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Nov. 30.

support of a church formerly very nearly which has been given it of Dindicatis connected with his fee.

Σ. Scbifmatica," I thall say nothing about;

perhaps in that respect the editor has Mr. URBAN,

been somewhat more moderate. I

ACCOMPANY this with an im I think I have a right to call upon

pression of an antient brass seal (plate the well-known candour of Mr. Urbao, Il. fig. 2); an explanation of which I for the admillion of these firictures. should hope some of your numerous rea

D. L. ders will be able to give me. In your Magazine for September last, Mr. URBAN, Cambridge, Dec 22. . , H

AVING occasion to refer to fome ken two of the letters on the reverse of

biographical anecdotes of Sir Eşre the coin of Confiaprine; and it will be Coote, i concluded no book would necessary to refer to the letter explana- give me more information than the Bitory of the coin and urn to correct them. ographia Britannica; but, to my great The letters in the exergue e gravou pol. surprize, there was not even the name 0, mut certainly be intended ior p.l.g. of Coore, although Sir Eyre was not

The coin of Diocletian, engraved plate the only diftingu thed person of that Ill. fig. 3, of th: Magazine for Otober, has also an error in the reverst; it should In the publication of the fifth volume read, Salvis. Augg. Caess. Fil. Kart. of this work I was in hopes to have A correspondent, p. 990, not unaptly found this deficiency supplied: but the compares the appearance given his hair fame negle&t ftili prevails. Permit me, and board to a night-cap.

2. Sır, thus :o enquire, whence it happens

that a person, to whom the preferoztion Mr. URBAN,

of nearly all our poletlions in India is OME time ago being at Covenay, I owing, ihould have no mention made


Dec. 20.

place by J. W. Percy. Is that pubica- Biographia Britannica. Any anecdotes tion intended foon to appear? A, any of Sir Eyre Coote will greatly oblige, trifle inay be acceptable to the underta Yours, &c. SCRUTATOR. king. I inclole vou the token of " John Bookes, of Coventrv, ftationer, his Mr. URBAN,

Nov. 10. haif-jenny.” 1688. (Plate 11. fig. 3. IF J. H. (lee P: 799,) ho inquires Yours, &.

. by whom the H ttory of England, in

a Series of Letters from a Nobleinan to Mr. URBAN,

Dec. 20.

his Son, in 2 vol. 12 mo. published in THE CHE Fi'th Volume of the “Biogra. 1764, was written, will give himself

pnia Britannica' being at length the troubie of comparing this hittory published, I had intended in the last with the H story of England, hy Dr. month to have sent you some remarks Goldimith, in 4 vol. 8vo. publitned in on it ; but indoience got the better of 1971, he will, I believe, have good me iben, and has nearly done it now. reaton to think that buch these works I have only time theretore to enter my proceeded from the same pen. Fur, he protest against the conduct of the work, will find in both, not only the same both as to insertions, and omissions. language and manner of writing, the At my leisure I will lend a lin I have same thread of history from beginning made of more than thirty names, which, to end, and the fame reflections, but according to the tenor of the work, had also numberleri sentences and paraau undoubted claim to a place in it, graphs word for word the same la within the thort compass from DAV, Thort, he will perceive that the Hilory 10 less than hali (I believe) of the letter of Erigland, by Dr. Guldiauth, is the F. which is all that the present volume History of England, in a series of Letters cunipichends, while the space has been from a Nobleman to his Son, thrown oci upied by others, who have no right out of its epifiolasy forin, corrected and to be immortalized any where but in greatly enialged.' Dı. Guidimith, inthe Dunciad Long extracts from deed, in his Pretace to this work, calls buoks, cominon, cheap, and univerfally. it an Epitome or Ab'idgement of the circulated, however excellent, have too English History; but, be this as it will, much the appearance of a determina- it is, in fact, a maoiieft enlargement of Lion to fill up a certain number of pages the above mentioned hiftury, as a com• without labour or larning. The ale parison with indisputably thew. As a


