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sanguinary anarchy, of thať anarchy which but fprung his howsprit, and did other conhas broken all the most sacred bonds of so- fiderable damage to his own ship, in the atciety, diffolved all the relations of civil life, tempt. Immediately after the Chefierfield viotated every right, confounded every daty; had got crear of tlie ship, they saw her go which uses the name of Liberty to exercise to the bottom. the most cruel tyranny, to annihilate all property, to seize on all poffeffions; which

COUNTEX Nrw5. founds its power on the pretended consent of A little domestic inftitution has latciy been the people, and itself carries fire and sword established a: Liefer, which is equally worthrough extensive Provinces, for having de. thy of imitation as of praise. Within that manded their Laws, their Religion, and their town 3. gentleman has erected, on his paterlawful Soverəign.

mal estate, an elegant but modest structure It is then in order to deliver themselves in the Gothic style, to be occupied always by from this unheard-of oppression, to put an his own relations who may stand in need of end toi fyftem of unparalleled crimes, and such an asylum. It is, therefore, not umartto restore at length tranquillity to France, iy denominated a CNSANGUINITARIUM. and security to all Europe, that his Majesty The several occupants are allowed coals, &c. invites the co-operation of the People of and gs. a week during life; and the estate France. It is for these objects that he calls is charged with theie provisions. The inupon them to join the standard of an heredi- ternal management of it is so arrangel, that, tary Monarchy, not for the purpose of de. while they are bound to administer to the ciding, in this moment of disorder, calamity, joint comforts of their little peaceful fociety, and public danger, on all the modifications they are also carefully prevented from interof which this form of Government may rupting them. The person, who lias the hereafter he susceptible; but in order to private merit of ro humane an institution, unite themselves once more under the Em cannot be offended if he be made kiowo, for pire of Law, of Morality, and of Religion; the benefit of public example it is John and to secure at length to their own country JOHNSON, Esq. banker in Bond-street. external Peace, domestic Tranquillity, a real The inhabitants of Burton upon Trent were, and genuine Liberty, a wise, moderale, and on Tuesday night, O&t. 1, alarmed with the beneficent Government, and the uninter moft terrible conflagration ever seen there ; rupted enjoyment of all the advantages which which broke out between 7 and 8 o'clock in can contribute to the happiness and pro a 'arge barn filed with liay, belonging to Mr. fperity of a great and powerful nation. Wood, at the West end of Cal-street; the

Nov. 4. The Loudon Gazette gives an ac flames inftantly communicated to another count of the attack, and gaining polleifion, large adjoining barn, also filled with hay, of the post at Menin, by the French. Allo and to other out-buildings belonging to Mr. of their being obliged to give up their at Wood; and (the wird being Sou!h) to ano tempts on Nieuport. Also of feveral advan ther barn, across the street, belonging to tages gained by the British at Toulon. Mr. B. Willon, containing a confiderable

Nov. 14. This Gazette gives an account of quantity of deals and barley. In less than a the arrival of General O'Hara, with confi- quarter of an hour the buildings (being enderable reinforcements, at Toulon, and of tirely of wool and tha'ch) with their conthe capture of Lyons by the Republican tents, formed one entire blaze. Three ene army.

gines, with every other poffible afiistance,

immediately arrived ; but, although the enAMERICA.

gines continued playing all night, the fire New York, 08. 11. A dreadful pestilential was not entirely excinguished till the next distemper broke out in Philadelphia in August morning. The loss in hay, implements of Jaft, which swept off some thousands of the husbandry, a quantity of fowls which also unfortunate inhabitants; but we are happy perished in the flames, &c. is very confio to learn that its fury is now abated.


08. 12. A dreadful accident happened at PORT NEWS.

Turbridge. Two bargensen, in the employ Falmouth, 0t. 31. By the Queen packet of the river Medway Company, having got arrived here from Falmouth, we learn that very much intoxicated at the fair, went ca the Chefterfield packet, Captain bones, on board their barge, which was laden with her outward-bound pallige to, Halifax, fell timber, for Chatham dock-yard, aborit two in with a mhip in a gale of wind actually o'clock in the morning, as they were to go fuking. Captain Jo es having had all h's off at day-light. About four o'clock, some boats wathed overboard in the same gale, people, going by the wharf, gave the alarm had it not in his power to give affiftance in that the barge funk it her moorings, and in any other way than by running along lide consequence it was expected that the two her, which he did, at the h zard of the lives bargemen were drowned in the cabin. They of his crew, and the loss of his fip; by towed the barge down toward the crane; which means he saved the whole of the and, after some bours work, they at lan lince CICW, except one man who was drowned ; ceeded in beaving the barge up, sufficiently


