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With fortitude they did pursue,

Wich bright, but oft deftruétire, gleam, (Still holding virtoe in their view,)

Alike o'er all his lightnings fly: Inspir'd by their commanders.

Thy lambent glories only bcam

Around the fav’rites of the iky.
Arrang'd in order for the fight,
Attack'd the en'my left and right,

Directress of the brave and just,
And kept their ranks in order ;

O guide me thro' life's darkfome way, And held the en'my in such play,

And let the tortures of mitruft As set their heads and brains astray,

On felfith boloms only prey. They flew in great disorder.

Thy gentle fows of guiltless joys So far they gallantly did try,

On fools and villaias ne'er defcend, To keep their liberty or die,

lo vain for thee the monarch úghs, And so far prov'd victorious ;

And hugs a flatterer for a friend. The en’my reinforc'd once more,

When virtues kindred virtues meet, Hath thought their glory to restore,

And kindred souls together join, And sallied out vain glorious.

Thy pleasures, permanent as great, Alas I uncertain is the hope,

Are all transporting, all divine. Of mortals here below;

Oh, must their ardours cease to glow And gay fantastic notions oft,

When fouls to blissful climes remove? Divert the heart from woe.

What rais'd our virtues here below, They were resolvid the day to win,

Shall aid our happiness above. And 10 che battle did begin,

On the Arts of Penmanship and Engroting. Which did porcend destruction ; A: each attack they were repulsid,

HEN tyrant Richard filled the Brian And seem'd like Ætna when convuls'd,

throne, Before a great eruption.

The art of Penmanship was scarcely koova ;

Till bounteous nature, lib'ral to impart, They wearied out, at last resign'd,

Rade faithful Sculpture aid the peaman's art, And to their cost were made to find,

And thence tranlınic, with undiminith'd fame, 'Twas madness to pursue it ;

A Jalling transcript of the artist's name, So let us all cajoy the fun,

The passive tool, oblequious to the wili, And leave them where they first beguo,

Improves the devious traces of the quill; For to repent and rue ic.

With angled point, most exquisitely free, Then let each true Hibernian ron,

Purives the flowery dash, or curved line, That glories in the conquelt won,

Adds grace to freedom, beauty to design;

S Extol their brave defenders ;

Proceeds with ardour till the work is done, Renoance each abject Nave whole soul,

And claims applaule for merit not its owa. Is subject to a gold controul,

With instaat touch, the roller's magic power, And act like false pretenders.

Transfers the toil of many a painful bour;

Tho' instantaneous, yet minutely juft, True noble souls historic page,

Nor is one latent beauty ever lat; Shall hand ye down from age to age,

The rival artiste view the piece again, Sull bright'ning up your glory;

And own the graver superledes the pen; A Flood, a Gratian, &c. names thall rise,

But friendly each, the blended merit thares Like so much incense to the ikies,

And bid the polifa'd plate, the model bear. And awe cach future tory.

On Suicide. Taken from Martial.
Then let cach true Hibernian son,

HEN fate, in angry mood, has frown'de

W Who glories in the conqueft won,

Unburthen all their care and join with me; The sturdy Romans cry, In festive danc; and song,

The great, who'd be releas'd from paia, (To nonc bus honeft hearts belong,)

Falls on his sword, or opes a vein,
Rejoice and breathe from bondage free. And bravely dares to die.
While keen remorfe and fell delpair,

But know, beneath life's heavy load,
Pursue cach cringing courtier;

In sharp affli&tion's choray road, And learn a lesson from the past,

'Midit thousand ills that grieve, To mend their lives in fucure.

Where dangers threaten, cares ipfert,
HIBERNICUS. Where friends forsake, and foes molest,

"Tis braver far to live.
On Friendship. By Dr. Johnson.