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Crickaeth Castle, Caernarvonthire . p. 1207

farther proof that Dr. Goldsmith was Jent book, “ The History and Antiquithe author of this hiftory, this presump- ties of the Ise of Tener," writing by tive argument may be offered

Had not

the acute and penetrating J. Lewis : these ieters been writen by Dr. Gold. “ It is" (the Northforeland), favs he, Imith, he would not surely have pre “a promonton, or cape of land, that funed to have made to free a use of reache, farther into the sea, and is somethem in fo fhort a time after their first what his her, than the rest of the land publication; a.d, if they were not, the cher atouts. On the top of it was forreal author of tiem, or someone for mely a house built of timber, lath, and him, would have long ako put in his planer-work, with a large glass lantern claim to ihem, and have exposed this on the top of ii, on which a light was barefaced invasion ot his properly. And kept to dire.. Chips in the night in their since this has not been done, as far as course, that they might keep clear of the we know, there can be no doubt, but Gandwic lands, which lie off this point, the letters were really wiiieen by Dr. and on which ships are apt to strike beGoldimith. A CONSTANT READER. fore they are aware, on account of their

endeavouring to keep clear of this land, Mr. URPAN,

Nov. 12.

which extends fo far into the sea. This RICHARD the Second, in the 18th houte being by fome accident burnt

, for use chard, Earl of Arundei, licence for beacon, on which they used to hoist a founding an hospital in Arundel (called light. But, about forty years ago, was Maison Dien), upon paying twenty Thi)- built here a frong house of Aint, cighelings to the king's hanaper. He being square, on the top of which was an iron pieveried by death from accomplithing grate quite open to the air, in which this intitution, his fon Thomas, Earl they made a blafing fire of coals. But, of Arundel, appointed by his last will, about two or three years ago (this was that all bul: Tards and tenements in poí. written in 1736] the top of this light1.lion of Robsen Preik w and I homas house was covered with a sort of lamp, Harling, priert', and fellows of the col and with large fash-lights, and the fire lege of the Blcited Trinity in Arundel, is kept burning by the help of bellows, by virtue of his father's teoffment (which which ile lig hemen kiep blowing all the were four mefiuages and two lotis), right. This invention was to save coals; should be amor.ized for the benefit of but the failors complained of it, as being this hospital, for the maintenarce ot to very much to the prejudice of the navimany poor people as the Caily rents ga::07, many veilels being loft on the would support; the Maft-rard Feilow Goodwins for want of seeing this lighr, of the culege of the Bletied Trinity to or distinguishing it from the thermen's be goverrur of it, and she Earl of A. light; and is now so little seen at fea, rundel patron, ihich they continued to that, as some of the sailors have allerted, be til the Duti ilution. The 261h of they have, in bazy weather, leen the Henry VII. it was endowed with pof- Foreland before they have seen the light. Tethions to the searl value of 2 31. os. gd. Whereas, before this lantern was placed clare, of 891. 55. 2d. in 10t0 (Taone); there, or when the fire was kept in the or, accordi:g to Ducaia, 43! 35. 66., open air, as the wind kept the coals ana maintainto a malier anu iwe typ or constartly alight, lo the blaze of them per ons

The frie was granted 10 Sir was seen in the air far above the lightRichid Lee. I stands on the Norh houit. Coniplaint, therefore, being fide of the river Arun, in a low ftua- mace of this, the governors of Greenwich tion, near the fout or the bridge. There hospital ordered Sir John Thomson to does not appear to be any of its ruins view it, who accordingly ordered the luft, but the building is re pretented in Japiern to be taken away, and the lightthe Iktich. (Piate Ill. fig. 1.) S. W. house to be inade pretty much as it was

befire. This was done in August, 1730. Mr. UREAN,

To the repair and maintenance of this HAVING Seccafion to be at Margaie to

Great Britain, which fails by this forecuruhty led nie tv enquire inio the state land, is obliged to pav two-pence a ton, of the Lighthouse, it being an object and every firvigner four-pence. This which often attracted my alten jon in my not frustving my curiolity, the next samples on the cliffs. One day, on re time I pailed by it I put some queries to kurnig home, I consulted that excele the lightman, a very intelligent and civil


