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8 And now thus shalt thou speak to my ser-ling: I will build thee a house: therefore hath thy vant David: Thus saith the Lord of hosts: I servant found in his heart to pray this prayer to took thee out of the pastures from following the thee. sheep, to be ruler over my people Israel:

28 And now, O Lord God, thou art God, and 9 And I have been with thee wheresoever thy words shall be true: for thou hast spoken to thou hast walked, and have slain all thy enemies thy servant these good things. from before thy face: And I have made thee a 29 And now begin, and bless the house of thy great name, like unto the name of the great ones servant, that it may endure for ever before thee: that are on the earth.

because thou, O Lord God, hast spoken it; and 10 And I will appoint a place for my people with thy blessing let the house of thy servant be Israel: and I will plant them, and they shall dwell blessed for ever. therein, and shall be disturbed no more: neither

CHAP. VIII. shall the children of iniquity afflict them any more David's victories, and his chief officers. as they did before, 11 From the day that I appointed Judges over


feated the Philistines, and brought them my people Israel ; and I will give thee rest from down, and David took the bridle of tribute out all thy enemies. And the Lord foretelleth to thee, of the hand of the Philistines. that the Lord will make thee a house.

2 And he defeated Moab, and measured them 12 And when thy days shall be fulfilled, and with a line, casting them down to the earth: and thou shalt sleep with thy fathers, I will raise up he measured with two lines, one to put to death, thy seed after thee, which shall proceed out of and one to save alive: and Moab was made to thy bowels: and I will establish his kingdom.* serve David under tribute.

13 He shall build a house to my name; and I 3 David defeated also Adarezer the son of will establish the throne of his kingdom for ever.Rohob king of Soba, when he went to extend his

14 I will be to him a father, and he shall be to dominion over the river Euphrates. me a son: and if he commit any iniquity, I will 4 And David took from him a thousand and correct him with the rod of men, and with the seven hundred horsemen, and twenty thousand stripes of the children of men.

footmen; and houghed all the chariot-horses: and 15 But my mercy I will not take away from only reserved of them for one hundred chariots. him, as I took it from Saul, whom I removed 5 And the Syrians of Damascus came to suefrom before my face.

cour Adarezer the king of Soba; and David slew 16 And thy house shall be faithful, and thy of the Syrians two and twenty thousand men. kingdom for ever before thy face; and thy throne 6 And David put garrisons in Syria of Dainasshall be firm for ever.

cus: and Syria served David under tribute: and 17. According to all these words, and according the Lord preserved David in all his enterprises, to all this vision, so did Nathan speak to David. whithersoever he went.

18 And David went in, and sat before the 7 And David took the arms of gold, which the Lord, and said: Who am 1, O Lord God, and servants of Adarezer wore, and brought them to what is my house, that thou hast brought me thus Jerusalem. far?

8 And out of Bete, and out of Beroth, cities of 19 But yet this hath seemed little in thy sight,|| Adarezer, king David took an exceeding great O Lord God, unless thou didst also speak of the quantity of brass. house of thy servant for a long time to come: for 9 And Thou the king of Emath heard that this is the law of Adam, O Lord God.

David had defeated all the forces of Adarezer, 20 And what can David say more unto thee? 10 And Thou sent Joram his son to king Dafor thou knowest thy servant, O Lord God: vid, to salute him, and to congratulate with him,

21 For thy word's sake, and according to thy and to return him thanks: because he had fought own heart thou hast done all these great things; against Adarezer, and had defeated him. For so that thou wouldst make it known to thy ser- Thou was an enemy to Adarezer: and in his hand vant.

were vessels of gold, and vessels of silver, and 22 Therefore thou art magnified, O Lord God, vessels of brass: because there is none like to thee; neither is there 11 And king David dedicated them to the Lord, any God besides thee, in all the things that we together with the silver and gold that he had dedihave heard with our ears.

cated of all the nations, which he had subdued: 23 And what nation is there upon earth, as thy 12 Of Syria, and of Moab, and of the children people Israel, whom God went to redeem for a of Ammon, and of the Philistines, and of Amalec, people to himself, and to make him a name, and to and of the spoils of Adarezer the son of Robob do for them great and terrible things, upon the king of Soba. earth, before the face of thy people, whom thou 13 David also made himself a name, when he redeemedst to thyself out of Egypt, from the na- returned after taking Syria in the valley of the tions and their gods.

salt-pits, killing eighteen thousand; 24 For thou hast confirmed to thyself thy people 14 And he put guards in Edom, and placed Israel to be an everlasting people: and thou, there a garrison: and

all Edom was made to serve Lord God, art become their God.

