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Would to God we had died by the hand of the dressed, dress them: and whatsoever shall re. Lord in the land of Egypt, when we sat over the main, lay it up until the morning: fleshpots, and ate bread to the full: why have you 24 And they did so as Moses had commanded: brought us into this desert, that you might destroy and it did not putrify, neither was there worm all the multitude with famine?

found in it. 4 And the Lord said to Moses: Behold, I will 25 And Moses said: Eat it to-day, because it is rain bread from heaven for you: let the people go the sabbath of the Lord: to-day it shall not be forth, and gather what is suiticient for every day; found in the field. that I may prove them whether they will walk in 26 Gather it six days: but on the seventh day my law, or no.

is the sabbath of the Lord; therefore it shall not 5 But the sixth day let them provide for to be found. bring in: and let it be double to that they were 27 And the seventh day came: and some of wont to gather every day.

the people going forth to gather, found none. 6 And Moses and Aaron said to the children 28 And the Lord said to Moses: How long of Israel: In the evening you shall know that will you refuse to keep my commandments, and the Lord hath brought you forth out of the land my law? of Egypt:

29 See that the Lord hath given you the sab7 And in the morning you shall see the glory bath, and for this reason on the sixth day he girof the Lord: for he hath heard your murmuring eth you a double provision: let each man stay at against the Lord: but as for us, what are we, that home, and let none go forth out of his place the you mutter against us?

seventh day. 8 And Moses said: In the evening the Lord 30 And the people kept the sabbath on the seywill give you flesh to eat, and in the morning enth day. bread to the full: for he hath heard your murinur- 31 And the house of Israel called the name ings, with which you have murmured against the name thereof Manna:* and it was like corihim: for what are we? your murmuring is not ander seed white, and the taste thereof like to against us, but against the Lord.

flour with honey. 9 Moses also said to Aaron: Say to the whole 32 And Moses said: This is the word, which congregation of the children of Israel: Come be- the Lord hath commanded: Fill a gomor of it, fore the Lord: for he hath heard your murmur- and let it be kept unto generations to come here

after: that they may know the bread, wherewith 10 And when Aaron spoke to all the assembly I led you in the wilderness, when you were of the children of Israel, they looked towards brought forth out of the land of Egypt. the wilderness: and behold, the glory of the Lord 33 And Moses said to Aaron: Take a vesse, appeared in a cloud.

and put Manna into it, as much as a gomor can 11 And the Lord spoke to Moses, saying: hold: and lay it up before the Lord to keep unto 12 I have heard the murmuring of the children your generations, of Israel: say to them: In the evening you shall 34 As the Lord commanded Moses. And eat flesh, and in the morning you shall have your Aaron put it in the tabernacle to be kept. fill of bread: and you shall know that I am the 35 And the children of Israel ate manna forty Lord your God.

years, till they came to a habitable land: with 13 Šo it came to


in the evening, that quails ihis meat were they fed, until they reached the coming up, cov-red the camp: and in the morn-borders of the land of Chanaan. ing a dew lay round about the camp.

36 Now a gomor is the tenth part of an ephi. 14 And when it had covered the face of the

CHAP. XVII. earth, it appeared in the wilderness small, and as the people murmur again for vant of drink: the it were beaten with a pestle, like unto the hoar- Lord giveth them water out of a rock. Moses frost on the ground.

lifting up his hand in prayer, Amelec is over15 And when the children of Israel saw it, they said one to another: Manhu! which signi- THEN all the multitude of the children of Isfieth: What is this! for they knew not what it rael setting forward from the desert of Sin, was. And Moses said to them: This is the bread, by their mansions, according to the word of the which the Lord hath given you to eat.

