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Sturgeor, liegt i 1860 ahli perkog, ne!

~, Loaf, 10,164c3 ar y 16; alias gdh. per ct de Hard Ware, value 26,434!: gd; vol 198 per sool 17.--Drei, 9.71b; 1791 per chi

do Muscovado, 160,082 C 2 qr 14 lb 13$ 3d

value Undrett, 1,745 C'YE 2 97; 23:0 1-5th per cwe do

132 iwo hundred and three per cwt do India Silks and Stuffs ; value rol ies per ditto Elined109: 1 per shouland

do While, -12 € 3 9rs a 41 per cent. ; ilus 4d Iron, 62,956 cwe i qr; los 6d per ton Fors, 2731 1 val. 101.105 per pool val. Brj.

15 oue-levenih per cuc

do Knives, No. 563,783 ; different rates cil's į foreign is!104 per rood val.

do Small Parcels, 2,2311 35 20 10 per cent on vakiej Mermits, 9,890 Noi; is 6d 9-tenths per piece
Pulizas, 989 end ; 1110 per end

and 5 per cent of that 10
do Pois, 358 No.; is 60 g-tenths, dirto

No. 2.015; 35 gd 2-5th per cafe
do i Guapowder, 298 c; 55 3d per cent

do | Razors, 20,212 No. ; 2sid one-fifth per Dicker Drinos Gialle, No. 14,704; is old :-:och per Goid and Silver Twist; 69 ounces; 8d and 5 per

, of jo


cent of lame per oz

do Scissars, 675 groce, 5 3-fourths dozens ; 45 200 Pials, No. 6,708; 15 3-5ch per hundred do | Inkle, Wrought, bib; 85 5d nearest per doz pds do

4-5ths ditto per gioce.

do Blac-Ware, val. 4,4071 19s id; vol 10s per 100l Unwrought, 28lb; 2s 60 h. per doz. pounds Scythes, 4,686 doz: ; 25 id i-fifth per doz.

do value

do nearelt

do Small Parcels ; 94.0241 $s jod --half; Tol 103 per pairs 1,036 ; 3; id 4-5th per dozen do Lacer, 1,659 gro. 9 doz; volios'per i pol value do

jool value

Griodítonas, chalders 17; 8; 3d if per chalder do Needlei, 303 6. h. doz. M.; moltly fc wing, ai 45 Iron Ore, 648 tuns; 104 6d per cun

almonds, est q lb 3 2; 93d 3.5th per cwt do

od neareft per 12 thousand

do Ivory, wrought, 548 pounds; 1$ 2-fiths per pound do Tunceds, coll qib 1917; 73 20 2-5ió per do do Pins, 337 10 doz. M. ; is 6d nearest, per 12 M

Lace, gold and silver, 63 pounds ; 457-fifrh ngarett, Cinna11100, 16 304; 11d per 1b nearest do Thimbles, No. 118,294 ; 6s &d per thousand do

per ounce

Cloves, lb 595; 15 34 per lb do

do Gold and Silver, 1,008 pds 6 02; 4$ 2d 2-Gifths per lb do Thread borte, 2,829 1-bali yds ; 45 2d wo-
Cocoa Nut, lb 8,120; 419-10h per lb
do Threads, Black, ib; 3-fth per Ib. Excise, and val.

fitimis per dozen yards

do Carballir, cwtq 152091; 125 40 4.515 per cwt do

in Cuttoms

do Lampblack, 4,128 pounds ; 8s 4d 4-fifths per cwt do S', Cwt q lb 2 1 21; 48 $d 1.5th per do do | Bruges, 521h; 48 $d three-fourth per dozen, pds Laccin, 14 CWt 3 qrs 7 lb; 7s 6d per cwt ncarett

do vinger, 6w1q 1b12! 321; if Britiba Plantation,


do Lead, Pigs, 4,687 cwe i gr 141b; 125 7d. 1.fifth 501iddi od 4 4-och on sool on 11 ratę do Outnal, 13,072 lb ; 3$ 4-chs nearest, per doz lb do

per lon

Hullul Barley, Wt qlb 10 i 21 ; 35.10 * 5th per st.. do Sisters, 1,817 lb ; Is 6d 1-half neareit, per lb do Red, 2,161 CWt 2 yrs 141b; 28 od per cwt
quorice, twiq 15 1711; 45 :d 2 f. per cwc da Whited Brown, 124 1b; 25 90 3f. per doz lb do

lice, lb 6:4; 24 34 2f per lb ocarelt
do Small Parcels, value 12 94511 3$ sod; tel jos per

