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they were lying spread upon all the ground, eat-||., 30 And that were in Arama, and that were in ing, and drinking, and as it were keeping a festi- the lake Asan, and that were in Athach, val day, for all the prey, and the spoils which 31 And that were in Hebron, and to the rest they had taken out of the land of the Philistines, that were in those places, in which David had and out of the land of Juda.

abode with his men. 17 And David slew them from the evening un

CHAP. XXXI. to the evening of the next day: and there escaped not a man of them, but four hundred young

inen, Israel is defeated by the Philistines: Saul and

his sons are slain. 18 So Bavid recovered all that the Amalecites A and the men of Israel Aed from before the had taken: and he rescued his two wives.

19 And there was nothing missing small or Philistines, and fell down slain in mount Gelboe. great, neither of their sons or their daughters, nor 2 And the Philistines fell upon Saul, and upon of the spoils: and whatsoever they had taken, his sons: and they slew Jonathan, and Abinadab, David recovered all.

and Melchisua, the sons of Saul. 20 And he took all the flocks and the herds;|| 3 And the whole weight of the battle was and made them go before him: and they said: turned upon Saul: and the archers overtook him; This is the prey of David.

and he was grievously wounded by the archers. 21 And David came to the two hundred men,|| 4 Then Saul said to his armour-bearer: Draw who being weary had stayed, and were not able thy sword,

and kill me: lest these uncircumcised to follow David, and he had ordered them to come, and slay me, and mock at me. And his abide at the torrent Besor: and they came out to armour-bearer would not: for he was struck with meet David, and the people that were with him. exceeding great fear. Then Saul took his sword, And David coming to the people, saluted them and fell upon it. peaceably.

5 And when his armour-bearer saw this, to 22 Then all the wicked and unjust men that wit, that Saul was dead, he also fell upon his had gone with David, answering, said: Because sword, and died with him." they came not with us, we will not give them 6 So Saul died, and his three sons, and his arany thing of the prey which we have recover-mour-bearer, and all his men that same day toed: but let every man take his wife and his gether. children, and be contented with them, and go his 7 And the men of Israel, that were beyond

the valley, and beyond the Jordan, seeing that 33 But David said: You shall not do so, my the Israelites were fed, and that Saul was dead, brethren, with these things, which the Lord hath and his sons, forsook their cities, and fled: and given us, who hath kept us, and hath delivered the Philistines came, and dwelt there. the robbers that invaded us into our hands: 8 And on the morrow the Philistines came to

24 And no man shall hearken to you in this strip the slain: and they found Saul and his three matter. But equal shall be the portion of him sons lying in mount Gelboe. that went down to battle, and of him that abode 9 And they cut off Saul's head, and stripped at the baggageand they shall divide alike. him of his armour, and sent into the land of the

25 And this hath been done from that day for- Philistines round about, to publish it in the temward, and since was made a statute and an ordi-ples of their idols, and among their people. nance, and as a law in Israel

10 And they put his armour in the temple of 26 Then David came to Siceleg, and sent pre-Astaroth: but his body they hung on the wall of sents of the prey to the ancients of Juda his Bethsan. neighbours, saying: Receive a blessing of the 11 Now when the inhabitants of Jabes Galaad prey of the enemies of the Lord.

had heard all that the Philistines had done to 27 To them that were in Bethel, and that were Saul, in Ramoth to the south, and to them that were 12 All the most valiant men arose, and walked in Jether,

all the night, and took the body of Saul, and the 23 And to them that were in Aroer, and that bodies of his sons, from the wall of Bethsan: were in Sephamoth, and that were in Esthamo, and they came to Jabes Galaad, and burnt them

29 And that were in Rachal, and that were in there: the cities of Jerameel, and that were in the cities 13 And they took their bones, and buried them

in the wood of Jabes; and fasted seven days


of Ceni,




This book relates the transactions from the death the Amalecites, and abode two days in șiceleg. of Saul until the end of David's reign, being 2 And on the third day, there

appeared a man a history for the space of about 46 years. who came out of Saul's camp, with his garments CHAP 1

rent, and dust strewed on his head, and when he David mourneth for the death of Saul and Jona

came to David, he fell upon his face, and adored.

