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thers that we pour out our prayers, and beg|/will multiply them, and they shall not be mercy in thy sight, O Lord our God: Hdiminished.

20 But because thou hast sent out thy 35 And I will make with them another wrath, and thy indignation upon us, as thou covenant that shall be everlasting, to be their hast spoken by the

hand of thy servants the God, and they shall be my people : and. I prophets, saying :

will no more remove my people, the chil21 Thus saith the Lord : Bow down your dren of Israel, out of the land that I have shoulder, and your neck, and serve the given them. king of Babylon : and you shall remain in

CHAP. III. the land which I have given to your fathers.

22 But if you will not bearken to the They pray for mercy, acknowledging that voice of the Lord your God, to serve the

they are justly punished for forsaking true king of Babylon: I will cause you to depart

wisdom. A prophecy of Christ. get of the cities of Juda, and from without A Brandwiche sound in raight the Godbe

23 And I will take away from you the troubled spirit crieth to thee : voice of mirth, and the voice of joy, and 2 Hear, O Lord, and have mercy, for thou the voice of the bridegroom, and the voice art a merciful God, and have pity on us : of the bride, and all the land shall be with- for we have sinned before thee. out any footstep of inhabitants.

3 For thou remainest for ever, and shall 24 And they hearkened not to thy voice, we perish everlastingly? to serve the king of Babylon: and thou 4 O Lord almighty, the God of Israel, hast made good thy words, which thou hear now the prayer of the dead of Israel, spokest by the hands of thy servants the land of their children, that have sinned be. prophets, that the bones of our kings, and fore thee, and have not hearkened to the the bones of our fathers should be removed voice of the Lord their God, wherefore evils out of their place :

have cleaved fast to us. 25 And behold, they are cast out to the 5 Remember not the iniquities of our faheat of the sun, and to the frost of the thers, but think upon thy hand, and upon night: and they have died in grievous thy name at this time : pains, by famine, and by the sword, and in 6 For thou art the Lord our God, and we banishment.

will praise thee, O Lord : 26 And thou hast made the temple, in 7 Because for this end thou hast put thy wbich thy name was called upon, as it is at||fear in our hearts, to the intent that we this day, for the iniquity of the house of Is-should call upon thy name, and praise thee rael, and of the house of Juda.

in our captivity; for we are converted from 27 And thou hast dealt with us, O Lord the iniquity of our fathers, who sinned beour God, according to all thy goodness, and|fore thee. according to all that great mercy of thine : 8 And behold, we are at this day in our

28 As thou spokest by the hand of thy captivity, whereby thou hast scattered us servant Moses, in the day when thou didst to be a reproach, and a curse, and an ofcommand him to write thy law before the fence, according to all the iniquities of our children of Israel,

fathers, who departed from thee, O Lord 29 Saying: If you will not hear my voice, lour God. this great multitude shall be turned into a 9 Hear, O Israel, the commandments of very small number among the nations, life : give ear, that thou mayst learn wiswhere I will scatter them:

dom. 30 For I know that the people will not 10 How happeneth it, O Israel, that thou hear me, for they are a people of a stiff | art in thy enemies' land? neck: but they shall turn to their heart in 11 Thou art grown old in a strange counthe land of their captivity:

try; thou art defiled with the dead : thou 31 And they shall know that I am the art counted with them that go down into Lord their God: and I will give them a hell. heart, and they shall understand : and ears, 12 Thou hast forsaken the fountain of and they shall hear,

wisdom : 32 And they shall praise me in the land 13 For if thou hadst walked in the way of their captivity, and shall be mindful of of God, thou hadst surely dwelt in peace my name.

for ever. 33 And they shall turn away themselves 14 Learn where is : wisdom, where is from their stiff neck, and from their wicked strength, where is understanding : that thou deeds: for they shall remember the way of mayst know also where is length of days their fathers, that sinned against me. and life, where is the light of the eyes, and

