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Novuin :" and Duncan's “ Notions of to the guidance of authority may well Logick," wonderfully adapred in the inbreed in the minds of others. ftudents of algebra and geometry, new I am not that empirick as to refer the a much better acquaintance with the phænomenon of Night belief or of scepideas of Plato, and the syllogismis of .ticism in the under graduate to the line Aristotle, than with that inductive phj. process of causes wich the above, Muche losophy, whith, by investigating the may be fairly set down to the fathionaJaws of variable Nature, the filteft walk ble ideas of the times; amongst which for the exercise of human wisdom, and the vain decrit of French philosophy the onis provioce for the application of mixes jis baneful corrosive, and, filent human power, aims at the discovery of in the operarion, triumphs conspicuously the latent capacities of good, and the in the effe fits of infideliły in religior. direa ion of them, to extend the com. and licentiousoess in morals. And yet forts and enjoymenis of animal and I would fain persuade myself that, if moral lile.

the University could by any meaus en. That, in the established course of join an attendance to those branches of discipline, through which the academic knowledge whose objects might affe&t cal youth must pass, there is no partie the breast of every student with a nearer cular provision made to infil the benee and quicker sense of the wisdom and solent {pirit, and confirm the holy faith benevolence of the Almighty, the young of Chriftianity, from which alone mult mind would, with greater certainty of result the energies of virtuous action evidence, and a happier warmth of grahere; and the animating hope of glory titude, recognise the Parent of the Unihereafter, though mentioned with res 'verse in the Friber of Christ and the gret, can imply no imputation of blame Dilpenfer of Evangelical Love. For, in the present day, when an effective well said the Reforer of Learning, plan for the focedy accomplishment of “Never was there extant, in any age of those ends would be as dificult to con. the world, either Philosophy, or Seet, ceive as laborious to accomplifh; though or Religion, or Law, or Discipline, Imuft, however reluctantly, add, that, which hath so highly exalted the good while the selfi ih Rochefoucault and the of communion, and depretled good priinfidel Hume are, to several, the oracles vate and individual, as the HOLT of moral and religious wisdom, the in- FAITH, well declaring, that it was difference, the levity, or the ridicule, the fame God that gave the Christian with which the authenticity and sublime law to men, who gave to brute and intruths of the Christian Scriptures are animare creatures those lail's by which often treated, are matter of sorrow ra. their motions ever sympathise with the ther than of wonder. The faét, how. universal good of society." erer, can scarcely be attributed to that It is this analogy of natural and reinfluence of the mathematical pursuits vealed religion, which, without into wbich the late Bp. Horne afligns the truding on the attention due to any beterodox propenfitics of some Cam profeflional knowledge, might be dire bridge theologians; though plain reac played in a series of ledures, discourses, son will bear him out in the assertion, or even fermons, if you will, with the that the analogies of a science, which is prospect of glorious event to what is conversant solely about meajure, num now called liberal education. ber, motion, and figure, are not transfer The first part, scarcely known by rable to erbicks, tbeology, and politicks. name in the schools of Cambridge, The following circumdiances may more might consist of a judicinus Ielect on juftly be admitted into the account of from the works of Ray, Derham, S:1 elherely or of orthodoxy, when considered lie, and other authors, to demonstrate as the peculiar growch of the 1chools of the various goodness of the Deily from Cambridge; the late and hasty como the History of animated Nature, to ex• mencement of a study which ought to hibit the most striking proofs of infinite engage an early and deliberate atten wisdom in the combinations of elemenis tion; the wapt of that modely in rea and the kingdoms of vegetable life, to soning which qoestions of controvered trace the scale of appetite, instinct, and divinity demand in vain from fome má reasoning lense, and the appropriate enthematicians; and that indolent acqui- joyments of varied existence in the escence in the dara before them, which lower animals, and, abovt all, to dwell, a lung service of patient subordination with the repeated l'effon of grateful une


ference on the diverfi hed fources of use Mr. URBAN,

Aug 17. and comfort, on the innumerable capa •

TEITHER Mr. Warner

nor his cities of rational and innocent gratifica. French friend leein to have made tion to the fons of man.

