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duty Fish

pholstery Ware, 161; 101 108 per cent value duty | Board', Barrels, 60 cwt a 10$ per hund 4s per thou- Horns Tips, No. 2; 9d per thousand

free ees Wax, 366lbs; As 11d 10-20th pet cwe do

1and do Horles, No. 669, do ; 2 per head

do Vine, French; 311. 1os per tun, and 24 per ceat Books, Unbound, 28, cwt 1913lb do; do

do Hide, Tanned, No. 14, do; 3d 3-5ths per hide ditto do Bread, 22 cwt 19 do

Free Untanned, No. 42,744, do do Port, 4 tuns 21 sohalf galls; 20l 145 per Butter, 147,028 cwt 19 141b do ; 6d per cwt do Iron, Tons, roh. do; 65. 8d. per con do Bullocks and Cows, No 6,797, do; is per head

do Ironmongers Ware, val 55 do 6d. per cwt. Voo , Barrel Staves, 12,691 cwt i 9 No. 20

free Candles, 24 cwt 29 211b do is per cut do Kelp, Tuns, 1,025, do ; 14. 6d. per tun

do Caiks empty, No. 5; do Cheele, 71 cwt 39 do ; 6d per cwt

Linen, Cambrick, yard-, 22 h. do.

Deals, 14 cwt 39 No. 15, do
do Coaches, &c. 40l. value, do ; 5 per cent on value do -Cloth, yards 21,128,150, do

Oars, 20 cwt 29 No. 25, do
do Copper Ore, 20 i-half tons, do; 38 per ton


Coloured, yards 952, do 5 per cent on val duty
Plank, 374185 3d, do
do Corn Barley, 4,683 quars. do
Free -Oats, barrels, 5,262,-do

Spars 2 cwt 29 ; do

Mak, 10 quars. 4 bush do

Ox, Bones, M. 468; 40. per thousand

Timber, 757 tons 40 feet; do

Oals, 14,742 quars, do
do ---Guts, 66 barr. do ; 15 per barrel

do Wooden Ware, 1,3691 9s 9d; col ros per cent

-Wheat 324 quars. do

dy Oil, Tiain, il luns, do ; 10s. per cun value duty | Drapery New, 1,200 yard do; only recurned

Pork, barrels, 15,610, do ; is 6d. per barr Vool, Cotton, 981 cwe 19 31b; do free Feathers, 167 cwl 211b. do ; 25 per cwt

Duty Rabbits Furr, 6,0161b do ; 2d 2-5th per lb
mall Parcels, vil 18; vol 10 per cent value

Free Rape Seed, 408 gis do ; 6d per quarter
Cuitom-House, Dublin, uith Feb. 1785

Herringe, 166 barrels, do


Salt, 80 bushels
JOHN WETHERALL, Ex. Amin. Ling, No. 19 volb do


Shoes, 84lb at 5%. 50 per Ib do ; 6-20ths, 1-4th per.lb do
ANTH. FERGUSON, Ex. Affiit. -Salmon, 5-1 halt tons do

do Skins, Calve", No. 15, 624 5, do ; 7d. 1.5th per doz dyty
Note. The Rate of Value, after being first stated, Flax Seed, Irish, 2 hlids, do; do; 3$ per qr. of 8


-Goat, No 167 20 104 per score to be taken as repeated, until a new Valuation is in


-Kid, No 12 36 do ; 3$ per six score

A. F.

Glew, 837 cwt do ; do ; iod per cwt


Lamb, No. 2,015 1 5 do ; vod. per fix feore do
Graves, 4 cwt do ; id 1-half per cwe

- Rabbit, No. 612 10

different rates In Account of the Expert Trade from Ireland to Great Haberdashery Thread, 100 outnallis, do; returned

Scap, 1,53 cwe do ; 6 per cwt

Brisain, for One Year, ending ihe 25th of March 1784. Haberdashery Ware, val. 17.75. 6d do ; 5 per ct. on

Stationary Ware, 3491 125 do; 5 per cent on val

Tallow, 15,586 cwt 39r 21 lb do ; 1' 60 per cwi.

apparel, 23 val rate; 5 per cent on value

Hair, Cows, 5 cwt; 2 per cwt


do Tongues, 563 doz do ; 30 3.5ths per doz.
Barreis, empty. No. 12. do ; 5 per cent on value Duty Kid, do; 7d 1-51h per cut

