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At Paisley, Mr. James Provard, merchant Walter Persent, esq. from Hambrough, to in Glasgow, to Miss Eliz. Maxwell, youngest Mifs Latibury, of Horninglow, co. Stafford. dangh, of late Cha. M. erg.of Merksworth. Mr. W. Falwasser, chemist, of London, to

Rev. Richard Orwin, of Wisbech, to Miss Mifs Knowles, daughter of Rev. Mr. K. of Howell, fifter of Joseph H. esq. of Lim, near Tinwell, near Stamford. that place.

At Woodstock, in Scotland, John Douglas, Mr. Wilson, of Louth, to Miss Willerton, esq.of Tilliwhilly, le Miss Penelope Mackenof Grantham.

zie, dau. of late John M.esq. of Sirickathrow. Mr. Oliver, banker, of Newark, to Mifs TQ. At Waughton-house, the seat of the Lowe, daughter of Robert L. esq. of Oxon, Hon. Charles Hope, Alex Marlean, esq. of co. Nottingham.

Ardgower, Lady Margaret Hope, dau. of Thomas Rawson, esq. of Ward's-end, near late and litter of the present L. of Hopetoun. Sheffield, to Miss Barker, eldest daughter of Stephen Cattley, esq. of Camberwell, to John B. efq. of Bakewell, co. Derby. Miss Reed, of Leadenhall-Street.

John Wilmot, efq. of Bedford-row, M. P. 11. Mr. T. R. Watson, to Miss Bilby, for Coventry, to Miss Halam, daughter of both of Market Raisin, co. Lincoln. the late Col. H.

Rev. Dr. Wallby, preceptor to Prince, July 1. Franeis Dalhwood, efq. to Lady William of Gloucester, to Miss Henrietta Anne Maitland, fifter of the E.of Lauderdale. Beflet, of Green-street, Grosvenor-square.

Mr. Bruce, of London, to Mrs. Good, of Mr. Francis Patten, stone-mason, of St. Tring, Herts.

Margaret's Bank, Rochester, to Mits Irvin, At Potterne, Wilts, Richard Nowell, esq. only dau, of John I. sen. gent of Chatham. of the Inner Temple, to Miss Conam, daugh. Mr. Wm. Dugnid, merihuit in Aberdeen, of Rev. Mr. C. archdeacon of Wilts.

to Miss Marjory Leilie, daughter of the late At Hamilton, Campbell Douglas, esq.late Mr. Alex. L. merchant there. of Jamaica, to Miss Agnes Marshal, daugh 12. At Edinburgh, David Cathcart, esq. of ter of Mr. Rob. M. merchant, Glasgow. Greenfield, advocate, to Miss Mary Moore,

2. Mr. Thomas Burneti, of Vauxhall, to daugh. of Rob. M. eiq. of Blairstoon. Miss Wooll, of Lambeth.

13. Rev. Thomas Etherington, of St. Al. Mr. Harrison, bookseller, of Pater-nofter- ban-hall, Oxford, to Miss Van Mildert, of row, to Miss Routh, of London-street, Tot- Newington, Surrey. tenham-court-road.

Hector M'Donald, esq. writer to the rige 3. Rev. Mr. Harder, of Honiton, Devon, net, to Miss Buchanan, of Drummakiln. to Miss Lavington, of Exeter.

14. Tho. Durham, elq. captain in the E. At Bath, John Palmer Chichester, esq. of of Hopetown's fencible regiment, second fon Ariington, to Miss Hamilton, eldest daugh of James Calderwood D. of Largo, to Mifs ter of James H. erg. of Bungour.

Young, of Nether field. 4. Henry Bayley, efq captain of marines,

James Stuart, esq. of Thames-str. te Miss to Mrs. Stephens, au' hor of several little po Murdoh, dau. of Wm. M. eiq.of Rotterdam. etical pieces, particularly the beautiful Elegy 15. Samuel Estwick, esq. (ion of Sam. E. addrelled to Majesty (see p. 464), and widow esq. fecretary and register of Chelsea-hospiof the late Mr. $. merchant, of Snow-hill. tal), to the Hon. Mifs Hawke, dau. of Ld. H.