Lord, encamped in Raphidim, where there was 16 This is the word, that the Lord hath com- no water for the people to drink. manded: Let every one gather of it as much as 2 And they chode with Moses, and said: Give is enough to eat: a gomor for every man, accord- us water, that we may drink. And Moses aning to the number of your souls that dwell in a swered them: Why chide you with me? Wheretent, so sball you take of it.

fore do you tempt the Lord? 17 And the children of Israel did so: and they 3 So the people were thirsty there for want of gathered, one more, another less.

water, and murmured against Moses, saying: 18 And they measured by the measure of a Why didst thou make us go forth out of Egypt, gomor: neither had he more that had gathered to kill us, and our children, and our beasts, with more: nor did he find less that had provided less: thirst? but every one had gathered, according to what 4 And Moses cried to the Lord, saying: What they were able to eat.

shall I do to this people? Yet a little more and 19 And Moses said to them: Let no man leave they will stone me. thereof till the morning.

5 And the Lord said to Moses: Go before the 20 And they hearkened not to him; but some people, and take with thee of the ancients of Isof them left until the morning; and it began to rael: and take in thy hand the rod wherewith be full of worms, and it putrified: and Moses was thou didst strike the river, and go. angry with them.

21 Now every one of them gathered in the * Manna. This miraculous food, with which morning, as much as might suffice to eat: and af- the children of Israel were nourished and supter the sun grew hot, it melted.

ported during their sojourning in the wilderness, 22 But on the sixth day they gathered twice as was a figure of the bread of life, which we receive much, that is, two gomors every man: and all the in the blessed sacrament, for the food and nourishrulers of the multitude came, and told Moses. ment of our souls, during the time of our mortal

23 And he said to them: This is what the Lord pilgrimage, till we come to our eternal home, the hath spoken: To-morrow is the rest of the sab- true land of promise; where we shall keep an bath sanctified to the Lord. Whatsoever work everlasting sabbath, and have no further need of is to be done, do it: and the meats that are to be i sacraments.


il laws.

6 Behold, I will stand there before thee, uson'! 12 So Jethro the kinsman of Moses offered the rock Horeb: and thou shalt strike the rock, holocausts and sacrifices to God: and Aaron and and water shall come out of it that the people all the ancients of Israel came, to eat bread with may drink. Moses did so before the ancients of him before God. Israel:

13 And the next day Moses sat to judge the 7 And he called the name of that place Temp- people, who stood by Moses from morning until tation, because of the chiding of the children of night. Israel, and for that they tempted the Lord, say- 14 And when his kinsman had seen all things inz: Is the Lord amongst us or not?

i that he did among the people, he said: What is it & And Amalec came, and fought against Israel that thou doest among the people? Why sittest in Ravdin.

thou alone, and all the people wait from morning 9 And Moses said to Josue: Choose out men; till night? ani go out and fight against Amalec: to-morrow 15 And Mores answered him: The people come I will stand on the top of the hill having the to me to seek the judgment of God. Tod of God in my hand.

16 And when any controversy falleth out 10 Josue did as Moses had spoken; and he among them, they come to me to judge betwern fougbt against Amalec: but Moses and Aaron them, and to show the precepts of God, and his and Hur went up upon the top of the bill.

11 And when Moses lifted up his hands,t Is- 17 But he said: The thing thou doest is not rzel overcame: but if he let them down a little, good.

19 Thou art spent with foolish labour, both thou, 12 And Moses's hands were heavy: so they and this people that

is with thee: the business is took a stone, and put under him; and he sat on it: above thy strength; thou alone canst not bear it. and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands on both 19 But hear my words and counsels; and God sules. And it came to pass that his hands were shall be with thee. Be thou to the people in those not weary until sun-set.

things that pertain to God, to bring their words to 13 And Josue put Amalec and his people to him: flight, by the edge of the sword.

20 And to show the people the ceremonies and 11 And the Lord said to Moses: Write this for the manner of worshipping, and the way wherein a memorial in a book, and deliver it to the ears they ought to walk, and the work that they ought of Josue: for I will destroy the memory of Ama- to do. lec from under hearen.