to get on the stern Theers; upon ripping

Saturday, Nov. g. them up, one of the men was found jammed

A folemn dirge was fimg at the Spanish close up behind the clininey place; every

Amballador's chapel, Manchetter-squa; e, exertion was made to discover the other, the late Queen of France. The whole chapel from one o'clock yesterday until two this was covered with black, the windows darkday, when he was found along-side the ened, and a great number of filver Lamps barge, under the crane ; they were both

on the walls and on the foot of the galleries. very much disfigured from their suffocation. Before the altar lay the representation of a

08. 25 A barn at a farm near Castlegate, coffin, on which was a superb pall, covered on Enfield Cbace, belonging to Mr. Prescot, with escutcheons; and on it lay the crown and occupied by Mr. Cook, look fire in the aid seeptre of France; at the lines of the night, occasioned by putting up!he bay too

coffin a dozen large wax tapers. The green ; it having been cut and mide after chapel was filled at an early hour with Michaelmas. The building and the crop a great number of the nobility, persons of vere leftroyed, but the house and other fashion, and many others, who all dropoffices fortun.tely saved.

ped a tear upon the melancholy occasion ; Oct. 26. This day the last stone was laid and the whole did honour to the lineraiity of the Tower in Heathfield Park, and the

and cafte of the Marquis del Campo, who scaffolding removed.

W25 in the organ.-gallery ail the time. The A little account of this Itructure, intended bilhop of Limoges, late almoner of France, by the present owner as a memorial of respect

and buior to the late king when dauphin, to the character of his predecessor, the late

celebrated the mass, and walked in proLord Heathfield, and which may be confi

ceilion round the cofin three times, sprinkdered as an ornament to our county, may

ling and censing it. A numerous chor of not be unacceptable to our readers.

vocal performers chanted the service, and It was begun on the 2d of March, 1792,

afterwards joined in bands of harmonies. is built of itone, and from the bottom is of

After which Mr. Webb played the organ; an octagonal shape to the height of about 15 and the emigrant French clergy, (catered feet; whence it rises, in a ciicular form, to over the body of the chapel (alas ! how the top of the battlement, which is 55 feet changed from ther own folemn and fplenfrom the ground. It is 22 feet in diameter, did choirs), joined in the mournful vitice and contains a circular staircase, and three with wonderful and moving etfect. There apartmeits, which are to be fitted up in a was no fermon or oration on this occafion, Goihic style, and ornamented with views of On the same day a similar service was per Gibi altar, and the operations of the fiege. formed in the catholic chapel at Wincheiter, The building is fimple; but so adinirably

wliere a discourse, suited to the occafion, was constructed as to unite lightners with foli- pronovuced by the Rev. Mr. Miloer. Ben dity; and every precaution has been used to fizes the French ecclefiaftics, who officiated preferve it from decay; the proportions,

in a ftyle superior to any thing that is feeta moreover, are so just, and the effect of the in the chapels in London, the Marquis and whole fo agreeable to the cye, that it caopot Marcioness of Buckingham, the officers of fail to impress the beirolder with the taste tlio regnant of that name, and the principal and ingenuity of the architect.

clergy of the neighbourhood atiiited. Over the door, on the outside of the

Tirefday, Nov. 19. Tower, i; a tablet, with this infcription,

This evening a person of a thabby appear: Culpes defenfori," the letters of which are ance came on fout to the New Inn, at Deal, to be formed of the metal of the guns from in Kent, and ordered fore filh and beelthe Spanish Poating batteries, and let into fte.ks for his supper, which was accordingly the ftone.

gabim; and, after drinking a pint of wmin, The view, from a building situated on ore he told the waiter that he was going to take of the most elevated spots, will be more a walk for a thort time, bu'. Thould return readily conceived than describes', hy chore Necpibere. Brewicen ten and elever o'clock who are acquainted with that beautiful part he C3612 back, dr.sk tome punch, dud wens of the county of Suflex.