out the inscript ons on the bells In the counterpart of this scheme, of Ch'ifchurch. The first may be an which I profess but to draw the rude ad rets to the fixch bel, which, pero "outline, the spirit of our Saviour's of. haps, bears the name of Auguftine, ce and character, as reported by the thar, by ies feftive sound, the holy Lamb disciple whom he loved, thou'd pollels might drive away ali plagues or evils. the pre-eminence of order As of dignity; The other, alluding to the name of all next niybt fullow the p.cture of Chrifa united, q. d. ali the founds or harmony zian chariry, from the glowing pencil of of the whole let in chat one bell, might that great master St. Paul, and, along induce the people to lead good lives; with im.lar portions, the fora epifle of fanè meaning sound, and not jajo, lives. the orier John, ever infinitely valued, Allis, in the firsi, is an invocation to jf it contained but that most exquifite the bell Aulin, by its cheaiful found to and sublime of all poifble truths, call on the holy Lamb, and then to ring 6 Θιος αναπη ειν».

out as the great herald. What rich and copious mauer this I confels myleis much inciined to for the philosophical commentator to suppose that Touzunes t is the same as deduce the parallels of Nature and of the Touquetjen, or Toqunffen, of CharGrace! And with what a voice of per. pentier, coinmonly called Tochon, which, fuafiou might the oraror then apply the in modern France, has founded fuch panegyricks of those heroes of man. dicadful alarms. He cites authori;ies kind úhom, from the apostles of prinie for calling it Megrum Touquesain ; and tive Christianity to the Hanway, the Touquefairt is the term uted io expiels Howard, and the Wilberforce, of the the quick and sudden strokes of it. present age, the living charity of the Then, at Christchurch, it will be the Guipel has animated through a glorious lucky fignal to aw.ken or alarm men fucceilion of philanthropic efforis ! to v Tivous lives,

I will not anticipate the probable ef Ass . feftivus . pestes · pins . ut , fugat , feat, on aa ingenuous audience, from

2gous. this legitimate union of Religion and Mox. Augustinus , nec . dum resonat. Philofophy, impressed on the imagina

picco. magnus, rion of Virtue by Ilie delivery of Elo.

Sit . nonis , omen . Touzunis , cum . fit. quence. What is fad already may be

titi. nomen, enough to rank me, in the minds of

Virtus . campane , faciat , nos . vivere. fome, with the visionary and the enthu.

fane. fialt. Attach but the humble character

As lierle accuracy is there in the deof well-meaning to either title, and I scription of the brass figure at H del Thail be proud to wear it. The chear. (II. 32), the head of which is taid to ing consciousnels of good intention recline on a sadale, which, with the yields an abundant comfort to the polio spurs, are certainly intended to repite tical pairiot, whose labours are con

font a kright. It happens, unfortunateiy, Signed to calumny and frustration, as to

the saddle is a belmel, the common ace the unknown and undistinguished wri; companiment of armed personages. wer, who rejoices to have thus applied

Yours, &c. the ta enr of inferior genius with some chance, however diftant, of beneficial

Mr. URBAN, consequence.

give your for the improvement of university-edu. little I may be dilpofed :o do the same estion, as intunately affecting ene dear.

by his arguments.

I fall also give en intciests of national welfare, the

him credit for the justice of his remark conclusion of this address warns me to

when he asks, in what respect can a request your attention to the remarks,

name either add to, or subirat from, if not your apology for the freedom, of

AN ACADEMICAL REFORMER. * Topographical Remarks on the South. In Acaden. VI. read " the very term is western Parts of Hampthire (see our Re. become ubnoxious,” &c._"ihe matter and view, p. 742--745). tutis," which is by no means designed to # Ibid. vol. II. p. 153–160. Sometimes exclude the other telluss in or olu of office. it is Toucures, then Tunzunes, then louzcuis.



