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14. Ai Rochester, Mr. Edw. Twopenny,, ahte property in many parts of the county of attorney, to Miss Jones, daughter of David J. Cornwall, the residue of whicli is now conesq. clerk of the engrosimeats at the Houle hned to the precincts of that deanry.-As of Commons.

the late aged lady left only two daughters, At Rollefton, co. Stafford, Rob. Fielden, through many grand-children, and being supesq. to Mifs Money, eldest daughter of Sir posed to be descended from the fame family John Parker M. bart. of Rolleston-house. as the unfortunate Robert Tresilian, chief

16. Charles Mordaunt, efq. eldest son of justice of England, who, in the reign of Sir Jolm M. bart. to Miss Lovisa Chester, 2d Richard 11. fell a vi&tim to the justice, perdaughter of the late Charles C. esq.

Traps faction, and revenge of the Duke of Mr. Ambrose Etheringtour, bookseller, of Gloucester's party, and those who formed Chatham, to Miss Walker, of Maiuftone. what then bore the appellation of "The

17. Samuel Sneyd, esq. of Arlington-str. merciless Partiament,” any anecdotes relating to Miss Manners, daugh. of Lieur. gen. M. to the above Robert Chief Justice Treflian,

18. Mr. Langham, farmer, of Wigfton, farther than what are inserted in the state of co. Leicefter, to Miis S. Taylor, of Ryhall, his trial (if trial it may be called), or the genear Stamford.

neral page of history, will be lighly accepta 25. Mr. John Ellintt, of Goldsmith's-ftr. able to one of that family ; fuch as, where Cheapfide, to Miss Brome, niece of Edmund he was born and educated, lis progress in B. esq. of Hamptel.

his profeffion, previous to his attaining the At'Anpand chloufe, in Scotland, the Hon. high office of chief justice of England; wheMajor Cochrean, brother to the Earl of Dan ther married, an!, if any illus of that mardonald, to Lady Georgiana Johnstone, second riage, how and where disposed of. daughter of the Earl of Hopetown.

13. At Newport, in the isle of Wight, 23. Mr. Maitland Maitland, furgeon, of Mr. Mors, wife of Mr. James M. late of New London - street, to Miss Millst, of Gerrard-street, Sohn, wine-merchant. Chertsey, co. Surrey.

11. Much respected, Mr. Josep! Newman,

of lufton, co. Lincoln. DEATAS.

At Pulterlale-hall [Patrickdale), in the Feb. T. Bridgenorth, advanced in years, pariñh of Larron, co. Wellmorland, in the

8. Geo. H. arothocary, of Devonshire-Atreet, comnionly called King of Patterdale * ; the Bloomsbury-fqua. who died Nov. 22, 1783. owners of which place for rime immemorial

Aug. 12. In Westmorland, Jamaica, che have been honoured with this appellation ; a Hon. Samuel Williams Haughton, speaker distinction which probanly arose from fome of the afsembly of that iland, and oue of of the property being allodial, as it is indethe representa' ives for the parish of Hanover. pendent, and held of no superior. The

15. In St. Elizabeth's, Jamaica, John Van royal family have the tiles of King, Queen, beelen, esq. one of the representatives in af Prir.ce, Princess, and Dukes. The palace, sembly for that parish.

pleasantly situated at the head of the lake 08. 1. Suddenly, at Jersey, Major James Ulfwater, nakes but an Indifferent appearHorne, many years an officer in the fervice ance; neglect for half a century hath left it of the East India Company, formerly on the almost a ruin. To get money with the late Bombay establishment, but latterly on that owner was a principle that almost absorbed of Bengal. He went to India about the year every other idea. This propensity Sroke out 1753, and, after many viciffitudes, returned very early in life, and appeared on every oc. to Europe about 15 years ago. After which, cafion - The wild mountains, which almost he married a lady of the in and of Jersey, furround the village, afford the beautiful blue tohom he has left with two children, a son Weltmorland flate, and lead ore in great and daughter. He was a native of Ireland, abundance; and some of them are covered and of a good family. He was a good offi- with wood. Of wood and nuté he had a cer, and a man of strict honour and probitý. Targe Mare, most of which was conveyed

