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Fleet-street, in the 8ıt year of his age.--In PRE FERMENT S. he 1o3d year of her age, Mrs. Dight, wife of AMES Baldwin, Eiq; to be Consul. General Mr. Dighi, of Broad Court, Grosvenor fquare.- ar. Grand-Cairo. Colonel Pringle, Llq; 10 George Earl of Abergavenny. He was born in bc firit engineer at Gibraltar.-The Einperor of 1727, and married, in 1753, Henrietta, Gister Gennany has conferred on Earl Cooper, and his bi Lord Pelham, by whom he has left several illue, the title and arms of a Prince of the Holy children -10. At Eltharn, Rear Admiral Ro- Roman Empire. --William Fauquier, Elq. to be bert Robinton.-Sir William Robinson, Bart. Secretary and Register of the Order of the Bath, brother to the Primate of Ireland,

vice William Whitehead, E1q; dec.


D 0 M E STIC 1 Ν Τ Ε L L Ι Ο Ε Ν C Ε.

The Lord Lieutenant's Tour. sense of the benefits we now experience, it will
Limerick, (& 18.

be our united with and prayer that his Majesty

may long continue your Grace a blessing to this AST Thursday night, his Grice the Lord kingdom.

Lieutenant arrived at the Bishop's Palace To which his Grace was pleased to give a molt in this city. At 8 o'clock on Friday morning, polite aniwer, thanking the Clergy for their ado a Captain's guard of the North British Royal drels, and for the compliment they were plealed Fuzileers marched to his lodging and mounted to pay the Duchels. guard ; at 12 the Ciry Sheriffs were sent to koow when his Grace would be waited on by the

At three o'clock on Friday last, the Merchants Corporation of the city, when he was pleased to waited on the Lord Lieutenant, when John appoint two o'clock ; ac that hear the Mayor, Phil. Roche, Esq; addi essed bis Grace in the Recorder, and Common-Council waited on his following manner, which was most graciously Grace; they were introduced by Sir Boyle received. Roche, when the Mayor laid the keys of the To his Grace, Charles, Duke of Rutland, Licu. City, Regalia, &c. at his Grace's feet, and de- tenant General, and General Governor of livered him the City Seal; the Recorder then lieland. addressed his Grace, who replied in a short and The humble Address of the Merchants of the elegant speech, and then conierred the honour

Ciiy of Limerick. of Knighihod on Christopher Knight, Elq; the May it please your Grace, • Mayor. His Grace was afterwards waited on WE his Majelly's molt loyal and dutiful sube by the Clergy, the Merchants, and the Officers jects, the Merchants of the city of Limerick, of the regiments in garrison, all of whom he re- humbly beg leave to approach your Grace, with ceived very gracis ufly; at four o'clock his Grace our fincerelt congratulations on your arrival in accompanied by his iwo Aids-du-camp, went to this city. the Cathedral Church, and after taking a view In your Grace's progress through this province, of that venerab'le building, returned to dine with you will receive such unequivocal marks of loythe Lord Bishop

alty to our Sovereign, and affection to his Grace's At two o'clock on Friday, the Ciergy waited on person and government, as can have no doubt of

his Grace, 'when the Rev. Doctor Maunfell our wishes to be united to our lifter kingdom, addressed his Grace, in the following manner; by the mott indissoluble ties. Mayit pleuje your Grace,

With thele feptiments, permit us to approach PERMIT me, un behali of the Clergy of the your Grace, and to unite with our fellow-citidiocele, to expitis our warmelt cowgratulations zens in the approbation of your firm and prudent on your Grace's arrival in this city, and also on administration, conicious that to your wisdom the arrival of her Grace the Duchels of Rut- and protection, we owe the suppression of those land, the amiable partner of your life, whose illicit practices, which had almost annihilated humanity and benevolence diffuse a lustre on her elevated Nation, and on whom Providence We are confident that in any future comhas been peculiaily liberal in thedding his mercial fyftem between the two kingdoms, your choicest gilts,

Grace will fix its foundation on the most perThe wilitom which has marked your Grace's feet reciprocity, and we are well assured, your adminiftration, and the many falutary laws en