June 5:

the force of an argument? It certainly vindicated the opinion of the ancient can do neither; but ftill many good chemists; that he hath carried the idea resions might be affigned why the with success into a beautiful and fatis. friends of the Harringtonian theory faftory in vesigation of the different may with its opponents to sanction aërial vapours, and hath absolutely de. their objertions with their real names, mooffrated, not only from his own exIf diffidence, however, or any pruden. periments, but from those of the most tal motives, stand in the way, I fall celebrated modern philosophers, that be happy to arrend to them, under the armosphere is composed of fire, wa. whatever signature they may appear ; ter, and the aërial mephitic acid in a and, even in the present infance, have state of neutralisation; I hope your in. 1:a ohjection to this opponent adopting genious correspondent will not persethe facred name of Truth, more ero vere in loading the Harringtonian the. pecially while he has the condour in ory of the atmosphere with opprobrious acknowledge that the hignature is epithets, merely because be may not inTICTITIOUS.

mediately comprehend, or I may not be The attainment of real trulb being happy in explaining, "why a poor weak she end at which I aim, I can affure fire may be capable of lib:rating one this correspondent that I am ready to that is more powerfully concentrated;" liften with good humour, and, I hope, or, to take up the objection in irs new with abiliries to comprehend the full form, " why the fixed fire in air, or the furce of his objections. But, fince every concentrated fire in phosphorus, can great writer has his own peculiar me. neiiber of them liberate itself alone; Thod, I mun beg leave to continue the but, being brought together, the con"fee-saw" delultory Atyle which, lfined fre of one will, then, liberate it. trust, wil effe ctually cut through his felf, and the other also.” principal objection to the truth of the I admit that the obje&tion is well Harringtonian theory of the atmo- urged on the part of your corresponsphere; for that, I presume, is the dent; and, had it appeared in his fira grand objeer.

letter, I should not have waited will now If he in ill be lo successful as to con. before I had given it a reply. vince me, Mr. Urban, or yourself, that The Harrir.gtonian theory of concen. fire is not a material substance, that it is trated and aërjalilud fire reaches, that it pot capable of being fixed and concen. is fixed, with various degrees of force, trated in an immenfe variety of forms in the different objects of Nature. In and appearances, in the different objects gold and platina, I have already obser• of Nature, in some with a greater, and ved, that ihe highest degree of concenin others with a less, degree of force; tration is to be found; in phosphorus, that it is not one of the component most probably, the lowest. In ihe first parts of ardent fpirit, of essential oils, of these bodies the highest degree of God of many other buids; that it is actual fire which we are capable of ap. teither aërialised in vapour; nor forms plying, aided by a sirong current of air, an essential ingredient in all she diffe- is not able to separate the fixed fore; ia fent species of air; that it cannot be le. the Javie!, this fubaunce is so loosely parated from these by various process combined, that, in the common heat of les, luch as the relpiration of animals, the atmo!phere, it is realy to recover the putrefaction of their bodies, or the is free or actual siate as fuon as it is combuftion of inflamable fubftances; exposed to the influence of air; and the that the warmth of espiring animals, combullion in both commences and the generation of volatile akili in pu. continues up in the same principles as trefaction, and of actual fire in combure the calcination and separation of fixed tion, does not proceed, in part, tro:n the hie fiom any other combufiible body communica:ion of this material princi and a curieni of air in the most intense ptc by the atmosphere; then will I can. heat of the furnace. But why neither didly acknowiege, either that the His the fixed fire in the combustible Loly, ringtonian philosophy is falle and nu. nor the aër alired fire in the ai', is ca. gatory, or that I have ensirely misua. pable of liberating itlelf, is a question derflood its meaning.

which affects nor the truth of the late But should my opponent, on the con. ringt niin ihtory of the atmofphere. trary, be compelled to acknowiedge, It is juicient to try, that it is an citan. that, in respect to the materiality of lithed lav of Naur, in it combustion fire, Dr. Harrington hach adopted and cannot take place without the concure

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rence of both in certain degrees of heat. ber of your Migazine, in order that so As well might your correlpondent de- fingular an evene may be more generally mand, why grals is green? a question known. The drawing (see ploie II. which would juit as much affeet the fig. 1), which is preserved in the family truch of this theory, which has been

to perpetuate this miraculous escape of already demonftrated by experiment, in a brother, does honour to the gentlemaa the compofition and decomposition of (not a profesied artist) who designed and

executed the same, and also compiled It is as birtle to the purrose for the the concise, but nervous and pathetic, writer to puzzle and perplex the sub- inscription.