8. At Boston, in New England, aged 57, doun the lake in boats; and, when a boy,. his Excellency John Hancock, governor and he could not be restrained by liis father from commander in chief of that commonwealth. the drudgery of the car. His brother, the The same day the sheriff of the coudty pub- Duke of Stybrow Lityled so fiom Stylurowlicly declared his Honour Samuel Adams, craç, a tremendous rocky precipice, burst. efq. Ieutenant-governor, to be his fincceffor. ing out into the lake near the village of Pat

13. In a very advanced age, at the ancient terdale), was no lover of work; he was a family refidence at Trevidar, in the deanry fine jolly fellow; which maje the old man, of St. Burian, co. Cornwail, Mrs. Mary a respectable couutiy-gentleman, , in his Perlar, reliet of the late Mr. P. of that miith observe, “ he had three children of place, and eldeft surviving daughter of the very difterent dispositions: the oldeft son Lale Mr. Trefilian, of Tresider, if the same dcatry, who was the last heir-mate of the * Some particulars of this extraordinary anticnt family of that name; which family, person may be seen in the agreeable "Ramiz tle reigns of Charles I. poffeiled confiden ble," reviewed vol. LXII. p. 1114.



would be drowned in Ulswater ; the other home in the dress he set out.-Upon the in the masb-tub; and the daughter the devil mountains he had an extensive right of corrcould not beat her for pride." No change in mon; and four shillings was the price for a his manner of life at least for the better) took beaft.gate. When applications for joift were place at the death of his father, which brought wanting, he would travel the country on him into the poffeffion of more than 300l. a foot, beating up for recruits. In one excur: year ; he persevered as if he daily creaded foht it was remarked he could only collect the want of the common neceflaries of life; one solitary heifer, which he drove bimself no work or bardhhip was too gieat fur him ; from Allton-moor, Cumberland, a distance and he was lucky enough to engage one of near 40 miles. From such a strict æconoDick Pearlon, a true and trusty liave, into my it is not to be wondered his property was his service. They loaded the boat, rowed daily accumulating : bis house-keeping, it is it down the lake, unloaded, and i eturned, supposed, never exceede. 301. a year, some at all seasons of the year, and at all times of sny not 20; and his annual income at the the night. Sometimes he would lleep in lait was at least 8001. Indeed he seldom ste barns, or other out-houses, when a few

at home, as he let his lands by ftipulation, pence would have fordeu, him a comfort.

his tenants to give him so much hard cash, able hed in a public.house. In dress, he was

and so many meals, some one a week, some the figure of misery itself; bis Stocking- more, and he generally took care to have heels were made of strong learlier; them before due; even cockles, cabbage, cloaths patch upon patch of any colour; and, &c. by measure or count, became sometimes according to the custoni of the country, he the confideration for a triling rent. In some wore wocden ihoes (provincially chegs) things tie would indulge himself; he was releavily thod with iron. Nature had formed mukably fond of sugar, gingerbread, and all him for labour, of a strong robust make; le kinds of su cetmeats, which lie always kept was almost equal to any thing. He had ano in his pocket; and in one instance he agreed ther happy requisite; he would never flinch with a lenant to supply him with 36 pounds any weight lie was alle to fand under; und of sugor yearly. To prevent the risk of beanecdotes are not wanting of his exti aordi- ing robbed, he would frequently hide his Mary Atrevgth. A form, houerer, would

money, in old Tune walls. Something or set all his poners at defiance; and once, other created suspicion, and he was watched. at least, the prediction of his father was An induftrious woman privately removed nearly fulfilled. He was ferrying a load of many a lone wish little or no success, but wood dou ni the lake with no other help iban

would not give it up; she had therefore rehis old companion Dick Pearson; a violent course to tratagem; thic tumbled the stones aud unusual lurricane arose, and they were about as he approached, and can off with thie every moment in danger of going to the bot.

appearance of very great surprize as if in To throw the wocd overtoaid was actual poliestion of treasure. He was Laken too great a facrifice though their lives were in the soare, and called out lie would give in the most imminent danger. They were, her one-half if she would return and deliver however, fo fortunate as to reach an island, it up. This feint liad the effect; the was a bare rock just rifing above the lake. The now convinced that near the place money storni increasal; for two days and nights was lid, and took the opportunity, before they were exposed to all its violence; a pile bis Majesty was recovered from his cousterof stones, whien they industrioufiy raised, nation, to make a more diligent search ; and was tveir only shelter ; and here, it was faid, by this manquvre, which was in the end the King tock care to secure what provision successful, aciually carried off the prize. they had !or his own ule. In this there is That he recovered any part of the money is rearon co believe he was unfairly used. He

