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wisdom of an Angel of God, to understand all l. 6 And this he did to all Israel that came for things upon earth.

judgment, to be heard by the king: and he enti 21 And the king said to Joab: Behold, I am ced the hearts of the men of Israel. appeased and have granted thy request: Go, 7 And after forty years, Absalom said to king therefore, and fetch back the boy Absalom. David: Let me go, and pay my vows which

22 And Joab falling down to the ground upon have vowed to the Lord in Hebron. his face, adored, and blessed the king: and Joab 8 For thy servant made a vow, when he was said: This day thy servant hath understood, that in Gessur of Syria, saying: If the Lord shall I have found grace in thy sight, lord my king: for bring me again into Jerusalem, I will offer sacrithou hast fulfilled the request of thy servant. fice to the Lord.

3 Then Joab arose, and went to Gessur, and 9 And king David said to him: Go in peace. brought Absalom to Jerusalem.

And he arose, and went to Hebron. 24 But the king said: Let him return into his 10 And Absalom sent spies into all the tribes house, and let him not see my face. So Absa- of Israel, saying: As soon as you shall hear the lom returned into his house, and saw not the sound of the trumpet, say ye: Absalom reignetb king's face.

in Hebron. 23 But in all Israel there was not a man so 11 Now there went with Absalom two huncomely, and so exceeding beautiful as Absalom: dred men out of Jerusalem that were called, gofrom the sole of the foot to the crown of his head ing with simplicity of heart, and knowing nothere was no blemish in him.

thing of the design. 26 And when he polled his hair (now he was 12 Absalom also sent for Achitophel the Gilopolled once a year, because his hair was burden- nite, David's counsellor, from his city Gilo. And some to him, he weighed the hair of his head at while he was offering sacrifices, there was a two hundred sicles, according to the common strong conspiracy; and the people running toweight.

gether increased with Absalom. 27 And there were born to Absalom three 13 And there came a messenger to David, saysons, and one daughter, whose name was Tha- ing: All Israel with their whole heart followeih mar, and she was very beautiful.

Absalom. 2 And Absalom dwelt two years in Jerusa- 14 And David said to his servants that were lem, and saw not the king's face.

with him in Jerusalem: Arise, and let us flee: for 29 He sent therefore to Joab, to send him to we shall not escape else from the face of Absathe king: but he would not come to him. And lom: make haste to go out, lest he come and when he had sent the second time, and he would overtake us, and bring ruin upon us, and smite not come to him,

the city with the edge of the sword. 30 He said to his servants: You know the field 15 And the king's servants said to him: Whatof Joab near my field, that hath a crop of bar-soever our lord the king shall command, we thy ley: go now and set it on fire. So the servants servants will willingly execute. of Absalom set the corn on fire. And Joab's 16 And the king went forth, and all his houseservants coming with their garments rent, said: hold, on foot: and the king left ten women his The servants of Absalom have set part of the concubinest to keep the house. field on fire.

17 And the king going forth and all Israel on 31 Thea Joab arose, and came to Absalom to foot, stood afar off" from the house: his house, and said: Why have thy servants set 18 And all his servants walked by him: and my corn on fire?

the bands of the Cerethi, and the Phelethi, and all 32 And Absalom answered Joab: I sent to the Gethites, valiant warriors, six hundred men thee beseeching thee to come to me, that I might who had followed him from Geth on foot, went send thee to the king, to say to him: Wherefore before the king. am I come from Gessur? it had been better for 19 And the king said to Ethai the Gethite: me to be there: I beseech thee therefore that I Why comest thou with us? return and dwell may see the face of the king: and if he be mind- with the king, for thou art a stranger, and art ful of my iniquity, let him kill me.

come out of thy own place. 33 So Joab going in to the king, told him all: 20 Yesterday thou camest; and to-day shalt and Absalom was called for, and he went in to thou be forced to go forth with us? but I shall go the king, and prostrated himself on the ground whither I am going; return thou, and take back before him: and the king kissed Absalom. thy brethren with thee; and the Lord will show CHAP. XV.

