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Mr. Pierpoint, of Oriel, delivered a La- of arts, in his way through the area; but the tin poem, which glanced over the various matter was amicably settled. subjects of the present times.

Friday, July 5. The Honourable Mr. Grimstone, of Christ This day, about the usual hour, the ChanChurch, on Peace, Science, and the Duke cellor again opened the Convocation in the of Portland.

Theatre, when the honourary degree of The Hon. Mr. Twilleton, of St. Mary D. C. L. was conferred on the Hon. Freda Hall; spoke in an animated, indeed almost erick North, Sir George Armytage, Bart. theatrical manner, an English ide upon the Sir John Guise, Bart. Baron Wolff, of the state of France; and was very frequently in Russian Empire, Orlando Bridgman, Esq. terrupted by loud applauses.

M. P. Join Cotes, Esq. M. P. John Webt, Mr. Lukin, in Latin Alcaics, had so little E{q. M. P. Thomas Wallace, Esq. M. P. management of his voice, that a few words Samuel Entwick, Esq. John Ludford, Esq. only were now and then heard.

Francis Fownes Luttrell, Esq. Edward Mr. Gray, of New College, in English Martin Atkins, Esq. Benjamin Way, Esq. blank verle.

John Trent, Esq. John Lloyd, Esq. F. R. Mr. Corbett, of Merton, a Latin poem, and A. SS. Edmond Malone, E{q. Francis addressed chiefly to the Chancellor.

Flowden, Esq. and Richard Burke, Esq. ; The Hon. Mr. Moreton, of Exeter Col and the honorary degree of M. A. on Six lege, spoke in Latin, but so low as scarce to Thomas Pilkington, Bart. William Hanning, be heard.

Esq. Robert Brittow, Esq. Evelyn Pierpoint, Mr. Stibbard, of Trinity College, then be Esq. The Rev. Thomas James, D. D. maí. gan an animated description of French mi ter of Rugby school, Rev. Thomas Lewis sery, &c.; and, finishing with a contrast be O'Burne, B. D. Rev. Joseph Dacre Carlyle, tween the culture of the mind in England, B.D. the Hon. Sholo M'Clellan, M. A. Rev. and the present neglect of it in France, hap- John Fallowfield, M. A. and Benjamin pily introduced the guardians of the Univer- Cooke, Mur. Doc. of the University of Camfity, who liad particularly adorned it. Every bridge, were admitted ad cundem. part was not distinctly heard; but what After which the poetical recitals were reever was heard was loudly applauded at every commenced by the following gentlemen : periol.

Mr. Amheift, Christ Church ; Mr. Penrose, Mr. Cornwall, of Christ Church, on the New College, boih English , Mr. Clutterprogress in England cowards refinement. buck, Exeter College, Latin; Mr. MonEnglish verse.

crieffe, Queen's College; Mr. Clarke, ExMr. Dawkins, of Christ Church, was the eter College, Englis; Mr. Simpson, Queen's laft, and indeed the most eloquent speaker. College, Latin ; Lord J. Beresford, and His poem was English, admirably written, Hon. Mr. Agar, Christ Church ; Mr: and very warm in the praises of the Duke's Powell, Trinity College; Mr. Lemaistre, political conduct.

Queen's College, English ; Mr. Eficourt, We underítand that Mr. Pierrepoint's poem C.C.C. Latin; Mr. Prowelt and Mr. Atwas composed by Mr. Richardson, of Uni- kins, both of New College, Englise. There versity College, who gained a prize last year poetical exercises were again received with fora Latin poem; Mr. Subbard's, by Mr.Rich warm and merited applause, and were mort ards, of Oriel, who has so distinguished him of them recited in a manly energetic style, self in the University; and Mr. Dawkins's, suited to the dignity of the subject. by Mr. Canning, who shewed very great The following compliment to our Royal marks of brilliant abilities at Eton, and since General, introduced by Mr. Amhertt (only publicly in Oxford. Mr. Stibbard's speech is son of the late Lietenant-general and neprinted, and forins a part of Mr. Richards's phew to Lord A.), in his truly Miltonic poem, advertised with the title of “Modern poem, was received with loud plaudits : * France.(See our Review, p. 650.)

