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mott honourable order of the Bath, author of lected into two volumes 8vo. His odes as poet the Roman Father, 1750; Fatal Constancy, laureat, have been regularly inserted in our vo1753; Creusa, Queen of Athens, 1953; the lumes.-15. In Old Burlington-street, Sir John School for Lovers, 1762 ; a Trip to Scotland, Dyke Acland, bart. He is fucceeded in the title 1770; &c. &c. This gentleman was the son and part of the estate, by his uocle, now Sir of a tradelinan in the town of Cambridge, was Thomas Dyke Ackland, bart. who is unmarried. M. A. and a fellow of Clare-ball, eill the statutes -18. At Edinburgh, the honourable Mrs. Mar. required bim to take orders. He accompanied garet Murray, daughter of the late David Vita te viscounts Nuneham and Villiers, the present count Scormont, and filter to the prefeat Earl of earls of Harcourt and Jersey, in their travels du- Mansfield.--20. At Laleham, Middlelex, Mrs. ring the years 1754, 1755, and 1756. In 1757 Penn, widow of the late honourable Richard he was appointed poet laureat on the death of Penn, formerly proprietor and governor of PengColley Cibber. His works were, in 1974, col fylvania, in North America.


Mullingar, May 4-

from Doctor Bleakley's yard, it took its directi.

on with a imart wiod towards the barrack, where HURSDAY last, during the height its progress was interrupted by the chimney, and

of the market here, one of the prin- having on the shock taken fire it communicated cipal beams fell down with great violence.Fortunately though the market- house was croud- governable fury, notwithstanding the utmost ef

to Christopher Beck's house, and raged with uq. ed at the time, not one received the least injury, forts and alliltance of a number of people colthere being a large number of lacks of meal and lected by the circumstance of the fair, till every potatoes pilled together in different places, which house front and rere, in Barrack-street, (except Tuftained the weight until the people had time to

one thatched and four faced houses) was entirely escape.

destroyed. The utmost distrets had been experia Drogbeda, May 7. Wednesday night last,

enced by the miserable inhabitants, whom the Captain Hopkins of the Mary, revenue cruiser, remaining houses are Icarcely fufficient to afford lying off Clogher Head, perceived a lugger make thelter, and leveral of the wealthier residents ing for shore, and after firing several Mots to bring her to, manned his boat, and boarded her have luffered lofles nearly to their total rain, without opposition; after pulling the crew alhore, office, and malt-house, contained a considerable

particularly Mr. Norris, whose dwelling houfe, he proceeded with bis prize to Dublin. She is a quantity of grain, were destroyed. This dreadvery fast iailing vessel, called the Phoenix of Rush, ful calamity,

rendered more poignant, perhaps, and was loaded with teas and tobacco. Captain from the absurd and dangerous practice frora Hopkins had given chale to the faid lugger for which ic proceeded, has overwhelmed this illo (wo days, but from her excellence in failing was

fated town with inconceivable Littress and inconprevenied from coming up with her before. It

venience. i faid her cargo is worth upwards of fix thousand

Menaghan, May 13. A few days ago, a mas pounds.

of the name oi Hadilan was inhumanly murderCork, Mays: A dreadful riot took place in ed in the neighbourhuod of Newbliss, by two Bandon on the fair day, in which a very confi

men of the name of Folter. He was held by derable number of the inhabitants were molt in.

one until the other barbarously fractured his skull, humanly treated by a regiment of dragoons quartered in that town, who are faid to have pro- the spot. What is remakable as to their inhu

and otherwise 10 battered him, that he died on ceeded in so cruel a manner as not to attend to

manity, is, that about two years ago, the above the usual discrimination of age or sex. This out

unfortunate Haddan was ttabbed with a knite by rage is repor:ed to have originated from a coun.

one of the said murderers. tryman's resitting a soldier who had attempted to wrest a stick from him, of which he afterwards in the King's County, that on Monday lait, as

Carlow, May 14.

