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down behind. Both men and women wear attending his children. Wurmb fays, me car-rings on one fide, confifting of thells, was a pattern of virtue, which contradies stones, berries, or small pearls; but they soon the report, that fhe had been a common wogave the preference to the beads, brought by man in Livonia. In 1701 in the 13th year the Endeavour's company. The boys and of her age, others fay in the 18th, the egirls go quite naked; the first till they are spoused a Swedish dragoon, who was with Seren or eight years old ; the latter till they her a few days at most. When Bauer :he are about five. Their houses, which have Russian general took Marienborgh he was been described already, they feldom wfe but smitten with her youth and beauty, and took to ljeep in, or lo ayoid the rain, as they eat her to superintend his house. She was fupin the open air, under the made of a tree. posed to be his miftress. Soon after Prince Their cloaths serye them at night for a co- Menzikof was Itruck with her attractions; vering, and there are no divisons or apart. he took her into his family, and the lived ments. The master and his wife repose in with him until 1704. In her 17th year the the middle, then the married people; next became mistress of Peter the Great; he first to these the unmarried semales, and at a saw her as the was carrying fome dishes small diftance the men who are unmarried; through Menzikof's hall; and at the close and ebe servants fleep in the open air in fair of the entertainment when he and the comweather. The boules of the chiefs, howe. pany were intoxicated, the was recommendyer, differ in some degree; there are some ed io him; and won so much upon his af. very small, and so built as to be carried in fections, that he espoused ber May 29th canoes; all-fides of them are inclosed with 1711, at Jawerof in Poland, in prelence of the leaves of the cocoa-nut; the air never. General Bruce, and on the 20th of February theless penetrates : in these the chief and his 1712, the marriage was publicly solemnized wife alone deep. There are also houses which with great pomp at Petersburgh. are general receptacles for the inhabitants • Her influence continued undiminished of a diftriet. These are much larger, many upril a Mort time before the death of that being more than 200 feet in lengih, 40 in Emperor, when some circumstances happen. breadth, and 70 or 80 feet high. They are ed which occasioned such a coolness between conarušted at the common expence, and them, as would probably have ended in a have an area on one fide, surrounded with total rupture if his death had not fortunatelow palisadoes : but like the others have no ly intervened. The original cause of this walls.

misunderlianding arose from the following “When a chief kills a hog, which is but discovery of a secret connection between Cafeldom, be divides it equally among his val- sharioc and her first chamberlain, whole fals; dogs and fowls are more common,- name was Mons. The Emperor, who was When the bread-fruit is not in season, they suspicious of this connection, quitted Peterfare supplied by cocoa-nuts, bananas, plan- burgh under pretence of removing to a villa tains, &c. Their cookery conlits chiefly of for a few days, but privately returned to baking, the manner of doing which has been bis winter palace in the capital. From thence already described. They bake their bread. he occasionally fent one of his confidential fruit in the same way, which renders it pages with a complimentary message to the something like a mealy potatoe ; of this fruit Empress, as if he had been in the country, three dishes are made, by beating it to a paste, and with secret orders to observe her moti, and mixing it with bananas, plantains, or ons. From the page's information the Em. Jour pale, which the natives nominate ma. peror, on the third night furprized Cathapie."

rine in an arbour of the garden with her fa(To be continued.)

vourite Mons; while his fifter Madame Carbarine If. Empress of Rusia and Wife of ber to the Empress, was, in company with

Balke, who was first lady of the bed-chamPeter tbe Great. (From Coxe.)

a page, upon the watch without the arbour. ATHARINE was the natural daugh- Peter *, whose violent teinper was inham

ter of a country girl, and was born ed by this discovery, ftruck Catharine with at Ringin a finall village near Dorpe in Li. his cane, as well as the page who endeavourvodia. According to her own account the

N o 'T E. was born April sth 1689. Count Rozin, a * Bassevitz and Voltaire relate this tran. Swedish lieutenant-colonel, owned the vil- faction in a different manner, but neither of lage, and according to the custom of the them would represent any circumstance tend. country, supported both the mother and the ing in the least to criminate Catharine. The child. When three years old, The loft her Auftrian envoy, from whom the above relamother, and allo Count Rozen, on which tion is chiefly extracted, says, that he receive the parish clerk took her into his house.- ed information of the whole affair from the Soon after Gluck, the Lutheran minister of page sent by Peter, whose name was DreveMarienburgh took her, and employed her in pich. Busch. Hif, Mag. XI. p. 49.


