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At Kendal, in his 730 year, Rev. Gilbert parent, with a view to frighten him, the Crackenthorp, fermerly master of the free wadding of which pierced so far into the grimmar school there, which he resigned Aesh that it never afterwards could be exSome years ago

tracted, and the poor man died in inex. Rev. Mr. Braithwaite, rector of St. Peter, pressible agonies. The coroner's inqueft, Weft Lynn

after an examination of several witnefles, roRev. J. C. Knowles, rector of Fetcham, turned a verdi&t of accidental death. and vicar of Effingham.

2. At Foley-house, Chandos-ftreet, Ca. In her 14th year, Mifs Harriet Robarts; vendith square, 'I homas Foley Baron Foley and, in her i sth year, Miss Elizabeth-Anne of Kidderminster, co. Worcester. He was Koharts; second and third daughters of A born Jwy 7, 1742; married, March 20, braham R. esq. of North-end, Hampftead. 1776, Harriet, fourth daughter of the late

At Bristol, after some months illness, Miss E rt of Harrington, by whom he tau illie Eliza Weston, only daughter of Mr. W. of Georgina, William-Thomas, Charles, and Aynho, co. Northampton.

Thomas; and is fucceeded by his eldest son, At Kensington, the Hon. Mrs. Jadis, dau. William Shoma', now in his 16th year. of Lord Delaval.

The late Lord Foley had been for many Mrs. Wilkinson, of Newington, reliet of months in a very precarious ftate of healtls, Joshua W. esq. late of Highgate, and mother and went to Lisbon for the recovery of it, of Mr. Joshua W. of Leicester.

whence he returned only a few weeks fince. At Bucklane, Herts, aged 95, Mrs. Lam- of this nobleman it may be truly said, that borne, formerly of Cambridge, and mother no man ever sollelled more affability, or of Mr. P.C. L. late portrait-painter there. greater good-humour and benevolence.

At Marlborough, Mr. Wm. Fuidge, attor Found dead in his pasture at Weston, near rey, and senior alderman of that borough. Orley, Mr. John Skirrow, a considerable

At Ealing, near Southampton, aged 70, grazier. He had been, the preceding evenMr. Wm. Pearce, a famous leg-doctor. ing, to sell a parcel of fat cat:le at Alk with ;

Deeply and justly regretted by her family, and in the evening rude to the pasture, and all who knew her, Mrs. Antrobus, wife where there is a summer-house, to which of John A. esq. of New-street, Spring-gar- he retired, and was found in the morning, slens, and daughter of Gibbs Crawford, esq. Gitting on a bench, with his head reclined or of Parliament-frcet.

his walking stick. Mr. Charles Lyons, of Cuckor.street, In Great Ruffel-ftreet, Bloomsbury, Col. attorney.

Wm. Hamilton, nearly related to the Mar. Mr. Henry Weidell, apothecary, Brewer- quis of Abercorn, and one of the oldest of. Areet, Golden-square.

ficers in his Majesty's service. July 1. At his house in St. Andrew's-Squl. In Ireland, Thomas Altham, efq. only fon Edinburgh, James Veitch Lord Ellick, one of Rev. Dr. A. late of Latton, Eflex. of the senators of the College of Justice, and At the water of Leith, aged 75, Mr. Jas. many years a lord of jufticiary. He was Fröfer, near forty years clerk to the incorpobern Sept. 25,1712; entered advocate Feb. ration of bakers of Edinburgh. 11, 1733, and afterwards became his Ma 3. At Eton-school, in his 13th year, of a jetty's solicitor, and M. P. for Dumfriesthire. decline, Sir Cæsar Hawkins, bart. who, with March 6, 5:61, he was admitted one of the his younger brothers, John and Charles, lords of feffion, and filled that high station were the surviving grandsons of Carr with equal ability and impas tiality; while in Hawkins, esq furgeon in Poll mall, after. private life he was distinguished by integrity wards of Kelston, co. Somerset, who, on of conduct and attahility of manners. Dying the 25th of July, 1758, was created a baroa bachelor, he is succeeded by his nephew. nes, and died al Kelston, near Bath, Feb. 13. The family of Veitch, of which his Lordship 1986 (see vol. LVI. p. 142), having survived was the head, is of no small antiquity, having his eldest son, John Hawkins, esq. who died fustiftel in Scotland since the days of King after a few days illness at Bath, and whore Robert Bruce. The name was antiently death was said to have haftened his, as he written Voch, or de Vacb, in Latin Vucca; only survived him a few weeks. The preand, in allufun thereto, the family bears for sent baronet is Sir John Hawkins, younger arms, Arg. three cows' heads erased, S. and, brother of the latt. His mother's name was for creft, another of the same affrontée. Coburne, of Chippenham, Wilts, whole lif