We learn from Cloughan, received fome blow-, lo revenge which indignity Tome of the dragoons quartered in that towa the whole regiment turned out with their guns were making up cartridges, by fome accident the and bayonets, spreading terror and devastation Powder-room cook fire, which went off with a among ihe unarmed multitude. A man and wo. man are already dead, and leveral more dels great explosion, burnt many of the men, and

what was very rernarkable, carried one of the paired of. Upwards of forty persons are stated to have been wounded-by the including a number men, who lay in bed over the room, a conlideraof the officers among the delinquents, and as in. ble distance, who was not in the least hurt. citing the privates to an undistinguishing barbari- day, we are intormed, that for thirty miles ia

By a gentleman who arrived here on Wednelty; it is hoped, the circumstances related are length the bog of Allen has been on fire, owing to some what bepond the truth. Tullamore, May 12.

A moft dreadful fire some people burning the furface of the earth to took place on the fair day, by which near an Tullow, and part of the hill of Killehan, near

improve it. We learn that the red bog near bundred houles and offices were totally confum- this town, has been fet on fire in like manner. ed. The melancholy accident was occasioned by the liberation of a fire balloon, or Montgolfier; in this city cannot furnith such an instance of

Waterford, May 14. The annals of accidents which ewo gentlemen of that quarter encouraged dreadful aipect and melancholy profpect as was an English adventurer to prepare for the amules exhibited by the fire which broke out about 1? ment of their friends. Having been launched


o'clock 63 Monday night, in the house of Mr. grapple and rope, i fag, speaking-trumpet, Benjamin Balch, of Carrion-row, Cork-cutter. 3 compass, a barometer, and thermometer, a On its being discovered the alarm was given, the baket of provisions; aod a machine to me a. drums beat, the bells rung, in a hort time al- fuse its afcent was suspended from its boltom. most every one was roused from slumbering. Mr. Crufbie got into it, but finding it 100 heavy The city water-engine, and those belonging io even when the balladt had been taken cut, be the sugar-houses were got. Magisterial, milie expressed the utmolt disappointment and delpair. tary, and neighbourly affiftance were zealously Rather than disappoint the public, which had exerted every one was afliduous-respectable ci- mewn him fuch repeated indulgence, Mr. Cross tisens carrying water--whilst others, with the bie determined to give up the fruit of his ex. srmy, kept the avenues clear, to prevent inter- pence, labour, and expectations, and generous. ruption and plunder ; by which very proper con- ly offered to let a lighter perion afcend in his duit the fire was providentielly got under, after place. Numberless competitors crowded round raging several hours, with only the demolition the boat, but Mr. Crosbic gave the preference to of ihat and the adjoining house-but, Mr. M'Gwire, whom he had promiled to take lamentable to relate, Mrs. Balch and five of her with him, if he took a companion. Mr. M'Gwire children perished in the confagration. Mr. Balch prepared for his alceni, one of his friends tore off and his ewo sons alone escaped, by cimely getting his ruffle and fastened it to the Valve-cord to dil. out of the windows. Such a shocking scene is tinguish it ; Mr. Crofdie gave him particular ineaher imagined than described. On this alarm- ftructions relative to the use of it; ballast w23 ing occafion much praise is due to William New. thrown in, and the two genilemen who held the port, Elg; mayor, and many other distinguished boat, were just going to launch it inco the air, characters. The officers of the 45th regiment when Mr. Croibie cagerly recurned, and desired delerve every eulogium, they were remarkably to relume his feat; he had hopes of procuring attentive, and the privates particularly caretal more inflammable air, and upon reflection, deand exact in their duty. in hort, the inhabie çermined rather to delay his aicent, than to leave taats in general merit commendation, for it may any thing undone that was possible. The confia jutty be faid, their joint endeavours saved that between justice and ambition were but momenquarter of the city froin being laid in alhe. This tary in the mind of Ms. M'Gwire; he knew that melancholy accident, it seems, was occafioned gratitude to the public, and private friendship for by the Mavings of cork taking fire in the lower him, bad obtained him a feat which he was gopart of the houie. Mr. Dudgeon, high consta ing to Jelinquith, and with that modesty which is ble, deserves nöcice ; he distinguished himself in the companion of merit, he resigned his preten. * maaner becoming his ofhce, attended the fions to Mr. Crosbie. whole night and next day, and by a close search The Balloon was again adjusted to the appa• and afting of the ruins, found the greater part ratus for inflation, and after the last drop of vi. of what money was in the house. The remains triolic had been expended, a second attempt was of the unfortunate sufferers were interred in ope made by Mr. Crosbie to ascend. All the interior grave on Tuesday morning.