ed to prevent him from entering the arbour, laft illness sufficiently account for his and then retired without urering a single without the necessity of recurring to poil word either to Mons or his hifter. A few days after ebis transaction, these persons were

Death of Alexey Petrovitch. taken into custody, and Mons was carried to the winter palace, where no one had admif. Great and Eudocia of Lapukin hon to him but Peter, who himself brought born in 1690. • Of all the accounts of his provisions. A report was at the same death, that given by Busching seems to wme circulated, that they were impriloned tive most probable and authentic. This for having received bribes, and making their thor positively asserts, that he was behea influence over the Einpress subservient to by order of his father, and that Mark their own mercenary views. Mons being Weyde was the person who performed examined by Peter, in the presence of ma- office of executioner. He received the int jor.general Usehakof, and threatened with ligence from a lady at Petersburgh, nam the torture, confessed the corruption which Cramer, who was in high confidence bo was laid to his charge. He was beheaded ; with Peter and Catharine, and who was en his fifter received five strokes of the knout, ployed in fewing the Prince's head to his b and was banished into Siberia ; two of her dy previous to its lying in fate. During m fons, who were chamberlains, were also de- ftay at Petersburgh, I was at some pains graded and sent as common soldiers among authenticate this fact, but I found it ex the Russian troops in Perfia. On the day tremely difficult to obtain any pofitive info: fubsequent to the execution of the sentence, mation upon so secret a transaction. Th Peter conveyed Catharine in an open carriage molt material circumstances I could collect under the gallows, to which was nailed the were communicated to me by an intimat head of Mons: tie Empress, without chang- acquaintance of the abovementioned lady ing colour at this dreadful light, exclaimed, be assured me, that he had frequently at" What a pity it is, that there is so much tempted to converse with her upon the death * corruption among courtiers ! *"

of Alexey,but had always found her extremeThis event happened in the latter end of ly averfe to hold any discourse upon the subthe year 1724, and as it was foon followed jeet; she seemed exceedingly thocked when. by Peter's death, and as Catharine, upon her ever this topick was introduced ; and noaccession, recalled Madame Balke, it has thing could be further extorted from her, been suspected that she hortened the days of than that he was the person who prepared ber husband by poison. But, notwithland. the body for the ceremony of its lying in ing the critical fituation for Catharine in state. This unwillingness of the lady to enwhich he died, and her subsequent elevati. ter upon the subject, together with her de. sion, yet this charge is totally destitute of claration that the prepared the body, seems the least thadow of proof; for the circum- to add a great degree of confirmation to the Aances of Peter's disorders were too well account of Busching; and it is not improknown, and the peculiar symptoms t of his bable, from the confidential intercourse which N O

E S. fubfifted between them, that the might, on * Baffevitz himself mentions the anecdote some particular occasion, have disclosed to of his driving her under the gallows, which him a itate-secret of such moment, which ex. feems to imply that Peter certainly thought cepting in this single intance, the invariably Catharine guilty of an intrigue with Mons. concealed.'

Baffevitz in Busc. Hift. Mag. IX. p. Allo Prince Cantemir's confidential Secre$72.

tary, declared that Alexey was beheaded in +" Peter, says the Austrian envoy, had prison, this authority must have great weight, formerly contracted from one of his miftref.


T E. les a complaint, which on account of his ex. foon ended in his death. Upon his deathceffes was never completely eradicated; and, bed he grievously repented of his fins, conspon his drinking, at the ridiculous eletion fessed that he had shed much innocent blood, of the mock patriarch *, an enormous quan. expressed the greatest concern for his behality of wine, beer, mead and brandy, it in- viour to his unfortunate fon, adding, how. creased to such a degree as to become incura. ever, that he hoped God would forgive his ble; but as there appeared no external symp. Sins in consideration of the good he had contoms of the complaint, the phyficíans con. ferred on his country," Buss. Hist. Mag. ceived the disorder !o be the fione, and treat- XI. p. 496. ed it accordingly. By thefe means the virus Gordon says “ he caught cold, which, at tength gradually gained such an height as with a violent ftranguary and retention of to form an abscess in the bladder, which, in urine, occafioned by an imposthume in his bis laft illness, brought on a stranguary, that bladder, put an end to his life on the 28th N O T E.

of January, 1725." * See anaccount of this in Bruce's Me,



as Prince Cantemir was high in favour with fort to the church of the Holy Trinity, Peter.