thee mercy, and truth, because thou hast shown

grace and fidelity. Absalom's policy and conspiracy. David is obli- 21 And Ethai answered the king, saying: As ged to flee.

the Lord liveth, and as my lord the king liveth: TOW after these things Absalom made him- in what place soever thou shalt be, lord my king,

self chariots, and horsemen, and fifty men, either in death, or in life, there will thy servant to run before him.

be. 2 And Absalom rising up early, stood by the 22 And David said to Ethai: Come, and pass entrance of the gate: and when any man had over. And Ethai the Gethite passed, and all the business to come to the king's judgment, Absa- men that were with him, and the rest of the lom called him to him, and said: Of what city people. art thou? He answered, and said: Thy servant is 23 And they all wept with a loud voice; and of such a tribe of Israel.

all the people passed over: the king also himself 3 And Absalom answered him: Thy words went over the brook Cedron: and all the people seem to me good and just. But there is no man marched towards the way that looketh to the deappointed by the king to bear thee. And Absa- sert. lou said:

24 And Sadoc the priest also came, and all the 40 that they would make me judge over the Levites with him, carrying the ark of the coveland, that all that have business might come to nant of God: and they set down the ark of God: me, that I might do them justice.

and Abiathar went up, till all the people that was 5 Moreover when any man came to him to come out of the city had done passing. salute him, he put forth his hand, and took him, 25 And the king said to Sadoc: Carry back the and kissed him

ark of God into the city: if I shall find grace in Blessed. That is, praised, and gave thanks. + Concubines. That is, wives of an inferior to the king


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the sight of the Lord, he will bring me again, ' 7 And thus said Semei when he cursed the and he will show me it, and his tabernacle. king: Come out, come out, thou man of blood,

26 But if he shall say to me: Thou pleasest and thou man of Belial. me not: I am ready, let him do that which is 8 The Lord hath repaid thee for all the blood good before him:

of the house of Şaul: because thou hast usurped 27 And the king said to Sadoc the priest: O the kingdom in his stead, and the Lord hath seer, return into the city in peace: And let Achi- given the kingdom into the hand of Absalom thy maas thy son, and Jonathan the son of Abiathar, son: and behold, thy evils press upon thee, beyour two sons, be with you.

cause thou art a man of blood. 28 Behold, I will lie hid in the plains of the 9 And Abisai the son of Sarvia said to the wilderness, till there come word from you to cer- king: Why should this dead dog curse iny lord tify me.

the king? I will go, and cut off his head. 29 So Sadoc and Abiathar carried back the ark 10 And the king said: What have I to do with of God into Jerusalem: and they tarried there. you, ye sons of Sarvia? Let him alone, and let

30 But David went up by the ascent of mount him curse: for the Lord hath bid him curset DaOlivet, going up and weeping, walking barefoot, vid: and who is he that shall dare say, why hath and with his head covered: and all the people he done so? that were with him, went up with their heads 11 And the king said to Abisai, and to all his covered weeping.*

servants: Behold, my son, who came forth from 31 And it was told David that Achitophel also my bowels, seeketh my life: how much more was in the conspiracy with Absalom, and David now a son of Jemini? let him alone, that he may said: Infatuate, o Lord, I beseech thee, the curse as the Lord hath bidden him; counsel of Achitophel.

12 Perhaps the Lord may look upon my afflic32 And when David was come to the top of tion; and the Lord may render me good for the the mountain, where he was about to adore the cursing of this day. Lord, behold Chusai the Arachite, came to meet 13 And David and his men with him went by him with his garment rent, and his head covered the way. And Semei by the hill's side, went with earth.

over against him, cursing, and casting stones at 33 And David said to him: If thou come with him, and scattering earth. me, thou wilt be a burden to me:

14 And the king and all the people with him 34 But if thou return into the city, and wilt came weary, and refreshed themselves there. say to Absalom: I am thy servånt, Oʻking: as I 15 But Absalom and all his people came into have been thy father's servant, so I will be thy Jerusalem; and Achitophel was with him. servant: thou shalt defeat the counsel of Achi- 16 And when Chusai the Arachite, David's tophel.