Wm. Skinner, elg. of America-square, Mr. Hodgkin, draper, of Leicester, to eldeit son of Mr. Alderman S. to Miss Miss Sophia Ganible, daughter of the late Coomber, of Lewes, Sutlex.

Mr. G. alderman of that borough. J. Larking, era of East Malling, lo Miss Mr. Andrew Reid, merchant, Glasgow, to Style, only sister of Sir C. S. bart. of Water

Miss Janet Paterson. inghury, Kent.

16. Rev. Richard Munkhouse, to Miss Mr. Wilkinlon, of Trmity-college, Cam. Savage, daughter of Arthur S. esq. of Bola bridge, to Mils Nclion, of Brantingham. ton, in America.

Wm. Barkley, esq. of the Middle Temple, Mr. Robert-Richard Mawley, of the Boto Mrs. Abercrombie.

rough High-street,to Miss Jane Stevens, niece 6. By special hcence, at Sir John Freke's, of John Wakeficlel, esq. of Cheshunt, Herts. bart. in Gardiner's-row, Dublin, Dudley Wm. Browl, M.D. late from Kulyvan, in Loftus, esq. of Kilyo:', co. Meath, to Lady Rulli, to Miss Hamilton Walker, daugh. of Jane Gore, youngest daughter of the Earl of the late Dr. Ron. W. of Edinburgh. Arran, by his Lordship's first wile, the hister 18. Benj. Porter, esq. of Gower-str. Bed. of the Earl of Annesley.

ford-Iquare, to Mis. Barne, widow of Geo. At Rumsord, Ellex, Lieut, Colin Camp- B. esq. of Theobalts, Herts. bell, of the zoih regiment, to Miss Barrow, Mr. Thomas Halley, one of the proprie. of Chelsea, daughter of the late Capt. B. of tors of the cotton-manufactory at Amertham, the Ruyal Admiral East Indiaman.

Bucks, to Mifs Morion, of Wondlide. 7. At Wolverhampton, Mr. John Dicken. Wm. Hutcheson, eiq. of Bristol, to Miss fon, surgeon, to Miss Howe, of Bromsgrove. Chapman, of the hotwells, daughter of Rev,

9. Mr Floyd', of Emford, Keni, to Mrs. Dr. C. lite senior prebendary of Bristol. odgfon, of Kartholomew-close.

Tho. Wheldale, efq. of Holbeach, co. LinH Mr. John Cooper, draper, to Miss Hall, coln, to Mrs. Wuleman, of Huntingdon, oth of Northampton.


At Byfleet, Lieut.-col. Wynyard, of the tearing him through the thickert bushes and ist reg. of foot-gustus, to Lady Matilda West. trees, every thing yielding to his monstrous

At Cambridg”, Rev. Richard Roberts, of strength. The azonies of horror, regret, Micham, Surrey, fellow of King's college, and, i must say, fear (for there were two and son of the late Dr. R. provost of Eton, tigers, male and female) rushed on me at to Miss Margaret Wade, daughter of the late once. The only effort I could make was to Rev. Mr. W. of Boxford.

fire at him, though the poor youth was still At Clifton, near Bristol, Rev.Mr. Roberts, in his mouth. I relied partly on Providence, to Miss Wogan, of Whiston, co. Pembroke. part'y on my own aim, and fired a mulket.