21 And provide out of all the people, able men, 15 And Moses built an altar, and called the such as fear God, in whom there is truth, and that name thereof, The Lord my exaltation, saying: hate avarice, and appoint of them rulers of thou

16 Because the hand of the throne of the Lord, sands, and of hundreds, and of fifties, and of tens, and the war of the Lord, shall be against Ama- 22 Who may judge the people at all times; and lec, from generation to generation.

when any great matter soever shall fall out, let CHAP. XVIII.

them refer it to thee; and let them judge the lesser

matters only: that so it may be lighter for thee, Jethro bringeth to Moses his wife and children: the burden being shared out unto others. His counsel.

| 23 If thou doest this, thou shalt fulfil the comkinsman of Moses, had heard all the things precepts: and all this people shall return to their that God had done to Moses, and to Israel his places with peace, people, and that the Lord had brought forth Is- 24 And when Moses heard this, he did all things rael ou of Egypt:

that he had suggested unto him. 2 He took Sephora the wife of Moses whom he 25 And choosing able men out of all Israel, he had vent back,

appointed them rulers of the people, rulers over 3 And ber two sons, of whom one was called thousands, and over hundreds, and over fifties, and Gersam, his father, saying: I have been a stranger over tens, in a foreign country;

26 And they judged the people at all times: and 4 And the other Eliezer: For the God of my whatsoever was of greater difficulty they referred father, said he, is my helper, and hath delivered to him, and they judged the easier cases only. me from the sword of Pharao.

27 And he let his kinsman depart: and he re5 And Jethro the kinsman of Moses came with turned and went into bis own country. his sons, and his wife to Moses into the desert,

CHAP. XIX. where he was camped by the mountain of God.

6 And he sent word to Moses, saying: I Jethro They come to Sinai: the people are commanded to thy kiosman come to thee, and thy wife, and thy be sanctified. The Lord coming in thunder and two sons with her.

lightning, speaketh with Moses. 7 And he went out to meet his kinsman, and the third month of the departure of Israel out one another with words of peace. And when he into the wilderness of Sinai: was come into the tent,

2 For departing out of Raphidim, and coming 8 Moses told his kinsman all that the Lord had to the desert of Sinai, they camped in the same done to Pharao and the Egyptians, in favour of place, and there Israel pitched their tents overIsrael; and all the labour which had befallen them against the mountain. in the journey, and that the Lord had delivered 3 And Moses went up to God:t and the Lord them.

called unto him from the inountain, and said: Thus 9 And Jethro rejoiced for all the good things shalt thou say to the house of Jacob, and tell the that the Lord had done to Israel, because he had children of Israel: delivered them out of the hands of the Egyptians. 4 You have seen what I have done to the

10 And he said: Blessed is the Lord, who hath Egyptians; how I have carried you upon the delivered his people out of the hand of Egypt. wings of eagles, and have taken you to myself.

11 Now I know, that the Lord is great above all 5 If therefore you will hear my voice, and keep gods: because they dealt proudly against them. (my covenant, you shall be my peculiar possession

above all people: for all the earth is mine. And when Moses lifted up his hands. Here 6 And you shall be to me a priestly kingdom, Moses was a figure of Christ on the Cross, by whose power and mediation we overcome our † And Moses went up to God. Moses went up spiritual enemies.

to Mount Sinai where God spoke to him.

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and a holy nation. These are the words thou|| 3 Thou shalt not have strange gods before me. shalt speak to the children of Israel.

4 Thou shalt not make to thyself a graven thing, 7 Moses came: and calling together the elders nor the likeness of any thing* that is in heaven of the people, he declared all the words which the above, or in the earth beneath, nor of those things Lord had commanded.

that are in the waters under the earth. 8 And all the people answered together: All 5 Thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them: that the Lord hath spoken, we will do. And I am the Lord thy God, mighty, jealous, visiting when Moses had related the people's words to the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, unto the Lord,

the third and fourth generation of them that hate 9 The Lord said to him: Lo, now will I come me: to thee in the darkness of a cloud, that the people 6. And showing mercy unto thousands to them may hear me speaking to thee, and may believe that love me, and keep my commandments. thee for ever. And Moses told the words of the 7 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy people to the Lord.

God in vain: for the Lord will not hold hiin guilt10 And he said to him: Go to the people, and less that shall take the name of the Lord his God sanctify them to day, and to-morrow, and let them in vain. wash their garments.