Carding and Spinning. An Epigram. VRIENDSHIP! peculiar boon of heav'a, The noble mind's delight and pride,

Ospin with art, in ancient cimes has beca To men and angels only given,

Thought not beacach the coble dame and To all the lower world denyd:


From that employ our maidens had the name, While love, a stranger to the blest,

O: Spinster, which the moderns now di selaim. Parent of thousand wild desires,

Lut ûnce to cards each female turns her mind, The huinan and the savage breast

And to that dear delight is so inclin'd, farnes alike with raging fires :

Change the foft name of Spinfer to a harder,


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f o REIGN TRANSACTION S. FHE affairs of the Republic of Holland are, The Spaniards are arming in all their ports.

at this hour, in the most critical situation, Afeet of eight fail are fiting out at Carthaand on the eve of becoming desperate both at gena, and the oumber is to be increased to 16. home and abroad. The Regency of Utrecht Add to these 12 fail fitting out at Cadiz, which, announced the confederacy forming against the when joined, are to guard the strails and watch Stadtholder, by reluling che troops of the ke. the Ruflians. public admittance into their garrisons. This was ivon followed by the Regencies of other provin

East India Intelligence. ces; and for some time nothing but lumult, AFFAIRS in the East Indies appear to be riot, and revolt, have every where prevailed. - Nill uniettled. It was wished by many, that On the 8th instant, a nioft desperate quarrel the return of Governor Hastings had been den took place between the corps of Leyden Militia, ferred till the conditions of the late peace had and the populace, which lasted the whole day, been fully carried into execution ; but such were and nearly the whole night. The States meet the jarring interests of men in power, that the daily, not koowing on what to resolve. The existence of the company mult yield to the inProvince of Holland have come to a resolucion trigues at court. The port of Negapatnam, tantamount to the deposing the Stadtholder. - which by definicive treaty was to be restored to They have given the command of their army the Dutch for an equivalent, is still garrisoned to a Swiss officer, and invested him with the by British troops ; and that of Trincomale, which fame powers as if no Stadtholder exifted. - was to have been surrendered to the East India When the last advices were dispatched from the Company by the French, has still the colours Hague, all was confusion : the Stadtholder had of that nation aying on its forts. Both these removed, with his baggage, from the House in powers are reinforcing their posseflioos in the the Wood; and the Princels, with her children, East with men and Mips. Neither our Goverohad taken refuge in West Friezeland. His meat nor the Company are blind to those preHighness was neither permitted to take with parations ; but there seems a fatal parsimony to him his body-guards nor the dragoons; and was have crept into our councils ; and such a tender given to understand, that they were given for regard for posterity, as seems to absorb all comche grandeur of the State, not for the aggrandise- pafsion or concern for the present generation. ment of the Stadtholder.

The French, indeed, pretend they have received Hague, Sept. 16. His Serene Highness the certain accounts, that Eogland is arming 22 thips Prince of Oiange, after having affiiied at the of the line ; and if so, that this will soon or laie allembly of the States General, che day before bring on hoftilities at sea; for such an event, it yeiterday, announced his intended journey to is certain, they are not unprepared. Breda, for which place he is fince set out; and Letters from the Duab bring melancholy acyesterday morning her Royal Highness the counts of the numbers who have lately perithed Princess of Orange, with the young Prince and by famine in that district, whole bodies have Princeli, set out for Friezeland. The London been eaten by dogs and vultures. Gazette represents this abdication in the most favourable light.

Wef India Intelligence. But this is not all; for while this unfortunate THE alarm which was some time ago given family are thus opprested by the States Gene- to the settlers on the Musquito shore, and in ral, by whom they ought to be protected, all the Bay of Honduras, has been almost as fatal the late letters from Vienna are unanimous in to them as a real attack. Most of the unarm. atferting, that the Prince of Nassau Seigen, born ed inhabitants packed up whatever they had io France, and actually in the service of that that was moveable, and endeavoured to make crown, has obtained leave from the Emperor, their esiape. Those who could get vessels to to bring an action against the Prince, for the re- Carry them fled; some cook refuge among the covery of the fovereignty, domains, and estates, Indians, and almost all of them forfook their enjoyed by his Highness in Germany; Prince habitations ; and when the alarm was over, Naflau claiming the same, as fole heir and rc- fouod their plantations destroyed by their own preientative of his grand-father, to whom those cattle on their return; since when, the excelvaluable poffeffions belonged before they were live heat, and incessant raios, have occafioned usurped by the family of Orange. The Slade- great ficknels among them. Their ftuatioa is bolder has already been served with the firit truly deplorable. notice ; and, when the usual forms of law are On the urth of July, about three in the morngone through, this interelting cause will be ing, a dreadful earthquake shork the Inand of brought to a hearing.

