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“Our fathers who lived under the dread of Popery and arbitrary power, are gone off the stage, and brought with them the experience which we their sons stand in need of, to make us earnest to preserve the blessings of liberty and pure religion which they have bequeathed to us. Oh! that I had words to represent to the present generation, the miseries which their fathers underwent; that I could describe their fears and anxieties, their restless nights and uneasy days, when every morning threatened to usher in the last day of England's liberty, Had men such a sense of the time past, it would teach them what consequences they were to expect from any successful attempt against the present establishment.”_Suerlock.

This Volume, the materials of which have been carefully selected, and duly authenticated, completes the Author's detail of the ecclesiastical, civil, and military affairs of Ireland, from the introduction of the reformed religion into it in 1535, to its establishment and final settlement in 1691.

His Annals of Ireland, and his History of the Siege of Derry, in which the former part of these details are to be found, went through two editions, and are now out of print, which induces him to mention his intention, if it shall please God to enable him to do so, to republish these works with other materials which he has in readiness, so that the whole may be found in four volumes, as a History of Ireland for the above period, one of deep interest to all who feel for the honour of our country, and desire to see it prosperous and happy

To account for this book not being dedicated to a living patron, the author subjoins the copy of a letter which he had the honour to receive about one year ago, from a late noble lady, the Dowager Countess of Rosse, whose munificent encouragement to him in maintaining the cause of the altar and the throne for many years back, can never be forgotten, or remembered without gratitude, by him :

To the Rev. John Graham, Rector of Tamlaght- Ard, in the

Diocese of Derry, Newtown-Limavady, Ireland.


I would not trouble you with this letter but to propose your dedicating your intended book to the good Lord Kenyon, rather than to me, as I think more would read it than if dedicated to a woman, though I feel honoured by the intention. But you would not be served so much as I wish if it lay on the shelf.

I will take fifty copies, if that will serve you, and hope many worthy English will take some, and I will circulate as many copies of the fifty as I can.

I remain your sincere friend,


Elmdon, September 13, 1837.

The Author has only to add, that he would have complied with this kind request by dedicating the book to Lord Kenyon, whose generous encouragement enabled him to re-publish his Annals of Ireland, in London, in 1819, if he had not asked and obtained permission to dedicate his Historical Poems to him in 1829; and, he believes, it is not usual to solicit such a favour a second time from the same patron.

Magilligan Glebe, Dec. 13, 1838.

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