34 And I will bring them back again into peace. the land which I promised with an oath to 15 Who hath found out her place ? and their fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; who hath gone into her treasures ? and they shall be masters thereof: and ill 16 Where are the princes of the nations,


and they that rule over the beasts that are|| 37 He found out all the way of knowupon the earth?

ledge, and gave it to Jacob his servant, and 17 That take their diversion with the to Israel his beloved. birds of the air,

38 Afterwards he was seen upon earth, 18 That hoard up silver and gold, where and conversed with men. in men trust, and there is no end of their

CHAP. IV. getting? who work in silver and are solici. The prophet exhorts to the keeping of ike laz tous, and their works are unsearchable ? of wisdom : and encourages the people to

19 They are cut off, and are gone down be patient, and to hope for their deliverto hell : and others are risen up in their place. 20 Young men have seen the light, and TuS is the book of the commandments

of God, and the law, that is for ever: dwelt upon the earth : but the way of know-all they that keep it shall come to life; but ledge they have not known:

they that have forsaken it, to death. 2i Nor have they understood the paths 2 Return, O Jacob, and take hold of it: thereof; neither have their children re-walk in the way by its brightness, in the ceived it: it is far from their face.

presence of the light thereof. 22 It hath not been heard of in the land 3 Give not thy honour to another, nor of Chanaan, neither hath it been seen in thy dignity to a strange nation. Theman.

4 We are happy, O Israel: because the 23 The children of Agart also, that search things that are pleasing to God, are made | after the wisdom that is of the earth, the known to us.

merchants of Merrha, and of Theman, and 5 Be of good comfort, 0 people of God, the tellers of fables, and searchers of pru. the memorial of Israel : dence and understanding ; but the way of 6 You have been sold to the Gentiles, not wisdom they have not known; neither have for your destruction : but because you prothey remembered her paths.

voked God to wrath, you are delivered to 24 O Israel, how great is the house of your adversaries. God, and how vast is the place of his pos. 7 For you have provoked him who made session !

you, the eternal God, offering sacrifices to 25 It is great, and hath no end: it is high devils, and not to God. and immense.

8 For you have forgotten God, who 26 There were the giants, those renown. brought you up, and you have grieved Jeed men that were from the beginning, of rusalem that nursed you. great stature, expert in war.

9 For she saw the wrath of God coming 27 The Lord chose not them, neither did upon you, and she said : Give ear, all you they find the way of knowledge : therefore that dwell near Sion, for God hath brought did they perish.

upon me great mourning : 28 And because they had not wisdom, 10 For I have seen the captivity of my they perished through their folly. people, of my sons, and my daughters,

29 Who hath gone up into heaven, and which the Eternal hath brought upon them. taken her, and brought her down from the 11 For I nourished them with joy : but I clouds ?

sent them away with weeping and mourning. 30 Who hath passed over the sea, and 12 Let no man rejoice over me a widow. found her, and brought her preferably to and desolate : I am forsaken of many for the chosen gold?

sins of my children, because they departed 31 There is none that is able to know from the law of God. her ways, nor that can search out her paths : 13 And they have not known his justices,

32 But he that knoweth all things, know-nor walked by the ways of God's commandeth her, and bath found her out with his ments; neither have they entered by the understanding : be tbat prepared the earth paths of his truth and justice. for evermore, and filled it with cattle and 14 Let them that dwell about Sion come, four-footed beasts :

and remember the captivity of my sons and 33 He that sendeth forth light, and it daughters, which the Eternal hath brought goeth: and hath called it, and it obeyethupon them. him with trembling:

15 For he hath brought a nation upon 34 And the stars have given light in their them from afar, a wicked nation, and of a watches, and rejoiced :

strange tongue : 35 They were called, and they said : Here we are : and with cheerfulness they # Was seen upon earth, &c. viz. By the have shined forth to him that made them. mystery of the incarnation, by means of

36 This is our God: and there shall no which the Son of God came visibly amongst other be accounted of in comparison to him. us, and conversed with men. The prophets

often speak of things to come as if they * Theman. The capital city of Edom. were past, to express the certainty of the Agar. The mother of the Ismaelites. event of the things foretold.

you ?