8 Remember that thou keep holy the sabbath11 And let them be ready against the third day. day: for on the third day the Lord will come 9 Six days shalt thou labour, and shalt do all thy down in the sight of all the people upon mount works. Sinai.

10 But on the seventh day is the sabbath of the 12 And thou shalt appoint certain limits to the Lord thy God: thou shalt do no work on it, thou, people round about, and thou shalt say to them: nor thy son, nor thy daughter, nor thy man-serTake heed ye go not up into the mount, and that vant, nor thy maid-servant, nor thy beast, nor the ye touch not the borders thereof: every one that stranger that is within thy gates. toucheth the mount, dying he shall die.

11 For in six days the Lord made heaven and 13 No hands shall touch him; but he shall be earth, and the sea, and all things that are in them, stoned to death, or shall be shot through with ar- and rested on the seventh day: therefore the Lord rows: whether it be beast, or man, he shall not blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it. live. When the trumpet shall begin to sound, then 12 Honour thy father and thy mother, that thou let them go up into the mount.

mayst be long-lived upon the land which the 14 And Moses came down from the mount to Lord thy God will give thee. the people, and sanctified them. And when they 13 Thou shalt not kill. had washed their garments,

14 Thou shalt not commit adultery. 15 He said to them: Be ready against the third 15 Thou shalt not steal. day, and come not near your wives,

16 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy 16 And now the third day was come, and the neighbour. morning appeared: and behold, thunders began to 17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house: be heard, and lightning to flash, and a very thick neither shalt thou desire his wife, nor his servant, cloud to cover the mount, and the noise of the nor his handmaid, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any trumpet sounded exceeding loud: and the people thing that is his. that was in the camp, feared.

13 And all the people saw the voices, and the 17 And when Moses had brought them forth to flames, and the sound of the trumpet, and the meet God from the place of the camp, they stood mount smoking: and being terrified and struck at the bottom of the mount.

with fear, they stood afar off, 18 And all mount Sinai was on a smoke: because 19 Saying to Moses: Speak thou to us, and we the Lord was come down upon it in fire, and the will hear: let not the Lord speak to us, lest we die. smoke arose from it as out of a furpace: and all 20 And Moses said to the people: Fear not; the mount was terrible.

for God is come to prove you, and that the dread 19 And the sound of the trumpet grew by de- of him might be in you, and you should not sin. grees louder and louder, and was drawn out to a 21 And the people stood afar off. But Moses greater length: Moses spoke, and God answered went to the dark cloud wherein God was. him.

22 And the Lord said to Moses: Thus shalt 20 And the Lord came down upon mount Sinai, thou say to the children of Israel: You have seen in the very top of the mount; and he called Moses that I have spoken to you from heaven. unto the top thereof. And when he was gone up 23 You shall not make gods of silver, nor shall thither,

you make to yourselves gods of gold. 21 He said unto him: Go down, and charge the 24 You shall make an altar of earth unto me, people; lest they should have a mind to pass the and you shall offer upon it your holocausts and limits to see the Lord, and a very great multitude peace-offerings, your sheep and oxen, in every of them should perish.

place where the memory of my name shall be: I 22 The priests also that come to the Lord, let will come to thee, and will bless thee. them be sanctified, lest he strike them.

25 And if thou make an altar of stone unto me, 23 And Moses said to the Lord: The people thou shalt not build it of hewn stones: for if thou cannot come up to mount Sinai: for thou didst lift up a tool upon it, it shall be defiled. charge, and command, saying: Set limits about 26 Thou shalt not go up by steps unto my altar, the mount, and sanctify it.

lest thy nakedness be discovered. 24 And the Lord said to him: Go, get thee down: and thou shalt come up, thou and Aaron * A graven thing, nor the likeness of any thing, with thee: but let not the priests and the people &c. All such images or likenesses, are forbidden pass the limits, nor come up to the Lord, lest he by this commandment, as are made to be adored kill them.

and served; according to that which immediately 25 And Moses went down to the people and follows, thou shalt not adore them, nor serve them. told them all.