not very probable: be had such an exceffive contradicted the report limself; and, as he dread of 1..w that his subjeós might almost was not poflciled of fine feelings, it is un 1ay or do any ibing with impunity. When likely he would have given himself that more auianced in years, his dress was at least trouble had it heen liue. All the pille vicie decent ; he attended markets like a common nitatis were collected; but no one fiad cou. farmer, and there was notising in his aprage to altempt their deliverance, potwith

pearance to attract the notice of a Itranger. ftonding the temptation of a confiderable ri He never theleis studied æconomy in every walu liom the Queen Dowager. The storm tape, and to the last fraud bis new stockings at length abated, and they laided (ale. This lined with leather at the heels. Onice le nuight have furnished him with an useful less joined with a neighbour for a horse ; but the 1o; but it ca nit, for he never d filled till partner ihip svou bruke up: the poor animal old age compelled !aim to loop. Wien he

when uson travel had a sorry time of it; tiad pár. icular bisnes to transact from prevende was fearce, and turnpike.gutes caused rome, where he law thae neceflity of appel many a tedious journey; bu!! a penry was ing decent, he would call upon a friend on favei. Ridug one day so Penrın market, the road, with whom he could take the li- by the side or viswater, he made a fuli itop, berty, and borrow his cloaths. In to or firpped, and into the lake he went. From days he restured the loab, and returned the bottom he picked up in old stocking,


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which he carefully examined. " It might berg. His Highness had been twice married, very likely have something valuable in it as but has left no children. it did not swim to the side," was his reply 25. la Chiswell-street, aged 63, Mr. Sae to a clergyman who afterwards joined bim vage, an eminent leather-seller, and partner upon the road, and whose curiofily, from with Mr. Witton. this odd circumstance, was not a litrle raised. At Bromham, Wilts, the Rev. John Rolt, Willson, schoolmaster of Patterdale, acted rector of that place, and brother to Lord So. as his secretary ; and ten-pence was the merville and Sir Edward Bayndun. price agreed upon for making his will. After 26. At his house at Hampdead, Jolin the firit, alterations, adu ties, and codicils, Webb, esq. formerly an eminent attorney in became so frequent, that Willfon was tires of Clitori's inn. the price, and for once get it railed to a thil Mr. Edw. Horwood, of Croydon, Surrey. ling. He afterwards carlos a holder attempt, Ac Cowes, Lieut. Bignall, of the royalnavy. he asked half-a-cow! ; this was too serious, At Hull, aged 80, Mrs. Eliz. Mowld. and another perso: was employed. Not ma At Clay-Colon, co. Northampton, in his ny years ag'i, he was so ill utrz! Dis recovery 68th year, Rev. Thomas Smith, relor of that was doubtful. His son, the Prince, advised parith, and vicar of Hillmorton, co, Warw. him to leave 2001. to the poor. “ No; he 27. At Coveney, in the ine of Ely, Mr. had lost a great deal by the poor, but lie ne- John Belcher, ftudent of Clare hall, Camb. ver got any thing by them in his life. Why At Loughborough, co. Leicester, Mr. leave any thing to them?” But the amiable Wood, who for many years ably supported youth, reasoning with him on the aweful the office of arithmetical-master of the freescene before him, he gave way. " Well," school chere. says he, to his only child; 'nis heir, and exe 28. At Hampftead, in lis 52d year, the cuior, “I will leave one hundreil, if you will Hon. Thomas Fitzmaurice, second fin of be fifty «f it.” Whether ever in his life he- John the late Earl of Shelburne, and only fore he hit upon so curious a method of brother of Williain the present Marquis of cheating himself is unknown to us. This Lansdown. He has left a widow', Mary was not the finishing of his reign : he reco Courtefs of Orkney, and an only for, Vila vered ; and, in his 89th year, lamented the count Kirkwall, a minor. His death will be shortness of life: “Could we hr," says he much lawr.ented by a very numerous tenantry, to his old friend Willson, “ live to the age of both in this country and in Ireland, to whom Methorelah, we might then have fume chancë . he was a liberal and indulgent landlord, and of getting rich; but, we no sooner find our alio by his many connexions and dependerits. felves in the way of getting a little torcher, He served as member for High Wycomb, than death comes upon us and fruits all." Bucks, in two parliaments, and distinguished He is succeeded in his title and eitate hy his himself by some memorable speeches, strongonly civild John, who has a numerous fa- ly expressive of his attachment to the Coniti. mily. This young man is almost adored in tucion in church and state. Heformerly lived the place ; and the writer of this can faith on the most intimate terms with Johnson,' fully testify that, upon the spot, he had the Hawkesworth, and Garrick; and his name pleasure of hearing the following remark, will be long remembered as a liberal patron

