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klom, and to restore it to its former estate :|| 20 And it hath seemed good to us to re. and I have chosen a great army, and have|ceive the shield of them. built ships of war;

21 If therefore any pestilent men are fed 4 And I design to go through the coun-out of their country to you, deliver them to try, that I may take revenge of them thatSimon the high priest, that he may punish have destroyed our country, and that have them according to their law. made many cities desolate in my realm. 22 These same things were written to

5 Now therefore I confirm unto thee all king Demetrius, and to Attalus,t and to the oblations which all the kings before me Ariarathes, and to Arsaces, remitted to thee, and what other gifts so- 23 And to all the countries: and to ever they remitted to thee :

Lampsacus, and to the Spartans, and to De6 And I give thee leave to coin thy ownlus, and Myndus, and Sicyon, and Caria, money in thy country.

and Samus, and Pamphylia, and Lycia, and 7 And let Jerusalem be holy and free ;|Alicarnassus, and Cos, and Side, and Anaand all the armour that hath been made, and dus, and Rhodes, and Phaselis, and Gorty. the fortresses which thou hast built, and|na, and Gnidus, and Cyprus, and Cyrene. which thou keepest in thy hands, let them 24. And they wrote a copy thereof to remain to thee,

Simon the high priest, and to the people of 8 And all that is due to the king, and the Jews. what should be the king's hereafter, from 25 But king Antiochus moved his camp this present and for ever, is forgiven thee. Ito Dora the second time, assaulting it con.

9 And when we shall have recovered ourtinually, and making engines : and he shut kingdom, we will glorify thee, and thy na-ljup Tryphon, that he coula not go out. tion, and the temple with great glory; so 26 And Simon sent to him two thousand that your glory shall be made manifest in chosen men to aid him, silver also, and gold, all the earth.

and abundance of furniture. 10 In the year one hundred and seventy|| 27 And he would not receive them, but four Antiochus entered into the land of his broke all the covenant that he had made fathers, and all the forces assembled to him ;//with him before, and alienated himself from so that few were left with Tryphon. him.

11 And king Antiochus pursued after 28 And he sent to him Athenobius one him, and he fed along by the sea coast,of his friends, to treat with him, saying: and came to Dora.

You hold Joppe, and Gazara, and the castle 12 For he perceived that evils were gathat is in Jerusalem, which are cities of my thered together upon him, and his troops kingdom; had forsaken him.

29 Their borders you have wasted ; and 13 And Antiochus camped above Dora you have made great havoc in the land, and with a hundred and twenty thousand men of |have got the dominion of many places in my war, and eight thousand horsemen: kingdom.

14 And he invested the city; and the 30 Now therefore deliver up the cities ships drew near by sea : and they annoyed that you have taken, and the tributes of the city by land, and by sea, and suffered the places whereof you have gotten the donone to come in, or to go out.

minion without the borders of Judea. 15 And Numenius, and they that had. 31 But if not, give me for them five hunbeen with him, came from the city of Rome,dred talents of silver, and for the havoc that having letters written to the kings and you have made, and the tributes of the cicountries, the contents whereof were these : fties other five hundred talents : or else ve

16 Lucius the consul of the Romans, tol will come and fight against you. king Ptolemee, greeting.

32 So Athenobius the king's friend came 17 The ambassadors of the Jews our to Jerusalem, and saw the glory of Simon friends came to us, to renew the former and his magnificence in gold, and silver, and friendship and alliance, being sent from Si-bis great equipage: and he was astonished, mon the high priest, and the people of the and told him the king's words. Jews.

33 And Simon answered him, and said 18 And they brought also a shield off to him: We have neither taken other men's gold of a thousand pounds.

land, neither do we hold that which is 19 It hath seemed good therefore to us other men's; but the inheritance of our to write to the kings, and countries, that fathers, which was for some time unjustly they should do them no harm, nor fight a-possessed by our enemies. gainst them, their cities, or countries; and

34 But we having opportunity claim the that they should give no aid to them that inheritance of our fathers. fight against them.

