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Jonas prophesied in the reign of Jeroboam||ness? of what country art thou ? and whith

the second: us we learn from 4 Kings xiv. ller goest thou ? or of what people art thou ? 35. To whom also he foretold his success

9 And he said to them: I am a Hebrew : in restoring all the borders of Israel. Helland I fear the Lord the God of heaven, who was of Geth-Opher in the tribe of Zabulon,|made both the sea and the dry land. and consequently of Galilee ; which con- 10 And the men were greatly afraid ; and futes that assertion of the Pharisees, John they said to him: Why hast thou done this? vii. 52. that no prophet ever rose out of ||(for the men knew that he fled from the Galilee. He prophesied and prefigured in face of the Lord; because he had told his own person the death and resurrection them.) of Christ; and was the only one among 11 And they said to him : What shall we the prophets that was sent to preach to the do to thee, that the sea may be calm to us? Gentiles.

for the sea flowed and swelled. CHAP. I.

12 And he said to them: Take me up, Jonas being sent to preach in Ninive, fleeth and cast me into the sea; and the sea shall

away by sea : a tempest riseth : of which be calm to you: for I know that for my sake being found, by lot, to be the cause, he is this great tempest is upon you. cast into the sea, which thereupon is calmed. 13 And the men rowed hard to return to N Tow the word of the Lord came to Jo-land: but they were not able; because the

nas the son of Amathi, saying: sea tossed, and swelled upon them. 2 Arise, and go to Ninive* the great city, 14 And they cried to the Lord, and said: and preach in it: for the wickedness there. We beseech thee, O Lord, let us not peof is come up before me.

rish for this man's life ; and lay not upon us 3 And Jonas rose up to flee into Tharsist innocent blood : for thou, O Lord, hast done from the face of the Lord : and he went as it pleased thee. down to Joppe, and found a ship going to 15 And they took Jonas, and cast him in Tharsis: and he paid the fare thereof, and to the sea : and the sea ceased from raging. went down into it, to go with them to Thar- 16 And the men feared the Lord exceed.. sis from the face of the Lord.

ngly, and sacrificed victims to the Lord, 4 But the Lord sent a great wind into and made vows. the sea : and a great tempest was raised in

CHAP. II. the sea'; and the ship was in danger to be Jonas is swallowed up by a great fish; hebroken.

prayelk with confidence in God; and the 5 And the mariners were afraid ; and fish casteth him out on the dry land. the men cried to their god : and they cast (ow the Lord prepared a great fish to forth the wares that were in the ship, into the sea, to lighten it of them : and Jonas|the belly of the fish three days and three went down into the inner part of the ship, nights. and fell into a deep sleep.

2 And Jonas prayed to the Lord his God 6 And the ship-master came to him, and out of the belly of the fish. said to him: Why art thou fast asleep? rise 3 And he said : I cried out of my afflicup, call upon thy God, if so be that God willltion to the Lord; and he heard me : I cried think of us, that we may not perish. out of the belly of hell; and thou hast heard

7 And they said every one to his fellow : my voice. Come, and let us cast lots, that we may 4 And thou hast cast me forth into the know why this evil is upon us. And they deep in the heart of the sea ; and a flood cast lots ; and the lot fell upon Jonas. hath compassed me : all thy billows and thy

8 And they said to him : Tell us for what waves have passed over me. cause this evil is upon us? what is thy busi- 5 And I said: I am cast away out of the

sight of thy eyes: but yet I shall see thy Ninive. The capital city of the Assy-holy temple again. rian empire.

6 The waters compassed me about even Tharsis. Which some take to be Thar- to the soul: the deep hath closed me round sus of Cilicia, others to be Tartessus of|about: the sea hath covered my head. Spain, others to be Carthage.

7 I went down to the lowest parts of the # A deep sleep. This is a lively image of mountains: the bars of the earth have shut the insensibility of sinners fleeing from me up for ever : and thou wilt bring up my God, and threatened on every side with his life from corruption, O Lord my God. judgments: and yet sleeping as if they 8 When my soul was in distress within

me, I remembered the Lord: that my pray


were secure.

crifice to the salwill pay whatsoever I have A Nina Jonas.nwas, exceedingly troubledi

er may come to thee, unto thy holy temple.