At St. Petersburg, Geo. Sutherland, esq. ter is married to Miles Branthwaite, esq. of

At his house in Mark-lane, Mr. Henry Kettleston, near Norwich. Adams, attorney.

At Edinburgh, Mr. Thomas Allan, late 4th in the infirmary at Nottingham, Francis officer of the Deptford East Indiaman. Walsh, shoemaker, on the Long Ron. His

Aged 77, George Marten, efq. of Lime. de.th was occasioned by a wound he received houte, many years examining surgeon to the on the evening of his Majesty's hirth-day, by East India Company. bis on n lon, who had iadulged himself in the At East Haddon, co. Northampton, Mrs. frolicks of the night, and unthinkingly dir Sowbridge, wife of Heny 3. ely. darged a piftol close to the thoulder of his 4. Rev. R. Vivian, of Duck, many years

in the commission of the peace for the Weft- that place, and universally add deservedly reern divifion of Devonshire, and chaplain to spected and esteemed by all who had the the royal hospital at Plymouth.

pleasure of his acquaintance, and who dow Mr. Digory Mill, attorney, of Plymouth, most lincerely feel and lament the loss of lo many year's d-pury town clerk of that valuable and worthy a member of fociety. borough.

7. Ar his villa in the vininity of Gueret, Min. Ravner, wife of Mr. R. merchant, in Lyon:2018, M. Brebin, author of rome polis Hatton-garden, and eldest hister of the Rev. tical tracts respecting the late tranfactions in John Cule Gallawa), vicar of Huckle;, Co. France, in which he reprobated the con luet Leicester.

of the National Convention. He hod Heri, in New-street, Hanover-square, Richard in a female garb, from Paris, and had seOndow, fq.

cured properly en ugh to live deceni ly on. At his parsonage-house at Quenlon, El He had written, independent of hi, politicks, frx, the 'lier. Nicholas Bolcan en, D.D. very abl in calcula:ions on the value of life you'g It of eighit Sons of Hugh. cieated Lord annuities, the problems, examples, solutions, Viscount Falmouth, 6720, by Cikalo:te bis &c. of which were judicious and accurate. wife (one of the muids of honour tu Queen Al Rotherhiile, in his 58th year, Samuel Anne, and one of the daug' ters and coleirs Gllain, csq. many years in the con milion of Col. Charles Godfrey, hy Lady Aratella of the peace, and who was one of the acting Churchil', filter of John Duke of Mar ho. magistrates at the riot in St. George's fields, rough), and brother in theiate Viscount Fal in 1968. See vol. XXXVIII. p. 243. mouth. He was admitted at Cor;'us Chrifti Near Heriford, the Lady of the Rev. Sir colle:e, Cumbridge, 1743, and, in right of Adam Gordon, bart. rector of Hinxworth; his family, proceeded M.A. the year fullow. whole lufs will be long regretted, purricu. ing, and continued to refide in cullege eill he laily hy her poor ne ghbour's, for her amia. entered into bioly orders; after which, he ble m.inners an / great goodness of hari. refided at Crihall-park, Eliex, where he At Exeter, aged ; 8, Mr. Cannington, who married a fifter of th: Rev. Dr. Thack ry, was formerly an eminent malt miker, loy of Harrow *, hy whom he had two íns, which he acquired a considerable fortune, Hugh, b ru 1755, died 1756, and Nicholas, with great credit. born 1799.