Antigua to its foundation. It threw the inhabiIt is given out, chat the K. of Sweden is to

tants into the utmost confternation; but no ma. meet the Emperor at Petersburg.

terial damage ensued. • Advice has been received from Silesia of his Prullian Majesty's arrival at the camp of Grer

American News. en-Trentz, and of the commencement of the There is great reason to suspect that Connanæuvres of the grand review of his troops in grels have pledged Rhode Illand to the French hat quarter on the 21 of August.- -Peace

government, for the money advanced by the royal -vith Polland, and war wish Pruffia, is now the treasury of France. Ty at Vienna.

Congress has appointed to Him Joha Rota O&tober, 1785.



lege, Efq;, of South Carolina, their ambassador forbidding all matters of vessels to bring any to the United States of the Netherlands, in the more indented servants either from Great Bro room of his Excellency William Livingston, Esq; tain or Ireland, as many of those alread; arwho has declined.

'rived are in a starviog condition. A proclamation has been issued by Congress,


BRITISH I N T E L L I G E N C e. Extrade of a letter from Egham, Aug. 29.

o'clock, their Majesties and the Royal off pring,

with the Earl and Counters of Harcourt added T

cies, with five of their Princesses, came and pasting through the fields behiod Merca upon the course, and were received by the Duke College, alighted at Christ Church, and entering of Queensberry, who gave them fome account the Cathedral at prayer time, took their stas of the horses that were to run. The Lord during divine service; after which, haviog viey. Mayor and Lady Mayerels had some converfa- ed the windows, &c. they were condu&ed to tion with the King and Queen. His Majesty the Hall, the Dean's apartments, and the Liappeared on the ground on horse back, and con- brary, and from thence to Corpus Chrifti Col. versed with the clerk of the course at different , lege. Here the Rev. Dr. Dennis, President of times. The Queen, Princess Royal, and Prin- St. John's College, as Vice-Chancellor, preceded cels Elizabeth, were in an open landau. The by the beadles with their staves inverted, did him. chree younger children were in a coach. Their self the honour of paying his relpeas to their Majelties, while in the field, regaled chemselves Majesties, and attended them from theace to with cold beef, bam, and veal, and seemed to Merton College, and to the Ratclivian Library. enjoy their luncheon in the plain field manner. Their Majesties from hence entered the public They expressed themselves much pleased with schools at the Ealtern Gates, and pasting through the day's sport."

the Divinity School were ushered into the TheTruro, Aug. 30. We have had Prince Wile atre, where the Heads of Houses, Doctors in liam with us; he arrived at Falmouth last Fri- the different Faculties, &c., were assembled.day, in the Hebe frigate, commanded by Com. In the ‘æra of this magnificent room, chairs bemodore Gower, since which he has been plea- ing placed for that purpose, their Majeities and fantly entertained at Lord Falmouth's, at Tre- the Royal Family were seated for some time, gothnan. He rode yesterday morning to Truro, and the Vice-Chancellor with the Heads of Houpaid a visit to the corporation, and was accom- ses, the Hon. Mr. Matthew of Corpus Chrifti, panied by Mr. Daniel, the proprietor of the and the Proctors, had the honour of killing their smelting-house, to see the different operations of Majesties hands. melting the tin, and ate a luncheon of beef The Bodleian Library was next vificed, fteaks, broiled in one of the hoc cins, the only where the Librarian bad the honour of kithag way to dress a rump steak in real perfection. - hands. From thence their Majelties were conAfter which he returned with Lord Falmouth ducted to the Pidure Gallery; and afterwarda and the Commodore, all on horseback, to Tre- faw the Pomfret and Arundelian maibles; and gothnan, and in the evening was at the theatre in the Music School the Professor had likewise in Truro.

the honour of kifling hands, His Royal Highness visited the mines which Leaving the public edifices, their Majesties produce both copper and lin. He asked leveral visited the Chapel and Libiary at New College; pertinent questions, and on his being informed and from New College palled through the Care that a considerable revenue was paid to his bro, dens of St. John's, where having leen the Librasher, the Prince of Wales, the Duke of Corn- ry, Chapel, and Hail, they were conducted to wall, from the tin mines, each block paying him the Observatory. about twelve shillings, he laid he was happy to From this place his Majesty and the Royal fahear it, for in all probability, the tin-cath would mily proceeded to the Council Chamber, where be very accepta'ale to his brother George. John Treacher, Elq. our present Mayor, with the