CHAP. IV. 9 They that in vain observe vanities, forsake their own mercy.

Jonas repining to see that his prophecy is not 10 But I with the voice of praise will sa- fulfilled, is reproved by the type of the idy. my salvation

and was angry: 11 And the Lord spoke to the fish :* and 2 And he prayed to the Lord, and said: it vomited out Jonas upon the dry land. I beseech thee, O Lord, is not this what I CHAP. III.

said, when I was yet in my own country? Jonas is sent again to preach in Ninive. Up- therefore I went before to flee into Thar.

on their fasting and repentance, God re-sis: for I know that thou art a gracious and calleth the sentence by which they were to merciful God, patient, and of much compas. be destroyed.

sion, and easy to forgive evil. ND the word of the Lord came to JoA has the second time, saying,

3 And now, O Lord, I beseech thee take

my life from me: for it is better for me to 2 Arise, and go to Ninive, the great city: die than to live. and preach in it the preaching that I bid 4 And the Lord said: Dost tlou think thee.

thou hast reason to be angry? 3 And Jonas arose, and went to Nineve 5 Then Jonas went out of the city, and according to the word of the Lord: now|sat toward the east side of the city: and he Ninive was a great city of three days jour-li made himself a booth there: and he sat unney.t

der it in the shadow, till he might see what 4 And Jonas began to enter into the city would befal the city, one day's journey: and he cried, and said: 6 And the Lord God prepared an ivy, s Yet forty days, and Ninive shall be de- and it came up over the head of Jonas, to stroyed.

be a shadow over his head, and to cover 5. And the men of Ninive believed in bim (for he was fatigued): and Jonas was God: and they proclaimed a fast, and put exceeding glad of the ivy. on sackcloth from the greatest to the least. 7 But God prepared a worm, when the

6 And the word came to the king of Ni-morning arose on the following day: and it neve: and he rose up out of his throne, and struck the ivy; and it withered. cast away his robe from him, and was clothed 8 And when the sun was risen, the Lord with sackcloth, and sat in ashes. commanded a hot and burning wind: and

7 And he caused it to be proclaimed and the sun beat upon the head of Jonas; and published in Ninive from the mouth of the he broiled with the heat: and he desired king and of his princes, saying : Let neither for his soul that he might die, and said : It men nor beasts, oxen, nor sheep, taste any is better for me to die than to live. thing: let them not feed nor drink water. 9 And the Lord said to Jonas: Dost thou

8 And let men and beasts be covered think thou hast reason to be angry, for the with sackcloth, and cry to the Lord withivy? And he said : I am angry with reason all their strength: and let them turn every leven unto death. one from his evil way, and from the iniquity 10 And the Lord said: Thou art grieved that is in their hands.

for the ivy, for which thou hast not labour9 Who can tell if God will turn, and for-led, nor made it to grow, which in one night give; and will turn away from his fierce came up, and in one night perished. anger, and we shall not perish ?

11 And shall not I spare Ninive, that 10 And God saw their works, that they great city, in which there are more than a were turned from their evil way: and God hundred and twenty thousand persons, that had mercy with regard to the evil which he know not how to distinguish between their had said that he would do to them: and he right hand and their left, and many beasts? did it not.

# Was exceedingly troubled, &c. His conSpoke to the fish. God's speaking to the cern was lest he should pass for a false profish, was nothing else but his will, which all sphet; or rather, lest God's word, by this things obey.

occasion, might come to be slighted and t of three days journey. By the compu- disbelieved, tation of some ancient historians, Ninive was § The Lord God prepared an idy. Hede. about fifty miles round: so that to go ram. In the Hebrew it is Kikajon, which through all the chief streets and public some render a gourd; others a palmerist, or places was three days journey.

"palma Christi.