!C!_4, but seeming very willing to be · Tlie flie of the lower happening to be noticed, together with the extr. urdinary upon part of the copyhold of the maror of figurs le mude, having an old wing on which Laugliton, Loid Pelham has enfranchised the did not fit him, cauled the waile: lo lubject ground, in compliment to the undertaking. tehoud heen guilty of lume but act, aus lad

cuare in this dilguise for the purpose of getDOMESTIC OCCURRENCES, lin, on-board an out and bound veiie', i he Saturday, Niz.2.

mater, however, relted sill the riext mjinA forgery was committed at the Bank, rfing, utien the amc walei, going up tbe receipts for 16,0god scrip, hy a woman of town, observe the bi:is, otteung a reward the name of Lyon, who was diguised as a oftwa hundred pound, for the apprehending man, and has since been apprehealed. Her of James Lyon for forgery, and it immediately brother his he'n 1, taker up on the lime fiuck him that this mui be the person ; On busincs, but made his ef:fe. (See N.V.) which he applied to the Mayor vi Deal for

a warrant, and took him into culudy, just lar to that which distracts and disgraces : as he was getting out of hela

neighbouring people, and appals with Carpmeil, one of the orlicers belonging to fanguinary excelles every surrounding ra Bow-stret, from who fe houfe Lyon etcaped tion, and for his spirited efforts ; at all times, the first time he was apprehended, being to secure the permanent tranguillity of this the a: Pover in fearch of him, was imme metropolis.? It was also una'iously redia'ely fent for, and in the person of the folved, “ That the sum of Fol. b: fub!cribe', Itranger recognized that of James Lyon. by this Court, towards supplying the Bruth He was then taken before the Mayor to be troops nuw serving on the continent, with identified, who ordered him to be kept in comlortable cloathing and other necetl.sies, custody till a warrant could be procured during the win'er; that a Warul Criminires from the Magistrates at Bow-treet; in conta he forthwith appointej to receive the further sequence of which, Carpmeal and the wai. Subícriptions of other Corporite Bodies, or ter set off for town, where they arrived of in lividınls, and to carry the same into the yesterday morni'15; 90 Mr. Fori', thu fit most immediate etieci." ting Magistrale, laving'granted them a war The Corpora ion have, by this vote, rant, they immediately returned to Deal, and evinced a fpirit of loyalty, patriotism, and brought Lyon to town. It appeared that humanit., that does tiem the bigliett cicLyon came to Deal on Monday by the Dili dit; and will, we have reason to bcliere, gence, and Dept that night at the Royal excite a laudable tinulation in the foyer. Exchange ; but, it is imposed, thinking that corporate bodies, and amongit the opulent place too public, induced him to move to the individuis, of the whole kingdım.-Am.iNew Inn. When taken into custoly, a nufacturing town in Leicestershire his fhean brace of loadeci pistols were found in his its loyalty by a very ap: and weil ii ned where pockets, together with some powder and ball. Nation for the same commend the purpote. He has been since examined, and conmilted Hinckley, which, in tbe manufacture of for trial. (See Nor), 2.)

Itockings, is on a par with the towns most Thursday, Nov. 21.

Duted for the article, has contributed 2000 At a court of common-counci!, the first pair for tle use of our brave soldiers. in the mayoralty of the Right Hon. Paul Le

Monday, Nov. 25. Mesurier, on a motion of D puty Wrench, This day an eiticer rom the Montague of it was unanimously resolved, " That the 74 guns, commanded by Captain Montague, Thanks of this Court be given to the Right and which ship arrived at Plymouth on SaHon. Sir JAMES SANDERSON, lule Lord liday, came to the Adiniralty, with an acMayor of this City, for his uniform udim count that the Montague left Lord Howe's partial administration of justice, for his dili feet on Wednesday lit. When the came gence and zeal in the discharge of the high way, the Queen Charlotte, Lord Howe's anul important duries committed to his truit flag mip, the danges, and two other Mhips of by the unanimous voice of his fellow citizens; th. Ime, were actually engaged wit's the for the magnificence and liberal hospitality French squadron. The rest of our fleei #5 with which he justained the exalted the of coming up under a press of fail. The Moo. Chief Magistrate of th's City; for the equal tagile ha: sprung several of her maits, hy regard which he paid to the inviclab'e !:berty Cirrying a press of fail in pursuit of the of the subjea, and to the constituti malai eleny. fistance neceilary to the exertions of Goverde

Tburfilsy, Nw. 28. ment at the commencement of the pretent The earl of Moira embarked last night; heftilities, hy reengmending to this Court she and the arniament under his command was encouragement of je men to enter into the expected to fail in the course of this day. royal nas"; ; for the rezidy and polite access We doube not of being able to make a good afforde! to his fellow citizens; for his billy repurrt of the important commition with and autention in p:efd'agaver the debates of wirich this gallant Peer is entrusted. this Court, and his readiness to convenc it