On the Duke of Neucalile's At Fountainbridge, aged 1?, Mr. John visit to the university its chancellor, June, Fyffe, only son of Mr Jas. F. merch. Elimb. 1751, he was created D. D. ; was appointed At Ediub. Mr. Jas. Fairbairn, bookseller. - king's chaplain, dean of Burien in Cornu all, 8. At Oddington, near Stow, co. Glou. -1756, rector of St Mahyn and St. Michael cefter, Mr. Robert Heydon, one of the peuPenkevyl, in Cornwall, 1774, and prebend- ple called Quikers; a man of general knowar of eftminster, 1777.

ledge, una lumiog deportment, and exien5. At Presteigne, after a long and painful five liberality of sentiment. illness, which she bore with true Christian At Elland, Yorkshire, aged to, the Rev. patience, Mrs. Snith, wife of Rev. Richar! George Burnett, M. A. minister of that

S. Vicar of slow, co alop. She has left a place. This very valuable man was a native * large family and an afflicted husband to lo of Scotland, and deicended from a collateral mert her death.

branch of Bithop Burnet's family. In the Un!amented only where unknown, Mrs. latter part of his life he potrellid a confideMarth, wife of W. M. ely. of Knighttbridge. rable fortune, which enabled him to diatrie

Ar Vyverfione, Mrs Rackhaill, wise of bute large fums every year in various acts of Mr. John R. hookf-ler, of Bury.

bene hicence and chanty, especially among 6." Ar the Countess of Pembroke's, the the poorer clergy, many of whom looked Hon. Mr. Herbrit, son of Lord H.

up to him as tu a father. The Church of At A uchint r!:e, co. Dumbartor, Mrs. Engla''d bad not a more firm ma vecuted Grace Campbel, wife of George Kuchanan, friend, por true religion a more fincere and etg. of luchintorlie, merch int 10 Glasgow, confiftent advocate In doctrines he adhered

At Little Knox, Miss 11 hella Gordon. clofely to the Articles of the Church; and,

Mr. Jo'n South, of Steeple hall, near in his general practice as a Chriftian, he was Madon, Ellex.

punctual and exact almost to a proverb. Ai leven p'clock in tlie evening, the only Preserment he had often refufeil, and died child of Mr. Nicholas, apothecary, Pudding- pofieiled of none but the parochial chapel of lare; anı!, at the lame hour on the follow- Eland, of which he had been miniser uping day, Mrs Nicholas.

wards of thirty years. He published, in the A. Great Brickbill, Rucks, the Rev. John year 1773, " A short Catechism, intended Pitts, M. A. upwards of 30 years sector of chiefly for Chldren anii Youn, on some of

the main Points of the Christian Religion." * So Mr. Muitars's Hiftory of Corpus At Chapel hall, Mrs. Janet Reid, Jarc of Chrißi College, p. 427; but in the new edi- Sydserfe. Lon of Collins's Peerage, VI. 86, it is said he At his seat, Summerfiell-house, in his maruie! 1..he, daughter of Woodward, 67th year, Tobias Hammond, esq. a jurat and relict of - Hallon, of Stratford upon and one of the juttices of Maidstone. Avon, erų.