16 Who have neither reverenced the an-Eternal, long to endure: and she shall be cient, nor pitied children, and have carried inhabited by devils for a great time. away the beloved of the widow, and have 36 Look about thee, o Jerusalem, toleft me all alone without children.

wards the east, and behold the joy that 17 But as for me, what help can I give cometh to thee from God.

37 For behold, thy children come, whom 18 But he that hath brought the evils|thou sentest away scattered: they come upon you, he will deliver you out of the gathered together from the east even to the hands of your enemies.

west, at the word of the holy One, rejoicing 19 Go your way, my children, go your for the honour of God. way: for I am left alone.

CHAP. V. 20 I have put off the robe of peace, and Jerusalem is invited to rejoice and behold the have put upon me the sackcloth of suppli- return of her children out of their captivity.

off, my days.

21 Be of good comfort, my children: cry the beauty, and honour of that everlasting to the Lord, and he will deliver you out of glory which thou hast from God. the band of the princes your enemies. 2 God will clothe thee with the double

22 For my hope is in the Eternal that he garment of justice, and will set a crown on will save you : and joy is come upon methy head, of everlasting honour. from the holy One, because of the mercy 3 For God will shew his brightness in which shall come to you from our everlast-/thee, to every one under heaven. ing Saviour.

4 For thy name shall be named to thee 23 For I sent you furth with mourning|by God for ever : the peace of justice, and and weeping : but the Lord will bring you honour of piety. back to me with joy and gladness for ever. 5 Arise, o Jerusalem, and stand on high :

24 For as the neighbours of Sion have and look about towards the east, and be. now seen your captivity from God; so shall hold thy children gathered together from they also shortly see your salvation from the rising to the setting sun, by the word God, which shall come upon you with great of the holy One, rejoicing in the rememhonour, and everlasting glory.

brance of God. 25 My children, suffer patiently the wrath 6 For they went out from thee on foot, that is come upon you ; for thy enemy hath led by the enemies : but the Lord will bring persecuted thee: but thou shalt quickly||them to thee exalted with honour as chil. see his destruction; and thou shalt get up dren of the kingdom. upon his neck.

7 For God hath appointed to bring down 26 My delicate ones have walked rough every high mountain, and the everlasting ways ; for they were taken away as a flock rocks, and to fill up the valleys to make made a prey by the enemies.

them even with the ground; that Israel 27 Be of good comfort, my children, and may walk diligently to the honour of God. cry to the Lord : for you shall be remem. 8 Moreover the woods and every sweet bered by him that hath led you away. smelling tree have overshadowed Israel by

28 For as it was your mind to go astray the commandment of God. from God; so when you return again, you 9 For God will bring Israel with joy in shall seek him ten times as much.

the light of his majesty, with mercy and 29 For he that hath brought evils upon justice, that cometh from him. you, shall bring you everlasting joy again

CHAP. VI. with your salvation.

The epistle of Jeremias to the captives, as a 30 Be of good heart, O Jerusalem : for preservative against idolatry. he exhorteth thee, that named thee. 31 The wicked that have afflicted thee, A Copy of the epistle that Jeremias sent

to them that were to be led away capshall perish : and they that have rejoiced at tives into Babylon, by the king of Babylon, thy ruin, shall be punished.

to declare to them according to what was 32 Tbe cities which thy children have commanded him by God. served, shall be punished ; and she that re- 1 FOR the sins that you have committed ceived* thy sons.

before God, you shall be carried away cap33 For as she rejoiced at thy ruin, and tives into Babylon by Nabuchodonosor the was glad of thy fall; so shall she be grieved king of Babylon. for her own desolation.