Micheas, of Morasti, a little town in the tribesed the gatet of my people even to Jerusa

of Juda, was cotemporary with the prophetlem. Isaias; whom he resembles both in his spirit 10 Declare ye it not in Geth,t weep ye and his style. He is different from the pro- not with tears: in the house of Dust sprinphet Micheas mentioned in the third book of kle yourselves with dust. Kings, chap. xxii. For that Micheas lived 11 And pass away, 0, thou that dwellest in the days of king Achab, one hundred and in the Beautiful place, s covered with thy fifty years before the time of Ezechias, under shame: she went not forth that dwelleth in whom this Micheas prophesied.

the confines: the House adjoining shall reCHAP. I.

ceive mourning from you, which stood by Samaria for her sins shall be destroyed by the herself.

Assyrians : they shall also invade Juda 12 For she is become weakq unto good and Jerusalem.

that dwelleth in bitterness: for evil is come THE THE word of the Lord that came to Mi-down from the Lord into the gate of Jerusa

cheas the Morasthite, in the days of lem. Joathan, Achaz, and Ezechias kings of Ju. 13 A tumult of chariots hath astonished da; which he saw concerning Samaria and the inhabitants of Lachis: it is the beginJerusalem.

ning** of sin to the daughter of Sion; for in 2 Hear all ye people: and let the earth thee were found the crimes of Israel. give ear, and all that is therein: and let the 14 Therefore shall shé scudtf messengers Lord God be a witness to you, the Lord from his holy temple. 3 For behold, the Lord will come forth the destruction of Samaria shall be follow

f It hath touched the gate, &c. That is out of his place : and he will come down, led by the invasion of my people of Juda : and will tread upon the high places of the and the Assyrians shall come and lay all earth.

waste even to the confines of Jerusalem. 4 And the mountains shall be melted under him: and the valleys shall be cleft, aslthe Philistines, lest they rejoice at your ca

# Declare ye it not in Geth, viz. Amongst wax before the fire, and as waters that run down a steep place,

lamity. Wcep ye not, &c. Keep in your 5 For the wickedness of Jacob is all this, tears, that you may not give your enemies and for the sins of the house of Israel. Whaillan occasion of insulting over you : but in is the wickedness of Jacob? is it not Sama. your own houses, or in your house of dust, ria? and what are the high places of Juda : your earthly habitation, sprinkle yourselves are they not Jerusalem ?

with dust, and put on the habit of penitents. 6 And I will make Samaria as a heap of Some take the house of dust, (in Hebrew stones in the field when a vineyard is planted: phrah) to be the proper name of a city. and I will bring down the stones thereof|

$ Thou that dwellest in the Beautiful place, into the valley, and will lay her foundations (viz. In Samaria. In the Hebrew, the Beaubare.

tiful place is expressed by the word Sapir, 7. And all her graven things shall be cut which some take for a proper name of a in pieces ; and all her wages* shall be burnt city. She went not forth, &c. i.e. They that with fire ; and I will bring to destruction all dwelt in the confines came not forth, but her idols : for they were gathered toge kept themselves within for fear. The House ther of the hire of a barlot: and unto the adjoining, &c. viz. Judea and Jerusalem, hire of a harlot they shall return.

neighbours to Samaria, and partners in her 8 Therefore will I lament, and howl: illsins, shall share also in her mourning and cawill go stript and naked : I will make a wail: lamity; though they have pretended to stand ing like the dragons, and a mourning like by themselves, trusting in their strength. the ostriches.

She is become weak, &c. Jerusalem is 9 Because her wound is desperate ; be become weak unto any good ; because she cause it is come even to Juda : it'hath touch. dwells in the bitterness of sin.

** It is the beginning, &c. That is, La. Her

wages. That is, her donaries or chis was the first city of Juda that learnt presents offered to her idols; or the hire of from Samaria the worship of idols, and comall her traffic and labour. Of the hire of al municated it to Jerusalem. harlot, &c. They were gathered together tt Therefore shall she send, &c. Lachis by one idolatrous city, viz. Samaria : and shall send to Geth for help, but in vain : for they shall be carried away to another idola-Geth, instead of helping, shall be found to trous city, viz. Ninive.

Ibe a house of lying and deceit to Israel.

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to the inheritance of Geth; the houses of||thoughts ? Are not my words good to him lying to deceive the kings of Israel. that walketh uprightly?

