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FRANCE, (continued from p. 946.)

Art. 6.-All good citizens shall be held, 27

against the Tribunal charged with in the name of the country, to search for the the cathiering of officers, on account of the foreigners concerned in the plot denounced. founess of its proceedings; and the Con Art. 7.-Three millions shall be at the vention, by the wish of its Committee of disposal of the Minifter at War, to facilitate Legiflation, passed the following decree: the march of the garrison of Mentz to La

ift, The cashiering Tribunal shall freedily Vendée. deliver to the Convention aliit of the civil Art. 3.-The Minister at War Chali send canse till left for its decifion.

to the army on the coast of Rochelle all the 2d, That Tribunál shall he hound to decide combustible materials necessary to set fire to in a week all the criminal caules peruing the forefts and underwood of La Vendée. under its jurisdiction.

Ait. 9.-The women, che children, and The Society of the Arts having announced old men, shall be conducted to the interior that the exhibition of the present year will parts of the country. he fublime, hy its monuments of maller Art. 10.-Thc property of the rehels Thall pieces of genius, the Convention decreed, be confiscated, for the benefit of the Retivat the museum Hall he openedl; and!, far- public. ther, that the sum of 100.coolivres bc celi Art. II. A camp shall be formed without verei to the Minister for the Home Depart- delay between Paris and the Northern army. ment, for the purpose of encouraging artists. Art, 12 -All the family of the Cases

Biliard de Varennes pared, that every shall be banished from the French territori, foldier, who should quit his post in the field, those excepted who are under the fis ord of Thall be punished by being confined fire the law, and the offspring of Louis Capet, hours in chains; and that he who thall leave

who shall both remain in the Temple, his arms all fuffer leath.

Art. 13.-Marie Antoinette shall be deliThese propofitions were decreed.

vered over to the Revolution;" y Tribuna!, St. Andre requested the attention of the and hall be immediately convicted to the Assembly to the present Rate of the nary, prison of the Conciergerie. Lonite Elizabeth and to the necesity of defending the har.

shall remain in the Templ: till after the bours and ccafts. He also propoied that, to judgement of Marie Antoineze inci case the number of thips, th. Minifter

Art. 14.--All the comins of the kings of the Marine be clrarged to order all the which are at Sc. Denis, and in the depart.. trees in the National Forests, and in those ments, shall be « ftroyed on Augut the jath. belonging to the emigrants, which are proper

Art. 15.--The presenc decree huil bye for ship-building, to be marked 011!. Decreed. dispatched by extraordinary couriers to all

July 29. The Convention decreed, “ Tht the departments. all the colours and itandards with emblems Surft 2. Canthon propofed te fillowing of Monarchy, which in 1790 were diitri- plan of a decree, which wis avispred : buted among the Federalifts, should be buint 5. From 'beth withe picien: merih, te on tiic icth of Anguit, and replaced by

theatres appointed by hu municipais ! Republican banners.

act, thrreinks a week, Paulo', Call Gran July 3e. Cambon demanded the foreign- chus, William Tel, and oiner pieces of this ers, against whole governments the nation kind, proper to maintain in the hearis of was at war, be securel; and that the Anglo- Fierchmeu the love of liberty and republic Americ 12 ani Swits he repetici. Deciced.

can ini. Hugupi 1. Plan of the Decret proposeu !zy

2. One of th fe piece shall be acred onco Barrere, and stoptel:

3 week at the expence of the Ri public. Art. 1.--Tlie Nacional Convention de 7. Every tlette. which the aire taot nounces the British Government tu kurope piececile.dig in!'VE Kruly heitir and the English nation,

ul), ?dth:', civic ali bodisit withive Art 2.-Every Fienchmint!'77 112! p'nie bis money in the Englih !und , 1 bedie ...3:

10 Crtcai fr the clared a draitor to his cotantoy.

C. Of i thirritto en tienido Ait 3. --Every Fieichman, "holas mo.

Heco Erralien osallis ultiney in the English lunce, or 11110 of iny

Stutt'oteine odeu their per on.


:: rc otler pouer with whom France is at var,

No 11: Ron Wisioritou as fol. iba'l be obligar la declare the line. ili foreigners, lijecis of tion "se, 2ried hy the nell, ase fute

The oitier art:cles Wer power Wit War Fract, particularly Pocks te!'glish, shall be alrch.od, and 1st jullmed oponllicit papers.

16. Garnier demanded that the MarArt. 5 -Tie barriers of Paris Small be in- foills lymp thon!d be sung at all the ipe:ftantiy slut.

coscies after the last piece. GEST. MAC, November, 1793.


