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let them go.

que, saith the Lord the God of hosts : for|| Lord, which he hath taken against Babylons thy day is come, the time of thy visitation. and his thoughts which he hath thought

32 And the proud one shall fall, he shall against the land of the Chaldeans : surely fall down, and there shall be none to lift him the little ones of the flocks shall pull them up: and I will kindle a fire in his cities, and down ; of a truth their habitation shall be it shall devour all round about him. destroyed with them.

33 Thus saith the Lord of hosts : The chil- 46 At the noise of the taking of Babylon dren of Israel, and the children of Juda are the earth is moved, and the cry is heard oppressed together: all that have taken amongst the nations. them captives, hold them fast; they will not


The miseries that shall fall upon Babylon from 34 Their Redeemer is strong, the Lord of hosts is his name : he will defend their Trupas it were a pestilential wind against

the Medes : the destruction of her idols. cause in judgment, to terrify the land, and to disquiet the inhabitants of Babylon. |Babylon and against the inhabitants thereof,

35 A sword is upon the Chaldeans, saith who have lifted up their heart against me. the Lord, and upon the inhabitants of Ba- 2 And I will send to Babylon fanners, and bylon, and upon her princes, and upon her||they shall fan her, and shall destroy her wise men.

land: for they are come upon her on every 36 A sword upon her diviners, and they side in the day of her affliction. shall be foolish : a sword upon her valiant 3 Let not him that bendeth, bend his bow, ones, and they shall be dismayed. and let not him go up that is armed with a

37 A sword upon their horses, and upon coat of mail: spare not her young men; detheir chariots, and upon all the people that||stroy all her army. are in the midst of her: and they shall be- 4 And the slain shall fall in the land of come as women: a sword upon her trea-| the Chaldeans, and the wounded in the resures, and they shall be made a spoil. gions thereof.

38 A drought upon her waters, and they 5 For Israel and Juda have not been forshall be dried up: because it is a land of|saken by their God the Lord of hosts : but idols, and they glory in monstrous things. Itheir land hath been filled with sin against

39 Therefore shall dragons dwell there the holy One of Israel. with the fig-fauns:* and ostriches shall dwell 6 Flee ye from the midst of Babylon, and therein : and it shall be no more inhabited let every one save his own life: be not sifor ever, neither shall it be built up from lent upon her iniquity : for it is the time of generation to generation.

revenge from the Lord; he will render unto 40 As the Lord overthrew Sodom and her what she hath deserved. Gomorrha, and their neighbour cities, saith 7 Babylon hath been a golden cup in the the Lord: No man shall dwell there; neither hand of the Lord, that made all the earth sball the son of man inhabit it.

drunk: the nations have drunk of her wine, 41 Behold, a people cometh from the land therefore they have staggered. north, and a great nation; and many kings 8 Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroy. shall rise up from the ends of the earth. ed: howl for her, take balm for her pain, if

42 They shall take the bow, and the so she may be healed. shield: they are cruel and unmerciful: their 9 We would have cured Babylon, but voice shall roar like the sea : and they shall she is not healed : let us forsake her, and ride upon horses, like a man prepared for let us go every man to his own land: bebattle against thee, O daughter of Babylon.||cause her judgment hath reached even to

43 The king of Babylon hath heard the the heavens, and is lifted up to the clouds. . report of them, and his hands are grown fee- 10 The Lord hath brought forth our jusble: anguish hath taken hold of him, pangs|tices : come, and let us declare in Sion the as of a woman in labour.

work of the Lord our God. 44 Behold, he shall come up like a lion 11 Sharpen the arrows, fill the quivers : from the swelling of the Jordan to the strong the Lord hath raised up the spirit of the and beautiful: for I will make him run sud-kings of the Medes : and his mind is against denly upon her: and who shall be the cho- Babylon to destroy it, because it is the vensen one whom I may appoint over her? for geance of the Lord, the vengeance of his who is like to me and who shall bear up temple. against me ? and who is that shepherd that 12 Upon the walls of Babylon set up the can withstand my countenance ?

standard, strengthen the watch : set up the 45 Therefore hear ye the counsel of the watchman, prepare the ambushes : for the