Fiday, Nov. 29. upon every imjoitant occasion; for his 120 - Mr. Erskine, who has just arrived in this Thaken integrity and furupulous attachment city from Rome, on a million from the to the weifare of there'k ngdoms, and to the Pope, is a native of Scotland; he has refided fafe-y of its facred Constitution during a many years in Rome, where he is a prelate. mayoralty of onex.ampled difficuliy, calling He wis always remarkable for his courtesy

for inceffant vigilance and activity ; for the to his countrymen, and the sugularity of ttis :: prudent and ettectual measuris which he opers, wcaring purple Rockings, &c.

personally pursued, at the hazard of his life, No certain advices bave yet been ræeired to suppress the allemblies of difaffected per from Lord Howe; but it is very generally fons in various parts of this metropolis, ma believed that a confiderable part of the Brett nifestly formed for the diabolical scheme of Aeet is actually captured by him. propagating doctrines and opinions tending

Saturday, Nov. 30. to subvert the glorious Constitution of our Accoun's from all parts of the kingdom happy and fourishing country, and thereby agree in the spirit of loyalty which every introduce a scene of anarchy and horror fimia where prevoils,

P. 857, col. 2. The lare Earl of Bucking, childicn, who have been baptised by the hamthire was not, at his death, lord-lieute names of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The nant of the county of Norfolk. " hat office, poor people had a large family before. on the death of the late Earl of Orford, was At Athville, near Limerick, the Lady of conferied on Marquis Townshend, who now Henry A, ely. of the 35th reg. a fon. enjoys it. Neither will che income of the At Ballynowian, the Lady of Rd. Spread, present Earl be increased by the death of his a fon and heir. brother, no part of the estate being attached At Duhlin, the Lady of Eyre Burton to the earldom, and the present Ear! laving, Powell, e'q. a fon. by luis brother's will, a very inconsiderable The Lady of the Hon. Christopher Hely legacy.

Huchino, a daughter. Pp. 871, 955. Mr. Barnfather formerly Ai Clairmont, in the county of Dublin, the kept a hop in Monmcutli ftreet. He ac Lady of Humphry Tiiler, ciq. a con. quired a good fortune, and with it rctired At Fincray-house, Scotland, Lady Forbes, from business, laying it out chicfly in the

a on. purchase of louises. He was a man of a good Mrs. Hamil:on, of Orbiston, a son. plain underfanding, and was for many yeais Countess De la War, a still-born son. very useful in public business of various The Lady of sir Jn. Morshead, barn. a son. kinds, amongst the reft, artending much at Achis feat at Ashwood, co Scattord, che the Rotation-office in Lichfield-freet. For Lady of Joseph Scott, efq. a son and heir. some time before his death he was a strong At Plymouth, the Lady of Capt. Ellison, proof that the potellion of riches does not a doughier. always carry happines with it. Without a At the same place, the Lady of G. Woolle wise, and without a child, lie secluded him- com he, eiq. 1 fon. felf entirely from the world and the con Nov. 2. At his house in NaiTau-Itreet, the pany even of his riends, dreading the smallest Lady of J R. Cocker, eq. a fon. expence which that company miglit occasion. 5. At his Lord'hip’s houe in Berkshire, He was buried at St.Giles's, in a stone critin. Lody Kinnaird, a daughter.

P. 960, col. 1. Mrs. Fox, who died rud 8. At her father's house at Walthamstow, denly, was foundress of that most useful in the Countess of Lauderdale, a fom. Ritution, a fchool of industry, at Plymouth, 9. In Hanover square, the Lady of Lord which has hail a happy effect on the morals Leslie, a daughter. and manners of the lower clats of people. 15. Duchess de Pienne, a still-born child.

Ibid. col. 2, 1. 36, for Sproxton, co. Lei Ac Knowle, in Kent, the Duchess of Dor: cester, read Stroxton, co. Lincoln.

ses, a ion and heir. P. 964. Among other curious items in the will of Mr. Hooter is the following :--That

MARRIAGES. his museum, which has cont him upwards of 081. EV. Jimes Long Hutton, rector of 90,000 guineas, skalt be offered to this Go.