Shall weave a laureate wreath for Fre. At five in the afternoon, a miscellaneous

derick's brow, concert began, and concluded a little be And sing of peace restor'd, and Europe sav'd. fore nine; in which particular applause was Another of the speakers, we think Mr. given to Master Welch, who was encored, Penrose, thus, in conclusion, adurelled the was Mrs. Billington in her last song--to Chancellor : Krumpholtz, Fischer, Cramer, and Lindley. 'Tis thine the great design to own,

The Chancellor, heads of houses, &c. &c. And watch, with anxious care, the altar and to the number of 400, dined this day in Christ

the crown. Church hall, where a very elegant dinner Loud plaudits, as also at this other conwas provided by the dean. The duke was cluding sentence : Dot at the concert in the evening,

Albion shall flourish, as in days of yore, A doctor of divi vity, who exerted his ut Science Thall train her sons, and Freedom moft eftorts to maintain order in the Theatre,

guard her thore. of which he is the most active curator, and And this compliment, paid by Mr. is too generally bifled, seized upon a master 'Lemailtre : GENT. MAG. Yuly 1793.

Portland !

Portland! lov'd name! resounds from every attended. A greater assemblage of polite voice,

company has not been known in the aniverAnd England fanctifies her Oxforel's choice; - fity since the installation of Lord North, which drew tears of pleasure from the noble 1773. The price of lodgings was so exorChancellor's family in the gallery.

bitant, that the heaus of colleges univerfally The compliment to the ladies,

agreed to allow the students to receive and See the soft form of each bewitching grace, - lodge their friends in their own apaitments; &c.

which they chea fully did, submitting to Britannia Teems to fit

every inconvenience for themselves. Midft, &c. of Beauty and of Wit;

An unfortunate accident happened on Friintroduced by the same gentleman, was en day. A servitor of Wadham College was cored with loud applause.

found drowned in the Cherwell, with a A blank-verse poem, in style approaching parting letter to his relations in his pockets, very near to that of the sentimental poem of and was buried in the highway. Lewefin Hill, was to have been spoken upon the subject of war, deprecating iis va News FROM THE COUNTRY. rious calamities; and the reason of its sup About the middle of the day, on Thurspreilion does not appear.

day, June 27, a dreadful fire bruke out at Welear that suine more of the Addresses

Stanton St. John's, about four miles from will be printed.

O:vford, which entirely destroyed twentyIn the afternoon of this day the musical one dwelling houses, five barns, and divers festival closed with the sacred Oratorio of the other out-buildings; by which many of the Mežih; and we are happy to announce, inhabitants are reduced to the utmost dilthat the music of each his been so well at. tress, in the compass of little more than an tended, and to defervedly approveil, that Tour, bereft of their whole property, and, the Professor will find hs expences, which at the same time, left totally deititute of haamounted to near 1700l, amply repaid; biration, and not an article intwed. A whilft be enjoys equal bappiness in having more drea, ful spectacle cannot be imagivea universal fatifasik n to the judges gined; from being straw-thatched, and and admirers of mufick. And honest r.ging just in the wind's eye, which onJohn Bull will be happy to hear, that God happily at that time blew a fresh gale, the jave the King,” and “Kule Britanoia,' were whole village presented one general canflarepeatedly performed by the whole hard, gration; a poor old woman, bedridden vocal and instrumental, joined in full chorus through age and i' firmity, was with great hy the whole audience.

difficulty rescued from her bed, and carAt nigh: there was a second hall for the ried under an adjacent hedge: a calf and a Talies, at the Town Ball, which was very - butcher's yard-dog were burnt in the Nzughfilly attended, and broke up about four on ter-lonse; and a waggon, loaded with traw, Saturday morning. Lord Caher also gave a was al o conlumed. A collection under the private darce in the hill of St. Mary's, to

patronage of the minister of the parish was the Duke and Dutchels of Fortland, and their immediately set on fout in Oxford. el gant fuite of friends. There was another From Hereford we learn that the cathedral private ball at All Sou's.

