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they opened their mouth as for a latter 18 with the multitude of them my gar: shower

ment is consumed; and they have girded 24 If at any time I laughed on them, me about, as with the collar of my coat. they believed not: and the light of my 19 I am compared to dirt, and am likened countenance fell not on the earth.

Ito embers and ashes. 25 If I had a mind to go to them, I sat 20 I cry to thee, and thou hearest me first: and when I sat as a king, with his ar- not : I stand up, and thou dost not regard me. my standing about him, yet I was a com- 21 Thou art changed to be cruel toward forter of them that mourned.

me, and in the hardness of thy hand thou CHAP. XXX.

Hart against me.

22 Thou hast lifted me up, and set me as Job shews the wonderful change of his tem-it were upon the wind: and thou hast might

poral estate, from welfare to great calamity.lily dashed me.
BThonger father oung
could not have "ses death, where al house is appointed for

every with the dogs of my flock:

one that liveth. 2 The strength of whose hands was to 24 But yet thou stretchest not forth thy me as nothing ; and they were thought un- hand to their consumption: and if they shall worthy of life itself.

fall down, thou wilt save. 3 Barren with want and hunger, who 25 [ wept heretofore for him that was gnawed in the wilderness, disfigured with afflicted; and my soul had compassion on calamity and misery.


oor. 4 And they ate grass, and barks of trees: 26 I expected good things, and evils are and the root of junipers was their food.

come upon me: I waited for light, and 5 Who snatched up these things out of darkness broke out. the valleys: and when they had found any 27 My inner parts have boiled without of them, they ran to them with a cry. any rest : the days of affliction have pre

6 They dwelt in the desert places of tor- vented me. rents, and in caves of the earth, or upon the 28 I went mourning without indignation ; gravel.

I rose up and cried in the crowd. 7 They pleased themselves among these 29 I was the brother of dragons,f and kind of things, and counted it delightful to companion of ostriches. be under the briars.

30 My skin is become black upon me, 8 The children of foolish and base men, and my bones are dried up with heat. and not appearing at all upon the earth : 31 My harp is turned to mourning, and

9 Now I am turned into their song, and my organ into the voice of those that weep. am become their bye-word.

CHAP. XXXI. 10 They abhor me, and flee far from me, and are not afraid to spit in my face. Job, to defend himself from the unjust judg

11 For he hath opened his quiver, and ments of his friends, gives a sincere acbath afflicted me, and hath put a bridle into count of his own virtues. my mouth. 12 At the right hand of my rising, my

MADE a covenant with my eyes, that I I

would not so much as think upon a vircalamities forth with arose : they have over-gin. thrown my feet, and have overwhelmed me 2 For what part should God from above with their paths as with waves.

have in me, and what inheritance the Al. 13 They have destroyed my ways; they mighty from on high? have lain in wait against me; and they have 3 Is not destruction to the wicked, and prevailed; and there was none to help. aversion to them that work iniquity ?

14 They have rushed in upon me, as 4 Doth not he consider my ways, and when a wall is broken, and a gate opened, number all my steps ? and have rolled themselves down to my 5 If I have walked in vanity, and my foot miseries.

hath made haste to deceit: 15 I am brought to nothing : as a wind 6 Let him weigh me in a just balance ; thou hast taken away my desire: and my and let God know my simplicity. prosperity hath passed away like a cloud. 7 If my step hath turned out of the way,

16 And now my soul fadeth within my land if my heart hath followed my eyes, self; and the days of affliction possess me. |and if a spot hath cleaved to my hands:

17 In the night my bone is pierced with 8 Then let me sow, and let another eat: sorrows and they that feed upon me, do and let my offspring be rooted out. not sleep.