Oxford, Sept. 17; On Monday lait, the King relt of the Aldermen, Alliitane, &c. attended and Queen, with the Princes Ernest, Augultus, in their formalities to receive the Royal visitors; and Adolphus, their Majesties fifth, fixth, and and his Majesty having been graciously pleased to seventh sons; the Princeis Royal, Princess Au- confer the honour of Koighthood upon the Mayor, gulta, and Princess Elizabeth (attended by the himnielt with the reft of the Aidermen - Anittaat-, Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth Waldegrave, Lady Bailiffs, Town-Clerk and Solicitor, had the hoof the Bed-chamber in the Princess Royal; nour of killing hands. General Harcourt, and Col. Manners, Aids-de- Their Majelties from hence visued All-Souls, Camp to his Majelty; and Mr. Hayes, Cover- Queen's, and Magdalen Colleges, where having Dor to the young Princes), paid a visit to Lord seen the Chapels, Libraries, and whatever was and Lady Harcourt, at their Ica at Nuneham, molt worthy of obfervation, they quitted Oxford purporing 10 return to Windior the same even. on their recurn to Lord Harcoua's a little pait ing; but the weather being tavourable, his Ma- five o'clock, where an elegant cold collatina jesty and his Roval Confort elolved to take this waited their arrival, and they let out for Windopportunity of privately viditing Oxford, and for about leven the same evening. wherefore slept that night at Nuncham.

Loaves, Sept 19. Last Monday, one Motherwa Tuelday morning, about a quarter past ten hill, a journeyman Laylor, and active of Bere


wick upon-Tweed, was committed to Horsham Cook speaks of the natives as a people of the gaol by J. Fuller, Esq; of this town, being utmost holpitality, who parted with him with charged before him on oath with having commit- the greatest regret, and pressed him to return a. ted, between the hours of eleven the preceding gain to their coast

. Exclusive of the fea otter, night, and five the next morning, the most bar- The North West coast abounds with all kinds of barons and unparalleled acts of violence on the furs that are met with by the Canadian and person of Miss W, a young Lady at Hudson bay traders; with copper, iron, whale. Brighthelmstone. It appeared on the examina. bone, and it is very probable, from the muua. tion of this execrable monfter, that he had, by tainous and volcanic appearance of some parts of an ariful and inlidious pretence, inveigled the the country, gold and fiver. There is every unfortunate young lady" from the door of her probability that the prelent enterprize will most father in North-Itreet (where she had been just amply reward the adventurers, and open a new fet down on her return from the Rooms, by Lady source of commercial wealth of the first confeH

's carriage) into the church-yard, and quence to this nation. there forced and abused her in a manner too Shocking to relace: but not content with this, he

LONDON, September 6. dragged her from thence to the sea-tide, luppola In a few days will be ripped on board an ed with an intention ic drowo her ; but not have Ordnance store vessel in the river, bound for Giing yet latisfied his diabolical paflion, and being braltar, a large model of an ancient Catapuls, earnettly implored by the trembling victim to that has lately been executed by an emineni eno forbear throwing her into the water, the ruftian gine maker, according to directions given by did delift from such an attempt, and instead of Lieut. General Melville. It is thought that' committing her to the deep, forced her into a this machine, which was ufed by the old Greeks bathing-machine, to renew his brutal violence ;' and Romans, for projecting darts, and other and there kept her in a state of horrid expectatio mifible weapons, in their attack and defence of on till five in the morning, when, it being day. places, will prove applicable to some particular light, he suffered her to go home; and what is Services at Gibraltar, for which modern Artillery very extraordinary, followed her a little distance is not well suited ;-and such trials cannot more alınost the whole of the way; but at lengih usefully be made, than under the direction of the finding himselt suspected by a perion who had veteran Commander, who baffled the hottest acbeen in search of the lady, he atiempied to make cempe ever made upon that fortrels. his escape through a dark passage: but it being 8.] The following men of war of the line no throughfare, his flight was Atopped, whea - have been broken up lince the lace war; beldes he was immediately lecured, and soon after- upwards of an hundred frigates and hoops, &c. wards committed as above, to the entire satis- which were told out of the service after being faction of the whole town, who were so in- . condemned on the survey. cented against the raical, that they certainly Ships Guns Ships Guns would have demolished him, had he nipt from Prince of Wales 74 Belleille the hands of juftice.


