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refpe&tfully hy those gentlemen to the church thor of the History of Devonshire, to Mils of 51. Paul, Covent-gardon.

Mary Terrell, daughter of th: late Capt. T. P. 1063, col. 1, I. 24. Dr. Vyse is arch- of Starcress. deacon of Coventry, heing collared thereto Lately, J. Pelle, era of Manchester, to on the death of Dr. Fotheringham.

Miss Smith, of Little Chell, co. Stafford,

Mr. Bifup, of the General Pott-ottice, to BIRTHS.

Miss Gibbs, of Oxford street. No. T Mavelyn-Ridware, Stafford Mr. Fieldin: , of Bromsgrove, lo Miss Eliz.

Whetstone, of Leicester, wick, esq. a son and heir.

Rev. Hezekiah Harrison, of Thorpe MoLirely, at Caik-hall, cn. Derhy, the Lady rieux, to Miis Choke, daughter of the late of Sir H. Harpur, hart, a daughter.

Rev. Tho. C. of Semer, In Qucen Anne-strect Welt, the Lady of Rey.Win. Wright, of Cotterstock, to Mifs Major Mercer, a fun.

Maria-Charlotte Skeles, of St. Ives.. Doc. I. At Blandford-park, co. Oxford, At Wanitead, Robert Hamilton, esq. of the Marchioness of Worcester, a sun. Millman-street, to Miss Coggan..

2. The Queen of Naples, a princess, since At the Quakers meeting House at Liburt, named Elizabeth.

Sam. Gatcl ell, of Abhey-Street, Dublia, te 4. The Lady of Samuel Boddington, csq. Miss Jane Hancock, daugh. of Jacob H. of Marklana a daughter.

At Sligo, Capt. Manley, of 33d regiment 7. At litle Testwood, Hants, the Lady of 100?, to Njiro Soden, of Henry Timson, eiq a con.

Mr. Cox, printer and bookseller, at At his house at Sutton, in Surrey, the Tewkesbury, to Miss Wollans. Lay of Beeflon Long, elq. a daugiter.

Mr. Dean, of the Swan ino at Upping. 17. At Walton, near Lichfield, the Lady ham, to Mrs. I liz. Tyler. of Edward Grove, cly. a daughier.

Mr. Thomas Coleman, of Stockerfton, co. 18. At Hampton-court-palace, the Lady Leicester, to Miss S. Baines, of Uppingliam. of Thomas Fauqnir, esq. a daughie:.

Rubert Gillson), esq. l0 Miss Powis, (al. 21. Alls house in Craven-freet, Strand, of J. P.efg. of St. George's-row, Hyde-park. the lady of John-Paul Paul, efq. a daughter. Mr. Goodwin, of Donington, to Mats

At Sevenoaks, Kent, the Lady of Sir Clifton, of Boston. Stafford Northcote, kann. 3 ton.

Dec 1. John Smith, esq.if George. ftreet, 28. A Bola-carte, co. Cumberland, Lady Maufion-louse, 19 Mlifs S. Boone, youngest Anne Vernon, a daughter,

dau, of Tho. B.esq.commillioner of customs. The Coun!ess of Guidatoril, a daughter. Mr.Wm Smith, jun, of te Miniter-clute,

Peterborou, wo Mrs. Anill.

2. Tho. Palmer, esq. eldest fan of Sir (n. Nr. DY special liceice, at the house of P.bat. of Norihamptonshire, so Miss Soph:&

Turner Camar', el q 0 Siephen's Iham, third caugh.. of Sr Juftinia I. tart. green, Dublin, James More O'Donnel, ely. Re-married, at Docale, Henry Motie. of Newport.pratt, co. Vlayo, barrister at ley, cf. fon w Sir W. W'. bart. in lifs Bale law, to Miss Camar, of Greenmsunt-lodge, liday, c'au of John Delap, eiq. and Lady H. 60. Louth.

Mr. Sutur, farmer, of Strettor, c. Rus. 14. At Leyland, Rev. Jobo Loives, of land, to alifs Calcroft, of Great Gone by. Runibaw-ball, rector of Wickersley, co. 3. Sir John Oral, late governor of Dumi. York, to N:fi Longevorth, one of the co nica, iu Miu Fiere, darliter of Julio F.el4. heireies of the late Jas!..erg.or Ormark. of Siratford-place.