9 If my heart hath been deceived upon a

woman, and if I have laid wait at my friend's But the younger in time : that is, young-door : er than I am, and is as it were obscure, when I was conspicuous and in magnifi. † Brother of Dragons, &c. Imitating cence; they now look down on me. these creatures in their lamentable noise,

ook ;

10 Let my wife be the harlot of another, 33 If as a man I have hid my sin, and have and let other men lie with her.

concealed my iniquity in my bosom : 11 For this is a heinous crime, and a 34 If I have been afraid at a very great mul. most grievous iniquity.

titude, and the contempt of kinsmen hath 12 it is a fire that deyoureth even to de. terrified me: and I have not rather held struction, and rooteth up all things that my peace, and not gone out of the door : spring:

35 Who would grant me a hearer, that 13 If I have despised to abide judgment the Almighty may hear my desire : and that with my man-servant, or my maid-servant, he himself that judgeth would write a when they had any controversy against me

14 For what shall I do when God shall 36 That I may carry it on my shoulder, rise to judge ? and when he shall examine, and put it about me as a crown? what shall 1 answer bim?

37 At every step of mine, I would pro15 Did not he that made me in the womb 'nounce it, and offer it as to a prince. make bim also : and did not one and the same 38 If my land cry against me, and with it form me in the womb ?

the furrows thereof mourn; 16 If I have denied to the poor what they 39 If I have eaten the fruits thereof withdesired, and have made the eyes of the out money, and have afflicted the soul of widow wait :

the tillers thereof: 17 If I have eaten my morsel alone, and 40 Let thistles grow up to me, instead of the fatherless hath not eaten thereof : wheat, and thorns instead of barley.

18 (For from my infancy mercy grew up The words of Job are ended. with me: and it came out with me from my

CHAP. XXXII. mother's womb :)

Eliu is angry both with Job and his friends. 19 If I have despised him that was perish

He boasts of himself, ing for want of clothing, and the poor man that bad no covering :

10 these three men ceased to answer so

Job, because he seemned just to himself. 20 If his sides have not blessed me, and 2 And Eliu the son of Barachel the Bu. if he were not warmed with the fleece of zite, of the kindred of Ram, was angry and my sheep:

was moved to indignation: now he was an21 If I have lifted up my hand against the gry against Job, because he said he was just fatherless, even when I saw myself superior before God. in the gate :

3 And he was angry with his friends, be22 Let my shoulder fall from its joint cause they had not found a reasonable anand let my arm with its bones be broken. swer, but only had condemned Job.

23 For I have always feared God as wave: 4 So Eliu waited while Job was speakswelling over me, and his weight I was no ag, because they were his elders that were able to bear.

speaking 24 If I. have thought gold my strength, 5 But when he saw that the three were and have said to fine gold: My confidence not able to answer, he was exceedingly an

25 If I have rejoiced over my great richessry. and because my hand had gotten much :- 6 Then Eliu the son of Barachel the Bu.

26 If I beheld the sun* when it shined. || vite answered, and said: I am younger in and the moon going in brightness : day's, and you are more ancient; therefore

27 And my heart in secret hath rejoiced hanging down my head, I was afraid to shew and I have kissed my hand with my mouth : you my opinion.

28 Which is a very great iniquity, and a 7 For i hoped that greater age would denial against the most high God; Ispeak, and that a multitude of years would

29 If I have been glad at the downfali teach wisdom. of him that hated me, and have rejoiced 8 But, as I see, there is a spirit in men, that evil had found him.

and the inspiration of the Almighty givetb 30 For I have not given my mouth to sin, understanding. by wishing a curse to his soul.

9 They that are aged are not the wise 31 If the men of my tabernacle have not nen ; neither do the ancients understand said: Who will give us of his flesh that we judgment. may be filled ?

10 Therefore I will speak: Hearken to 32 The stranger did not stay without :ne: I also will shew you my wisdom. my door was open to the traveller.

11 For I have waited for your words: I

nave given ear to your wisdom, as long as * If I beheld the sun, &c. If I behold you were disputing in words. the sun and moon with admiration, knowing|| 12 And as long as I thought you said them to be created and governed by the something, I considered : but, as I see, there power of God, I call on my adversaries tollis none of you that can convince Job and produce any thing against me, whereby answer his words. coull be charged with worshipping the sun 13 Lest you should say: We have found or moon.

wisdom : God hath cast him down, not man.