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Cambon moved that it thould be ealled the edifice surrounded with Shouts, Vive la ReHymn of Liberty. Ordered.

publique ! nugujt 7. General Aubert Dubayet, with August 12. Danton moved that the Comfour officers of the Etat Major of the garrison mittioners should have full power to tax the of Mentz, and in the name of himself and rich, against whom their vengeance should 9000 national guards of tik garrison, gave a be directed, with whatever they should deem brief account of the fieye and the harilthips necellary to support the war. This was de. they had endured, as the best anfwer to the creed, the whole Assembly rising at once as calumnies that had been circulated agiinit a sign of their adherence to it. them. All they requested, is.d reward of August 15. Danton proposed the following their part labours, was to be tent with all decrce: “ No corps, armed and paid by the possible dispatch against the rebels in La Republic, Mall Jilband itself, unless orders be Vendée.

given that it be replaced. Every citizen that Every Centence in this specch was followed mall quit his colours, without being replaced, by loud applauses, which the President said iholl futfer death.— Ajopted. was the best indemnification for the momen On the proposal of the Committee of tary injustice that had been done the brave Commerce, it was decreed to prohibit a!! garrison of Mensz.

exportation, by sea and land, of bread, fith, The General was conducted to the Presi- wine, fruit, cider, brandy, vinegar, oil, hodent's chair, and received the kiss of frater nev, sugar, soap, pot-as, sea-coal, unwrought nity amid the loudleit acclamations. His feel, clothes, stuff, &c. The towns of fpeech was ordered to be printed.

Dunkirk anu Bayonne are allowed, for their One of the officers who accompanied him own consumption, to import the above compresented an address from the troops of the modities, on account of their being free-ports. garrison, signifying their acceptance of the Charlier, in the name of the Committee of Conkitution, and their wish to combat the Legislation, proposed to grant an indemnific rebels, under the command of Aubert Du. cation to a French merchant, driven from dayet,

Spain (where he kept a considerable manuThe Constitutional Authorities of Paris, factory, by virtue of a royal Scbelula, orderand the Commissioners from the Primarying the French to quit that country. Assemblies of the Departments, presented a Barrere read another Scheduia illued by the joint address of fraternity ; in which they Catholic King, which ormains the confifca. professed that they knew their duty too well tion of all the priperty belonging to Frenchto imagine that they were invested with men to the profit of the Spaniards who lurpower equivalent to those of the Convention; fered by the French Revolution. Barrere that they would never transgress the just proposed a decree of reprisals, by which the bounds of the powers with which they were Spanith regulations against Frenchmen are invefied; and that they would live and die turned by France against the Spaniards rela Mountaineers.

dent wilhin the jurisdiction of the Republic. The Members of the Convention and the

Decreed, with applause. galleries waved their hats, and houted, Vive Barrere, in the name of the Committee of la Republique !

Public Sa'ety:-" Citizens, laftical wars will Aug! 8. The Convention decreed, that, not suit a free nation. The wais of kings from the int of Norember next, bread Thall resembled tournaments, wbich lasted as long be sold in all parts of the Republic at tbree as the patience of the poople could support sous per pound; the bakers are to be granted them. The war of the people ought to be au indemnification according to the price of a torrent, a fivod of liberty. To-naorrow grain ; and the indemnification is to be sup your Committee will present to you the miported by a tax on the rich.

litary measures; to-day it proposes to you Maral's widow appeared at the bar, and to make the following. eclaration . demandcd vengeance against the calumnia “ The people of France declare, by the tors of her deceased husband.

mouth of their Representatives, that they Herauli de Sechelles was chosen President; will mise in one body, in defence of their land Favan, Leonard de buuidow, and Amar, berty, equality, and of the independence of Secretaries.

their territories and conditution !" Angujt 17. All the Commissioners of the Decreed unanimously, amid the londest Primary Allemblies, who had this morning bursis of applaule, and cries of Long live the gone to the Champ de Mars, to receive an Republic ! the altar of the country the departmental Barrere then presented a plan of a decree forces, and the aik of alliance, in wirich was respecting the organization of Commissioners deposited yesterday the mioutes of the ac charged to conceit measures with the Envoys ceptance of the Conftitution, and the Confi. from the Primary AllemWies, to make the tution itself, now entered the Hall. When people rise, and to procure fupplies of provie they appeared with the fasces and the ark, all lion rud ammunition throughout the Repubthe Deputies rose up, and when the ark was lic. 'In his decree, which was passed, no deposited in the middle of the building, every citizens, not even the public functionaries, pes fon present uncovered, and the whole are excepted from serving the Republic.