James Dickinsori, efq. o? Sahdin-place, to At Nottingham, Mr. Dales, druggist, of Mis. Bramley, of carterly, near Whalley. York, to Nirs, Nellin, widow of the Roya

20. At Ely-louise, in Fift lare, William Mr. N. of Bu 110ey. Elm(1, efc of Theinbill, co. Yurk, to Moss Mr. Benj. Nasrifon, surgeon, of Sc. Ka. Aane Kidd, you du. of inch'te fa.. K.ely. therine'r, near the lower, to Miss Ellier,

21. Mr. Rilpi Tutin, tis Mifs Gue, eldest daugliter of Lady Averry, of Engine grand-dau of the late Peter G. et. of Haile. ton-dual, Les Derby.

23. At Econ, Rev. Peter Binde, to Miss 4. Rev. Dr. Napleton, can 3-residentiary Lucy Hawtry, of that place.

of Hercfort', to Vila Daniell, of Truro. Ac Riegare, Sur cr, Rev. Mr. Freeman, 5. Mr. Jamaihan Cartwright, of York, in to Mil Garner, botin of Peterborough. Mrs. Dickinsoin, widesw of D. csq of

25. Mr. Owen, currier, vi London, te Mattery, Ch. Nottingham. Miss Swann, cau. o Nir. S. el laiciter. 6. m. Guard, cq. of Turnham-green,

25. Rev. George Ciuinpicii Bioihali, rece to Miss Eliz. Sadler, of Harmer mith. tor of $21716:', and perpetual Crie of 7. At O Syiritord, Rev. Rice Jones, Loudwat:r, Bucks, to Mito Horrland, of minister of the respectable congregation : Tiane, co. Oxturl.

Kibu orth, Chie Leicelier, to Mrs. Cooper, of 29. Mr. John Child, of Lulgate-ftreet, lo Amblecote-hall, near Slourbridge, 50. Wile. Res«cci Warner, of Greurwich,

9. Ac Leicciter, vir. Howes, to Muis At Kunton, Rev. Richard Pulwicle, au Malley, of Mounikorrel.



At Maffingham, co. Lincoli, Rev. Wm. Fuly 21. At his house in Golden-square, Jackson, of Lea, to Miss Roadley.

in the parish of Westmorland, Jaipuca, Ms. Wm. Smith, of South Elkington, gra Thomas Storer, era zier, to Wiiss Lucy Clitherow, zd daughter Aug...

.... At New York, Da Bellamy, of Mr. Rich. C. attorney, of Horncastle. the finger, whofe real name was Evans

Mr. Wm. Herbert, of Huntingdon, brewer, He had been in that city about 9 years, to Miss Mary Perkins, 2d daughter of John where his social disposition and reputable P, efq. of that place, banker.

character had recommended him to the ac10. Mr. Edward Eldred, of Long-acre, to quaintance of many of the politer inhabitants Miss Mary Payne, late of Cove try.

Sep?..... At the island of St. John, in Cha Grant, Viscorile de Vaux, a French North America, Alex. Fletcher, esq. foremigrantnobleman, so Mifs Jones,of South-str. merly captain in the late 841h regiment. He

11. At Leir, c . Leicetter, Rev. George had become a settler since the American war Mafon, rector of that parilh, to Miss Catha on that inand, where he obtained a grant of rine Cormous, of Castle Bromwich, Warw. Jand, on account of his services in the army.