David: and the Lord preserved David in all en25 And now, O Lord God, raise up for ever the terprises he went about. word that thou hast spoken concerning thy ser- 15 And David reigned over all Israel: and yant, and concerning his house; and do as thou David did judgment and justice to all his people. hast spoken,

16 And Joab the son of Sarvia was over the 26 That thy name may be magnified for ever, army: and Josaphat the son of Ahilud was reand it may be said: The Lord of hosts is God corder:t • over Israel. And the house of thy servant David 17 And Sadoc the son of Achitob, and Achishall be established before the Lord,

melech the son of Abiathar, were the priests: and 27 Because thou, O Lord of hosts, God of Is- Sarajas was the scribe. rael, hast revealed to the ear of thy servant, say- 18 And Banaias the son of Joiada was over the

Cerethi and Phelethi:$ and the sons of David I will establish his kingdom. This prophecy were the princes.il partly relateth to Solomon; but much more to Christ, who is called the son of David in scrip- + Recorder: or Chancellor. ture, and who is the builder of the true temple | Scribe: or Secretary. which is the church, his everlasting kingdom, The Cerethi and Phelethi. The king's guards which shall never fail.

Princes. Literally, priests Cohen. So



and David commanded them, saying: Stay at JeDavid's kindness to Miphiboseth for the sake of richo; till your beards be grown; and then return. his father Jonathan.

6 And the children of Ammon seeing that they

had done an injury to David, sent and hired the A

ND David said: Is there any one, think you, Syrians of Rohob, and the Syrians of Soba, twenkindness to him for Jonathan's sake?

a thousand men, and of Istob twelve thousand 2 Now there was of the house of Saul, a ser- men. vant named Siba: and when the king had called 7 And when David heard this, he sent Joab him to hirn, he said to him: Art thou Siba? And and the whole army of warriors. he answered: I am Siba thy servant.

8 And the children of Ammon came out, and set 3 And the king said: Is there any one left of their men in array at the entering in of the gate: the house of Saul, that I may show the mercy of but the Syrians of Soba, and of Robob, and of God unto him? And Siba said to the king: There Istob, and of Maacha were by themselves in the is a son of Jonathan left, who is lame of his feet. field.'

4 Where is he? said he. And Siba said to the 9 Then Joab seeing that the battle was preking: Behold, he is in the house of Machir the pared against him, both before and behind, chose son of Ammiel in Lodabar.

of all the choice men of Israel, and put them in 5 Then king David sent, and brought him out array against the Syrians: of the bouse of Machir the son of Ainmniel of 10 And the rest of the people he delivered to Lodabar.

Abisai his brother, who set them in array against 6 And when Miphiboseth the son of Jonathan the children of Ammon. the son of Saul was come to David, he fell on his 11 And Joab said: If the Syrians are too strong face, and worshipped. And David said: Miphi- for me, then thou shalt help me: but if the chil. boseth? And he answered: Behold thy servant. dren of Ammon are too strong for thee, then I

7 And David said to him: Fear not, for I will will help thee. surely shew thee mercy for Jonathan thy father's 12 Be of good courage; and let us fight for our sake; and I will restore the lands of Saul thy fa- people, and for the city of our God: and the Lord ther, and thou shalt eat bread at my table always will do what is good in his sight.