At Haukhill, near Edinburgh, the Hon. I saw the ciger stagger and agitated, and Fletcher Norton, one of the barons of the cried out to immediately. Mr. Downey Scotcla exchequer, and brother of Ld. Grant then fired two shots, and I one more. We lej, to Miss Caroline-Elizabeth Balmain, retired from the jungle, and, a few minutes daughter of the late James B. esq. one of after, Mr. Munro came up to us, all over the commiffioners of excise for Scotland. blood, and fell. We took him on our backs

Mr. Andrew Stephenfin, merchant in to the boar, and got every medical ailiftacce Glasgow, to Mifs Anne Moubray, daughter for him from the Valentine East India-man, of Mr. M. principal clerk to the General which lay at anchor near the island, but in Poft-office at Edinburgh.

vain. He lived 24 hours in the extreme 19. Mr. Dunn, of Fleet-street, to Mifs of torture; his head and skull were torn, Pyrke, of Little Dean, co. Gloucester. and broke to pieces, and he was wounded

20. Mr. Charles Rixon, eldest son of John by the claws ali over his neck and shoulders; Req. of Great Hermitage-Street, Wapping, but it was better to take him away, though to Miss Fielding, of Black heath.

irrecoverable, than leave him to be devoured 22. At Cranford, Middlesex, Edw. Ra- limb by limb. We have just read the funevenscroft, esq. to Miss Emma Boycott, 2d ral service over the body, and committed it dau. of Tho. B. esq. of Rudg®, co. Salop. to the deep. He was an amiable and pro

23. Rev. John Holland, vicar of Long mising youth. I must observe, there was a Crendon, Books, to Miss Charlotte Style, large fire blazing close to us, composed of diugh. of Mr. S. of Thame, surgeon, &c. ten or a dozen whole trees; I made it mye

24. Rev. John Dighy Fowell, rector of self, on purpose to keep the tigers off, as I Torbr; an, to Mifs Sarah Knowling, daugh. had always heard it would. There were of Peter K. erg of Wallbourne.

right or ten of the natives about us; many 25. Wm. Whitmoie, esq. of Coleman. Mots had been fired at the place, and much ftreet, to Miss Eliz. Booth.

noise and laughing at the time; but this feCapt. J. Hyde Bromwich, of an independent rucious animal disregarded all. The luman comp.lo Miss Keir, of Southampton-row. mind cannot form an idea of the scene; it

turned my very soul within me. The beast DEATHS.

was about four and a half feet high, and Extract of a Letter from a Gintleman to his nine long. His head appeared as large as an

Friend at Calcuti, dated on board the ox's, his eyes darting fire, and his ro.ir, Ship Shaw Ardalier, off Saugur ID and, wh.n he first seized his prey, will never be Dec. 23, 1792.

out of my recollection. We had scarcely O describe the aweful, horrid, and pushed our boats from that cursed shore

lamentable accident I have been an when the tigress made her appearance, eye-witness of, is impollible. Yesterday raging mad almost, and remained on the morning Mr. Downey, of the Company's fand as long as the distance would allow me trrops, Lieut. Pyefinch, poor Mr. Munro to see her.' (lon of Sir Hector) and myself, went on 1793. April.,.. At Port Antonio, Jafhore on Saugur island to shoot deer.

We maica. Wm. Hill, esq. comptroller of the law innumerable tracks of tigers and deer, customs there. but still we were induced to pursue our May 3. At Clifton, near the Holwells, sport, and did the whole day. About half Bristol, Mrs. Mary Campbell, rehauf Alex. past three wc sat down on the edge of the C.esq. of Worton, Middlesex, and formerly jungle, to eat some cold meat fent us from one of the council at Fort William, Bengal. the ship, and had just commenced our meal, 2. Mrs. Martha Quarrell, many years when Mr. Pyetinch and a blick servant toll governess to young ladies in Carter-lane, us there was a fine deer within fix yards of Doctor-commons.

Mr. Downey and mylelf immediately At Clapham, Mr. Joshua Yellowley. jumped up to take out ginis; mine was the 31. At Pudhill, co. Gloucester, aged 75, near it, and I had just laid hold of it when John Wade, esq. Therd a roar, like thunder, and faw an June... Ai Rome, aged 7? years and i imment- royal tiger spring on the unfortu mon!, Cardinal Boromeo, or the creation nute 1111:.ro, who was sitting down. in a of Clement XIII. moment his head was in the heart's mouth, 1. Tho. Rogers, esq.of Newington-green. and he rothed into the jungle with liin, 8. At Yarmouth, Mr Alex. Shaw, some with as much ease as I could lifi a killen, time dealer in natural history in London.

