes, “ Salve, pucr optime!"


(bait ; nofter Occupat. Et falve tu, venerande fenex !" Rol, line, and circumstance of treach'rous Multa super multis rogitant, narrantque

And ye, voracious pikes, whose prickly

throats vicillim;

A thousand sharpest needles counterfeit, Et qui quisque viâ tendit, et unde venit.

Farewel!- the Angler's recreation's gone! Hinc dulce alloquiun-hinc blandæ concordia mentis

OTHELLO, 111, 3. Hinc ambo fallunt tædia longa viæ,

MASTER SHALLOW. Donec amicitiæ paullatim allurgere lumen Incipit, et molli nectere corda jugo.

EPITAPHIUM. Ire fimul ftatuunt, cimitefque errare per In virginem, que, letbali tabe confe&ta, decimo orbem,

nono ætatis anno, placidam flavit animam, Dillimile. ævo, meute animoque pares- muximum fui defiderium relinquens. Sic hederam quercus facratá protegit umbra ITE Anie novo, morti pergrata rapina, Sic hederæ quercum trachia fida tenent,

Sub tenebris tumuli clausa Maria jacet; G. Si pudor aut virtus terrâ quid amabile jactet,

illius en tuit virgo, corona, decus. PARODIES OF SHAKSPEARE. No. VII. Fræftitit ingevio nec solum : (ulsic honore THIS busy mart of bankers, moneyed ine, Formæ, mollitiem casta cupido dedit. This earth of commerce, this feat of Plutus, Ahlit acerba queri: citius morientur honesti, This other India, domy Peru,

Hacque Deus citius fede movere cupit, This garden plan d by Nature for herself,' In paulum colibent lu ubria tempora bruma, Is parcell'd out (i fogli pronounculgt?) Dum flori æterno vere vigere detur. I kecoachels-board, or the niue men's morris.

J. H.P. No more the thifty entice of our foil Miss Locke's Verses, and those of Junius RUSTICUS, came too late Tor this menth.

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FRANCE, (continued from p. 659.)
EVASSAUR read an address from request of Marat, and several other deputies,

the officers of the first balcalion of Ducos, Dubulx, and Lantistnas, were after. volunteers, at the camp of Weissenbourg, wards excepted. complaining that the public fpirit was begin June 4. Aj!!mber of Blacks, preceded ning to cool; and that a part of the members by mufic, entered Liit Afembly, and returned of the Convention seemed to have adopted thanks to them, for their exertions in behalf moderate principles. They requested that

of the u: fortunate Africans. the meinbers who had not voies for the The Prefident kitled a female Negro of death of the Tyrant, and who wished for an 114 years of age, who was at the head of appeal to the people, should be replaced by the Deputation, and then placed ber by his their subftinues; that the commissioners with side, in the midit of reiterated plaudits. the 31 mies Tould have the right of sending June 14. Jambon St. André, after having their fuffrages to the Convention, in order oblcrved th.2: the Repunlic had never been that the foldiers might have a share in cho.- in greater davger, and that the rebels were fing the representarives of the people.-Re- making the most alarming progress, proposed ferred to the Committee of Public Safety. the following decrees, which were imme

Saint-André -- We must not ditlemble; we diately adopted : are in a molt critical fituation. Every where

First Decree. the Counter-Revolutionists excite dillur Art. 1. A crrps of one thousand men, bances, and threaten our liberty. An ai my composed principally of cantioneers, thall let of insurgents has for a long tine ravaged la off from Paris in twenty-four hours, with Vendéc. Troubles have broken out in la forty-eight pieces of car: on furnimed by the Lozere; and you will learn that Aristocracy sections, which Mall be replaced, esihier from has raised its audacious head at Lyons, where those which are in the ar sena', or from such above Sco patriots have been matacred. as have been ordered to be call. Against this conflagration gre.t measures, Ait 2. Two Commisioners of the Narevolutionary niealuies, are neceflary. itional Convention Tall de part immediately move, that you pay attertion in the troubles for Orleans, to watch the progr is of the of la Lozere; and send thither comm licners, rehels, and to take, in confequence thereul, with ful powers to strike off the beads of every measure that may be receifury. those who oppose the securing of liberty. I Art. 3. Both up in the march and in the move also, that you inuft on the execution camp, requisition thall te made by the Cumof the decree, which ftates, that Aritocrats millaries of War, hý signed lifts, of a!11,0 ale without the proteétion of the law; and aims, provisions, and sunfiftence, which may tivat you give orders to all Administrative be necesy : they all give receipts and Podies to requestrate the property of fue orders for payment on the National Tae:to freeted perlops.--All these propositions fury. were secreed.