2 And when you are come into Babylon, 34 And the joy of her multitude shall be you shall be there many years, and for a cut off ; and her gladness shall be turned to long time, even to seven generationst: and mourning

after that I will bring you away from thence 35 For fire shall come upon her from the with peace.

Seven generations. That is, seventy She that received, &c. viz. Babylon. years.

3 But now, you shall see in Babylon gods|| 22 Whereby you may know that they are of gold, and of silver, and of stone, and off no gods. Therefore fear them not. wood borne upon shoulders, causing fear to 23 The gold also which they have, is for the Gentiles.

shew, but except a man wipe off the rust, 4 Beware therefore that you imitate notthey will not shine: for neither when they the doings of others, and be afraid, and they were molten, did they feel it. fear of them should seize upon you. 24 Men buy them at a high price, where

5 But when you see the multitude be- as there is no breath in them. hind and before, adoring them, say you in! 25 And having not the use of feet they your hearts; Thou oughtest to be adored,jare carried upon shoulders, declaring to O Lord.

men how vile they are. Be they confounded 6 For my angel is with you: and I my- also that worship them. self will demand an account of your souls. 26 Therefore if they fall to the ground,

7 For their tongue that is polished by the they rise not up again of themselves; nor if craftsman, and themselves laid over with a man set them upright will they stand by gold and silver, are false things; and they themselves, but their gifts shall be set becannot speak.

fore them, as to the dead. 8 And as if it were for a maiden that 27 The things that are sacrificed to them, loveth to go gay : so do they take gold, and their priests sell and abuse; in like manmake them up.

ner also their wives take part of them, 9. Their gods have golden crowns upon but give nothing of it either to the sick, or their heads : whereof the priests secretly to the poor. convey away from them gold, and silver, 28 The child-bearing and menstruous wo. and bestow it on themselves.

men touch their sacrifices : knowing there. 10 Yea and they give thereof to prosti-fore by these things that they are not gods, tutes, and they dress out harlots: and fear them not. again when they receive it of the harlots, 29 For how can they be called gods? they adorn their gods.

because women set offerings before the 11 And these gods cannot defend them gods of silver, and of gold, and of wood: selves from the rust and the moth.

30 And priests sit in their temples, hay. 12 But when they have covered themsing their garments rent, and their beads with a purple garment, they wipe their face and beards shaven, and nothing upon their because of the dust of the house, which is heads. very much among them.

31 And they roar and cry before their 13 This holdeth a sceptre as a man, as a gods, as men do at the feast when one is judge of the country, but cannot put to dead. death one that offendeth him.

32 The priests take away their gar14 And this hath in his hand a sword, or|ments, and clothe their wives and their chil. an axe, but cannot save himself from war, dren. or from robbers, whereby be it known to 33 And whether it be evil that one doeth you, that they are not gods.

unto them, or good, they are not able to re15 Therefore fear them not. For as a compense it : neither can they set up a king, vessel that a man uses when it is broken nor put him down : becometh useless, even so are their gods : 34 In like manner they can neither give

16 When they are placed in the house, riches, nor requite evil. If a man make a their eyes are full of dust by the feet of vow to them, and perform it not: they canthem that go in.

not require it. 17 And as the gates are made sure on

35 They cannot deliver a man from death, every side upon one that hath offended the nor save the weak from the mighty. king, or like a dead man carried to the 36 They cannot restore the blind man to grave; so do the priests secure the doors his sight, nor deliver a man from distress. with bars and locks, lest they be stripped 37 They shall not pity the widow, nor do by thieves.

good to the fatherless. 18 They light candles to them, and in 38 Their gods, of wood, and stone, and great number, of which they cannot see of gold, and of silver, are like the stones one: but they are like beams in the house. that are hewn out of the mountains : and

19 And they say that the creeping things they that worship them shall be confounded. which are of the earth, gnaw their hearts,

39 How then is it to be supposed, or to while they eat them and their garments, ||be said, that they are gods? and they feel it not.