That is, all such as are designed for idols or image CHAP. XX.

gods, or are worshipped with divine honour. But

otherwise images, pictures, or representations, The ten commandments.

even in the house of God, and in the very sanctu.

ary, so far from being forbidden, are expressly 2 I am the Lord thy God, who brought authorized by the word of God. See Erodus thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of xxv. 15. &c. chap. xxxviii, 7. Numbers xxi. 8, 9. bondage.

lli Chronic. xxviii. 18, 19. 2 Chronic. iii. 10.

AND then Lord spoke why the end words:


27 Also if he strike out a tooth of his man-serLaws relating to justice.

vant, or maid-servant, he shall in like manner

make them free. THESE are the judgments which thou shalt 28 If an ox gore a man or a woman, and they set before them

'die, he shall be stoned: and his flesh shall not be 2 If thou buy a Hebrew servant, six years shall eaten, but the owner of the ox shall be quit. be serve thee: in the seventh he shall go out free 29 But if the ox was wont to push with his for bothing

horn yesterday and the day before, and they 3 With #bat raiment he came in, with the like warned his master, and he did not shut bim up, let him go out: if having a wife, his wife also shall and he shall kill a man or a woman; then the ox go out with him.

shall be stoned, and his owner also shall be put to 4 But if his master gave him a wife, and she death. hath borne sons and daughters, the woman and 30 And if they set a price upon him, he shall ber children shall be her master's: but he himself give for his life whatsoever is laid upon him. shall go out with his raiment.

31 If he have gored a son, or a daughter, he 5 And if the servant shall say: I love my mas- shall fall under the like sentence. ter and my wife and children, I will not go out 32 If he assault a bond-man or bond-woman, free:

| he shall give thirty sicles of silver to their master, 6 His master shall bring him to the gods,* and and the ox shall be stoned. be shall be set to the door and the posts; and he 33 If a man open a pit, and dig one, and cover shalt bore his ear through with an awl: and he it not, and an ox or an ass fall into it, stall be his servant for ever.

31 The owner of the pit shall pay the price of 7 If any man sell his daughter to be a servant, the beasts: and that which is dead shall be his she shall not go out as bond-women are wont to own. go out


. 35 If one man's ox gore another man's ox, and 8 If she displease the eyes of her master to he die; they shall sell the live ox, and shall divide whom she was delivered, he shall let her go: but the price, and the carcass of that which died they he shall have no power to sell her to a foreign na- shall part between them: tion, if he despise her.

36 But if he knew that his ox was wont to push 9 But if he have betrothed her to his son, he yesterday and the day before, and his inaster did shall deal with ber after the manner of daughters. not keep him in; he shall pay ox for ox, and shall

10 And if he take another wife for him, he shall take the whole carcass. provide ber a marriage, and raiment: neither shall be refuse the price of her chastity.

CHAP. XXII. Il li he do not these three things, she shall go The punishment of theft, and other trespasses. out free without money.

The law of lending without usury, of taking 12 He that striketh a man with a will to kill pledges, of reverences to superiors, and of payhim, shall be put to death.

ing tithes. 13 But be that did not lie in wait for him, but TF any man steal an ox or a sheep, and kill or God delivered him into his hands; I will ap- sell it; he shall restore five oxen for one ox, point thee a place to which he must flee. and four sheep for one sheep:

14 lf a man kill his neighbour on set purpose, 2 If a thief be found breaking open a house or and by lying in wait for him; thou shalt take him undermining it, and be wounded so as to die; he away from my altar, that he may die.

that slew him shall not be guilty of blood. 15 He thai striketh his father or mother, shall 3 But if he did this when the sun is risen, he be put to death.

hath committed murder, and he shall die. If he 16 He that shall steal a man, and sell him, be- have not wherewith to make restitution for the ing convicted of the guilt, shall be put to death. theft, he shall be sold

17 He that curseth his father, or mother, shall 4 If that which he stole be found with him, die the death.

alive, either ox, or ass, or sheep; he shall restore s li men quarrel, and the one strike his neigh- double. bour with a stone, or with his fist, and he die not, 5 If any man hurt a field or a vineyard, and put but keepeth his bed:

in his beast to feed upon that which is other 19 If he rise again and walk abroad upon his men's; he shall restore the best of whatsoever he staff, he that struck him shall be quit, yet so that hath in his own field, or in his vineyard, accordhe make restitution for his work, and for his ex- ing to the estimation of the damage. penses upon the physicians.

