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A new and corre& Peerage of Ireland, compiled from the most approved Authorities,
and illustrated with the Arms of each noble Family, elegantly engraved.

(Continued from Page 688.)
Forbes, Earl of Granard. child, preserved it by the birth of a fon.

named Alexander ; who in compensation of THE Right Honourable Sir George For- his father's loftes in the service of his king

a of Granard, Baron of Clanehugh and Ba- from King Robert the ist, but he loyally ronet, succeeded his father, George, the late adhering io King David Bruce (son of the and fifth Earl, the 15th April, 1780, and was said Robert) againit Edward Baliol, who by late a lieut. in the 67th foot ; his Lordfhip the affittance of King Edward 3d, ufurped married in June, 1779, the Hon. Lady Selina the crown of Scotland, in 1337; was kill-, Frances Rawdon (born 9th April

, 1759.) ed in the battle of Dupplin the year after. second daughter of the Ri. Bon John, the lit And was succeeded by his son, Sir John and present Earl of Moira (by his third wife Forbes, who was knighied by King Robert the Lady Elizabeth Hastings, eldest daugh- 2d, succesor to his uncle David, and being ter of Theophilus, the late and gth Earl of feated at Castle Forbes, he acquired from Huntingdon) and as yet, he has no issue. Thomas Earl of Mar, several lands in the

This family of Forbes (lays an ancient county of Aberdeen. He married Elizabeth, MS.) at th vr beginning called Boyes, and daughter to - Kennedy, of Dunure, by for their good services to the state of Scot- whom be had 3 fons, viz. 11. Sir Alexanland, got undry lands in the Mearnes, by der, his heir ; 20, Sir William, who ma:the gut or King Robert Bruce ; and for ried Margaret, daughter and heir to Sir Wil. kiling: veas which molested the country, liam Frazer, with whom having the barony

. ie called Forbes, and assumed the of Piilligo, and a fon Alexander; he was Wer armour they now bear, with a grant ancestor of the Lord Piiligo. 3d. Sir John,

the 'ands of Forbes, in the Mire of Aber. who married Margery, daughter and heir to des, from King Alexander the 2d, from Sir Henry Preston of Formartin. whole reign, in the thirteenth century, that Sir Alexander, the eldest fon, married caftle hath been the seat of the chief branch of Elizabeth Douglas, and left illue, James,

his heir; and a daughter, married to Sir PaThe first that we read of, whose actions trick Gray, ancellor to the Lord Gray of hignalized him in the world, was Alexander Scotland. Forbes, who adhering to John Baliol, king Sir James, who succeeded his father, aof Scotland, againit Edward the Fift of bout the year 1444, was knighted and creacEngland, did in 1303 defend the Castle of ed Lord Forbes, by King James 2d. He Urquhari, in Murray, against that King, married Egidia, daughter io William Keith, who at length taking it by dorm, put hin and Earl of Marithall, and had two sons, Sir the whole garrison to the sword; by which fa. William his successor; Patrick; and a daugh-, tal ftroke, his family would have perished, ter, married to Malcolm Forbes, Esq. had not his wife who was then with From Patrick Forbes, the younger foon Geni. Mag. Jan, 1985.


thar family.

