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Page 56, paragraph 71, should read:

In order to comply with section 2 of the act of July 24, 1910, every land station open to general public service, and every station on board an American vessel of the first or second class engaged in the foreign trade or transoceanic service, shall have as a part of the station equipment a copy of the official Berne list and supplements thereto as issued. Information concerning the use of this list and method of procuring it is given on page 72, paragraph 196.

Page 66, paragraph 153, should read:

a. Renewal licenses may be issued to commercial grade operators without examination, provided the service records on the backs of licenses properly certify to three months' satisfactory commercial service during the last six months of the license term. If expired licenses have been lost or destroyed, an affidavit must be submitted attesting the facts regarding the manner in which the license was lost. In such cases, evidence

of the required satisfactory commercial service may be submitted in the form of letters, signed by masters and employers.

b. Operators holding licenses of grades other than commercial, who submit satisfactory evidence to the examining officer, showing actual operation of radio apparatus for three months during the last six months of the license term, may be issued new licenses without examination. Otherwise, applicants for renewals will be examined in the usual manner.

C. Renewals or new licenses may be issued a reasonable length of time previous to the expiration of existing licenses, but must bear the exact date of issue, which must correspond with the date on the back of Form 756 forwarded to the Commissioner of Navigation.

d. Operators who fail to apply for renewal of their licenses on or prior to the date of expiration must be reexamined. If, because of circumstances over which the applicant has no control, an, operator is unable to apply for renewal of license on or prior to the date of expiration, an affidavit may be submitted to the Commissioner of Navigation through the radio inspector or examining officer, attesting to the facts, which will be considered by the Commissioner of Navigation, who will advise the radio inspector or examining officer in regard to the issue of a renewal of the license without reexamination.

e. Service records must be completed and signed only by masters, employers, or the duly authorized agents of either.

f. Any improper alteration of the service record or the forgery of masters or employers' signatures constitute a violation of the regulations, and the operator may suffer suspension of license for a period not exceeding one year, at the discretion of the Secretary of Com



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