In his 430 year, Mr. Thomas Preston, of At Moffat, Mrs Scott, wife of Rev. Alex. Great Chapel Areet, Oxford-street, the first S. of Rotterdam, and daughter of the late ate-brewer of the age. He was a native of Rev. John M rshall, minister of Tinwald. tha! part of Staffordshire near Birming 14. At his seat rear Scarborough, after ham ; came to London se the age of 9, and three dys illoess, Geo. Ofbakleston, esq. drove a diftiller's cart fome years. His uncle,

At Champfleurie, co Linlithgow, Alex. Mr. Price, was a brewer, in the house of Johnston, efq. of Straiton, co, Edinburgh. Stretton, Pr ce, and Stace He was taken Dying a bachelor, bis estates devolve upon into this house as a servant ; an' his talents his hro her, James J. efq as a judge of mule and hops soon gave him Wm Hopkinson, era of Castle Bytham, the pre-em.nence at the copper fue, where

co Lincoln. he directed the business more than 20 veurs,

At his house ir Edgar-ftreer, Worcester, and, by his jouge nnt, brought it tv its pre

in bi« 69h year, Mr. Elias Isaac, many years fent celebrity, by increasing it, latterly, at organist of the cathelral, and conductor of the rate of ioco barrels 2-y ai From Mi the linnal musick-meetings at Worcester, chael:nas to Midsummer last they brewed H re'or), and Gloucetter. To his profeffi19,522 barrels of ale. Py his fte..cy a tach on il lk II, which, by the cognoscenti, was ment to business he wis, fifteen years ago, rated highly, he added the qualities, of still taken into partnership, and survived all the higher value, that characterise an honest mana other three partners He married a niece of A: Enfeld-highway, aged 63, Mrs. Long, one of the partners, by whom he had one

relict of Mr. L. farmer. dinghter. In lus perton he was remirk.ahly 15 Mr. Wilson, hookseller, Nottingham. well madle, active, live'y, and, for hodily

After a few hours illness, in the camp of Atrength, none of his draymon could come croin, the Hon. C. So ithell, of the third near him; yet a complicate! illness of fix or dragoon-guards, only brother of Lord de eight months, proceeling, pri hybly, from the Cl fford. zeal of extending luis business, broke him At Lee!s-castle, in Kent, in his 87th year, down, as it must inevitally do the strongest Robert Lord Fairfax, of Cameron in Score of the human r.ce.

land. He was t'ie youngest son of Thomas Far advanced in years, Mr. Shrubh, mar the fifth Lord Fairfax, whose great uncle ter of the White Hart inn at Benfon up was the merrorahle General Sir Thomas wards of 40 years.

Fairfax, who conductedhe parliament army, A Northamp'on, in his 8;d year, Tho. in the time of Oliver Cromwell, against Willock, esq. a lientenant in the 4 it regi- Charles the First, and who, with General ment of foot. This respectuhle veteran bild Monk, affit'ed in retoring his son, Charles been 64 years in the arn y, in the course of the Second, to the throne. His father, Thowhich he had fought in nine engagements. mas, married Catharine, drughter and I le

Far advanced in years, Mrs. Anne Agit- heiress of homas Lord Col peper, of a ter, of North •mnion.

very antient · family in the county of Kent, Mrs. Shirley, wife of Mr. S. surgeon, in by whom he became poslessed, in right of the Lower-Street, Ning'on.

his lady, of the manor and castle of Leeds, 9. At Enfield, where he was employed in and other large potreitions in that county. facing a house with the Southampton tiles, He died in 1910, leaving three sons and four Mr. Michel, bricklayer, of London. danghiers. Thomas, his eldest son, then in · 10. At her house in Bruton-Street, Mrs. his 17th year, succeeded him. Having some Chandler, widow of George C. esq.

concerns in America, he, many years ago, At her lon's fe it at Tickencore, Mrs Wing left bis house and property at Leeds-castle to field, relict of Rev. John W. rector of Mar the care of his only surviving brother, Capt. ket Overton in Rutland.