3 And David said to him: From whence com. than:

he ordereth the man to be slain who pre-llest thou? And he said to him: I am fled out of tended he had killed Soul.

the camp of Israel. that David returned from the slaughter of ||ter that is come to pass? tell me. He said: The , .


people are fled from the battle, and many of the 27 How are the valiant fallen, and the weapons people are fallen and dead: moreover Saul and of war perished? Jonathan his son are slain.

CHAP. II. 6 And David said to the young man that told him: How knowest thou that Saul and Jonathan David is received and anointed king of Juda. his son are dead?

Isboseth the son of Saul reigneth over the rest 6 And the young man that told him, said: I of Israel. A battle between Abner and Joab. came by chance upon mount Gelboe, and Saul leaned upon his spear: and the chariots and horse


ND after these things David consulted the men drew nigh unto him,

cities of Juda? And the Lord said to him: Go 7. And looking behind him, and seeing me, he up. And David said: Whither shall I go up? called me. And I answered: Here am I. And he answered him: Into Hebron.

8 And he said to me: Who art thou: And I 2 So David went up, and his two wives, Achisaid to him: I am an Amalecite.

noam the Jezrahelitess, and Abigail the wife of 9 And he said to me: Stand over me, and kill Nabal of Carmel: me: for anguish is come upon me, and as yet my 3 And the men also that were with him, David whole life is in me.

brought up every man with his household: and 10 So standing over him, I killed him:* for I they abode in the towns of Hebron. knew that he could not live after the fall; and I 4 And the men of Juda came, and anointed took the diadem that was on his head, and the David there, to be king over the house of Juda. bracelet that was on his arm, and have broughtAnd it was told David, that the men of Jabes them hither to thee my lord.

Galaad had buried Saul. 11 Then David took hold of his garments and 5 David therefore sent messengers to the men rent thein, and likewise all the men that were of Jabes Galaad, and said to them: Blessed be with him:

you to the Lord, who have shown this mercy to 12 And they mourned, and wept, and fasted your master Saul, and have buried him. until evening for Saul, and for Jonathan his son, 6 And now the Lord surely will render you and for the people of the Lord, and for the house mercy and truth; and I also will requite you for of Israel, because they were fallen by the sword. this good turn, because you have done this things

13 And David said to the young man that told 7 Let your hands be strengthened, and be re him: Whence art thou? He answered: I am the men of valour: for although your master Saul be son of a stranger of Amalec.

dead, yet the house of Juda hath anointed me to 14 David said to him: Why didst thou not be their king. fear to put out thy hand to kill the Lord's 8 But Abner the son of Ner, general of Saul's anointed?

army, took Isboseth the son of Saul, and led him 15 And David calling one of his servants, said: | about through the camp, Go near, and fall upon him. And he struck him 9 And made him king over Galaad, and over so that he died.

Gessuri, and over Jezrahel, and over Ephraim, 16 And David said to him: Thy blood be upon and over Benjamin, and over all Israel. thy own head: for thy own mouth hath spoken 10 Isboseth the son of Saul was forty years old against thee, saying: I have slain the Lord's when he began to reign over Israel; and he reignanointed.

ed two years:t and only the house of Juda follow17 And David made this kind of lamentationed David. over Saul, and over Jonathan his son.