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14 He hath spoken nothing to me, and I||deep sleep falleth upon men, and they are will not answer him according to your sleeping in their beds : words.

16 Then be openeth the ears of men, 15 They were afraid, and answered no and teaching instructeth them in what they more, and they left off speaking.

are to learn. 16 Therefore because I have waited, and 17 That he may withdraw a man from they have not spoken ; they stood and an- the things he is doing, and may deliver him swered no more.

from pride. 17 I also will answer my part, and will 18 Rescuing his soul from corruption : . shew my knowledge.

and his life from passing to the sword. 18 For I am full of matter to speak of, 19 He rebuketh also by sorrow in the and the spirit of my bowels straiteneth me. bed, and he maketh all his bones to wither.

19 Behold, my belly is as new wine which 20 Bread becometh abominable to him in wanteth vent, which bursteth the new ves his life, and to his soul the meat which besels.

fore he desired. 20 I will speak, and take breath a little :| 21 His flesh shall be consumed away, and I will open my lips, and will answer. his bones that were covered, shall be made

21 I will not accept the person of man ; bare. and I will not level God with man.*

22 His soul hath drawn near to corrup22 For I know not how long I shall con- tion, and his life to the destroyers. tinue, and whether after a while my maker 23 If there shall be an Angel speaking may take me away.

for him, one among thousands, to declare CHAP. XXXIII.

man's uprightness.

24 He shall have mercy on him, and shall Eliu blames Job for asserting his own inno- say: Deliver him, that he may not go down

to corruption: I have found wherein I may EAR therefore, O Job, my speeches, be merciful to him. and bearken to all my words.

25 His flesh is consumed with punishments, 2 Behold, now I have opened my mouth let it return to the days of his youth. let my tongue speak within my jaws. 26 He shall pray to God, and he will be

3 My words are from my upright heart,||gracious to him: and he shall see his face and my lips shall speak a pure sentence. with joy, and he will render to man his

4 The Spirit of God made me, and the justice. breath of the almighty gave me life. 27 He shall look upon men, and shall say:

5 If thou canst, answer me, and stand up I have sinned, and indeed I have offended ; against my face.

and I have not received what I have de. 6 Behold, God hath made me as well as served. thee; and of the same clay I also was formed. 28 He hath delivered his soul from going

7 But yet let not my wonder terrify thee, sinto destruction, that it may live and see and let not my eloquence be burdensome the light. to thee.

29 Behold, all these things God worketh 8 Now thou hast said in my hearing, and three times within every one. I have heard the voice of thy words : 30 That he may withdraw their souls

9 I am clean, and without sin: I am un-from corruption, and enlighten them with spotted, and there is no iniquity in me. the light of the living.

10 Because he hath found complaints 31 Attend, Job, and hearken to me: and against me, therefore he hath counted me hold thy peace, whilst I speak. for his enemy.

32 But if thou hast any thing to say, an11 He hath put my feet in the stocks, he swer me, speak: for I would have thee hath observed all my paths.

to appear just. 12 Now this is the thing in which thou 33 And if thou have not, hear me: hold art not justified: I will answer thee, that||thy peace, and I will teach thee wisdom. God is greater than man.

CHAP. XXXIV. 13 Dost thou strive against him, because he hath not answered thee to all words? Eliu charges Job with blasphemy; and sets

14 God speaketh once and repeateth not forth the power and justice of God. the self same thing the second time. 15 By a dream in a vision by night

, when A Noi Eliu continued his discourse, and

2 Hear, ye wise men, my words: and ye * I will not level God with man. Here Eliu|learned, hearken to me: considers that Job hath put himself on a 3 for the ear trieth words, and the mouth level with God, by the manner he assumed discerneth meats by the taste. to justify his own life in speaking to God as 4 Let us choose to us judgment, and let if he spoke to an equal : Eliu expresses in lus see among ourselves what is the best. the following ver. 22, his fear of punish- 5 For Job hath said : I am just; and God ment hereafter for such an attempt. Whath overthrown my judgment.