where the corpse lay in fate till the with in Many Germans have adopted this opinion the evening, when it was carried back to without reserve, and in several genealogical the fort, and deposited in she royal burying tables, Alexey is pur down as beheaded. A vault, next the coffin of the Princess his late patlage bowever in Bruce's Memoirs seems confort; on which acco:fion the czar and at firit Gght to prove that he was poisoned. czarina, and the chief of the nobility, folThis paliage is too curious not to be intro. lowed in procession. Various were she re. duced to the reader.

ports that were spread concerning his death u The trial • was begun the z5th of it was given oni publicly, that on hearing June, and continued to the 6th of July, his sentence of death pronounced, the dread when this supreme court, with unanimous thereof threw him into an apople&tic fit, of confent, paffed fentence of death opon the which he died; very few believed be died a Prince, but left the manner of it to his Ma. natural death, but it was dangerous for people jefty's determinacion : the Prince was brought to speak as they bought. The minitters of before the court, his sentence was read to the Emperor, and the itares of Holland, were him, and he was reconveyed to ihe fortress. forbid the court for speaking their mind tos On the next day, his Majesty, attended by freely on this occasion, and upon complains all the fenators and bishops, with several o. against them, were both recalled." thers of high rank, went to the fort, and en- It is not to be fuppofed that Peter would tered the apartments where the tzarovitch order a dose of poifon at a chymift's thop, was kept prisoner. Some little time there and that Marthal Weyde would fend openafter, Marihal Weyde came out, and order. ly for it. The medicine was most probably ed me to go to Mr. Bear's the dryggil, Similar to those which had been already prewhose shop was hard by, and tell him to seribed, the Prince having been extremely make the potion Arong which he had bespoke, indisposed. The fright of the chymist míghe as the prince was then very ill : when I de proceed from his delivering a medicine for livered this message to Mr. Bear, he turned ihe Tearovitch, who was said to be in the quite pale, and fell a fhaking and trembling, agonies of death, as under fuch a Sovereign and appeared in the utmost confusion; which, as Peter his own fafety might be involved in fürprized me fo much, that I asked him the event. The agitation of Marshal Weyde what was the matter with him, but he was will be ftill more fatisfactorily accounted for, unable to return me any answer ; in the mean if, according to Busching, he was preparing time, the Marshal himself came in, much to perform, or had already perforined, the in the same condition with the druggift, say. execution. If Busching's account can be reing, he ought to have been more expeditie lied on, he must have been already beheadous, as the prince was very ill of an apo ed, as Marshal Weyde, according to Bruce, pleátic fit ; upon this the druggift delivered had finally quitted the fortress. As to the him a filver cup with a cover, which the physicians' they might be ordered to attend, Marshal himself carried into the Prince's a. and yet not see the Prince; Marshal Weyde partinent, ftaggering all the way as be went might have returned fecretly without the like one drunk About half an hour after, knowledge of Bruce. Even Bruce himself, the czar with all his attendants, withdrew, being the intimate friend of Marthal Weyde, with very dismal countenances; and, when might have been in the secret, but unwill. they went, the Marshal ordered me to attend ing to record in his memoirs so horrid a caat the Prince's apartment, and, in case of tatrophe, which was totally repugnant to any alteration, to inform him immediately the manifesto of the Emperor ; and, indeed thereof. There were at that time, two phy- it plainly appears from his narrative, that he ficians and the fugeons in waiting, with knew more than he chose to discover. When whom, and the officer on guard, 1 dined on the secret execution of the heir apparent of a what had been dressed for the Prince's din- despotic empire becomes the subject of ene ner. The physicians were called in im- quiry, it must always be difficult to ascertain mediately after' to attend the Prince, who the truth. Even in the most common ocwas struggling out of one convulsion into ac currences no two persons relate the same e. nother, and, after great agonies, expired at vent precisely in the same manner. kve o'clock in the afternoon. I went di... Catharine was not free from suspicion in reatly to inform the Marshal, and he went this horrid affair, but Peter himself excula that moment to acquaint bis Majesty, who pated her openly, testifying that the interced. ordered the corpse to be embowelled, aftered for his son's life. There was no occasion which it was laid in a coffin, covered with to irritate the favage temper of Peter, tao black velvet, and a pall of rich gold tissue much inclined to indi&t the fevereft punish. spread over it ; it was then carried out of the, ment upon his son, who threatened to overN O