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descended Sir Arthur Forbes of Castle Forn town, county Longford, Bart. and widow hes, in the county of Lorgford, who by pa- of Sir Alexander Stewart, and by her, who ient dazed at Dablin i April, 1622, was died the 8h December, 1714, he had iffue mide a free denizen of lieland, and had le.. (snd his Lordihip died about the year 1695) veral granis of lands in the county of Long. viz. ford, &c. &c. and on the 2611 S preiner, 11. Arthur, his fucceffor. 1628, he was created a Baronet of Nova. 20. Robeit, killed at the siege of Buda, Scotia. He married Jean, daughter of in 1686. Lowiber, Esq. and bad fue by her, Sir Ar- 31. Francis; 4'h Patrick, and sth Thoshur, his heir, then nine years of age, who mas, died unmarried, was a person of great intereit in the province Lady Catharine, only daughter, was mar. of Uiter, and in the time of the rebellion ried io Arehur, zd Earl of Donegal; and an officer of horse, and a commander in the died 15th June, 1743, leaving issue 2 fons porthern paits of Scotland, for King Charles and 6 aug hiers. 9;' after which he returned to Ireland, and (2d Eail.) Arthur, the second Earl, fuc. on the 17th August, 1659, it was ordered ceeiled his father in the command of his rethat he hould enjoy bis eitates in Lenin giment, and served for the borough of and Longford. When the restoration was jubnitown, in the parliament of 1661. He concerted, he was sent to Brullels, to allure made a leale to King William, of the ground the Kinę, it he would pleale to come to lie- on which the barrack of Mullingar is built ; Jand, the whole kingdoin would declare for and the 21st July, 1703, he had a pension him; but the King well knowing thar Ire. of 500l. 7 year, for the life of himself and land mult wait upon the late of England, Queen Anne. He married in October, 1678, resolved to Itay there, and dismisled Sir Ar. Mary, eldelt daughter to Sir George Raw. ther with such letters and commiffions, as don of Moira, county Down, Bart. and his he defired : Upon the restoration, he was Lordip dying 2416 Auguf, 1734, having considered of great abilities, as a fit perlon had issue by her, who died itt April, 1724, to compose the unfettled itate of this king. 3 fons and 2 daughters, viz. coin; and was accordingly, on the 19th rit. Arthui, Lori Forbes, killed in a duel March, appointed one of the commillioners in Flanders, unmarried, of the Court of Claims. · la 1661, he was 2d. Edward, Lord Forbes, an officer in ineniber of parliament for Mullingar. In the army, killed at the battle of Hockitei, in 7663, the execution of a plor being iniendo 1704. ed on the 25th of May, hy surpriting the 31. George, Lörd Forbes, his fucceffor, cafties of Dublin, Diogheda, Derry, and ist daughter, Lady Jine, married to Ma. other places of itrength, and to seize the per- jor Jolas Champagne of Portarlington, and fun of the Duke of Ormond, then Lord Lien - died the rit Mav, +737, leaving Hiue che tenant, Sir Arehur being then in the North, prefent Dean Champagne, who is married found reaion to fufpect an insurrection was and has iflut, the present Countess of Ux. intended, he resolved to run all hazaids, 10 bridge, and other children. prevent the mischief ; on the 241h May, he 2.1. Lady Dorothy, died unmarriei, 171h secured Staples, M. of P. for Strahane, Mav, 1729. the chief conspirator, whom he imprisoned at (30 Earl.) George, the 3d Earl, was one Culmore, and the remainder finding their of the Privy Council, Captain General and schemes defeated, fled to Scotland; alter this Commander in Chiet otine Leeward Callie he was swon of the Privy Council, and oth bee Illands in America, and had leave of als August, 1690, was made Marshal of the fence from the House of Peers, to attend his army; to have for his retinue, one trumpe er government, which he loon aftef verigned; and thirty boulemen, with the pay of 6871. ihe 411 May, 1734, he was appoir Rrars 85. 4d. a year, and also a penfion of 6341. a Admiral of the White, and the image year. On the 12th June, 1670, he was ap- cember following, was Rear Admiral of pointed one of the Lords justices of the king- Red; the 301h April, 1736, Vice-Admiral dom, as he was again gih July, 1675. On of the Blue, and Commander in Chief of a the 22d November ibat year, he was creat. Squadron diligned for the West Indies. In ed Baron Clanehugh, and Viscount Granard. April, 1733, he was appointed Amballador

On the itt April, 1684, he was made Co. to the Court of Mulcovy; and at his audi. lonel of the Royal regiment of foor in Ile- ence of leave, the Czarina, expresling a great land; and 10th September, a Lieut. General senle of his Lordlhip's ments, presented bin in the army, and the 301h December follove with a diamond ring from off her own finger ing, was advanced to the dignity of Earl of of great value, with her pietie, enriched Granard: King James on his acceflion, con- with diamonds, and 6000 rubles in fpecie. rinued him in his employmenis, as did King He was M. of P. for the boroughs of-Air William. His Lordship married Catharine, and Irvin, &c. in Scotland; and Governo davghter to Sir Robert Newcomen of Mols- ' of the Counties Westmeath and Lungford,


the 29

He marriel Mary, eldest daughter to WiDam the ift Lord Viscoune Moonijoy, and

Ginkell, Earl of Athlone.

THE county Nieath, Esq. by whom he had flue, to funs and one daughter, v12..