friend, was come to Absalom, he said to him: 35 And thou hast with thee Sadoc and Abia- God save thee, o king; God save thee, O thar the priests: and what thing soever thou shalt king. hear out of the king's house, thou shalt tell it to 17 And Absalom said to him: Is this thy kindSadoc and Abiathar the priests.

ness to thy friend? why wentest thou not with 36 And there are with them their two sons thy friend? Achimaas the son of Sadoc, and Jonathan the 18 And Chusai answered Absalom: Nay: for son of Abiathar: and you shall send by them to I will be his, whom the Lord hath chosen, and all me every thing that you shall hear.

this people, and all Israel; and with him will I 37 Then Chusai the friend of David went into abide. the city, and Absalom came into Jerusalem. 19 Besides this, whom shall I serve? is it not CHAP. XVI.

the king's son? as I have served thy father, so

will I serve thee also. Siba bringeth provisions to David. Semei curs.

20 And Absalom said to Achitophel: Consult eth him. Absalom defileth his father's wives. what we are to do.

21 And Achitophel said to Absalom: Go in to of the hill, behold, Siba the servant of Mí-the concubines of thy father, whom he hath left phiboseth came to meet him, with two asses, la- to keep the house: that when all Israel shall hear den with two hundred loaves of bread, and a hun- that thou hast disgraced thy father, their hands dred bunches of raisins, a hundred cakes of figs, may be strengthenedt with thee. and a vessel of wine.

22 So they spread a tent for Absalom on the 2 And the king said to Siba; What mean these top of the house: and he went in to his father's things? And Siba answered: The asses are for concubines before all Israel. the king's household to sit on: and the loaves 23 Now the counsel of Achitophel, which he and the figs for thy servants to eat, and the wine gave in those days, was as if a man should conto drink, if any, man be faint in the desert. sult God: so was all the counsel of Achitophel,

3 And the king said: Where is thy master's both when he was with David, and when he was son? And Siba answered the king: He remain-with Absalom. ed in Jerusalem, saying: To-day will the house of Israel restore me the kingdom of my father.

CHAP. XVII. 4 And the king said to Siba: I give thee all that Achitophel's counsel is defeated by Chusai; who belonged to Miphiboseth. And Siba said: I be- sendeth intelligence to David. Achitophel seech thee, let me find grace before thee, lord my hangeth himself. king.

5 And king David came as far as Bahurim:) + Hath bid him curse. Not that the Lord was and behold, there came out from thence a man of the author of Semei's sin, which proceeded purethe kindred of the house of Saul named Semei, !y from his own malice, and the abuse of his freethe son of Gera; and coming out he cursed as he will; but that knowing and suffering his malicious went on.

disposition to break out on this occasion, he made 6 And he threw stones at David, and at all the use of him as his instrument to punish David for servants of king David; and all the people, and his sins. all the warriors walked on the right, and on the + Their hands may be strengthened, &c. The left side of the king.

people might apprehend lest Absalom should be

reconciled to his father, and therefore they fol* Weeping, &c. David on this occasion wept lowed him with some fear of being left in the for his sins, which he knew were the cause of all lurch, till they saw such a crime committed as his sufferings.

Il seemed to make a reconciliation impossible.

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Acho Achitophelves ind outsand belojmand I will Perusalehen they found them not, returned into arise and pursue after David this night.

21 And when they were gone, they came up 2 And coming upon him (for he is now weary, out of the well, and going on told king David, and and weak-handed) I will defeat him: and when all said: Arise, and pass quickly over the river: for the people is put to flight that is with him, I will this manner of counsel has Achitophel given kill the king who will be left alone.

against you. 3 And I will bring back all the people, as if 22 So David arose, and all the people that were they were but one man: for thou seekest but one with him; and they passed over the Jordan, until man: and all the people shall be in peace. it grew light; and not one of them was left that

4 And his saying pleased Absalom, and all the was not gone over the river. ancients of Israel

23 But Achitophel seeing that his counsel was 5 But Absalom said: Call Chusai the Arachite, not followed, saddled his ass, and arose, and went and let us hear what he also saith.