turn all his plans of reformation, and to * Bruce's Memoirs p. 185.-187. destroy in a moment, that val fabric of




glory and power, which he had employed considerable time in the dark, they at length. many years in ere&ting. The monarch who perceived a light at a little distance, and upcould attend the infliction of torture, who on their getting up to it, they found themhad occasionally performed the office of exe-' felves at the miserable hut of a poor tarcutioner, who had ordered the first partner burner, who lived a great way in the wood. of his bed to be scourged, would not re- Being informed by the poor inhabitant that quire any incitement to command the exe- they were a long way from any town, vilcution of that fon, whom he had publicly lage, or other habitation, the prince, who treated with the most inhuman ferocity. by this time was both tired and hungry, ask. Many of Alexey's unfortunate adherents ed him what he had got to eat; upon which were also executed.

the poor man produced a loaf of coarse black :: Memoirs of Peter Henry Bruce, Esq.

bread and a piece of cheese, of which the

elector are very heartily, and finished his (This is the Bruce quoted in the preceding meal with a draught of water, declaring he article ; be begins with an account of had never eat any thing with so good an apbis family; there is something very re- petite before. He then engaired how large markable in the fortunes of his grand that wood was, and was told, that it borderfalber.)

ed on Mecklenburgh Strelitz, and that it HE following journal was original. grandfather observed, that it was a pity such "THy written in the German, my na

was of very great extent. Upon this my tive language; but as I have lately enjoyed if his Highness would give him a grant of it,

a large tract of land Moula lie useless, and, the leisure of a country retirement, I have, he would undertake to build a village in the in this year 1955, translated it into English iniddle of it, and

another upon the spot where (10. me a foreign tongue), for the entertainment of my friends, and the information and soon after confirmed his grant by an

they then were. To this the elector agreed, of my family, that they migbe know their connections in Germany, and the particulars ed ihereto; and my grandfather, according

ample charter, with great privileges annexof a life spent in war for a series of years in different parts of the globe.---To begin middle of the wood, which he called Bru.

to his engagement, built a village in the then,

“ James Bruce and John Bruce, cousins cenwold (or Bruce Wood); and, another at and descendants of the family of Airth, in the far-burner's hut, which he called Jetzthe county of Stirling, (a branch of the faa kendorf, its ancient name ; for a village of mily of Clackmannan) in Scotland, formed that name had formerly stood there, part

The Cromwell, to leave their native country, in when he was awaked by the noise of his oa resolution, during the troubles of Oliver of the ruins being then fill visible.

elector flept upon fome Atraw till day-break, order to push their fortunes abroad; and, as there were some ships in the port of Leith him all night ;'and, on their arrival he de

ther attendants, who had been in search of ready to sail for the Baltic, they agreed to go together to that part of the world : but as . párted for Berlin. there happened to be two of ihese ship-mal

“ My grandfather married at Berlin a la. ters of the lame name, by an odd miitake dy of fortune, of the family of Arensdorf, the cousins embarked in different vessels, the

and got with her several estates in land, of one toond to Prussia, the other to Rullia, by considerable value. He had by her two sons which accident' they never again law each and three daughters; the youngest of his

sons was my father; his eldest daughter was other.

“ Solin Bruce, my grandfather, landed married to colonel Dewitz, who was afterat Kuningiberg, in Prullia ; from thence he wards governor of Pomerania, and who got went to Berlin, and entered into the service with her a landed estate in the province calla of the elector of Brandenburg, and by de- ed Malchin; the second daughter was made

abbess of a protestant monastery, founded grees was advanced to the command of a regiment, which was the highest military pre-,

for the education of young ladies, but Me

was afterwards married to lieutenant-colofermene he ever obtained, notwithlanding the elector, in other respects, thewed him nel Rebeur, who got Brucen wold for her many favours: amongst the ret, the follows fortune; and his youngest daughter was ing was no small instance of his regard. My for her fortune his most valuable estates of

married to major general Lattorff, who got grandfather one day attended the elector in hunting, when his highness, in the eager

Ν Ο Τ Ε. pursuit of the chue, entered a large wood, and was separated from all his attendants ex- of the name of major-general Lattorff was

A family of distinction in Prussia, One Cept my grandfather, who kept up with him. Night overtaking them in the wood, they December 1757 led the Prussian vanguard at

one of the five generals, that on the sth of were obliged to disinount, and lead their herses, when, after groping their way for a

the glorious battle of Lilla.;

