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A nw and corre& Peerage of Ireland, compiled from the most approved Authorities,

and illustrated with ibe Arnis of each noble Family, elegantly engraved.

Continued from Page 517.)


Bermingham, Earl of Louth.

3d, Lady Louisa, born 20th July, 1764, THE Right Hon. Thomas Bermingham, and married in Aug. 1784, to Joseph Henry

Earl of Louth, and Baron of Athenry, Blake, of Ardfry, co. of Galway, Esq. the county of Galway, Premier Baron of 4th, Lady Matilda, died young. ciand, originally by tenure in the reign of Of this truly ancient and noble family, enry 2d, and fince' by writs of fummons which are of English extraction, and took » parliaments, succeeded his father Francis, their name from the town of Bermingham, ne late and 21st Lord Athenry, 4th March, in the county of Warwick, was Peter de 1749, and was created by patent dated 2;d Bermingham, who was steward to Gervas of April, 119, Earl of Louth; he is one Paganell, Baron of Sudley, of whom he of the Lords of his Majesty's Most Honour- held no less than nine Knights fees, of able Privy Council, and a Truttee of the which he was enfeofied in the reign of Henry Linen Manufacture for the province of the ift; and William, son of the said Peter, Munfter : His Lordship married first in No. was posseiled of the town of Bermingham, Veinber, 1745, Jane, eldest daughter of Sir in the reign of King Henry 2d, which conJohn Bingham, Bart, and After to Charles, tinued in that family till the reign of Henry the present Lord Lucan, by whom he had the 8th, when it came to John Dudley, afa daughter, who died foon after her birth; terwards Duke of Northumberland. About and her Ladythip dying September 11, 1746, the year 1170, Robert de Bermingham, athe married secondly, December 30, 1749, tending Richard Strorgbow, Eari of PemMargaretta, youngest daughter and cohcir broke, in his expedition into Ireland, where of Peter Daly, of Quansbury, in the coun- he had large poflessions given him by that ty of Galway, Elg; Barrister at Law, by Earl; and to him succeeded William de Berwhom he has iifue, viz.

mingham, who, in the 4th of Henry 3d,

married Ifabel, only daughter to Thomas -2d, Peter,

Astley, a Baron of England, ancestor to it daughter, Lady Elizabeth, born 26th those of the name in Staffordshire, LanOdober, 1752, who was first married to cashire, and Norfolk. Thomas Sewell, Esq; fon of the late Right (ift Baron.) Peter de Bermingham, fon Ilon. Sir Thomas Sewell, Knight, Master of William, was an eminent perion in the of the Rolls in England, from whom he was reign of Henry 3d, in which reign he was divorced, and married afterwards in 1779, summoned to parliament, and by his pre• to Captain Francis Duseid, late of the 3d decessor King John. hattalion of the 60th, or Royal American (2d Baron.) Meiler, his son, had issue, regiment of foot, by whom she has iflue. Peter his heir; William, Archbishop of

2d, Lady Mary, born 24th Oct. 1756, Tuam, and Bafilia, married to the Lord and married it June, 1777, to the Hon. Athlone. Williain St. Lawrence, Lord Viscount St. ( 3d Baron.) Peter, the Baron of AthLawrence, eldest son of Thomas, the ist enry, Aghnary, ( as anciently written ) ud present Earl of Howth, by whom the Athunree, or Athunry, (as the late Lord

wfuaily wrote it) or Atheary, (as the pre

ift fon, Francis, {both died young.

** is iflue.



sent Lord writes it) was lunmoned to at. parliament held hy Thomas, Earl of Suflex, tend King Edward ift, as a Baron of the the ad of Elizabeth, and he was father of realm by tenure, with his horse and arms, (15th Baron.) Edmund, who fai as the in his array for war against the Scots. He eldest Baron in the parliament held in 1985, had issue, Richard, his heir.