Maidímoreton, Bucks, lo Miss vernment for sale, at the sum of 20,000l. In llenrietta Thomas, daughter of the late Bencase of rcfufal, it hall then be offered to jamin T. ef of Buckingham. everyther nation, at the same price. Should 16. At the Quakers mce:ing-house at Dar. they likewise decline the purchase, it shall lington, Joseph Icynols, for of Richard R. then he fold, by public auction, to any perfon of Coalbrook dile, Shropshire, lo Deborah who wishes to be poilelled of such an inva Dearnian, danghter of the late Jahn D. nere luable curiosity. The money ariting from the chaat in London. fale to be equally divided among lits i elatives. 17. Dr. Girdlestone, ol Yarmouth, to Mrs.

Clo e, reliet of Rev. john C. and daughter BIRTHS.

of Robert Lawki nielq of Ipswich. 08. RS. Cooke, wife of Mr. C. alder 19. Mr. John Price Laycock, haker, of

man of Grantham,co. Linc. a son. Charing-cross, to Miss Elizabeth Wright, of It has been an aotient custom at Granthạm, Richman, Surrey. that, if the alderman has a child born to him 22. Ac Boston, co. Lincoln, Thomas Tuna during his being in that office, the members nard, etq. of Frampton, 10 Miss Wayet, for the horongh stand godfathers.

daughter of Mr. Alderman W. 28. At Copenhas en, the Princess Royal of Mr. W. Wal.nfley, of Bellingby, near Denmark, a princess.

Bridlington, ro Mifs Fanling, only daughter At Rose-park, in Ireland, the Lady of of Jolra F, efę. of Spring-dale. John-William Forster, esq. a lon.

24. Al Hampion, James Rolkeley, esq. of 30. At Little Dalby, co. Leicester, the Huntley, ce. Statiord, 1o Mifs Hare, daughHon. Mrs. Hartopr, a son.

ter of Rey. Nathaniel H. of HuritmonceauxJane, the Wite of David Morgan, of A- calle, a prebendary of Winchener. bei cyff, co. Merioneria, three fine boys, all 26. Mr. Jn. Cez, of Crutche :-friers, mer. likely to do well.

chan', to mits Harriet S..ergold, of Sunbury, Lately, the Wife of Samuel Newnes, of 29. AL Wiexham, Henry Ells Boates, ely. Albrighton, near Ibocu foury, three male of Liverpool, to Wils Jane Kenyon, clue GINT. MAG. November, 1793.


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daughter of Roger K. efq. of Cefn, co. Den Mr. Davies, to Mifs Penrose, of Hatoehl. bigh, and niece to Lord K.

At Greenhithe, Kent, Capt. Wm. MarihAi Great Ealing, Midulefex, Rev. Wm. dane, aged 67, to Mrs. Tealing, aged 22, reKelk, B. A. corate of Misterton, co. Leices. lia of Capt. T. of the same place. This is ter, to Mifs Elizabeth-Cathrine Hastings, the sixth time the captain hias been married. youngest daughter of the late Rev. Rob. H. Nou. 1. Mr. George Guit, organist, of vicar of Packing on.

Wisbecii, late of the chapel-royal, so Miss 30. Mr. Featherstone Richards, of Dover, Canfilale, of Bury, Suffolk. to Miss Oner, f Falmouth.

2. At Stonehouse, John Browne, esq. of 31. Mr. J. B Hall, of fudd-place, Pan- Shalperton, to Miss Pettat, only daughter of cras, to Miss Shirley Spencer Eliz. Batcher, Rev. John P. vicar of Stonehouse, and rector fecond daughter of T. B. esq. of Hait-itreet. of Quienington,

Andrew Barnard, erg, only son of the Win. Charnock Shepherd, esg. of FeversBishop of Kilialve and Kilfemora, to Lady ham, to Mifs Rønbam, daughter of Samuel B. Anne Lindsay, filter to the E. of Balcarras. efq. of Great Warley-place, Eliex.

Mr. Wm. Fly, of Northumberland-street, At Tooting, Rev. T. R. Wrench, la Mifs Strand, to Miss J. Tober, of Hammer fmitb. Clarke, dau. of Sam. C. esq. of Breniford.

