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equal astonishment and mortification to find, in place of the detachment of cavalry which they expected to see, nothing but a man, a boy, and a horse. Their first emotions were expressed in curses, which were even succeeded by laughter from one or two of the number. There seemed to be a disposition, on the part of some, to resist the authority that now controlled them; and sundry glances were exchanged which indicated a purpose to turn upon their captors. The sergeant no sooner perceived this than he halted, raised his rifle to his breast, and at the same instant gave Andrew Ramsay an order to retire a few paces and to fire one of the captured pieces at the first man who opened his lips.

8. "By my hand," he said, "if I find any trouble in taking you, all five, safe away from this house, I will thin your numbers with your own muskets! And that's as good as if I had sworn to it."

"You have my word, sir," said the ensign. "Lead


"By your leave, my pretty gentleman, you will lead, and I'll follow," replied Horse Shoe. "It may be a new piece of drill to you, but the custom is to give the prisoners the post of honor."

9. Finding the conqueror determined to execute summary martial law upon the first who should mutiny, the prisoners submitted, and marched in double file from the hut back toward Ramsay's-Horse Shoe and his gallant young auxiliary, Andrew, bringing up the rear. In this order victors and vanquished returned to David Ramsay's.

10. "Well, I have brought you your ducks and chickens back, mistress," said the sergeant, as he halted the prisoners at the door, "and, what's more, I have brought home a young soldier that's worth his weight in gold."

"Heaven bless my child! my brave boy!" cried the mother, seizing the lad in her arms, unheeding anything else in the present perturbation of her feelings. "I feared ill would come of it; but Heaven has preserved him. Did he behave handsomely, Mr. Robinson? But I am sure he did."

11. "A little more venturesome, ma'am, than I wanted him to be," replied Horse Shoe. "But he did excellent service. These are his prisoners, Mistress Ramsay; I should never have taken them if it hadn't been for Andy. Show me another boy in America that's made more prisoners than there were men to fight them with, that's all!"


John P. Kennedy was born in Baltimore, Md., in 1795 and died in 1870. He was the author of several popular stories, the best known being "Horse Shoe Robinson" and "Swallow Barn." He also wrote a "Life of William Wirt." He was for a time a member of Congress from his native state, and served as Secretary of the Navy under President Fillmore.

Explain the expressions "broad proportions" (1); "by my hand" (8).

Tell what the "Continental Congress" (2) was.

Give synonyms for "merriment" (4); " engage" (6); "squad (7); "mutiny" (9).

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Let your words be few, especially when your superiors or strangers are present, lest you betray your own weakness and rob yourself of the opportunity which you might otherwise have had to gain knowledge, wisdom, and experience, by hearing those whom you silence by your idle talking.

Consider before you speak, especially when the business is of moment; weigh the sense of what you mean to utter, and the expressions you intend to use, that they may be significant, pertinent, and inoffensive. Inconsiderate persons do not think till they speak; or they speak and then think.

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2. Near the portals of a convent—
From the Moors just lately won—
Sat a crowd of dark-skinned beggars
Basking in the pleasant sun;
One an old man-he a Christian,
Blind to all the outward light-
Told his black beads, praying softly
For all poor souls still in night.

3. "I am but a Moorish beggar,"
Said a woman with a child;
"I am but a Moorish beggar,

And the Moors are fierce and wild.
You may talk of Christian goodness-
Christian Faith and Charity,

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