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ther, who lived in the ncighbourhood of the sia, considering the presents of men sent him blivemaker, immediately acquainted him of from all parts of Europe. it, and they both, with the boy, went to the “ By orders from prince Menzikoff, I ser · governor, who, upon their information, sent out on the 25th of March from Petersburgh, for the magiftrates, and they proceeded al- to conduct the thirty grenadiers to Berlin ; Sogether to the Jesuits college ; upon going and as the roads were ftill good for travelinio the garden, the boy directed to the spot ling on the snow, we were furnithed with where he had seen the corpse buried : upon horses and sledges to Riga : we arrived at digging there they found the body of the Narva the 30th, and at Riga the 12th of poor woman with her throat cut, and all April, where I rested three days to refrelha her cloachs torn in pieces.--- -The the men. Here we saw twelve men broke fathers declared their ignorance and inno. alive upon the wheel; their crime was as cence of the whole matter, charging the foul follows : deed upon two of their society who had dif- “ A man who kept a tavern, or inn, appeared. This was all the redress the poor without one of the gates of the city, and had man could get for the loss of his wife, nos also a windmill on his ground, having dewithstanding the boy declared there were tected one of his, men servants in several eight of them at burying the body. The frauds, turned him away, and retained his fhoemaker, his neighbour, and his son, wages for some little indemnification : the thought it prudent to retire to Ho!land, fellow, at his going away, threatened his where they turned proteftants, to avoid the master he would make him repeat detaining merciless vengeance of these sacred fathers. his wages ; whereupon he went and associThis story was told me by several officers, ated bimself with eleven more as bad as himwho were at that time in garrison here." felf, Soon after this, they went to the house

This winter he received an invitation from in the middle of the night, and meeting one general Bruce his relation, to enter into the of the maid-fervants going for water, they service of the czar. This general Bruce was murdered her, and put her body under the grandfon to James who left Scotland with ice; they then entered the house and stables, the author's grandfather. He was the first and murdered three other women, and five officer who put the ordnance of Russia on a men- fervants; at last they entered the landserviceable footing. Our author accepted lord's apartments, and murdered his wife the offer, quitted the Prussian fervice with and three of his children before his face ; the rank of captain, and was appointed cap- the fourth, a boy of five years old, had hid tain of artillery and engineer in that of Rur. himself in the confusion, below a bed on. fia; and at the fame time his relation the ge- perceived; they then forced the landlord to neral, was made malter-general of the orde open all his chests and drawers, and carried

away what was portable and valuable out of The Ruffian army at this time was the house; they then tied the landlord neck 200,000 fcot, 100,000 cavalry, befides and heel to the foot of a large table, at which 150,000 Collacks and Tartars. His first they sat down and regaled themselves with campaign was the famous one on the Pruth, the best things the house afforded; here they where ihe Turks generously granted the concluded putting bay and straw in all the czar a peace, when they could have totally apartments, and then set the house on fire, destroyed him. After this he was sent to that the villain of a landlord, as they called Constantinople. On his return be served in him, might be burnt alive, and which would various parts of the empire, and on the fron- also confume the murdered bodies, and pre

vent any posibility of a discovery; and to Giants sent to the King of Prusia.--Horrid maid's body from under the ice, and laid it

make all sure, they brought the servant Murder at Riga.

down by her living master : after this well* In 1916, I was ordered to discipline laid plot, they let the house on fire, and fed thirty grenadiers, intended for a present to with their booty. The little boy, who was the king of Prosla ; they were collected bid under the bed, was forced from thence from different parts of the czar's dominions, by the smoke, and the father perceiving the and were from fix feet fix, to fix feet nine child called to him, and desired him to take inches liigh, wiihout thoes; they were taught a knife out of his pocket, and cut the cord the Prusian exercise, armed in their manner, from off his hands, which the child did : and clad in their uniform and caps : among the father being thus cleared, took his little the number, there was one Indian, who had fun in his arms, and made his way through attended the elephant, one Turk, iwo Per- the fames, and immediately retired into the fians, and three Tartars, and it might pro- covered way of the town, for fear of being bably be said with propriety, that nu prince discovered by any of the villains who might in the world had a guard composed of lo be ttill lurking near the place. The house many different nations as the king of Prur. and outhouses being all ip flames, the go