Lord hath both purposed, and done all that Fig-fauns. Monsters of the desert, or he spoke against the inhabitants of Babylon. demons in monstrous shapes; such as the 13 0 thou that dwellest upon many waancients called Fauns and Satyrs : and as ters, rich in treasures, thy end is come for they imagined them to live upon wild figsthy entire destruction, they called them Fauni ficarii, or Fig-fauns. 14 The Lord of hosts hath sworn by him

self, saying: I will fill thee with men as 28 Prepare the nations against her, the with locusts, and they shall lift up a joyful kings of Media, their captains, and all their shout against thee.

rulers, and all the land of their dominion. 15 He that made the earth by his power, 29 And the land shall be in a commotion, that hath prepared the world by his wis and shall be troubled : for the design of the dom, and stretched out the heavens by his Lord against Babylon shall awake, to make understanding.

the land of Babylon desert and unhabit. 16 When he uttereth his voice the wa-lable. ters are multiplied in heaven : he lifteth up 30 The valiant men of Babylon have for the clouds from the ends of the earth : be borne to fight, they have dwelt in holds : hath turned lightning into rain, and hath their strength hath failed, and they are bebrought forth the wind out of his treasures.come as women: her dwelling-places are

17°Every man* is become foolish by his burnt, her bars are broken. knowledge: every founder is confounded 31 One running post shall meet another, by bis idol; for what he hath cast is a lie, and messenger shall meet messenger, to and there is no breath in them.

tell the king of Babylon that his city is taken 18 They are vain works, and worthy to from one end to the other : be laughed at: in the time of their visita- 32 And that the fords are taken, and the tion they shall perish.

marshes are burnt with fire, and the men of 19 The portion of Jacob is not like them: war are affrighted. for he that made all things he it is, and Is. 33 For thus saith the Lord of hosts the rael is the sceptre of his inheritance : The God of Israel: The daughter of Babylon is Lord of hosts is his name.

like a threshing-floor ; this is the time of 20 Thou dashest together for me the wea.her threshing: yet a little while, and the pons of war; and with thee I will dash na- time of her harvest shall come. tions together, and with thee I will destroy 34 Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon hath kingdoms :

eaten me up; he hath devoured me: he 21 And with thee I will break in pieces hath made me as an empty vessel : he hath the horse, and his rider: and with thee I swallowed me up like a dragon : he hath will break in pieces the chariot, and him filled his belly with my delicate meats, and that getteth up into it:

he hath cast me out. 22 And with thee I will break in pieces i 35 The wrong done to me, and my flesh man and woman; and with thee I will break be upon Babylon, saith the babitation of in pieces the old man and the child; and|Sion; and my blood upon the inhabitants with thee I will break in pieces the young||of Chaldea, saith Jerusalem. man and the virgin :

36 Therefore thus saith the Lon: Be. 23 And with thee I will break in pieces hold, I will judge thy cause, and will take the shepherd and his flock; and with thee vengeance for thee, and I will make her I will break in pieces the husbandman and|sea desolate, and will dry up her spring. his yoke of oxen; and with thee I will break 37 And Babylon shall be reduced to in pieces captains and rulers.

heaps, a dwelling place for dragons, an 24 And I will render to Babylon, and to astonishment, and a hissing, because there all the inhabitants of Chaldea all their evil, is no inhabitant. that they have done in Sion, before your 38 They shall roar together like lions : eyes, saith the Lord.

they shall shake their manes like young 25 Behold, I come against thee, thou des- lions. troying mountain, saith the Lord, which 39 in their heat I will set them drink: corruptest the whole earth: and I willjand I will make them drunk, that they may stretch out my hand upon thee, and will slumber, and sleep an everlasting sleep, and roll thee down from the rocks, and will awake no more, saith the Lord. make thee a burnt mountain.

40 I will bring them down like lambs to 26 And they shall not take of thee a stone the slaughter, and like rams with kids. for the corner, nor a stone for foundations; 41 How is Sesach taken, and the renownbut thou shalt be destroyed for ever, saith|ed one of all the earth surprised? How is the Lord.