11 And the number of the days that David 18 (Also he commanded that they should teachabode, reigning in Hebron over the house of Juthe children of Juda the use of the bow, as it isda, was seven years and six months. written in the Book of the just.) And he said: 12 And Abner the son of Ner, and the serConsider, Israel, for them that are dead wound-vants of Isboseth the son of Saul, went out from ed on thy high places.

the camp to Gabaon 19 The illustrious of Israel are slain upon thy 13 And Joab the son of Sarvia, and the sermountains: how are the valiant fallen!

vants of David went out, and met them by the 20 Tell it not in Geth; publish it not in the pool of Gabaon. And when they were come tostreets of Ascalon: lest the daughters of the Phi- gether, they sat down over-against one another; listines rejoice; lest the daughters of the uncir- the one on the one side of the pool, and the other cumcised triumph.

on the other side. 21 Ye mountains of Gelboe, let neither dew, 14 And Abner said to Joab: Let the young nor rain come upon you, neither be they fields of men rise, and play before us. And Joab anfirst-fruits: for there was cast away the shield of swered: Let them rise. the valiant, the shield of Saul, as though he had 15 Then there arose and went over twelve in not been anointed with oil.

number of Benjamin, of the part of Isboseth the 22 From the blood of the slain, from the fat of son of Saul, and twelve of the servants of David. the valiant, the arrow of Jonathan never turned 16 And every one catching his fellow by the back, and the sword of Saul did not return empty. head, thrust his sword into the side of his adver

23 Saul and Jonathan, lovely and comely in sary; and they fell down together: and the name their life, even in death they were not divided: of the place was called, The field of the valiant, they were swifter than eagles, stronger than in Gabaon. lions.

17 And there was a very fierce battle that day: 24 Ye daughters of Israel, weep over Saul, and Abner was put to flight, with the men of Iswho clothed you with scarlet in delights, who rael, by the servants of David. gave ornaments of gold for your attire.

18 And there were the three sons of Sarvia 25 How are the valiant fallen in battle? Jona- there, Joab, and Abisai, and Asael: now Asael than slain in the high places?

was a most swift runner, like one of the roes that 26 I grieve for thee, my brother Jonathan, ex-abide in the woods. ceeding beautiful, and amiable to me above the 19 And Asael pursued after Abner, and turned love of women. As the mother loveth her only not to the right hand nor to the left from followson, so did I love thee.

ing Abner. I killed him. This story of the young Ama- He reigned two years, viz Before he began lecite was not true, as may easily be proved by visibly. to decline: but in all he reigned seven comparing it with the last chapter of the forego- years and six months; for so long David reigned ing book.

Hlin Hebron.

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20 And Abner looked behind him, and said: || 8 Why didst thou go in to my father's concuArt thou Asael? And he answered: I am. bine? And he was exceedingly angry for the 21 And Abner

said to him: Go to the right words of Isboseth, and said: Am I a dog's head hand, or to the left, and lay, hold on one of the against Juda this day, who have shewn mercy to young men, and take thee his spoils. But Asael the house of Saul thy father, and to his brethren would not leave off following him close. and friends, and have not delivered thee into the

22 And again Abner said to Asael: Go off, and hands of David, and hast thou sought this day do not follow me, lest I be obliged to stab thee to against me to charge me with a matier concernthe ground, and I shall not be able to hold up mying a woman? face to Joab thy brother.

9 So do God to Abner, and more also, unless 23 But he refused to hearken to him, and would as the Lord hath sworn to David, so I do to him, not turn aside: wherefore Abner struck him with 10 That the kingdom be translated from the his spear with a back stroke in the groin, and house of Saul, and the throne of David be set up thrusi him through; and he died upon the spot: over Israel, and over Juda, from Dan to Bersabee. and all that came to the place where Asael'fell 11 And he could not answer him a word, bedown and died, stood still.

cause he feared bim. 24 Now while Joab and Abisai pursued after 12 Abner therefore sent messengers to David Abner, the sun went down: and they came as far for himself, saying: Whose is the land? and that as the hill of the aqueduct, that ljeth over-against they should say: Make a league with me, and my the Falley by the way of the wilderness in Ga-hand shall be with thee; and I will bring all Israel baon.

to thee. 25 And the children of Benjamin gathered 13 And he said: Very well; I will make a themselves together to Abner: and being joined league with thee; but one thing I require of thee, in one body, they stood on the top of a hill. saying: Thou shalt not see my face before thou