vernor ordered the gates to be opened, and comply, flattering himself to find frequent fent out a party of men to try to save what opportunities to converse with her ; bui, in they could from the fire ; but before they this he found himself mittaken, for Me Shuucould get to the place all was burnt o ned all occasions of ever being alone with the ground; so that the plot of those vil- him. This exasperated him so much, that lains was to well laid, that if it had not one evening, when he knew her husband to been owing to the miraculous preservation be from home, he forced his way into her of the child and his faiber, it might have re- bed-chamber, and desired to know why me mained a secret to this day. The landlord hunned his company. She very frankly discovered himself to the officer that was at told him, that the bad cohabited with him, abe head of the detachment, intreated that he not from luit, but with an intention to have might be privately carried to the governor, a child by him to inherit her husband's elto whom he discovered the whole of this tate ; and as she was now with child, the dreadful scene, and who gave orders to re. hoped he would not envy its being heir to a cure and examine all persons who should good eftate; and desired, therefore, b. would enter the town that morning í by which not be an inltrument in defaming her and caution the villains, apprehending them. ruining his own child; defiring hin to give felees secure from every posibility of disco. over any thoughts of enjoying her any more, very, as all evidence had perifhed in the fire, the being fully determined againlt it. After were, on their entering the town, every one this speech, the gave him a diamond ring, taken."

and a purse with fifty ducars and retired, Captain Bruce on his arrival at Berlin, was locking herself up in another room : upon presented with a purse of 200 ducats. His this be went away in a great passion, and in giants were all in good health and high ipi a fit of ill-humour, divulged the whole inrits, the king of Prussia received them, and trigue to some of his companions, who foon declared they were the best shaped and hand. spread it over the town, by which means the fomeft men of their fizes, he had ever seen, brother got notice of it, and commenced and was very much pleased with them. The the law-Tuit; but the husband acknowledge captain passed three months very agreeably ing the child to be bis, the luit was dropt in among his relations, from whom he had been course.” absent ten years.

In 1721, he had intelligence from Scotlo 1720 the captain gives an account of land, that a small eltare had devolved in A curious Law Suit.

him ihere, by the death of his grandfather's

brother, but he could not get leave to visit “ At my return to Revel, a comical law. that country. In 1722, he attended the czar fuit was commenced between my landlord in his Perlian expedition. In 1723 afier his and his brother, both merchants in the town; return, he was ordered back again to furvey ke cale was thus ; The two brothers had the coasts of the Caspian Sea, and to lay always lived at great variance with each o- down a chart of it. This surveying voyage tber; my landlord, who was very rich, was took up

fix months. In January 1724, he determined, in case he thould die, his bro- set out from Attracan for Moscow to deliver ther thould not succeed him ; he had been his report to the Emperor, and arrived at Married several years to a very handsome Surat of the 28th, 1000 werkts up the Wolwoman, without having any children by her; ga from Altiacan. When the captain and the blame whereof he attributed more to him his fellow travellers, 20 in number, all well felt than to his wife ; and being resolved armed, let out again, they saw a cluel robe that bis wife, at any rate should have a bery in the woods, of which the following child, to deprive his brother from being bis is an account. heir, he took a lieutenant into his houle as a lodger, a handsome young fellow, 10

Cruel Robbery in the Wocas. whom he gave all manner of opportunities

“ We left Saratof on the 2d of February. 40 converse with his wife, having before. and travelling fixty werfts, arrived in the hand concerted the matter with her, by which evening at a single' house in a wood; and means the foon proved to be with child : the next day, after a jouiney of lixiy-thiee then made the gentleman a present of a purse werfts, through one continued wood, we with a hundred ducats, defining him, at the came again to a fingle house, but when we same time, to seek out another lodging, as were within three werits of it, we saw seve. her husband was grown jealous and began to ral dedges before us attacked by robbers, suspect her, which made it absolutely necef- and carried off; we made all the halte we fary for him to remove, promising, that if could to go to their assistance, and before we ever he stood in need of her affiltance, he got up, the robbers had made off into the might depend upon her. The gentleman wood, with the hos fes and fledges loaded finding her very politive, not withstanding all with merchandize : we found nine men his seinonfranses, was, at last, obliged to stripped naked, and thirse soldiers who had

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been their escort, killed beside them. We in hutts in a thicket of the wood, not above took both the living and the dead with us three miles from the before mentioned house. to this houfe, where we found only a loy, This wood runs eat and west feveral hunand enquiring of him for the people of the dred wersts in length, and its narrowelt house, he said they were gone to a fair lixty breadın, where we crofled, is one hundred werfts off, and were not to come home that and fixty weilts, without any inbabitants." night. As we conceived ourselves in a very A Town discovered in the Woods, with an dangerous place, we barricaded the court.