15 Yet will I bring an heir* to thee that 8 But my people, on the contrary, are dwellest in Maresa : even to Odollam shall risen up as an enemy: you have taken away! the glory of Israel come.

the cloak off from the coat: and them that 16 Make thee bald, and be polled for thy passed harmless you have turned to war. delicate children: enlarge thy baldness as 9 You have cast out the women of my the eagle: for they are carried into cap-people from their houses, in which they tivity from thee.

took delight: you have taken my praise for CHAP. II.

ever from their children. The Israelites by their crying injustices pro- 10 Arise ye, and depart; for there is no

voke God to punish them. He shall at last|rest here for you. For that uncleanness of restore Jacob.

the land, it shall be corrupted with a grieWo No to you that devise that which is un-vous corruption.

profitable, and work evil in your 11 Would God** I were not a man that beds: in the morning light they execute it, bath the spirit, and that I rather spoke a because their hand is against God. lie: I will let drop to thee of wine and of

2 And they have coveted fields, and ta- drunkenness: and it shall be this people ken them by violence: and houses they upon whom it shall drop. have forcibly taken away: and oppressed a 12 I will assemble and gather together man and his house, a man and his inherit- all of thee, O Jacob: I will bring together

the remnant of Israel: I will put them to. 3 Therefore thus saith the Lord: Belgether as a flock in the fold, as the sheep in hold, I devise an evil against this family : Ithe midst of the sheepcots, they shall make from which you shall not withdraw your a tumult by reason of the multitude of men. necks; and you shall not walk haughtily ; 13 For he shall go up that shall open the for this is a very evil time.

way before them: they shall divide, and 4. In that day a parable shall be taken up pass through the gate, and shall come in upon you: and a song shall be sung with by it: and their king shall pass before them, melody by them that say: We are laid and the Lord at the head of them. waste and spoiled: the portion of my peo

CHAP. III. ple is changed: how shall he departf from me, whereas he is returning that will divide For the sins of the rich oppressing the peor, our land ?

of false prophets flattering for lucre, and 5 Therefore thou shalt have nonet that of judges perverting justice, Jerusalem shall cast the cord of a lot in the assembly and the temple shall be destroyed. of the Lord.

ND I said: Hear, O ye princes of Ja. 6 Speak ye not, saying: It shall not drops upon these ; confusion shall not take|rael: Is it not your part to know judgment, them.

2 You that hate good, and love evil; that 7 The house of Jacob saith : Is the Spirit violently pluck off their skins from them, of the Lord straitened, or are these his and their flesh from their bones?

3 Who have eaten the flesh of my peo

ple, and have Aayed their skin from off • An heir, &c. Maresa (which was the name of a city of Juda) signifies inheritance :

| You have taken avay, &c. You have but here God by his prophet tells the Jews, even stripped people of their necessary that he will bring them an heir to take pos-llgarments; and have treated such as were session of their inheritance; and that the innocently passing on the way, as if they glory of Israel shall be obliged to give place,||were at war with you. and to retire even to Odollam, a city in the

1 You have cast out, &c. either by depriv. extremity of their dominions. And thereing them of their houses; or, by your fore he exhorts them to penance in the fol-crimes, giving occasion to their being car. lowing verse.

ried away captives, and their children, by + How shall he depart, &c. How do you that means, 'never learning to praise the pretend to say that the Assyrian is depart. Lord. ing; when indeed he is coming to divide

** Would God, &c. The prophet could our lands amongst his subjects ?

have wished, out of his love to his people, # Thou shalt have none, &c. Thou shalt that he might be deceived in denouncing have no longer any lot or inheritance in the to them these evils that were to fall upon land of the people of the Lord.

them: but by conforming himself to the Ś It shall not drop, &c. That is, the will of God, he declares to them, that he is prophecy shall not come upon these. Such sent to prophesy, literally to let drop upon were the sentiments of the people that them, the wine of God's indignation, with were unwilling to believe the threats of the which they should be made drunk; that is, prophets.

Wstupified and cast down.


them; and have broken, and chopped their shall not take sword against nation : neither bones as for the kettle, and as flesh in the shall they learn* war any more. midst of the pot.