Art. 4. An account of the demand nale A great crowd had in the mean time af- of men, hories, armis, and provision', th.ll sembled round the Conventior, and were he funt every day to the Conversion b; the loud in their demands, that a decree of 2ccu. Commillaries, and petted up in every Desation should inftantly be patied against thufe partment of the Republic. who had incurred their displeasure. Several Art. 5. The Minister at W'ar Mall give an. Members came in, and complained i hat they account, in three days, of the Tale of the were insulted by the mob, and that their de- manufactories of aims at Paris; i:nı', in eight liberations uere pot tree. A deputation was days, a state of the manuf.ctorits of arms, fent out, to harangue the people, and to pre and of the recruits raised, which have not vail on them, if poffible, to preserve ilie yet arrived from the Departments of the public peace ; but they could hurdly obtain a Republic. hearing, and all their entreaties were only Art. 6. All the workshops of Paris hall be answered h: demands that the decree of accu converted into itanufactories of arms, Cannoni, fation should be gaffed.

fuli's, and pokrs. Having returned to the Hall, a tumultuous Art. 7. A Commillary Mall be named from debate folowed. The Mountain a lift pe among the Miembers of the linvention, when vailing, a decree was palled, oudering the thill increlf take cognozarce of the actual following Members and Minifters 10 he ar fire of the founderies and principal manurened: viz: Genfonnes, Vergniane', Prillit, factories of arms at Paris, of the means of Guadet, Gorlas, Periun, Salles, Cambon, Bar extending them, of haftening the works, and baroux, Buznt, Biroitean, Raband, Lasonice, of reformmg such abuses .ss may dels ser Lanjuinaia, Grangeneuve, Lerige, Louvei, çregrets. He fall give in icerunt of tiis Valaze. Donicel, ideicos, Lanthenas, Dutíaulx; obfcrvacions on the subject to the Conmittee all the Members of the Conmittee of Twelve, of rubiic Salery, who 1h:!l propose to the Fonfrede 2nc Saint Martin cxcepted, and the Nasional Covention such ulicration as ihall Ministers, Claviere and Le Biun. On the be judged useful. GENT. MAC. Julio 1793.


Second Decree.

“ It is not,” added he, “ by ordinary mea. Art. 1. At ten o'clock (0-morrow morn “ sures that that city can be saved." Two ing, there shall he a nominai call of the re- armies, one of 30,000, and the other of presentatives of the people, to know those 50,000 men, are on their march towards who have remained at their post.

Nantes. The columns of the Departments, Art. 2. The same shall be done on Mon- who are marching towards Paris, ought to day, at the same hour, of such Memburs of be duected against the rebels. the Convention as were ablent at the former Caufardt, Deputy of Nantes, wrote that nominal call.

misfortunes were at their height, and that Art. 3. All those whose absence Mall have the enemy u ere at the gates of Nantes. been proved hy these two nominal calls, ex Legendre. I move, that Patriotic Commire cept such as have some particular motion, sooners may be sent to traverse the Depari. or who have been detained at home by virtue ments, and to cause the tochn to be every of a decree, or on account of indifpofition, where founded. Mall be considered as having deserted their Quetineau. Should the rebels enter Nantes, pofts, and of having voluntarily abdicated all Eritanny will rise, and the Republic will their functions; their fubiicutes shall be or be exposed to the greatest dangers. dered to replace them in the National Con Thurior. The measure of a general soundvention

ing of the locsin may ruin the Republic. If June 17. On the motion of Lacroix, the all France rise, it will destroy itfelt; whereas, following decree was pafled :

