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deed, as straw os fearkers; but, like thein, they ground; providentially they facceeded so far as thew which way the wind blow's!) and by ma- to prevent its communicating to the adjoining lignant improvement their minifters make in all elegant new buildings. The damage done is very the foreign courts, of every little accident or dif- considerable

, but we are happy to hear Mr. Salt Sent among us; the riot of a few foldiers in Phi- had his property insured. ladelphia, the resolves of some cown meetings, 21.] On Friday lait, arrived in the Hillsb.. the reluctance to pay taxes, &c. all which are rough packet, Capt. Shaw, her grace the duchets exaggerated, to represent our government as to of Rutland, in perfect health. many anarchies, of which the people themlelves On Thursday latt, a malter-earpenter at Illandare weary; the congrefs, as having lost its in- bridge, for a wager of five guineas eat ieven fiuence, being no longer respected. -- I say, it is pounds of pickled beef, fix heads of cabbage, a easy, from this conduct, to see that they bear it potile of potatoes, a four-peany loaf, and iwo no good will, and they wish the reality of what quarts of beer.The carpenter won ine wager, they are pleased to imagine. They have too nu. -who,--altonishing to tell ! !-drank afterwards merous a royal progeny to provide for, fome of upwards of a pint of whiskey, and, -walked whom are educated in the military line :-in deliberately home. these circumstances, we cannot be too careful to 25.] Last Sunday, a poor man from Summerpreserve the friendship we have acquired abroad, hill brought a horle laden with two facks of poand the union we have eltablished ac home, to se. tatoes, lo Darby-square ;-while he was cari ya cure our duty by a punctual discharge of our obli- ing one sack up stairs, the pavement gave way, gations of every kind, and our reputation by the by which the horse and the other lack of potatoes wisdom of our councils, since we know not how fell into a cavern, forty feet deep, in the bottoir foon we may have a fresh occasion for triends, of which there were a great quantity of coffins, for credit, and for reputation.”

tones, &c.--The oldeit inhabiiants had no idea

that there was any vault or cavern in that place. Dublin, February 1.

-It might be well worth the attention of the Saturday Hickey and Davis, for robbing a gen- curious who are verled in antiquity, to examine tleman on the Coombe, were executed ai the into the origin of this place, which is tuppiled lo front of the New Prion, pursuant to their have been a Danish burying place. fentcoce.

Some days ago a publican of Clontarf, have Dowling, who was to be executed on Saturday, ing had a dispute with a pregnant woman, of purtuant to reatence, for chę robbery of a houle the same place, he struck her in the breast with on the Low-Ground, leading to Ringfend, is re- a musket, of which she shortly after died. pited until further orders.

Last Friday morning, a soldier, who, a few 7.] This day, Mr. Magee, proprietor of the nights before, was stabbed in several parts of the Dublin Evening Post, was brought to the King's- body, by a watchman in Copper-alley, died in Bench, in cuftody of the High-Sheriff ihe the most excruciating worments. The murderer judgment of the Bench was delivered by Lord was in custody, but effected his escape. Earlstort, for publishing some paragraphs in faid We have the pleasure of acquainting our reade print, November 9, 1784, which were pro- ers, that within the last three weeks, the Canal nounced and declared a contempt of that court.- Company, began to open a cut from the Togher

The sentence was one month's imprisonment, of Graig, in the Illand of Allen, towards the and a fine of 5l. with security for good behaviour river Shannon, which will be profecuted with for three years.

the utmost diligence, when the leason permits. A country correspondent acquaints us, that the The diltance not being more than about 40 miles ; beginning of last week, the inhabitants in and it is said, this work may be compleated in four about the towns of Arklow, Coolgreny and Red- years. Cross, were alarmed by several claps of the loud- Tuesday night some sacrilegious villains broke est chunder ever remembered in that country; into the Meeting-houle of Plunket-street, and, which were succeeded by a tremendous shower after drinking all the wine intended for commuof hail stones, as large as plovers eggs, which nion service, carried off the pulpit bible, the killed a number of lambs, and wounded Minister's gown and cassock, the velvet cover many persons, who could not get into immediate from the cushion, and the brals candlesticks. Melter. Two horses belonging to a farmer near

The annual charity sermon was preached on the Coolgrenny, were struck blind with a fath of preceding Sunday, and these abominable.wretches Lightning, but recovered their fight the next day, fupposed they would have met with the money

10.) Yesterday Mr. George Kidd, late one of then collected, but, fortunately, it had been che proprietors of the Morning Port, was brought deposited elsewhere. up to receive sentence on an attachment granted

26.) Yesterday, on account of the thaw, part against him last term, when he was sentenced to of Ring's-end-bridge fell, luckily no accident ewo months imprisonment in the New-Gaol, to

has happened, as it has been in a tottering way. pay a fine of 1ol. and find fureties for his good face the floods before Christmas. About half the behaviour for five years.

breadth of the bridge still remains Nanding, in a 12.) Wednesday night, about eight o'clock, a,

very ruinous way, and is an object for the acceamost dreadful fire broke out in the ware-houletion of the grand jury. of Mr. Sall, merchant, on the Merchant's-quay, and notwickítanding the utmost vigilance of the Births, Marriages, Deaths, Promomagistracy and fits-epgines, was burnt to the tions, &c. in our next.


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