Sheet, 1,644 cwt 1 qr 141b; IS 3-fifths per utmegs, lb 4,166 ; 7d zi per lb to

do 10.1 value do

Pupper, lb 81,336 ; 20 3.5ths per lb

Duty Hair, Goats, 8,176 lb; uis Tod per cwe nearest do Shot, 2,068 cwt 2 qr; 16 6d 9-tenths per cwt do
Fiinento, per lb. 40833l 100 per icol os 6d per

Horte, 4 cwt ; lb a 6s per cwt; 10s 1od

White, 2,008 cwt 141b; 3s iad.,-titih per cwt do do per 100l. value do Lead Ore, 1 yun, 8s 4d 4-fifths per tun

Raisins, 1,024C 2 grs 7lb 6 gi per cwt nearest do Hats, No. 3,777 ; 28 3-fths per piece

do Line, Lemon, and Orange Juice, 430 galloas free
Rice, 1,473 c I gr 21 lbz 29115 od per 100l or Hemp, Undred, 4,998 cwt i qr; IS 2d 7-teaths Linen-British, 10,374 yards
il 6 sd per cwt rate

per swt

do Buckrarn, 460 diuto

do affron, 4 lb; js ad per Ib. nearest

de Hempseed, 94 hhde 3-fourths ; .3d per bushel, and Callico-Stained, 2,177 ditto; if British, 181-4th uccada, 210 lb; 34 3f. per Ib nearest

si per cent. on'lame

do ditto, per yard

Duty uecas Liquorice, 2d i hals per lb do do Hops, 12,187 cwt z gos; 11 28 per cwt,

do White, 26 dit. , if dit. 85 -5th do. per yd do ugar, candy, 16 e 1 gr salb; et 16s 9d h. per cwt do Horses, No. 213; 3d cacb, and's per cent of fame do Linen Cambriok, 1,074 do

free Canvas,

$$$$$$ $ $ $ $9; ; ; ; ; ; :::






per shouland


per lb

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Canvas, 201,083 do

do | Oranges and Lemons, cwt qr No. 324; 100 38 Seeds, Clover, cwt q lb 1,595 27; IsnidhnearLinco coloured, 8,163 1-hlf. do; 101 1os per 1001

do eft, per cwt

do value Oil, Linteed, gallon, 602; 91 6d per lun

do Seeds, Garden, 31,95816; id 3-5ths nearly per lb do Damask-Napkening, 76 do 7d 3-5th per yard,

Sevil, gallons, 765; 4/85 2d 2-51hs per cun do Silk Manufacture, 17,296 lb 4 02; 75 10d i-halt
and 5 per cent, of lame Silesia

Sweet, gallons, 114; 61 125 3d 3.5ths per do. do

Tabling, 797 do ; Tod 4 54th per yard,

Train, gallons, 60,277 h ; if Brivih,

free Raw, 31696 lb 8 02 ;-many different rares and 5 per cent. of the same, and inore as Painting Stuffs, val. 3,3357125 58 k. Tos vod


Dyer, Thrown, 387 Ib 8 oz; 5s 3d per lb in brcadeh

do 1ool. value

do Undyed, ditto, 37023 16 8 oz; diferent rates,
Diaper-Napkening, 20 do ; Silesia 8d 1-101h per Paper, blue, ream“, 159; 15 3-5ths per ream do

generally is
yard and 5 per cent. of fame

do Brown, bundle , 224; 3d 4-5ths nearly per Skins, Buck-, .No. 4511; if America undreit, 271.
Tabling, 76 do; Silefia od per yard, and 3