Auguft 17. Address to the French nation, August 18. The Convention, having heard proposed by Barrere, and adopted by the its Committee of Public Welfare, decreed as Convention :

follows: " The cries of joy, which the acceptance 1. The French people declare, through of the Conftitution has excited in the presence the cagan of then representatives, that it is of your representatives, resound, without about to rise in a mass for the defence of its douht, through the whole extent of the Re- liberty and Conftitution, and to deliver public.

France from her enemy. Never, since men and empires existed, 2. The Committee of Public Welfare Thall lias so great a social act been accomplished present to morrow the mode of organizing in fo august and grand a feast. Let your en this grand national movement. voys sent to Paris do justice to this celebrated 3. There shall be named 18 representa. city, which has been the object of every ca tives of the people, to be sent to the different lumny, only because she has brought about Departments. They are charged with die all our Revolutions. Let them fy whether recting the operations of the Primary Affemthey have not found in every citizen an exe blies, relative to the meatures of public safety, erable enemy of tyrants and of anarchy-in and to the demand of arms, men, subsistence, every man a friend-in every repast a fra. forage, aud horses. ternal feast.

4. They are authorized to give commis“ o spectacle the most magnificent and fions to the Envoys of the Primary Allemaffecting that the earth bas ever displayed to blies, without which they cannot make the the review of the Eternal !--To arms, demand abovementioned. Frenchmen! - At the initant when the pen 5. The representatives of the people mall ple, friends and brothers, embrace each other, concert, with the Committee of Public Wele tie despots of Europe violate your property, fare and the Executive Council, the assemand lay walte your frontiers. To arms! bling and direction of the force, and of the rise to a man! Liberty calls for the arnis means which have been executed. of all those of whom she has received the 6. The representatives of the people are oaths. This is the second time that tyrants directoat equally to renew, in the whole or and conspired Naves foil with their feet the in part, the members of the Constituted territory of a sovereign people. The one Authorities, and the different Public Func. half of their facrilegious army found in it, tionaries, and to replace them provisionally the first time, their graves ; may they all by citizens of acknowledged patriotism. now perih ! and may their tones, whitened 7. In no case, nor under any pretext, fall in our fields, rise in heaps as trophies in the there be chosen or preserved any Adminismidst of our land, which their blood shall trators of public Functionaries, who have cohave rendered more fertile !--To arms, operated or adhered to liberticide refolutions, Frenchmen! Cover yourselves wjth the tending to federalism, or subversive of the bighest glory in defending your adored li- unity and indivisibility of the Republic, or berty, of wbich the first tranquil days will who may have given particular proofs of Thed upon you, and upon generations of your incivism, even when they may liave retracdescendants all kinds of happiness, and pros- ted their former resolutions. perity." THE NEW FRENCH CALENDAR for the present Year, commencing Sept. 2 2. Names of Months English

Vindemaire Vintage Month from Sept. 22 to Oct. 20
Brumaire Fog Month

Oct. 22 to Nov. 20
Fiumaire Sleer Month

Nov, 21 to Dec. 20
Snow Month

Dec. 21 to Jan. 19
Pluvios Riin Month

Jan. 20 to Eeb. 18
Ventos TVind Mouth

Feb, 19 to March 20
Germinal Sprouts Month March 21 to April 19
Floreal Flowers Month April 20 to May 19
Priareal Pasture Monih May 20 to June 18

Melfidor Harvest Month June 19 to July 18
Fervidor Hot Month

July 19 to August 17
Fructidor Froit Month

August 18 to Sept. 16
Sans Culotides, as Feasts dedicated to.
Les Vertus The Virtues Sept. 17
Le Génie

Sept. 18
Le Travail Labour

Sept. 19
L'Opinion Opinion Sept. 20
Les Recompen’es Rewards Sept. 21


2. Dxodi

The intercalary day of every fourth year is to be called La Sans Culetide; on which there is to be a national renovation of their oath, “ To live free or die.” This month is divided into three decades, the days of which are called, from the Latin numerals, 1. I. Primidi 3. Tridi 5. Quintidi 7. Septidi 9. Nenodi, and