that, if it was poffible, he was ten gool." of learning, genius, and virtue. He was the Mr. Gilpin (alluding to firuation only, most gentleman who, from his extensive concerns likely) has said, that, “if he was inclined to in the linen manufactory, was called the envy any potentate in Europe, it would be Royal Merchant. The contents of his warethe King of Patterdale.” If this was the houses at Cheiter, in whichi, during liis case during the life of the la:c Kins, how hcalil, he was generally to be found in times much more so now, when this Princs has fur of business, have been frequen:ly estimated at some time fince been looked upon as the ti. 100,000l. telar deity of the vile, whole chief study it At Bath, Alexander Heggenson, esq. of has heen to render the inhabitants more hap- Harley-freet. py, easy, and contented!

29. At the upper barracks at Chatham, 22. Deservedly lamented, Mr. T. Bland- aged 93, Mr. Vanderlin, barrack-masier. ford, fader, in the Great Gardens, Bristol ; At Harrock-hall, co Lancaiter, in his ad whole death was occafioned by a fright he year, the Rev. Joha Righye, 'rector of North received in falling over the corpie of a person Meols, in that county, and in the commillion killed in the late riots there.

of the perce for the county of Chester. At Newcastle, in an advanced age, Mr. 30. In his 634 year, in the work house at Wm. Chapman. He, among many other Deal, where he had been, with hs wife and useful discoveries and improvements, was the 11x children, near two years, the Rev. firf who, about 1778, gave the idea, and at James Alkins; who was reduced to the fea established by practice, the invaluable se- neceility of ending his days in such a de. cret of making falt-water fresh.

grading abode by sickness and an ill state of 23. Rev. Briggs Cary, 'rector of Malling health, which reidered him unfit for feiving ham, co. Norfolk.

in the chapel at Dell, tc which he was soms Aged 66, the Reigning Duke of Wertem time a curate. He had received a liberal


education at one of our universities, and was coheir, of Jolin Bolle, efq. of Thorp-hall, a respectable scholar; yet, though he had near Louth, co. Lincoln, who was the laft been 39 years in orders, a curacy was the male heir of that antient family. Her remains only means he ever had for the support of were interred at Stainton, near Doncager. himself and family.

Guillotined at Paris, in the space of 37 Of a mortification in his bladder, Gilbert minutes, between 11 and 12 o'clock in the Sclater, erg. a considerable owner of E. India forenoon, after having been convicted of "a thipping, and one of the directors of the conspiracy against the unity and indivisibility London Affurance-office. Mr. S. was fun of the Republick, and against the liberty and of an East India captain, and was himself a safety of the French nation," the following Thip's husband, by which lie acquired a large 21 deputies to the National Convention, viz. fortune, which he applied to be nical pur. Brillo, Vergniaux, Gentonne, Duperret, Vaposes, having two persons collecting for bim laze, Carra, Gardiei, Duprat, Sillery, Fauin the East Indies, at the expence of goal. chet, Ducros, Boyer-Fonfrede, Lalource, Lef. a year, and having made an elegant ar terp Beauvais, Duchatel, Mainville, Lacaze, rangement of his garden, and contrived a Lebardi, Boileau, Antiboul, and Vigée. The water-mill, witla pipes to diftribute the wa corpse of Valaze (who load stabbed himself ter to the several beds. He married Miss in court as soon as sentence was pailed, Jackson, by whom he has left several chil. the day before) was conveyed separately, oa dren, the youngest just born. Mr. S. was a cart, to the place of execution, exhibited fo corpulent, through excessive eating, that on the scaffold, aud buried on the same spot. he kept a regular weekly fast, without re 08.... Unfortunately drowned at one of ducing his corpuiency. The third daughter the folls of Schauffbaufen, in de Rhue, died the 22d inst. Having been long sub- George-Samuel 8th Viscount Montague, and jca ro violent attacks of the stone and a le- Sedley Burdels, esq. second fon of Francis B. thargic habit, he died of an obstruction in his esq. and grandson of Rob B.esq. who inherited kidneys, which brought on a diarhea. Af very confiderable property from the late Sir Ler lying in state two days, at his house at Cha. Sedley, bart. His Lorulbip was the only Knots-green, Low Layton, his remains were son of Anthony the 7th Viscount, by Frances interred at Hendon, on Nov. 7.