26 And Aboer cried out to Joab, and said: |bring Michol the daughter of Saul: and so thou Sball thy sword rage unto utter destruction shalt come, and see me. knowest thou not that it is dangerous to drive 14 And David sent messengers to Isboseth the people to despair? how long dost thou defer to son of Saul, saying: Restore my wife Michol, bid the people cease from pursuing after their whom I espoused to me for a hundred foreskins brethren

of the Philistines. 27 And Joab said: As the Lord liveth, if thou, 15 And Isboseth sent, and took her from her hadst spoke sooner, even in the morning the peo- husband Phaltiel, the son of Lais. ple should have retired from pursuing after their 16 And her husband followed her, weeping, as brethren.

far as Bahurim: and Abner said to him: Go, and 28 Then Joab sounded the trumpet: and all the return. And he returned. army stood still, and did not pursue after Israel 17 Abner also spoke to the ancients of Israel, any farther, nor fight any more.

saying: Both yesterday and the day before you 9 And Abner and his men walked all that sought for David that he might reign over you. night through the plains: and they passed the Jor- 18 Now then do it: because the Lord hath dan, and having gone through all Bethhoron, spoken to David, saying: By the hand of my sercame to the camp.

vant David I will save my people Israel from the 30 And Joab returning, after he had left Ab-| hands of the Philistines, and of all their enemies. ner, assembled all the people: and there were 19 And Abner spoke also to Benjamin.. And wanting of David's servants nineteen men, beside he went to speak to David in Hebron all that Asael.

seemed good to Israel, and to all Benjamin. 31 But the servants of David had killed of Ben- 20 And he came to David in Hebron with jamin, and of the men that were with Abner, twenty men: and David made a feast for Abner, three hundred and sixty, who all died.

and his men that came with him. 32 And they took Asael, and buried him in the 21 And Abner said to David: I will rise, that I sepulchre of his father in Bethlehem: and Joab, may gather all Israel unto thee my lord the king, and the men that were with him, marched all and may enter into a league with thee, and that the night; and they came to Hebron at break of thou mayst reign over all as thy soul desireth. day.

Now when David had brought Abner on his CHAP. III.

way, and he was gone in peace,

22 Immediately David's servants and Joab David groweth daily stronger. Abner cometh|came, after having slain the robbers, with an exover to him: he is treacherously slain by Joab.

ceeding great booty: and Abner was not with NY TOW

there was a long war between the house David in Hebron, for he had now sent him away,

of Saul* and the house of David: David and he was gone in peace. prospering and growing, always stronger and 23 And Joab and all the army that was with stronger; but the house of Saul decaying daily. him, came afterwards: and it was told Joab, that

2 And sons were born to David in Hebron: and Abner the son of Ner came to the king; and he his first-born was Amnon of Achinoam the Jez-hath sent him away; and he gone in peace. rahelitess:

24 And Joab went in to the king, and said: 3 And his second Cheleab of Abigail the wife What hast thou done? Behold, Abner came to of Nabal of Carmel: and the third Absalom the thee: Why didst thou send him away, and he is con of Maacha

the daughter of Tholmai king of gone and departed? Gessor:

25 Knowest thou not Abner the son of Ner, 4 And the fourth Adonias the son of Haggith: that to this end he came to thee, that he might and the fifth Saphathia the son of Abital: deceive thee, and to know thy going out, and thy

5 And the sixth Jethraam of Egla the wife of coming in, and to know all thou doest? David: these were born to David in Hebron. 26 Then Joab going out from David, sent mes6 Now

while there was war between the house sengers after Abner, and brought him back from of Saul and the house of David, Abner the son the cistern of Sira, David knowing nothing of it. of Ner ruled the house of Saul.