Account of it. yard belonging to the house, and kept a veTy strict watch, placing a centry at each " I was here informed by the governor, corner ;; having our fire arms in readiness, that about fix months ago, a large village, we kept ourselves very quiet. One of our town, had been diseovered by iis own incompany, whose appointment it was to watch habitants, wlio fent a deputation to the E.. the inotions of the boy, observed hiin at peror for that purpose. This town lies two three o'clock in the morning, go to the back hundred miles west from Penfe, and at the door and open it, but being close behind fame distance from any other inhabited him, found the boy talking to a man with. place; it is fituated on the side of a lake in out, in a very low voice ; iwo others of our the middle of this great wood, and confifts company geling behind him, pulled the fel- of above two thousand families ; they gave low into the house, and fastened the door; the following account of themselves In the tripped trawellers no sooner saw him, the very troublesome times, after the death than they unanimously agreed that this fel. of czar Iwan Wasilewiiz, the tyrant, to the low was one of the gang who had robbed reign of czar Michael Feodorewitz (his prethem ; upon this we tied him neck and heels, fent Majeity's grandfather), a great number and upon our looking out at the back-door, of robbers' had affociated themselves and we discovered a number of men at a small committed great ravages over all the coundistance, upon the snow, waiting as we ima. try; their leader, or commander in chief, gined, for intelligence, but on our firing a . was a degraded colonel, and an experienced few mot among them, they retired into the officer : Their depredations were lo audaciwood. We then proceeded to examine the ous, that czar Michael Feodorewiiz found fellow we had taken, who said he was the it necessary to fend large detachments of the landlord of the house, and was well known military against them, but the robbers com). to be an honest man, and had no connection monly attacked those parties by surprize and with thieves or robbers, and threatened that defeated them. The czar on this offered a he would make us repent the injury we had very high reward for the heads of their leaddone him in his own house; but as all those ers, and a free pardon to all the rett. The who had been robbed averred that he was the chiefs being apprehensive that they lould chief of the gang, and had himself killed one one day or other be betrayed by their followof the soldiers, we determined to carry him ers, came to a resolution 10 make a general and all that were in the house, with us; and plunder, once for all; which they did, and accordingly set out.

carried off large quantities of corn, korses, “ On the 4th travelling fixty-four werts, catile, all foris of labouring utensils, and ali we came to Pense, a fortified town, with a the women they could meet with, and retir. strong garrison, where we delivered up our ed into these inacceflible woods, where they prisoner to the governor ; and the plundered letiled, cleared, and manured the ground, merchants, on their examination declared and lived ever tince, governed by their own that he was actually the ringleader of the laws, without ever after molesting, or hav. gang ; upon which the governor ordered him ing the finallest intercourse with any of their to be put to the torture, to make him con- remote neighbours." fels where the rest of his companions were

A Wild Girl Discovered. to be found ; but he was so obstinate, that he would not answer any of the questions « I was also informed that a wild girl, that were put to him. On which two of the about eighteen years of age, had been lately robbed merchants propofed to go in search of taken in the neighbourhood of this town. them, if the governor would send a sufficient A woman who lived here, alledged, she was force to take them, if found, alledging they her child, saying that about eighteen years might be easily traced by the track they had ago, the was going though the wood to see made through the snow, in going into the a lick fifter of ber's: being then big with wood: the governor readily consented, and child, Me was seized with her labour.pains, ordered fifty dragoons, and as many Cora and was delivered ; and as lhe was then in Jacks, 10 mount and attend them. The next extreme agony, she did not perceive by what day in the evening, they returned with twen- means her child was conveyed from her; but ty-three robbers, and the fledges and horses hearing the common report that a wild girl belonging to the merchants; they were found was frequently seen in the wood, he always


said it could be no other than the child the pal loading confifted in pistoles, a few chelts had loft.