Robert Fairfax, and refuled in Virginia, 11. At lus fe.it at Felbridge, Surrey, James where he died, unmarried, in March 1782, Evelyn, esq. LL. D. many years an active at the very advanced age of 89. His second and upright magistrate.

son was Henry Colepeper, who died at their At Pentonville, Illington, Mr. Harris, of paternal seat, Denton-calle, in York thire, the Stamp-office.

unmarı ied, in the year 1738. This YorkA! Kencifh-lown, James Dagge, esp. shire estate was afterwards sold to Mr. Il Wm. Donale, esq. mereh. in Glasgow. berfon, whose son was afterwards Sir Henry Al Fikiik, Mr. John Johofton, writer. Ibbetson, bart.-Robert, the youngest son,

12. In Margarei-ftreet, Cavend ih-squa. was a major in the horse-guards; and, during William Withers Marr, eldest son of Mr. M. his residence at Harrietham, was elected to of Lewisham in Kent. His death was occa parliament for Maiditone, in 1939, again fioned by falling from a wall, on the 7th in for the fune place in 1747; and in 1754 and ftan', at Kingston upon Thames, where he 1761 for the county of Kent. was on a visit.

he married, first, Martha, daughter of AnAt Stamford, in her 22d year, Miss Tork- thony Collins, esq. of Baddow, in Essex, and ington, daugliter of Mr. T. attorney.

niece to the late Sir Franc's Child, hart, who 1?. At Hordham, ou his return from died in 1744. By her he had one son, who Brighthelmstone, George Evans, esq. of Ba died in his fifth year, 1747. In 1749 lis Jam, in the parish of Streatham, Surrey.

In 1741

married, fecondly, Miss Beft, daughter of particularly well informed in the laws of his Thomas Beft, esq. of Chatham, who died in country, and the principles of the Constitus 1750, leaving no children. His fifters were, . tion, for which no man bad a greater reo Margaret, who married David Wilkins, spect. He was an excellent parliamentary D.D. Jean of Norwich, and prebendary of speaker, a powerful reasoner, spoke core Canterbury , Frances, who married Denny rectly, and argued logically. His voice was Martin, efq. of Loore, near Maidstone, diftinct, and his manner graceful. He was wbose son, the Rev. Denny Martin, was in: highly esteemed by all who had the honour ducted to the curacy of Leeds, and the an of his acquaintance; had been for several nexed chapelry of Bromfield, Nov. 14,1760, years a staunch and dauntless patriot, but at which, since the 3d of Elizabeth, has been length died in the religion of the court. in the gift of the Archbinuop of Canterbury. At his house on East-hill, Wandsworth, The father of the late Lord had a brother, Samuel Hanning, esq. many years one of the the Hon. Brian Fairfax, who was commir. common council of the city of London, and foner of the customs, and died in 1750, one of the governors of the Foundling-bara leaving a large fortune to his nephew, the pital and the London-workhouse, late Lord. He had also two other brothers, At Coningsby, co. Linculon, aged 23, Mrs. Henry and Barwick, one of whom, we are Wetherail, wife of Rev. J. L. W. of Trinitytold, had a fon in the church, to whom the hal!, Cambridge. title and chate descends. The family of 17. At his house on Clay-hill, Enfeld, jnft Hairfax is efieemed to be very antient in this after speaking to his labourers, aged 68, Mr, kington, even before the Norman conqueft. Jolu Pullen, formerly an eminent wheels And i appears they were poflefled of ands wriglie in London, and brother to the lac in the county of York near 6.00 years ago. Mr. Samuel P, cow-keeper, a: ifington, In the time of Charles the First they were from whom he inherited a considerable forzealous Presbyterians; and there are not tune. He marricil, 1789, Miss Fithwick, wanting tettimonies to incline us to think enly daughter of Mr. F. L.dler, of Enfield. Chat General Fairfax was concerned in the He was interred at 10ington on the 25th, in death of that ļ'rince. The läst Lord was the evening. His fifter died May 21 (ice fond of retirement, and, in the small circle p. 485). of his acquaimance, was much respected. In her 27th year, much lamented, Mrse He had a great thare of natural simplicity Mills, wise of Rev. James M. of Alhover, and unaffected benevolence. Wherler, from co. Derhy. the retirement in which lie lived, or from Mr. Dalby, alderman of Leicester. what other cause we know not, the Peerages At Chelsea, in her 734 year, Mrs. Siebnow printed give a very wiong account of bing, reliet of Rev. Dr. S. of Gray’s.inn. the latier part of the pedigree of this Noble At Billingbear, Berks, in his 76th year, man; it may be seen more at large in Haf- Richard Neville Nevile, esq. father of the ted's Hittory of Kent, 11.477, who has shewn member for Reading. much accuracy in his genealogies of families. 18. Dropped down dead, in Silver-street,