Wooden Ware, 13° 2d do ; 5 per cent on value do
Bacon-Hams, 922 cwt 1921lb, do ; 5 per cent on Hair Powder, do; 5 per cent on value

Wool, 2,264 stones, do

free value do Hats, do ; 6d per piece

Yarn, Colon, 4,166.b do; 5 per cent on value

Flitches, No. 32, 967, do ; id. -half per Hogs, No. 1,877, d); 3-51hs per piece

-Linen, 33,0!30 29!51b do ; 55 per cwt

do Hog -Lard, 837 cwt 219 do ; iod 4 5ths per cwt do

Woollen, 9. itones, do;

free Befrels, No. 31,867, do į is per barrel do Horns, Ox and Cows, 285 cwt 29 10lb do ; 25 60

- Wo:fted 100 563 ftones and 12, do

do Beef, Carcaffes, No. 8 do ; is per carcale

do Small parcels, 4,3841. 35 110 do 15 per cent


per thousand


Note, free



ilmaled Kate of Valve is to be hew 23 DraperyNiW, 99, 1.17anak and a hali do

duty Paper Writing, 104 rhme do

duiy reftdied, until a new one is jalerted.

Draftrý, 0:4, 28,550 yds 10355 8d 1-4th per piece duty Pirk, 29,252 !-halt barieis, do146 per barrel duty
A. F.
--Shag, 574yds, at 4: per yard

Rabbits Fur, 146 pound-, al 5 per ib. wt. do;
Cukom-House, Dublin, uth Feb. 1785.

Feathers, i cwt 29

do 3417 2oth per pound

do JOHN WETSERALL, Ex. AMIG. Oysters, 4 galls at 25 per golion

do Ribband, Silk, 2310 402, 215lb per ib we do

Hake, 6 hund 29 2016 do
do Salt, 220 bulhcl,, do

The reader will please co obferve, that after the Herring. 22,7:3 bar 5-61h do


, 47,011, pounds, do
name of each article in the above account, is placed the Ling, 45 hund 39 do

do Silli Manutićture, 3,98711 jo ozs at $1. jer Id. wt do
quantity or grors of the faine; next is the raie of that Mackarel, 358 bar at 1155 per bar

do Sailer Ware, 894150 t. val de
value; and aftly is the dety now paid. As for exam-

Salinan, 63 luns 4 cier i-hal do

do -Thrown, dreil, 125lb oz do ; on debenture
ple: Appe, 116 1-4 h bulb (imported) at per Flannel, 36,067 pd. do

Silk, and Worried mixed mane 2,0941b goz do free
buth (4e of value) id. 1.5 h and 5 per cent. of fame Fustians, 47,237 vos do

Skin-Calve, y cwt 29 gibs do; si 18 h per cwt duty
per bulisl, (ther r the duty now paici)

Frize, 2,738 vợ co


Kid, No, phun 29 at 31 2.60 per hun. No,
G1.Cale, N. 5, at itin each

Ar broods of obe EXPORIS fran IRELAND :. AME-

do; Il es Sd per fix fcore Gaf Dioking, No 26,737 d.

de --Sheep No. Shun. 1915lb at yls: per han RIC.), ter one I rar, ending ine 25th of March, 1784,

Class W278, sal 4011(od do


No do ; 1152 h. per hun. No.
diftinguiture 505!y and Kases of l'alues, wie
ibe Rails of Dutinasitief Year.

Glew, ji ciet.ro; rod per cwt.

do Soap, 3,915 CWt 24 716 do 6d per cwt Glove", 19,164 pr do

do Stocking, Linun, 402 doz 9 pairs
Apparel, 3:3881. 16. do
d I Groceries, Loai Sugat, 436 cvit. 19 716 do

Stocking, Wooilen, 842 do 7 pairs
Aqua-vita, 250 gall 10
do ! Hur, Cow, 3 cur. at 116 per cut; 2. per cut


-- Worled, 1,195 doz 7 pairs
Bacon, Flicche, No. 118 do ; id. h. per fiech
dulu Hair Powder, 7 (Wt 34 21 lb. do

free Tallow, 914 cwr; dis 6 per cut

Hamn, -99.1475 du: 5 per cent on val (to Haberdaihtry, Quinal Thiead 6071b al 5 6c per lb do Tongues, 3,065 1 - hali doz; 3d 3-filih per des do
Beer, 2059 bar and a ball do ;

Siiters Firead, 567i6 ai 13 per lo

l'phoitlery Ware,56419 val.