home to his house and to his city: and putting his 6 And when Chusai was come to Absalom, house in order, hanged himself; and was buried in Absalom said to him: Achitophel hath spoken the sepulchre of his father. after this manner: shall we do it or no? what 24 But David came to the camp:* and Absalom counsel dost thou give?

passed over the Jordan, he and all the men of Is7 And Chusai said to Absalom: The counselrael with him. that Achitophel hath given this time is not good. 25 Now Absalom appointed Amasa in Joab's

$ And again Chusai said: Thou knowest thy stead over the army: and Amasa was the son of father, and the men that are with him, that they a man who was called Jethra of Jezrael, who are very valiant, and bitter in their mind, as a went in to Abigail the daughter of Naas, the sisbear raging in the wood when her whelps are ta- ter of Sarvia who was the mother of Joab. ken away and thy father is a warrior, and will 26 And Israel camped with Absalom in the not lodge with the people.

land of Galaad. 9 Perhaps he now lieth hid in pits, or in some 27 And when David was come to the camp, other place where he listeth: and when any one Sobi the son of Naas of Rabbath of the children shall fall at the first every one that heareth it shall of Ammon, and Machir the son of Ammihel of say: There is a slaughter among the people that Lodabar, and Berzellai the Galaadite of Rofollowed Absalom.

gelim, 10 And the most valiant man whose heart is as 28 Brought him beds, and tapestry, and earthen the beart of a lion, shall melt for fear: for all the vessels, and wheat, and barley, and meal, and people of Israel know thy father to be a valiant parched corn, and beans, and lentils, and fried man, and that all who are with him are valiant. pulse,

11 But this seemeth to me to be good counsel: 29 And honey, and butter, and sheep, and fat Let all Israel be gathered to thee, from Dan to calves: and they gave to David and the people Persabee, as the sand of the sea which cannot be that were with him, to eat: for they suspected Aumbered: and thou shalt be in the midst of that the people were faint with hunger and thirst them.

in the wilderness. 12 And we shall come upon him in what place

CHAP. XVIII. soever he shall be found: and we shall cover him, as the dew falleth upon the ground: and we shall Absalom is defeated, and slain by Joab. David not leave of the men that are with him not so

mourneth for him. much as one. 13 And if he shall enter into any city, all Israel A Noin teavid having reviewed his people, ap

pointed over them captains of thousands and shall cast ropes round about that city; and we will of hundreds, draw it into the river, so that there shall not be 2 And sent forth a third part of the people unfound so much as one small stone thereof. der the hand of Joab, and a third part under the

14 And Absalom and all the men of Israel said: hand of Abisai the son of Sarvia, Joab's brother, The counsel of Chusai the Arachite is better than and a third part under the hand of Ethai, who the counsel of Achitophel: and by the will of the was of Geth: and the king said to the people: I Lord the profitable counsel of Achitophel was also will go forth with you. defeated, that the Lord might bring evil upon 3 And the people answered: Thou shalt not go Absalom.

forth: for if we flee away, they will not much 15 And Chusai said to Sadoc and Abiathar the mind us: or if half of us should fall, they will not priests: Thus and thus did Achitophel counsel greatly care: for thou alone art accounted for ten Absalom and the ancients of Israel: and thus and thousand: it is better therefore that thou shouldst thus did I counsel ther.

be in the city to succour us. 16 Now therefore send quickly, and tell David, 4 And the king said to them. What seemeth saying: Tarry not this night in the plains of the good to you, that will I do. And the king stood wilderness; but without delay pass over: lest the by the gate: and all the people went forth by their king be swallowed up, and all the people that is troops, by hundreds and by thousands. with him.

5 And the king commanded Joab, and Abisai, 17 And Jonathan and Achimaas stayed by the and Ethai, saying: Save me the boy Absalom. fountain Rogel: and there went a maid and told And all the people heard the king giving charge them: and they went forward, to carry the mes to all the princes concerning Absalom. sage to king David; for they might not be seen, 6 So the people went out into the field against not enter into the city.