35 And as to thy complaints concerning

Attalus, &c. Attalus was king of PerPtolemee. Surnamed Physcon, brother gamus; Ariarathes was king of Cappadocia; and successor to Philometor.

and Arsaces was king of the Parthians.

Joppe and Gazara, they did great harm to the people were afraid to go over the river ; the people, and to our country : yet for so he went over first : then the men seeing these we will give a hundred talents. And him, passed over after him. Athenobius answered him not a word: 7 And he divided the people, and set the

36 But returning in a rage to the king, horsemen in the midst of the footmen : but made report to him of these words, and of the horsemen of the enemies were very nuthe glory of Simon, and of all that he had merous. seen: and the king was exceeding angry. 8 And they sounded the holy trumpets :

37 And Tryphon Aed away by ship to and Cendebeus and his army were put to Orthosias.

flight: and there fell many of them wound38 And the king appointed Cendebeussed, and the rest fled into the strong-hold. captain of the sea coast, and gave him an 9 At that time Judas John's brother was army of footmen and horsemen.

wounded: but John pursued after them, 39 And he commanded him to march|till he came to Cedron, which he had with his army towards Judea : and he com- built : manded him to build up Gedor, and to for- 10 And they fled even to the towers that tify the gates of the city, and to war against were in the fields of Azotus: and he burnt the people. But the king himself pursued them with fire. And there fell of them two after Tryphon.

thousand men; and he returned into Judea 40 And Cendebeus came to Jamnia, and in peace, began to provoke the people, and to ravage i1 Now Ptolemee the son of Abobus was Judea, and to take the people prisoners, appointed captain in the plain of Jericho : and to kill, and to build Gedor.

and he had abundance of silver and gold, 41 And he placed there horsemen, and 12 For he was son-in-law of the high an army; that they might issue forth, and priest. make incursions upon the ways of Judea, as 13 And his heart was lifted up; and he the king had commanded him,

designed to make himself master of the CHAP. XVI.

country: and he purposed treachery aThe sons of Simon defeat the troops of Antio-gainst Simon and his sons, to destroy them.

chus. Simon, with two of his sons, are 14 Now Simon as he was going through treacherously murdered by Ptolemee his the cities that were in the country of Judea, son-in-law.

and taking care for the good ordering of WEN John* came up from Gazara, and them, went down to Jericho, he and Mathahad done against their people.

hundred and seventy seven, the eleventh 2 And Simon called bis two eldest sons,|month : the same is the month Sabath. Judas and John, and said to them: I and 15 And the son of Abobus received them my brethren, and my father's house, have deceitfully into a little fortress, that is called fought against the enemies of Israel from Doch, which he had built: and he made our youth even to this day: and things them a great feast, and hid men there. have prospered so well in our hands that 16 And when Simon and his sons bad we have delivered Israel oftentimes. drunk plentifully, Ptolemee and his men

3 And now I am old : but be you instead rose up, and took their weapons, and enof me, and my brethren: and go out, and tered into the banqueting-place, and slew fight for our nation : and the help from him, and his two sons, and some of his ser: beaven be with you.

vants. 4 Then he chose out of the country). 17 And he committed a great treachery twenty thousand fighting men, and horse-llin Israel, and rendered evil for d. men: and they went forth against Cende- 18 And Ptolemee wrote these things, beus; and they rested in Modin.

and sent to the king that he should send 5 And they arose in the morning, and him an army to aid him ; and he would dewent into the plain : and behold, a very liver him the country, and their cities, and great army of footmen and horsemen came tributes. against them: and there was a running ri- 19 And he sent others to Gazara to kill ver between them,

John : and to the tribunes he sent letters to 6 And het and his people pitched their come to him, and that he would give them camp over-against them; and he saw that silver, and gold, and gifts.

20 And he sent others to take Jerusalem, • John.

He was afterwards surnamed and the mountain of the temple. Hircanus, and succeeded his father in both| 21 Now one running before, told Jobu his dignities of high priest and prince. He in Gazara, that his father and his brethren conquered the Edomites, and obliged them were slain, and that he hath sent men to to a conformity with the Jews in religion ; kill thee also. and destroyed the schismatical temple of the Samaritans.