40 Even the Chaldeans themselves dis20 Their faces are black with the smoke honour them: who when they hear of one that is made in the house.

dumb that cannot speak, they present him 21 Owls, and swallows, and other birds to Bel, entreating him, that he may speak, Ay upon their bodies, and upon their heads ; 41 As though they could be sensible that and cats in like manner.

Vhave no motion themselves : and they, when

they shall perceive this, will leave them :|| 57 Shall take from them the gold, and silfor their gods themselves have no sense. ver, and the raiment wherewith they are

42 The women also with cords about clothed, and shall go their way: neither them, sit in the ways burning olive-stones. || shall they help themselves.

43 And when any one of them, drawn 58 Therefore it is better to be a king away by some passenger, lieth with him, she that sheweth his power; or else a profitable upbraideth her neighbour, that she was not vessel in the house with which the owner thought as worthy as herself, nor her cord thereof will be well satisfied; or a door in broken.

the house to keep things safe that are there. 44 But all things that are done about in, than such false gods. them, are false : how is it then to be thought, 59 The sun, and the moon, and the stars or to be said, that they are gods?

being bright, and sent forth for profitable 45 And they are made by workmen, and uses, are obedient. by goldsmiths. They shall be nothing else 60 In like manner the lightning when it but what the priests will have them to be. breaketh forth is easy to be seen : and after

46 For the artificers themselves that the same manner the wind bloweth in every make them, are of no long continuance. country. Can those things then that are made by 61 And the clouds, when God commandthem, be gods?

eth them to go over the whole world, do 47 But they have left false things and re- that which is commanded them. proach to them that come after.

62 The fire also being sent from above 48 For when war cometh upon them, or to consume mountains, and woods, doeth as evils, the priests consult with themselves it is commanded. But these neither in shew where they may hide themselves with them. nor in power, are like to any one of them.

49 How then can they be thought to be 63 Wherefore it is neither to be thought, gods, that can neither deliver themselves "nor to be said, that they are gods : since from war, nor save themselves from evils? they are neither able to judge causes, nor

50 For seeing they are but of wood, and to do any good to men. laid over with gold, and with silver, it shall 64 Knowing therefore that they are not be known hereafter that they are false gods, fear them not. things, by all nations, and kings: and it'l. 65 For neither can they curse king's, nor shall be manifest that they are no gods, but bless them. the work of men's hands, and that there is, 66 Neither do they shew signs in the no work of God in them.

heaven to the nations, nor shine as the sun, 51 Whence therefore is it known that

nor give light as the moon.

67 Beasts are better than they, which can they are not gods but the work of men's hands, and no work of God is in them?

Ay under a covert, and help themselves.

68 Therefore there is no manner of ap52 They cannot set up a king over the land, nor give rain to men.

pearance that they are gods : so fear them 53 They determine no causes, nor deliver countries from oppression; because they cumbers keepeth nothing : so are their

69 For as a scarecrow in a garden of cucan do nothing, and are as daws between heaven and earth.

gods of wood, and of silver, and laid over 54 For when fire shall fall upon

with gold.

the house of these gods of wood, and of silver, and of in a garden upon which every bird sitteth,

70 They are no better than a white thorn be saved: but they themselves shall be in like manner also their gods of wood, and burnt in the midst like beams.

laid over with gold, and with silver, are

like to a dead body cast forth in the dark. 55 And they cannot withstand a king and war. How then can it be supposed or ad- which are moth-eaten upon them, you shall

71 By the purple also and the scarlet mitted that they are gods? 56 Neither are these gods of wood, and themselves at last are consumed, and shall ·

know that they are not gods. And they of stone and laid over with gold, and with be a reproach in the country. silver, able to deliver themselves from thieves or robbers: they that are stronger hath no idols : for he shall be far from re

72 Better therefore is the just man that than them,

proach. They that are stronger than them. That 'these idols, being things without life or moje, robbers, and thieves are stronger than tion. 2N



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