if we put the neighbouring Departments of “ The National Convention decrees, That Nantes in a state of requisition, the sound og the list of the Deputies abfent without cause, of the tocfin in that particular quarter may or by refigration, leave, illness, suspension, be extremely useful. I ask, why Biron has 01 arrett, be deposited upon the bureau of the been so long silent, why he remains in a Inspectors of the rall, such as it has been Rate of inaction, and what armed force he read, correcied, and verified, by the Secre- commands? taries at the second nominal call which took Cboudieu wrote from Tours, that the ovens puce in this day's fitting. The laid Inspec- did not bake a fufficient quantity of bread; tors are charged to examine formally all the and that the want of that necellary article causes which may be alleged to justify such had retarded the operations of General Birou. abrence, and to hear the seasons alligned hy He adiled, that the army of Niort amoun'ed the Deputies; they shall cause the list, with

to 25,cco men; that another very confiderreasons afligned, to be printed in the course able ar my was allembling; and that of Sables of three days.

d'Olone confilted of 12,000 men. « The National Convention decrees, That Bareti. As these armies will amount to the Minifter of Justice do transmit to the In 62,000 men, well aime, it will not be spectors of the Hall a return of the Deputies necellary to found the tocin but in the Dowho are in a state of arrest, in virtue of a

partments a 'jacent to Nantes.-Decreed. dec:ee; of those who, though included in

June 24 Burrere announce!, that the city this clccree, have not been found at home, of Augers had opened its gates to the Rebels; and are not yet in custody; and, finally, of that the Adminitratois had taken fight; those who made their esc. pe af.er having and that in that loyal city there was but one been taken into custody.”

voice, which was raised in favour of Liberty. Murat. I long to open the eyes of the na. Citizen Barbazan was appointed Provisory tion upon those Banderers who have repre Commander in Chief of the army of the sented me here as the cause of your diviliors Coasts of Cherbous, in the room of and altercations. They have induced me to Wimpfen. fufpend myself from my funcions. Since On the proposition of Barrere, the Conthat, I have communicatcıl to my colleagues vention decreed, that the prisoners taken by those ideas which I thought would be of icra the Rchel, wie shall return with one of vice to them. I wrote several letters to the their paffpirt, thall suffer civil degradation; National Convention, none of which have and that all those, whole pailpoits shall ftate been read. I declare, that the afperfions their having taken the Oath of Fidelity to thrown out against me euglit to be it fed hy Louis XVII. Aall be seized, and delivered

France must now be sensible, up to the Revolutionary Tribunal. that there is no friend of public order and The Convention recalled, by a Decree, the troquillity in being more fmcere than my: Representatives of the People sent to the felf!' I declare that I resume my functions,” Aimy of the Coasts of La Rochelle, and ap; Some applauses from the remote corner of the pointer twelve others.

Some citizens from Nevers informed the Jure 22. A Member requested affistance Convention, that the Adminiftrative Bodies toise ciły of Nantes. The rebels, he faid, of that city were imitating the rebellious conhad Cile off two or its communications, and duct of many others. that i he place would he lost should they cut

(To be continuer!) wil the tisird, which was the only one left.


my filence.

FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE. crews were taken up by a Tunisian bark, Archangel, July 1. This city, so often da and carried into Tunis. maged by fires, has again met with a dread Warsaw, July 20. The fate of Poland seems ful one, which broke out on Sundlay the 26th inchangeably fixed. On Monday the 15th of June, and lasted from 7 P. M. till 8 the of July the Deputies held their second connext morning. It has buint to ashes 877 ference with the Ruilian Ambassador, and numbered houses, amongst which are all those delivered to him a memorial, which they Lately built of brick, and the buildings of the requested him to forward to the Empresa different tribunals; the cathedral church and This he absolutely refused to do; and, in a other churches ; all the shops in the market. note which he sent to the Diet, accompanied place to the number of above 300 ; besides a by menzces, he insisted on the signalue and great nunber of magazines, tables, outhouses, ratification of the treaty of alliance and comprivate baths, &c. In general, they reckon merce between Russia and the Republic; and the buillings destroyed of every description that the Deputies Thould be invested with at about 3000. The loss is immense; the full powers to do the same. most moderate estination Ita:es it at three To the feflion of the same day (the 15th), millions of roubles; and without the gene * when the note was read, the Diet contented rous atlistance of government it will be im. to the prorogation of the fesiion till the 30th poisible for the citizens, without thelter, inst but refused to comply with the wiihes gox's, or refuge, to subuit. Two-thirds of of the Ruilian Ambitador respecting the the city are consumed, and many persons have treaty of alliance. This treaty, a plan of lost their lives amidst the general confuhon. which the Deputies presented on that day to