# Cedron. Otherwise called Gedor, tloos He, viz. John.

Icity that Cendebeus was fortifying.

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22 But when he heard it, he was exceed-, which he bravely achieved, and the build. ingly afraid : and he apprehended the men ing of the walls, which he made, and the that came to kill him : and he put them to things that he did : death: for he knew that they sought to 24 Behold, these are written in the book make him away.

of the days of his priesthood, from the 23 And as concerning the rest of the acts time that he was made high priest after bis of John, and his wars, and the worthy deeds father.



This second book of Machabees is not a con-| 9 And now celebrate ye the days of Sce

tinuation of the history contained in the nopegia* in the month of Casley. first ; nor does it come down 80 low as the io In the year one hundred and eighty first does : but relates many of the same eight, the people that is at Jerusalem, and facts more at large, and adds other remark. in Judea, and the senate, and Judas, to able particulars, omitted in the first book, Aristobolus, the preceptor of king Ptole. relating to the state of the Jews, as well mee, who is of the stock of the anointed before as under the persecution of Antio. priests, and to the Jews that are in Egypt, chus. The author, who is not the same health and welfare. with that of the first brok, has given as 11 Having been delivered by God out of we learn from chap. ii, 20, &c.) a short great dangers, we give him great thanks, abstract of what Jason of Cyrene had forasmuch as we have been in war with written in the five volumes concerning Ju- such a kingit das and his brethren. He wrote in Greek, 12 For he made numbers of men swarm and begins with two letters, sent by the Jews out of Persia that have fought against us, of Jerusalem to their brethren in Egypt. and the holy city. CHAP. I.

13 For when the leader himself was in Letters of the Jews of Jerusalem to them that Persia, and with him a very great army, he

were in Egypi. They give thanks for their fell in the temple of Nanea, being deceir. delivery from Antiochus : and exhort their ed by the counsel of the priests of Nanea. brethren to keep the feast of the dedication 14 For Antiochus with his friends, came

of the altar, and of the miraculous fire. to the place as though he would marry ber, TO ÑO the brethren, the Jews that are and that he might receive great suins of

throughout Egypt, the brethren, the money under the title of a dowry. Jews that are in Jerusalem, and in the land 15 And when the priests of Nanea had of Judea, send health, and good peace. set it forth, and he with a small company

2 May God be gracious to you, and re- had entered into the compass of the temple, member his covenant that he made with they shut the temple. Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, his faithful servants :

Scenopegia, viz. The Encenia, or feast 3 And give you all a heart to worship of the dedication of the altar, called here bim, and to do his will with a great heart, Scenopegia, or feast of tabernacles, from beand a willing mind.

jing celebrated with the like solemnity. 4. May he open your heart in his law and Such a king, viz. Antiochus Sidetes, who in his commandments, and send you peace. I began to make war upon the Jews, whilst

5 May he hear your prayers, and be re-Simon was yet alive, i Mach. xv. 39. And conciled unto you, and never forsake you afterwards besieged Jerusalem under Jeka in the evil time.

Hircanus. So that the Judas here mention6 And now here we are praying for you.ed, ver. 10. is not Judas Machabeus, who

7 When Demetrius reigned, in the year was dead long before the year 188 of the one hundred and sixty nine, we Jews wrote kingdom of the Greeks; for he died in the to you, in the trouble, and violence, that year 146 of that epoch, (see above, 1 Mack. came upon us in those years, after Jason chap. ii. ver. 70, also the note on chap. i. withdrew himself from the holy land, and ver. 2.) but either Judus the eldest son of from the kingdom.

John Bircanus, or Judas the Essene, renown8 They burnt the gate, and shed innocented for the gift of prophecy, who flourished blood : then we prayed to the Lord, and about that time. were heard, and we offered sacrifices, and + Nanea. A Persian goddess, which fine flour, and lighted the lamps, and set some liave taken for Diana, others for f'e. forth the loaves.