of dollars, and a great deal of wrought gold " Many attempts had been made to carch and filetr; the quantity was to greas, that der, but to no pui pole, the being fo ninible. the thares were delivered by weight, to fave fouted that none could overtake her. When the trouble of counting it; fo chai pittoles the Emperor heard of it, he lent orders to were now seen in Charlettown in greater the governor to raise the people of the coun. plenty than the dollars had been in Provius and fus round that part of the wood dence, which could not but be very morti. where she bad been observed to frequent, and fying to governor Tinker, who was thereby fue up their nets with which they used to deprived of the profits accruing from her conczech the deer, and in this manner Mhe was demnation confidering captam Frankland was taken without receiving any hurt; the girl stationed there ; but he met with this mortiwas immediately sent to Moscow, under ihe fication in general, as no privateer would care of her fupposed mother, where I after ever enter with their prizes into the harbour wards faw her. She was of a (warthy com- of Providence afie the leatment that Sibplexion, and I was told was much over. bald and Duwall had met with. Aller all grown with hair ; lhe was very shy of being the cargo was taken out of this prize, and seen, and always fining in a dark corner, the vessel was to be put up to fale, ine French trembling with fear when any body ap. capiain cold captain Frankland, that if he proached her, It was generally supposed would engage 10 reward him hardiemely he lhe had been fuckled by a bear, but how she would ditcover a hidden treature to him, fubfifted all the time afterwards, mut se. which no one knew of but himle'f. Capiain Dain a secret till the learns to speak and gives Frankland engaged to reward him very genethe account herself."

roully, and he did discover thirty thousand Thai fame year he continued earnestly to pistoles in a place, where no one could have folicit his discharge, which was férempiori. Thought of finding any thing. The Frencha ly refuled bim, and a regiment offered him, captain afterwards told governor G'en, that utich he declined accepting. The duke of captain Frankland's gener diy connitted onHelllein folicited for him without effect; ly' in one thousand pistoles; a poor rebut the Emperor gave him a furlough 10 go ward, he said, for lo çrcat a Cricovery:and see his friends, and ferile his aftairs. - Captain Frankland made anether very acciHowever, the war office obliged him to sign dental discovery: he had taken into his own an obligation to return in a twelve-month. service a brisk' litrie French boy, who bad He leti Moscow the 201h of May, arrived belonged to the French captain, who, have at Riga the 17th of June, and on the 301h ing a walking dick of no value, one of the failed for Montrole in Scotland. After failors had taken it from him : the boy latouching at different places in Sweden and mented his loss so much, that captain Frank, Denmark, and after a voyage of go days, he land ordered search to be made for it, to reJanded at Aberdeen, and next morning lec turn it to the boy : the tick was brought to out for Fife, where he had the plealure to the captain, who feeing it of no value, alkfind his mother, brother, and litter, well at ed the boy, how he could make so much ada Coupar on the 2016 of August, after an ab. about such a tritie. The boy replied brillfence of 20 years.

He got poffeffion of the ly, he could not walk like a gemilenian, and small eltare left him by his grand uncle, set- how his airs without a fick in his hand; tled on it, torned fai mer and married. Six. , upon the captain's going to return him the teen years after, when the Spanish war broke' ftick, he gave him a cap on the houlder with ovi, he was appointed an engineer in chief it, and finding something radile in the inside at 20$. a day, and sent to fortify Providence, of it, withdrew to a room ty himself, and one of ihe Bahama's. His family, which taking off the head of in, lie found jewels (acwas now pretty numerous, was his induce. cording to the French captain's repuri) worth anent to launch into the world again, He wenty thousand piltoles; who had given left Scotland the 8th of August 1940, and the stick to the boy when he surrendered, in afier bis arwal at Providence, remained there hopes of saving it, as no boily would take until the 5th of January, 1745, on which day notice of such a trifle in a boy's hand. Upon he failed for Charleltown in South Carolina. the whole, he was a confiderable prize to While there, Captain Frankland, now Ad. captain Frankland." miral Sir Thomas Frankland, brought in bis The 27th of July 1745, he arrived at Do. rich prize the Conception. The following ver, and was sent into the north of England, is Captain Bruce's accoupt.

to join marthal Wade; after which he was Captain Frankland, nori Admiral Sir frantition from a hor to a cold climate and a

employed in fortifying Berwick. The quick Tbomas Frankland.

winter campaign, entirely ruined his health, “ Captain Thomas Frankland brought in being attacked at the same time with a ruphere a very rich French prize, whose princi- cure and an astma, he retired to his house