74 St. Anne The credulity of the above unfortunate young : Hercules

74 Buffalo lady is not at all wonderful, when it is known, Tyger

74 Dreadnought that the last ten years of her life were spent in a Ajax

74 Jerley French monastery.

74 Tyger

64 The above villain robbed her alfo of one of Dragon

74 Achilles her bracelets, which has been found upon him Boyne

74 Diligente

58 lince his confinement.


74 La Dauphine A company of merchants have fitted out two Burford

70 Antelope

60 ships, called the King Genige, and the Queen 10.) The following are all the new ships Charlotte, commanded by two favourite officers now building at the merchants yards, which acof the lamented Cook, on a commercial expicdie cording to contract, are to be finished by the tion to the North West coast of America, the month of December, 1786, unless freth cernis islands of Japan, Kurile, the coast of Corea and are made with the contractors to keep them China, down to Canton, from whence they are some time lenger on the Itocks before they are to be freighted home by the East India Compa. launched. ny. The North West Continent discovered by Ships Guns Ships Guns Captain Cook, is npwards of 1600 miles extent Bellerophon 74 Severn

44 of coalt; the bays, founds, harbours, and rivers, Captain

74 Sheerness

44 as noble as any in the world, and abound with Colossus

74 Romulus that moft valuable of all land or marine animals, Elepbaat

74 Blanche

32 the fea olter; the kins of which the natives Hannibal

74 Blonde

32 wear for clothing, the fur of which is the most Illustrious 74 Lapwing

32 beautiful and rich of any ever met with, and is Orion

74 Aquilon

32 held in the highell ellimacion by the Japanese, Satura

74 Terhlichore the Chineie, and at all the Court of Allia. This Swiftlure 74 Squirrel valuable braoch of commerce hath hitherto been Theseus

74 Laurel totally engrolled by the Ruflians, who collect Veteran

64 Circe

28 them on the islands near the Kamíchatkan fhores, Naflau

64. Alligator and after carrying them from 3 to 4000 miles Dover

44 Squirrel by their caravans, dilpole of them to the Chinese. Woolwich - 44 Serpent

16 ai the imuncnle profit of 2000l. per cent. Capt. A a a a a




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10.) Mr. Glutterbuck, who some time ago

MARRLA O ES. was tried in France for having de rauded the bank of England, found guil«y, and, was to HE Right Hon. Lord George Granville kis Molt Christian Majesty' had his sentence Vilcount Trentham, to the Righé Hon. Elizachanged to that of working in the galleys for beth, Counters of Sutherland, a minor, by coa. life. On the 31st of Jalt month he set out íent of her guardian, Sir David Dalrymple, Bart. from Arras, chained with other felons for the-Captain Robert Jones Adeane, Esq; o: Baberplace of punishment.

ham, Cambridgeshire, to Mits Blake, only daugh12.] A serjeant, in the Prussian army at ter of the late Sir Patrick Blake, Bart.- Sir Berlin, on his death-bed, requested to be bu- Thomas George Skipwith, Bart. to Miss Shir ried as a Free-Mason; and his widow set on ley.-At Edinburgh, Sir Ceorge Home, Part. foot a subscription for that purpoic, but, not of the Royal Navy, to Mil. Helen Buchanan, Succeeding, he kept him till the body became youngest daughter of James Buchanaa, Esq; offensive, and the magistrates obliged her to bu. Commiflioner of his Majesty's Cuftomas. —A: ry it on the highway. This coming to the ears Gretņa Green, in Scotland, William Horton, of the King, bis Majesty sent the poor woman Esq; merchant of Wolverhampton, to be coly a purse of money for the exemplary discharge of daughter of the Right Hon. Lady Teyaham. her conjugal duty, his Majesty himself being a Sir William Stanley, Bart. of Hoolon, Cho Free-Malon.