Beet, 43.279 bar pis-6th do ; ! per bar
--Small Parcet, val 2,367110 ou do do Wax, 1970; do, rd. 3. hifths per pound

Book' Bound and unbound 3659 121b
tree Hd, No. 11,167 do

do Wooden Waie, 8155 value ; do

Koitles of glas, 532 pail: do; 20. per 100 eumber duty Hops Laitt, 510 cwt 29 do1od 4.5th per ewt duty Yarn, Cotion, foolh; do, at is pcr lb

Bread, 5,087 cwt. 211b do
free Hories, No 74 at 61. each; il. each

do Smail parcels, 3,6191 25 usd; do, mostly free, 5
Erals auci copper manufacture, 99 311 do

do Ion, do; 2110 per ton


per cent value on a mall part
Bullion, Siiver, 150 ouncer, at 5.100 per ounce Iron-wroughi, 473 cwt 29.716 do ; 31 39 ud per too do Custom Houie, Dublin, uth Feb. 1785
Butter, 26.300 € 39 141 do ; 60 per cwt.
duty Ironmongers Ware, 1261 145 zd val do ; 31 3• Tid

Candles,'1,522 C 1971b do ; 15 per cwt


Cards, Playing, 298 dozen packs and ten odd do free Linen-Cambrick, 4-586 yards, do

free Note. The Rate of Value, after being fisit itated, is
--Wool, 104 dozen pairs at 8d per doz pairs

--Cloth, plain, 3,540,691 v-half yard do do

to be taken as repeated, until a dew valuation is infeited. duty 61 per doz. pair

Ditto coloured, 323,816 yard do

A. F.
Cheese, 806 c do ; ad per cwt.

Meal-Flour, 1,712 cwt 29 71b do


The Reader will please to observe, that a'ter
Cordage, 9939 2110 do
do H - Oat, 557 1- half barrels, do

do the name of each article in the above account, is placed
Cotton, linen, and lilk, mixed manufacture,

Melailes, 484 cwt. 19 141b do

do the quantity or grof of the same; next is the rate of 8,0191 185 2d do do Millinery Ware 2731 value, do


A for

that value; and lastly, i the duty now said. Corn, Barley, half a bushel do do 0,1-Rape, 21 hds. at 251. per ton

free example :--Beef, 43,279 barrels and 5-011 (imported) -Oats, 513 quarters 4 bushels do do Train, 2 hds, do


per barrel (rate of value) s. per barrel (that is Piale, 3 quarters 4 bwhels free | Paper-Brown, 50 ihms do

do I the duty now paid.)



Per ton

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Tormos fice and hells a day.

Extracts from the Autbentic and Accurate thattered. She proves to be the Helena

boats, the brig got safe in, tho' very much Journal of the last Siege of Gibraltar.

floop of war, Lieutenant Roberts, comman(Continued from page 175.) der, in fixteen days from Port!mouth, with April 13th, 1781.

dispatches: The had one man lied, and some

wounded. There were fourte-n gun-boats THE enemy's fire llackens, now only a- upon her at one time, pouring grape into

her as thick as hail. 2976. Upwards of 20 veslels from Mi- 13th. A small fettee from Mahon taken. norca, with provision and liquors; also a 17th. A schooner came in from Faro with vefsel with cattle from Algiers. 30th. Ene- onions, salt and fruit. 18th. Another with my's gun and mortar boats fired between 2 the same and some sheep. The arrove of and 300 fhot and shells.

onions or 25lb. fells at 1os. 6d. grapes 11d. May 41b. Governor ordered all inhabi- per lb. an old ox, 3s. 8d. per lb. mutton and tants to remove their timber and combustible goat, 45. 6d. per Ib. veal, very scarce, 53. matter out of their houses in town, in 24 od. per lb. Four hens sold this day at sos. hours. The folders ftript the houses most 19th. Kite cutter in 28 days from Sheershamefully. A man of the 58th ordered for ness with dispatches. 28th. A shell from execution for plundering. - 9th. Gun and the mortar boats fell through the hospital mortar boats fire 2 or 300 rounds every day. roof; most of the sick, &c. got out before Several of the inhabitants killed and wound- it exploded. One unhappy man whose thigh ed. 28th. Two vefsels from Leghorn and was broke could not ftir, the shell fell upon Minorca, with liquors, falt, and fruit