work of the boat was torn out, several feet of Dublin, May 1o.

the balloon itself were cut off, all the ballait,

bis provision, and his last bottle of wine, were This day, an unsuccessful attempt was made thrown over board, and uuder all those disagreeby Mr. Crofbie to afcend with his Balloon, from able and dangerous circumftaoces, Mr. Crosbie the new square of the barracks ; to the great dit- undaantedly determined to ascend. The Genappointment of above 50,000 people.

slemen who held che boat, pushed it upwards with The writ of error depending in the House of all their ttrength, but in vain : it role a few feet Lords of Ireland, wherein Gustavus Hume, Efq; from the impulse it had received, but fell again, was plaintiff in error, ansi William Burton, Elq; with no finall danger to Mr. Croibie, at the other defendant, (well known by the name of the Ely Gode of the square. caufe,) was finally determined, and the judg- In a moment another gentleman of the name sDemre of the court of King's-bench afirmed, by of M'Gwire, belonging to the Ordnance-office,

considerable majority: The number for affirme jumped into the boat, and had he not been preing being twenty-two; for reversing (welve vented by the spectators and Mr. Croibie, would Lord Earlstors, in a very learned and able man have initantly afcended, but Mr. Richard ner, aniwered all the objections made to the opi- M'Gwire's claim was too strong to be refifted; nion of the court of King's-bench, and having seven bags of ballatt, a barometer, thermometer, supported their judgment upon the strongett a flag, a speaking-trumpet, and half a French grounds of law, he retired, and left the decili. roll, were put into the boat, and by throwing on to their Lordthips.

out tour bags of ballatt, he mounted as high as 12.) At eight o'clock in the morning, Mr. the roof of the barracks; perceiving his danger, Crombie found his Balloon sufficiently inflated, and with the utmost presence of mind, he gradually made no doubt of its being able to carry up one emptied another bag, and proceeded majestically hundred weight of Ballait. The propoled lige over the park. Another current of air carried Dals were made, and he waited with the greatest him towards the sea, when upon remarking the impatience for the arrival of his friends, but it distension which had taken place in consequence was half past one o'clock, before they aflem- of the rarified Aimo!phere in which it had then bled.

floated; he endeavoured to relieve it by opening Two gentleinen were appointed to determine the valve; he pulled the valve rope gently, and his power of ascension ; the boat was loaded kept his eye steadily on the Barometer, but per. wish gwelve ftone of ballait, in zwelve bags, a ceiving that the Mercury Atill continued to fall,



279 he concluded the valve had not opened, and upon honour of saving the gallant Mr. M'Cwire, we applying a greater force, the cold broke at the think it our duty to give a real llate of that'120staple of the valve, presently the balloon burit faction, in justice to an amiable chara&tcr, whole jutt above the cord which was tied round the modelty prevents his seeing his conduct on the lower part of it. At this interesting mordent, occafion as any wise entitled to notice : with steady composure, he marked the barometer As soon as the balloon aliended with the spio and thermometer, and noted them in a paper, rited youth, a number of persons who had their which was wahed away; but the same unruffled horses ready in the park let off in order 10 puscalmness which enabled him in fo critical a junc luc its courle; and among others were diltiato commit it 10 paper,

enabled him guished, the Lord Lieutenant, and Lord Heory alio to

remember it, the baroneter food at Fitzgerald, Lord Edward, &c. They huntet twenty inches, and the thermometer at thirty- the balloon at full gallop aci oss the country.