Grace's countenance will not be given to any acted since your Grace has presided as Viceroy in measure that may affect our commercial equathis kingdoen, have been happily experienced in lity, or the conítitution of Ireland : in your the remorent parts of it; under your Grace's au- Grace's virtues we have the furtît pledge of the fpices, the wheels of industry have been let in purity of your intentions, and on your Grace's motion, the manufacturer begins to raise his wisdom we rely for the adoption of such a ty drooping head; and his lisping children are tem as will constitutionally and commercially taught to bless the name of Manners.

unite the two countries. Periectly fenfible of the happiness we enjoy Thus will your Grace in the prosperity and under his Majetty's mild and gravious govern- acclamation of a grateful Aaliun, erect a lasting ment, we shall continur: in our public and prin monument to your glory. vale capacities, to inculcate the neceflity of main- We ardently pray that your Grace after the most taining a due subordinglion co the law, as ablo- sensible marks of public approbation, and the more lutely efsential to ihre advancement of Religion, Aattering testimony of your own heart, may long Virtue and Morality ainong the people.

enjoy, with your amiable Confort, every felicily, įmpieled with the molt lively and grateful thac domestic enjoyment can bestow.

our commerce.


On Saturday at three o'clock, his Grace and

DUBLIN, OXeber 1. the Duchess of Rutland, attended by the Mayor, Sheriff, the Attorney General, Sir Vere Huat, to make some provision for the worn-out relee

It has ever been the just policy of every ftate Sir Richard de Bourgho, Colonel Pery, Mr. Oliver, Mr. Beresford, and his Aids.du-Camp, the Royal Hospital near Kilmainham, afforded i

raos, who have fought its battles. Accordingly rode to the King's Inand, and were saluted by comfortable retreat to many; yet fill a large 12 rounds from the Artillery ;, his Grace then number of brave soldiers rendered destitute by reviewed the Royal North British Fuzileers, the reduction of the army, on the peace, cock commanded by Colonel Knight, brother to Sir Chriltopher Knight; the regiment passed their

not even hope an admiflion, but were allowed Graces twice in now and quick time, and his

an out-penlion. That pension indeed was lo Grace complimented Col. Knight on the fine fmall, as to afford scarcely a fubfiftence, whilft

the out-penfiopers of the British army had a appearance of the regiment; their Graces then rode to take a view of Cattle-connel; god jo

decent support.- -This disproportion between pafling through the city, gave all the inhabitants. them who had equally well-deferved of their en opportunity of seeing them, and testifying country, truck every thinking mind, but did their joy at their appearance here.

not rise into any effectual relief, till Major Last Saturday night, there was a brilliant and JOHN DOYLE humanely took up the cause of crowded aflembly, her Grace came into the the Irish invalids; and, to his exertions in, an

out of parliament, the out pensioners owe są om between eleven and twelve o'clock, and danced two or three country dances with Mr. augmentation, that spread comfort amongt maBeresford, fon to the Bishop of Ollory.

ny. The juft tenle tbcre poor men conceived Yesterday, at three o'clock, their Graces set

of this kindness, they lately expreiled in the fole out for Taibert, the seat of Ecwad Leslie, Efq; lowing address, which was presented by a depufrom whence they will proceed | Killarney,

tation from the whole body. Cork, &c. When his Giacę mounted his horse, To Major DOYLE, late of the 10th regihe saluted the guard, and the spectators, thou. meat of foot, Member of Pariiament for the sands of whom were assembled on the road, and manor of Mullingar. in the fields near the Bishop's Palace, which re. founded with long live the Duke and Duchess of

Honoured and beloved Sir, Rutland.

WE, the out-pengontrs of Kilmainham Hof. The loyalty of the city of Limerick, never pital, feel with the most heart-felt gratitude,

how much we are indebted to you for the gene was more apparent than on this occasion; joy was universally painted on the countenances of

rous and fatherly affcction you have sewn us, by the inhabitants, on seeing the representative of obtaining relief for the worn-out and disabled his Majesty and his amiable confort, whose affa: foldiers of the Irish army. ble behaviour has endeared them to the people.