has been shut up two months, and will, in Saru diy, July 6.

all probability continne fo a year longer, preEar!y notice was fene to the different vious to the taking down the East or choir colleges, that the Chancellor would visit window, and lowering the roof, to correthem in turn to take leave, that the re

spond with the nave and South transept. Spétive heads and masters of arts of each Four additional buttresses are found neceliary. fociety might be ready to receive him in The external beauty of the church is now their college-hails. He began his found at

over. The nave looks neat and nice, but all nine, preceded by the headles, and attend. its grandeur and antiquity is no more. The ed by the Vice chancellor'; vifting New proposed addition to the tower is so fla: that College first (whicre Mr. Gutchi had the bo. it will not be adopied, and it had been well nour of prefenting to him the two volumes of if none of the plans and projects had been the History and Antiquities of the Univer carried to execution. fily), then Hertfoi, and the rest in or Our Portfmouth correspondent says, der. He was attended to the gates by " The commencement of the action between the hea's and matters of alts of each col

the Nymph and Cleopatra was the most 10lece, uncovered, and the younger neribers ble and a ne'ul that the naval history of the walked about their cuadrages uncovered. world ever recorded. The French captain He hd walke!his courte tcfore four ; and, ordered his 1hip to be manned, and, coming alier dinin, at Widi..n, quitted the Univer forward on the g:193WY,

ort his hat, fily, Exually. (x, in as private a manner and called out,Vive la Nacion!!" when the as lie criticit.

thip's company give three ch ers. Capain The wed her proving favourable during Pullew, in like manner, ordered his men the wiiwie week, lhe promenades were well


fron quarters to the shrouds, and gave three cil by the Major at Senibing, was almost cheers to “ Long live King George the obliterated before it came to the Doctor's Third !” and his putting on bis hat again was hands. The situation of Senibing is unknown; the signal for action, one of the most defpe- but, from the date of the note, it is supposed rate ever loaght.

that the Major was far advanced on his way The capiain of the Cleopatra was interred to Tombuctoo. The note contained inforon Sunday evening, June 23, in the church- mation that this adventurous traveller was in yard at Portsmouth, attended only by his good health, but had been robbed of all his own officers. An immense crowd of people goods. If the Major survives this expedition, covered the streets from the beach to the we may soon expect an account of the greac place of interment. This brave man's not inland empire, and splendid city of Houllak, being laid in the Carth with military honours, of which such wonders are related by the which his conduct so highly merited, was by Moors. But it is much to be feared that this an express order from Government. geographical missionary has met with an un

The inscription upou his coffin was dicta- timely fate. ted by them, and is as follows:

Some travellers lately arrived from Mal66 Citoyen MULLON,

donado vd Montiviedo, potlethions belong. lain in bat:le with La Nymphe, ing to the Spaniards in South America, re. June 19th, 1793,

late a fingular phænomenon which took aged 42 years.”

place in the river de la Plata, in the month Plymouth, July 17. This morning, between of April last. The waters of the river seven and eight o'clock, the ride flowed into were forced, by a most impetuous storm of the harbour of Plymouth in a very extraor wind, to the distance of ten leagues, so that dinary and rapid manner; it rose two the neig bouring plains were entirely inun. seet perpendicular in nine minuts, and as dated, and the bed of the river left dry. rapidly receded again ; and this it did three Ships which had been funk in the river for times in the space of less than an hour. It upwards of thirty years, were uncovered; ran so very swift into the Pool, that it was and, among others, an English vefsel, which impoffible for a falt-rowing boat to make was cast away in the year 1762. Several head against it: one veisel lost her bowsprit persons repaired to the bed of the river, on by being run foul of by another that became which they could walk without wetting perfectly unmanageable, owing to the rapi- their feet, and returned loaded with silver dity of the current. Nothing of the kind has and other riches, which had long been bu. been observed here since the great earth- ried under the water. This phænomenon, quake at Lisbon, when the tide flowed and which may be ranked among the grand ebbed nearly in the same extraordinary revolutions of Nature, continued three days ; manner.