12. Mr. Bevan, attorney of Basinghall-str. Sipt. 16. At his brother's house in Sto to Miss Brown, of Fashion-str. Spital-fields. Vincent's, West Indies, and in the 24th year

By special licence, David Pennant, efq. chis age, after four days illness, of the yel. eldeít lon of Thomas P. esq. of Downing, low fever, Lieut. W. H. Mackenzie, of the ca Flint, to Miss Lovisa Peyton, 20 d.ughter both regiment. of thic late Sir Henry P. bart. of Hagbeach. 08.... On board the fhip Orange, on his hall, co. Norfolk.

pallage to New York, Mr. Wm. Cottle, late At the collegiate church in Manchester, a reputable tailor and habit-maker at Bach: Jolin Nuttall, efq. of Bury, co. Lancaster, to the person caricatured by Foote, under the Miss Haworth, of the former place.

dramic appellation of Billy Button. At Markham, co. No'tingham, Mr. Edw. 24. At Philadelphii, of the malignant fever, Hawley, of Melton Mowbray, to alifs Pratt. Mr. Jofephi kian, formerly a considerable

16. Ralph Carr, esq. of Lower Charlotte merchant at Leets. ftruet, Bedford-square, to Mits Gregs, san. Nr.... At Edinburgh, aged 13, Mifs of Francis G.erq of Dowgate-hill.

Jelia Tedd, youngest daugh. of Cap. T. Mr. Howard, to Miss Graham, both of In Cruydun work house, arr. Edw. Dark, St. Paul's church-yard.

late muter of the Grertuind, is that towo. Stephen Fryar Gillum, efq of Middleton. 1. A: Toulon, piajor Beone', of the ad hall, Shenfi-id, Eh x, to Miss Marlır, of 0.121. 10. of Royals, New Fofwell-court, Lincoln's-ini).

9. In the Texel, on his poilage towards At Bristol, James Rowe, esq. of Alert, the round of Fluha, Mancer loftus Best, Devon, to Miss Durbin, second daughter of Viie-adınal of Huland and West Friend. Sir Jola D. kni. of Bristol.

12. In her 76:11 year, Mrs. Jucktun, wile 13. Mr. James Wallis, of Warnford-court, of jennl. ery one of the allermeny the London, attorney to Miss Mary Charge, you. cicy of Cutei hury. Her conftitution, little du. of late Wm.c. esq. of Cleifby,ca. York. rally infirm, but more inherited by repeated

19. Daniel Cock, efq. of Delham, to Mi's ill'ellus, had rentred her incapable, fur Hickeringill, of Stratford St. Mary, Suffolk. many years, of mizing wit's fociety from

Wm. Sixtheron, esa of Darrington, M. P. Horn; yet he was dit, on this account, defor Pontefract, to Miss Sarah Shepley Karker, fertert by a man respectable number of you. dau.of late Edm.B.eu.of Pocter Newton. friends, who daily endeavoured to lessen the

21. Fraacis Wheeler, ero of Little Gad tedious hours of considement. There aceds desder; Herts, to Miss Walford', daughter of no pompous pan fyrick to fiy, that her life Mr. W. fwgeon, Red-lion-square.

was valuable; and every ot!ier encomium Rev. Tomas Rivers, rector of Marsfielel, may centre in aching, that, as her ears were Suffex, to Miss Louisa Smith, daughter of always open to the voice of Distress, and Culling S. erg.of Popes, Dear Hatfield. promotion of public good, her heart and her

Rev. Edw. Dickenton), fellow of Worcer. hand went together for henevolent and chater-coll. Oxf.to Miss Fieldhoute, of Statlord. ritable purpofes. She has left, to regret ler

Rev. John Kipling, M. A. of Lincoln col. lofs, a mort indulgent husband, whore longer lege, Oxford, to Miss Bingham, daughter of protracted years, it is to be hoped, will not the late Tho. B. erq. of Birmingham. be embirtereul hy any future calamity. 0€

23. Mr. Timothy Fo'gham, of Flees, street, her amiable funi, ficour vol. LIX. p. 377. to Mifs S ngleton, only daughter of Mr. S. of 14. At Drycot hall, co. Derby, after a Union-place, Limbeth.

long iliacis, which he bore with great forti. 26. Mr. Pals, of Thington, to Miss Wade, tude, in lus 621 yer, Wm. Evans, efq. eldelt daughter of Mr. W.of Winchester. Al York, Rev. Wm. South, 1.0, a senior

fellow of St. Jom's college, Cambridge, and DEATHS.

fou of the late Rey. Mr.S. of Huntingdon. T the Prince of Wales's inland, 15. Mr. Sharp, bookseller, of Warwick,

one of the aidermen of that borough. artillesy, and commandant of the iroops on 10. Guillotined at Paris, Generals I'»uthat ifand.