6 If a fire breaking out light upon thorns, and • He that striketh his bond-man or bond-wo- catch stacks of corn, or corn standing in the man with a rod, and they die under his hands, fields, he that kindled the fire shall inake good shall be guilty of the crime.

the loss. 21 But if the party remain alive a day or two, 7 If a man deliver money, or any vessel unto be shall

not be subject to the punishment, because his friend to keep, and they be stolen away from it is bis money.

him that received them; if the thief be found, he 22 If men quarrel, and one strike a woman with shall restore double: child, and she miscarry indeed, but live herself;|| 8 If the thief be not known, the master of the be shall be answerable for so much damage as house shall be brought to the gods, and shall swear the woman's husband shall require, and as arbi-that he did not lay his hand upon his neighbour's ters shall award.

goods. 23 But if her death ensue thereupon, he shall 9 To do any fraud, either in ox, or in ass, or render life for life,

sheep, or raiment, or any thing that may bring 24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, damage; the cause of both parties shall come to foot for foot,

the gods: and if they give judgment, he shall re35 Burning for burning, wound for wound, store double to his neighbour. stripe for stripe.

10 II a man deliver ass, ox, sheep, or any * If any man strike the eye of his man-servant beast, to his neighbour's custody, and it die, or or maid-servant, and leave them but one eye, he be hurt, or be taken by enemies, and no man shall let them go free, for the eye which he put saw it: out

11 There shall be an oath between them, that he

did not put forth his hand to his neighbour's • To the gods: Elohim. That is, to the judges, goods: and the owner shall accept of the oath, a magistrates, authorized by God.

and he shall not be compelled to inake restitution.

22 But if it were taken away by stealth, he 9 Thou shalt not molest a stranger, for you shall make the loss good to the owner.

know the hearts of strangers: for you also were 13 If it were eaten by a beasi, let him bring to strangers in the land of Egypt. him that which was slain, and he shall not make 10 Six years thou shalt sow thy ground, and restitution.

shalt gather the corn thereof. 14 If a man borrow of his neighbour any of 11 But the seventh year thou shalt let it alone, these things, and it be hurt or die, the owner not and suffer it to rest, that the poor of thy people being present, he shall be obliged to make resti- may eat, and whatsoever shall be left, let the tution.

beasts of the field eat it: so shalt thou do with thy 15 But if the owner be present, he shall not vineyard and thy olive-yard. make restitution, especially, it were hired and 12 Six days thou shalt work: the seventh day came for the hire of his work.

thou shalt cease, that thy ox and thy ass may rest: 16 If a man seduce a virgin not yet espoused, and the son of thy handmaid and the stranger and lie with her; he shall endow her, and have may be refreshed. her to wife.

13 Keep all things that I have said to you. And 17 If the maid's father will not give her to him, by the name of strange gods you shall not swear, he shall give money according to the dowry, neither shall it be heard out of your mouth. which virgins are wont to receive.

14 Three times every year you shall celebrate 18 Wizards thou shalt not suffer to live. feasts to me.

19 Whosoever copulateth with a beast, shall 15 Thou shalt keep the feast of unleavened be put to death.

bread. Seven days shalt thou eat unleavened 20 He that sacrificeth to gods, shall be put to bread, as I commanded thee, in the time of the death, save only to the Lord.

month of new corn, when thou didst come forth 21 Thou shalt not molest a stranger, nor afflict out of Egypt: thou shalt not appear empty behim: for yourselves also were strangers in the fore me. land of Egypt:

16 And the feast of the harvest of the first22 You shall not hurt a widow or an orphan. fruits of thy work, whatsoever thou hast sown in

23 If you hurt them, they will cry out to me, the field. The feast also in the end of the year, and I will hear their cry:

when thou hast gathered in all thy corn out of the 24 And my rage shall be enkindled; and I will field. strike you with the sword; and your wives shall 17 Thrice a year shall all thy males appear bebe widows, and your children fatherless. fore the Lord thy God.