Dec. 5.

person, who gave me all the information In Cowley's lines on the death of Mr. I could desire. A few years ago it was Crashaw, is a couplet of which Pope repaired, and two stories of brick were has availed himself in his Essay on Mao. raised on the former building; the height Ep. 111. 1. 305. of it at present, including the small For modes of faith, let graceless zealots fight room in which the lights are kept, is His can't be wrong, whole life is in the right. fomething more than 100 feet; this

POPE. yoom, which I cannot describe otherwise His faith, perhaps, in some nice teneis might than as a dome railed on a decagon, is Be wrong--his life, I'm sure, was in the about ten feet in diameter, and twelve right.

CowLIT. high; it is coated with copper, as is also Quere. Whether • Divine Epigrams' the gallery round it, to prevent fires. in the steps to the Temple, p. 8,1670, From the gallery you have a very exten are translated from any of Crashaw's five view, of which one may form a con Latin Poems in Mr. Green's poffeffion? ception from these lights being visible on

A long copy of verses, by Crafhaw, is a clear day at the Nore, which is ten

said to be printed in Voces Votiva leagues distance. The two sides of the Acad. Cantab. fign. A 2. decagon which look towards the land are

P.904. Ten of Watson's Love-Sonwalled-up; in each of the others is a

nets appear to be inserted in Davilon's patent-lamp kept burning all night, with Poeticall Raplodie, 1616, with the á reflector and magnifier; which magni- initials, T.w. fiers are very large, and cost 50l. 2 Six of Calimir's Odes are engliched in piece. The whole building is white- Vaughan's Olor lscanus, 1679. washed except the light-room on the top; and all the rooms in it are used by ville, alias Granvill, is prefixed to

P. 911. A head of Sir Bevil Gren. the man and his fainily. The usefulness

“ Verses by the Univerhty of Oxford, of this lighthouse must be obvious to any

on the Death of Sir B. G. Rain at the one who is acquainted with the dange- Battle on Lansdown Hill, July 5, 1643." rous navigation of these coafts. Yours, &c. AN INVALID.

410. 1684. This head, Granger fays,

is by Faithorne, though without his Mr. URBAN, Dec. 20.

Yours, &c. T. P. addition to the Opusculum brought


just; biographer. It is a small volume of re- they will be the means of promoting ac. ligious poems, composed, apparently, curate Meteorological Journals in va. after the author's conversion to the Roc rious parts of the country. The jour. mish church, and printed at Paris in nal kept at the apartments of the Royal 1652, wirh a number of very neat em.

Sociery was omitted for some vears blematical vignettes, said to have been

after their removal to Somerset Piae, executed by Crashaw himself. The and has only lately been resumed; but poerry seems included in the pofthu. the omiffion may be supplied by refemous edition of 1670.

rence to the Universal Magazine, where Mír. Granger tells us, that Crashaw one is published monthly on a similar wrote the anonymous poems fubjoined plan. In both these journals M. Le to Herbert's works. His reasons for Luc's hygrometer is ufed ; which, beSaying this would have been desirable, ing now brought to a ftandard, should as Ciabaw does not appear to warrant be adopted in all observations of this such an inference, unless it can be de.

A plate and descriprion of this duced from his editor's rhapsodical pre

inftrument is given in the above-men. face, in which he is styled'" Herbert's tioned publication for March last. The fecond, but equal ;" or from a copy of pamphlet your correspondent mentions verse, on presenting "the Temple of is very uleful; but it hould have conSacred Poems, to a Gentlewoman," tained another table, for inserting the which thus concludes:

greatest, least, and mean state of the “ And though Herbert's name do owe,

three inttrumenis, and the total quanThese devotions, faireft ;-koow tity of rain, in every month, so as to That while I lay them on the shrine

exhibit the whole in one view at the Of your white hand, they are mine. end of the year. The author of it has P. 60, ed. 1670. also comınitted an error, in dircelog



In other publication of Crathaw's may be THE obfervations of INGENUUS


Dec. 15.


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