Moral A Capt. John Glais, of the Bengal


chard and Brunet, and the famous Peter Ma tector and benefactor, ever ready to 'afait ruel, late attorney of the Commons of Paris, them by his influence, his cornleis, and get and member of the Convention, a man who nerosity. Many noblemen and gen:lemen appeared to be one of the most ardent friends of liel :nd must recollect his amiable man. of the people, and the greatest enemy of ners, of which they fpoke, when at Rome, kings. This Manuel, the promoter of the in terms of adıniration. His learning was exhorrid scenes of the 2d of September, 1792, tensive without pedantry, his conversation evinced much formness, and converted dure lively and instructive without cftentation or ing the whole journey to the place or execu affectation, and his general conduct ex.emtion with Brunet; and cast looks upon the plary. He retained a strong mind aimolt to people, who venced their indignation upon the last moments of liis life ; and died, as he him and his companions. When the cart lived, a truly pious Chriftian. arrired at the Place de la Revolution, Ma.

Al Bakewell, co. Leicester, Mrs. nuel leaped first upon the scaffold, avid seen. Mander, relict of Mr. John M. attorney at od anxious that the fatal ceremony Muuld be law, and agent to the Duke of Rutland, performed without the least delay. He Interred in St. George's church yarı, in placed himself on the plank, withont wait- the Borough, Mr. De Baurine, a Dutch mering to have his hands ried behind him, and, chaut, of the mosi respectable comexions in difdaining any affiance, fixed his head una Holland, who died in the King's Bench, of der the machine, and was executed first. a broken heart. He parted from his facr.aly Brunet, the former general of the army of about 18 mout'is ago, on theie way to the Italy, looked at the inftrument of death with Hague, wbither he meant to have full wed a smile of contempt, and laid his head down them; but was unfortunately arrested the with great tranquillity. Houchard, late next day, and ihrown into prison, where he comnander of the Northern army, Jisplay. continued tiil the hour of his death, freed equa! fortionde.- On the fame day Cotli, quently amused by his creditors with the one of the deputies of the Convention, who hopes of an accommodation. had been outlawed, was also executed.

22. Mr. Jas. Fawcet', attorney, of Kirkby "17. Thomas Hughes, master of the Mary- Sicphen, Wčitmurland. Anne, of Loughor, bound from Milford 23. Guillotined at Paris, Liverdy, for to Neatly, with iron. He was washed over merly comptrolier-general of the finances ; board near the inland of Caldy, in the Bric Dupré, the friend of Briffot; and £oifguyon. tish channel, anl, the ful owing day, the ver 24. At Quorndon, co. Leicester, after a fet was bronght in l.fory i to Kury river, by lingering ilojefs, Cape. Farnham, of thie royal a boy 12 years of age, the only hand on board. Davy, brother to the Comtess of Denbigh.

19. In his 241h year, Mr. Simfon, an emi As an officer he was greitly efteemeu, hav. nent farmer and grazier at Rippingale, co. ing distinguished himielfon several occafus, Lincoln ; a young man delervedly lamented particularly during the American war. by all who knew him, and by a disconfolate the 14th of Augnít, 1779, then commander wife, lo whom he had been married only a of the Nautilus frigate, he burnt and des few months. His cafe was considered by his ftroyed the rebel gulleys in the bay of P'e. medical atendants as rheumatism and grow- nobicet; for which gallant action he reing pains, till Mr. Stewart, furgeon at ceived the approbaton and thanks of Allora Pourn, being called in, discovered it to be a ral Sir George Collier. Ile was much !ecollection of matter in his body, which he fpected in private life, and his death is let' out by an operation, to the quantity of a greitiy lamented. w ath-hand bafon full. This was repeated ; A Batll, Lady Aylmer, relict of Sir Ge. but, his conftitution was too much reducel, raid A. bart. from the true which had elapsed, to afford 25. In London, Miss Rickard, filter of that advin'are which most probably would Alderman R. of Donculer. Oberwise have been derive:t from it.