daughter of Herbert Mackworth, esq. and At his house in Rathbone-place, W. Wat. relict of Alexander Lord Halkerton. He fun, esq. F.R.S. senior surgeon at the West. was born June 26, 1769, and was on his minster-hospital, and one of the court of return home to be married to the amiable and exa.niners.

accomplished Miss Coutts, to wholo Gfter Of a cold, caught by being in the rain, aged Mr. Bi was some time since united. By his 71, Peter Roberts, esq. remembrancer of the death The title of Montague is become excity of London, and formerly comptroller of tinct. His only fifter, Elizabeth Mary, born the Bridgeyard; which latter office he had Feb. 5, 1767, is a lady of great beauty and resigned in 1791, oa being allowed an an many personal accomplifhments. It is reRuity from the city.

markable that the magnificent seac of the 31. In her 24th year, Mrs. Jourdain, wife family at Cowdray, in Suflex, built by their of Mr. Geo. J. of Spital square.

anceitor, Anthony Browne, about the close Ar liey moutis, Mr. Stephen Spicer, of the of the isth century, was destroyed by fire Golden Lion inn, and pollmafter there. in the night of Sept. 24, with all the family

Much regretted, aged 70, Mr. William portraits, and other valeable paintings of the Keadhead, of Penritli.

events of Henry the Virth's reign, in the Res. Mr. Hubbersty, of [lailham. While glories of which the family had shared (fee riding through that town he felt himself pp. 858, 951, 996).-The unfortunate fare somewhat indisposed, which induced him to of these two travellers was owing to a very alifmount his horse and go inio the Mop of raih autempi, from which no remonftrances Alr. Lons, an apothecary there, for lone could divert them. His Lordihip, accompathing to relieve him; but he had scarcely nied by Mr. Budelt, was mcommonly time to reah the Nop before he was leized anxious to pafs the famous water-falls of with a bleeding at the mouth and note, which). Schantiicaulen, in Switzerland, which had quickly caused his death. He was nicht re hitherto been unattempted by any visitant. fpecled by his parishioners, and, we believe, The magiftraces of the district, iraving heard bad not allpined his zoth year.

of the resolution of these travellers, and At Doncatter, after an illness of a few knowing that inevitable destruction would days, in tlic :87h year of her age, and la be the consequence of such an attempt, mented with unlogned affection by her fa- liad ordered giards to be placed for the ruly, Mix. Bridget Bofvile, ielict of Thomas purpose of preventing the execution of it

. B. eig. Tale of Twickebun, Middlesex.- Such, bowever, was the force of their curio She was the youngest and last surviving osity, that they found me.jos to ehrle every daughter and one of the three coheirs of the


Having provided themselves Rev. Thomas Bosvile, S.T.B. rector of Ufo with a mall fat-bottomed print, as they Er!, in Northamptondaire (who died 1718), were about to ttep o i., Lori Montague's Zuteth his wife, filter, ud at length servant forpeu thoney-auxd, as it were m.



Rinctively, feizer his master by the collar, At Ceres, Rev. Thomas Bennett, minister declaring that for the moment he should of the Allocirr. congregation. forget the refpect of the servant in the duty of At Athburnham, co. Snflex, much respecte the man. His Lorddhip, however, extri. ed, aged 71, Rev. Charles Coldcall; by whose cated himself, Et liic expence of part of his death a stall at Rochester, and another at Chicallar and neckcloth, and pushed off imme. chester, with the livings of Kingsdown, Catsdiately with his companion. They got over field, and Anburnham, become vacant. It is Wie furft fall in fafety, and began to fhout faid. that in a fit of insanity he threw himand wave their handkerchiefs, in token offelf into a weil 30 feet deep, and was foon fucceís. They thien pushed Jown the second after taken out dead. His latter days had fall, by far more dangerous than the first; been much embittereal by domestic calamity. from which time they have not since been A: Moncheller, Rev. Thomas Ayfeough, feen or heard of. It is supposed that thie fenior fellow of the collegiate claurch chere, boat, hurried by the violence of the cataract, In Norfolk, the Rev. James C'oery, M.A. jammed them between two rocks. The late fellow of Caius-college, Cambridge. fer vant remained three weeks irar the Rev. James Dinsdale, vic.hr of Cracfield place, bewailing the face of his beloved maf. with Lastield, co. Suttolk. ter, who, in the finie of life, had thus fallen At the Hot wells, Bristol, Edward King, a victim to his curiosity, while he was hourly efq. M.P. in the Irish parliament for the bus expected at Midimrit, which owed so much rough of Carrick-on-Shannon. to his ancestors, and the catastrophe of his Ar Chicbefter, in her 64th yeur, Mrs. feat hear which had not reached him. Aune Clarke, daughter of the late Rev. Wm.