Babylon become an astonishment among 27 Set ye up a standard in the land : the nations ? sound with the trumpet among the nations : 42 The sea is come up over Babylon: she prepare the nations against her : call tollis covered with the multitude of the waves gether against her the kings of Ararat, Men-thereof. ni, and Ascenez: number Taphsar against 43 Her cities are become an astonishher; bring the horse as the stinging locust.flment, a land uninhabited and desolate, a

land wherein none can dwell, nor son of * Every man, &c. That is, every maker||man pass through it. of idols, however he boasts of his know- 44 And I will visit against Bel in Baby. ledge and skill, does but shew himself a foolion, and I will bring forth out of his mouth in pretending to make a God.

that which he had swallowed down: and the nations shall no more flow together to 60 And Jeremias wrote in one book all the him, for the wall also of Babylon shall fall. evil that was to come upon Babylon; all these

45 Go out of the midst of her, my people, words that are written against Babylon. that every man may save his life from the 61 And Jeremias said to Saraias : When herce wrath of the Lord.

thou shalt come into Babylon, and shalt see, 46 And lest your hearts faint, and ye fear and shalt read all these words, for the rumor that shall be heard in the 62 Thou shalt say: 0 Lord, thou hast land: and a rumor shall come in one year, Ispoken against this place to destroy it: so and after this year another rumor: and ini-that there should be neither man nor beast quity in the land, and ruler upon ruler. to dwell therein, and that it should be deso

47 Therefore behold, the days come, and late for ever. I will visit the idols of Babylon: and her 63 And when thou shalt have made an whole land shall be confounded, and all her end of reading this book, thou shalt tie a slain shall fall in the midst of her.

stone to it, and shalt throw it into the midst 48 And the heavens and the earth, and of the Euphrates: all things that are in them shall give praise 64 And thou shalt say: Thus shall Bafor Babylon : for spoilers shall come to her bylon sink; and she shall not rise up from the north, saith the Lord.

from the affliction that I will bring upon 49 And as Babylon caused that thereher; and she shall be utterly destroyed. should fall slain in Israel: so of Babylon Thus far are the words of Jeremias. there shall fall slain in all the earth.

CHAP. LII. 50 You that have escaped the sword, come A recapitulation of the reign of Sedecias, away, stand not still: remember the Lord afar and the destruction of Jerusalem. The off, and let Jerusalem come into your mind. number of the captives.

Senchen haben en and rein heard reproach: shame hath covered our old when he began to reign: and he faces: because strangers are come upon reigned eleven years in Jerusalem : and the the sanctuaries of the house of the Lord. name of his mother was Amital, the daugh

52 Therefore behold, the days come, ter of Jeremias of Lobna. sajth the Lord, and I will visit her graven 2 And he did that which was evil in the things, and in all her land the wounded eyes of the Lord, according to all that Joashall groan.

kim had done. 53 If Babylon should mount up to hea- 3 For the wrath of the Lord was against ven, and establish her strength on high : Jerusalem, and against Juda, till he cast from me there should come spoilers upon them out from his presence : and Sedecias her, saith the Lord.

revolted from the king of Babylon. 54 The noise of a cry from Babylon, and 4 And it came to pass in the ninth year great destruction from the land of the Chal- of his reign, in the tenth month, the tenth deans:

day of the month, that Nabuchodonosor the 55 Because the Lord hath laid Babylon king of Babylon came, he and all his army waste, and destroyed out of her the great against Jerusalem : and they besieged it, voice: and their waves shall roar like many and built forts against it round about. waters: their voice hath made a noise : 5 And the city was besieged until the

56 Because the spoiler is come upon her,eleventh year of king Sedecias. that is, upon Babylon, and her valiant men 6 And in the fourth month, the ninth day are taken, and their bow is weakened, be- of the month, a famine overpowered the cause the Lord who is a strong revenger city: and there was no food for the people will surely repay.

of the land. 57 And I will make her princes drunk, 7 And the city was broken up; and the and her wise men, and her captains, and men of war fled, and went out of the city her rulers, and her valiant men: and they in the night by the way of the gate that is shall sleep an everlasting sleep, and shall between the two walls, and leadeth to the awake no more, saith the King, whose name king's garden (the Chaldeans besieging the is Lord of hosts.