16. Al Nurhall-temple, near Nottingham, Edmonton, Mr. Rome, whitesmith, formerly Hon. Mis. Sedley, d.ugbier of the late con master of the Three Tuns public-houfe there, vivial and popu ar Sir Charles S. and the and headle of the said parish. heiress of the greater part of his estates. Her Mr. Rob. Holmes, of Lower-str. Illington, husband, the Hon. Mr. Vernon, took the At Brompton, near Chathamn, aged 554 pame of Sedley, in compliment to Sir Charles. Mrs. Fennell, wife of John F. esq. one of

Alli's house on Stephen's-green, Dublin, the treasury pay.clerks at Chatham. Fdmund Burler Viscount Muinigarret and 19. At her lodgings at Weymouth, where Baron of Kulis, and brother to the Hou. Si. The had been but a few weeks, removed mwn B. at present confined in Dublin News from Briftol Hotwells, in a deep decline, We for a libel on the Irish House of Lords. aged 34, Charlotte-Grace, wife of Henry He was born July 27, 1745; succeeded his Pierce, efq. of Bedale, co. York, lifter to ther in 1779; married, 1768, Lady Hen Lord Monton. She was born in 1759, and 'rette Putler, youngest daughter of the eighth married in 1777. Earl of Carrick, by whom he had four fons 20. In Frith-ftreet, Soho, Jn. Chase, ely. and one daugl ter. He is succeeded in ritle Mr. John Randall, coal-merchant, of St. and eitales' by his elde it son, Edmund, born Peters-hill, Thames-treet. 1771, lately married to the daughter of the 22. Ac his fou's bouse in Great GeorgeArchhishop of Dublin). His Loruship was street, Westminster, aged 88, Mr. Edwardonly diree rays ill. He sat down to dinner Thomas Nealson. in apparen:ly perfect health ; and, after eat After a few hours illness, Mrs. Saunders, ing Strawberries, and drinking cider, he wife of Mr. S. master of the White Hart inn complained of sickness, which increased so at Exeter, rapidly as to barate the skill of the best phy 23. At his friend's house at Exeter, after a sicians. He was 30 excellent scholar, a man few hours illness, Mr. Bragg, attorney, of of strong intelee, of a violent difpofition, Wellington ; a mun very much respected semarkable for his fortitude and courage, and and lamented.

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44 8. Wilts


Somerset si


In Neel-Itreet, Soho, aged 55, Mr. Barak suits connected with his bulinels, in which Longmate, an engraver of emmence; parti. his punctuality was equal to his integrity;

starty in the Heraldic line, a study to which form in his friendthips, and of a mind not he had devoted his attention from early life, less independent ciun intelligent; tus fois and in which he had acquired a distinguished will be lamented by a circle extending fir proficiency. He was editor of the last beyon I the fpliere of his relatives and more edition of Collins's Peerage, 1779," 8 immediate intimates.. His remuns, attended vois. 8vo.; of a “Supplemental Volume," by a few friends desirous of Newing him in 1784 ; and has left behind him a copy of the last tribute of respect, were depilated, that very useful work, entirely prepared on the 27th, in the lower burial ground of for a new edition. He has also lift (and, St. Mary.la. Bonne, with those of his wile, from regard to his numerous family, we who died in 1731, and of his father and aiu. chearfully record it) an unblemished cha ther (Barak and Elizabeth), inhabitants of - racter. indefatigable in the laudable pur• St. James's parith, Westminster.