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tohen sprinkled with the same water, both N Jeremias the prophet, that'he com

16 When Antiochus was come in: and|| 30 And the priests sung hymns till the opening a secret entrance of the temple, sacrifice was consumed. they cast stones and slew the leader, and 31 And when the sacrifice was consumthem that were with him, and hewed them sed, Nehemias commanded the water that in pieces : and cutting off their heads they was left to be poured out upon the great threw them forth.

17 Blessed be God in all things, who hath 32 Which being done, there was kin. delivered up the wicked.

dled a Aame from them : but it was con18 Therefore whereas we purpose to sumed by the light that shined from the keep the purification of the temple on the altar. five and twentieth day of the month of Cas-|| 33 And when this matter became public, leu, we thought it necessary to signify it to it was told to the king of Persia, that in the you; that you also may keep the day of place where the priests that were led away, Scenopegia, and the day of the fire, that had hid the fire, there appeared water, with was given when Nehemias offered sacrifice, which Nehemias and they that were with after

the temple and the altar was built. him had purified the sacrifices. 19 For when our fathers were led into 34 And the king considering, and diliPersia, * 'the priests that then were wor-gently examining the matter, made a tem, shippers of God, took privately the fire from plet for it, that he might prove what had the altar, and hid it in a valley where there happened. was a deep pit without water: and there 35 And when he had proved it, he gave they kept it safe, so that the place was un- the priests many goods and divers presents ; known to all men.

and he took and distributed them to them 20 But when many years had passed, and with his own hand. it pleased God that Nehemias should be sent 36 And Nehemias called this place Nephby the king of Persia, he sent some of the thar, which is interpreted purification. But posterity of those priests that had hid it, to many call it Nephi. seek for the fire : and as they told us, they

CHAP. II. found no fire, but thick water.

21 Then he bade them draw it up, and A continuation of the second letter. Of Jere. bring it to him: and the priest Nehemias mias's hiding the ark at the time of the capcommanded the sacrifices that were laid on, tivity. The author's preface.

is of the wood, and the things that were laid

manded them that went into captivity, to 22 And when this was done, and the take the fire, as it bath been signified, and time came that the sun shone out, which how he gave charge to them that were carbefore was in a cloud, there was a great fire ried away into captivity: kindled, so that all wondered.

2 And how he gave them the law that 23 And all the priests made prayer, while they should not forget the commandments the sacrifice was consuming, Jonathan bellof the Lord, and that they should not err ginning, and the rest answering. in their minds, seeing the idols of gold and

24 And the prayer of Nehemias was after silver, and the ornaments of them. this manner : 0 LORD God creator of all 3 And with other such like speeches, he things, dreadful and strong, just and merci-exhorted them that they would not remove ful, who alone art the good king,

the law from their heart. 25 Who alone art gracious, who alone art 4. It was also contained in the same writ. just, and almighty, and eternal, who delivering, how the prophet, being warned by est Israel from all evil, who didst choose God, commanded that the tabernacle and the fathers, and didst sanctify them : the ark should accompany him, till he came

26 Receive the sacrifice for all thy peo-forth to the mountain where Moses went up, ple Israel, and preserve thy own portion, and saw the inheritance of God. and sanctify it.

5 And when Jeremias came thither, he 27 Gather together our scattered people;| found a hollow cave: and he carried in deliver them that are slaves to the Gentiles, thither the tabernacle, and the ark, and and look upon them that are despised and the altar of incense, and so stopped the abhorred: that the gentiles may know that||door. thou art our God.

28 Punish them that oppress us, and that 7 A temple. That is, an enclosure or a treat us injuriously with pride.

wall round about the place where the fire 29 Establish thy people in thy holy place, was hid, to separate it from profane uses, to as Moses bath spoken.

the end that it might be respected as a holy

place. • Persia. Babylonia, called here Persia, # The descriptions. That is, the records from being afterwards a part of the Persian for memoirs of Jeremias, a work that is now empire.


upon it.