city round about), and they went by the 58 Thus saith the Lord of hosts : That way that leadeth to the wilderness. broad wall of Babylon shall be utterly bro- 8 But the army of the Chaldeans pursued ken down; and her high gates shall be after the king : and they overtook Sedecias burnt with fire; and the labours of the peo- in the desert which is near Jericho: and all ple shall come to nothing; and of the na-bis companions were scattered from him. tions shall go to the fire, and shall perish. 9 And when they had taken the king,

59 The word that Jeremias the prophet they carried him to the king of Babylon to commanded Saraias the son of Nerias, the Reblatha, which is in the land of Emath : son of Maasias, when he went with king and he gave judgment upon him. Sedecias to Babylon, in the fourth year of 10 And the king of Babylon slew the his reign: now Saraias was chief over the sons of Sedecias before his eyes: and he prophecy.

slew all the princes of Juda in Reblatha.

11 And he put out the eyes of Sedecias, (cubits: and net-work, and pomegranates and bound him with fetters: and the king were upon the chapiters round about, all of Babylon brought him to Babylon, and he lof brass. The same of the second pillar, put him in prison till the day of his death. I and the pomegranates.

12 And in the fifth month, the tenth day 23 And there were ninety-six pomegraof the month, the same is the nineteenth nates hanging down: and the pomegranates year of Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon, being a hundred in all, were compassed came Nabuzardan the general of the army, with net-work. who stood before the king of Babylon in 24 And the general took Saraias the Jerusalem.

chief priest, and Sopbonias the second 13 And he burnt the house of the Lord,|priest, and the three keepers of the entry. and the king's house, and all the houses of 25 He also took out of the city one Jerusalem, and every great house he burnt eunuch that was chief over the men of war; with fire.

Hand seven men of them that were near the 14 And all the army of the Chaldeans king's person, that were found in the city; that were with the general broke down all and a scribe an officer of the army, who the wall of Jerusalem round about. exercised the young soldiers; and three.

15 But Nabuzardan the general carried score men of the people of the land, that away captives some of the poor people, and were found in the midst of the city. of the rest of the common sort who remain- 26 And Nabuzardan the general took ed in the city, and of the fugitives that were them, and brought them to the king of Babyfled over to the king of Babylon, and the lon to Reblatha. rest of the multitude.

27 And the king of Babylon struck them, 16 But of the poor of the land, Nabuzar- and put them to death in Reblatha in the dan the general left some for vine-dressers, land of Emath : and Juda was carried away and for husbandmen.

captive out of his land. 17 The Chaldeans also broke in pieces 28 This is the people whom Nabuchodothe brazen pillars that were in the house of nosor carried away captive: In the seventh the Lord, and the bases, and the sea of brass year, three thousand and twenty three Jews. that was in the house of the Lord : and 29 In the eighteen year of Nabuchodothey carried all the brass of them to Baby- nosor, eight hundred and thirty two souls lon.

from Jerusalem. 18 And they took the cauldrons, and the 30 In the three and twentieth year of Naflesh-hooks, and the psalteries, and the buchodonosor, Nabuzardan the general carbowls, and the little mortars, and all the ried away of the Jews seven hundred and brazen vessels that had been used in the forty-five souls. So all the souls were four ministry : and

thousand six hundred. 19 The general took away the pitchers, 31 And it came to pass in the seven and and the censers, and the pots, and the ba- thirtieth year of the captivity of Joachin sons, and the candlesticks, and the mortars, king of Juda, in the twelfth month, the five and the cups: as many as were of gold, in and twentieth day of the month, that Evilgold; and as many as were of silver, in Merodach king of Babylon, in the first silver:

year of his reign, lifted up the head of Joa20 And the two pillars, and one sea, and chin king of Juda, and brought him forth twelve oxen of brass that were under the out of prison. bases, which king Solomon had made in the 32 And he spoke kindly to him, and he house of the Lord : there was no weight set his throne above the thrones of the kings of the brass of all these vessels.

that were with him in Babylon. 21 And concerning the pillars, one pillar 33 And he changed his prison-garments; was eighteen cubits high : and a cord of and he ate bread before him always all the twelve cubits compassed it about: but the days of his life. thickness thereof was four fingers, and it 34 And for his diet a continual provision was hollow within.

was allowed him by the king of Babylon, 22 And chapiters of brass were upon every day a portion, until the day of his both: the height of one chapiter was fivel death, all the days of his life.