In the Tower, Mrs. E.K. Lloyd, wife of 20. In the Duminican convent of the Mi- S. J. L. esq. clerk under the surveyor-genenerva, at Rome, aged 80, Dr. Cha O'Kelly, ral of the Ordnance-office. dern of the Ca ailele colege. He was born 26. At his house in Little Smith-Street, jo le aunty of Roscommon, of an anticnt Wellminster, J.;611 Ruller, ely. one of the and conspicuous family, allied to leveral of commillioners of excift, and elder brcler tlve most respectable Catholics in Ireland. of Sir Franuis B. bari. sic of the justices of On emhracing the ecclesiastical Iture at a the Court of King's rench. very esily period of his life, he returned a Gulloined :: Pris, convifted of an inten. landed eftute to his brother, whole daughter tion to deliver Lill: to the combincu armies, is marijed 10 O'Conor, the lineal descend General Lagorisere. ant of Roderic, the l.iit marite monarch of At her house in Siertford-treet, May-fair, Trelomt. The death of this gre.it man is in her 6719 year, the Right Hon. Lady har. ficrely regretted at Rome by all rarks, to riot Conyers, reliet of the late John C. 07. ustun he trad ende?red hintelt during his of Copped ball, C.), Edex, third caughter of senidepre amongst them since 1736. The T!on as tirit Eail of Poorfiet, and purt of Twith, in particulas, btwail the loss of a from George the picku! Endido She w23 nigrid

in Vr:'Conyers * jan. 1, 1747; and had a Austrian private councils in the caftle of the daughter, horu July 2, 17584 a son, John, Thuilleries, and that, under the malk of poApr113, 1755; a daugliter, June 1,1752; pular measures, he proposed counter-revoluanother Ton, Edward. One of her daugh- cionary meafures. Barnave listened to the ters married Wm. Biker, e14 M. P. for sentence of death with the same lang froid as Herrforuthire. She bire a long and painful when, in the meridian of his power, he rom illnets with resignation and fortitude; and duced into a system the first affaflinations and died lamented by all wbo had the happiness devastations, by fire, of the castles of the noof knowing her.

bility. When he was ordered away from the Al his houle in Harley-street, Cavendisho tribunal he said to the spectators, “Citizens, square, Job Balchen Welt, etj. receiver. Revolutions take away men's lives, but pofgener al or the county of Hertford, and le- terity will judge them.” He was aniwered cond son of the late Admiral w.

by the thouts of "Vive la Republique !" 27. Aged 60, Mrs. Nicholl, wife of Mr. When he came to the fobt of the scaffold Mr. John N. of Ol Fith-street.

he cried, “ Citizens, I die innocent." He At Sereco ks, Kent, Wm. Pouncy, esq. did not undergo his fate with re/olution or Lato comin. inder of the Sullivan E Inuiaman. relignation ; force was even used to tie hima

28. At Cimpre-house, rear Muiíelborgh, to the drop board. He nowever cried out, Rohult H nter, ely. of Camprie, late of "Vive la Nazion! Vive la Religion !" DuPicc., in l'engil.

port du Tertre ihewed more firmness, and Al Brompion-park-house, Master G. F. Tubmitted to his fate with much more courage. Hamireilley, lou of Tho. H. esy. Pall-mall. Among the more common victims the same

At Middle-bill, George Savage, esg, in the day, who were carried in the same cart, were commitin of the peace for the county of Peter and Mary Vertiller, accused of holding Glou uiter, and lizaren 'nt-colonel of the a correspondence with the enemies of their South battalion of the militia of that county. country; and Benedict Grandut, cłock-ma

29. Advanced in years, Mrs. Jane Green, ker, of the city of Bourges, for conversation of Guildford, Surrey.

tending to the restoration of monarchy. At Himmerlmuth, John Scoit, erg.