This latter being the freezing point, fur. Lord Edward larned his borse, and Lord Hensyon prised him much, as he did not perceive in his Mr. Oliver, and Mr. Thorolon got into Howih person a corresponding degree of cold, which in- as they saw the balloon descending with rapidity duced him to repeat the observation three dif- to the sea. Alarmed for the safety of the object ferent times. His fatuation became more critical of the public admiration, they endeavoureu co every inftant, driving to the sea with a damnaged prevail on the boats-men at the quay to put off balloon, and but iwo bags of ballalt; perceiving to him; but gone of them would let oui, until by the barometer that the balloon, notwithstand- Lord Henry engaged a Rox-boat, by a rewzrd ing the fissure, still continued to ascend, (pro- of five guineas, to go with him. He was adbably from the impetus not yet counter-acted, companied with Mr. Oliver, and Mr. Thorotor, he determined if it were practicable, lo let more and to engage the boat.men to make greates date gas escape; the balloon was too high for him to patch, they gave them lix guineas more, which reach it with his arms; fortuoately he had in his had a very powerful effect on their exertions. pocket a Imall gimblet, with which he had been While they were making towards the balloon, ihat morning making some alterations in the ba- which was upwards of three leagues from landi, rometer, which he carried to the barrack for Mr. they saw feveral boats pals near it, without going Crosbic. This girnblee he tied to the flag-staff, to Mr. MʻGwire's relief--and it was only oa and this latter he made fast to the speaking their near approach that a pilot-boat bore down trumpet, aod standing on the feat, he was ena-' to rescue him from a watery grave; to that bled to make several punctures, in consequence though they did not actually take him from the of which he deseended with considerable rapidity fea, they have the happiness of ka wing that into the lea, nine miles E. N. E. of Howth. chey were the means of saving bim, as the pic

When his boat took to the water, the impe-lot-boat declared they were afraid of going near tus of the balloon brought it fo near to the boat, the balloon until they law their boat making djas to lack the fufpending ropes, his body rectly for it. -Mr. M'Gwire, who had been was thrown out, but before his legs were cleare thrown from his t into the sea by the thook ed, the balloon re-ascended so much as to make and velocity of the raid, had been in the water the ropes hold bim faft by the ancle, his head upwards of three quarters of an hour, when be lying in the water ; being fortunately an excel- was taken up very much exhausted, but pertectkint (wimmer, he dilengaged himseli, and wied ly collected. -- -Upon his being brought into the to grapple the boat, he failed in his attempt, and piloc-boat, he threw up a conliderable quantity endeavoured to overtake it, but finding this fruit- o: water. His only regret was the loss of the less, he thought it prudent to reserve his itrength, noces he had taken during his fight. As Lord he turned on his back, and after thirty-three mi- Henry was returning with him to land, he met nutes in this most critical situation, heard the Lord Edward, Lord Jocelyn, and several other cheer of a boat's crew, “Never fear, my lad, gentlemen, coming out on the same errand.

you are cate," when turning suddenly on bis And on their landing they found Mr. Uniacke and face, he saw them at the distance of forty yards, a valt concourse of people on the thore, who cozalready holding out their hands, and straining for duced Mr. M'Gwire to the Lord and Lady Lieuhis relief; he ihen swam towards them, and was tenant, who were waiting with anxious expectahappily taken up, the boat then pursued the bala tion to receive him. loon and recovered it, and he was soon brought 13.) This day Ms. M'Gwire (our young on Shore, where their Graces thc Duke and Dutch- aerial navigator, whose alacrity and spirit in a;els of Rutland received him with that policenels cending, reflect honour on his native land) was and good-nature, for which they are so justly carried through the city by the studeats of Trinity distinguished; their Grace's kind anxiety can College, attended by a band of musick, and never be forgotten by Mr. M'Gwire and his thousands of applauding citizens, who with joy, friends,

impatience and admiration, bebeld the youthful He was brought to town by Mr. Uniacke, in philosopher after traversing the etherial regions, her Grace's carriage, and let down at Doctor and efcaping the dangers of the deep; his recepUsher's house, amidst the acclamations of tion at the castle was as warmly cordial as the thousands, in perfect health, and but little fa- enterprize was glorious ; the Commander in Chiet tigued.

also received him with the utmost politeness, 10.1 N. B. The barometer Nood before the ascent all ranks furveyed hirn with wonder and applau!c in the barrack, at 30, 31 inches, and the ther- nor did the fervour and affcction thewn bim ache mometer ac 63 deg. of Fahrenheit.