4. Quartidi 6. Sextidi 8. Oetodi ro. Decadi, which is to heche day of rett. A corresponding calendar for all the days in the year may be made from the above skutch, FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE,

lent, by his Majesty's Command, to the Genoa, 08. 7. The squadron (inder the Comm:inders of his Majeity's Fleets and command of Admiral Gell, consisting of the Armies employed against France, and to St. George of 98 guns, three thips of 74 guns, liis Majeriy's Ministers residing at Foreign two frigates, two fire thips, and three Doops, Courts. arrived in the Mole this morning; and this THE circumstances, in consequence of evening a Spanish (quadron, under the com which his Majesty has found himflf engaged mand of an admiral, consiiting of a go gun in a refentive War against France, are known. Ship, two of 74, and a frigate, allo anchored already to all Europe. The objects which in the Mole. A French frigate of 38 gun“, his Miety has proposed to himself from the called La Modeste, being in the harbour, and commencement of the war are of equal nohaving brokc the neutrality in various in toriety. To repel an unprovoked a giellion, stances, particularly by arming two gon-boals to contribute to ibe iinmediate deltnce of his to cruize against England, notwithttanding Allian, to obtain for them and for himself a the remonftrances of the Senate, Admiral just indemnification, and to provide, as far Gell, being informed of this circumstance by as circumstances will allow, fr the sucure an English advice-boat, ordered the Bedforil security of liis own subjects, and of al: the to lie along side La Modefte, and com other nations of Europe ; these are the points mand her to firike. The Bedford ordered for which his Majesty has felt it mcunibent the French captain to pull down the Repub on him to employ all the means which lie lican flag, and hoist the royal colours, which derives from the resources of his dominions, he refuted: the Bedford gave him a falu'e from the zeal and attection of his people, and of musquetry, when the Frenchman ftruck. from the unquestionable juttice of his cause. The admiral sent his first lieutenant on-board But it has become daily more and more to take the command, shifted the prisoners evident how much the internal firuation of into the Bedford and Captain, mained the France obstructs the conclufio of a solid French ship, and tu-inorrow intends to send and pernannt Treaty, which can 'alone her to Toulon. The Duge has desired the fulll his Majetty's just and falutary views for two adnairals to attend the Senate to-mor the accomplishment of these important obrow morning, to give an account of their jo 25, and for restoring the general iranquil. conduct. The two admirals have promised lity of Europe. His Majesty lees, therefore, to attend at the Doge's palace, and to accom with the utmost satisfaction, the protpeet pany him to the Senate.

wliich the present circumstances atbord tim, Florence, 081. 15. Lord Hervey, the British of acceleracing the return of peace, by ma. Ambafiador to this Court, has presented two king, to the well-Jitpoled part of the people Memorials, insisting upon the removal of

of France, a more particular declaration of M. La Flotté, the pretended French Minis the principles which animale bin, of the ter. But, thefe Memorials not having prae objedis to which his vieurs are direfied, and duced the desired effet, his Lor:ship pre of che conduit which it is his intention to jented a third Memorial on the sith inten', pursue. With respect to the present fitilation and declared therein that the Britim Court, of affairs, the events of the war, the confija concert with its Allies, was determined to Jence reposed in him by one of the most tolerate no longer the neutrality of the Grand confiderable cities of France, and, above all, Duke of Tuscany; and that his Royal High- the with which is manifested almost univerness, unlets he thould give a categorical an fally in that country, to find a refuge from swer within the course of iwelve hours from

thetruny by u bich it is now overwhelmed, the delivery of the Note presented by his rendei tiris explanation on his Majesty's part Lor thip, and communic:ite 11:s resolutions a pretling and indispensa'ile duty: and bis bufore the expiration of that period, should M jelly fetis additional fatisfa 3 100 in mabe confered and dealt willi as an enemy on king such a declaration, from the hope of the part of the Allied Maritime Powers.

find!!g, in the other towers engaged with The Grand Duke, having received this him in the common cause, lentiments and Memorial, geve immediate orders for M. La views perfectly confem.ble to his own Flotié, suite :o quit the Tuscan territories in From the frit period when his Most ail pofiible hafie.

The Republican agent Christian Mjelly Louis the XVIth had obeyou without clay.

called his people around him, to join in con

curiing measures for their common TrappiHISTORICAL CHRONICLE. Dils, the King has uniformly thewn by his ifkircbull, 087. 29, 17:3.

conduct the fincerity of his withes for the The following DECLARA T108 has been cocts of lo ditricuii, but, at the fame time,


fo interesting, an undertaking. His Majesty Majesty by 110 means disputes the right of was deeply affed with all the misfortunes Foca to scherm its laws. It never would which ensued, but particularly when he per have ben bis wuh to employ the influence of ceived more and mure evalentiy that mea external force with repxon to the particular sures, the consequences of whirl be conld Forilla Governament to be eitablished in an not disguise from bimself, mutt tially com. independent country; ither has he now pel him to relmquith the friendly and ac fic that will, except in so far as such interfyftem wliich he liad adentes, i ne moment ference is esome etlen:ial to the security al length arrived, whea! is ivajetty law that are repose of other Powers.