30. At Tibberton, co. Hereford, in his Mrs Anne Bain, wife of Rev.Mr. Brown, 4 d year, T. W. F. Brydges, efq. related to minister of Kithiray, in A Tihire.

the Cnanos family. To the accomplishAlhs !

we in Portlanu-itreet, aged 36, ments of an elegant fcholar, and a taite for Munhee Golburn, esą. On the 26th ne the fine arts, this gentleman united a distinwas feon walking in Puglitreet; nex' day guithed humanity and gooddess of heart he was frized willi a fiselling in the throat, He was an affectionate husband and father, a which, wb-n it hurst, tally the next morn most agreeable acquaintance, and the best of ins, is thought to have choaked him; for, maiters. His death, therefore, cannot fail to before ius ervan., who slept in the room, be the subject of general and lasting regret. çou d call any bein', he was dead. Mr. G. A few weeks since he was attacked with the was a blive of the ill. nl of Jamaica, and goul, which suddcoly left him on the evenposicta a fortune of Incool. a-year, by the ing preceding his death, when he was redeath. fais unelu, wife wicow now lives markably chearful and well. The following in Gower-street. She is ako his mother's morning te disorder returned with such vififter; as the two brisiheis married two olence as thortly to terminate in his death. Sitters, we think, of the name of Red, from Mr. B. hau lalely much improved his bedNew-York. About 12 years ago, Mr. G. tiful seat at Tibberton, and embellished his married the eldest danger of William the grounds and plantations. Of a plearmg foJarc Lord Chernynde, b), whom he has left ciety a few years since established near He

As he wical in'citate, his younger reford, called the Bowmen of Archenficlely family are unprovided for.

he was an early and distinguished member. Guill ined at Paris, Duport du Tertre, Latchy, on his paliage from Bulam, John the first keeper of the feals after the rchel Strahun Candell, eldett ion of the late Motes fron. He was in the 39t11 year of his ages G. a respect ble citizen of London. He was and was accused of an executed for, having born Miny 23, 1970; married 1790; and favoue lie el ape of Louis XVI. and being einbarkei, in the capacity of secretary to the 20 acceílryone he murders in the Chaap de society intending to colonize the itland of Mais, and of the patrioos on the roh of Au Bu ain (or Bulima), on the Western coast of ght - 1110), the celebrated Barnave. He Africa, in March, 1792, where he furvived was in his 3211 year, a member of the first an amiable wise, who, with their child, and National Ailemily, and worslikewise accused the greater part of the settlers, fell victims to of having fivoleil the e.cape of louis XIT. that perilous adventuro. Hiving remained of being accelsary to the murders in the on the island till the idea of success no longer Climp de 11.21's, of having aliisted at the existed, he (niled thence, in the Hankey,

Cape. Cox, and died on board, a few days Vir. C. was her coulin-german, as Ed

before the touched ac Barbadoes, on her way in C. fy. his father, married Matilda to England; but the manner of his death, of fumat, youngest daughter of Ld. Lempler. wirich nothing satisfactory has transpired, is

3 on.


more affliating to his friends than the seem- respect fol filênce, yet she had those metis ing falality which pursued lim. Some valt of conciliarioirin her power, that never failed able particulars of the expedition, collected to render her mistress of the principles ard by him, have been anxioulv ex vetted; but the object of those by whom she was consulte now the lapfe of time scarcely leaves any ed: Whenever Roland gave a political du Prope of their recovery. (A private letter ner, lvis Lady (who is the prime of hfe was ftates, that his property on boaril, which considered as betutitut) always presided; for Wag confiderable, fell into able hands to it was the alone that raised him to thar fituadistribute; and that his writings, which con tion which, at length, proved fatal to this fained a perfeét account of different inhv. grein woman, in consequence of his having manities aód incapabilities, fome of them ad atelied himself to the weakeit party, der fled to a nobleman in London, were Allo Vande Hyden, the banker, and his Bized.] This ur firtunate young man in two tons. They were found guilty of ende iherited from Nature a ftrong and active voorng to ruin the credit of France; of hargenin , calculated to have shine in an elee ing.vanerd large fuis of muniey to Madame Sated sphere of society, with a difrolition du Barré, who rent them to Great Britain, impatient to enrich it with the tre stures of [he placed in the British funds; of having fcience and litersture. There are act, in lens 209,000 livres to the Bishop of Rouche. eleed, any of his productions that would fir fulcauit, and the fume sum to M. Rohan maize his memory, which, considering the Chabot; and finally, of having been found at variety and extent of bis qui suits, and the the Louvre with the Knights of the Poignar, Jimited period of his creer, could not be to whore corps they belonged. expected. However, many indications of a At his house in Granby-row, Dublin, mind ai mancing to perfection gamed him the Wm. Denne, efq. LL. D. and member of the approbation of diftingu:thed merit; and, Royal Irish Academy. while his genuine fincerity and unaffected At Lismore, en Galway, Miss Dillon, only manners made a lasting impresion on those fitter of Lord Glenbrok who knew him more intimately, he deserve At (afle Trench, co. Galway, Matthew edly bore, though, but for a fort time, the Trench, etq. cnl; brother of Sir Tho. T. bart. Erulearing appellations of bulband, father, Suddenly, at Dublin, after eating a hearty and friend.