Lately, of a puerid ferer, Baron de Tott, C. chancellor and rafudentiary of eat cathewell known by lois Memoirs of the Turks dral; whose exemplary piety and accoma and Tartars. He had retired into Hungary plished understanding had long endeared her ever since the late King of France was to the society in which the lived. ai relleu.

Mrs. Nichoiton, widow of Mr. N. bookAt Rome, age 78, Cardinal Pinocchetti. seller and stativner at Wifbech. Allo, at the same place, aged 64, the Arch At Teignmouth, Meredith Price, jun. eles: bishop of Avignon.

of Lincoln's-ion-fields. At Rome, of a bilious fever, Mr. Moore, At Warnsford, near Stamford, aged 84, the ingenious and celebrated landscape-pain- Mr. Hayes. ter. This gentleman, so much efteenici for At Weymouth, aged 41, Mr. Love, bookhis profesional abilities and private worth, seller. He had grown to the enorm:0!19 was attended to the grave by all the Eoglich weight of 26 Kone, or 364 poun:ls. The at Rome. The amateurs will lose coufidere coifin and corpfe (supposed to wcigri near ? ahly by his de:utlı, as he was engaged to meet twn) were put out of a window, atij fict the Bishop of Londonderry, and to have down by ropes on several pieces of tin ber taken a view of the picturesque scenery of Mrs. Hlude: ford, reiict of Rev. Dr. H. the lakes. His property devolves to Mr. bare piekcent of Trinity-college, Oxford. Moore, of New Street, Covent-garden. His At Oreston, co, Lancaster, Mrs. N13!y executors are, Sir James Wright and two Hoghton, only fifter of Sir H. Il. burt. other young Englim gentlemen.

Mrs. Lunes, wife of Mr. Thomas J. postAt the Hague, after a lingering illness, the maiter of Frome. Countess-dowager Bensiuck.

Mr. Knight, farmer, of Writtle, co. El ex Ac Gibbo's Vere, Clarendon, Jamaica, who lived to the greai age of 99, and was Mr. David Muno, son of the late Capt. Jas. many years occup er of a small farm in that M. of Ulverstone.

pariih; but, for about loven or eight years Al Ardbracan, the Rev. Thomas Butler, a past, haud fubfilted on the bounty of Lord magiftrate of the county of Meath, in Ireland, Howard and some neighbouring goutlenien. and a gentleman universally esteemed. His At Leatherleadly Ctorge Adams, efq. death was in consequence of the wounds he At Mansfield, James Walker, el. late received from a ruthan, who waited in am- master of the ceremonies at Margate. buh to affaftinate him as he returned from Mrs. R:llowe, mother of Robert R. orq. the house of a Mr. Thompson, in the county collector of the customs u 'Woodbridge: of Meath, to the Bishop of Meathi's diocelan lo-Evfield-marth, Mr. Green, master of leat. From «liscoveries made lince, by the the ferry-house commonly called Eaton's vigilance of the magiftrates, suspicion falls forry. una very near relation, no less than a brother. At Ripley-green, co. Surrey, aged 41, Mr. 1. Altera lingering illnets, the Rev. Richard Thomas Stune. Radcliffe, M., rector of Holwell, co. Dor Suddenly, at Wandfworth, Mr. Chapmar, 1oi, to which he had been presented in 1978, son of Mr. C. coach-mafter. on the death of Mr. Hobson, by Queen's-col Al Mountelus, in Surrey, aged 11 months, lege, Oxford, of which he was fellow. the only for of Lord Grantley.

Much lamented, the Rev. Wm. Finder, Suddenly, Mr. S. Preuy, farmer, of Law B. D. rector of the parish of Dunfhoirne dington, co. Ruland. Rous, co. Gloucester,

Ac Eplom, Surrey, John Hodgfon, efų.

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