ar the end of which the wind cealed, and the The huge fragment of antiquity in Canter. water returned with great violence to its bury, fiinated to the left of Echelbert's tower, natural bed. and withih the precinct of St. Augustine's monastery, now part of the inclosure of the DOMESTIC OCCURRENCES. new county hospital, which had withstood

June 26. the shocks of the elements, and the corro This day a General Court was held at tlic ding hand of Time, in a very inclined posi- East-India House, and, after the usual busitien, for many ages, was a few days ago ness of declaring the dividend was disposed pulled down ; but, so strong was the cenient of, the motion for a pecuniary reryard to the of the materials it confifted of, that the Marquis Cornwallis, which had been fo united efforts of 200 men were scarcely suf- long promised by Mr. Hinchman, was ficient to accomplish it. When it fell, its brought forward by him. The Directors weight was so immense that the ground had recommended that an annuity of 5,000l. hock for a considerable distance round. It should be granted to his Lorithip and his is composed of chalk and flint in irregular fon for twenty years, provided they lived so Layers, cemented so firmly, as to be nearly long. This Mr. Henchman very soc2 hard as a solid rock. Three private men cessfully contested. He was supported by belonging to the Surrey militia, now in bar- every Proprietor present, ani by some of the racks there, contracted to remove it for the Directors, in the amendment lie proposed, value of the materials, which they have sold which was, that the annuity should be to Lord at one fhilling the cart-load, for mending the Cornwallis and his afsigns for twenty you's cere highway. li is supposed there are not less The propriety of this, upon such an than 500 loads, exclusive of the rubbish. occasion, was very strongly set fortli, and

powerfully seconded, by Mellis. Jackson, HISTORICAL. CHRONICLE. Lurlington, Campbell, &c. &c. ; and, after The last intelligence received by the confiderable debate, the Proprietors agreed Aírican Asociation from their traveller, unanimoutly to 111. Henchiman's amenco Major Houghton, is dated Sept. 1, 1791. ment, which makes the grant absolute for This intelligence was sent to Dr. Laidley, on the whole time; but wluch, without Nr. the Gambia river, and being written in pen- Henchman's interp lition, would have re


mained upon that doubtful footing which the ness of the weather, burnt with great fury• Directors placed it by their recommendation. The whole heath was quickly enveloped in

In consequence of an iuformation being a cloud of smoke. A number of fire-engines given to two of the City Conftables, that went from town ; and the crowd of people the wife of a publican in Leadenhall-Itreet that Aocked down to see the fire was im.had made an elopement from her husband, mense. It was extinguished without doing the officers went to the Swan with Two any material damage. Necks in Lad-lane, where they found a

Thursday 26. large trunk, a hox, a large bag, and the Three Jews were apprehended in the Bolady with her paramour, an Irishman. They rough, Southwark, for uttering counterfeit had taken places in the Liverpool coach, in shillings, lixpences, and half crowns; on order to get to Irelend. They were care their being searched, upwards of 5ol. in ried before Alderman Curtis, as also the counterfeit filver were found in their porproperty. The husband attended, and the feflion.

They were lodged in the Neiv boxes, trunk, and bag being opened, con Gaol in the Borough for examination. tained a quantity of plate, wearing ap

Monday 29, parel, sheets, &c. to the amount of upwards Yefterday morning a messenger arrived of 2001. On the Lady being searched, 28 at the office of the Right Honourable Lord guineas was found on her, a len pound bank Grenville, his Majesty's principal secretary note, and a quantity of crowns, half-crown

of state for foreign affairs, with despatches pieces, &c.