8 He bowed down to him, and said: Who ani 13 And Joab and the people that were with him, I thy servant, that thou shouldst look upon such a began to fight against the Syrians: and they imdead dog as I am?

mediately fed before him. 9 Then the king called Siba the servant of 14 And the children of Ammon seeing that the Saul, and said to himn: All that belonged to Saul, Syrians were fled, they fled also before Abisai, and all his house, I have given to thy master's and entered into the city: and Joab returned from

the children of Ammon, and came to Jerusalem. 10 Thou therefore and thy sons and thy servants 15 Then the Syrians seeing that they had fallen shall till the land for him: and thou shalt bring in before Israel, gathered themselves together. food for thy master's son, that he may be main- 16 And Adarezer sent and fetched the Syrians, tained: and Miphiboseth the son of thy master that were beyond the river, and brought over their shall always eat bread at my table. And Siba had army: and Sobach, the captain of the host of Adafifteen sons and twenty servants.

rezer, was their general. 11 And Siba said to the king: As thou my 17 And when this was told David, he gathered lord the king hast commanded thy servant, so all Israel together, and passed over the Jordan, will thy servant do: and Miphiboseth shall eat at and came to Helam: and the Syrians set themmy table, as one of the sons of the king. selves in array against David, and fought against

12 And Miphiboseth had a young son whose him. name was Micha: and all the kindred of the 18 And the Syrians fled before Israel: and house of Siba served Miphiboseth,

David slew of the Syrians the men of seven hun. 13 Bat Miphiboseth dwelt in Jerusalem; be-dred chariots, and forty thousand horsemen; and cause he eat always of the king's table: and he smote Sobach the captain of the army, who prewas lame of both feet.

sently died. CHAP. X.

19 And all the kings that were auxiliaries of

Adarezer, seeing themselves overcome by Israel, The Ammonites shamefully abuse the embassadors were afraid, and fled away eight and fifty thouof Devid: they hire the Syrians to their as-sand men before Israel. And they de peace

sistance: but are overthrown with their allies. with Israel, and served them: and the Syrians A Pite came to pass after this that the king were afraid to help the children of Ammon any his son reigned in his stead.

CHAP. XI. 2 And David said: I will show kindness to Hanon the son of Daas, as his father showed David falleth into the crime of adultery with kindness to me. So David sent his servants to

Bethsabee: and not finding other means to concomfort him for the death of his father. But ceal it, causeth her husband Urias to be slain, when the servants of David were come into the

then marrieth her, who beareth him a son. of children of Ammon,

ND came to pass at return the year, to Hanon their lord: Thinkest thou that for the David sent Joab and his servants with him, and honour of thy father, David hath sent comforters all Israel; and they spoiled the children of Amto thee; and hath not David rather sent his ser- mon, and besieged Rabba: but David remained vants to thee to searcb, and spy into the city, and in Jerusalem. overthrow it?

2 In the mean time it happened that David 4 Wherefore Hanon took the servants of Da- arose from his bed after noon, and walked upon vid, and shaved off the one half of their beards, the roof of the king's house: and he saw from the and cut away half of their garments even to the roof of his house a woman washing herself

, overbuttocks, and sent them away.

against him: and the woman was very beautiful. 5 When this was told David, he sent to meet 3 And the king sent and inquired who the wothem; for the men were sadly put to confusion: man was. And it was told him, that she was

Bethsabee the daughter of Eliam, the wife of called, by a title of honour, and not from exer- Urias the Hethite. cising the priestly functions.

4 And David sent messengers, and took her:


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and she came in to him, and he slept with her: iagainst the city, and exhort them, that thou mayst
and presently she was purified from her unclean- overthrow it.

26 And the wife of Urias heard that Urias her 5 And she returned to her house having con- husband was dead, and she mourned for him. ceived. And she sent, and told David, and said: 27 And the mourning being over, David sent I have conceived.

and brought her into his house: and she became 6 And David sent to Joab, saying: Send me his wife, and she bore him a son: and this thing Urias the Hethite. And Joab sent Urias to which David had done, was displeasing to the David.

Lord. 7 And Urias came to David. And David ask

CHAP. XII. ed how Joab did, and the people, and how the war was carried on.