Giorge Marsden, eft. of Manchester, to 4. At Sherborn, co. York, Mr. Thomas Miss Wham, of Ashton,

Wood, holer, of Leicefter, to Miss Waiker, Robert Buth, jun. esq. of Bristol, merch. daugliter of Mr. W. of Realtopark. to Miss Stratton, daugh. of Richard S. efq. At Gilmorton, co. Leicester, M. William

By special licence, Rev. Robert Barnard, Chandler, lo Miss Maria Warden. of Trinity-college, Cambridge, prebendary 7. At Brailsford, near Derby, Mr. R. of Winchester, and rector of Lighthorne, to Holmes, to Miss F.. Greatorex,qi Altan. the Hon. Mifs Verney, only daughter of Ld. Rey. Wm. Hotton, of Louth, co. Lincoln, Willoughby de Broke.

lo Miss Lyon, dau. of Dr. L. of Liverpool Lieut. John Green, to Miss Stares, of At Notsingham, Mr. S. Huthwaite, wineGuildford!, Surrey

merchant, to Miss Eliz. Hu:hwaite, daughter Mr. Philip Bullen, wholesale breuer, of of Mr. Akerman H. Lincoln, to Miss Dennis, of Langrith-ferry. 8. By fpccial licence, ac Eaton, near Edin.

Lately, 5. Toller, esq. barrister at low to Burgh (the seat of ivre Fordyce), the Duke Miss Cory, of Cambridge.

of Manchester to Lady Juran Gordon, third Capt. Chils Green, of the marines, to daughter of the Duke of Gordon. Mrs. Comyn, reli&t of Capt. C.

Capt. lether and, to Miss Burne, only Mr. Donald Mooro, merchant, iu Glaf- daughter of the late Rev, Robert B. rector of grow, to Miss Charlotte Monro, daugliter of Boothhy and Collingham, co. Lincoln. the late Mr. fohn M. merchant, Edinburghi. 9. Peter Vere, esy. of Knighaibridge, to

Rev. Robert Rennie, minister of Killyth, Mifs Eliz. Esainton, only daughter of the late to Mifs Barbara Stirlin, fourtis daughter of Julun E. esy. of Nottingliam. Sir John S. bast. of Churat.

At Gillingham, Kent, Rev. Temple CheMr. Architald Ewing, merchant in Los- valier, te als Eugcun.be, only daughter of don, to Miss Sword, of Glar: ow.

the late Mr. Richard L, builder's measures Mii Alex. Delganno, merchant, of Ahere at Chatham dock-yard. Jeen, to Mi's Mary Skinner, daughes of the 10. Capt. Ricketts, of the royal navy, to Rev. Eishop S. of Berry bank,

Lady Eliz Lambert, sister of the l of Cavan. Mr. Rich. Elfam, of Richmond, Surrey, 11. Mr. George Bott, furgcon-dentist, of arcbitect, to Miss Crawley, of Ipfwich. Birnuingham, to Miss Jelf, of clie same place.

Mr. John Gray, of Norwich, to Miss Mary Mr. T. Stevenfon, son of Alderman S. of Mitchell, ol Aberdeen.

Stamford, co. Lincoln, to Miss Hunt, doughWm. Cross, efq. merchant, of Glasgow, ter of the late Alderman H. to Miis Anne Boleyn Buchanan, dsughter of By special licence, Mr. Datrcy, of the fee Neil B. esq.of Auchint than, dec,

cretary of State's office for the foreign dea Mr. Edward Fields, of Hen:je:ta-street, partment, to Mrs. Profler, of the Hay-mark Covent-garden, linen-draper, to Miss Sophia 12. Mr. J. S Tuthill, son of Mr. T. of Sanger, of Vigo-lane, St. James's.

Norwich, manufacturer, lo Miss Finch, dau. Mr. John Springthorpe, farmer and gra- of Peter F. esq. clerk of the peace for the zier, of South Luffenham, !o Mrs. Sillon, of county of Norfolk. Empingham, co. Ru:land.

Mr. Alex, Wilson, te Miss Parker, of At Glasgow, Wm. liofier, eft. jun. of New-stairs, Wapping. Newlands, to Mifs Lillius Wallace, second 13. Glynn Wynn, esq. to Miss Eliz. Ha. daughter of John Wicly.

milion, dau. of late Hon. and Rev. Geo.H. By fpecial licence, H n Abraham Crei h Mr. John Arnold, grocer, of Piccadilly, to ton, of Aloudtjy-squale, Dublin, to Mrs. Mifs Greenhill, of Harrow on the Hill Arhenhurst, o? the count; of Kiikenny. Capt. Douglas, to Mrs. Riddall, of Bryan

At Plymouth, Mr. Baku, lirik-dealur, to ston-treet, Portman-square. Miss Keys, daughter of the late Mr. Is. of Mr. Wm. Henley Worrall, attorney, of the royal hofpi:al.

Spalding, to Miss Bell, of logbam.

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