University, from the senior and junior fellow, As several candidates have appeared for the and all descriptions at that venerable seat of his

biudiciou, yield to the viarmsh or a parent's los


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56 - son.


Gilford min fine, all seemed emulous to do him that

19 honour so eminently merited by the originality Kilworth

15 of his enterprize, the intrepidity and ardour he

WIDOWERS. discovered for the completion of his design to cross the Irish channel, and chereby stamp celebrity on Earl of Westmeath his country:


SO 14] This evening Mr. M'Gwire, attended


55 by a number of the gentlemen of Trinity Col



Hillsborough lege, waited on his Grace the Lord Lieutenant,

67 and received the honour of knighthood, as a mark


60 of his Grace's approbation for his undaunted cou


Aldborough rage and enterprising fpirit.-And he is likewise

40 honoured with a Captaip's commission in the Viscount Barrington


Baron Cahier army. Lord Henry Fitzgerald, made a collection for

Conway (E. of Hertford England) 66 the men of the pilot-boat, which amounted to


34 between seventy and eighty guineas, to encou.

Milion (the same in Eogland)

69 rage others to exercions of humanity on any other

Coleraine occasion.


40 Fair Game For the Ladies, or a list of the une


64 married Peers of Ireland, for 1785.


50 BATCHELORS. Aged Delaval

SS Earl of Barrymore



Darnley (B. Clifton England) 18

a daughter.-In Cuffe-ftreet, the lady of MaMasserine

42 jor Williams of a son. ---At Castle View, near Mornington


Durrow, the lady of the rev. J. B. Ridge, of a


MARRIAGE S. Viscount Netterville

41 Lumley (E. of Scarborough England) 32 T Conlanstown, Major Paul Minchin, of Fitzwilliam


his Majesty's 29th regiment of foot, to Kingsland


Mils isdell, only daughter of Oliver Isdell, Esq; Cholmondley (E. of Cholmondley E.) 37 -In London, the 17th of March, by special liDowne

cence, the right honourable Henry Earl of ClanStrabane (E. of Amercorn Scotland) 74 rickard, Knight of St. Patrick, to Miss Ubrabia Molesworth


Aon Powlet, daughter and heir of George PowAlbrooke

is let, of St. Mary Le Bone, in the county of Mid. Mountmorris

37 dlesex, Esq.
- Duogannoa

D E A T H.


'N Dawson-ftreet, Thomas St. George, Efq; Bangor


a cornmissioner of the barrack-board, and suBaron Blayney

iz pervisor of their accounts, and member of parlie Carbery

ameat for the city of Clogher. Arden


P R Ο Μ Ο Τ Ι ο Ν. Templetown


THE honour of knighthood, conferred op Rockeby (Lord Primate)

64 Richard M'Gwire, Esq. EARLs Eldeit Sons, UNMARRIED.

B Å N K R U P T S. Lords Dungarvon

ENRY Maxwell, Merchant.-Robert Fielding


and John Lynch, of the city of Dublin, Ardee



Le Poer

17 Ikerrine


Hope will, on perusing this month's Magazine, Kilwarlin


see the attention we have paid to his request; as Fitzmaurice (E. of Wycombe Eag.) 20 we should be sorry, knowingly, to publish any Boyle

18 thing that could disturb the tranquility of any Preston

29 family. Rawdon

31 The imitation of the 104ch Pfalm, is too deSudley

23 ficient in poetic merit to be inserted. Run and Siopford

come rhyme very badly. The author may be a Caulfield

very devout man, without being a good poet. Molyneaux


The verses signed Tell Truth, have wit and Jocelyn

3i humour, but would give offence to a particular Gore

10 class of people, whom it is for the interest of the Vaughan

31 nation rather to conciliate thao irritate.

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