6 For in judging me, there is a lie : mys|hold him, whether it regard nations, or all arrow is violent without any sin.

7 What is there like Job, who 30 Who maketh a man that is a hypocrite drinketh up scorning like water? to reign for the sins of the people ?

8 Who goeth in company with them that 31 Seeing then I have spoken of God, I work iniquity, and walketh with wicked will not binder thee in thy turn. men ?

32 If I have erred, teach thou me : if I 9 For he hath said : Man shall not please have spoken iniquity, I will add no more. God, although he run with him.

33 Doth God require it of thee, because 10 Therefore, ye men of understanding, sit hath displeased thee? for thou begannest hear me: far from God be wickedness, and to speak, and not 1: but if thou know any iniquity from the Almighty.

thing better, speak. 11 For he will render to a man his work : 34 Let men of understanding speak to and according to the ways of every one he me ; and let a wise man hearken to me. will reward them.

35 But Job hath spoken foolishly, and 12 For in very deed God will not con- his words sound not discipline. demn without cause: neither will the Al 36 My father, let Job be tried even to mighty pervert judgment.

the end : cease not from the man of iniquity. 13 What other hath he appointed over

37 Because he addeth blasphemy upon the earth ? or whom hath he set over the|his sins, let him be tied fast in the mean world which he made ?

time among us: and then let him provoke 14 If he turn his heart to him, he shall God to judgment with his speeches. draw his spirit and breath unto himself.

CHAP. XXXV. 15 All flesh shall perish together: and Eliu declares that the good or evil done by

man cannot reach God. 116 If then thou hast understanding; hear MORE Dock thy thought seem right to what is said, and hearken to the voice of my words.

thee, that thou shouldst say: I am more 17 Can he be healed that loveth not just than God? judgment ? and how dost thou so far con- 3 For thou saidst : That which is right demn him that is just ?

doth not please thee: or what will it profit 18 Who saith to the king: Thou art an thee if I sin ? apostate : who calleth rulers ungodly : 4 Therefore I will answer thy words, and

19 Who accepteth not the persons of thy friends with thee. princes; nor hath regarded the tyrant, when 5 Look up to heaven, and see, and behe contended against the poor man: for all hold the sky, that it is higher than thee. are the work of his hands.

6 If thou sin, what shalt thou hurt him? 20 They shall suddenly die, and the peo- and if thy iniquities be multiplied, what ple shall be troubled at midnight: and they shalt thou do against him? shall pass, and take away the violent with- 7 And if thou do justly, what shalt thou out hand.

give him, or what shall he receive of thy 21 For his eyes are upon the ways of hand? men, and he considereth all their steps. 8 Thy wickedness may hurt a man that

22 There is no darkness, and there is no is like thee: and thy justice may help the shadow, of death, where they may be hid son of man. who work iniquity.

9 By reason of the multitude of oppres23 For it is no longer in the power of man sors they shall cry out; and shall wail for to enter into judgment with God.

the violence of the arm of tyrants. 24 He shall break in pieces many and in- 10 And he hath not said: Where is God, numerable; and shall make others to stand who made me, who hath given songs in the in their stead,

night? 25 For he knoweth their works : and 11 Who teacheth us more than the beasts therefore he shall bring night on them; and of the earth, and instructeth us more than they shall be destroyed.

the fowls of the air. 26 He bath struck them as being wicked, 12 There shall they cry, and he will not in open sight.

hear, because of the pride of evil men. 27 Who as it were on purpose

have 13 God therefore will not hear in vain : volted from him, and would not understand and the Almighty will look into the causes

of every one. 28 So that they caused the cry of the 14 Yea when thou shalt say: He conneedy to come to him, and he heard the sidereth not: be judged before him, and voice of the poor.

expect him. 29 For when he granteth peace who is 15 For he doth not now bring on his fury: there that can condemn? When he hideth||neither doth he revenge wickedness es. liis countenance, who is there that can be-ceedingly.


all his ways:

16 Therefore Job openeth his mouth insty: for this thou hast begun to follow after vain, and multiplieth words without know-misery.t ledge.