15. 8d per 100l. at 2s 6d rate; if Britth
per cent, and more, a: in bicadih

do '
· Cap, reams, 562 ; 90 h. nearest per ream


Linen--French ell. ; about cod per ell
do Card, reams, 297 ; 7d 1-51h per do

Goat, No. 15; 8 2-5the per doz.
Kenting, 495,180 yards

free Painted, reim 981. halt; isod per do do Loth, No. 395; if British, vol 10s per rool
Lawn, 116,863 do

do Printing, do. 3,778; 3d 1.6th nearelt, per


do Muilin, 16,896 do; 4d1 5th per yard; if

do Calve, No. 183 a 65 8d each ; 8d 2-5ths per Briuth, 6d mure; and if foreign, is 6d

Prefing, kave, 65,996; 1sgd per cent leaves do
more per yard
Duty Writing, reams, 3,441 -half; icbios per

Sheep, No. 79 C 209; 5s 10d 1 half per
Ticken, do about 5$ 2d per yard, if Bri ish do

100! value


Linseed, 973 1 hif. hhds; 3d per bushel, and 5 Pusteboard., No. 25,714; 18 4d 4-5th- per thousand do Stal; No. 197 ; if British, 13 5ch per ikin,
fer cent, oi lame
do Pewter, cwt qr 1b 45 1; 8s 4d 4-5chs per cwt do

Linen, coiton, and Glk British mre. 113,0277125

Pictures, val. 1,4381 121 1:d; vol 1os per rocl val. do Turkey, No. 30, 1056per daz
91.41h value ; vol 10s per rood value

do Piech, barrels, 127; mall band, 4s 2d 2-5th per last do Slates, 3392 thousand i - hali; 15 3-51hs per thou.
Mark, No. on value,
do Places of Tin, barrs, 855 3-4ths; fingie, 6s 3d 3•

lund Maits, No. 2,321; if Ruffia, id 1-30 per mat,

fitch per barr.

do Snuff, 91 lb; 61.5th per ib.
do Po: Ashes, cwi qr 1b-5874 7,


Sap, 490 cwt 2 qr; 9:50 2 5ths per lb.
Flour, cwt qr lb 48, 094 2 21
Printing Leiters, cwt lb 43 3 21; 105 6d per cwt do

30 cWt; Nice
Dats, barrels 2,105 3:41hs a 75 64 per bll.

Quills, thousands, 7

I 3-ith. Excite and Cust. Spirits, Brandy, 1376 gallons; 35 84 4-51hs per
Wheat, bariels 268 i hali, different according to

on val.


gail. maiket price Quilts, No. 41; 45 2d 2-5ths per vie.ce.

do Geneva 3s 8d2-51hs per dien

do Millinery Ware, val. 4,685213 8dh ; 10l s os per Ribland Silk, lb oz 1,840 8; 105 6d per cwt


Rum, 944479 1-bal ; 25 100 4.5hs per rool val. Rlin, cwq lb 55 37; 51-tourth per ewt do

ditto Mill Stones, No. 4; 35 60 1-10th per piece do Sall, Poreign, butheks 1,978; 3d 4-5ths nearest, Starch, 20 ewt; 6s vod nearest per hundred

do Mum, barrels, 6s 3d 3-5 he per barrel do

do Staljona: y Ware, 559151 30 h. ; 101 10s per 100l Oakum, cwtq. No. 1,667 21; 55 38 per cwe do Rock, tun: 21,553 3-4ths; is 3.5ths per tun


Olive', gallons, 50 1-4ih; 3d per gallon, nearest do While, buth. 577,953; 30 4-5ths per bush. do Steel, 794 € 3 971b; 55 18 4 5th per cwt

Onion, barrel, 4d 1-5 h per barrel

do Salepetre, cwt lb 1,441 121; 4s 2d2-5 ths per cwt do Scockings, colloo, 21436 pair ; Tol jos per cool val. do Gent. Mag. April, 1785. Bb


Soap Ashe


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per bulhe


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per ct value


Stockings, Silk, 785 pair ; 45 2d 2-5ths per cwt. do

Silk and cotton, 146 pri rol jos per 100l value

Silk and Worsted, 210 pair ; do do do
Silk and Thread, 30 pair ;

do do do
Stockings, Thread, 60322 pair ; do do do

Woollen, 2215 pair ; 4d nearest per pair do

Werfted, 5923 pair ; 8d nearest per pair do
Sword Blades, No. 392 ; Is 3d per blade nearest do
Sword Cutlers Ware, 220175 id; jol 105 per rook