In these JEREMIAS laments in a most patheti-Mhonoured her, have despised her, because

cal manner the miseries of his people, and they have seen her shame: but she sighed, the destruction of JERUSALEM and the tem- and turned backward. ple, in Hebrew verses, beginning with dif- 9 Teth. Her filthiness is on her feet ;

and ferent letters according to the order of the she hath not remembered her end : she is Hebrew alphabet.

wonderfully cast down, not having a com* And it came to pass, after Israel was car-forter: behold, O Lord, my affliction, be

ried into captivity, and Jerusalem was de- cause the enemy is lifted up. solate, that Jeremias the prophet sat 10 · Jod. The enemy hath put out his weeping, and mourned with this lamen- hand to all her desirable things : for she tation over Jerusalem, and with a sorrow. hath seen the Gentiles enter into her sancful mind, sighing and moaning, he said: tuary, of whom thou gavest commandment CHAP. I.

that they should not enter into thy church. Aleph. He was all

Tow doth the city sit solitary thatl. 11 Caph. All her people sigh, they seek mistress of the Gentiles become as a widow :|things for food to relieve the soul : see, O the princess of provinces made tributary! Lord, and consider, for I am become vile.

2 Beth. Weeping she hath wept in the 12 Lamed. O all ye that pass by the way, night, and her tears are on her cheeks: attend, and see if there be any sorrow like there is none to comfort her among all them to my sorrow; for he hath made a vintage that were dear to her : all her friends have of me, as the Lord spoke in the day of his despised her, and are become her enemies. fierce anger.

3 Ghimel. Juda hath removed her dwel-|| 13 Mem. From above he hath sent fire Iing place, because of her affliction, and the into my bones, and hath chastised me: he greatness of her bondage : she hath dwelt hath spread a net for my feet; he hath among the nations, and she hath found no turned me back: he hath made me desolate, rest : all her persecutors have taken her in wasted with sorrow all the day long: the midst of straits.

14 Nun. The yoke of my iniquities hath 4 Daleth. The ways of Sion mourn, be- watched: they are folded together in his Gause there are none that come to the so-hand, and put upon my neck: my strength lemn feast : all her gates are broken down : is weakened: the Lord hath delivered me her priests sigh: her virgins are in affic-into a hand, out of which I am not able to tion, and she is oppressed with bitterness. rise.

5 He. Her adversaries are become her 15 Samech. The Lord hath taken away lords : her enemies are enriched : because all my mighty men out of the midst of me: the Lord hath spoken against her for thehe hath called against me the time, to demultitude of her iniquities: her children are stroy my chosen men: the Lord hath trodled into captivity, before the face of the den the wine-press for the virgin-daughter oppressor.

lof Juda. 6. Vau. And from the daughter of Sion all 16 Ain. Therefore do I weep, and my her beauty is departed: her princes are leyes run down with water: because the become like rams that find no pastures : comforter, the relief of my soul, is far from and they are gone away without strength|me : my children are desolate, because the before the face of the pursuer.

enemy hath prevailed. 7 Zain. Jerusalem hath remembered the 17 Phe. Sion hath spread forth her hands; days of her affliction, and prevarication of there is none to comfort her : the Lord all her desirable things which she had fromhath commanded against Jacob, his enemies the days of old, when her people fell in the are round about him: Jerusalem is as a menenemy's hand, and there was no helper : the struous woman among them. enemies have seen her, and have mocked 18 Sade. The Lord is just, for I have at her sabbaths.

provoked bis mouth to wrath: hear, I pray 8 Heth. Jerusalem hath grievously sinned; you, all ye people, and see my sorrow: my therefore is she become unstable: all that||virgins, and my young men are gone into

captivity. This preface was not written by Jere- 19 Coph. I called for my friends, but they mias, but added by the seventy interpreters, deceived me: my priests and my ancienis to give the reader to understand upon what pined away in the city; while they sought occasion the Lamentations were published. their food, to relieve their souls:

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