27 And when Abner was returned to Hebron, 7 And Saul had a concubine named Respha, Joab took him aside to the middle of the gate, to the daughter of Aia. And Isboseth said to Abner: speak to him treacherously: and he stabbed him

there in the groin, and he died, in revenge of the * There was a long war between the house of blood of Asael his brother. Saul, &e. Rather a strife or emulation than a war 28 And when David heard of it, after the thing with arms; it lasted five years and a half. was now done, he said: I, and my kingdom are

innocent before the Lord for ever of the blood of || venged my lord the king this day of Saul, and of Abner the son of Ner:

his seed. 29 And may it come upon the head of Joab,||.

9 But David answered Rechab and Baana his and upon all his father's house: and let there not brother, the sons of Remmon the Berothite, and fail from the house of Joab one that hath an issue said to them: As the Lord liveth, who hath deliof seed, or that is a leper, or that holdeth the dis-vered my soul out of all distress, taff, or that falleth by the sword, or that wanteth 10 The man that told me, and said: Saul is bread.

dead, who thought he brought good tidings, I ap30 So Joab and Abisai his brother slew Abner, prehended, and slew him in Siceleg, who should because he had killed their brother Asael at Ga- have been rewarded for his news. baon in the battle.

11 How much more now when wicked men 31 And David said to Joab, and to all the peo- have slain an innocent man in his own house, upple that were with him: Rend your garments, on his bed, shall I not require his blood at your and gird yourselves with sackcloths, and mourn hand, and take you away from the earth? before the funeral of Abner. And 'king David 12 And David commanded his servants, and himself followed the bier.

they slew them: and cutting off their hands and 32 And when they had buried Abner in He-feet, hanged them up over the pool in Hebron: bron, king David lifted up his voice, and wept at but the head of Isboseth they took and buried in the grave of Abner: and all the people also wept. the sepulchre of Abner in Hebron.

33 And the king mourning and lamenting over Abner, said: Not as cowards are wont to die,

CHAP. V. hath Abner died.

David is anointed king of all Israel. He taketh 34 Thy hands were not bound, nor thy feet|| Jerusalem, and dwelleth there. He defeateth loaden with fetters: but as men fall before the the Philistines. children of iniquity, so didst thou fall

. And all THEN all the tribes of Israel came to David the people repeating it wept over him.

in Hebron, saying: Behold, we are thy bone 35 And when all the people came to take meat and thy flesh. with David, while it was yet broad day, David 2 Moreover yesterday also and the day before, swore, saying: So do God to me, and more also, when Saul was king over us, thou wast he that if I taste bread or any thing else before sun-set. did lead out and bring in Israel: and the Lord

36 And all the people heard, and they were said to thee: Thou shalt feed my people Israel; pleased: and all that the king did seemed good in and thou shalt be prince over Israel. the sight of all the people.

3 The ancients also of Israel came to the king 37 And all the people, and all Israel understood to Hebron: and king David made

a league with that day that it was not the king's doing, that Ab-them in Hebron before the Lord; and they ner the son of Ner was slain.

anointed David to be king over Israel. 38 The king also said to his servants: Do you 4 David was thirty years old when he began not know that a prince and a great man is slain to reign: and he reigned forty years. this day in Israel?

5 In Hebron he reigned over Juda seven Fears 39 But I as yet am tender, though anointed and six months: and in Jerusalem he reigned king; and these men the sons of Sarvia are too three and thirty years over all Israel and Juda. hard for me: the Lord reward him that doeth evill. 6 And the king and all the men that were with according to his wickedness.

him went to Jerusalem to the Jebusites the inhaCHAP. IV.

bitants of the land: and they said to David: Thou

shalt not come in hither unless thou take away Isboseth is murdered by two of his servants: Da- the blind and the lame that say: David shall not vid punisheth the murderers.

come in bither. ND Isboseth the son of Saul heard that Ab-| 7 But David took the castle of Sion; the same weakened; and all Israel was troubled.