If the prayers and bleflings of us and our His Grace as well as the Duchess, gave a fum

poor families, and of every fvidier in Ireland,

can be of service, you must be happy. Many of of money to the foldiers of the 2ift regiment, for their gallant appearance.

us have fought and bled with you, and therebs

know your value as a foldier; but you have The following Lines written by Mr. FERRAR, now convinced the army in general, that the

were presented to her Grace of Rulland, on heart that is the boldest in battle, may be the her leaving Limerick, by Sir Vere Hunt, Bart. fortelt towards the distressed.

WHEN am d Apelle with a skill divine, Accept then, dear Sir, the most affectionate Drew his celestial Venu ; and the line

thanks of the old worn out soldiers of the lith Oi Beauty -Had ti' aspiring Artist leen, arniy, and our sincere withes thac you may Our lovely Rutland, our enchanting Queen! speedily arrive at that rank, which from your Her radiant eyesameach animated grace, spirit and humanity, you are acknowledge 10 That glow's in every feature of her face! deserve ; likewise that, Sir, you may enj y long Surprize and joy he never could withiland, life, health and happiness, to exueme old age, But drop the pencil fiom his trembling hand. and when snatched tiom us by ine divine dif The honour of Knighthood has not been con

poser of life and death, be crowned with an eterferred on any of our chier Magistiaes fince the

nal heavenly reward, and attended to your Lieutenancy of the Duke of Ormond; and in

grave by disabled oid veterans dropping a grate

lul tcar. deed, when we consider that our pretent Mayor is a man of ancient and respectable family, and

Signed by us at the desire of our fellow above all, an honest man, ready to sacrifice bis


JAMES HOLBERT, eate in discharging thic duties of his office, his

JOHN BULLER, promocion gives much latisfaction to his fellow

WM. HAYES, citizen.

GIORGE BLYTI, Last night, William Lumley, Esq; one of the

MOSES COATES, Sheriff of the city of Cork, arrived here with a

FRANCIS DAWSON. deputation from the corporation of that city, to inviie his Ciace the Lord Lieutenant.

Dublin, May 14th, 1795. Kilkenny, 087. 8. On the night of Friday the To which the Major returned the following 3och ule. a number of White Buy, forced into

antwer: the house of the Rev. William Ryan, Rector of nly good old friends, Mullinahone, whom they beat, abused, and cut I FELL m;felt iofionely obliged by the kind in ! dangerous a manoer, thai bis life is de- and affocionais maaner in whstä you expect fpaired of.


yourselves towards me; the approbation of my hour. The carriage was stopped between one fellow soldiers is always plealing to me, but and two o'clock in the morning, by four men must be doubly 1o, in this coming from men excellently mounted--they all wore long cloaks, who have given the best proof of merit in themand were arme 1 with piftols and fabres-a pero felves, by a life well spent in the service of their son on the coach-box inapped a blunderbuis an country.

them, and in return they cut at him with their I feel an honest pride, and shall

' ever esteem sabres, which he happily avoided. The coachit the greatest happiness of my life, to have man was so terrified, that after they finished their been able co state your fituation to the parlia- bulineli, he mistook his way, and drove the ment of our country, but your kind partiality carriage over a precipice-the carriage was toover-ratex my poor services. I have been only tally demolished. —Lord Sudley got bis wrift the humble instrument; it is to the legislature strained-Lady Hatton was not so fortunate, havat large, (every branch of which has been una- ing her face dreadfully cut with some of the nimous in affording relief to our deserving ve- broken glats.The coachman was allo much Cerans) that the thanks of the foldiery is due, and bruifed -- yet the horses escaped almost without this consideration I am confident will prove an injury. addicional incentive to the army of Ireland to The patrole of horse who had escorted the cultivate, as much as poflible, that brotherly af- Lord Lieutenant to the lodge in the Park, from fection, which should always fubfist between the the Archbishop of Dublin's, where he had thas citizens and soldiers of the same Empire.

day dined, passed by a few minutes afterwards. I thank you molt cordially for your kind with- 14.) Near eight o'clock at night, James Er es, and shall endeavour to merit a completion of nis, a lad about 19 years of age, fon to a barber, them, by following the example you have fo who lives in Angei-alley, High-street, returning well fee before me.

