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J. Anderson publishing Company, 1910 - 133 страници

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Страница 129 - Lo ! in that house of misery A lady with a lamp I see Pass through the glimmering gloom, And flit from room to room. And slow, as in a dream of bliss, The speechless sufferer turns to kiss Her shadow, as it falls Upon the darkening walls.
Страница 132 - Jeg vil bo i Norge; jeg vil prygle og prygles i Norge ; jeg vil synge og dø i Norge — vær vis paa det!
Страница 109 - What is this patriotism, this almost universal instinct for which more men have given their lives than for any other cause, and which counts more martyrs than even religion itself —this potent sentiment which has produced so great and splendid deeds of heroic bravery and...
Страница 33 - I was never present at any debate I could avoid, or absent from any division I could get at. I have heard many arguments which convinced my judgment, but never one that influenced my vote.
Страница 113 - ... performance of those municipal obligations, on the due fulfilment of which the comfort, the health, and the lives of the community so largely depend." "And again, if the country is to be what men think it is and know it ought to be, the result can only be reached by a general display of public spirit, by the contribution of all to the common good, and by efforts to develop the noble side of national character, and to cure its defects.
Страница 100 - Ladies and Gentlemen: It is a great pleasure to be here tonight under the auspices of the Guild.
Страница 114 - To leave politics to the politicians whether in national or in municipal work is as fatal to the best interests of the State as to leave to mercenaries the defense of its territories".
Страница 65 - ... Sange; den lokked mig bort fra slagen Vei, og ind paa skyggede Gange. Jeg kom til skjulte Kilder og Kjern, hvor Elgene Tørsten slukke; men Fuglesangen lød endnu fjern, som Nyn mellem Vindens Sukke: Tirilil Tove, langt, langt bort i Skove! Jeg stod i Birkenes høie Sal, mens Midsommerdagen helded; der tindrede Dugg i dyben Dal, det skinned som Guld af Fjeldet.
Страница 114 - The critical attitude leads to nothing; it may be able to destroy, it can never create. It...
Страница 33 - Some persons have from their very childhood been fed with the milk of radicalism or nourished on the strong meat of conservatism till a change of opinion would involve a change in their mental constitution.