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He has left near zoccl. towards erecting a 12. At Aix-la-Chapelle, in his 430 year, foundling hospital at Aberdeen.

unmarried, Sir James Barclay, baronet of 11. At Daulith, in Devonshire, aged 34, Nova Sco!ia, a captain in the royal navy, and George-Anson Byron, efq. He was a cap. formerly commander of the Leander and tain in the royal navy, and second son of the Windsor Castle men of war; not less distinlate Admiral B. by whom he was introduced guilhed for his gallant conduct, on various early into the service; in which, having had occasions, than for his integrity, honour, and several opportunities of exerting personal other amiable virtues. He was the lineal bravery and professional skill, he attained a descendant and heir of Sir Rob. Barclay, knt. great degree of glory. Having been upon of Peristoun, in Airshire, who was created a the stations in the West Indies, he felt a de baronet of Nova Scotia Oct. 22, 1668. He fire of serving in the East; and, applying was interred with military honours in the for a fhip going to that quarter of the globe, French Walloon Protestant church at Maelhe was appointed to the command of the tricht. Robert Barclay, of Aix-la-Chapelle, Phænix, and failed with a small squadron his only brother, who married Elizabeth, under Commodore Cornwallis, early in the the fifter of Richard Tickell, esq. one of his year 1789.. Ever active, he fought the first Majesty's commiffioners of the itamp-office, occasion of assisting in the war against Tip- and has issue by her, a son and a daughter, poo Saib, and, at the very outset, rendered a succeeds bim in his citle. fignal service, by intercepting the Sultan's 15. Suddenly, at Borrowdale, while in the transports loaded with military stores. After chapel, aged 85, Mi. Daniel Jopson. Till ibis he diftinguished himself by landing some the time of !is death he was never known of his cannon, and leading a party of his men to be sick, nor ever took physick. to affist in reducing one of the enemy's for 16. At Edinburgh, William Menzies, e q. treffes on the coast of Malabar; for which folicitor of the coftums for Scotland. service he was publicly applauded in the of. 18. At Moffat, whither he had gone for the ficial accounts that were sent home. Un recovery of his health, Alex. Ross,esq.of Culfortunately, he fell a victim to his alacrity in roffie, lieutenant-colonel of the late 1ozd reg. this war. When Gen. Abercrombie was on At Fisherrow, near Muñelburgh, in his his march towards Seringapatam, the ship 79th year, George Stuart, LL. D. Emeritus which Capt. B. commanded lay off the profellor of humanity in the university of mouth of a river, up which his affiftance Edinburgh. He was admitted to that office was required to convey a part of the army, in 1741, and retired in 1775, after having and it was necessary that he should have an taught with reputation 34 years. He was a interview with the General. At the time great master of the Latin tongue, and used the interview was to take place, it blew to read lectures upon the Ronian clafficks fresh, and there was a heavy lea on the bar with fingular vigour and animation. He of the river; but the service required expe was particularly successful in explaining the dition, and danger disappeared before his Roman antiquities to the higher ciafles of his eagerness. A sea broke upon the boat, and students; and, by the dignity of his aspect overset her. In rising, the gunwale of the and manners, inspired his hearers with an boat ftruck him cwice violently upon the enthusiastic admiration of the language and breast; and, when he was taken up, it was literature of antient Rome. By the abilities not apposed be could survive the shock he and talents which he displayeil