25 If thou lend money to any of my people 18 Thou shalt not sacrifice the blood of my victhat is poor, that dwelleth with thee, thou shalt tim upon leaven, neither shall the fat of my sonot be hard upon them as an extortioner, nor op-i lemnity remain until the morning. press them with usuries.

19 Thou shalt carry the first-fruits of the corn 26 If thou take of thy neighbour a garment in of thy ground to the house of the Lord thy God. pledge, thou shalt give it him again before sun-set. Thou shalt not boil a kid in the milk of his dam.

27 For that same is the only thing, wherewith 20 Behold, I will send my Angel, who shall go ne is covered, the clothing of his body; neither before thee, and keep thee in thy journey, and hath he any other to sleep in: if he cry to me, I bring thee into the place that I have prepared. will hear him, because I am compassionate. 21 Take notice of him, and hear his voice, and

28 Thou shalt not speak ill of the gods: and do not think him one to be contemned: for he, the prince of thy people thou shalt not curse. will not forgive when thou hast sinned, and my

29 Thou shalt not delay to pay thy tithes and name is in him. thy first-fruits: thou shalt give the first-born of 22 But if thou wilt hear his voice, and do all thy sons to me.

that I speak, I will be an enemy to thy enemies, 30 Thou shalt do the same with the first-born and will afflict them that afflict thee. of thy oxen also and sheep: seven days let it be 23 And my Angel shall go before thee, and with its dam, the eighth day thou shalt give it to shall bring thee in unto the Amorrhite, and the

Hethite, and the Pherezite, and the Chanaanite, 31 You shall be holy men to me: the flesh that and the Hevite, and the Jebusite, whom I will beasts have tasted of before, you shall not eat, destroy. but shall cast it to the dogs.

24 Thou shalt not adore their gods, nor serve CHAP. XXIII.

them. Thou shalt not do their works, but shalt

destroy them, and break their statues. Laws for judges: the rest of the seventh year,

25 And you shall serve the Lord your God, that and day: three principal feasts to be solenni- I may bless your bread, and our waters, and may zed every year: the promise of an Angel, to take away sickness from the midst of thee. conduct and protect them: idols are to be de

26 There shall not be one fruitless nor barren stroyed.

in thy land: I will fill the number of thy days. THOU shalt not receive the voice of a lie: 27 I will send my thee, and will dewitness for a wicked person.

will turn the backs of all thy enemies before thee: 2 Thou shalt not follow the multitude to do 28 Sending out hornets before, that shall drive evil: neither shalt thou yield in judgment, to the away the Hevite, and the Chanaanite, and the opinion of the most part, to stray from the truth. Hethite, before thou come in.

3 Neither shalt thou favour a poor man in judg- 29 I will not cast them out from thy face in one inent.

year: lest the land be brought into a wilderness, 4 If thou meet thy enemy's ox or ass going and the beasts multiply against thee. astray, bring it back to him.

30 By little and little I will drive them out from 5 If thou see the ass of him that hateth thee lie before ihee, till thou be increased, and dost posunderneath his burden, thou shalt not pass by, but sess the land. shalt lift him up with him.

31 And I will set thy bounds from the Red Sea 6 Thou shalt not go aside in the poor man’s to the sea of the Palestines, and from the desert to judgment.

the river: I will deliver the inhabitants of the land 7 Thou shalt fly lying. The innocent and just into your hands, and will drive them out from beperson thou shalt not put to death: because I ab-fore you. hor the wicked.

32 Thou shalt not enter into league with them, $ Neither shalt thou take bribes, which even nor with their gods. blind the wise, and pervert the words of the just. 33 Let them not dwell in thy land, lest perhaps


Thheither'shalmehoue join thy hand to bear faise stray awthe people to whom the shade come? aled

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