A history of Ireland, from ... 1689, to ... 1691

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1839 - 80 страници

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Страница 347 - The Roman catholics of this kingdom shall enjoy such privileges in the exercise of their religion, as are consistent with the laws of Ireland, or as they did enjoy in the reign of king Charles II.; and their majesties, as soon as their affairs will permit them to summon a parliament in this kingdom, will endeavour to procure the said Roman catholics such further security in that particular, as may preserve them from any disturbance upon the account of their said religion.
Страница 352 - Mayo or any of them" in the second of the said articles, the words following, viz., "and all such as are under their protection in the said counties", should be inserted and be part of the said articles...
Страница 349 - And whereas these present wars have drawn on great violences on both parts, and that if leave were given to the bringing all sorts of private actions, the animosities would probably continue that have been too long on foot, and the public disturbances last ; for the quieting and settling, therefore, of this kingdom, and avoiding those inconveniences which would be the necessary consequence of the contrary, no person or persons whatsoever...
Страница 352 - And as to such parts thereof for which an act of parliament shall be found to be necessary, we shall recommend the same to be made good by parliament, and shall give our royal assent to any bill or bills that shall be passed by our two houses of parliament to that purpose. And whereas it appears...
Страница 356 - ... forage and pasture for their horses, which shall be furnished gratis. XIII. Those of the garrison of Sligo that are joined to the Irish army, shall have the benefit of this capitulation; and orders shall be sent to them that are to convey them up, to bring them hither to Limerick the shortest way. XIV. The Irish may have liberty to transport nine hundred horse, including horses for the officers, which shall be transported gratis; and as for the troopers that stay behind, they shall dispose of...
Страница 357 - XIX. That at the signing hereof, the general will send a ship express to France ; and that besides, he will furnish two small ships of those that are now in the river of Limerick, to transport two persons into France that are to be sent to give notice of this treaty ; and that the commanders of the said ships shall have orders to put ashore at the next part of France where they shall make.
Страница 350 - Lastly, the lords justices and general do undertake, that their majesties will ratify these articles within the space of eight months, or sooner, and use their utmost endeavours that the same shall be ratified and confirmed in parliament.
Страница 358 - XXV. That it shall be lawful for the said garrison to march out all at once, or at different times, as they can be embarked, with arms, baggage, drums beating, match lighted at both ends, bullet in mouth, colours flying...
Страница 354 - That all persons above-mentioned, that are willing to leave Ireland and go into France, shall have leave to declare it at the times and places hereafter mentioned, viz. the troops in Limerick, on Tuesday next in Limerick; the horse at their camp on Wednesday, and the other forces that are dispersed in the counties of Clare,, Kerry, and Cork...
Страница 356 - It shall be permitted to those that are appointed to take care for the subsistence of the horse, that are willing to go into France, to buy hay and corn at the king's rates wherever they can find it, in the quarters that are assigned for them, without any let or molestation, and to carry all necessary provisions out of the city of Limerick ; and for this purpose, the general will furnish convenient carriages for them to the places where they shall he embarked.