Legbarri, July 13. The beginning of last the Diet, consists of ten articles, and contains week, a desperate engagement happened, oif some advantages at the expence of some fa. the island of Corsica, burwen an Algerine, crifices. The Polish nation may chuse the friga!e and one helonging to the French Re- form of Government which it concerves best public ; they fought with the greatest bravery adapted to its interests, except that of the for five hours, when night parted them; 34 of May 1791; but the bahs of the advanthe next morning, at break of day, the con tages to be granted to Poland is the complete fict was renpwed with equi course, and and full ratification of the treaty of partition the most determined obstinacy on both sides between the Courts of Petersburgh and Berfor upwards of one glitles, great part of the lin, in its full extent, as was required on the time within pistol-not of each other. The gih of April. Algerines made several attempts to board, In consequence of the refusal of the Diet but were as often beat off with great laugh. to accede, the Russian Amhafsador on the ter ; yet so daring and resolute were the pi. I oth lent a note tantamount to a formal de. rates, that they run their ship along-fice the claration of war. He said in this gore, that, French in spite of all renstance, and grap. unless the Deputies were invested with the pled them fo fast, that every effort to get authority required on the 17th, he should lay clear was in vain; the infidels immediately the eftates, pollellions, and habitations, of the jumped on board sword-in-hand, swcaring Members of the Diet under a military execile bitterly, in several languages, they would tion; and, ihould the King avhere in the Conquer or die, neither would they give or opposite party, the Royal domains would take quarter ; the Republicans received them be treated in the same manner. with great spirit and resolution, wlien a most The Diet, in consequence of these medreadful carnage ensued, with words, pistols, naces, by the advice of the King, who saw javelins, and lances, till a: lait the Frinh with grief the danger of a vain rehstance, at were overpowered, and obliged to strike to length yielded, and the resolution was carthose terrible burhariaus. Tie pirates loft in ried by a majority of 69 to 2n; but a numboth rencontre upwards of 200 men, besides her of protests were entered on the occasion: all their officers; the boatswaja was t'ie last Poland must therefore submit to its fate, who had the command; this fellow, although amidit the absolute filence of all Europe. wounded in several parts of the boiy, refused The city of Grouno is closely bloked up to quit the deck, and did as he was encou by foreign troops, and no one can quit the raging the reit to fighi. The French mount. city without a passport from the Ruthian Amed thirty guns, and the Algerines twenty batiador, nor even to take a wa k. Count cigh: hendes pe tte raroes; and they were both de Sievers has offered the Foreign Ministers in rach a mastered condition, that it was next their pailports; but the Diplomatic Corps to an impoffibility either of them could reach h.ve refused his offers, as con:rary to the liAlgiers.

berties and respect due to their character. PS. The algerine Captain was tot Paris. The removal of the Queen from throngh the head in the heat «f the action, as the Temple to the Concierge: ie 1:10c place he was miling the colours to the malt; and at midnight ; an hour at which the friels the firit and second Lieutenants, who were of Paris are now free from almost all pallenboth his fons, Ihared the same fare. Soon gers, except the nig!ily patrules. One of after, it was also reported, that they both the moft ordinary cirriages, kept for hire, fank the next day, and wisac remained of the was used upon the occation, and her Majelty


was not permitted to take with her any fe. and citadel of Valenciennes to the Combine male attendant. Heuriot the Commanda:

Army under the command of his Royal of ihe Nation Gard, St. Andre a Commur. Highness the Duke of Yirk. The successful fioner of the Sonvention, and one M«con attack of the 25:h, and the lodgment in the while ottice is not specified, ride in the 'horn work, seem to have maile a strong imcarriage with her, which was escort od hy an preffion upon the enemy, and to haie disa hundred and fifty Chuffeurs. Parties of the pyfed them to receive in a favourable manner National Guard were posted at everv avenue, ie fummons which was sent by his Royal at each of t. hich.che carriage was stopped, Highness to the General and inhabitants upon while Henriot hmlelf gave the parole. the following day. The alacrity with which