, he prored had sultained. He was, however, for a time himself worthy to fit in the chair which had restored to life; but he was no more to be been filled by the celebrated Lawrence Dunrestored to his country. The faculty did das. Having acquired a competent fortune, what they could to preserve him, and then he retired from public life, expecting to ordered him to England, rather hoping than spend the evening of his days in eafe and believing he could escape so far with life. In comfort. But the premature death of his England he has lingered above 12 months; only surviving ron, the late eminent Gilbert during which time he had experienced the Stuart, LL.D. who was lost to him and to mifery of witnessing the dissolution of a beau. the literary world in 1786, and, la:ely, some tiful, amiable, and beloved wife, who died other domestic calamities, particularly the at Bath, on the 26th of February last, at the death of an excellent wife, left him discono age of 29 years; upon which event he retired solate and forlorn. His numerous pupils, with his children to Daulish, and there sure many of whom it was his delight to befriend, vived her only three months and a fortnight. and to recommend to comfortable situations, In his public character he was brave, active, will lament that the close of his life was emo and skilful; and his Majesty lias lost in him bittered with forrow. He was the oluelt an excellent and loyal officer. In his private member of that celebrated seminary to which character lie was devout without the appear- he belonged, and is succeeded by Dr. John ance of it, fond of his family, conitant in his Hill, who was associated with him in 1975, friendships, generous and humane. The and is now sole profeffor of humanity in the bearts of many who read this will bear testie university of Edinburgh. mony to the justice of the praise, as the 20. Ai Preston, in Lanc faire, in her 94th heart of him who writes it be.rs a forrowful yeu, Mrs. Sufanna Horahy, relict of Geof. testimony to the lincerity of his affiction.


frey H. esq. of Poulton. This venerable and rather too inuch of the warmth of his coun| respectable person had been a widow up. try about him. His affair with Capt. Jolin wards of 6ı years.

Ferguson, at the Cape of Good Hope, was Ac Moneybill house, Herts, Cape. James among the most unfortunate of his life, in Dundas, of ihe Earl Fitzwilliam E. Indiaman. which bis honour as a soldier compelled him

In his 30th year, the Rev. Isaac Mawfom, to do what he did, and for which he was a patise of Holm Rock, near Whitehaven, tuice honour.bly acquitted, at the Cape and and curare of Harfor:, co. Yerk. As he was ar the Old Bailey (see vol. XXXVI. p. 606). ridirg, in the evening, on the road het veen Two of his lifters are living ; one of whom Richmond and Gilling, his horse trok high', is Rarones Nolken, who was the widow of and thieu him, by which his neck was dit. Stephen Calar Lem. itre,eli, one of the judges located, an' he suffered immediate death. - at Begal, and who died in 17:8; another is Should a short sketch of his character be at Mrs. Mary Roch", a maiden la ly, now in tempted, it m glit juftly be foil, that he por her Soth year. Mrs. R's mother was the felfed a great vigour of intelleél, and minli. Tiftet' of ir Edw. Bougfiton, and aunt of the Dels of Jeportarent. His discernment was Jate unfortunate baronet of that fainily, Sic ready and intuitive; and lie had a mind Theodofius, of Lawford- hal'; co. Warwick, when, being naturally of a liberal cust, was poisoned in 178;. highly improved by education and converse Al Loughborough, aged 34, Mr. Hacter with the world. in private life his manners Parkinson, formerly of Horun, fun of the were fornied to conciliate affection and el late Rev. Mr. P of Leicester, teem; and, in the public capacity in which At the Temple, near Matlock-hath, co. he was placed, his conduct claimed and ob- Derby, whither went for the recovery ta ned respect.

of her health, Mrs. Babington, wife of the 22. At Harborough, aged 85, Mrs. Roure, Rev. Nir. B. rector of Coffington, and vic: mother of Mr. K. draper, of that place. of Rothley, both co. Leicester, and only

A: Waru ick, Mr. W. Walchorn, brother diughter of Mr. Alderman Droke, of the to Mr, Alderman W. of Leicester.

burvugh of Leicester. 23. Ar Westminster-school, aged 15, Mr. Mifs Highmure, eldest daughter of An. J. Sutton, son of Jol in Manneiss. esq. M.P. thony H. efy. of Wincheap, near Counterfor Newark, co. Nottingham. His corpse bury. She bore a painful illness for muy was depoficed in the family-vault at Kelham, years with an exemplary fortitude and po in that neighbourhood.

tiencc. Her severe sufferings never in the Suddenly, at Cherham, Bucks, Mr. Tho least soured the natural su retnefi of her mas Treacher, laceman.