22 Behold, God is high in his strength : CHAP. XXXVI.

and none is like bim among the lawgivers.

23 Who can search out his ways? or who Eliu proceeds in setting forth the justice and can say to him: Thou hast wrought inipower of God.

quity? Esu proceed tidele, cand l will shewl work, concerning which men have sung.

24 his thee: for I have yet somewhat to speak in 25 All men see him : every one beholdGod's behalf.

eth afar off. 3 I will repeat my knowledge from the! 26 Behold, God is great, exceeding our beginning, and I will prove my maker just. knowledge: the number of his years is in

4 For indeed my words are without a lie: estimable. and perfect knowledge shall be proved to 27 He lifteth up the drops of rain, and thee.

poureth out showers like floods; 5 God doth not cast away the mighty, 28 Which flow from the clouds that cowhereas he himself also is mighty; ver all above.

6 But he saveth not the wicked : and he 29 If he will spread out clouds as his tent, giveth judgment to the poor.

30 And lighten with his light from above, 7 He will not take away his eyes from the he shall cover also the ends of the sea. just: and he placeth kings on the throne for 31 For by these he judgeth people, and ever, and they are exalted.

giveth food to many mortals. 8 And if they shall be in chains, and be 32 In his hands he hideth the light, and bound with the cords of poverty,

commandeth it to come again. 9 He shall shew them their works, and 33 He sheweth his friend concerning it, their wicked deeds, because they have been that it is his possession, and that he may violent.

come up to it. 10 He also shall open their ear, to correct

CHAP. XXXVII. them; and shall speak, that they may return from iniquity.

Eliu goes on in his discourse, shewing God's 11 If they shall hear and observe, they wisdom and power, by his wonderful works. shall accomplish their days in good, and A Tout of its place.

T this my heart trembleth, and is moved their years in glory.

12 But if they bear not, they shall pass 2 Hear ye attentively the terror of his by the sword, and shall be consumed in voice, and the sound that cometh out of his folly.

mouth. 13 Dissemblers and crafty men prove the! 3 He beholdeth under all the heavens; wrath of God: neither shall they cry when and his light is upon the ends of the earth. they are bound.

4 After it a noise shall roar: he shall 14 Their soul shall die in a storm, and thunder with the voice of his majesty, and their life among the effeminate.

shall not be found out, when his voice shall 15 He shall deliver the poor out of his be heard. distress, and shall open his ear in affliction. 5 God shall thunder wonderfully with his

16 Therefore he shall set thee at large voice, he that doeth great and unsearchable out of the narrow mouth,' and which hath things. no foundation under it: and the rest of thy 6 He commandeth the snow to go down table shall be full of fatness.

upon the earth, and the winter rain, and the 17 Thy cause bath been judged as that shower of his strength. of the wicked: cause and judgment thou 7 He sealeth upt the hand of all men, shalt recover.

that every one may know his works. 18 Therefore let not anger overcome

8 Then the beast shall go into his covert, thee, to oppress any man: neither let mul- and shall abide in his den. titude of gifts turn thee aside.

19 Lay down thy greatness without tribu-l † For this thou hast begun to follow after lation, and all the mighty of strength. misery. Eliu charges Job, that notwith

20 Prolong not the night, that people may standing his misery, he does not fear God come up for them.

as he ought; but in his judgment, falls into 21 Beware thou turn not aside to iniqui-finiquity.

# He sealeth up, &c. When he sends those Out of the narrow mouth. That is, out showers of his strength, that is, those stormy of hell, whose entrance is warrow, and its of rain, he seals up, that is, he shuts up the depth bottomless, but figuratively meant hands of men from their usual works abroad, here, that is, from his miseries and calamity and confines them within doors, to consider to be restored to his former state of happi- his works; or to forecast their works, that ness.

lis, what they themselves are to do.

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