Israel: and the battle was fought in the forest of 13 But a certain boy saw them, and told Absa- Ephraim. lom: but they making haste went into the house 7_And the people of Israel were defeated there of a certain man in Bahurim, who had a well in by David's army: and a great slaughter was made his court, and they went down into it.

that day, of twenty thousand men. 19 And a woman took, and spread a covering 8 And the battle there was scattered over the over the mouth of the well, as it were to dry sod- face of all the country: and there were many den barley: and so the thing was not known.

20 And when Absalom's servants were come * To the camp. The city of Mahanaim, the into the house, they said to the woman: Where name of which in Hebrew signifies The camp. It

Achimaas and Jonathan? and the woman an- was a city of note at that time, as appears from its wered them: They passed on in haste, after they having been chosen by Isboseth for the place of bad tasted a little water. But they that sought his residence.

more of the people whom the forest consumed* ||maas the son of Sadoc. And the king said: He than whom the sword devoured that day. is a good man, and cometh with good news.

9 And it happened that Absalom met the ser- 28 And Achimaas crying out, said to the king: vants of David, riding on a mule: and as the mule God save thee, Oking. And falling down before went under a thick and large oak, his head stuck the king with his face to the ground, he said: in the oak: and while he hung between the hea- Blessed be the Lord thy God, who hath shut up ven and the earth, the mule on which he rode the men that have listed up their hands against the passed on.

lord my king. 10. And one saw this, and told Joab, saying: 1 29 And the king said: Is the young man Absasaw Absalom hanging upon an oak.

lom safe? And Achimaas said: I saw a great tu11 And Joab said to the man that told him: If mult, О king, when thy servant Joab sent me thy thou sawest him, why didst thou not stab him to servant: I know nothing else. the ground, and'I would have given thee ten si- 30 And the king said to him: Pass, and stand cles of silver, and a belt?

here. 12 And he said to Joab: If thou wouldst have 31 And when he had passed, and stood still, paid down in my hands a thousand pieces of sil. Chusi appeared: and coming up he said: I bring ver, I would not lay my hands upon the king's good tidings, lord my king; for the Lord hath son: for in our hearing

the king charged thee, and judged for thee this day from the hand of all that Abisai, and Ethai, saying: Save me the boy Ab-have risen up against thee. salom.

32 And the king said to Chusi: Is the young 13 Yea, and if I should have acted boldly against man Absalom safe? and Chusi answering him, my own life, this could not have been hid from said: Let the enemies of the lord my king, and the king: and wouldst thou have stood by me? all that rise against him unto evil, be as the young

14 And Joab said: Not as thou wilt, but I will man is. set upon him in thy sight. So he took three lances 33 The king therefore being much moved, went in his hand, and thrust them into the heart of up to the high chamber over the gate, and wept. Absalom: and whilst he yet panted for life, stick. And as he went he spoke in this manner: My son ing on the oak,

Absalom, Absalom my son: who wouldi grant 15 Ten young men, armour-bearers of Joab, ran me that I might die for thee, Absalom my son, up, and striking him slew him.

my son Absalom! 16 And Joab sounded the trumpet, and kept

CHAP. XIX. back the people from pursuing after Israel in their flight, being willing to spare the multitude.

David, at the remonstrances of Joab, ceaseth his 17 And they took Absalom, and cast him into mourning. He is invited back and met by Sea great pit in the forest: and they laid an exceed

mei and Miphiboseth: a strife between the men ing great heap of stones upon him: but all Israel of Juda and the men of Israel. fled to their own dwellings.

ND it was told Joab, that the king wept and 18 Now Absalom had reared up for himself, in mourned for his son: his life-time, a pillar, which is in the king's valley: 2 And the victory that day was turned into for he said: 'I have no son;t and this shall be the mourning unto all the people: for the people monuinent of my name. And he called the pillar heard say that day: The king grieveth for his son. by his own name, and it is called The hand of 3 And the people shunned the going into the Absalom, to this day.

city that day, as a people would do that hath 19 And Achimaas the son of Sadoc said: I will turned their backs, and fled away from the battle. run and tell the king, that the Lord hath done 4 And the king covered his head, and cried judgment for him from the hand of his enemies. with a loud voice: O my son Absalom, O Absa