temper; but, at intervals of tok rable care, 24. At his house at Highgate, Richard Me delighted and enlivened her anxioully Nattau Viscount Molesworth of Ireland. affectionate family and friends by her ami. He was only for, hy the second wife, to Ri able and chean ful vivacity, for it was her chard third viscount, who had the honour of principle to enjoy every offered alleviation. saving the Duke of Marlborough at the bat. She had a fine understanding, much chilia dle of Ramillies (see Archdale's riih Peer vated by judicious reading, and a rectilule age, V. 143, n.) He was born in 1748; but of mind that governed all her thonghe, had been for fome years subject to delirious words, and actions, and taught her“ patins fits, so that he was little seen, and never to move at the command of Rea on." Sie without a proper attendant. His eftates, knew her duty, and Me practised it. Cona which profited, no doubt, by this feclusion, scienuously virtuous and religu tis, hui siis were never worth less than 10,000l. a.year rigid. Her piety was of the chesrtul cait; He is succeeded in honour's hy nis nephew, for, though deprived, by constant ill healt', Robert, now Viscount Mulesworth, of Ken frum joining in the pleasures of life, yet, so saston palace.

far from condemuing, the recommended At Sheepshead, co. Leicester, Mrs. Ludthem, in a moderate degree, to others, and low, wife of Mr. L. farmer and mulliter. was alu ays glad u hen the could pe:1.1.de

25. At Mile-end, aged 8 j, C.:pl. l homas her famil, to relieve then selves frim their Aniagron.

cender attentions to her by mixing a little in At Seafurd, Suffex, James Chambers, esq. the amusements of the world. Slic had an the oldest jurat of that corporation.

aftectionate and grateful tense of her good As Rochester, Mis. Roche, widow of and honoured parents' care ard indulgence, Capt. David R. and daugliter of the late and j fly esteemed their worl!.. As a fine Chriftoplier Jefferson, eiq. of Dullingham, ter, lhe was most tenderly and ; artially loud Diear Newmarket -Cape. David Roshe was and kinu; as a confiei dial friend and comthe youngest son, hy a second marriage, of pamion, heavy, el dearms, and inliciictive; Counlellor James R. whole' ancestors were and will ever be limeuteel hy hier o dy filles, Lord Roche, Viscount femcy, in the coun her hero'r friend. As a member of lovely, ty of Cork. He was entei prifing and a her disposition was truly and achiely chasi brave officer, served in America and India, table and benevolent; for ite alu av sut and was several times wounded. He had the faiseft conitrucion upou every lentiCant. Mag. Joy, 1793.


ment and every action, wishing to promote At Cork, Mrs. Vincent, wife of Rev. Ms. peace, and loving to do good. Thus prepared, V. of Youghall. me met death with a pious and calm relig. Mr. Henry Gosnell, apothecary, in Cork. nation, and yielded her gentle spirit into the Rev. James Hulen, upwards of 40 years a hands of ber Maker in peace, and thankful. curate in the dioceres of Cork and Rols. ness, almost without a struggle or a figli, At Glenkindy, the Hon. Mrs. Gordon, of saying, he “blessed God she found no lions Cobardy. in the way " So that the words,“ Oh Deatb, At Newtoun, Col. James Edmonftoune. where is thy fting? oh Grave, where is thy At Newcarile upon Tyne, Mr. Richard vićłory ?" may with justice and comfort be Peters, attorney. applied to her exit.

At his seat at Kirk-Ella, Wm. Hammond, 26. Al Old Castle Bridgend, co. Glamore efq. chairman of the Dock company of Kinggan, aged near 8., Mrs. Matchews.