Nathan's parable. Darid confesseth his sin, 8 And David said to Urias: Go into thy house, and is forgiven: yet so as to be sentenced to and wash thy feet. And Urias went out from the most severe temporal punishments. The death king's house; and there went out after him a mess of the child. The birth of Solomon. The takof meat from the king.

ing of Rabbaih. 9 But Urias slept before the gate of the king's ND the Lord sent Nathan to David: and house, with the other servants of his lord, and when he was come to him, he said to him: went not down to his own house.

There were two men in one city, the one rich, 10 And it was told David by some that said: and the other poor. Urias went not to his house. And David said to 2 The rich man had exceeding many sheep Urias: Didst thou not come from thy journey and oxen. why didst thou not go down to thy house? 3 But the poor man had nothing at all but one

11 And Urias said to David: T'he ark of God little ewe-lamb, which he had bought and nourand Israel and Juda dwell in tents; and my lord ished up; and which had grown up in his house Joab and the servants of iny lord abide upon the together with his children, eating of his bread, face of the earth: and shall I go into my house, to and drinking of his cup, and sleeping in his boeat and to drink, and to sleep with my wife? by som; and it was unto him as a daughter. thy welfare, and by the welfare of thy soul, I will 4 And when a certain stranger was come to not do this thing.

the rich man, he spared to take of his own sheep 12 Then David said to Urias: Tarry here to- and oxen, to make a seast for that stranger, who day, and to-morrow I will send thee away. Urias was come to him, but took the poor man's ewe, tarried in Jerusalem that day and the next. and dressed it for the man that was come to him.

13 And David called him to eat and to drink 5 And David's anger being exceedingly kin-
before him: and he made him drunk: and he went dled against that man, he said to Nathan: As the
out in the evening, and slept on his couch with Lord liveth, the man that hath done this is a child
the servants of his lord; and went not down into of death.
his house.

6 He shall restore the ewe four-fold; because
14 And when the morning was come, David he did this thing, and had no pity.
wrote a letter to Joab; and sent it by the hand of And Nathan said to David: Thou art the

man. Thus saith the Lord the God of Israel: I 15 Writing in the letter: Set ye Urias in the anointed thee king over Israel: and I delivered front of the battle, where the fight is strongest: thee from the hand of Saul; and leave ye him, that he may be wounded, and 8 And gave thee thy master's house and thy die.

master's wives into thy bosomt, and gave thee the 16 Wherefore as Joab was besieging the city, house of Israel and Juda: and if these things be he put Urias in the place where he knew the bra- little, I shall add far greater things unto thee. vest men were.

9 Why therefore hast thou despised the word 17 And the men coming out of the city, fought of the Lord, to do evil in my sight? Thou hast against Joab: and there fell some of the people killed Urias the Hethite with the sword, and hast of the servants of David; and Urias the Hethite taken his wife to be thy wife, and hast slain him was killed also.

with the sword of the children of Ammon. 18 Then Joab sent, and told David all things 10 Therefore the sword shall never depart concerning the battle.

from thy house, because thou hast despised me, 19 And he charged the messenger, saying: and hast taken the wife of Urias the Hethite to When thou hast told all the words of the battle be thy wife. to the king,

11 Thus saith the Lord: Behold, I will raise 20 If thou see him to be angry, and he shall up evil against thee out of thy own house: and I say: Why did you approach so near to the wall will take thy wives before thy eyes, and give to fight knew you not that many darts are them to thy neighbour: and he shall lie with thy thrown from above off the wall?

wives in the sight of this sun. 21 Who killed Abimelech the son of Jerobaal? 12 For thou didst it secretly: but I will do this did not a woman cast a piece of a millstone upon thing in the sight of all Israel, and in the sight of him from the wall, and slew him in Thebes? the sun. Why did you go near the wall? Thou shalt say: 13 And David said to Nathan: I have sinned Thy servant Urias the Hethite is also slain. against the Lord. And Nathan said to David:

22 So the messenger departed, and came and The Lord also hath taken away thy sin: thou told David all that Joab had commanded him. shalt not die.