Athlone, and Bron of Aghriin, who is 11t. George, his succeffor.

married, and has several children. 24. John, Admiral of the Royal Navy, (if Erl.) Gudert de Ginkell, the it General of Marines, late a Lord Cumala Earl of Ainlone, derived his defcent fronu tioner of the Admiralty, and formerly M. a very ancient family, in the United Pio. of P. for the manor of Mullingar. Homar-, vinces, where he was Bron de Reede, and rieš 6:1 Atylift, 1758, L.dy Masy, 46 Ginkell, Buon of Ameronger, Michlachier, daoghter of William, zu Eirl of Elfex (ty Liverduel, Eld, Sesvelt, Roenberg, &c. his ist wife jant, daughiw o Henry, Earl Knight of the Elephant, Grand Commander of Rocheiter) by whom he has isue, two of the Teutonic Order, G neral of the Ca. dau b'ers; and the dead gth April, 1,82. valry of the United Provinces, of the Duke. Luty Vlny, ince dead.

dum of Guelder, and Couniy of Zuphen. (41 E311.) Geurge, the 4th E4.1, a Lieu- Being p:omolid by King William to the ten-n: Goveral in the i my, anu Colonel of port of L. Gen. of his foices in Tiel nd, le

reinvent of tooi; fucceeded bes fa. gave hignal proofs of his courage and conduci, ther, he 31 and late Earl, in 1765. It the in reducing the kingdom to his Majesty's ubeYear 1749, he repelented the minui of Mul. dience, as is fully shewn by the public hinca linzar in parliament. He'mirried his coutin ries of that King's reign. Alter'she baule of My, dilte hiter to Aishur Davis of Car- the Boyne, and his MI jelty's departure from sickteigus, Eq. by whom he had flue, one Ireland, General Ginkell, whole provinc: fun, Giorge Lord Forbes, his filecellor. it was to prosecure the wai, be in that work

(5th E.F.) George, the gth Eail, was one by decamping, 6th June 1691, fiom Main of the P:.sy Council, Guvernor of the coun- linga!; and fummoning the next day, the tv Lontoirl; who by his first Lady, be had 'garrison of Ballymore, the Governor whereGeorge the present Earl, and two dauglie of, Cotonel Ulick Buike, returning an evaters;

his Loidihip married lecondly, 29;h live aniwer, the General commanded the Apil, 1766, Lidy Gtoigina Avguíta Buikt allack, when iwo breaciies being made, ibe ley, (uno marsied ifterwards the Revd. garifun surrendered at difcretion; after makMr. Liitie,) eldest daughter of Auguitus, ing the place defendinle, he'marched towards the late and 4th Earl of Berkeley, by whim Aihlone, and 2011 June, ordered an assauit "he baj leveral ch buren; anuli Luidlip dye to be made, which one I'ngli obeyed with ing the 15th Ap::, 1780, was lucceeded by great refolution, and a continued fire, unti his edition.

They caille !o the bicach: after which suc. (6in Ea!!.) George, the 6th and present cisi, batteries were raised againit the Lithu Eail.

Town, and on the 30th, about 6 o'clock in Tiles.] Sir George Forbes, Earl and the evenice, the aimny intiepidly took the Vicunt Granard, Baron of Clanctugh and river Shannon, (the itresu bring very rapil, Baronet.

and the passagerendered very difficult by many. Cestions.] Bironet of Nova Scotia, 26h large tones) and by an ir.c!edible piece of Septezeber, 1628, 34 Car. ift.; Baron bravery, forced their way througin water, Clanebogh, and Viicourt Forbes of Gra- fi'e, and linke; and gining the opposite mard, in the county of Longford, 22.1 No. bank, were in less than half an hour, inas. vember, 1675, 27th Car, 2d.; and Est of ters of the town, while the distracted garriGan 30 h December, 164; 36th of fin fled to the aimy ntar encamped : 51

Ruth their General, lent several derachments 115.) Sapphire, three bears heads coupe to dinidye the Englifli, who making use of ed, pearl, mozzled, ruby.

their own works and forutications against Creit) On a wreatli, a bear paltant, them, Itruck fuch a terror, that the army pearl, Gurte de Sang, muzzled, ruby. decamped that very night. This daring en

Supporters.] The dexter, an unicorn tesprite is hardly to be paralleled in hifto. enninois the finifter, a dragon with wings sy; the town being gained aciots a wide anci expanded, ermine.

deep river, by 3000 men, in the face of a Mulo.] Fax mentis, incendum gloriæ. great army, who were inalters of all the

-The torch of the mind, is the faine of fords by Their retrenchimenis; and, thereglory.

fore, it was but justice, that Gen. Ginkel! Cirief Seat.] Calle Forbes, otherwise' Movid entail on his family the honour of Lisbrack, in the aunty of Longford, iwo this archievemeni, by the title which was afe miles from Longford, and fifty two from ter conterred upon him. Dublic.