The husband swearing to his from the Earl of Yarmouth, dated at the property, and the book-keeper at the inn

camp before Mayence, July 23, 1793, conswearing to its being booked in the para- taining an account of the surrender of that mour's name, he was committed to Newgate, city to his Prullian Majesty on the preceding and the lady was committed to the New day, with the articles of capitulation. Gaz. Compter, for trial. She is upwards of fixiy The troops under the command of his years of age, and her lover about wenty-fix. Pruffian Majesty, in the course of the day, Saturday"July 13.

to k pofseffion of the garrison : those of the A fire broke out in the rope and yarn Republick laid down their arms, and were manufactory of Mr. Wilkinson, at Stepney permitted to retire into France with the ho.

nours of war, Causeway. The fire raged with incredible

The increasing mortality of fury; and as the tide had ebbed, there was a

the garrison, from the confined lick, whom difficulty, for the first four hours, in procu

t was found impossible either to attend, or ring water. The whole manufactory was to keep from annoying others, made it comdestroyed, and Sunday night, at a late hour, pulsory upon the governor to capitulate. the fire was not exiinguished. The fire was

The terms of surrender are, that the French obferved to break out in two different places garrison hall be permitted to march out of at once; and as no workmen had been in Mayence with the honours of war; under the manufactory during the whole day (Mr. the express condition, however, that they Wilkinson having on that day given his men

shall not bear arms for one year from the date a bean-feast), there is every reason to sup

of the capitulation. It gives us an additional pose it was wilfully set on fire. An orchard pleasure to announce the surrender of Maadjoining the manufactory, full of fruit trees, yence without tarther blood thed. Had not was completely burnt.— The flames were so the French capitulated, the slaughter must fierce, that they were distinAly seen at the

have been dreadful on both sides, as the distance of several miles from London. No place was to have been stormed on the very lives were loft.

night of the surrender. Sunday 14.

Weduesday 31. This morning about one o'clock a fire

Marat, that infamous regicide, who lately broke out in the painters' workshop at the fell beneath the attaffin's dagger, and who lo King's dock-yard, Deptford, which entirely juftly merited the fate he has met with, is consumed the same, and great part of the thus described. He was a little inan, of a joiner and carver's shop which was adjoining. cadaverous complexion, and a countenance By the exertions of the artificers and ship. exceedingly

expreflive of the bloody difpofiwrights helonging to the King's and the other tion of his mind. To a painter of mafiacre, dock yard, and hy pulling down about ten

he would have afforded a fine portrait for or fifteen fiet length of working sheds, the

the chief murderer. His head would be ine Aames were got under without doing further

eftimable for such a subject. His eyes le. damage. The premises consumed vere near

fembled those of the tiger-cat, and there the deal yaril, and, had the wind been from

was a kind of ferociousness in his looks that the Southward, in all probability great mis cor e porded with the favage fierceneis of chich would have ensued.

that animal. The only artifice he used in Wednesilay 17.

favour ot those lineamo.its of the breast was Some gypries, whether from accident or

that of wearing a round hat, so far pulled defign is not known, fet fire to tle forze

down before, as to hide a grzat.part of his wp-on Blackheath, which, from the late dry, countenance.

death, he had loudly exported the Dela A Hunter,


. his Majesty’s consul


It is believed that Thomas Atwood, esq. 11. At his house in Portland-place, the who died May 27, was the author of the Lady of Thomas Tyrwhite Jones, esq. a son Hiftory of Dominica, reviewed in p. 61. and beir.

P. 576. Mr. Horton was aged 81, and 13. At Brixworth, the Lady of Nicolls rector of Sharnford 54 years at the time of Raynsford, esq. a daughter. his death.

14. The Lady of Mr. James Hall, attorP. 477. The report of the death of Mr. ney in the Poultry, a son. Pratt is premature ; that gentleman, after a 15. The Lady of the Rev. Rich. Cautley, long and lingering illness, being at this time rector of Walcot, co. Warwick, a daughter. resident in Switzerland, in good health, and 16. At Balgarvie-house, Mrs. Dalglieth, preparing his Travels and other publications jun. of Scolícraig, a son and heir. for the press. P. 580. The Prince of Waldeck is much

MARRIAGES. lamered in Holland, where the Court of the P. 574, col. 2, 1. 62, read “ June 4. At Stadtolder have gone into mourning for his Kensington, John Monckton Hale, esq. of death; and the Hereditary Prince has, in his Phillimore-place, to Miss Gale, daughter of public letters, spoke in the highest terms of the late John G. esq. of Whitehaven, in his character. But a moment before his Cumberland."