dinner, and seemingly in good health and In the West Indies, -f the yellow ferer, spiries, Humphry Walet, ely. of Richmond, Counsellor Charles M'Carthy', gentleman near Ballibrougli-bridge. of great probily and worth, and an orna In Dawson -street, Dublin, of a nervous fewent to the preseilion.

ver, in his 17th year, Wm. Blachford Sandis, Al Archibald's rer, in S. Elizaneth's, Ta. of Trinity-cull. eldest son of Rev. Michael S. maica, 'Thomas Scoles Simon, era

At the "arrack in James-street, Dublin, In St. Anne's, Lient. Gwynn, of the light Mrs. Sterliog, wife of Orange S. efq. dragoons.

At B.:1), Henry Hatton, efq. M.P. in the In Spanish town, Lieut. Williams, of the Hith parliament for the borough of Fethard. Iglie dragoons.

His confiderable «tutes in the county of Al Port Royal, Mr. Sam. Allen, pilot. Wexford dlevoive to his brother, George H.

Ac Kingston, Mr. Anthony Cole Poiron, eig. M.P. for Lisburn). lately from Liverpool ; Mrs. Mary White; At Deal, Miss Mary Baker, second daugliDr. Gilbraitli ; Mons. Main; Mr. George ter of Jolm B. esq. Francis Heverin ; John Cope, est. attorney

On board bis vefsel in the lumber, Capt. at law, and clerk of the peace for (til parith furion Matyse, of the Vig'lantie, in the of Westmorland; and Dr. Wn. Flanagan. Amsterdain trace.

Guillotined at Paris, aged 46, Madone Ro A: Chatham, agel 85, Miss Lowdell. Jand, wite of the minister of that me, who At Southwick, Hants, Mr. Oakthuts, timDar iy destroyed himself to avoid fuftering ber-mercha 11, thie Time fate. She was, perhaps, the most As Hinckley, co. Leicester, Mrs. Anne extraordinary woman that this or any other Parr, reli&t of Mr. Jon Samuel P. age has produced. During the adminiftra At Wells, co. Somerset, Richard Gould, Lion of her hufband she was the author of efe. youngest brother of the Hon. Sir Heniy all those papers figned by him, which, for G. one of the judges of the Court of Comcompofition, brilliancy of langure, and sen mon Pleas, timents of patriotifor, are unrivalle. To the Suldenly, at his house near Staines, Midenthurafn of a prito! reformist the :dded dlesex, aget! 44, Robert Norman, esq. a degree of fi muri that give weight to her Mr. Charles Grojan, eldest son of Mr. G. dec:104, ond mae fer company fought afer diputy high bailiff of Westminster. by all the Modere's of Paris. She 112l her Al llintain, Rev. Geo. Marriolt, lecturer regular levees of Statesmer, and was co-fult of St. Like, CJ-treet. ed as though the uere the Prime Minister of At Tanft, co. Norihampto??, Jeremiah State.-Courieus in her dem zuur, aindeafy in lier mannen, uil ler exirene good On her icur from Bath, Mrs. Prili l'a judgement and funse awed her inferiors into Dickinsva, 13th daughter of the late Joha

Hiiks, gent.


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