On 10:h July, he marched from Athlone

A 2



ound it of very difficult access; but conli- several houses in Dublin and many tythes ; lering, he had now advanced so far, that which were confirmed by Act of Parliame le muft either force hi passage by a battle gth. Dec. 1695. And as a further mark of ir retreat with loss, resolved on the former; nour, his Majesty was pleased to create bi ind upon Sunday the 12th, began the en- by Privy Seal, dated at Whitehall, gagemen. at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, February, and by patent, 4th March, 169 which continued doubtful for some time, his Earl of Athlone and Baron of Agbrim, w army lying under very great disadvantages 201. annual creation fee. from the bogs and hedges ; but General St. Being appointed to command the Dutc Ruth being killed by a cannon ball, the horse in Flanders, he attended King Willia. Irish horse drew off upon his fall, and in a thither in 1692; and 11th August that year short time, the whole army was driven to was president of the court-martial which con the top of Killcommodon Hill, which be- demned the Chevalier de Grandval, for at ing exposed to the Englich hot, they betook tempting to assassinare his Majesty, and pro themselves to an open fight, with the loss nouncing his sentence, the same was of about 7000 men.

cured on him two days after, in the camp at After this great victory and a few days Lembeck. In 1693, he was at the battle of refrelhment, he marched to Galway, which Landen, where he had a narrow escape of he took the 20th July; and 25th Auguft, being drowned. In 1696, he burned the reaching Limerick, made himself master that magazine of Givet, consisting of all manner very day of Ireton and Cromwell forts; cros- of Tores to sub ft an army of 100,coo men fed the Shannon by a bridge of boats, 22d for three months; and after the fiege of September, with strong detachments of horse Keyserlivert, commanded in chief the allied and dragoons, ten battalions of foot, and 14 army, encamped at Clarinbeck near Cleves, pieces of cannon; and pushed on the hazar when the Marshal de Boufflers forming a dedous siege of Limerick with such bravery, fign to surprize Nimeguen, or at least io best ihat on the 26th, hostages were exchanged; up the Earl of Athlone's Quarters, and to and ist O&tober, the Lord Justices, Sir cut off his communication with the town; Char. Porter, and Tho. Lord Coning by arriv. his Lordship, receiving advice of that Geneing in the camp, the articles were finally con- ral's march and delign 10th June, retreated cluded on the 3d, for a surrender of the caf- to Nimeguen in good order, and defeated iles of Limerick, Ross, and Clare, with all the Marshal's purpose, who was much supe. other places of ftrength, as yet possessed by rior in numbers. Prince Nassau Saarbruck the Irish: and thus in a few months, by dying at Ruremonde in 1702, his Lordlhip the extraordinary bravery and unwearied ex succeeded him as Veldt-Marshal of the arpedition of this great General, was accom- mies of the States Genera), a command deplished the reduction of the whole kingdom. servedly conferred on him ; but he departed

On the 30 November, he was received in this world the with February following, at Dublin, with all imaginable respect from the Utrecht, after two days illness. And his loss, government and city; and 21st that month, though great in itself, was yet more fo to iplendidly entertained by the magiftrates, as the States, at

the States, at a time when the campaign he was in February following, ai Merchant- was approaching : for his zeal to the pubTaylor's Hall, by the city of London; and, lic was accompanied with an extraordinary to his immortal' fame, received the thanks experience, and an uncommon presence of of the House of Commons by their Speaker, mind in the most difficult and surprising cir. 4th January, 1691; to which he returned in cumstances, of which he gave ample tettimoanswer, I acknowledge this diftinguishing nies. He left iflue iwo sons, Gidert

, his bonour done me by the House of Commons, successor ; and Heer Harvelt, oi. of the which I value above a triumph: the success chief Nobles of the province of Geeter ', ; of their Majesties' arms in Ireland, was ow- who married Lady Mary de Nissat, elit ing to the valour of the English; and I will surviving daughter of William Henry, the take care to communicate the vote of this first Earl of Rochford, and had issue. house to the officers, that served in Ireland; (2d Earl.) Godert, the second Earl, was and always endeavour the prosperity of their Lieutenant General of the Dutch Forces, Majesties and the Government. And as a and Governor of Sluys; and acquired great reward for his services, he had a grant, 13th reputation in the service of the States, durDatober, 1693, of the forfeited eltate of ing the course of Queen Anne's wars. In William Dongan, Earl of Limerick, (ar. 1710, after the fiege and taking of St. Venant tainted 16th April, 169!,) containing the upon the river Lys by the Alises ; his Lord. sastle, town, and laods of Castletown; the tip being ordered to command the escort of manor of Kildrough, &c, in the counties a large convoy by that river, was attacked of Kildare, Dublin, Carlow, Meath, Kil. by Mr. de Ravignan, Marsal de Camp, kenny, Longford, Tipperary, and Queen's who by his thorough knowledge of the coun.


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