The York Legal Record, Том 7

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York Legal Record Print, 1894
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A record of cases argued and determined in the various courts of York County; together with reports and abstracts of the most important cases adjudicated throughout the Commonwealth (varies slightly).

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Страница 124 - When people understand that they must live together, except for a very few reasons known to the law, they learn to soften by mutual accommodation that yoke which they know they cannot shake off; they become good husbands and good wives from the necessity of remaining husbands and wives; for necessity is a powerful master in teaching the duties which it imposes.
Страница 150 - Nor where any party to a thing or contract in action is dead or has been adjudged a lunatic and his right thereto or therein has passed, either by his own act or by the act of the law, to a party on the record, who represents his interest in the subject in controversy...
Страница 52 - States, a certificate of stock, accompanied by an irrevocable power of attorney, either filled up or in blank, is, in the hands of a third party, presumptive evidence of ownership in the holder; and where the party in whose hands the certificate is found is a holder for value, without notice of any intervening equity, his title cannot be impeached.
Страница 99 - ... as a general rule the measure of care and diligence required of a trustee is such as would be pursued by a man of ordinary prudence and skill in the management of his own estate.
Страница 175 - The party recovering a judgment in any common-law cause in any circuit or district court shall be entitled to similar remedies upon the same, by execution or otherwise, to reach the property of the judgment debtor, as are now provided in like causes by the laws of the state in which such court is held...
Страница 124 - ... lien, and unless such notice be given no such lien shall be filed nor be of any validity. 7. Every person, entitled to a lien by the provisions of this act, shall file in the office of the prothonotary of the court of common pleas of the county...
Страница 31 - Under a will by which testator gave a half interest in his estate to his wife for life and at her death to his "legal heirs," the remainder vested in the heirs of the testator immediately upon his death.
Страница 120 - That hereafter, the widow or the children of any decedent dying within this Commonwealth, testate or intestate, may retain either real or personal property belonging to said estate to the value of three hundred dollars, and the same shall not be sold, but suffered to remain for the use of the widow and family...
Страница 71 - ... presented, or in case of complaint of a ' qualified elector under oath, charging palpable fraud or mistake, and particularly specifying the alleged fraud or mistake or where fraud or mistake is apparent on the return, the court shall examine the return, and if in the judgment of the court it shall be necessary to a just return, said court shall issue summary process against the election officers and overseers, if any, of the election district complained of, to bring them forthwith into...
Страница 78 - Goodman, contrary to the form of the act of the General Assembly in such case made and provided, and against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.