home somewhat intoxicated with liquor, and I am, with very fincere regard,

having some trilling dispute with his father, who your affectionate friend, was in his thirt, pulled out a razor, and gave John DOYLE, Major of the late 105th regt. him four deep wounds in the arm, thighs, and

body.-On his mother's interfering, and endeaTo the Out-penfioners of Kilmainham Hospital.

vouring to protect the life of her aged husbanch

from the bloody and ferocious attack of her un3.) The following letter from Thomas Win. natural son, the inhuman villain, drawing a leo der, Esq; directed to the Master of the Royal cond razor, cut the arteries, and linews of her Exchange Coffee-house, was this day polted in arm across, and fill unsated, wounded ber in the Coffee-room, for the information of the mer. two other places; luckily she had sufficiens chants and others concerned :

strength and presence of mind left to alarm the “ I am directed by the Commissioners of his neighbours, who arrived time eaough to prevent Majesty's revenue to inform you, that a letter the completion of his bloody purposes; but the has been this day received fiom W. Sparrow, hapless woman, from the extraordinary effufono Eiq; Collector at Beaumaris, giving an account of blood from her wounds, soon became motioo• of a vessel called the Fame, a Liverpool trader, lets, having first made signs for a clergyman, who Norman Shaw, master, being wrecked on Red- opportunely arrived some little time before the wife Sands, on Sunday the 25th ult. and that expired, which was in the most excruciating ago. every foul on board perished. In a pocket book nies; and the ill-doored maimed survivor was which was found, were bills of lading for linen sent to the Infirmary, with small hopes of his cloth and yarn from Dublin to Liverpool, and recovery. On the alarm being given, the young chiefly dared the 13th of August last, and some diabolica! monster attempted to elcape, but for. a few days later. From the date of thole papers, cunately without effect. it is probable that the landed her cargo at Liver- 15.) This day the commiffion ended, whea pool, and was now bound to Dublin. There the following perions received sentence : were found hundreds of hogheads, which it is Richard and Alexander Clare, charged with the thought contained sugar, all Haved; allo rum murder of Richard Gormao, were fonnd guilty of suncheons, which wich the vessel were all in manslaughter, and fentenced to be impriloned 14 pieces not a plank or any other timber together, months. Thomas Lynch, for robbing Edward and all disperted along the coast. What could Creaton, to be hanged on Saturday the 5th of be saved of the cargo is now secured, and con- November next. -[James Dillon acquitted as an sists of fix puncheons of rum, and a quantity of accomplice in the above robbery; and Edward deer skins."

Short, another accomplice, put off his trial on 10.) As Lord Sudley was returning from account of sicknel, being in so dreadful a fever town to the Earl of Arran's in the Phænix Park, that it was thought improper to bring him be. between one and two o'clock, he was fopped fore the Court.) - William Ready, indicted for berween the Park Gate and the late Bilhop of a felony, to be hanged the 5th of November , Limerick's house, by four men well mounted, and Thomas Deacon, for receiving stolen goods and robbed of his watch and purse, containing from faid, Ready, to be imprisoned twelvo some money, and a few foreign gold coins. When months. James Dogherty, found guilty of the carriage arrived very near home, it was manslaughter, to be imprisoned for one year. operturner, and Lady Ann Hatton who was -And Maurice Fitzgerald, for the robbery of with his Lordibip, received a wound in the Robert Ahmuty, Eiq; rcar the Man of War, to forehead from the brokeo glais.

be hanged on Saturday the 5th of November. The robbery of Lord Sudley in the Park, List of Birth, Marriages, Deaths, &c. was as extraordinary as unprecedented. The is om och gases of the Park are regularly duwt si a certain


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A corre&t Lif (in Numerical Order) of all the 20l. Prizes and upwards, drawn in the

Irish State Lottery for tbe Year 1785. (Taken from Walker's Numerical Book, No 79, Dame-freet.) No. Prize. No. Prize. No. Prize. No. Prize. No. Prize. 37 £.50 6455 £.2012541

£.50 17941

£.20 281 20


18270 100 25137

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JOO 20 315 20 20 642

1со 39 1000 364 20

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430 10,000

100 826 100 949

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