, froops to follow him against the French bat.

His military talents were rated very for Seville and St. Lucar, to Miss Elizabeth highly. He lost an arm in the last campaign, Barbara Arbuthnot, daughter of Robert A. at the siege of Thionville; and when Mon- esq. fecretary to the board of trustees for fieur and the Count d'Artois waited on him inanufasures, &e. with condolence, his reply was, “I have Rev. Mr. Crompton, of Belton, near Yarfill another arm to employ in your service.” mouth, to Miss Foster, of Haddenham. He joined the army in a fortnight after this 24. At Afton, co. Derby, Robert Sutton, woond.

efq. of Scofton, co. Nottingham, to Miss P. 581. Mr. White (see p. 507) has left Mary Verelit, ad dau, of late Hen. V. esq. his estate at Selborne to his brother Benja 25. At Chichester, Geo. Lyon, esq. captain min, lite an eniinent bookseller in Fleet- in the rith regiment of light dragoons, to ftreet, and soccl. to his eldett son.

Mifs Louisa Hart, of that city. P.583, 1.6, for Turton read Turton. Mr. Blayney, surgeon, to Miss Birch, both

of Hemel Hempstead, Herts. BIRTHS.

27. Mr. John Adams, jun. of Edmonton, T his house in Upper Grosvenor- eldest son of Mr. A. master of the free-school 20. kins, esu, a fon.

of the same place. 25. The Lady of John Perring, esq. of AtAnniertown, Jn.Slacke,esq.to MissGray. New Eroad-street, a daughter.

At Great Gaudelden, Herts, the Rev. Mr. Larely, at Hochberg, the Margravine of Perry, to Miss Halsey, youngest fifter of the Baden, a son.

late Tho. H. efq. formerly M.P. for Herts. In Merrion-ftreet, Dublin, the Lady of 29. Rev. Basil Berridge, re&or of Alderthe Bishop of Kumore, a daughter.

church, co. Lincoln, to Miss Tanfield, dau. At Stephen's green, bublin, Viscountess of late John T.esq. of Carthorpe, co. York. Mountcafhel, a son.

Rev. Thomas Baker, of Yarmouth, to At Bighouse, Mrs. Mackay, of Righouse, Miss Fielding, only daughter of Benj. F. esq. a daughter.

of Burgh-castle. At Baldwins, in Kent, Lady Saltoun, a Lately, at Philadelphia, Geo. Hammond, dangt ter.

esq. his Britannic Majesty's minister-pleni. at Ealing, Middlesex, the Lady of Sir Fre potentiary to the United States, to Miss Peggy derick Eden, bart. a son.

Allen, of that place. Ai Richmond, Surrey, the Lady of Robert Hamilton Gorges, esq. M.P. for the county Baker, esq. a daughter.

of Meath, in Ireland, to Miss Spencer, of DoAl his Lordship’s house in Stratford place, minic-street, Dublin. Countess Poulett, a daughter.

At the house of the Countess of Longford, At his house in Upper Brook-frect, the in Rutland-Square, Dublin, George Lucas Lady of Sir George Rumbold, bart. i lin. Nogent, esq. of Castle Richard, co. Meath,

In Howland-Street, Mrs. Debany, a ton. to Miss Sherlock, daughter of the late Wm.

July 1. At Souti ley-house, near Windsor, S. esq. of Kildare. the Lady of Cha. Faiton, esq. a fon and heir. Right Hon. Edward Carey, member of the

2. At his house in Bulftrode-street, the privy council in Ireland, and many years M. Lady of the Hon. Lieut. col. Fane, a fon. . P. for the county of Derry, to Mrs. Gore.

3. At his house in Billiter-quare, the Mr. Thomas Wharton, grocer and maltLady of Wm. Manning, esq. a fon. fter at Ashbourn, to Mrs. Vaudry, widow,

7. In Richmond-buildings, Solo, Mrs. drugher of Rev. Daniel Davenport, of Rate Martin, wise of Mr. M. attorney, a loh. cliffe, co. Nottingham.


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