23 And the messenger said to David: The men 14 Nevertheless, because thou hast given ocprevailed against us; and they came out to us in- casion to the enemies of the Lord to blaspheme, to the field: and we vigorously charged and pur. for this thing, the child that is born to thee, shall sued them even to the gate of the city.

surely die. 24 And the archers shot their arrows at thy 15 And Nathan returned to his house. The servants from off the wall above: and some of the king's servants are slain: and thy servant * I will raise, &-c. All these evils, inasmuch as Urias the Hethite is also dead.

they were punishments, came upon David by a 25 And David said to the messenger: Thus just judgment of God, for his sin, and therefore shalt thou say to Joab: Let not this thing dis- God says, I will raise, &c. but inasmuch as they courage thee: for various is the event of war: were sins, on the part of Absalom and his associ. and sometimes one, sometimes another is con- ates, God was not the author of them, but only sumed by the sword: encourage thy warriors permitted them.



Lord also struck the child which the wife of 'lom the son of David, who was very beautiful, Urias had borne to David: and his life was de- and her name was Thamar. epaired of.

2 And he was exceedingly fond of her, so that 16 And David besought the Lord for the child: he fell sick for the love of her: for as she was a and David kept a fast, and going in by himself lay virgin, he thought it hard to do any thing dishonupon the ground.

estly with her. 17 And the ancients of his house came, to make 3 Now Amnon had a friend, named Jonadab him rise from the ground; but he would not : the son of Semmaa the brother of David, a very neither did he eat meat with them.

wise man: 18 And it came to pass on the seventh day that 4 And he said to him: Why dost thou grow so the child died: and the servants of David feared lean from day to day, O son of the king? why to tell him, that the child was dead. For they dost thou not tell me the reason of it? And Amgaid: Behold, when the child was yet alive, we non said to him: I am in love with Thamar the spoke to him, and he would not hearken to our sister of my brother Absalom. voice: how much more will be afflict himself, if 5 And Jonadab said to him: Lie down upon we tell him that the child is dead?

thy bed, and feign thyself sick: and when thy fa19 But when David saw his servants whisper- ther shall come to visit thee, say to him: Let my ing, he understood that the child was dead:

and sister Thamar, I pray thee, come to me, to give he said to his servants: Is the child dead? They me to eat, and to make me a mess, that I may eat answered him: He is dead.

it at her hand. 20 Then David arose from the ground, and 6 So Amnon lay down, and made as if he were washed, and anointed himself: and when he had sick: and when the king came to visit him, Amchanged his apparel, he went into the house of non said to the king: I pray thee, let my sister the Lord, and worshipped: and then he came Thamar come, and make in my sight two little into his own house, and he called for bread, and messes, that I may eat at her hand.

7 Then David sent home to Thamar, saying: 21 And his servants said to him: What thing is Come to the house of thy brother Amnon, and this that thou hast done? thou didst fast and weep make him a mess. for the child, while it was alive: but when the 8 And Thamar came to the house of Amnon child was dead, thou didst rise up, and eat bread. her brother: but he was laid down: and she took

2 And he said: While the child was yet alive, meal and tempered it: and dissolving it in his I fasted and wept for him: for I said: Who know- sight, she made little messes. eth whether the Lord may not give him to me, 9 And taking what she had boiled, she poured and the child may live?

it out, and set it before him: but he would not 23 But now that he is dead, why should I fast?'eat: and Amnon said: Put out all persons from Shall I be able to bring him back any more? I me. And when they had put all persons out, shall go to him rather: but he shall not return to 10 Amnon said to Thamar: Bring the mess

into the chamber, that I may eat at thy hand. 24 And David comforted Bethsabee his wife, And Thamar took the little messes which she and went in unto her, and slept with her: and she had made, and brought them in to her brother bore a son; and he called his name Solomon; and Amnon in the chamber. the Lord loved him.

11 And when she had presented him the meat, 5 And he sent by the hand of Nathan the pro- he took hold of her, and said: Come lie with me, phet, and called his name, Amiable to the Lord,* | my sister. because the Lord loved him.