. Two his other thigh, and when it burst shook him soldiers of the artificers, ordered for exe- almost to pieces. cution for plundering the king's stores.- 19th. Between nine and ten last niglit a 19th. Last night the Enterprize with a con- fell fell into a house near the King's Bastion, voy of 15 fail went for England. The where Majors Mercier, Vignoles, and Capt. Flora and Crescent, and two Dutch fri- Burke, the town-major, were fitting ; it gates passed the Streights to the westward. fell upon the latter's thigh, the other two in the morning, heard repeated broadsides. ran out before it burst. The town-major goth. A foldier of the 38th executed for was blown up to the cieling when it explodp!undering

ed, and soon after died. The loss we sufJane 111. Enemy fire about 600 shot a tain by the death of this valuable and proday. The inbabitants retire to holes and rising young officer, was regretted by eve

3d. Two ferjeants killed, some men ry one. He was a loss to fociety, to the garwounded. A tartan froin Minorca taken, rison, and to his country. the crew got here in their boat. 9th. A Last night the Helena and Kite Noops failprodigious explofion with bursting of shells, ed for England. and a conflagration in the enemy's camp. Captain Fowlis of the 73d, succeeds Capt. It is supposed above 1000 shells were de- Burke as town-major. Flying Fish ordnance Atroyed." Mr Cadel brought over 105 Eng- cutter arrived. lih women and children, and 36 Jews and 027. ift. We fire 5 or 600 rounds a day.' Jewefles.

Toth. Ensign Stevens of the 39th killed by a Jaly 34. Three soldier's wives whipped shell. 22d. A heavy fire ; two of the 72d for buying ftolen goods. We disturb the deserted. 30th. A cutter taken coming in. enemny by ng into their camp while they 31. Anson cutter and four small vesels are at dinner, as they do us when in our from Portugal with sheep, poultry and fruit. beds.

All the fruit and onions bought by the Go21h. This morning we discovered a brig vernor for the hospitals. Those in the fourin the Gut, standing for the Bay, with light vy perfectly cured in four days by eating lebreezes at weft; The had two or three oars to leeward, as if to prevent her dropping to lee- Nov. 4th. Lieutenant Frazer of the 73d ward. Signals were made at the towers of loft a leg. The enemy has raised a new batan enemy. The gun-boats on this fallied out tery to annoy the ships at the New Mole. from Algefiras, and made towards her; when 13th. Phænix ordnance cutter from England, they goi pretty near, she opened her larboard Brigadier General Rors passenger. A large ports and fired on them, they also fired round: cutter taken coming in. *16th. A fhell from and grape at her. A xebeck then got under St. Carlos fell near Picardo Vineyard, disa way and food for her. One or two gun- tanre 4000 yards. A boat from Portugal boats (or prames) were towed out to pro- with refreshments. Two Walloon deferters tect her, she being then within a league and came in. half of Europa. The xebeck was becalin- 27th. Yesterday morning, between five

1, and couhl not come up; however, after and fix o'clock, general orders were given for two hours close engagement with the gun- all the troops to repair to th-ir respective Gent. Mag. May, 1785.





quarters, and the wine houses to be immedi- cers, seamen and soldiers, on this glorious ately shut.

“occasion, surpasses my best acknowledge The twelfth and Hardenberg's regiments, “ments.” with all the companies of grenadiers ‘and Dec. 7th. An English cutter taken comlight infantry of the garrison, were ordered ing, in, also a small floop: 13th. Phenix to assemble on the Red Sands, at 12 o'clock and Unicorn cutters, failed with all our letat night, where they were joined by a de ters for England. 19th. Two ordnance tachinent of the royal artillery, another of transports in 20 days from England. 211. the artificer's company, and about one hun- Major General Rols failed for Portugal, in Qred and fifty seamen; the whole composing his way to England. a body of near two thousand men, under 2916. Baron Helmstadt, prisoner of war, the command of brigadier Ross; in order to who lost a leg when St. Carlos was stormed, make a sortie for deilroying the enemy's ad- died this morning, much regretted; he was vanced batteries. The men assembled with put into a coffin, covered with black cloth, the greatest cheerfulness imaginable; the ar- and decorated with elegant white furniture : tificers being provided with materials for the corpse, dressed in full uniform, accordburning and destroying the works. About ing to the custom of Spain, was conducted, two in the morning the whole body fallied with a company of grenadiers (the Goverthrough Landport, and patied by Bayside nor and other principal officers marched in and Forbeses, towards St. Carlos. The Spa- folemn procession, and a band of music playnish patroles at the gardens immediately, on ing a dirge), to the water side at New Mole, discovering our men, fired their pieces, and and there put into a boat-three vollies fired