Syder, 246 cuns, 52 gallons and a half; 6s 9d 3-
5ths per cun

Tar, 692 barrels ; small band 35 2d nearest per bar. do
Tea, bohea, 1228290 lb; 4d per Ib and id


on each Ib. above 3s 60 price, also 2 aad
a half per cent. on both duties

Green, 564763 lb, and diico

Tobacco, 1074437 lb; 542 125 44 1-9d, per 100l

at is 8d rate, or sod 18-20th or 17-31ch
per lb wt

Tow, 571 030141b; 193-5ths per cwt
Toys, 117727 165 10d; 101 ios per cent value do
Twine, 20°C 2 971b; 35 50 per cwt

Tiles, No. 38972; 10. 4d nearest per thousand do
Tin, 353 cwt 3 qr; 4s 2d 3-5ths per cwt

Velvet, 881b. 12 oz; it is per lb vt

do Upholstry Ware, 5599! 173 and val. 10l jos per cwt or val.


Vinegar, ts h gs. 36 8-4th ; 61 isod par tun

Oars, No i cwt 209; 185 4d :-half per hun. Wallnuts, and others, 10 v.half barrels; is 6d


do nearest, per barrel

do Plank 1833' 123 id val.; 10l jos per ct val do Wax-Bees, 2940 lb. ss nearest, per cwt.

do Spars, 2 cwt 5 qr; 25 id 1-5th per hun. do
- Candles, 14 lb a 88 10 per ct; 10l 10s per

Timber, 1184 12 1, half tuns ft; 19 per tun do
cwt value

do Wainscot, No. 3113s 60 per hundred
Whalebone, 13 ct 14 gr; 3! 3d per cwt

do Wooden Ware, 14641 9s 7d 1-half val. 1 od 10s
Preoch, th gs 1915 3-4th ; 311 is per

tun, and 2 s-halt per cut of lame unfold do
Wool Beaver, 2402 lb.

Wine-Port és h gs 6 352 1. half, 201, 145 per tun

Colton, 2800 ct i qr 14 lb unfold

do Estridge, 8 cwt
Rhenish, ts h gs 21; 25/135 sod 18 2-3rds

Spanith, 86 cwt y or
per tun, aod 2 1-half per ct unfold do Wire, Brass, cwt q lb 2 14; rol 10s per cwt
Spanish, is h gs 15 2 52 1-half ; 25/145 per

tun untold

do Iron, cwt q lb 10 28 ; 55 3d per cwt

Balie, No. at different rates from 10135 8d.

Lattin, 15 19 019; is od per cwt and bad
to 6s 4d nearest

per lb wt

Barrel staves, No. 1230 cwt; is and 5 per ct

Steel, cwt q lb 3 1 21; 100 per Ib nearest

Cable, cwt q lb 26 31 rod hi per cwt
Canes, No. 17008; free (cane reeds)

do Yaro, Cotton lb 3340 ; 2d per lb wt nearest
Wood--Calks emply, No. 6318 ; 55 3d each


Linen, 8600 lbid if per lb nearest
Clapboards, No. ; 65 i-half nearest, per hun.

Mohair, 4472 h. Ib; 5s 3d per lb


Worsted, ib 845 half; 107 os per hundred
Claybolt, No. do


do Deals, No. 24 cwt 1 9 21b; 88 4d 4.5th Small Parcels, value 162351 125 3d 2f 10l 1 os per per hundred


cwt value Hoops 2429 1-half thousands ; id and s per ct of Laine per M

do (An Account of the Imporis into Ireland from America, Mafts, No. 4; according to fine


&c. ix cur nexl.)

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LA V INI A. the day before his death, the supposed fitua-