8 For David had offered that day, a reward to 2 Now the son of Saul had two men captains whosoever should strike the Jebusites, and get of his bands; the name of the one was Baana, and up to the gutters of the tops of the houses, and the name of the other Rechab, the sons of Rem-take away the blind and the lame that hated the mon a Berothite of the children of Benjamin: for soul of David: therefore it is said in the proverb: Beroth also was reckoned in Benjamin.

The blind and the lame shall not come into the 3 And the Berothites fled into Gethaim, and temple. were sojourners there until that time.

9 And David dwelt in the castle, and called it, 4 And Jonathan the son of Saul had a son that The city of David; and built round about from was lame of his feet: for he was five years old Mello and inwards. when the tidings came of Saul and Jonathan from 10 And he went on prospering and growing Jezrahel. And his nurse took him up, and fled: up: and the Lord God of hosts was with him. and as she made haste to flee, he fell, and became il And Hiram the king of Tyre sent messenlame: and his name was Miphiboseth.

gers to David, and cedar trees, and carpenters, 5. And the sons of Remmon the Berothite, Re- and masons for walls: and they built a house for chab and Baana coming, went into the house of David. Isboseth in the beat of the day: and he was sleep- 12 And David knew that the Lord had coning upon his bed at noon. And the door-keeper firmed him king over Israel, and that he had es. of the house, who was cleansing wheat, was fall- alted his kingdom over his people Israel. en asleep.

13 And David took more concubines and 6. And they entered into the house secretly wives of Jerusalem,* after he was come from taking ears of corn: and Rechab and Baana his Hebron: and there were born to David other brother stabbed him in the groin, and filed away. sons also and daughters:

7 For when they came into the house, he was 14 And these are the names of them, that sleeping. upon his bed in a parlour: and they were born to him in Jerusalem, Samua, and so struck him, and killed him: and taking away his bab, and Nathan, and Solomon, head, they went off by the way of the wilderness, 15 And Jebahar,

and Elisua, and Nepheg, walking all night.

8 And they brought the head of Isboseth_to * David took more concubines and toives of David to Hebron: and they said to the king: Be-Jerusalem. Not harlots, but wives of an inferior hold the head of Isboseth the son of Saul thy ene-l condition: for such in scripture are styled conmy who sought thy life: and the Lord hath re-licubines.

A :

16 And Japhia, and Elisama, and Elioda, and 'l of Obededom the Gethite three months: and the Eliphaleth

Lord blessed Obededom, and all his household. 17 And the Philistines heard that they had 12 And it was told king David, that the Lord anointed David to be king over Israel: and they had blessed Obededom, and all that he had, beall came to seek David: and when David heard cause of the ark of God. So David went, and of it, he went down to a strong hold.

brought away the ark of God out of the house of 18 And the Philistines coming spread them-Obededom into the city of David with joy. And selves in the valley of Raphaim.

there were with David seven choirs, t and calves 19 And David consulted the Lord, saying: for victims. Shall I go up to the Philistines? and wilt thou de- 13 And when they that carried the ark the liver them into my hand? And the Lord said to Lord had gone six paces, he sacrificed an ox David: Go up; for I will surely deliver the Phi- and a ram: listines into thy hand.

14 And David danced with all his might be20 And David came to Baal Pharisim: and de-fore the Lord: and David was girded with a linen feated them there, and he said: The Lord hath ephod. divided my enemies before me, as waters are di- 15 And David and all the house of Israel vided. Therefore the name of the place was brought the ark of the covenant of the Lord called Baal Pharisim.

with joyful shouting, and with sound of trumpet. 21 And they left there their idols; which Da- 16 And when the ark of the Lord was come vid and his men took away.

into the city of David, Michol the daughter of 22 And the Philistines came up again, and Saul, looking out through a window, saw king spread themselves in the valley of Raphaim. David leaping and dancing before the Lord; and