Iton upon Hull. At the Hotwells, Bristol, Mrs. Gore, re. At Sandbeds, near Bingley, co. York, lict of John G. esq. and only daughter of the Elizabeth Dickenson, daughter of a respecto Late Sir Wm. L.raper.

able farmer at Staveley, near Knaresborough, Aged 76, Mr. Coleman, one of the alder This young woman had been much taken pe of Leicester.

notice of for about twelve months, from her Cf a deep decline, in the prime of life, declaring that in two trances the bad seen Miss Nafn, only daughter of Mr. George N. and heard many things relative to a future of Tring, Herts.

state, and that she was commiffioned to 27. At Dalkey, in Ireland, in lois Soth preach repentance. She therefore immediyear, Wm. Macartney, esq. who for many ately began to do what the believed to be years was one of the representatives for the her duty, first near her father's house, and burongh of Belfalt.

afterwards in the neighbouring places, wliere In St. Margaret's church-yard, Westmin- great crowds attended her. On Whit Sanster, Mrs. Atwood, relict of Rev. Tho. A. Jay The preached at Beeston, near Leeds, to

Aged 19, Mr. James Eastcott, fon of the about 5000 people; and going thence le Rev. Richard E. of Exeter; a very deserv. Sandbeds, on the same errand, me there ing young gentleman, whose many virtues fickened and died, first furetelling her spcem and accomplishments will secure him a last dy departure. ing remembrance.

At his houfe at Hailsham, Suflex, aged 28. At Folkingham, co. Lincoln, Jonn 76, Mr. Abraham Langham. Sweet, esq. of Hoxton Square, an eminent At Barnstaple, after an illness of only two Stock-broker, who, last September, married days, Mrs. Reeder, wife of John R. erg. the youngest daughter of the late Dr. Savage, Ai the Horwells, Bristol, Jobn Davie, esq. to whom he has left a very ample fortune. of Orleigli, co. Devon.

Ac Portsmouth, Mr. James Tod, from At Oundle, Mrs. Kettle, wife of Mr. K. Bombay.

surgeon there. At Egloshayle vicarage, co. Cornwall, the At Glapthorpe, near Oundle, Mr. Wm Rev. Henry Peers, deservedly lamented by Saunderson, farmer and grazier. all bis parishioners.

In his 58th year, Mr. Henry Warner : Thomas Day, esq. of Portland-place. This many years judge of the races at Newmark, gentleman, once amazingly rich, appeared a After a long indifpofition, Mrs. Healey, hankrupt in the London Gazette of Saturday wise of George H. ery. of York. the 22d of June (as an oilman, dealer, and At High Wycombe, Bucks, Mrs. Charlchapman, of Blackman-street, Souili wark). ley, wife of John C. esq. Unable to bear up against his wayward Fale, At Maryport, in Cumberland, aged 112, he, in the forejoon of the 28ih, called at an Mr. John Milliken ; born in the parish of hotel in Covent-garden, took laudanum, and Bridekirk, in July 1681. expired in the evening.

At Tiverton, after a few days illness, Mrs. 29. Mr. Palvek Caffie, merch. in Banff. Owens, wife of Mr. Tho. O. wine-merch.

30. At his seat at Okeover, Edward Wall. At Newbold-Verdon, co. Leicester, aged house Okeover, elą.

78, Mrs. Mortimore. At Bristol Holwells, Mr. Charles Robert At South Luffenham, co, Rutland, aged Ion, fixth son of John R. esy. of Lude.

93, Mr. Henry Richardson.

He had 19 Lately, at China, Capt. Lewin, of the children born in wedlock; and their pro-Bridgewater East Indiaman.

geny, added, amounts to near 200. Killed, in a contest with the deluded rioters

At Shaddow, near Sheffield, Mrs. Mackenat Wexford, in Irel wd, Major Vallottun. He zie, wife of the Rev. Alex. M. minister of was of German extraction, his family having St. Paul, in that town." been introduced into England by his late Mi At Cambridge, Mr. Paterfon, of Trinityjesty. His father was librarian to Georgell. college, in that university. who bestowed upon the gallant fon the first Rev. A. Bennet, vicar of St. Paul, in commiflion borne hy him in the British army. Holderness.

At his lodgings in Aungier-street, Dublin, Ac Cola St. Dennis, co. Gloucester, Rev. Sol: Byme, uncle of Rt. B. esq.of Cabintecly. John Hughes, B. A. rectos of that place.


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