tion of his beloved Lavinia, and withal en

joined him, as he valued his memory, to WHI

ILL not the torch of love lock the secret safely in his breast, and, if

burn bright, unless 'tis dipt cruel necessity should call for it, - to be her in gall? (rejoined Anna ;) degrade not the friend. Philinthus, after his decease, redignity of such a paffia, with corroding newed a passion he had secretly entertained jealouly; that baneful compound of diftrud, for Lavinia, with this humiliating difference, enry, and relentment, each of which is foliciting her to the unhallowed: couch of sufficient to debafe the mind, but uniting adultery, instead of his bridal bed. To this their several poisons, must burn up every end he cruelly intimated to her, his knowfiner feeling of the foul, and, like a lamp in ledge of their illicit amour. Stung to the a fepulchre, irnperfectly difcover but the quick at the base proposal, the bade him defradow of the virtues, which had once ex- part; and, with the most towering superioiftence there."-"Charmiag maid (faid rity, upbraided him with treachery to his Albert) I will offend no more, thou hence departed friend. • Go (faid she) unworthy forth fhelt guide me; but proceed with poor of my Edward's confidence: go, barter with Lavinia.“Oh, Albert! may we never the servile wretch who will reward thee with love as these bave loved !" replied Anna, her licentious converse, and feast thy sensual " Where could be the danger of their mu- hours with unblushing wantonness.' Think tual attachment ?" added Albert, gazing hot, becaufe I am unfortunate, I know not with unutterable fordness at her. There to distinguish between the purity of Edward's never was a more destructive proof (faid fame, and the wild fallies of a brutal lust, Anna) of the perfidy of man, than in the I was his bride ! by every dearest tie, that pitiable lequel of Lavinia's fufferings. I told only union, by which the souls of lovers can you yesterday what matchless tenderness be joined, the bond of facred and inviolable was manifeft at their interviews : Lavinia, truth! Had he lived but gracious Heaat the usual hour of Edward's visit, had re- ven!' thy will has snatched him from me, tired to the garden, where she was foon yet left me his affection, which I will never joined by Edward. The preparation for yiolate ! you may spare me, Sír, your up. their nuptials formed an interesting, if not braidings, I am not the guilty wretch yoy the greater part of their conversation, and take me for-boat no more the participathey already fancied themselves in their set. tion of his spotless friendship-you are no tled habitation. Every thing smiled around friend of Edward's, who to gratify your palthem, the autumnal' evening, beautifully son, would plunge into eternal mifery, one, departing with a glowing sky.-" We have whose happiness it was to boaft her Ed. already strayed too far faid Lavinia) they ward's love, whose only crime was an unwill exped us within." "Edward, unwil. guarded tenderness, but whose privilege it ling too soon to be fettered by joining the hall be never to dishonour his memory company, prevailed on her to indulge him Philinthus, confounded at this unexpected longer with her charming conversation. She rebuke, endeavoured to fifle his resentment, fatally consented; I say fatally, for how and retired. The bitter effects were, howfall my heart sustain itself in the recital ? - ever, too visible to mistake the cause. ' Her Too fecure was the retirement at which they father being apprised of her dishonour, with had insensibly arrived-too soft were the án implacable fiat, forbid her ever to see moments that preceded desolation—too flat. him more ; and with a temporary fcanty tering the calm, unconscious of the approach- subsistence, launched this beauteous, once ing Iorm. By a combination of delusive beloved, of his happiest hours, into the reindulgencies, the found herself of innocence, morseless world, an helpless victim to Nang of character, of peace, at once bereft ; nor der, oppression, and famine. could the unhappy youth afford reparation The perjured wretch who caused this to her soul. The day appointed for their unnatural separation, with the most aggranuptials drew nigh, and though this furnish. vating insult, tendered her assistance, upon ed her in a degree with consolation, yet could conditions the most abject and humiliating, she not divest herself of a settled melancholy, to her exalted and generous mind, but which had alarmed her friends. The dread without success : through much severity of ful forebodings of the possibility of that day forrow, and accumulated anguilh, did the never arriving, almoft drove her to despair lovely Lavinia linger, till the dreadful hour - at length the dismal tidings of Edward's arrived, when the pledge of their unexamsudden and dangerous illness too much jufti- pled affection was to be born. Heaven in fied her prophetic fears, Edward died; and that hour decreed her final fuffering !-UnLavinia found the evidence of her fame was equal to the conflict, nature owned the not long to be concealed. Edward had, im- hand of Omnipotence, and obeyed! - She prudently, revealed to his friend Philinthus, and her infant spirit, together freed from


the perfidy and oppression of man, winged lady, entered the boat, and immediately their flight to those happy regions which her the balloon was left to itself; but, after two penitence had fought.