Konikendorff Konikendoff and Woletz : he thus disposed leain fortification and other necessary branchof all the landed estates he got by his wife es. My uncie Rebeur arrived at ihis time in favour of his daughters, and gave his two from Flanders; he was then lieutenant-cofons an education only, and a linall stock of lonel of the inarquis de Varen's regiment, money. Having placed them in the elector's and when he was about to return, I expref. grand musketteer guards, he left them to ' sed a desire to go with him. He very kind. push their fortunes in the army, as he him. ly approved my design, and on the suggestifelf had done before them. His eldest son, on of my friends, that it might be hurtful to Charles, was a lieutenant at the siege of Na. me in my education, the colonel assured inur, where he was killed ; his youngest son, them that it would rather be an advantage, James, my father, married Elizabeth Ca: as there were almost in every town in Flantherina Deting, of a considerable family in ders exceeding good masters for teaching forWeltphalia, and was himself then a lievie- tification and gunnery, &c. and that I Thould nant in a Scotch regiment, commanded by have double advantage in improving the thethe earl of Leven, in the service of Bran. ory by seeing many parts of it in ical pracdenburg, and I was born at Derring Castle, tice : 'he farther offered not only to keep me (the manor house of that family) in the year with himself, but that no opportunity to im1692.

prove my education Mould be neglected. “ This regiment was ordered to Flanders, This kind offer was very fatisfactory to all and my father carried my mother with him, my friends, and he performed bis promise and we remained there will 1698, when the with a molt paternal care. regiment returned to Scotland, and whither “ I let out with him accordingly for the we accompanied him. The regiment being regiment, which was then in garrison at then pot in garrison at Fort William. I was Maeltricht, where we arrived in April 1906, left in Fife to the care of a grand uncle, my and I was entered in the colonel's company grandfather's youngest brother, who posiel. to carry arms, and soon became a proficient fed a small estate near Cupar, at which place in the manual exercise, after which I found I was put to school, where I continued three my duty very easy, for I had only to mount years, when my father sene for me to Fort guard once in a week, the rest of my time beWilliam, and I remained there three years ing devoted to the ftudy of fortification, &c." more.

Mr. Bruce made his first campaign under “ In the year 1904, my father got leave the duke of Marlborough in 1907, and ferva of absence from the regiment, and let out on ed four campaigns. In winter 1710, he was a visit to Germany, whither he carried his quartered at Tournay, where a dreadful wife and family ; and, after one year's stay murder had lately been committed. with their relations, he returned to Scot.

Terrible Story of tbe Jesuits. land, leaving me behind in the care of their friends, who undertook to educate and pro- “ An affair happened here a little while vide for me. Their first attempt in my fa. before, in the Jesuits college, which amazyour was to get me made a page to the king ed the whole town. A shoemaker near the of Prussia, and when I was going to be pres college, having a handsome wife, one of the fented to his majesty by the marial count fanctified fathers made frequent visits to beWitgenftein, the prince royal enquired of speak shoes and slippers for himself and o. him who I was; and being informed, and thers of the fraternity; at length, giving an also that I was going to be presented to the order, he desired the fair dame when they king for a page, he asked me several queftio were done, to bring them home to the cloit. ons, and iold the marshal that he himself ter, and receive the payment for them, and would have me for his page. We returned the accordingly carried them ; she was adwithout my being presented to the king; andmitted into the house, but never returned, on my telling this piece of news to my which much alarmed the poor husband and friends, they would by no means consent; his neighbours, who were naturally led to ailedging, that the prince did not use his enquire after her at the college, when they pages well, which my cousin, a son of ge- were told, that the had received the money neral Lattorff's, had experienced, who had and went away again : as their veracity been a páge of honour to him, and was then was held sacred, no body durft*presume any a gentleman of the bed-chamber to the king, farther enquiry at the college, and the woman for which reason, they would not suffer me could not be found. Some few days after, to accept the offer.

a boy in the night-time getting into a gar“ The next thing they endeavoured was, den, next to that of the Jesuits to steal to get me into the Royal Academy, as a ca- fruit, saw from the top of a tree (being det; but they were told that was now im- moonlight) thele very holy fathers busy in practicable, as I had refused the prince's of. burying a corpse in the garden. The boy, fer of being his page : however, they fent knowing that ine woman could not be found, me to the academy, at their own charge, to told his father what he had seen ; the faGent. Mag. Ján, 1785,


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