12 She answered him: Do not so, my brother; 26 And Joab fought against Rabbath of the do not force me: for no such thing must be done children of Ammon, and laid close siege to the in Israel. Do not thou this folly: royal city.

13 For I shall not be able to bear my shame; 27 And Joab sent messengers to David, say- and thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel? ing: I have fought against Rabbath, and the city but rather speak to the king, and he will not deof waterst is about to be taken.

ny me to thee, 28 Now therefore gather thou the rest of the 14 But he would not hearken to her prayers; people together, and besiege the city, and take it: but being stronger, overpowered her, and lay lest when the city shall be wasted by me, the vic-with her. tory be ascribed to my name.

15 Then Amnon hated her with an exceeding 29 Then David gathered all the people toge- great hatred: so that the hatred wherewith he ther, and went out against Rabbath: and after hated her was greater than the love with which fighting, he took it.

he had loved her before. And Amnon said to 30 And he took the crown of their king from her: Arise, and get thee gone. his head, the weight of which was a talent of 16 She answered him: This evil which now gold, set with most precious stones; and it was thou doest against me, in driving me away, is put upon David's head: and the spoils of the city greater than that which thou didst before. And which were very great, he carried away. he would not hearken to her:

31 And bringing forth the people thereof he 17 But calling the servant that ministered to sawed them, and drove over them chariots armed him, he said: Thrust this woman out from me; with iron; and divided them with knives, and and shut the door after her. made them pass through brick-kilns: so did he to 18 And she was clothed with a long robe: for all the cities of the children of Ammon: and Da- the king's daughters that were virgins, used such vid returned with all the army to Jerusalem. kind of garments. Then his servant thrust her CHAP. XIII.

out, and shut the door after her.

19 And she put ashes on her head, and rent her Amnon ravisheth Thamar: for which Absalom long robe, and laid her hands upon her head, and

killeth him, and fleeth to Gessur. went on crying. ND it came to pass after this, that Amnon 20 And Absalom her brother said to her: Hath

sister, hold thy peace; he is thy brother: and afAmiable to the Lord. Or beloved of the Lord. In Hebrew Jedidiah.

A very wise man. That is, a crafty and subThe city of waters. Rabbath the royal citytle man: for the counsel he gave on this occasion of the Ammonites, was called the city of waters, shews that his wisdom was but carnal and from being encompassed with waters.


flict not thy heart for this thing. So Thamar re-wise woman: and said to her: Feign thyself to mained pining away in the house of Absalom her||be a mourner, and put on mourning apparel; and brother.

be not anointed with oil, that thou mayst be as a 21 And when king David heard of these things, woman that had a long time been mourning for he was exceedingly grieved: and he would not one dead. afflict the spirit of his son Amnon, for he loved 3 And thou shalt go in to the king, and shalt hiin, because he was his first-born.

speak to him in this manner. And Joab put the 22 But Absalom spoke not to Amnon neither words in her mouth. good nor evil: for Absalom hated Amnon be- 4 And when the woman of Thecua was come cause he had ravished his sister Thamar. in to the king, she fell before him upon the

23 And it came to pass after two years, that ground, and worshipped, and said: Save me, O the sheep of Absalom were shorn in Baalhasor, king. which is near Ephraim: and Absalom invited all 5°And the king said to her: What is the matthe king's sons:

ter with thee? She answered: Alas, I am a 24 And he came to the king, and said to him:widow woman: for my husband is dead. Behold, thy servant's sheep are shorn: let the 6 And thy handmaid had two sons: and they king, I pray, with his servants come to his ser- quarrelled with each other in the field, and there vant.

was none to part them: and the one 'struck the 25 And the king said to Absalom: Nay, my other, and slew him. son, do not ask that we should all come, and be 7 And behold the whole kindred rising against chargeable to thee. And when he pressed him, thy handmaid, saith: Deliver him that hath" slain and he would not go, he blessed him.

bis brother, that we may kill him for the life of 26 And Absalom said: If thou wilt not come, his brother, whom he slew, that we may destroy at least let my brother Amnon, I beseech thee, the heir: and they seek to quench my spark come with us. And the king said to him: It is which is left, and will leave my husband no not necessary that he should go with thee. name, nor remainder upon the earth.