or three attempts, its power being found “ Philinthus, overcome with the restless inadequate to raise the annexed weight, the and agonizing reflections of the mischiefs lady, who was only an accidental paíTenger, his luft occafioned, had recourse to a pif- was obliged to leave the boat, which he did tol; and with fuicide, the refuge only of the with evident relu&tance. Ithen took in three defperate, concluded a life, crimfoned over facks of fand, weighing each twrive pounds, with crimes.'

but as the wind was violent, and it was ap“ Enoug!! Anna! (exclaimer Albert) prehended the balloon would not clear the enough of forrow, lovely maid! Our loves, houses, I threw cver board two of the facks, I trust, fall share a happier fate, and if to- in consequence of which the balloon, with morrow's dawn is not deftructive to my my intrepid companion, ascended very rahopes, our nuptials shall eliablith the purity pidly exactly at three quarters past three of our attachment.

o'clock, amidst the acclamations of an af. “ And though we prove not fo fevere a feinbled multitude of spectators of every destiny, yet will we think it no dishouour to rank. It went in the direction of S. W. by weep over their memory, and imitate their S. and fo rapidly, that in twenty minutes exemplary paflion."

time it was fo far removed as to be juft difAccount of Count Zambeccari and Admiral cernible in the sky, which was

very clear. Vernon's aerial Voyage.

The violence of the wind during the ON

N Wednesday the 23d, a very nume- filling the bailoon not only damaged the net

rous concourse of people alleinbled in in various parts, but likewise broke the glafs the vicinity of Tottenham-Court-Road, to at the lower part of the machine, through be witnesles of the ascension of Cointe Zam- which the string of the valve passed, in conbeccari and Sir Ed. Vernon in the balloon, sequence of which a piece of silk was hastily which has been exhibited for some time at adapted to stop that aperture ; in doing the Lyccura in the Strand. Notwithstand- which the string of the valve was left with. ing the proprietors had taken every precau- in the balloon, so that there was no method tion to keep the place of ascenlion a secret, left of opening the valve, and consequently there was not an avenue for a considerable of defcending at pleasure ; and as the baldiftance, but was crowded by twelve o'clock. toon had a great degree of levity, it ascendThe spectators seemed totally infenfible of ed continually till it had passed fár above the the cold; nor did the falling snow drive clouds. Here the fun Thone very bright, them all away. The principal part of them and the vivifying heat of its rays rendered continued to bid defiance to the weather till the air agreeably warm ; but, whilft we near four o'clock, when, the two hardy ad- were admiring the beauty of the sublime venturers took their aerial excursion. Juft prospect, three of the cords, which held the on the eve of their departure, a Miss Grice, boat, gave way, almost at the same time, of Holbourn, offered to acconipany the aero- which accident, added to the admiral's defre nauts, which' offer was accepted, and the of approaching nearer to the furface of the entered the car; but, notwithstanding they earth, determined me to use every poffible threw out a great quantity of ballaft, after means in defcend; and as it was out of my making three or four attempts, the heroine power to open the valve at the top of the was obliged to give up the pleasure of af- balloon, I thought proper to cut the filk cending, the balloon being incapable of tak- tubes, which immediately gave the necessary ing more than the two gentlemen ; on the exit to the inflammable air, as the balloon lady's quitting her seat, it ascended with was already much diftended; and, in order amazing velocity, and taking a fouth-weft to accelerate this evacuation, I threw overdirection, in a short time was out of figlit. board the remaining fack of fand, imagin.

Of the voyage we fubjoin Count Zain: ing that the balloon, being lightened, would beccarri's own hafty narrative, written im- afcend much higher; the inflammable air of mediately after his arrival in town the same course, rarefying itself farther and farther, evening.

would come out more easily; and after“ Count Zambeccari, being returned to wards, the least increase of cold would de town, deems it his duty to give the public termine the machine to descend. the following account of the various remark. The balloon went to high, that the clouds ahle particulars which were observed during appeared at a great distance below, and the his aerial excursion :- The balloon being quicklilver in the barometer fell to 20.8 about two-thirds filled with infiammable air, inches, whereas on earth it stood at about the boat was attached to it, and at 35 mi- 30.4 inches. In descending, we passed muutes after three o'clock, Admiral Sir Ed- through a dense cloud, which poured fnow Ward Vernon, Count Zambeccari, and a upon us, and felt very cold, At last we de:

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