J.H. jca, or his own noudie, wiin endeavouring to find out how a particle of Mr. URBAN,

July 23; aërial acid can be surrounded by an at


SEND you a copy of an inscription mosphere of fire. His ideas on this

(pl. ll. fz 2), which was well cut, point are noi chemical, but truly mecha.

on a lone placed near a window at the nical, and much on a par with the ex Ealt end of one of the ailes of the old planation of Lavoiher on the retention cathedral of Down Patrick, the courtyof fire in the atmosphere. It is retain.

town of the county of Down, in the ed, say the abettors of this ingenious North of Ireland. I have been informed philosopher, much upon the same prin• that it has attracted the norice of several ciple as water in a lpunge. Dr. Haro curious persons, who have not been rington's theory neither requires nor able to decipher il; perhaps fome of odnies of such mechanical explanations.

your ingenious retriers may have iverier He agrees with Di. Prieftley, or, ra. success. This building is laid ro hive ther, Dr. Pricitley. hath ar latt agreed beti ere&ted by St. Patrick, and the with hin, that fore is the principle of inscription may realonably be supposed alkalinity; and I have no doubt but to have been co-eval with it. dround this lati-mentioned ingenious experie lower food near the Welt end, which mentaliti is well convinced, in his own

fone idle pesfoo demolished during the mind, itune the aërial mephilic acid and late election, which was carried on with fie neutralise each other in the atmo.

some animofiry, and, I ain informed, Sphere, upon the well-established prin. was the occafion of its demolition. The ciple of CHEMICAL ATTRACTION, chu'ch has been lately re-ediied; and,

I fail therefore conclucie, Mr. Ur. !hough as much of the old work as pos. ban, by recommending to your corre sible has been preserved, this remarkspondent to take another peep into the able lione has been lort. The new caMedical Spectator, where he will find thedral, from its bold fituation, whco that justice done to the Harringtonian the jintended (pire is erecterl, will prove philofophy which hath been to barely

1 great ornament to that part of the refuted by feveral of our periodical country, and do honour to those who journalists. I have only one wling far- bave interested themselves in its fruciter in obrvive: f1.ce your correfpon- ture. dent, Mr. Urban, has to córariy proved In a visit which I lately paid to a fi. my replications in .. benigne and une versmith's shop in pursuit of old coins, fwinancial as air itself," i hall, in fu- Fortune threw in my way a curious lite ture, I hope, with al is at propriety tle broche, which mußi, I presume, whib he feeins willing to admit, adopc have been the property of one of our : the windture of ATMOSPHERICUS. Erglith monarchs. It is of pure gold,

very well execuied, and weighs two *** }iwever mucb i be ingewicus Warwick peonyweights; an H, crowned, appears Dhire Boy, in cier lusit, p. 617, muy pride bin.

on one side of the congue, and an A on Jolf in the Forgery be bus palmed on us, we would the other; AVE MARIA GRACIA is in: viommend bim to turn bis mind 16 pufirits more congenial to the infiruclins be receives from bis

fcribed on one face of the ring, and zery learned and rejpeciebie Tutor.

PLENA DOMINUS on the other (fee

pl. ll. fiz. 3). I should be glad to be Mr. URBAN,

July 22.

informed it the form of the letters, or B

EING favoured with a copy of the any ofer circumstance, will lead to the incioled drawing by Mr. Harvey, discovery for which of the Henrys this

A. L. A. of Manchetter, an ingenious gentleman, Litle ornament was made. whu iketched the original, I have in. Fig. 4. is a linall coin, which an old correclosed it, that an engraving from the spondent would be glad to ice elucidated. 1ame may be given in lume future num


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