6 Then some of them that followed him,s|being but a few, they made themselves mas came up to mark the place : but they could ters of the whole country, and put to flight not find it.

the barbarous multitude; 7 And when Jeremias perceived it, he 23 And recovered again the most renowblamed them, saying: The place shall be led temple in all the world, and delivered unknown, till God gather together the con- the city, and restored the laws that were gregation of the people, and receive them abolished, the Lord with all clemency sher. to mercy,

ing mercy to them; 8 And then the Lord will shew these 24 And all such things as have been things, and the majesty of the Lord shall comprised in five books by Jason of Cyappear: and there shall be a cloud as it was rene, we have attempted to abridge in one also shewed to Moses, and he shewed it|book. when Solomon prayed that the place might|| 25 For considering the multitude of be sanctified to the great God.

books, and the difficulty that they find that 9 For he treated wisdom in a magnificent desire to undertake the narrations of bismanner: and like a wise man, he offered tories, because of the multitude of the the sacrifice of the dedication, and of the matter, finishing of the temple.

26 We have taken care for those indeed 10 And as Moses prayed to the Lord, that are willing to read, that it might be a and fire came down from heaven and con- pleasure of mind : and for the studious, that sumed the holocaust : so Solomon also pray they may more easily commit to memory: ed, and fire came down from heaven and and that all that read might receive profit. consumed the holocaust.

27 And as to ourselves indeed, in under11 And Moses said : Because the sin-of-taking this work of abridging, we have ta. fering was not eaten, it was consumed. ken in hand no easy task,t yea rather a bu.

12 So Solomon also celebrated the dedi-siness full of watching and sweat. cation eight days.

28 But as they that prepare a feast, 13 And these same things were set down and seek to satisfy the will of others; for in the memoirs and commentaries of Nehel the sake of many we willingly undergo the mias: and how he made a library, and ga-labour. thered together out of the countries, the 29 Leaving to the authors the exact handbooks both of the prophets, and of David, ling of every particular, and as for our. and the epistles of the kings, and concerning selves, according to the plan proposed, stuthe holy gifts.

dying to be brief. 14 And in like manner Judas also gather-| 30 For as the master builder of a new ed together all such things as were lost house must have care of the whole buildby the war we had; and they are in our pos-ling: but he that taketh care to paint session.

it, must seek out fit things for the adorning 15 Wherefore if you want these things, of it; so must it be judged of us. send some that may fetch them to you.

31 For to collect all that is to be known, 16 As we are then about to celebrate||to put the discourse in order, and curiously the purification* we have written unto you to discuss every particular point, is the duand you shall do well, if you keep thesty of the author of a history : same days.

32 But to pursue brevity of speech, and 17 And we hope that God who hath de- to avoid nice declarations of things, is to be livered his people, and hath rendered to granted to him that maketh an abridg. all the inheritance, and the kingdom, and ment. the priest-hood, and the sanctuary,

33 Here then we will begin the narra18 As he promised in the law, will short-tion ; let this be enough by way of a prely have mercy upon us, and will gather us face : for it is a foolish thing to make a long together from every land under heaven into prologue, and to be short in the story itthe holy place.

self, 19 For he hath delivered us out of great

CHAP. III. perils, and bath cleansed the place.

20 Now as concerning Judas Machabeus, Heliodorus is sent by king Seleucus to take and his brethren, and the purification of away the treasures deposited in the temple. the great temple, and the dedication of the He is struck by God, and healed by the altar;

prayers of the high-priest. 21 As also the wars against Antiochus the illustrious, and his son Eupator;

† No easy task, &c. The Spirit of God, 22 And the manifestations that came from that assists the sacred penmen, does not es. heaven to them, that behaved themselves|empt them from labour in seeking out the manfully on the behalf of the Jews, so that matter which they are to treat of, and the or

der and manner in which they are to deliver The purification. That is, the feast of it. So St. Luke writ the gospel, having dilithe purifying or cleansing of the temple. llgently attained to all things. Luke i. Fer 3.

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