filed towards the lines. We took no notice over the corpse at putting off: the corpse of them, puhed on and stormed St. Carlos, was then conducted under a flag of truce to as well as the other new batteries. An offi. the bottom of the Bay, where a Spanish boat cer and several Spanish soldiers were put to came to receive it. the sword there; one artillery officer taken, 1782, Jan. 416. The St. Philip's Cafe who was compelled to produce the keys of tle, a small armed fhip, from Mahon, with the powder magazines. We then spiked ten twenty-two Spanish prisoners ; The failed to mortars and eighteen pieces of cannon, which the eastward on the roth. On the 13th, two the enemy had mounted there: this done, ordnance transports failed for England. The we fet fire to the whole work, which burnt 16th, two cutters appeared from the weftmolt furiously, and the magazines blew up. ward, but the enemy following them very Our troops then returned, in perfect order, close, they pushed to the eastward. The to the garrison, with the smali lofs of five 17th. Antonio Juanico, a Minorcan, who men killed, and twenty-one wounded. We came from Faro with supplies, convicted as brought in prisoners, one sub-lieutenant of a spy, and ordered for execution on the 4th the Walloon guards (Baron Helmstadt) one of February; he was afterwards respited. sub-lieutenant of artillery, and ten men.- 23d. The enemy repairing their deftrored The whole business was executed within the batteries on the Isthmus. We set their farspace of an hour. The enemy was struck cine works in St. Carlos on fire two or thrce with such surprise, ai this unexpected coupo' times ; they soon put it out with baskets of de-main, that we suppose they deserted their fand. The 29th, the two cutters seen on batteries at the lines, as there was very little the 16th, worked into the Bay unperceiva fire from them during the transaction. This ed; they had ordnance stores on board: the work of the enemy, thus destroyed, has coft Tartar cutter also arrived from Lisbon, in 3 thein immense labour and expence, as it was days. most completely finished-it is supposed it Feb. 24th, The provisions, &c. by the must have stood them in fifteen millions of three cutters, fold as follow: dollars, or 2,500,000l. 2856. About three this morning the ene

£ 13 10

Port Wine, per doz. my, apprehending we were making another jortie, opened ali their batteries upon the

Hyfon Tea, per lb.

Ham, ditto Ilhmus, nowering abundar.ce of grape-shot

Corned beef, ditto and musketry; they beat to arms in the

Potatoes, ditto cainp, and were all in motion, they conti

Lemons, 14 dollars the hundred 2 8 nued their fire a long time, till a shell was fired from one of our upper batteries upon Before these arrivals, Hyson sold at teta St. Carlos, which convinced the enemy we and twelve dollars a lb.- The Joth., had no troops there, on which they cealed Three small veflets from Portugal, with fruits firing:

and necessaries. 15th. The Young Sabine, The governor's thanks to the troops yef- from England, with provisions ; and next tonday, were as foilow:

day, the Eliza with the same. “ The bravery and conduct of the offi


A sheep; ,

1 15



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I 6

17:5. Farly this morning repeated alarm arrived at Algesiras. When the wind shifts fignals were made at the Spanish towers, to the east, the vessels stationed at Cabrita with firing of guns; soon after, a cutter ap- are obliged to evacuate that post, and return peared from the west, standing for the Bay, to Algesiras, or go to sea to cruise, during wind fresh N. W. A small xebeck was im- the eaiterly wind; the gun-boats are allo omediately dispatched to Cabrita, to intercept bliged to go into the river, on account of the her; three gun-boats and a frigate foon fwell that runs along the Spanish side of the followed. When the cutter got off Cabrita, Bay. 2 fhot was fired at her from thence; the 22d. Our windmill took fire by its over then hoisted English colours and a pendant; quick motion, and burned to the ground. several thot were fired from the same battery, 24th. The Vernon ordnance storeship arrivbut they all fell short--the cutter did not al- ed with our gun-boats and stores. We have ter her course. The xebeck foon after bore beeņ wishing much for her arrival these three down right upon her; when she got within weeks paft. She was escorted to lat. 36 by half musket-thot, the cutter let fly a broad. the Success frigate, which, falling in with fide at the enemy, which threw her into the the Sta. Catalina, a Spanish frigate, engagutmost confusion; hauled her wind, and ed and took her, and then returned to Engdropt close aftern of the cutter, after mak- land, leaving the Vernon to make the best ing a very faint return of fire: the cutter of her way here alone, The Apollo and shot a. head, the frigate and gun-boats then Cerberus frigates, with four transports, havftood across to cut her off, but the cutter ing the ninety-seventh regiment on board, played grape upon the latter, and sent her as a reinforcement to the garrison, were misround shot up to the frigate to windward, taken for enemies by the Success, which dethen stood between the enemy and Europa, termined Capt. Pole to set fire to the Sta. having received two broadsides from the fri- Catalina : the off cers and crew were sent to gate, and three round from the gun-boats, the Orange Grove, in a cartel, the day fol. It was a pretty fight, and must have afford- lowing, having been put on board the Vered even the enemy surprise and pleasure, from non at sea, the able maneuvres of the cutter, which 318. A mell fet fire to the enemy's nearest proves to be the Flying Fith, Capt. Anthony, approach, burnt rapidly fome hours, kept 4 with ordnance stores, only 'eight days from very heavy fire on them while employed in England. The frigate and gun-boats were extinguishing it. wafted within long-gun shot of Europa, and

April 101h.

Lieutenant Whetham, of fome well-directed înot fired at them from the 12th, killed by a shell at Landport the batteries.

Guard. 2oth. The Antigallican in eight 1866. The Governor, Captain Sheldon, days from Falmouth, brings an account of from Cork, with provisions, ran on fore a total change of ministry. 24th. We tried under Orange Baticry, - faved the cargo,-- one of our new gun-boats this forenoon; 20:h. A Tartan from Leghorn, with wine an 18 pounder was mounted on her afterand other articles. Four cutters failed for bow, on a sliding carriage; the first and England. 2,4. The Mercury, Capt. Her- fecond hot fired horizontaiiy, ricochet in ton, with wines and fruit, from Lithon, four time; the third shot, at utmost elecame safe to an anchor after half an hour's vation, did not ricochet, but went in a line warm fire from a Spanish frigate. A feu de jo;e from New Mole boom to the Saluting Batby the enemy for the taking of Minorca. tery, without the boat's being itrained in 28th. The St. Anne, ordnance fioreihip, the least.We promise ourselves great I ondon. The enemy of late not very at- things from these gun-boats, during the tentive to the blockade. 27th. The Indian summer. King, from Leghorn, with bricks, timber, May 8th. The Apollo and Cerberus friand liquors. Pretty brisk fire in the night. gates, 4 ftorchips, and 3 transports, failed

March 2d. Set fire to the enemy's new in the night. The Spaniards, next day, took battery on the west fide of the inhmus, the 3 transports. 9th. This afternoon arrivburning from five o'clock in the morning tili ed at Algesiras, from the west, a Spanish line night. A heavy fire on both fides. 4th. of battle thip, with cight large empty storeThe Flying Fish failed for England. sth. fhips. Their appearance is very shabby, their, A small veílel from Algiers with wine, rigging quite dry, and they seem to be poor&c. 1oth. Lieutenant Cuppage of the ar-. ly manned. tillery, wounded by a shell from the Rock 10th. A Portuguese bark, from Tetuan, Gun.

cleared out for. Cadiz, with thirty 'thousand 16th. The enemy having raised a very high oranges, and a few pipes of oil, 'Nipped in esaulment, near the east angle of the norther- here last night, and is come to an exceeding moit zarden; we have endeavoured, to very good market. The oranges may have coft little purpose, to set it on fire with carcasses. them, at moft, fixty cobs, and they will now Last night a xebeck, and to day.a frigate,

fell for about two thousand cobs,

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