20 And Joab said to him: Thou shalt not be the lom my son, O my son! messenger this day, but shalt bear tidings another 5 Then Joab going into the house to the king, day: this day I will not have thee bear tidings; said: Thou hast shamed this day the faces of all because the king's son is dead.

thy servants, that have saved thy life, and the 21 And Joab said to Chusi: Go, and tell the lives of thy sons, and of thy daughters, and the king what thou hast seen. Chusi bowed down to lives of thy wives, and the lives of thy concuJoab, and ran.

bines. 22 Then Achimaas the son of Sadoc said to 6 Thou lovest them that hate thee; and thou Joab again: Why might not I also run after Chu- hatest them that love thee: and thou hast shewn si? And Joab said to him: Why wilt thou run, this day that thou carest not for thy nobles, nor my son thou wilt not be the bearer of good for thy servants: and I now plainly perceive that tidings.

if Absalom had lived, and all we had been slain, 23 He answered: But what if I run? And he then it would have pleased thee. said to him: Run. Then Achimaas running by a 7 Now therefore arise, and go out, and speak nearer way passed Chusi.

to the satisfaction of thy servants: for I swear to 24 And David sat between the two gates: and thee by the Lord, that if thou wilt not go forth, the watchman that was on the top of the gate up- there will not tarry with thee so much as one on the wall, lifting up his eyes, saw a man run- this night: and that will be worse to thee than all ning alone.

the evils that have befallen thee from thy youth 25 And crying out, he told the king: and the until now. king said: If he be alone, there are good tidings in 8 Then the king arose, and sat in the gate: and bis mouth. And as he was coming apace, and it was told to all the people that the king sat in drawing nearer,

the gate: and all the people came before the king: 26 The watchman saw another man running; but Israel fled to their own dwellings. and crying aloud from above, he said: I see an- 9 And all the people were at strife in all the other man running alone. And the king said: He tribes of Israel, saying: The king delivered us out also is a good messenger.

of the hand of our enemies, and he saved us out 27 And the watchman said: The running of the foremost seemeth to me like the running of Achi- & Who would, &-c. David lamented the death

of Absalom, because of the wretched state in * Consumed. viz. by pits and precipices. which he died; and therefore would have been . No son. The sons mentioned above, chap. glad to have saved his life, even by dying for him. xiv. ver. 27. were dead when this pillar was In which he was a figure of Christ weeping, prayerected; unless we suppose he raised this pillaring, and dying for his rebellious children, and before they were born.

even for them that crucified hiin.

of the hand of the Philistines: and now he is fled||from Rogelim, brought the king over the Jorout of the land for Absalom.

dan, being ready also to wait on him beyond the 10 But Absalom, whom we anointed over us, river. is dead in the battle: how long are you silent, and 32 Now Berzellai the Galaadite was of a great bring not back the king?

age, that is to say, fourscore years old: and he 11° And king David sent to Sadoc and Abia- provided the king with sustenance when he thar the priests, saying: Speak to the ancients of abode in the camp: for he was a man exceeding Juda, saying: Why are you the last to bring the rich. king back to his house? (For the talk of all Is- 33 And the king said to Berzellai: Come with rael was come to the king in his house.) me, that thou mayst rest secure with me in Jeru

12 You are my brethren; you are my bone, and salem. my flesh; why are you the last to bring back the 34 And Berzellai said to the king: How many

are the days of the years of my life, that I should 13 And say ye to Amasa: Art not thou myligo up with the king to Jerusalem? bone, and my HeshSo do God to me, and add 35* I am this day fourscore years old: are my more, if thou be not the chief captain of the army senses quick to discern sweet and bitter? or can before me always in the place of Joab.

meat or drink delight thy servant? or can I hear 14 And he inclined the heart of all the men of any more the voice of singing-men and singingJuda, as it were of one man: and they sent to the women? why should thy servant be a burden to king, saying: Return thou, and all thy servants. the lord my king?

15 And the king returned, and came as far as 36 I thy servant will go on a little way from the Jordan: and all Juda came as far as Galgal to the Jordan with thee: need not this recommeet the king, and to bring him over the Jordan. pense.