by Sir John Perrott, he married the daughter (ift Earl of Louth.) John created Earl of O'Shaghnassie, of Gortinsigorie, in the of Louth; Peter Rain at Ballybraggan, county of Galway ; and had three fons, in 1329; Bridget married to Sir Henry Dil- Richard, his heir; Aleiler, or Miles, ancerlon, of Drumrany. In the 6th of Edward tor to the family of Dalyan ; Thomas, an. the 2d, John, the ad fon was knighted, by cestor of the family of Kelbeg. Roger, Lord Mortimer, (then Lord Justice (16th Baron.) Richard, the eldest, sucof Ireland.) In the 9th of that reign, he ceeded and married a daughter of the family was Commander in Chief of the English of Tuite, had 4 sons and a daughter, Julia, forces in Ireland, and with Sir Edward I uite married to Hubert Burke, son of Sir Feftus and Miles Veadon, marched againsi Edward Burke, Knight. Bruce, brother to the King of Scots; which (17th Baron.) Edward Fitz Richard, the Edward had entered the north of Ulster, eldeit, married Mary, eldest daughter of the with a powerful army, and so far prevailed said Sir Feftus Burke, and died in 1640; with the Irish, that they crowned him King having issue 7 sons, and 3 daughters. of a great part of the island; but the said (181h Baron ) Richard, the eldet for, Sir John with 1324 men, routed him at succeeded to the honour, but dyilig without Dundalk, took hiin prisoner, and flew of issue, was fucceeded by his brother his army 8274 ; atter which he cut off the (19th Baron.) Francis, who took up arms said Bruce's head, and sent it to King Ed- for the King, whose right he maintained in ward, who for his valour and noble fervices Ireland till the battle of Worcester. He created him Earl of Louth, but the honour married Bridget, daughter of Sir Lucas Dilof Earl expired with him. In 1321, he lon, of the county of Roscommon, and died was one of the Lords Justices of Ireland, in 1677, having issue 22 children, of whom but eight years after, was betrayed and only 2 fons and 2 daughters survived, Edmurdered. "He married Catherine, 4th ward, his heir; Remigius, who married daughter of Richard, Earl of Ulster, by Elizabeth, daughter of dir. Leefon, and left whom he had a son Richard, who died be- no issue ; Briciget married first to James fore him, and 3 daughters his coheirs. Talbot, of Mount-1 alhot, coity of Roi

(4th Baron.) Richard, the clder brother, common, Esq; and recondly, to Captain succeeded, and was the 4th Lord Athenry; Thomas Burke, of Partrey; Jane, married he had 3 fons, Sir William, his heir ; Sirto Miles, Lord Viscount víayo. John, slain with his uncle John, Earl of (20th Baron.) Edward, ihe eldest, and Louth; Andrew, whole fon William, was aoth Lord Athenry, inarried first the Hon. Confiatle of the Castle of Athlone.

Lady Mary Bourke, youngift daughter to (5th Baron.) Sir William, had issue 2 Richard, the 6th Earl of Clanrickarde, wisons, Richard, who died before him, and dow of Sir John Burke, of Derrynaclaghtleft I homas in his minority ; Sir William, ny, and by her had 2 daughters who died who in the year 1348, was Lord Justice. young. He married secondly, Bridget, elde it

(6th Baron.) Thomas, son of Richard, daughter of Colonel John Browne, ot Weitsucceeded his grandfather; he was succeed- port, in the county of Mayo, ancestor of ed by his fon.

the Earl of Altamont, and his Lordip dy(7th Baron.) William, father to

ing in May, 1709, had itsue by her, wlo (%h Baron.) Thomas, who had 2 sons, died 13th January, 1702, three fons and Richard, killed in 1371, by Malachy O'Kel- two daughters, viz. Francis, his heir ; John ly, chief of his Sept; and

died young; Richard died young: Eridget, (9th Baron.) Walter, who was succeeded married to George Browne, of the Nezie, by his lon,

in Mayo, Efq; Maude died in her insancy. (10th Baron.) Richard, father of

(21st Lord.) Francis, the 21st Lord (urth Paron.) Edmund, who'e son Athenry, born in 1692, conformed to the

1 12th Baron.) Thomas, was present in established church of Ireland, 19th June, the parliament, beld the 6th of Henry 7th, 1709, being 'Trinity Sunday, and took his being the first Baron, and adhered to that feat in parliament 25th November, 1913; King's interest against Lambert Simnel, who his Lordship married to his first wife, 22d of perfonated Edward Earl of Warwick, came September, 1706, the Hon. Lady Mary into Ireland, and was crowned at Dublin, he Nugent, eldest daughter of Thomas, the was succecried lay his fon

4th Earl of Westmeath, and by her, who (13th Baron.) Edmund, who was fa- died in July, 1725, had three fons and four ther of

daughters, viz. ( 14411 Baron.) Richard, who fat in the if son, Thomas, the present Earl of Louth,

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