Shire, to Miss Townley, daughter of Joha 16.] Was caft alhore, in Whitland bay Corn- Townley, Esq; of Corney-Houle in Chiswick. wall, a box in which were iwo female children, Sir James Duff, member for the county of one about four years old, the other about two,, Banff, in Scotland, to Miss Dawes of Harley. who both appeared to have suffered a violent Atreet -The Hon. Edward James Elliot, eldest death. It is fupposed they were driven from the son of Loru Elliot, to the Right Hon. Lady Har. opposite coast. Perhaps this notice may lead to riot Pitt, litter to the Earl of Chatham.-The some dilcovery.

Hon. Richard Jones, third ton of Lord Viscount 17.] His Majesty's frigate Hebe, his Royal Ranelagh, to Miss Sophia Ciidat, only daugh. Highness Prince William commander, let lail ter and rule heiress of the late John Gildart, for Gibraltar.

Elq; of Blackley-Hurlt, Lancashire. -- At Edin. 18.) The French are building the following, burgh, Sir Robert Burnei, Bart. of Leys, to capital ships at Brelt, Toulon, &c. all which, Milo Margaret Dalrymple, daughter of Litute. according to the time they have been on the nant-General Hora Elphinston. stocks, may be finithed in the course of acxc

DE A T H S. La Reine at Brelt

T Florence, aged 61 years, Xavier La Tonante


1784. La Ville de Paris 110 dielo

fician and naturalift.-- Aug. 25, 1785. Ac Bare. Le Soleil Royal

at Toulon

ges, in France, where he went for the beacht of 1 La Thoulouie


the waters, Sir William Lynch, K. B. one of La Dauphine


hịs Majesty's Privy Counsellors, and Justice of La Madame 86 dicto

Peace for Kent.At Halerwell, in SomersetLe Monarque 86 ditra

shire, Sir Charles Kemeys Tynie, Bart. He 86 at Brett

sycceeded to the title vpca the death of his bro. Le Mars 86 ditto.. ther, in the year 1740.

He married Adne, L'Empereur Romain 74 ditco

daughter and coheir of the Rev. Dr. Busty, Le Vaillant

Rector of Addington, Bucks, He was elected Le Superbe 74 at Rochfort

Knight of the shire for the county of Somerset ia Le Villaine

74 at Havre de Grace five succeflive Parliaments.-Al Folchill, a vil. La Belle Esprit 74 at St. Maloes

lage about three miles from Coventry, a womaa L' Orient 74 at Rochfort

of the name of Neale, at the amazing age si Le Trompeur 74 at Marlieilles

122, (being born in the reign of Charles II.) Le St. Mark

ac Genoa

who, till within a few years oi her death, walk. Les Deux Freres

ed to and from Coventry every markei-day.Le Marquis 74 au Toulon

28 At Elsheid, in Efex, Mrs. Catherine Plumber, Le Conquerant

a widow, aged 104 years, 87 of which the bad L'Ardent 74 at L'Orient

fpent in the lame parilo, and 70 in a Itate of wi. La Garonne 74 at Bourdeaux

dowhood.-31. In his 581l1 year; Don Lewis, bron Le Protecteur

ac Rochelle

ther to she King of Spain. - Sepi. 2. Lately, at They have several others, but the above are Ipswich John Brewe, Esq; • Cologel in the as. known, and well authenticated.

my, and Colonel Commaodant of the corps of BIRTH S.

engineers.--4. Lately, in her zoch year, Mrs.

Horton, widow of the lace Christophe Herion, TER Grace the Duchess of Marlborough, fiq; oi Cation, in Derbyshire, and mother-ife

of a daughter.--Her Grace the Duchess law to the Duchess of Curr berland. -7. Mis Gaiton, of a lon-Lady Wyndham, (late Cock, eldest daughter of Lord Somers. At Miss Hartord,) of a son and heir, at Spa. Edinburgh, the Countess of Haddington.-t Lady Townshend, of a lon.--Lady Brown- Greatwell, near Lincoln, Mr. Bonncı, an emijow, of a

- Lady Deerhurit, of a nent grazier, and father of the noted and anual Jauthier,

Bridget Bonaer.-8. Henry Hoare, Esq; banker,

year at fartheft.

Nov. 14

II 110


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Le Neptune

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