Under these it was recetiary for lum 100 only to defend creavitadesic demands from France, and his own righis and those of his allies, at he desvane's with justice, the termin.dion of only to repel the unutagreitisa whirl he a f;riem of Anarchy, which has no force had recently exp-rienced ; but thigh all the but for the purpoles of dischief, unable to dearest interests of his people imobled upon dischirge the primuly July of all governhin a duly still more imporiant, that of me.lt, w repress the d louders, or to punih exerting his efforts for the pusiervaiion of the crimes, which are dily wo'easing in the Civil Society it!ell, :s tapisy citablished in elior of the country, but difpuing arbi. among the Nations of Europe.

traily of the property and blood of the inhaThe deirns which had been prrfetted of bilties of France, in order to disturb the reforming the abuses of the Government of tranquillity of other N.cions, and to render France, of establishing period betty and a!! Lite the theatre the same crimes and the rights of property on a solid inundating of the lani misfortunes. of securing to an extentive and poputous The King demands that some legitimate country the bun fit of a wife legilistin, and and at the Governmrat should be eablished, an equitable and mild adminiftratio: or its founded on the acknowledged principles of laws; all these lalwary views have unfor waiverial justice, and capable of maintaining tunitely vanihed. In their place las flic with other Fowers the accoftmed relations ceelel a syite;n destructive of all public of Union ind of Peace. HIS Actly withes order, maintained by proic!ipsons, exiles, arve-tly to be enabled to treat for the reand untiications without number; by irbi eftaliikament of general inquility with trary imprisonmenis; by mailures, which such a Gvern sent, exerciting a legal and cannot even be remembered silent horror; permanent authority, anatcil with the wish and, at length, by the execrable murder of a for neral Inquillity, the polieting power jutt and beneficent Sovereigin, did of the to chorce the observance of its engigements. illustrious Princess who, wird an unthikeal The King would prop fe none other than firmness, has thared all the misio tunes of equiable and mo keraie condicias; not sucha her royal cintoit, bis prorraeted lutterings, as th' expence, the riques, and the lacrihis cruel captivity, his igiionmou death tices of ine war might justify, but such as The iohabitants of that unfortuni e coluerv, his M.ijfty thanks himself ander the indirso long Mattered hy pronuses ont lian ineí, pufit. c necelties of requirms with a view rene od at the period of every frelh crime, in hie uns 1100ns, and it it mire to that haic found themselve; plunged ilito ao abyis of is own kituriży, and of:be fiture tranof wexampied cala nities; 29.' neighbouring quility of Europe. Jis 11.jesty defires nonation', inite::d of deriving a new security thing more til cerciv than ons to terminate for the inaintenance (of general tranquillity: a wir which he is vann indeavoured to from the etta !hinent of a witte ind Rose. avui', 111! . ihe ciumities of which, as rate Governmeni, hic been expertus the Diniy Xper ca.:u ba; F:1., 7* lo be attrirepuuttei aticks of a fericious 14. archy, the biletinidy lotize ambition, the perfi.ỳ, and the dlatural and neceiial v enemy of all public or vivenom of those whote crimes have involved der: they have had to encounter alis of :g their own country in misery, and disgraced gretion without ;retaxi, ope" violttiails of al civilized nacin ns. ali treaties, ti', rorikod dcetargins of war; Kotis, 11. jessy has bitherto been comjo a well, i hatever corruptic!), intrigus, er peiled to carry on it'ar again it the people of violence, couli etice for the purpoíe louper! France coliectively, 10 ticat as enemies all avowed of fubvering all the intitutions of 10-who luster bir blood and property to focisty, and of extinding over all the nations belavishe: inport of an tuju tirggredion; of Europe i hat contifou which has produced his Majesty would foc, sit infinite satisfacthe misery of France.

tion, the oppor. unity of makmg exceptions This itate of things cannot exist in Frarce in favour of the well-difpored inhabitants of without involving all the surrounding Puwa other

P reef France, as he has already done er, in one common danger; without giving with refpect to those ot Toulou. The King When the riglit, without imposing it on them promiles on his part the suspension of horti. as a duty, lo stop the progress of wo evil which lities, friendship, and (iis far as the course of exilts only by the fucceffive violation of all ev nits will allor, of which the will of man Law and all prope:ty, and which attacks the cannot J' poft) security and protection to all fundamental principles by which mankind is those win, by declaring for a Movarchical umiled in the bonds of civil fociety. His Governmca, lhall fake off the yoke of a


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