And David consulted the Lord: Shall I go she despised him in her heart. up against the Philistines, and wilt thou deliver 17 And they brought the ark of the Lord, and them into my hands? He answered: Go not up set it in its place in the midst of the tabernacle, against them; but fetch a compass behind them, which David had pitched for it: and David offer and thou shalt come upon them over-against the ed holocausts and peace-offerings before the pear trees

Lord. 24 And when thou shalt hear the sound of one 18 And when he had made an end of offering going in the tops of the pear trees, then shalt thou holocausts and peace-offerings, he blessed the join battle: for then will the Lord go out before people in the name of the Lord of hosts. thy face to strike the army of the Philistines. 19 And he distributed to all the multitude of

35 And David did as the Lord had command-Israel, both men and women, to every one, a cake ed him: and he smote the Philistines from Gabaa of bread, and a piece of roasted beef, and fine until thou come to Gezer.

flour fried with oil: and all the people departed CHAP. VÌ.

every one to his house.

20 And David returned to bless his own house: David fetchetk the ark from Cariathiarim. Oza) and Michol the daughter of Saul coming out to

is struck dead for touching it. It is deposited meet David, said: How glorious was the king in the house of Obededom: and from thence is of Israel to-day, uncovering himself before the carried to David's house.

handmaids of his servants, and was naked, as chosen men of Israel, thirty thousand. 21 And David said to Michol: Before the 2 And David arose and went, with all the peo- Lord, who chose me rather than thy father, and ple that were with him of the inen of Juda, to than all his house, and commanded me to be feteh the ark of God, upon which the name of ruler over the people of the Lord in Israel, the Lord of hosts is invoked, who sitteth over it 22 I will both play and make myself meaner upon the cherubims.

than I have done: and I will be little in my own 3 And they laid the ark of God upon a new eges: and with the handmaids, of whom thou cart; and took it out of the house of Abinadab, speakest, I shall appear more glorious. who was in Gabaa:* and Oza and Ahio, the sons 23 Therefore Michol the daughter of Saul had of Abinadab, drove the new cart.

no child to the day of her death. 4 And when they had taken it out of the house of Abinadab, who was in Gabaa, Ahio having David's purpose to build a temple is rewarded.

CHAP. VII. care of the ark of God went before the ark.

5 But David and all Israel played before the with the promise of great blessings in his seed: Lord on all manner of instruments made of His prayer and thanksgiving. wood, on harps and lutes and timbrels and cor

A Dets and cymbals.

house, and the Lord had given him rest on 6 And when they came to the floor of Nachon, every side from all his enemies, Oza put forth his hand to the ark of God, and 2 He said to Nathan the prophet: Dost thou took hold of it: because the oxen kicked, and see that I dwell in a house of cedar, and the ark made it lean aside.

of God is lodged withir, skins? 7 And the indignation of the Lord was enkin- 3 And Nathan said to the king: Go, do all that dled against Oza; and he struck him for his rash-is in thy heart: because the Lord is with thee. Bess: and he died there before the ark of God. 4 But it came to pass that night, that the word

8 And David was grieved because the Lord of the Lord came to Nathan, saying: had struck Oza: and the name of that place was 5 Go, and say to my servant David: Thus saith called, The striking of Oza, to this day. the Lord: Shalt thou build me a house to dwell

9 And David was afraid of the Lord that day, in? saying: How shall the ark of the Lord come 6 Whereas I have not dwelt in a house from to me?

the day that I brought the children of Israel out 10 And he would not have the ark of the Lord of the land of Egypt even to this day; but have brought in to himself into the city of David: but walked in a tabernacle, and in a tent. he caused it to be carried into the house of Obed- 7 In all the places that I have gone through edom the Gethite.

with all the children of Israel, did I ever speak a 11 And the ark of the Lord abode in the bouse word to any one of the tribes of Israel, whom I

commanded to feed my people Israel, saying: Gabaa. The hill of Cariathịarim, where the Why have you not buili me a house of cedar? ark had been in the house of Abinadab, from the time of its being restored back by the Philistines.. + Choirs. Or companies of musicians.

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