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in the country, where he died in the year be restored to the Nabob, on the terms pre3757. His memoirs were published in 1982, fcribed by Mr. Hastings. They have apfor the benefit of his widow, and we can proved of the Court of Directors sending to Truly lay, we never read a work to full of Mr. Hattings, and the supreme council the information and entertainment.

thanks of ihe general court of proprietors, INDIA A F F A 1 R S.

which passed last November, and topped in

so extraordinary manner by Lord North, Board of Controu!. Court of Direktors. 'just as Mr. Fox was bringing in this bill of

Nabob of Arcot. Rajab of Tanjore. rapine and injustice. The new board speaks Mr. Hasiings. Resolves of Court of Din the sentiments of the public, after full and rektors. Givil and Military Servants in mature examination, when they say in the Bengal.

letter, approving of the resolution being sent niltration, cannot avoid expreffing his

to prevent your notifying to the Gover. artunishment at their ditregard of the flagrant " nor General, and other members of the fallehoods, which are in hourly circulation, “ fupreme council, she jus lente, which in order to discredit their measures. They " the court of proprietors have exprefled, every day hear Mr. Pitt's taxes called op- " of the great and meritorious exertions of preflive, but they do not remind the pobolic, “thofe gevnemen, during the continuance, ehat Mr. Fox long ago toid Lord North, " and in the conclusion of the lare war.” what would be the consequence of the Ame How different are there sentiments from the rican war, that it would bring us to the end opinion of a majoriry of the late Houle of of taxation, and that according to one of his Commons, who acquiesced in abule heapBate deciarations, every efficient tax must be ed upon the proprietors, for coming to the telt. Again, whether the new window tax resolution, which is now jully approved ot? ss a wise one or not, all parties agreed, that The new board have also approved of the the high duries upon tea operated as an en. following refolutions, which the Court of couragement to finugglers, and that it was Directors came to, unanimonlly, on the absolutely neceffary to reduce them. But of 28th of October. all the misrepresentations that have been As peace and tranquillity are now perfectly made, none are more unfounded, than those, eltablished throughout India, and this which late, that there have been violent Court being sensible, that this event has difpues beiween the new Board of Con- been principally owing to the very able and troul and the Court of Directors. It is fpirited exertions of our Governor Genetue, there has been a difference of opinion ral and oor Supreme Council, between them, upon a lubject, on which RESOLVED unanimoully, That the men could never agree, and in which, if an thanks of this court be conveyed to Warren angel were to descend from heaven, he could Hastings, Efq; for his firm, unwearied, and not decide so, as to satisfy all parties.- fuccessful endeavours, in procuring the late While the Nabob of Arcot, and the Raja peace with the leveral powers in India. of Tanjore employ men as their agents or Resolved unanimoudly, That the thanks sminitlers, both here and in India, which is of this court be conveyed to the supreme now the case, we Mall hear on each lide of council, for the assistance they have given, injustice and violated rights. The Board of in procuring the late peace with the powers Controul have entertained different lenti in India. ments, refpe&ting the Nabob and the Raja, Relolved unanimously, That our Goverfrom the Directors. They inveligated the nor General and Council be directed to in. fubje&t with great attention, and their desio form Mr. David Anderson, that this court fion by law is final--fo that, after having re. entertain a proper sense of his matterly ceived, and replied to the representation of conduct, in negociating with the Mahratta the Directors, the subject of difference is at powers, and that they all rank him among an end. The new board have also differed those, who may have a clajin to their fain fome degree from the Directors, as to the vour. mode adopied of paying the Nabob's debrs Resolved unanimously, That the thanks of to individuals. But in other important this court be given to the Right Hon. Lord points, which will restore confidence to our Macarıney, tor his zeal and activity in the governments in India, they have cordially Company's service, and for his affittance in agreed. They have written a conciliatory procuring the late peace in India. Jeiter to the Nabob of the Carnatic; they The Directors had further resolved, that have subltantially adopted the sentiments of Mr. Hastings should be requered to remain Mr. Hattings, by ordering the Carnatic to in India, for one year after the arrival N 0 T E.

of his successor in India, at the end of * Lord Sydney Secretary of State, Mr. which, he was ordered to quit, and that he Pitt, Chancellor Exchequer, Mr. Dundas, should proceed immediately to make i. Lord Wallingham, Mr. Wm. W. Grenville, trenchmenis in every department.

This re. folution

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