16 And Semei the son of Gera the son of Jemi- ' 37 But I beseech thee let thy servant return, ni of Bahurim, made haste, and went down with and die in my own city, and be buried by the sea he men of Juda to meet king David,

pulchre of my father, and of my mother. But 17 With a thousand men of Benjamin, and Sibal there is thy servant Chamaam, let him go with the servant of the house of Saul: and his fifteen thee, lord my king; and do to him whatsoever sons, and twenty servants were with him: and seemeth good to thee. going over the Jordan,

38 Then the king said to him: Let Chamaam 18 They passed the fords before the king, that go over with me; and I will

do for him whatsothey might belp over the king's household, and ever shall please thee: and all that thou shalt ask lo according to his commandment. And Semei of me, thou shalt obtain. he son of Gera falling down before the king, 39 And when all the people and the king had when he was come over the Jordan,

passed over the Jordan, the king kissed Berzel19 Said to him: Impute not to me, my lord, the lai, and blessed him: and he returned to his own niquity; nor remember the injuries of thy servant place. on the day that thou, lord my king, wentest out 40 So the king went on to Galgal, and Chaof Jerusalem; nor lay it up in thy heart, O king. maam with him. Now all the people of Juda had

20 For I thy servant acknowledge my sin: and brought the king over, and only half of the peotherefore I am come this day the first of all the ple of Israel were there. ouse of Joseph, and am come down to meet my 41 Therefore all the men of Israel running toCord the king

gether to the king, said to him: Why have our 21 But Abisai the son of Sarvia answering, brethren the men of Juda stolen thee away, and said: Shall Semei for these words not be put to have brought the king and his household over the death, because he cursed the Lord's anointed? Jordan, and all the men of David with him?

22 And David said: What have I to do with 42 And all the men of Juda answered the men you, ye sons of Sarvia? why are you a satan this of Israel: Because the king is nearer to me: why day to me: shall there any

man be killed this

day art thou angry for this matter? have we eaten in Israel? do not I know that this day I am made any thing of the king's, or have any gifts been king over Israel?

given us? 23 And the king said to Semei: Thou shalt not 13 And the men of Israel answered the men of die. And he swore unto him.

Juda, and said: I have ten parts in the king more 24 And Miphiboseth the son of Saul, came than thou; and David belongeth to me more than down to meet the king: and he had neither wash-to thee: why hast thou done me a wrong; and ed his feet, nor trimmed his beard, nor washed why was it not told me first, that I might bring bis garments, from the day that the king went out, back my king? And the men of Juda answered until the day of his return in peace.

more barshly than the men of Israel. 25 And when he met the king at Jerusalem,

CHAP. XX. the king said to him: Why camest thou not with me, Miphiboseth?

Seba's rebellion. Amasa is slain by Joab. Abela 25 And he answering, said: Lord my king, my is besieged: but upon the citizens casting over servant despised me: for I thy servant spoke to the wall the head of Seba, Joab departeth with him to saddle me an ass, that I might get on, and go with the king: for I thy servant am lame. 27 Moreover he hath also accused me thy ser


Belial, whose name was Seba, the son of vant to thee, my lord the king: but thou my lord Bochri, a man of Jemini: and he sounded the the king art as an Angel of God; do what pleas- trumpet, and said: We have no part in David, eth thee.

nor inheritance in the son of Isai; return to thy 28 For all of my father's house were no better dwellings, O Israel. than worthy of death before my lord the king; 2 And all Israel departed from David, and foland thou hast set me thy servant among the guests lowed Seba the son of Bochri: but the men of of thy table: what just complaint therefore have Juda stuck to their king from the Jordan unto I. or what right to cry any more to the king? Jerusalem.

29 Then the king said to him: Why speakest 3 And when the king was come into his house thou any more? what I have said is determined: at Jerusalem, he took the ten women his concu. tbou and Siba divide the possessions.

bines, whom he had left to keep the house, and 3) And Miphiboseth answered the king: Yea, put them in ward, allowing them provisions: and let him take all, for as much as my lord the king he went not in unto them;" but they were shut up is returned peaceably into his house.

unto the day of their death, living in widowhood. 31 Berzellaj also the Galaadite, coming down 4 And the king said to Amasa: Assemble to

his army.

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