FelsRATION AT PARIS, August 10. the troops have undergone the bandhins and

The ceremonies at:ending this cei bration fevere duty of the fi-5, 4s well as the resom were worthy of the actors in it. Arrived at lirinn which they displayed in fituations of a tiun p' alarc'i erected in the Chairp de danger, veier ethe highet prafe. Batteries Mirs, the President gave the fraternal kiss were alloted at stifférunt times to be worked to the herone o' the sido and 6th of October, by the royal artillery, and every commendaand printed them with a branch of laurels. tion is due to Major Congress and to the Th-y were lented upon preces of l'envy ord ollicers and men of thit corps, who have NIK. Eghty-fix tiders, reprofoting the upon this occanion fully supported the reputaerit:: 1ix Pimnary Alienas, ranged them rion which they have fu long enjoyed. felves close to the sta:ue of libery. Every Though Colonel Moncrieff u as not charged

19:1-'*aier came to dep: lit his colours with the direction of the f:ege, the greatest ar sundte petefta!. The infignia of royalty, advantages have been derived from his probrought in curts, were thrown upon bille's feltionth knou. Jeuge, activity, and zeal, parof wood. The Present then 'ore alive the ticularly in taking and keeping poilellion of veil which covered the latue « L beity, and the horo-work. The moft dangerous, as its colominaguration took place, amidit a well as the most lihorious parts of the fiege, general discharge of artillery, and the singing fell to the lot of the Imperial forces. They of a himacopoied for the occafion. After bave had aloit1,700 officers and men killed wards tivo Elders, carrying torches, ret fire and woundcl; from which, however, the to the billcis. Ater th's, a second d charge fame deluction my be made. of artillery 22: ounc si the continuance of the Any further pirticulars, which you may nir! The Pfident of the Convention, be desirous to be informed of, will be exa acco - panical by the Secretaries and the 86 plained by Capt. Calvert, Ald-de-Camp to Ellers, alleoul the illa", whilst the Mem. His Royal Hig ners, who was employed in bers of the Convention and those of the Pri- carrying on the intercou se relative to the mary - tlemhlics, ocop.ed its steps. The cariculation of the town, and whose zeal and Pre prochained the reception of the in elligence upon this as well as upon many vores fan the Primary Allemblies, of the former occafiors have been highly approved accepidice of the Constitution, which was of by His Royal Higlinels.. angounced to the people by i generil uile

JA. MURRAY. clurge of arillory, and the oath to defend it

From the London Gazette Extraordinary, Wis liken. Atrer the administrat on of the

Bing, 14. The following dispatches uers oathi, the S6 E.!!ers advanced towards the President, and delivered to him the faices yefierday received at the Omce of the Right which they boic in their hands, ad which

Hon. Henry Dundas. the Pieridenttei together with a tri-colour


Efreux, Aug. 6. ed ribbon. He clerofited'he Act of the Con I inclose you a list of the garrison of ft tut on linler the arch-He then configned Valenciennes, as it tro at the end of the th: 1lh, with the falces, to the Commilti: n. fies”, with thuit of the stores which were ens citiu irisarv i mhis, cw be kop:

t.knm the town. It was compued that by thein !! the flowing dir, then to ho between 6 and 7.000 mei marihed out of deze tijelo ilicilice of the Sulling of the Le place, the rest being fick or wounded, Nato a Olvention. Embrac- terminated part of which remained in the hospitals, and th's scene. The propeih' n abandoned them. part followed in Waggons. The gurrison felves ! jy. Ar ten o'clock a discharge of was escorted to the firil advanced posts of artillery was the final for the ci mmerce

the enemy.

Accounts have been suce run men of : l'antomime", entitled, “ The Bom ceived of their having retire to different baida em file City of Life.”

parts of the country. I had the opportunity Extrae of « Letter f:01: Sir James Murray,

o' mentioning to you, in a former lutter, -General to the Forces 2012

thit:he cea uct of the roops under he more

ibe Cnsand of l'is Royal Hizbinets the Duke of haj heco, fu.h as to merit the highest come

immeili te command of his Royal Highness Youl, 15 vit. ' Secreinoj Dundas.

mendation; and it would be unjust not to SIR, 1}trend, July : 8, 1793. observe, thai equal proife is due to those of 11 is withillse timot 1. tisice that I his Imperial Majemy. There were acujen you with the intender of in Lowo manded by Gen. Co.nt de Feralis, an officer


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