4 And every man shall sit under his vine, 4 Then shall they cry to the Lord; and and under his fig-tree; and there shall be he will not hear them : and he will hide his none to make them afraid: for the mouth face from them at that time, as they have of the Lord of hosts hath spoken, behaved wickedly in their devices.

5 For all people will walk every one in 5 Thus saith the Lord concerning the the name of his god: but we will walk in prophets that make my people err; that the name of the Lord our God for ever and bite with their teeth, and preach peace : lever. and if a man give not something into their 6 In that day, saith the Lord, I will gather mouth, they prepare war against him. up her that halteth: and her that I had cast

6 Therefore night shall be to you in-out, I will gather up; and her whom I had stead of vision, and darkness to you instead afflicted. of divination : and the sun shall go down 7 And I will make her that halted, a upon the prophets; and the day shall be remnant; and her that had been afflicted, a darkened over them.

mighty nation : and the Lord will reign 7 And they shall be confounded that see over them in mount Sion, from this time visions; and the diviners shall be confound now and for ever. ed: and they shall all cover their faces, be- 8 And thou, O cloudy tower of the flock, cause there is no answer of God.

of the daughter of Sion, unto thee shall it 8 But yet I am filled with the strength come: yea the first power shall come, the of the Spirit of the Lord, with judgment, kingdom to the daughter of Jerusalem. and power; to declare unto Jacob his wick- 9 Now, why art thou drawn together edness, and to Israel his sin.

with grief? Hast thou no king in thee, or is 9 Hear this, ye princes of the house of thy counsellor perished, because sorrow Jacob, and ye judges of the house of Isra-hath taken thee as a woman in labour? el : you that abhor judgment, and pervert 10 Be in pain and labour, O daughter of all that is right :

Sion, as a woman that bringeth forth : for 10 You that build up Sion with blood, now shalt thou go out of the city, and shalt and Jerusalem with iniquity.

dwell in the country, and shalt come even 11 Her princes have judged for bribes; to Babylon : there thou shalt be delivered ; and her priests have taught for hire, and there the Lord will redeem thee out of the her prophets divined for money: and they hand of thy enemies. leaned upon the Lord, saying: Is not the 11 And now many nations are gathered Lord in the midst of us? no evil shall come together against thee: and they say: Let upon us.

her be stoned: and let our eye look upon 12 Therefore, because of you, Sion shall Sion. be ploughed as a field; and Jerusalem

12 But they have not known the thoughts shall be as a heap of stones, and the moun. of the Lord, and have not understood his tain of the temple as the high places of the counsel : because he hath gathered them forests.

together as the hay of the floor.

13 Arise, and tread, o daughter of Sion : CHAP. IV.

for I will make thy horn iron, and thy hoofs The glory of the church of Christ, by the con- I will make brass : and thou shalt beat in

version of the Gentiles. The Jews shall be pieces many peoples, and shalt immolate carried captives to Babylon, and be deliver the spoils of them to the Lo and their ed again.

strength to the Lord of the whole earth,

CHAP. V. that the mountain of the house of the Lord shall be prepared in the top of moun.

and spiritual conquests.

TOW shall flow to it.

ter of the :laid siege 2 And many nations shall come in haste, cheek of the judge of Israel.

against us: with a rod shall they strike the and say : Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the

Neither shall they learn, &c. The law God of Jacob : and he will teach us of his of Christ is a law of peace; and all his true ways; and we will walk in his paths: for subjects, as much as lies in them, love and the law shall go forth out of Sion, and the keep peace with all the world. word of the Lord out of Jerusalem.

+ Daughter of the robber Some under. 3. And he shall judge among many peo.stand this of Babylon; which robbed and pil. ple, and rebuke strong nations afar off : and laged the temple of God: others understand they shall beat their swords into plough-it of Jerusalem; by reason of the many rashares, and their spears into spades : nation pines and oppressions committed there.

A Dat she Income

to baseline houses of the The birth of Christina Bethlehem: his reign Saints and high above the hills : and people Ney shalt thou be laid waste, 0:daugh

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