27 But Absalom pressed him, so that he let 8 And the king said to the woman: Go to thy Amnon and all the king's sons go with him. And house, and I will give charge concerning thee. Absalom made a feast as it were the feast of a 9 And the woman of Thecua said to the king: king:

Upon me, my lord, be the iniquity, and upon the 23° And Absalom had commanded his servants, house of my father: but may the king and his saying: Take notice when Amnon shall be drunk throne be guiltless. with wine, and when I shall say to you: Strike 10 And the king said: If any one shall say him, and kill him, fear not: for it is I that com- aught against thee, bring him to me; and he shall mand you: take courage, and be valiant men. not touch thee any more.

29 Ånd the servants of Absalom did to Am- 11 And she said: Let the king remember the non, as Absalom had commanded them. And all Lord his God, that the next of kin be not multithe king's sons arose, and got up every man upon plied to take revenge; and that they may not his mule, and fled.

kill my son. And he said: As the Lord liveth, 30 And while they were yet in the way, a ru- there shall not one hair of thy son fall to the mour came to David, saying: Absalom hath slain earth. all the king's sons; and there is not one of them 12 Then the woman said: Let thy handmaid left.

speak one word to my lord the king. And he 31 Then the king rose up, and rent his gar- said: Speak. ments, and fell upon the ground: and all his ser- 13 And the woman said: Why hast than vants, that stood about him, rent their garments. thought such a thing against the people of God,

32 But Jonadab the son of Semmaa, David's and why hath the king spoken this word, to sin, brother, answering, said: Let not my lord the and not bring home again his own exile? king think, that all the king's sons are slain: Am- 14 We all die; and like waters that return no non only is dead; for he was appointed by the more, we fall down into the earth: neither will mouth of Absalom from the day that he ravished God have a soul to perish, but recalleth, meanhis sister Thamar.

ing that he that is cast off should not altogether 33 Now therefore let not my lord the king perish. take this thing into his heart, saying: All the 15 Now therefore I am come to speak this king's sons are slain: for Amnon only is dead. word to my lord the king, before the people. And

31 But Absalom fled away; and the young thy handmaid said: I will speak to the king; it man that kept the watch, lifted up his eyes, and may be the king will perform the request of his looked: and behold, there came much people by handmaid. a by-way on the side of the mountain.

16 And the king hath hearkened to me to de35 And Jonadab said to the king: Behold, the liver his handmaid out of the hand of all that king's sons are come: as thy servant said, so it is. would destroy me and my son together out of the

36 And when he made an end of speaking, inheritance of God. the king's sons also appeared: and coming in, 17 Then let thy handmaid say, that the word they lifted up their voice, and wept: and the king of my lord the king be made as a sacrifice. For also and all his servants wept very much. even as an Angel of God, so is my lord the king,

37 But Absalom fled, and went to Tholomai that he is neither moved with blessing nor cursing: the son of Ammiud the king of Gessur. And wherefore the Lord thy God is also with thee. David mourned for his son every day.

18 And the king answering, said to the woman: 38 And Absalom after he was fled, and come Hide not from me the thing that I ask thee. And into Gessur, was there three years. And king the woman said to him: Speak, my lord the king. David ceased to pursue after Absalom, because 19 And the king said: Is not the hand of Joab he was comforted concerning the death of Am- with thee in all this? The woman answered, and

said: By the health of thy soul, lord my king, it CHAP. XIV.

is neither on the left hand, nor on the right in all

these things, which my lord the king hath spoken: Joab procureth Absalom's return, and his admit- for thy servant Joab, he commanded me, and he tance to the king's presence.

put all these words into the mouth of thy handND Joab the son of Sarvia, understanding maid.

20 That I should come about with this form of lom,

speech, thy servant Joab commanded this: but 2 Sent to Thecua, and fetched from thence a thou, lord my king, art wise, according to the



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