PRICES OF WHEAT, from the Returns ending July 20, 1993. INLAND COUNTIES. U MARITIME COUNTIES. del

d. Diftriels. s. d! Flint Middlesex 46 6 Salop

Ellex 45 :0.77 Denbigh 55 9 Surrey 47 11 Hereford



44 9 83 Angletea 52 Hertford

1 Worcester


Carnarvon 5$ 8 Bedford

46 9

S Suffolk 46 6

Merioneiligs Hantingdon

46 €

Cambridge43 21 Cardigan 35 Northampton 47 10 Berks

4+ 9 3
Norfolk 43 11

Pembroke 43 Rutland 50 6 Oxford 4310 S Lincoln

43 11

Carmarth. 55 Leicetter 51 11 Bucks

47 lo
+ York 45 71

Glamorg 63 Nottingham 5 8 Brecun


Durhamn 46 o Gloucester 48 Derby 58 S Montgomery 56 10 { Northumb 45

Cio Stafford 54 2 Radnor


Cumbeil. 51 10 Monmoui.g5 6

Devon 36 3 Total Average of England and Wales.

Lancashire 53 5

Cornwall 33 11 Per quarter, 21. 118. od. being 3d. less than

Cheshire 509

S Corset our last report, p. 583.

1" Hants
OATMEAL, per Boll of 140lbs. Avoiruupois, al. os. qu.
AVERAGE PRICE, by which EXPORTATION and Bounty are to be regulated.
Diftricts l. s. d. Diftricts 1. s. d. Districts d. 8. d. Districts

6 9

2 12 4 10
S 7 5

2 15 31 1

215 1 3 2 3 13 2 14 4 9 215 21 12

7 S THEATRICAL REGISTER. 1. Half an Hour after Supper-The London 16. Piety in Puttens --The London Hormica Hermit-Peeping Tom.

The Flirch of Bacon. 2. The Pad-Dillo-Ditto.

17. The Bactle of Hexham--A Moşul T.12. 3. The Bottle of Hexham-Village Lawyer. 18. A Quarter of an Honor before Dinner 4. A Qururter of an Hour before Dinner

The London Hirmu-jying Volel. ! he Lendon Hermit-Son-i11. Law. 19: De.f Lovei1it for lar-Peeping om. 3. All in Good Humour-Ditto 4-Catharine 20. The Surrender of Calais-Villac sw'ler und Petruchio.

22. The Battle oHezbiini--The Sun in Liit 6. Secing is Believing-Ditto--Son-in-Low 23. Inkle and Yar:criam Petping Tun. 3. The Surrender of Calais--A Mogul Tale. 24. A Quarter of an Hour botore Dinner 9. A Quarter of an Hour before Dinner

The London Hermilho's the Duge The London Hermil-Flitch of Bicon. 25. The Author-Tit for Tat-Tlie Vise 10. Piety in Pattens-Ditto-Peeping Tom. 11. All in Good Humour-Ditto = 1 he Son- 26. Summer Amusement- A Mogul Tale. in-Law,

[Dupe? 27. The Battle of Hexhin--lying Valce. 12. The Chapier of Accidents-Whio's the 29. The Surrender of Calais-VillageLau yer 13. Half an Hour after Suppor--The London 30. All in Good Humour-Ways and Means Hermit-The Citizen.

-The Flech of Bacon. 15. Snmmer Amusement-Vitlage Lawyer. 31. The London Hermit--Peeping Tom.

BILL of MORTALITY, from July 2 tų July 23, 1793.

2 and 5 199 150 and 60 99 Males 699 Mäles 5 and 10 69 10o and

93 10 and 20

go and 80 66 Whertof bave died under two years old 407

20 and 30

20 and 90' 30

30 end 40 90 and 100 Peck Loaf 25. bubo

40 and so 113

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2 TO







. 64?} 1339

Females 773

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