The Electrical Engineer

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Biggs & Company, 1890

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Страница 19 - I think, for the first time, a true, direct relation and dependence between light and the magnetic and electric forces ; and thus a great addition made to the facts and considerations which tend to prove that all natural forces are tied together, and have one common origin.
Страница 20 - Faraday, in his mind's eye, saw lines of force traversing all space where the mathematicians saw centers of force attracting at a distance: Faraday saw a medium where they saw nothing but distance: Faraday sought the seat of the phenomena in real actions going on in the medium, they were satisfied that they had found it in a power of action at a distance impressed on the electric fluids.
Страница 113 - The external scenes, yet oft the ideas gain From that conjunction an eternal tie And sympathy unbroken. Let the mind Recall one partner of the various league, Immediate, lo!
Страница 354 - ... drain, or tunnel, therein or thereunder, is to be interfered with, and shall, upon being required 'to do so by the Postmaster-General...
Страница 113 - Which once posSess'd, nor pause, nor quiet knew The sure associate, ere with trembling speed He found its path, and fix'd unerring there.
Страница 354 - Postmaster-General and the local authority describing the proposed works, together with a plan of the works showing the mode and position in which the works are intended to be executed, and the manner in which it is intended that the street or bridge, or any sewer, drain, or tunnel, therein or thereunder, is to be interfered with...
Страница 88 - Joule was an earnest worker, and was then engaged on his experiments on the mechanical equivalent of heat. He took me to his small laboratory to show me his experiments, and I of course quickly recognised that my young friend the brewer was a great philosopher. We jointly worked upon questions of far less importance than his great central discovery, but he was equally interested. I was very anxious that he should devote his life to science, and persuaded him to become candidate for the Professorship...
Страница 354 - If the Undertakers make default in complying with any of the requirements or restrictions of this section, they shall (in addition to any other compensation which they may be liable to make under the provisions of the...
Страница 355 - Order, and only in accordance with the notice and plan so served by them as aforesaid, or such modifications thereof respectively as may have been determined by arbitration as herein-before mentioned or as may be agreed upon between the parties. (e.) At any time before...
Страница 113 - I would propose that upon the lover's dial-plate there should be written not only the four-and-twenty letters, but several entire words which have always a place in passionate epistles ; as flames, darts, die, language, absence, Cupid, heart, eyes, hang, drown, and the like. This would very much abridge the lover's pains in this way of writing a letter, as it would enable him to express the most useful and significant words with a single touch of the needle.